Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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    I’ve hit the buffers

    yesterday was my fast day and I had scrambled eggs early because somebody was coming to fix my shower in the morning

    then the day got busier and I was out until after 10 p.m. just drinking water which was fine

    When I got back I had my soup

    I went on the internet getting hungrier and hungrier and then I did my usual thing of starting to eat

    at 11:30 p.m. I had THREE tortilla wraps with hummus on them one after the other

    As I was eating them I felt so depressed but I was so hungry

    Why didn’t I just go to bed?

    when I finally went to bed I just lay there and thought what I now have I done where was all that motivation and focus and hope it had all just shrivelled to nothing

    Today I just feel so completely disheartened and sceptical as to whether I’m going to continue there doesn’t seem to be much point I’m just a fatty and that’s that

    like I said before 99% of this is psychological so I’m just going to try and sit this downer out and see if I feel more motivated later on today – yeah right

    I’m going to try and watch the calories today my usual thing would be to just pig out but I’m going to try and fight that compulsion

    Psychologically I just feel like I always did the food is stronger than me I’m dependent on it and I need it
    All that crap

    I’m fed up

    Graham, buck up! You had a weak moment, so what? It happens to us all. Just move on. Think of it this way, you may have failed the fast day threshold, but even with your lapse, it was still a calorie-restricted day. Do better on the next one, and yeah, at that hour, just go to bed. Dream about food. That happens to me sometimes.

    My friends, I failed the exercise thing. Let the harassment begin! I allowed myself to sleep in on the holiday, watch of all things, the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest and then got lost in Wimbledon and cooking a decadent dessert for the party we went to.

    Two non-fast days in a row. The first I ate all day gradually. Not the worst day, but not the best choices. Yesterday I grazed again but dinner was over the top, including beers. So I am adding a third fast day for the week today and hoping the two pounds I added will go away.

    and maybe I will restart workouts this weekend?


    Hey guys!

    Graham… Don’t quit! So you had a bad day, I also had one… let’s have a better day today. Focus your mind, take a deep breath and tell yourself it was just a hiccup, you CAN DO THIS! We are here to support you, no matter what! As Alex said, we all have weak moments, that’s why we’re here, so take our support and positivity and use it to help you have a better day today.
    Take yourself out for a long walk and for each step you take, remind your head that your body is removing those wraps from yesterday, every step is important, every step will reduce. Drink water, get some celery sticks and sit them in a glass of water at night, if you want a snack, have a celery stick or 5 if you need them, be strong:

    Have a better day and please don’t quit, you’re here for a reason, you posted what you did so we could help you, please let us help ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Alex – don’t sweat the non-exercise, I skipped 2 days this week due to work and laziness, I’ve just forced myself to do a half hour HIIT and I’m sweaty and disgusting, but I’m glad I did it, as I won’t be free to do any for a few days I don’t think. As long as you keep trying with the fasting/staying mentally focused, you’re all good! Go for a walk if you need a kick-start? That always works wonders and you’ll feel better afterwards!

    Be strong my friends, we do this together and we are stronger for it!

    Alx, not sure which state you live. Hope you are ok re the earthquake. I’m not good at excercise end too. But after today, I will have more time in the evening.

    Penguinchick, are you from US too?

    Graham, your experience is quite common among the fasters. It certainly happened to me a number of times that I ate a lot more than I needed, in both fast and NFDs. I tend to reflect and work out a stretegy to deal with it. And the strategy may be “let it go”‘ don’t beat myself up, make better choices next time.

    I’ve been taking it easy eating wise last few days – big deadline is tomorrow and cooped up in front of computer many hours this weekend.

    Have a great Sunday

    As expected my weight stays the same as last week. It’s ok and I’ll resume proper fasting from today.

    Found this link very useful as reminder:

    Fasting today and I will be strong.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Hey again!

    Had a super busy day again and almost did a fast day, but had a seafood salad and made that my one meal. I did snack on some celery, peanut butter (on the celery) and I had some fruit. Was doing great, then I was doing some late work before tomorrow and I ate the remaining bits of chocolate from a bag the kids had been eating… dumb yes, but hey ho, it happens sometimes!
    @phoenix – No, I’m from the Uk, I just keep odd hours lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Better to be the same weight than more, so you’re still winning! Thanks for the link too, very useful info.
    Good luck with your FD, I’m fasting Monday too, so I’ll be strong with you!

    @graham – Hope you’re still with us? Please don’t sweat the small stuff – we’re with you on this journey and it will be tough, we all know how you feel, we have the same issues, but we will be a support to one another.

    @alex – you got lost in Wimbledon? You’re here on hols? I’ve been glued to the tennis all week, looking forward to week 2, as it’s going to be amazing with all the great matches being played! So exciting if you’re going? I’ve not been for years, but I used to go every year and watch all the matches I could possibly see, it’s awesome!

    Happy fasting if you are having a FD too, have a great day!

    Hi everyone
    I’m ill with cold

    Skipping the fast day tomorrow

    Still feeling very unmotivated to put it mildly

    Hope you are all doing well thanks for the support but – ugh

    I can’t find my mojo with 5-2 at all at the moment

    Hi All, back from the weekend.

    I live on the east coast of the U.S., just outside Washington, DC. No earthquakes here. I got lost in Wimbledon via the television coverage! Wish I could have been there in person.

    Not my greatest week. Despite the added fast day, I weighed in this morning UP TWO POUNDS! How did I manage this? Clearly I am going too heavy on the non-fast days and I am certainly not moving enough. Also I think my food choices yesterday have me retaining a fair amount of water. So now my overall weight loss is no longer impressive given the amount of time. So what. I am back at it with a reset fast day today. With hope I shed an extra pound just off water weight.

    Its clear my body is fighting me. The easy weeks of loss are over. Have to be patient and break through.



    I am sorry you are ill. I hope you feel better. Its hard to get anything done when you don’t feel good.

    Today is turning out to be a miserable fast day here. We are having torrential rains that are flooding out buildings at my work. Lots of problems that have ruined my mood and my day. So now I am hungry and want to sooth my stress by breaking the fast day. But I am not going to do it, and really for one and only one reason… YOU!

    If I give in today I feel like I would be commiserating with you and agreeing that its ok to derail ourselves. It is not. We can forgive if it happens and move on, but we can also use each other to inspire ourselves to a better choice. If I quit today, well two makes a trend, and I don’t want to do that. So yes, I am straight-up guilting you to get back on the plan when you are well.


    Good for you!
    You’re right we have to take the rough with the smooth

    I’m feeling really under the weather with a heavy cold
    I think mentally I am over my big sulk
    Which is why being ill is very frustrating not only because it’s the **middle of bloody summer** but if I’d been well I could easily have fasted today and made my comeback!

    As it is I’m too sickly to face it

    So thank you for all the guilt Alex! Bring it on
    I’d be so heartbroken to stop now after feeling genuinely excited by how well I was doing

    The grown up thing to do is get rid of this stinker of a cold and plan to do my Thursday fast

    Thanks also to everyone for keeping up the fight xx

    Graham, you are doing the right not to fast when you are unwell. I did the same last week when I had a very light anxiety attack (it scared me as I’m always, touch wood, very healthy). I found reading stories in this forum very useful for motivation. You may want to try this too.

    Alx, follow this link to a topic (a funny story too) about gaining weight:

    You will find fluctuation of weight is common and often cannot be explained. But it will pass.

    Good on you to hang on. During my fast days I tried to find something physical to do – meetings, walk the floor to talk to colleagues, long walk at lunch time, massage, pedicure etc etc. In the past I would fast for 24 hours but now I only skipped breakfast and have fruit for lunch and a small dinner. This has really helped as my dehydration was very bad when I fast for 24 hours, didn’t matter how much water I drank.

    Penguinchick, thanks for your kind words & encouragement, not just to me but others too. My fasting went well yesterday. Managed a long walk too. Need to get into dancing exercise tonight.

    NFD today. Kept a piece of birthday cake from yesterday and will eat it later today.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

    Evening to you all!

    I’m SO happy that you’re posting, even when unwell Graham, sucks that you feel horrid though… My mum always said chicken soup made for the best ‘cold’ remedy ever and I’ve always found that to be true… It was a funny chicken soup though, it had rice in it and was lemony, but OMG, SO delicious – yet low in calories and incredibly nutritious… I’ll try and find a recipe, as I don’t know it off by heart. Wishing you better very soon, but stick with healthy foods, citrus is good for Vit C, which fights colds, so plenty of water and maybe a ginger/lemon hot drink, with a little honey in to soothe your throat if it’s sore.

    @ Phoenix – you’re welcome! We’re here to help each other overcome, you all help me by being here and posting your journey. I’ve had an ‘ok’ day (FD), but it’s 23.45 and I’m SO hungry, I will go to bed soon, but if my tummy rumbles, I won’t be able to sleep, so I saved 100 calories so I can have a little zero fat yogurt instead of my milk before bed. I have only had carrot soup and a few celery sticks, with a little peanut butter on a couple, so I’m within my 500, but I have felt really hungry all day. Must be something in the air this week, we’re all feeling it! I’m going to try hard to resist more than just a couple of spoonfuls, as I know the hunger will pass if I allow it to! I usually find Monday FD really easy, but today I’ve thought of nothing but food!
    Well done on the walk and dancing, I haven’t had time for my workout today, hoping I can squeeze one in tomorrow, as it really helps with making me not want to eat and feel like I’ve achieved more in a day if I get a workout/dance/walk done. Was it your birthday yesterday? If so, belated Happy birthday!

    @alex – flooding doesn’t sound good, but well done on sticking with the fast, I’m here sticking with it too, only 12 hours to go (I have my seafood salad ready for tomorrow, SO excited to eat that lol!).
    Hope the rains ease for you there and that you get some sunshine to dry it all up.
    I have managed to watch the highlights of the tennis today, some amazing matches, but I’m sorry to see young Coco Grauff go out, apparently she had an upset tummy or something which will have affected her game I’m sure. She reminds me of the Williams sisters when they started! We do have a UK hopeful now though, Konta is through to the next round and ofc my hero, Federer! Such an exciting week for tennis! (Sorry if no-one else is into it!) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Have a great Tuesday and get well soon Graham ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Tuesday for me, you guys are almost through it.

    Fast day was fine. 600 calories and that’s that. Wasn’t terribly hungry but wasn’t terribly happy either.

    I think the key to breaking my plateau will be patience. Clearly my body is trying to maintain some kind of homeostasis and you have to wait it out. What I can control, and need to, is my non-fast day food choices. Had a small breakfast, maybe a little carb-heavy but I should be able to keep lunch and dinner under control.

    There’s a tidal wave coming for me. Next week I am on vacation. While my days will be more active, there is no fasting on vacation and indeed much eating and drinking. I am fearing how much I might backslide over the week. The upside is I get to use schedule-less days to get back into some regular exercise and hope wake myself up to enjoying that again.

    Keep on keeping on my friends, and get well Graham.


    It is very odd. I posted this morning but the post is not showing. Hope this time it will get through.

    Penguinchick, you are doing so well. I tend not to stay up late, due to early start every weekdays. May be you can try to sleep earlier nights before fasting? If I stay up past 10pm I would be very hungry too.

    Alx, you are spot on about being patience is the best way to deal with plateau. I’m in the same boat – struggling to reduce past 68kg barrier for 3 months now. Lets be patience together, with good food and exercise management. I’m off to Raratonga at end of Aug for a week, so also need to plan ahead. I should reduce processed carb (my biggest weakness), and eat plenty of fish, salad and fruit.

    Graham, please ensure you are hydrated. Chicken soup is best – I agree with Penguinchick. If you got not time or energy to make soup from scratch, the tin or package one will be good too. Take care.

    Yesterday NFD went better than expected. Skipped breakfast, had a small lunch, chocolate cake saved from the day before, and a small dinner.

    Will repeat the same for today, minus the cake and add an apple.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

    Another good NFD yesterday. Managed as planned apart from eaten bread & crackers (rather than fruit) after a light dinner – room for improvement.

    Hope everyone is doing well, and have a fantastic Thursday!

    Hi Guys. I am in the strange days of summer. My last two NFDs went according to plan. Better choices, more reasonable portions. Today is supposed to be a fast day, but I already see a fail due to a lunch meeting and dinner tonight. So I am resigned to just being another healthy NFD, but it wont be a fast day, leaving me with just tomorrow to get in my second fast of the week before my vacation.

    Graham, how are you doing friend? Stay with us!

    Pheonix and Penguin, you guys are my rocks. Keeping it steady.


    Alx, I would do the same as you – treat today as a healthy NFD. In smaller lunch meeting (just 3 people and simple food), I managed to put a plate of cut apples in front (and not eating it) at one fast day. But it would be too difficult in your situation.

    Yesterday fast day went well, and enjoyed an one hour massage. However because of dinner portion was too small, I had a sandwich after dinner. It’s winter here, and I feel hungrier than in summer. My plan is not to overeat main meals, and if I need to eat something afterwards, so be it. Will try to eat fruits rather then sandwich though.

    NFD today. Meeting a friend for lunch. Will put half portion in a container before eating. No other anticipated eating challenges this weekend. You never know – this can be the most risky time when my alert is low.

    Have a great Friday everyone!

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been a bit busy but I’ve also been struggling a bit, I tend to go off the radar when I get a bit low, but I’ve made myself log on.
    I was fasting today, wrote everything down, listed cals; I’d done 345 cals by 6pm, having had my soup/salad. I had some (calories) left over for a last thing snack and then had a spoon of pasta /rolls eyes! I was making some for tomorrow and it was hot and it had a divine smell…then I had a teaspoon of peanut butter, no control whatsoever! I don’t think I went too much over, but late night spoon of pasta/peanut butter V. scales in the morning… /rolls eyes again. Where is my control?!

    Glad you are doing good Al/Phoenix, good work both! I’m jealous of your massage Phoenix, haven’t had one in weeks.
    I did do one brilliantly virtuous thing today though, which I feel good about… two whole hours of exercise! 30 min HIIT followed by a 90 min yoga class. I’m going to pay for it tomorrow, but the yoga was worth every second of pain, I love yoga and felt/feel so good immediately, going to make it a thrice weekly thing, like I used to, pre-kids! (remind me I said that tomorrow! lol).

    Weigh in tomorrow and NFD, but I’m going to try and make it a good day regardless of the scales.
    Hope you are feeling better Graham? Do let us know how you are ๐Ÿ™‚ We are all wishing you better soon!

    Have a fab Friday all, I’m pretty busy this weekend, so may not be able to post til next week, but I will be with you all in my mind and heart and wishing the lbs away for us all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hey guys.. thanks for continuing your journeys with me. It’s comforting to hear how we all meet our challenges.

    I make yesterday a decent NFD and am doing a fast day today. The last before my vacation begins tomorrow, so this will be my last post until July 22nd. I hope I return here to find you guys still going strong. I will need your support I am sure.

    It occurs to me that when I return, we will have just crossed the 2-month mark. Not bad. Went pretty quickly. I thank you guys for that too.


    Penguinchick, you have been very disciplined, please don’t be too hard on yourself. Yes I enjoyed the massage on Thursday. It wasn’t the relaxing type however, but a Chinese Tui-na that stimulates pressure points & can be quite painful. And I always felt good afterwards.

    Alx, have a relaxing holiday.

    Graham, get well soon.

    Attended a Zumba class yesterday. Tried it once a few years ago but gave up because I couldn’t to keep up with the moves. I decided just to enjoy it this time, and I had so much fun, same as everyone in the class. I should do more Zumba classes.

    NFD for last 2 days gone reasonably smoothly, apart from eaten perhaps too much after dinner. The real test will be the formal weigh in tomorrow.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

    Weigh in showed an increase of 100g from last week. Quite surprised as I thought I had a good week. Maybe something to do with water retention after the Saturday Zumba class – I haven’t sweated that much for a while.

    On top of Zumba, I plan to do a step class with older daughter at weekends. So need to resign to possible higher initial water retention in next couple of weeks.

    Fast day today. Lots of meetings/interviews etc – should make today goes fast.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    hi guys
    sorry I haven’t been writing on here
    completely over my cold and therefore totally run out of excuses!

    this thread has been such a strong motivation to get back into the 5:2 so thanks for your support and encouragement and your EXAMPLE all of you

    fast day tomorrow (I’m dreading it having been out of the mind zone)
    will keep you posted xx

    New day tomorrow, remember all the successes and youโ€™ll get back into it. Thatโ€™s what I keep telling myself anyway. Good luck.

    Graham, I’m so glad you have recovered. Take it easy and make sure you are hydrated properly.

    Xatie, agree wholeheartedly. While we should learn from the past, we should always look forward.

    A good fast day yesterday until the evening. An apple at lunch time then small dinner. But consumed a sandwich, a few crackers and pineapple pieces after that. The total calories would be close to 800c. Not too worry about the calories but I need to substitute sandwich with something else. Fruit is too light, may be I should try lean protein.

    NDF today. Meeting all day and there will be a very healthy work lunch. I will work on not eating sandwich after dinner tonight – this has become a habit lately and i need to manage it.

    Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!

    hi everyone
    did my fast day today and it was fine
    even though I’m still a bit fed up I’m glad to be doing something again and hope I can fully recover the resolve I had when I started it was great to be so optimistic and looking forward to losing weight and being able to wear a whole different set of clothes – I need to get that motivation back it was great

    how horrible it would be to arrive at the New Year’s resolutions next January and thinking “Oh god I’VE NEVER BEEN SO FAT If only I had conntinued in July!! Why did I stop!! I would be half way there instead of having to start again from scratch!”

    like you say Pheonix, let’s try and learn from the past (I have regretted stoppng so many times)

    let’s all of us keep going and GET THIS DONE
    I want to go into January saying “look how slim and gorgeous I am – THANK HEAVEN I kept going and I’m not trying to start another stupid New Year’s resolution to stop being a beached whale”

    and I hate to say it but **January is not that far away**

    hope everyone is fired up and enjoying the process – or at least like me – keeping their head down and hoping to ride the next wave of motivation when it arrives xx

    Hey guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So glad you’re better Graham, good to hear and also that your FD went well. Phoenix, well done on the zumba class! I’ve got a vid for that and I too found the moves a bit of a ‘mare, so I gave it up. I’ve been super busy as it’s the 2nd to last week before kids break up, plus work is also super busy – why schools leave everything to the last week, I’ll never know! Makes it such a bind for parents trying to fit everything in. I’m off again in a minute for another ‘end of year show’ :/
    Anyway! I haven’t lost an ounce again, I’ve had good days and bad days this week, along with a headache and lack of motivation – I’m sure you all know that feeling of having tried SO hard and nothing shifts…
    Still, at least I haven’t gained – though I have a confession – I was SO mad today, I ate a whole packet of M&M’s chocolate, then felt sick all afternoon.
    I’m on a NFD today and haven’t breached 800 cals yet, but most of my cals have been BAD today, so I’ll make up for it by doing a super controlled NFD tomorrow and no dinner for me tonight. (I’m not THAT disciplined Phoenix, sadly – or I wouldn’t be here I guess! lol).
    I’ve kept up with my HIIT workouts and doing yoga and HIIT again tomorrow, plus once the kids are off school next week, we’re going on long walks (I’m bribing them with a trip to the cinema), so I’m telling them they are helping me to get fit if they join me!
    We’re also planning a hiking holiday in August, so that’ll shift my fat backside haha! (OMG, I hate hiking and countryside! Haha!).
    I’m mad this week as my hubby has lost 2 stone, so he’s overtaken me and this was ‘my thing to do’, he was ‘helping me’, so I feel a bit surpassed (not that I’m competitive much, obviously!). I’m trying to manage my feelings, as he’s so amazing, but I guess I thought I was the one fasting, he’s not and he’s lost a stone more than me in the same time frame… He does extreme exercises though and also weight training, so it does make sense. (Still, Grrrr!).

    Right, going to focus my mind and be positive, thank you all for your lovely posts, it really helps me focus, you’re all amazing and doing great, we will do this together! xx

    Oh, just another note, meant to mention Phoenix (anyone who fancies it), I have a fantastic recipe for you if you like fish?
    Green salad, whatever leaves you like, grated beetroot, salad onions (finely chopped), baby sweetcorn (chopped), red/yellow pepper, whichever you prefer, 1 x chopped avocado, any seeds you like sprinkled over, then add thin strips of smoked salmon or chunks of steamed salmon and a handful of prawns, mix it up, add the zest and juice of half a lemon/lime and hey presto, it’s my favourite lunch and it is really filling, I sometimes have it for dinner as well, as it’s low cal and super healthy with fibre and vitamins bursting out! Have a go, it’s yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Penguinchick, the recipe sounds so yummy and I’ll try it this weekend. I had headache at last fast day too. Trying to find low calories electrolyte. 2 coffee, lots of Jasmine tea and fasting seem to cause de-hydration. This is why I no longer fast longer than 18 hours.

    Graham, all of us have good and bad days. Let’s persist. Also tell yourself you are gorgeous already. The weight loss will make you more gorgeous.

    NFD went well yesterday with a healthy lunch and small dinner. Had a sandwich as part of dinner and didn’t snack after dinner – a small sucess.

    Whole day meetings again today so eating wise should be well under control.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

    A reasonable NFD yesterday. Whole day interview. Ate a small snack in the morning so my stomach won’t make too much noise during interview. Sandwich for lunch, a slice and a few chocolate biscuits. Then a normal dinner. Surprisingly my weigh in this morning shows a drop of a few hundred grams. It shows how easy weight can fluctuate so using this as a sole measurement is not accurate.

    Fasting today and I’m ready for it.

    Have a great Thursday everyone!

    Yesterday a good fast day till after dinner – again ate a sandwich that can do without. Still managed to control calories to about 800c.

    NFD today. With no expected eating challenges (office morning tea etc), it should be an ok day.

    No particular eating challenge this weekend too. But this can be my most challenged time, as I tend to get too relaxed. Plan to do zumba and a step class with daughter this weekend. Last attempt at step class was 2 years ago – I probably won’t be able to walk after the class.

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone!

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