Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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  • Penguinchick, it’s very hard this time of the year. I need to get back to my normal exercise regime at beginning of Feb. Next week work will be chaotic and I need the early mornings to manage the workload.

    My 31st blood donation didn’t go well yesterday. The flow stopped half way & the nurse jiggled the needle. Still didn’t work so she stop the machine. big bruise on arm today. Will try again in 3 months.

    Despite eaten more than usual yesterday my weight has remained the same.

    NDF today. Brought very healthy lunch from home. Should be a good day today.

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone!

    FD today and went extremely well.
    Yesterday, my day off from work, I was in the swimming pool at 7am 😱 NormalLy I go at midday as there is a lane swim everyday between 12 and 1pm but I was having a carpet fitted up my stairs and they were coming at 9.30 and I didn’t know how long it would take. Glad I went as he did not finish till 1:15. I tell you what though I got to the leisure centre at 6:50am and the car park was rammed. Walking up to reception I could hear loud music pumping out, receptionist confirmed spin class. I commented on my surprise at the of cars on the car park and she said when she gets in to work at 6.20 to open up at 6.30 there is a queue!!!! I swim in the middle lane, slow,medium and fast lanes are roped off and boy was it busy. At 7:30 it went a bit quieter but if I went again at 7:30 I know I could not get my lengths in, get home and then get ready to go to work, drive is sometimes 45 mins. Dam my frizzy hair, why can’t I be one of those people whose hair just dries and it goes perfect. Phoenix, you’re not supposed to hold you breath when swimming 😯 If you can learn to breath properly you’d be brilliant I’m sure.
    Weigh in tomorrow, hope I’ve lost a 1lb, I’ll be happy.
    Have a great weekend all.

    Weigh in yesterday 168lbs, down another 2lb, so that’s 7lbs in total. Happy with that. Been for long walk today despite the damp and drizzly weather. FD on Monday and Thursday this week, swimming Monday, Wednesday and hopefully Friday. Have a good week all.

    Hi can I join your chat? I live in Sydney and have a post baby body so I’m trying to lose weight by beginning with fasting before getting to the 5:2. It’s so hard! Love any tips you can give me. Did you try fasting for two weeks first when you started? I have the fast 800 cookbook so I’m trying to use that to help me with meal planning.

    Welcome NemoNo1. It’s been a bit quiet on here lately. I just went straight in to 5:2. I do two fast days usually Monday and Thursday and I was surprised how easily I found it. Since Christmas it’s been harder, I’ve now cut out all biscuits, sweets,cakes etc, my downfall as I have a sweet tooth. I drink more water, walk more and regularly swim. I eat two meals on a fast day usually two boiled eggs for breakfast as they keep me full, bizarrely if I have cereal I’m starving by 11am. For my evening meal I have chicken and salad or porridge, yes porridge made with water. Good luck.

    Hey Choosiesusie, thanks for the reply. That’s good to know! I’m cutting down on the sweets too but struggling today with wanting to eat. It’s not because I’m hungry but more out of habit. I think I’m liking your way of just going 5:2, that’s probably more manageable for me. I’ve heard the big protein brekky is better at keeping you full so maybe that’s why the eggs work better than the cereal?

    Hi Nemo, welcome.

    This board has been hanging on since May, little light lately, but there are a few of us committed and struggling through. Jump in!

    Been offline for a week or so guys and am back to report that I am still struggling. My fast days are not going well, usually only one of my two fast days are actually compliant with the rules. As a result, my non-fast days are also not disciplined. And lo and behold, I am gradually putting weight back on. Bad! Bad!

    Fast day today and I am going spartan. 400 calories, tops. I know this because I am allowing myself only two 200 calorie yogurts. This way its all pre-measured and there will be no cheating. No sugar in my coffee, no sugar in my tea. No sugar tonight bada ba ba…. (great song, The Guess Who. I am dating myself).

    The upside to all of this is that I am exercising regularly. Maybe not the 6 days per week I shot for, but definitely 4-5 times per week. Alternating cardio and weights. So yeah, that’s contributing the hunger. But I am also starting to feel and see some results. Some of this weight gain is muscle.

    Today will be a beast. I am hungry already at 10am. And I will work out when I get home this evening. Stay clear of me today, I am going to be unpleasant.

    Hey all and welcome Nemo!

    I feel a bit bad, as I’ve not posted for a week… I think it’s a week best forgotten!
    However, managed a bit of a FD today, went over 500 by a little, but wasn’t too bad and despite no serious exercise this week, I’ve been active and busy most days.
    I’m going to try and fix my brain and re-start my neurons for Monday, as I just can’t seem to get back into it since the holidays, not properly.

    Good going on the losses for those who have, you’re doing great, I hope to join that trend by next week, as I’m determined to get my mojo back!

    Have a great weekend all, I’m away this w/e, so won’t post til next week sometime.
    Happy fasting everyone! xx

    Hi guys,

    I’m doing better today and seem to have pushed through some tough days last week. Getting much better at not eating junk after dinner and also feeling great from drinking lots of water. I just feel all round so good and positive so I hope this lasts as I have a fast day tomorrow and I think that will be hard.

    To those struggling, you can do it! Thanks for your encouragement and I hope you’re eating well this weekend 🙂

    Welcome Nemo! During fast days I tried to get distracted by meet people face to face at work, rather than email or phone calls; incorporate massage and longer walk at lunch time. I drink hot Chinese tea (today is Chrysanthemums tea) during the day and found hot drinks can deter hunger, same as black coffee (apparently an apatite suppressor). All the best.

    Susie, I need to swim more to master the breathing bit. Attended adult swimming class couple of years ago but hardly practice since then,

    Alx, joined the club for hitting the fasting blue. I also found exercise makes me hungrier and heavier. Start proper training and fasting this week and will miss gym on fast days. See how it works.

    Penguinchick, I also had a hectic work last week, thus no post from me. Achieved my biggest task last Friday so now can start fasting/gyming properly this week.

    Got the book on interval diet – diet for one month, then rest for the next. Will let you know my thought once I read them.

    Formal weight in showed a slight loss from last week, despite no fasting.

    Fasting today and looking forward to a straight fast day. Will get a massage at lunch time.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Hey all,

    Well done on the losses and fasting everyone! I’m determined this week will be a good one and begun with a good clear out yesterday – made a list of things I’d like to achieve and going to work through the list, which includes 30 mins of exercise minimum, every week day! If I can get through and stick to this, I’ll be in a better place in my head, as it’s been a tough one mentally trying to get back to the program!

    I’d be interested in what you think of interval fasting Phoenix, as I did have good success, though short-lived, with doing the Fast800 before Xmas and I felt pretty good for the week I did it, also lost weight in a more regular way, which kept my spirit up.

    Very slight loss from last week, so at least I’m almost on track! 😉

    Happy fasting to all, have a great Monday! x

    Hi everyone,

    I am still struggling here. One good fast day last week, the second was a complete fail. I am still maintaining exercise 5 days per week. Weight increase is really starting to bother me. I simply need to get in some negative-calorie days and reign in my NFDs.

    This weekend was really an eating orgy. Pasta dinner on Friday. Out with a large group Saturday for beer, cheesesteaks, fries, and huge soft pretzels. Sunday was the Superbowl and the football party eating that comes with it. No shame was had. No wonder the scale tells me its harsh truth.

    I am determined to get the fast day back. Zero calories so far today at 10am. Not really hungry yet. Drinking water and tea like it possible to flush out the fat. I am going to do this, and tomorrow I will eat respectably. All this AND I am going to hit the elliptical when I get home. I do not care if I pass out or go insane. Maybe an insanity week is called for. Can I lose 4 pounds in one week? I kind of want to lose 4 pounds this week.

    I did it! finally a stellar fast day (300 calories), plenty of hydration, AND a solid 45 minute high-resistance cardio workout. Not the easiest day, but I did it. It not real weight loss, but I shed 3.5 pounds in 24 hours.

    NFD strategy, moderation. I had an egg, some cheese, small slice of ham and an english muffin for breakfast. The hope is a solid first meal will stave off a lunchtime binge. Beware the carbs and sugar! Will hit the weights this evening to cement a good start to the week.

    Weds I will be traveling, and there will be meals, and there will not be any exercise. That’s going to be the tough spot. Thursday’s fast must also then be successful. I am planning ahead in attempts to get a really good week in for the first time in a while.

    Hooray Alx! I think being colder in your part of the world now is contributed to hunger too.

    What I’ve tried since last week:

    1) dink a glass of water with lemon juice first thing in the morning – someone told me lemon juice cleanse our body and help to curb hunger.

    2) Then fill an one liter bottle of water when I’m at the gym, and make sure I drink it all after the session.

    3) For fast day I drink zero sugar energy drink (for hydration purpose), and eat sugar free mints. All moderately.

    So far so good for me. Monday fast day was good, if not counting the lemon cake at end of the day. Unofficial weigh in this morning show a good weight loss since Monday morning.

    Penguinchick, re interval diet book. I fell asleep after reading 2 pages last night. Will persevere tonight.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

    Yay Al x that’s awesome 🙂 Keep up the great work, this is a good week! Cool PhoenixW as well, I’m gonna try the lemon water. Good luck with the list Penguinchick.

    I’m doing well with all my meals and saying no to sweets etc. but have been snacking a bit (when not even hungry!) even though its healthy foods, I’m adding too many calories to my day. I’m just lacking self control. Aiming for tomorrow to be low cal and that means no snacks. Walking with my bub is my main source of exercise but the bushfire smoke and high temps this week have been bad so we’ve been stuck in for a bit. Let’s hope the air quality improves so I can get out and move.

    Hi all. Everyone seems to be doing well and keeping motivated.
    I second lemon water, I was told to drink this after an operation to reduce swelling and water retention, it works.
    As for me still fasting Monday and Thursday, skipped weigh in last week as mmm loo problems! Will definitely weigh Friday this week.x Just been swimming, feeling really smug to have got forty lengths in before 8am. Day off today and strangely nothing planned. Might take myself off for a long walk around the park. It’s quite bright here in England today but cold.
    The fire news seems to have dropped off here, brexit took over for a while, hope everyone is ok. Keep seeing poorly 🐨 everywhere 😢

    Hey everyone, I think I just missed you Susie!

    I also like lemon water, it’s so refreshing, along with the other benefits, though I also like limes!
    Have just completed 50 min Pilates/Yoga and cool down, having missed 10 mins from Mon/Tues exercise, I added a little extra today, so I stick to my 30 mins a day.
    Feel a bit sore/stiff, but the yoga helps to loosen me up again. Had a bad head for 2 days, but working through with water and stretches – tight neck/insomnia are the issue!

    Nemo – I don’t know if this helps, but I use ‘Fitness Blender’ and ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ – all on YouTube and free to view, so you can get in some short workouts/stretching, while outdoors is not so good. There’s a great range for every eventuality, including post baby body with both. It also means you can work out while baby sleeps and you can do this indoors, at your own pace. I really like the core strengthening and legs/bum/thigh workouts, as these are my weaker areas and you can choose how much time you spend, so you can work them in to your day. I love these two sites and have been a huge fan of Adrienne for years <3 So calm, chilled and restful to listen to!
    As for food this week, had a reasonable FD Monday, not had a weigh in yet, as I’m waiting until I’ve done 5 straight days of exercise – my muscles are screaming a bit today, but no pain, they are just very aware I am working them again! 😉

    Have a good week everyone and hope you get some relief with the fires over in Oz; I’ll do a rain wish for you guys, must be awful for you 🙁 xxx

    Public holiday yesterday and spent time outdoor splitting wood for hours (used a hydraulic splitter), mowed lawn, and getting plants ready for the charity plant sale on 15 Feb.

    Unfortunately consumed more calories than planned. So will exercise more control today.

    Read about 20 pages of the interval diet book. A lot of waffle so far and put me to sleep whenever I pick the book up. Will skip pages and get to the good bit next time.

    Nemo, my sympathy to you guys in Oz. Hope the fires will stop soon.

    Have a lovely Friday everyone!

    Hey everyone,
    Happy to report that we have had tons of rain so that’s been a relief to us! Thanks for the rain wishes 🙂
    Encouraged to see a weight loss on my scales. Liking the lemon water thanks. Will try out the YouTube this week as rain expected to continue. Keep up the good work everyone.

    Hurray for the rain Nemo!

    Re lemon water, I have started to drink more than a glass a day too. Taste better than just plain water.

    Formal weigh in this morning shows a reduction of 300g from last week – good.

    I’ve managed to scan read the interval diet book. It has a lot of good ideas but I’m not sure whether I can follow religiously this unstructure & actually quite tough diet. It basically encourages eat good food, exercise/move more, limit TV/screen time, declutter house/room/office (mainly as a distraction from food) etc. Loose about 2kg for the first month, then maintain the weight for 2nd month, then loose another 2kg for the third month, then maintain for the forth month, and so forth. The idea is to get our bodies used to the new weight, before losing more. It dos not encourage calories counting (not much guide on portion control too) and very infrequent weighing.

    However I want to have a go at:
    1) Fast for one month, aim for 2kg loss, then rest for one month but maintain the same weight.
    2) Try a variety of exercise.
    3) Not reading ipad before bed, read books instead.
    4) Limit TV times
    5) Set up a plan to declutter the house. My wardrobe will take at least a year!
    6) Limit treat to be 1-2 per week.

    If you guys are interested you should be able to find it at your local library.

    Fasting today and looking forward a straight fast day. Will go for a long walk at lunch time.

    Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

    The good: weighed in this morning 167lbs so down 1lb on last week 8lb overall.
    The bad: just ate 10 yes 10 custard cream biscuits. Don’t know why it’s after 10:30pm and I’m not hungry, just wanted them and now I feel guilty and sick!
    Storm Ciara hit today, really wet and windy. Spent most of the day doing a 1000 piece jigsaw. Hadn’t done a jigsaw for years. This is actually my other halfs puzzle which he started after Christmas, has done the outside and left it. I’m fed up of seeing it on the table so the sooner I finish it the sooner it can go away. To be fair I actually enjoyed doing it and it kept me occupied for hours and then I went and blew it big style.
    Fasting tomorrow and Thursday. Need to do a few more lengths swimming tomorrow too.
    Oh well tomorrow is another day and a new week, it can only get better after today.

    Hey all,

    Good news for you guys in Oz! So pleased the fires are quelled, now you have the flooding like we do :/
    We’ve just had storm Ciara, which has wreaked havoc in the UK, still windy today, but no huge downpours today so far. Had a little flooding in our conservatory, but it’s not bad and we’ve cleaned it up, no damage to anything, as we moved everything out of that room just in case!
    Well done on the swimming/workouts and log splitting too, you are all going for it!
    I had a depressed weekend and didn’t manage to have a FD yesterday, but after a great sleep, I’ve had a fab day today and been very active – no food so far, so going to treat today as my first FD this week. It’s been ok so far, as I’ve been really busy and planning a soup and salad for dinner, the kids will have the same as me, so no issues for major cooking!

    Have a great day everyone, I’ll check in again later this week x

    Have not implemented any of my new actions yet, but happy with progress so far.

    Susie, I got crazy craving from time to time too. I blame it on my menopause. If the eating frenzy occurred earlier in the day, I usually can balance it with lower calories intake later in the day.

    Penguinchick, glad that you are feeling better. I bet the bad weather doesn’t help. Please take care.

    Yesterday I was not supposed to eat breakfast during the week, but got hungry (due to gym work out) and had milky coffee, couple of small potato fritters & a small bun. Then had a normal size bread bun, filled it with roast chicken pieces and lot of lettuce leave for lunch. A normal portion dinner. I actually lose a little bit of wight over this 24 hours window. I don’t usually have bread for lunch and will repeat the same combination today.

    My husband & I are doing a charity plant sale at a very popular fair this Saturday. It means my exercise level should increase over the next few days. I’m a bit nervous too so hope the nervousness will burn more calories.

    Have a great day everyone!

    A successful fast day yesterday. I have been quite strict this week on fast days and the result is shown.

    Next fast day is coming Monday, then I’ll take 3 weeks off (one strategy from interval diet) coincided with family visiting from oversee and daughter’s wedding in Sunshine Coast.

    Will be hectic today trying to get everything organised for the charity plant sale tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful Valentine Day everyone! My team is celebrating it with a morning tea & I’m tasked by my boss to distribute heart shape chocolates to my colleagues on my floor.

    Hey all!

    Good luck with your plant sale Phoenix and well done for FD’s and losses! Good going 😉
    I’ve been ‘ok’ with food for my NFD’s, but I have been excessively good with my exercise! So far I’ve done 180 mins of HIIT/Yoga/Dancing and Pilates this week, all in and I’ve got one more 50 min session tomorrow, which will put me at well over my 30 min per day that I set for myself – that, in itself feels amazing! I’m REALLY enjoying working out and I’m not at all stiff, in fact I’m more limber than usual and though some muscles ache a little, I’m quite surprised at how good I feel! Who knew!
    Anyway, the reason my food has been ‘ok’ and not amazing, though not bad either – I’ve eaten a little more carbs than usual, as I’ve been having lightly stir fried veg and noodles; Lots of veg, small dose of noodles as I’ve been more hungry, though NOT snacking and drinking so much more water, due to the workouts.

    Sorry for the long post, I’m clearly feeling chatty tonight lol!
    Hope you all have a lovely Friday (Valentines!) – I’m hoping for a good reunion with hubby, who’s been away working! <3

    Have a fab weekend as well, I’m away for a few days/ half term, so I’ll be back end of next week! xx

    Well done Penguinchick on your exercise. I heard HIT is very good exercise and compliment fasting very well. I will try them sometime. Also I love your post, the longer the better.

    The fair went very well on Saturday. It was a sunny day and lots of people there. We sold about $700 worth (a good result) & distributed many pamphlets about Wellme – the charity we support, a local support group for M.E. sufferers. Talked to lots of people about plants, plant care etc. We had lots of fun.

    Official weigh in this morning showed a small but steady reduction. Will fast today, then will take a break for 3 weeks. Mum & sister visiting next 2 weeks, then daughter’s wedding in Sunshine Coast Australia in early March.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Good Morning Everyone

    I hope you don’t mind me joining?

    I flirted with the idea of 5:2 last year, but never really got my head in the game, I usually naturally IF from 6pm (Evening Meal) until 10am next day a good 16 hours.

    2 Years ago I lost over 6 1/2 stone by calorie counting, and whilst I recommend CC to anyone, as it really opens your eyes to portions and how much you are really consuming, I don’t think its a way to live for the rest of your life, especially when cooking for a family (Try weighing every ingredient in a stew!) and it also became obsessive for me.

    So hear I am 1 stone 10lbs heavier than where I want to be, I have re-read the book, and currently on Day 1 fast day, so far only consumed black tea and water 🙂 I have lunch planned as a packet of porridge made with water 100kcal then dinner will be chicken and mushrooms with a bag of steam veg, this will take my total today to 470kcals.

    I do know its recommended to eat protein and fiber on a fast day, but for me on day 1 the above food seems good, i hate limiting carbs and as soon as I’ve tried that in the past i crash and binge 🙁 so I’m hoping as long as my kcal count it correct and i stick to 500 i will be okay?

    I hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions?

    1. Do you count cals on non-fast days? I really don’t want to, but im also scared about over eating and not seeing results, but is the whole point to be more relaxed on non-fast days? at least then i can see it being a lifestyle that i can adapt. What do you guys do?

    2. Can I drink Fresh lemon in hot water?

    I think that’s it for now 🙂 I am sure I will be back later, when hunger strikes! 🙂

    Thank you x

    Welcome Lou, the more the merrier.

    Well I’ve spectacularly fell of the band wagon but weighed myself this morning and was 167lbs so no gain! That’s still 8lb overall. Need to get back in control and fasting as normal Monday and Thursday this week. Eaten far too much sweet stuff on non fasting days, mainly biscuits, it needs to stop.

    Lou, I don’t count calories but I have been following the Chloe Madeley fat loss blitz for about 5 weeks, although nowhere in her diet does she mention custard creams and shortbread☺ I think you do have to be mindful of what you eat as I could quite easily eat cake and biscuits all day! I think in the past my portion sizes are far too large for my age now, 55. The menopause has played havoc on my belly fat, my main problem area. I’m sure lemon and water is fine but be aware that is a natural diuretic so make sure you drink plenty water too. I was advised to drink that by a consultant after an operation to reduce swelling. The porridge for lunch made me laugh as I quite often have porridge for my evening meal on a fast day. I find two eggs keeps me full for 10 hours too.

    Hey all and welcome to our merry band Louowens!

    I’ve been ‘ok’ again this week, still hitting the exercise, but appear to have gained a couple of lbs… I’ve only fasted once this week, as we’ve been away/holiday and it’s been just silly busy.
    I’ve not eaten today – yes, a Saturday! :O However, it’s a family meal tonight, so I decided to not eat all day, then I can have a sensible amount on my plate tonight, without feeling hugely guilty.
    I DO count calories, almost every day, regardless of NFD’s, if it looks like a bad day and I know I’ve eaten too much, I compensate by not eating for most of the following day, though that doesn’t always work.
    I find that I almost always recognise the calorific value in foods automatically now, unless I try something new, then I have to check.
    Well done Lou on the 6.5 stone loss! That’s a huge win! Good for you! Even if you have some to lose now, you know you can do it and we’ll be here to help keep you upbeat 😉

    I didn’t exercise yet today, but will do a small workout later, as I’m busy this pm, but if I can manage an all day fast and one meal for a couple of days, I’ll be back on track and lose the couple I’ve gained. (Might be a bit of muscle though, due to the workouts!)
    Trying weights a little next week, as I want to fat burn like mad!

    Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll check in again next week xx

    Woop and Good afternoon all!

    Feeling pretty sore, but amazing! 2.25 hour workout Sunday afternoon/evening… unreal and SO much fun! Managed to also stay under 800 cals, made my own organic energy bars and fasted today so far. Hopefully, this week will see a small loss, not hoping too much as I’m also starting low weights this week, so I may be putting muscle back into action, where it’s been a little dormant…
    Hope you’re all well/safe and having a good start to the week!

    Peace and happiness <3

    Hey all,

    It’s been very quiet this week – hope everyone is ok and staying well?!
    I seem to have been talking to myself lol
    Oh well, I’ve kept up with the workouts and also stayed off the scales, as I want to give myself a couple of weeks off weigh ins whilst I get on with my workouts; it’s good for my mental well-being and I’m SO enjoying the workouts! I’ve done a minimum of 1 hour per day, except Weds and Saturday, when I had a day off/was working or too busy.
    I can really feel my legs toning up and my back pains are much less and very much feeling stronger all over to be honest! Going to stick with it again this week, as I fear stopping will send me back into decline.
    My food has been good too, I’ve been having lots of veggie meals, with brown rice, or a small amount of pasta one day. Salads and fish, but stayed off meat this week, getting my protein from fish, cheddar cheese and nuts – just a personal preference, not going full vegan, as I like fish and cheddar, but I use cheese only now and then, in small doses.
    Have a great week everyone and hope you’re all well, not flooded and in good health with all this virus going around.

    To good health and a good week 😉

    Hmm, hope everyone is ok?!

    It’s been ages since anyone else posted 😮

    Really hope all are well and keeping with the program if possible!
    I had a FD yesterday, stuck to just under 500 with a soup, a very small chicken sandwich and a few coffees, wasn’t bad at all and up to now have eaten nothing, though I’ve now done more than 36 hrs. I’m still doing my HIIT, yoga and strength work, so feeling good and still haven’t stepped on the scales, that’ll be this weekend, so hoping for a loss, even if it’s small!

    Sending good vibes out to you all and hoping one of you posts to let me know you’re ok 🙂

    Health and wellness to you all xx

    Hey Penguinchick,

    Good on you for keeping on going strong! I’ve been on holiday in NZ and been off the diet and back into the bad habits. Back in Sydney now and only just starting to get back into routine. Hoping I can stick to the diet from tomorrow now that I’ve got rid of all the junk in my house today and bought lots of fruit and veggies to eat. Hope your weigh in goes well and you get the loss you were hoping for!

    Hello to everyone else and hope you guys are still going ok!

    Hello Friends!

    I am sorry I disappeared a long while ago, but I had a few life events that really upended me. I am so excited that the thread continued, at least until March.

    While my personal life got difficult, I actually have been moderately successful from a diet and exercise standpoint. While I stopped 5:2 when I was last posting (around New Years maybe?), I was more conscious about what I was eating and got into a pretty stable exercise routine alternating weights and cardio about 5x per week. As a result I am down a few pounds since I left. I started 5:2 in May 2019 at 198lbs. I did 5:2 fairly consistently until late November, then less so until end of January. Today I am at 185.

    So the past three weeks I have done very little exercise and lost motivation. It is only a matter of time until my eating patterns deteriorate. I am not ready to resume 5:2 yet as I do much better on physical exercise when I am eating every day (though once in a routine I can do both). I do think I will resume 5:2 in September when my regular work routine, and a really plentiful dining facility reopen.

    Hope everyone is ok and happy as you can be. Ultimately its all I care about for any of us. Be happy folks!


    Welcome back! Wow, right now I can only dream of 185. I’m currently around 255. I started 5:2 on May 11 and have lost about 25 lbs. so far. Maybe in September you can join in the September Challenge!

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