Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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  • Writing tonight as tomorrow will be crazily busy at work.

    NFD and Sunday so far has gone reasonably well today. Hope the formal weigh in tomorrow will show good result. Fasting tomorrow and I’m ready!

    Graham, agree we should practice 5:2 all the time and not looking for excuses. I struggle doing 5:2 while on holiday. The next booked holiday is not till Nov. Hopefully I’ll work out what to do then.

    Also have you checked your scale? It may be useful to test other scales. It’s unusual for your weight to stay the same when you have noticed changes in your body.

    Hope the weather is good for both you & Alx, and Graham you enjoy walking with your friend on Monday. We are getting into winter here with lots of rain.

    Have a great Monday!

    Hi guys
    Lost 3 pounds!
    Not much considering the effort of the last 2 weeks
    That’s ok – plenty of things in life are unfair and losing weight is definitely one of them!

    Phoenix the weather here has been terrible, cold, weeks and weeks of wind we’ve had a full week of rain and cloud

    That’s the UK though – we seldom get a summer
    Also global warming doesn’t help

    I may be too busy to write here this week while entertaining friends

    It will be interesting to see how much I can keep up with the 5:2
    it’s annoying because I’m really in the zone mentally and this is a disruption I can’t really afford so early in the start of my weight loss but..c’est la vie

    See how it goes

    If I try to keep this focus and determination I’ve got at the moment I should be ok or at least not have a complete disaster

    the good thing is my friend eats normally and has a completely normal relationship to food so if I shadow what he eats it will be absolutely no problem

    Some friends I have are disastrous! we egg each other on!

    Hope you all have a good week and lose tons of weight really easily xx

    Hooray Graham! I still think you should check your scale – I suspect you have lost more than 3 pounds.

    You will keep the focus and determination – I don’t have any doubt. Keep telling yourself this and it will happen. You will be surprise how powerful self reinforcement (or brain washing) can be. I told myself I hated certain food (that I used to like eating) like pasta and ice cream. Now I don’t eat them.

    My formal weigh in this morning showed a lost of 800g (about 2 pounds) last week. I’ve reached my lowest weight since Jan 2019. Had reached this weight back in April & May but it kept going up, & my will power was weavering in last few months. Thanks to you guys Alex, Graham & Merry for your contribution to this forum. You have really help me to keep going. Only 3kg to go but commit to do 5:2 forever.

    A whole day meeting tomorrow, so should be a reasonably easy NFD.

    Have a great Tuesday!

    Congratulations on the 2 pounds Pheonix
    Always a bit of a boost to the motivation to see things going in the right direction!

    Lovely to be at January’s weight
    You know what to do now! Keep on keeping on

    Had a fast day today sightseeing on nothing but scrambled eggs for breakfast

    I was determined to stick to it as a trial run for not stopping every time every day events make it more problematic

    I even did a 30 minutes aerobic walk in the morning!

    Had soup when we got back at 8pm
    Only after cooking a full dinner for my guest!

    So a very successful day for me – lots of psychological barriers challenged
    And it was very do-able actually

    Not easy at all but certainly not completely miserable

    I’m leaving the scales for a while until I m more confident I’ve lost a few pounds because it’s just a frustration I could do without

    Like you say Pheonix it’s about altering a life style in the long term

    This thread has been so helpful to me!

    Thanks Graham! You are absolutely right about the need of a boost. The last time I gave up 5:2 when I hit plateau for 2 months. This time I will hang on.

    Challenging ourselves like doing 5:2 is not going to be easy. But it’s satisfying that we are actively taking control of what and how much we eat and don’t eat. One trick I learned is not to sacrifice my favourite food, but only eat half portion. For e.g. Instead of have a whole donut by myself, I will share it with someone. Eating slowly helps too.

    NFD today. Had a sweet biscuit at morning tea, chicken salad for lunch and a normal dinner. A muffin for snack. Surprisingly I’ve lost 400 g from yesterday – mostly water I assume.

    My work has a farewell morning tea tomorrow. So no lunch tomorrow to compensate, and plan to eat more fruits. I like vegetables more than fruits, but fruits are better than biscuits or muffin. So my next strategy is to eat fruit before lunch and dinner at NFD.

    Have a fantastic Wednesday!

    Managed a reasonable NFD today. Had 2 small gluten free waffles for morning tea, fruits in the afternoon. Then a normal dinner.

    It was a busy day & I didn’t have a chance to snack.

    Looking forward to fasting tomorrow.

    Have a lovely Thursday.

    A good fast day yesterday. Had a lunch time meeting. Put cut fruits in front of us (so others felt more comfortable eating their sandwiches) but I didn’t eat any till much later in the day. This is another strategy I can use in future.

    My office is celebrating Matariki the Māori New Year today and will provide lunch to staff. Unsure how challenging eating wise. But a dentist appointment this afternoon should hold back my appetite.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Hi guys

    Sorry I’ve been incommunicado
    mother was ill so I’m staying with her in Oxford
    Changed my Thursday fast to Friday because I was traveling

    Learning all the time how reasonable it is to be busy but still realistic to continue fasting
    After a while you stop being hungry
    Looking forward to being home though
    Exercise isn’t really possible here
    Not doing great on NFDs but not doing bad either

    Hi Pheonix
    Is it just us two left on this thread?

    Don’t know if Alex is returning
    Hopefully he’s just too busy to log in

    I am looking after my mother but actually finding although I’m away from home and routine the fast days can still be stuck to quite easily which is fantastic

    So although the calories on the NFDs may be all over the place the fast days can still happen

    So I still feel I’m on track and at least doing SOMETHING towards my weight loss

    Psychologically this also motivates me to stop eating ridiculous amounts and dropping the whole idea and make better decisions

    Pheonix don’t desert me!

    I’m back! Glad you guys kept posting. I read them every day though I could not respond.

    Interesting week. I fasted on Monday as I normally would have. Hard to do, but I did it. Tuesday’s nonfast day was made of good choices, right up to happy hour. The rest of the week I ate whatever was there and went out drinking at night. Beers and bourbon. Arrived home on Friday night and thus made Saturday a fast day. Difficult, but warranted. So here is the kicker, overall I guess my food choices were not that bad and/or the 5:2 mode just works. I lost weight! Just a pound, maybe two, but the scale moved down and not up as I was prepared for it to do.

    So at the 1-month mark tomorrow I predict that I will be at 9 pounds lost. Not bad. I am starting to feel that this can be my new normal. Just gotta pick fast days and stick to them. The rest falls in place.

    Graham, DO NOT GIVE UP. I think your body is fighting you. Win. Get moving a bit more and hold the plan. At some point your body will come along. It has to.

    Pheonix, good luck to you and thank you for the support.

    To myself… first month was about establishing new routine. Second month will have to be about upping my physical exertion. Gotta make that happen.

    Glad you guys are still here.


    Hi guys, I’m definitely still here. I often forgot to post during weekend. Also very busy trying to organise an Aug trip to Rarotonga. All done now.

    Graham, sorry to hear about your mum’s illness. You are doing so well by sticking to 5:2 when you are away from home. Keep it up.

    Alx, I admire your determination when you were away & faced with more food temptation. If it was me I’ll be lucky just to maintain my weight.

    Last week started well for me but crumbled from Friday onward. Friday work lunch was a delicious hangi (Maori traditional food) that consists of fried bread (like a big savory donut), pork belly, vege/potatoes/pumpkin cooked in fat, and desserts.

    Then on Saturday I went to my husband work do – murder mystery. It was really good fun but I must have overeaten the finger foods that served constantly over about 3 hours.

    The result is an increase of 600g in weight, compared to a week ago. No point cring over spilled milk, and I must exercise stronger will – more eating events this Friday & Saturday nights.

    Today is another fast day and I’m ready for it.

    Have a great Monday everyone.

    Hi Alex
    Glad you’re still going!

    Welcome back

    I think you’re right the basic 5:2 mode does reboot your metabolism

    I’ve not been great between fasts but I can tell I’m losing weight because of my clothes and my face in the mirror

    Weighing scales I can’t cope with at this point they just emphasise the slowness of the whole process and make me feel discouraged and are only an indication of one aspect of weight loss


    You’re right about spilt milk

    It’s all about keeping on and looking forward and gradually changing old habits

    Thanks for the message x

    Good Monday morning my friends!

    The good: Weighed in at 185 this morning. Down 9 pounds in a month and feeling pretty good about it.

    The bad: This is a traditional floor for me. I have flirted with this weight on and off a few times and never got below nor maintained for very long. Its a fast day today and I am starting off a bit hungry.

    The ugly: Its Monday and this week is a 3-day management retreat for my work followed by a 1-day planning session for a new building. All of these days will feature much food available to sooth the boredom. So lots of temptation and very little movement. I am going to gut through it, but I admit picking my fast days based on which day my favorite lunches were being served!

    Pheonix, you had me at “big savory donut”. Wow. I might fly out for a visit just for some hangri. The flight itself is a whole fast day.

    Graham, here’s another perspective for you. You are already winning! You are out of the gate and have sustained a healthy change for a month. If we can hold on for one more month, then I am sure you will see results and gain confidence that this is becoming a lifestyle and not a diet.

    Away we go….


    Started to at 87.4 kg.
    Had porridge with blueberries and tea in the morning…
    Its 1:30 pm and I’m crashing.
    Want to go to bed and sleep.
    Headache around the corner πŸ™
    I dont want my first day to be a fail!

    Hey all,
    Hope you don’t mind me joining in?!
    I’ve been on 5:2 since mid-May and have lost almost 6lbs since then, 1.3 stone since Feb from calorie managing (wasn’t doing 5:2 til May).
    You are all doing really well, it’s really inspiring to see the support here, I find that on low days I come here to read other’s stories and I float around not talking, hiding! I’m sure we all feel like that with weight to lose (at least I hope I’m not alone!). I’m on a FD today, I do 2 per week, usually Mon/Thurs, though this week it will be Mon/Fri, due to work commitments.
    I still have a lot to lose, so I’m very up for mutual support if you’ll have me!

    @saman – try to drink plenty (but not too much!) water, it really helps with the headaches. Eat some celery or maybe an apple if you’re feeling super low? I’ve not eaten today at all, I find it easier to keep my meal to the evening, as coffee/water keep me full during the day, but I’ve also made a sort of brothy soup today, with chicken bones for stock and added a few veggies, onion and some turmeric (anti-inflammatory) to the broth for flavour. No idea what it tastes like yet, but I’ll find out later!
    I also roasted some peanuts yesterday, as they’re a good snack with the smallest sprinkling of salt and really filling (I eat those on NFD’s to stave off hunger to try and be good!) and I always have celery sitting in a glass (with a small bit of water to crisp it), which I find a great snack/filler, as there’s lots of crunching and chewing to do.
    Happy fasting if you’re fasting today, hope to pop back and give encouragement/be encouraged in weak moments!

    hi penguinchick and saman!

    thanks for joining in!
    the more the merrier

    saman I hope you didn’t get a headache – nothing worse when you’re hungry!

    I’ve been lucky so far not one single headache for some reason and I’m not too great with water drinking but I’m obviously drinking enough

    Going to bed hungry as hell tonight after my fast
    Just want to go to sleep and escape the rumbling tummy
    Welcome to the thread xx

    You are right Graham about changing bad habit. My determination is not that good at the moment. While Fast days usually go well, but managing NFDs have been a challenge. But I must continue and deal with one day at a time.

    Alx, well done on your weigh loss. Have you reached your goal weight? I sympathize with you on your retreat and planning days. I normally overeat at these events. However at my last 2 planning days, the restaurant served very healthy food (lots of salad) and I was fine. So hopefully there are good food options for you.

    Welcome saman and penguinchick! I recommend reading 5:2 Fastdiet book if you haven’t. Agree with drinking lots of water and eat celery etc. Do be a bit careful with peanuts. I love them until I discovered their calories. Small amount is fine however. I substitute them with cooked chick peas.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone!

    Hi Graham and Phoenix πŸ™‚

    I have the book and am about 1/4 of the way through, hoping for a less busy day soon, so I can finish it; I never seem to have enough time!
    I am careful with peanuts, I buy them raw, bake them for 15 mins then sprinkle the smallest pinch of salt on them. I have between 6-10 if any on a FD, usually none – but on NFD’s they make a good/healthy choice over a pack of crisps/biscuit. I also make my own biscuits/cookies, either shortbread or peanut cookies, both of which I’ve halved the sugar required and tbh, they taste so much better. I make almost everything from scratch, so I always seem to be cooking something or other!
    I use a lot of chick peas in salads/cous cous too, they’re a firm favourite with us and I don’t mind the calories in nuts, as the nutrients in them are good, even the nut oil is a good one, I find it hard to overeat nuts, as they’re so filling.
    I did a weigh in today and have only lost 1/2lb this last week, but it has broken the 3 week plateau I had hit, which was annoying. I need to increase my activity, as I was out with an ankle injury, but now it’s on the mend, I’m hoping to get back out there. Motivation is always low when there’s been no large loss I find.

    I break my fast later today (usually do 11pm Sun -> 11am/1pm Tues), so am hoping for a sensible couple of NFD’s with increased activity… I live in hope! πŸ™‚

    Good luck if fasting today and thanks for the warm welcome!

    Love that our list is growing with new partners. Welcome guys!

    My fast day was really difficult yesterday in that I was hungry, but easy because, well, so what! There isn’t a lot of choice of what to do on a fast day so I walked and drank water and ate the biggest salad I could create within my calorie limit for dinner so I would feel like I was eating.

    Woke up hungry today, but amazed at the success I am having at the moment. Saw a number on the scale I have not seen in a very long time, though I am sure its a dehydration thing. I am not at my goal weight, but I do believe I will get there in a month or so more.

    I need to eat today, but I also think I can keep it quite reasonable. Bigger issue is picking my second fast day this week. Schedule is tricky.

    A reasonable NFD yesterday, considered I was at home and stuck at desk for long period. Back to work today – NFD. Plan to skip breakfast and have a small lunch and normal dinner. Mentally preparing for fasting tomorrow.

    Penguinchick, sounds like you are doing well & so organised. Home cooking is always the best as we know what are in the food. Re plateau I experienced that every 3-4 weeks, and the weight loss always continued after that. So hang on there.

    I admire your constraint in eating peanuts. My problem is if I have peanuts around, I will eat them constantly until they are gone. While not big amount at one time, it adds up to very high calories. So I give up peanuts but eat other nuts like almonds in small quantity.

    Alx, good on you to mindfully exercise your choices during fast day. This is a powerful thing – we tell ourselves we choose to do something that is good for our health. I need to do them more on my NFD.

    Graham, hope yesterday has gone well for you.

    Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone.

    Hi everyone
    Pheonix don’t be too discouraged about NFDs I’m sure subconsciously we are making lots of little decisions were not aware of which are very different from how we usually eat that we’re not noticing

    Alerting your whole relationship with food takes time – the habits took years to form
    They say a new habit takes 2 months for your brain to make new pathways

    I do not know how I became this person solving all my emotional problems with food

    It’s not really who I am
    I suppose it’s like any addict

    I didn’t get up one day and decide to be addicted to food and make myself obese
    It took years

    I was thin for the first 35 years of my life

    That’s the person I really am

    Just keep going and re- learn the old *real* rational ways of eating as we go

    Hello all,

    Food addict. Yeah, that’s a real thing. In some sense I chose 5:2 because 5 days a week I retain my ability to eat what I want.

    So I am fasting again today, that’s the third fast day in six. Just the way my schedule has worked out and probably explains the accelerated loss. I am hungry though and forgot my yogurt for lunch. Going to try for a salad as skipping lunch does not seem like an option today.

    Yesterday was interesting. Non-fast day and I was starving. I ate. Not too much, but certainly a fair amount. I got full fast. In fact I got like bloated full. My stomach has shrunk. Unhealthy foods sit heavier. I almost skipped dinner entirely because lunch stuffed me.

    An interesting dilemma will be a long stretch of non-fast days. My schedule has left me facing Thursday through Monday as NFDs, and that is a long time between fasts (and weekend fasts are not a preference of mine).

    Graham, I am expecting that when you break through your body’s resistance that you are going to start seeing significant weekly drops.

    Graham, you are spot on about breaking old habit. You have achieved so much now. Keep it going and lets break bad habits together.

    I felt fat all my life even though I was never obese (overweight from my 40s), & always maintain some sort of fitness. But a desk job with variable level of stress, my weight has gone up constantly. 5:2 has certainly taught me a lot about my relationship with food for e.g. I did not believe I could fast at all, how to deal with urge to eat etc.

    But I have a habit of self sabotaging at times – If I have a good week, I tend to relax too much at the weekend. Almost mentally allowing myself for the rewards I felt I deserved. I should shift the focus to the weekend, and plan the food accordingly.

    Alx, good on you to fast 3 days in 6. This is a good strategy I will use too when going on holiday in late August.

    Feeling full quicker, and lower tolerance with unhealthy food sounds like signs that you are breaking old habits. You are doing so well. So keep it up on your challenging days ahead.

    Have a lovely Thursday!

    Hey all,

    I’ve been busy, so not logged for a day or two, but reading through, you are so ‘on point’ Graham about this:

    “I do not know how I became this person solving all my emotional problems with food

    It’s not really who I am
    I suppose it’s like any addict

    I didn’t get up one day and decide to be addicted to food and make myself obese
    It took years”

    I totally identify with that statement, but over the past two years, while the problem became more of an issue, I’ve come to realise how much depression was the cause (mostly post natal for me)… The loss of a very happy career/business and several other factors. We each have such a different story, but they all come together over food, for those of us here and trying to change.
    I find that talking to people in real life – as opposed to here, I try and hide so much pain/trauma/embarrassment, and to be truthful, even here I’m slightly guarded, but feeling more open than before due to the amazing level of positive support I have seen.

    @alx – I feel the same about my Wednesday this week, it was a NFD, but I ate like a pig, nothing filled me up and I felt constantly hungry! I tried all the protein/veggies first, then ended up stuffing 3 mini cupcakes and a few cookies… I have no clue why, just HAD to eat lol! I’m refusing to feel guilt, as I’ve been so so good, making up for it today (NFD) by eating super sensibly.. beetroot/avocado + steamed chicken breast for lunch just now, FD tomorrow, so I need that greedy stomach of mine to shrink to fit! πŸ˜‰

    @phoenix – Self-sabotage.. I think we all know that feeling well!

    Well done on the losses/fasts and stay mentally strong, that’s the real key to beating this cycle, I feel!

    Have a great day πŸ˜‰

    Great to hear from you Penguinchick.

    Another factor we all face: too much ready to eat food with very high calories around. it’s too easy to buy food that is cheap and bad, and they are everywhere: in 2018 New Zealand ranked second fattest country in the developed world (yes we beat Australia for this title). I was worried about my weight since I was a kid. And I have learned about calories in food/drink from a young age, and managed to avoid/restrict certain food/drink and keep up with exercise, therefore never reach obese stage. Of course I also tried most diets under the sun (avoided Aiken and Keto type) but non of them were sustainable.

    Like you & Graham, I too need to look deeper on why I comfort eat. We need to deal with the cause, not just the symptom.

    Yesterday fast day went well (next fast day will be Monday). Eating challenges coming up: Today: shared lunch (we bring home cook food) to farewell a colleague; then a dinner out to celebrate daughter’s birthday. Tomorrow: dinner at home to meet future in-laws tomorrow. I shall be strong.

    It was a very cold Wellington night last night with -4’c in some places. And today will be a lovely sunny day.

    Have a fantastic Friday everyone!

    Hey guys, love the posts. Keep them coming!

    My fast day was ok. Ate my bigger meal at lunch and had a tiny snack in the evening. It was ok.

    Non-fast today is another weird one. Was hungry early on, but after a reasonable lunch I was satiated, and even felt kinda full and a little sick. I also got very very tired. I have a fancy restaurant dinner tonight and I will likely get fish instead of steak and will try to steer clear of booze. But I have to say, I am not that hungry. I do not feel the need to splurge or the desire to eat heavy. This is new to me.

    Here is another thing, the scale says I lost more weight, but I actually feel the opposite. Today I feel sluggish and bloated. Could be I went a belt loop too tight, but I don’t think so.

    I am failing at exercise. Anyone have a remedy for that?


    Hi all

    Fast day today

    I’m still in the zone even nursing my 86 year old mother
    I’m going back to London tomorrow so will be able to get back into the aerobic walking

    I’ve been way out of my routine the last 10 days not being at home

    Also my mother’s house is full of sweets

    I’ve had a few but nothing like my usual

    I’m at the start of a very long journey re-learning all my tricks and mirages and delusions about food

    Like any addiction what i think food is bringing me is all just untrue

    A very good NFD yesterday. Actually lost small amount of weight having shared lunch at work and a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I’ve lost count of what I eaten. The 3 males at the table were big eaters, and I ate quite slow – may be this is another tactic I should use. Of course it needs to combine with restrictive order.

    Today has gone well so far. Soon will be dinner time – roast lamb, potatoes etc. Not my favourite food so should be ok.

    Graham, well done on not over consuming sweets. Hope you will find 5:2 easier once you settled back.

    Alex, I’m not active fitness wise too. Gave up my gym membership so my daughter joined instead. Better this way as I still can go with her, and she can take a friend with her at other time. But what it means I no longer doing my Monday yoga/Pilate class. I suppose to do 2 seesions at home but so far it has not happened. We are in the middle of winter so no hill climbing due to rain at most weekends. Got a big deadline for tax returns on 7 July – mean stuck in front of the computer at every spare moment. So hope to do 2 excercise sessions at home during the week, and a gym session during weekend.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Happy Sunday to all!

    Well done for the small loss Phoenix and to Graham for not over-eating at your mum’s house! Hope she’s on the mend now?
    @ Alex, I also have issues with exercise, but I try and do a dance session at least once per week (PS4 dance game) for at least 30 mins, which is quite a sweaty session, takes ages to get myself going, but once I do, I really enjoy it, even if I feel a bit daft! I’ve just downloaded a Gillian Micheals exercise routine (30 day shred), which I’m hoping to gear up for tomorrow, at 20 mins a shot, I figure it can’t be too hard to start with that, I might even enjoy it (shows quizzical face!)… We’ll see, I’ll post if I do it at all lol!
    On the food front, I’ve been reasonably good, had a seafood salad yesterday and Friday I ate an omelette with some cheddar on it, which was very filling (that was a FD on Friday).
    Tomorrow is a FD too, as I had to swap my usual Thursday last week to Friday, so I weigh in on Tuesday morning. Hoping for some small loss, especially if I get my A into G and do some exercise tomorrow! Busy weekend, but silly busy, not fun busy, so no chance for any workout until tomorrow.

    Have a fab day everyone!

    Penguinchick – What an excellent idea for making exercise fun! I should try something similar.

    The weekend eating was ok but could be better. Roast dinner was fine but I ate too much desert, and too much lunch on Sunday. However I managed a reduction of 400g (close to one pound) from last Monday, and I’m happy with that.

    We are going to Rarotonga for a holiday in late August, so I should set myself a firm target of loosing 400-500g a week from now on. And to increase exercise level.

    Have a fantastic Monday everyone!

    Hi everyone
    I weighed myself and I’ve lost 8 pounds

    I’m not so preoccupied with weighing myself because it can be a double edged sword when you plateau and you get discouraged
    Also it’s just so short term

    I’m more interested in exploring the psychological changes I’m going to need to change in the long term

    When I lose this weight I NEVER want to be fat again

    Eating slowly is a massive problem for me
    Obsessed with food but when I’m eating it goes down in three minutes without even tasting it
    What’s THAT about

    Ive NEVER been able to overcome this

    Tonight I had an idea of dishing up a meal onto 3 plate
    To remind me to eat slowly
    Also to have a break

    Worth a try

    Another thing I need to change living alone is cooking HUGE amounts of food

    Tonight I consciously made a much smaller meal

    The great thing about habits is they don’t take any will power you just have to alter things

    Well done on everyone keeping going!!

    That’s absolutely the MAIN THING xx

    This thread is really a big help xx

    Hi gang

    @graham58 – I had to chime in when I read your post about eating fast. OH MY Gosh do I eat fast! There is no reason for it, and I have tried many times to slow down, to count my bites, to enjoy it….sigh.
    I like your ideas of separate dishes. (pause after each dish) maybe have a little water before the next dish

    one thing that has helped is to set down my utensils after a couple of bites.

    another thing that helped was actually water fasting during the morning (now I have had moments of weakness/mindlessness scarfing) but I notice if I can pause at least at the first couple of bites I will be slower at eating over all.

    the last thing that has helped, is eating the same thing or kind of thing… for example I eat broth with a few cut up veggies for my FDs – i notice b/c the broth is hot that I have to take my time to eat my dish, and b/c the dish is simple. Its not soooo much flavor/texture that I’m just craving to get to the next bite.

    Hope thats helpful. Cheers!

    @phoenix… Definitely try the dancing.. it’s really fun – I’ve always danced, but before I put weight on, it was clubs lol! Now it’s the living room :/ (though I do have a disco ball!). Well done on the loss too, brilliant news! I also go for walks now, which I didn’t before February. I do between half hour and an hour, just walking around my neighbourhood, never take any money so I can’t stop and buy food, just my music in my ears and my trainers and sunglasses.. Everyone knows if you wear sunglasses that nobody can see you, right?! πŸ˜‰

    @ Graham – I agree with Rabbette (Hi by the way! πŸ˜€ ) I try and put my fork down while I’m chewing and I have a LOT of greens always, so they take a bit of chew-time… I also always drink a glass of water before my meal, so I don’t have that awful hunger, which fills me a bit, so I don’t eat large meals any more. Another thing I do – I have a plate the same size as the ones my kids eat from, so it’s half the size of a dinner plate, I fill it, but it’s still half what I would put on a regular dinner plate. Hope that helps a bit too.
    I also eat alone many days, as I send OH off to work with a packed lunch/salad for dinner (he’s also eating what I eat more or less and has lost more than me in the same time!), so I cook for two, halve it, either freeze the other half, or I put it in the fridge for the next days meal as I hate waste, but cold foods are easier – like salads, I’m a big lover of seafood salads, which are a 3 minute meal and very little prep, but very filling and nutritious.
    And WOW… WELL DONE on the loss – every loss is a positive, be pleased with yourself, you’re doing great!

    On a lighter (pun intended!) note… I rarely eat puds, but I’m convinced that if I look at a pudding, it automatically goes to my hips, so I’ve got to stop looking lol! I managed to watch the kids eat ice cream after dinner and didn’t have any (it’s my all time FAVOURITE thing next to salmon lol!), but I DID NOT EAT ANY! Hurrah for my scales lol!
    I really need to sleep.. sorry for the chatter, was feeling inspired!
    FD for me tomorrow/already, have a fab Monday and wish me luck with the 20 min workout…!

    Good morning all!

    It has begun… I did the 20 min workout! I have literally just finished and before I head for the shower, thought I’d post (yes, I’m sweaty as hell!).
    I had to modify a couple of the exercises, as I’m a bit stiff at the knees and lower back, but already my lower back feels energised and I’m buzzing a bit (probably dehydration lol!).
    I’m determined to do this every day this month, as I’ve got a super skinny friend coming to stay at the end of the month and I want to look ‘better’ than I did last time we saw each other (I know that’s a crap reason, but I need motivating and this helps!).

    I’m fasting today, so going to drink lots of water and have a seafood/leafy salad later, possibly with an egg thrown in for the extra cals to 500 (I stick to around 500 on FD’s).

    Happy fasting if you’re doing the same today and smile, everything is better with smiles πŸ™‚

    Hey All, sorry I ducked out again. I had to make a quick trip to New York this weekend, which presented a unique challenge to me. New York, my place of birth and true home, is not a place where I am going to fast. So I added a fast day during the week and tried to control myself Friday and Saturday. On the balance of it, I did ok. Really only had two dinners there. The problem is that a NY dinner is about 3 meals worth of food… which I did actually eat half for dinner and the other half for lunch.

    I felt pretty full and bloated out from those two days. Felt as if I put back on 5 pounds actually. I felt bad enough that I added a fast day on Sunday, which was tortuous, but I feel warranted. My Monday weigh-in saw an overall 1-pound loss, that’s 11 total. I am pleased.

    Graham, the pace of a meal is important. I was the consummate glutton and as a result I could put down ungodly amounts of food before feeling full. It took me a long time, but I have learned to slow down, savor it and give my body time to recognize when I have had enough. I’m not always perfect with this, but much improved.

    So not fasting on a Monday is new, that is usually a go-to day for me, but Thursday is a holiday and I can plan to eat that day. I guess a switch-up isn’t so bad.


    Hey! I started a week ago, and down by 1 kg (despite having rice, and some fried food last night, and a helping of a banofee pie.. i was scared to be on the scales today… but when i did i was HAPPY to see, I was down by a kg in the first week.

    My son asked me, “are you on a diet” and I explained to him “it’s not a diet, I’m managing my insulin production to keep my body markers in check. I’ve spent 40 years of yo-yo dieting, and mad loads of sugary food. My body has kept up with it, by storing a lot of fat, but thank god with no diabetes. But now, the body needs a rest twice a week to defrag”.

    He got it.

    And I got it. There’s less pressure of weight LOSS and more a feeling of health GAIN.

    I like this 5:2 because it’s not a diet. It’s my system DEFRAG, and weigh loss is a bonus.

    Good you’re back on it! You’ll do just fine.

    Hi Rabette
    Thanks for your input
    Slow eating is so much better for your digestion and lots of other things but I just can’t seem to do it

    But that is the food addict talking I just need the pleasure of that fix and so now while it’s happening like a heroin addict shooting up

    Sorry to be slightly graphic but it’s a very similar dynamic – I finish every meal that took 30 minutes to cook in 5 minutes without tasting it or even really remembering eating it

    but this conversation is good for me it will remind me to really really try I’ve tried many tricks but they’ve never ever worked

    One time I put a notice in front of me on the table with CHEW YOUR FOOD written on it to remind me

    but I just hoovered it up anyway

    Penguinchick are you doing your exercises to a YouTube video onto your TV?

    it’s a really good idea I’ve been away 10 days and I’m completely out of the exercise also there’s a heatwave here so that’s another excuse not to do anything

    Fast day today

    I wish the non fast days were as straightforward as the fast days!

    Hey Graham,

    I’m doing my workout watching the tv, but I downloaded the vid from Amazon, so I can watch it on any platform, but it’s easier for me to watch/workout in my living room as it’s the biggest space I have. I have a yoga mat, 2 small hand weights and a small pillow, in case I need to protect my knees for press ups! You don’t need heaps of space, just enough to stretch your arms and legs out side to side.
    I figured that if I do the routine before midday (on days I’m not at work) then it’s coolest, as it’s hot here too (also a Londoner).

    Another trick I do, which might help you slow your eating is to leave things ‘accidentally’ in the kitchen, so you have to keep getting up from the table to get them, like I might leave a cup of water/a fork/part of the meal in another room, so I can’t wolf it all down in one go, which is also pretty bad for digestion, as I’m sure you can feel when you do that?
    Another trick for me that works is to watch something while I eat, so I get my head out of my plate to see what’s happening.. like a tennis match – you’re good for that for the next two weeks! (Love Wimbledon <3 )
    Hope this helps, we’ll keep prompting you if it’s useful! πŸ™‚

    @saman – Well done on the loss, feels good when that happens, keep at it, you’re doing great!

    Weigh in for me tomorrow… slightly pensive to say the least!

    Graham, congratulation on your weight loss. I agree with advice from everyone. Fortunately I’m a slow(ish) eater, but my husband can whoosh his big steak dinner down in less than 5 minutes. So I understand the challenge.

    You may want to try French style & mindfulness eating
    – eat salad for entree
    – never shortcut butter etc in cooking but make sure the serving portion is small(ish) – use a small plate. The idea is we should be satisfied with the taste etc so will not want a big portion.
    – sit down on table and concentrate on eating. Not watching TV or reading a book.
    – chew the food slowly and really taste them. Apparently in mindfulness eating class they have to chew ONE raisin for half an hour for practice.

    Saying that my husband is still in work in progress mode – he can be quite stubborn. We tend to cook a lot of leafy vegetables. So when he overeats, at least most of them are vegetables.

    Alx, congratulation too on your ever decreasing weight. You have exercised such admirable level of constraints – I need to learn from you.

    Penguinchick, I’ll definitely try dancing. I love dancing and found a few youtube beginner moves. Just put a 55′ TV in bed room so can go crazy there.

    saman, you must tell us what did you do to loose 1kg in one week – this is massive.

    Yesterday was my fast day and it went well. Managed to take a long walk at lunch time too. Today is NFD, will avoid breakfast and have a smallish lunch and normal dinner.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone!

    Its so gratifying to see our conversation growing. Welcome Saman and Rabbette!

    Its an interesting discussion about “food tricks” or “eating tricks”. I think we all go this to some extent. I am a planner/bargainer. I am always thinking a few days ahead trying to figure out where the best meals are. This is literally how I plan my fast days. By navigating this way, I also agree when I will fast (to not miss the good stuff) and now I also include some thought about how not to overdo it.

    Yesterday non-fast day was good. Grazed through the morning to stave off massive hunger. Salad for lunch. Tapas for dinner. Snacks in between. Total calories was probably a little high, but I felt pretty good and got full from less volume. Good sign.

    Today will probably be a fast day. I can do one today or tomorrow and I am feeling like I can do it today even though I just did one on Sunday, but if I fail, there is always tomorrow. Thursday’s holiday is really messing me up. I will either have to do a Friday fast or go 4 days on non-fast and I think that is too long for me.

    I am glad that 5 weeks in to this new lifestyle that I am holding strong… and among good company. I am still a total failure at the exercise thing, but as long as I can stay committed to 5:2, I know that will come.


    Hey again!

    Good work on the management of your eating Alex, I always think I’m a planner, but to be honest, it depends what’s in the fridge – which is almost all veg, with a couple of bits of fish/chicken and a treat for me – prawns… Haven’t checked if they’re good or bad, but I absolutely love them, so I sprinkle a few over my seafood salad.
    Did my 2nd shred day workout today, along with 1.5 hrs of gardening, all to stave off breaking my fast day. I wanted to go as long as possible to see how long I could manage without feeling super hungry. I was doing great at the 38th hour, with no break, then hubby showed up with pre-cooked chicken drumsticks, so I had 2, no skin and took all the fatty bits off. Had an apple an hour ago and still not starving/feeling hungry, so stomach is definitely shrinking, though my weight hasn’t gone down this week. I’m the same as last week, which annoys me a bit, as I’ve massively upped my activity, but maybe next week it will pay off!

    Happy fasting all, hope you’re keeping well on this lovely day!
    I’ll check back in later/in the week, as I’ve got a busy work time from now until Saturday. Next FD is Thursday, I’m hoping to keep with the exercise, might do dancing tomorrow instead of shred, as my muscles may need a day off the weights/overuse!

    How did your dancing go Phoenix? Good on you for making the move/s! What’s your favourite music? πŸ˜‰

    Alx, from my experience exercise does not affect weight much. But it is good for us, the endorphins it creates make us happy and the it helps to tone our bodies.

    In fact, too much exercise may result in higher water retention at initial stage. This may be happening to you at the moment Penguinchick.

    Yes I tried 20 minutes of beginners dance last night and it was so much fun. I should so do more and add yoga/palate too. Thank you Youtube for so many free video clips.

    Graham, have you started your aerobic walking?

    Yesterday NFD went well. No breakfast, a small lunch and a small dinner. Then a few snacks after dinner. The calories intake was good but I need to replace some snacks with fruits.

    Another NFD today. Plan to do the same as yesterday with more fruits and less snacks.

    Have a fantastic Wednesday

    Pheonix, you’re correct on exercise and weight over time, however whenever I embark back on a fitness kick, if I stick to aerobic activity I will see an initial weight loss. My true goal is to build more muscle and that typically means weight gain, or more precisely the conversion of body fat that weighs less to muscle that weighs more. My goal weight is the goal weight, body composition is quite another matter.

    Physical fitness to me just means feeling better. Worth the prices at any weight. Tomorrow is a holiday and a good day to commit to some kind of workout. If I do not report success in that on Friday, you all have my permission to harass me.

    Non-fast day today and tomorrow. I am hungry but pacing myself well.


    hi everyone
    2 NFDs which went well – no bingeing
    tried my idea of putting my main meal on 2 plates and it did make me remember better to chew

    Even then I still caught myself starting to speed up!

    there was a gap as I started the second plate which helped a little I think
    I’m having to learn to EAT!
    it’s no exaggeration – I seriously do not know how to chew food it’s so long since I ate a meal like a normal person – it’s as though my bbrain has forgotten how to work my mouth

    Penguinchick try to put your weight not going down out of your head – that’s what I do – nothing more discouraging than being really good and your body not getting the memo

    it can really trigger my sabotage mentality so I just think “if this is still happening in a month’s time I can get upset but for now who cares”

    you’re right – it will all kick in later

    Pheonix I haven’t done my aerobic walking thanks for asking
    today I had no excuses
    maybe tomorrow – I’m tempted to maybe start dancing in the living room like you and Pennguinchick
    It would be good as a second type of work out when it’s wet weather
    dancing puts you in such a good mood
    Alex you seem so well organised and consistent which I find really inspiring
    Today my brother and his wife were in town and I wore trousers I haven’t worn for months
    they DIDN’T NOTICE my weight loss – I was hoping they would go OH MY GOD!!

    people will be doing that soon enough
    anyway this is very much my own internal exploration so it’s not about anyone else at all – I’m much more worried about what *I’M** thinking rather than what other people are thinking when it comes to my weight!

    99% of this is psychological

    Alx, I’m like you. My goal is the weight loss. Still try to do exercise for toning the muscles. Hope you have a fantastic 4th July holiday. You may not believe it, some restaurants in New Zealand are celebrating 4th July offering extremely high calories donuts burger.

    Graham, people only started to notice my weight loss was When I lost about 10% of my original weight. And before I reached that point, I could fit into smaller size clothes. So please don’t be discouraged. I tend not to comment on others’s weight, and your brother and his wife may be the same. However I’m certain they will be pleased if you share your 5:2 journey with them.

    Yesterday NFD was ok. Despite eaten more fruit, I ate too much snacks.

    Fasting today and I’m ready for the day.

    Have a happy 4th July everyone!

    Hey everyone!

    Firstly, WELL DONE Graham – both on the plates/slower eating and on the loss, I’m sure as Phoenix said, people tend not to comment on weight loss if they’ve not seen you in a while – my theory is that they can’t be quite sure, so they’d rather not say anything. It’s shitty, but it’s true. I saw a lady the other day that I haven’t seen in ages, but I don’t know her super well and she’d definitely lost weight, so I went up to her and made a point of saying how well she looked and I loved her outfit, as I wasn’t sure if she wanted people to comment on just her weight – I felt like that was a good compromise, as I left her smiling and hopefully, feeling like someone had noticed!
    Secondly… I’ve dropped 1lb – so it IS paying off, I didn’t doubt it, but it does as Graham said, mess with your head. I’m feeling energised today and have already started got a lot done, off for my workout in a few, then work later and as it’s a FD, I’ll have my soup and salad as late as I can. For some reason I find the evenings harder and I find Thursday FD harder than Monday… All in my head, as it’s no different, I eat the same things pretty much on FD’s, I find it easier.

    Wishing you all a pleasant & uplifting day, whether fasting or not and Happy 4th July to our friends across the big pond <3 xx

    Penguinchick, I’m the same – when I notice friends/colleagues who have lost weight, I would comment on how good they look. Then wait for them to tell me their stories. Also re your question about my favorite music – I absolutely love ABBA and any funky/pop/easy listening music.

    Yesterday fast day did go according to plan. Felt very hungry in the morning, ate a small snack at lunch time. Then at around 2pm I felt very hot, anxious and started shaking. Down some instant soup and a chocolate bar (from work tuck shop) then felt much better. I had a similar experience when I was doing Zone diet that severely restricted carb. But my carb intake has been normal. Maybe it is menopause, or something to do with higher stress level at the moment – just sold an apartment and working on numerous non-work accounts and tax returns that all due this weekend, on top on a full time job.

    So I’m taking it easy today. Will have a small breakfast and a small lunch. Work is celebrating year end this afternoon so will need to exercise constraints on eating.

    Another celebration event this weekend – an engagement. Again there will be plenty of food – another eating challenge.

    Have a fantastic Friday everyone!

    I’ve hit the buffers

    Yesterday was my fast day I had eggs early because people were coming to fix my shower

    then the Day kind of got busier and I was out until 10pm having not eaten anything just drank water which was fine

    When I got back I had my soup

    I went on the internet getting hungrier and hungrier and instead of going to bed I did my usual thing of starting to eat

    At 11:30pm I ate THREE tortilla wraps with hummus on them one after the other

    As I was eating them I was so depressed but I was so hungry

    but why wasn’t I in bed?

    When I finally went to bed I just lay there and thought what on earth have I done? Where is all that motivation and focus and positivity and hope it just shriveled to nothing

    Today I just feel completely disheartened and sceptical as to whether I’m going to continue there doesn’t seem much point I’m just a fatty and that’s that

    like I said before all this is 99% psychological so I’m going to try and sit this downer out and hope I’ll get back to feeling motivated maybe later on today – yeah right

    I’ll try and watch the calories today my usual behaviour would be to just pig out but I’m going to try and fight that compulsion

    psychologically I just feel today like I always did
    That the food is stronger than me and I need it and I’m dependent on it
    all that crap

    I’m fed up


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