Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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  • Thanks Penguinchick. Something to think about, and I do need to read more.

    Fasting again today. Almost slipped, but caught myself and ate a 500 calorie lunch. Now I have to suffer through without adding much else for the rest of the day… but I am going to do it.

    Hope everyone is faring well on their plans.

    Hey all,

    Fasting with you today Al and anyone else on a Thursday fast – though I’ve done Fast 800 since Monday and dropped another 1 lb! So at the minute, I’m all for this 800 cals per day – I’ve not been hungry, maybe the odd grumble, but overall, I’ve been more energetic and not felt the need to snack! So far, I’ve only had 150 cals today and with my cooked chicken breast and salad for dinner, I should possibly be under 600 for the day, without having felt the hunger I usually do on a fast day. I’m going to stick with this for as long as I can, so every day I will aim to stick to 800 or so and see what my Monday weigh-in brings.
    More activity today as well, with a long walk and a fair bit of strength work, so hoping my losses keep on, but mentally, I feel like I’m on the right track again, so that’s more important for me at the moment.

    Happy fasting to all and hope everyone is well 🙂

    Welcome back Alx,

    Have unintentionally absent for a few days. I normally do a post first thing in the morning when I get to work, and have been distracted by other things this week.

    My last 2 fast days were not perfect (Mon & Thurs, and both days started eating food from lunch time and ended with calories >500c). But I still managed to loose some weight.

    About feeling cold. When I lost 15 kg, I felt colder than usual. I put it down to less insulation (fat) so it’s a good thing.

    We are getting into summer here in Southern Hemisphere, and looking forward to have more salad and summer fruits.

    Helping out daughter’s equestrian event this Sunday – means lots of walking.

    Have a fantastic Friday everyone!

    Hey All, just starting my Friday and I think today will be a third fast day for the week as I try to reign myself back in. I think I dropped a pound or two this week simply by stopping the eating insanity. Goal for this weekend is to get back into the gym.

    Tea seems to help me through the cold and the hunger, though I admit I cheat in a little honey or sugar. Water is key. I do so much better in tolerance of fast and overall weight loss when I drink a lot of water.

    Have a great weekend all!

    The storm yesterday meant cancellation of the equestrian event that I supposed to help out, and every outdoor events in Wellington. Potted plants for work instead.

    Official weigh in this morning (I record my weight every Monday) shows a drop of 0.5kg from last week. Good effort considered last 2 fast days were quite slack.

    Fasting today. Will supplement with zero sugar energy drink – I have dry mouth already and suspect dehydration.

    Glorious and sunny day in Wellington today. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

    Weigh in, 163lbs down 1lb, so managed to loose the 5lbs I gained in Spain. Only managed one fast day this week as Thursday had Christmas lunch at work, so three courses including Bailey’s profiteroles ☺ so got to be happy with any loss.
    Feeling a bit rough today, throat sore and don’t really feel like eating, sort of unplanned fast day really.
    So jealous of you with the sunshine, really cold and windy here, no dreaded white stuff as yet and hopefully that will stay away. England comes to a halt with snow.
    Have a good week everyone, just over two weeks to the big day.

    Hi everyone. I just joined this forum and started the 5:2 diet.
    I lost about 10kg 2 or so years ago, but then had a series of surgeries over the next 2 years for breast cancer and have now put most of that weight back on again.
    I’m all recovered now, and am reasonably fit and pretty healthy, but really want to lose the weight again. So I’m going to give the 5:2 a go.
    I’m hoping this community will help keep me on track.

    Hey all and welcome to Binklebonk (fab name btw! 😉 )

    You are very welcome here, it’s been a bit quiet lately, as people are busy/away/working, but we’re usually pretty regular on posting/chatting 🙂 Glad to hear you’re well again, we all help each other to stay strong/pick up if we fall <3

    I’ve been pretty busy this week and unfortunately, my scales have broken, so I’ve no idea if I’ve had a loss – I broke my scales!!! (That’s never happened before! Actually, I think it’s just the batteries, so I’ll get more tomorrow and see if it fixes them).
    Not had a bad FD Monday, I’m still trying to stick to around 800-900 per day on NFD’s and though I know I failed at 500 Monday, I did lose 1.75lbs last week, so hopefully I’ve kept that off and possibly lost a little more (crossed fingers!).

    Susie – isn’t it HORRID here atm? We’ve got raging storms/high winds and lashing rain today! How’s the weather where you are? Hope you’re feeling better too? How’s that throat doing?
    @phoenix – Hope you’re enjoying the sun!
    @al – Hope you’re doing well too?

    Have a good week everyone, I’ll be doing Thursday FD at about 500, after I check my scales… Depends how I’m doing on the losses! xx

    Hi Penguinchick! (also a fab name!)
    Well, I’ve done one fast day this week (Monday). Planning the next one for Thursday.
    On Tuesday I was nearly 1kg lighter – yay! But this morning, I’m back where I was before Monday.
    Is that normal? I didn’t eat that much yesterday (well, except I did have a slice of cake) – bit not 1kg of cake…
    Early days, I guess…

    Welcome Binklebonk. I would weigh yourself once a week at the same time not everyday. It can be discouraging after a successful FD and one day of eating to see no loss. I always think it’s like weighing yourself holding a carrier bag of food what you’ve eaten that day, your body has got to process it all, it can’t be fat youve gained.
    Penguinchick- We have raging winds today, it’s cold and dreadful. My throat seems to have got better thank you and now I have a dry cough. I had a terrible cough last winter that lasted a month, I don’t want that again!
    Fasted today, Tuesday, 2 eggs for breakfast and porridge for tea. I’m always amazed that I can go from 7.30am to 5.30pm on 2 eggs but not even a tummy rumble today. A HUGE tin of quality street appeared in the kitchen at work today along with five boxes of mince pies and my halo is still firmly in place, not a crumb or choccie passed my lips.
    Day off tomorrow and supposed to be going to the German market tomorrow night, that’s usually an eat fest, burgers, hotdogs and the like, my halo might slip for a garlic and mushroom potato platter!

    Apology for absent again last few days. Work has been hectic – I started work around 7am and left late 3 times this week. Work Christmas lunch to day and looking forward to it.

    Welcome Binklebonk! I record my weight every Monday, but do check my weights when I changed clothes so end up weighing twice a day. I found this useful, but others may find it demotivating. Also don’t worry too much about the daily fluctuation. I concentrate more on the formal recording and look at the trend.

    Fast day on Monday went reasonably well but I was slack at yesterday fasting. The weight is still showing good sign.

    Wellington has continued to shower us with plenty of sunshine this week, and is getting warm (above 20’c most days). Penguinchick, unfortunately I couldn’t afford to take walks at lunch time this week, but still able to enjoy the sun after work.

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone!

    Formally weigh in this morning shows a very small drop (100g) in weight. Fasting today so will try to be disciplined.

    Not planning to fast on Thursday as our team is out for Yum Cha – our annual Christmas lunch.

    Plan to attend work gym tomorrow morning, after absence since early Nov.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Kia ora tatou
    I’ve completed ny first week of fasts (Monday and Thursday) and my weight went down a bit, then way up, then down another bit, so this morning I’m the same weight as I was last Monday.
    Fasting today, and then Weds as we have a work lunch on Thursday.
    I’m interested to see what another week will do.
    I have ramped up my exercise this week – did 2 runs (4km and 5km) and 3 sessions of rowing and weights, so hopefully that helps.

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry to be absent, the website locked me out last week! I was all ready to start over as a new registrant this morning, but suddenly I’m back! I wonder if the website knew I was off-plan and punished me.

    So yeah, last week I only did one fast day and even that one probably crossed over the calorie line. I did get into the gym on Saturday and was pretty active on Sunday. Not looking forward to fasting today, but I am prepared and planned for it… and I may even get on the elliptical this evening to reinforce things. Tomorrow is a holiday luncheon so I guess I am doing my penance in advance!

    All told, my month-long fall off the wagon has not cost me much damage. I hope that means I can recover quickly and regain where I was. I will say that I do not feel that great. Putting a few pounds back on and the heavier eating has me feeling bloated and not great in my body (or my clothes). I think the fast days settle my system down into a healthier dietary mode. A few weeks of the heavy stuff and there is a noticeable difference in how I feel. Those meals are delicious, but the in-between hours are not as good.

    Have a great week all!

    Mmmm. So I chickened out of my weigh in yesterday, a visit to the German market, an Indian curry and not going to the loo for four days meant I knew I was in for a gain.
    I’ve fasted today, boy is it hard with all this Christmas grub around, but I came out of work today feeling chuffed that I’d managed to fast and came home to two boiled eggs 😇 I’m off swimming in a minute, don’t really feel like going out in the cold again but I am 100% going.
    I feel like I need to give my all this week even though I say every year I’m not going to have a blow out over Christmas I always manage to gain 3 to 4 pounds.
    Have a good week everyone.

    Fasting on Monday was not the best. Didn’t go to the gym yesterday due to the heat – no air-con in the work basement gym. Sounds like an excuses.

    My hope for for next 2 weeks is not to put on weight. Need to closely monitoring food and weight.

    Kia Ora Binklebond. I won’t worry about the weight fluctuation over short term. I found compare the weekly weights over a period of time is more accurate.

    Need to eat carefully today to prepare for the Yum Cha lunch tomorrow.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone!

    Hey all,

    Sorry I’ve been absent for a while, such a busy time of year and I honestly forgot to post! I’ve not been great with food, haven’t done a fast day last week at all and have decided to just let this season pass and get back on that fasting bike afterwards. I’m not going mad with food, I’ve just not been as careful as usual.
    Have a very lovely holiday everyone, I’ll be back after New Year 2020, with a new resolve and hopefully, scales that agree with my mindset!
    Happy fasting, Happy New Year <3 xx

    Managed one fast day this week and two swimming sessions. Felt quite proud of myself going swimming as freezing cold and torrential rain here. Less proud to have eaten so many cakes. I wish I didn’t like cake.
    Im going to try to fast Monday again, that will be my last one for 2019 and then intend to give it my all in 2020.
    Have a very Merry Christmas everyone and wishing you a happy and healthy 2020.

    I’m beginning to think just before Christmas was a bad time to start this diet. Or any diet.
    I had planned to fast Monday and Weds this week, but ended up just having diet shakes in the day most days of the week, and a dinner. I haven’t weighed myself today, but I am not expecting any change.
    I’ll try a proper fast day on Monday, but will give it all a rest til after New Year.
    Or maybe Ill do a one-day fast next week as well….
    Not feeling super optimistic at the mo.
    I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas

    Hey all and Happy Holidays to you all!

    Just wanted to check in and see how everyone’s doing?
    I’m OK, probably ate too much, but back on the straight and narrow (pardon the pun!) from tomorrow.
    Started some Pilates and walking again today and limiting food again.
    Hoping to have a week of sensible eating before I start fasting again – shrink the stomach to expect less! Soup tonight and only had a very small lunch, so it’s looking healthy today and hubby and I discussed going pescatarian for a month, cutting out meat for January. I need fish oils, for joints and bones, so I must have some fish protein and hubby takes protein shakes whilst he lifts weights, so fish, veggies and soups for January and may extend if it’s working well!
    Hope everyone is well and has had a lovely break.
    Happy New Year to all if I don’t post before then. Peace and love xx

    Hi everyone!
    Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
    Mine was good, but I’ve put weight on, so it was rubbish as far as dieting goes.
    Good idea about sensible eating before getting back into fasting, Penguinchick – maybe I need to do that until after New Year and then I can get stuck into the 5:2 thing properly.
    I’ve been a bit light on exercise lately, although I did do a 4k run on Xmas eve, and a little workout at the beach on Xmas morning (included sprints, so I got very sweaty and puffy even if it was short), but I haven’t really done anything much since then – just a spot of half-arsed rowing on the rowing machine day before yesterday. Still ut on weight, so I’ve felt discouraged. 🙁
    Anyway – I will aim to get all New Year’s resolutiony and give this a proper go next week….

    Hi everyone. Fasting starts Thursday, my 1st day back at work which will make it easier. Looking forward to getting back in control.
    My other half is going to weigh me Thursday morning this week and then on every Friday morning from then. I didn’t want to go to a slimming group again and having him weigh me Will make me more focused. I’m aiming to loose 2 stone by 1st June. He said he will give me £10 per pound lost, even more motivation.
    I’m determined to up my exercise to 30 mins at least per day, even if it just walking round the block on a non swimming day. My leisure centre membership allows me to use the gym and all sorts of classes and I really should try to add those, my young niece said she’ll come with me but even the thoughts intimidating at the moment.
    I’m pretty certain I’ve gained weight over Christmas, scared to step in the scales really, but Thursday it will be done.
    Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year. Onwards and downwards.

    1st FD of the year done, was it easy, no. Sitting here I could quite easily eat my own bodyweight in chocolate. I’ve been playing Candy Crush for an hour to keep me distracted. Going to clean my teeth in a minute too. I would never have managed a FD if I had not been at work today.
    OH weighed me this morning, 175lbs, that is dreadful for me, I didn’t weigh that much when I was nine months pregnant with my son, who’s now 30!
    You can certainly see how my weight yoyo’s about, determined now it must come off before my next holiday in June.
    Hope everyone had a good start to the New Year.

    Hey all, Happy New Year!

    Well done Susie, good effort and a great start to the year – ignore the weight for now, just focus on getting back in the habit of fasting, it’ll soon come down again 😉
    I did a big walk today, took the kids with me (also an excuse to get them off screens!), it was nice having company, but it wasn’t as fast a walk as I usually do, it was more to get me back in the saddle, so to speak and it was really nice.
    I have been lowering my food each day this week, as I have a huge weekend of visiting relatives and friends, every day and night is a party/gathering – I’m also doing all the food, so I’m doing as much veggie food as I can, plus a little leftover meat/fish.
    Starting the fasting next week, as I have too much on to do it this week, it’s the last of the holiday season, so January will be full on from 6th, when kids go back to school/I go back to work!
    Kids have also agreed to at least try vegetarian for a month, so that’s awesome for me, as I can cook vegetarian meals for us all and stay off the meat. We may eat a little fish once a week, but it’ll be primarily veggies in all forms. I’m hoping this helps with the fasting too, as generally, we can eat more raw veg as fillers!

    Good luck to everyone starting this week again and stay safe, we’re thinking of all of those in Oz with the fires – wishing for rain to help stop them xxx

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I have had a good break from work for about 2 weeks. Done quite a bit of damage weight wise, primarily due to no fasting and had breakfast every day. New Year resolution for me is to get down to 65kg by Dec 2020.

    Fasting today and will get back to work gym from tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

    Completed a light gym session this morning after not doing much for a few months. Plan to do gym on non fast days during the week.

    Fast day went very well yesterday. NFD today but will need to be careful with food.

    Keeping my fingers cross for our Aussie neighbors, akei a koe ta matou inoi. Hope the fire will be under control soon. The fire was so bad that smokes had drifted across the Tasman Sea to NZ. The sun turned red last week and Auckland turned yellow last weekend.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone!

    Hey everyone 🙂

    Hope your week has gone well so far!
    I am inadvertently fasting today instead of yesterday and it’s not easy… though I’ve barely allowed a morsel past my lips, I have been fine until I prepped my kids dinner… Now my tummy thinks my throat’s been delayed in delivery! The noise is hilarious to my kids lol *rumble, rumble!
    Anyway, going to have a 200kc soup in a bit, leaving it as late as I can, so I don’t get that time slot to then binge!
    Good luck to anyone restarting this journey this week, it’s a tough one, but we can do this!
    Well done on the gym Phoenix, I have done a lot of ‘activity’ today, but only had one long walk so far, intending to do at least 3 more this week!

    Have a great evening all xx

    Fasted yesterday, went quite well, eggs for breakfast and small chicken salad for tea. I’ve had quite a good day today as well, this despite everyone bringing unwanted chocolate in to work and leaving it in the kitchen. My willpower almost slipped today but I resisted.
    My thoughts are with everyone in Australia. The footage we are getting here in England is really awful. Those poor people losing their homes and those little animals, either dead, burnt or no food and water, it so shocking and terribly sad. The fire fighters are brave but battling the elements with no end in sight. Sad times.

    Penguinchick, I admire your determination to fast when running such busy household with young children. I can only fast when I’m at work. And I get distracted with food when I’m at home.

    Well done Susie on your fast day. We will be straight on our fast days, and careful on on fast days.

    Completed another light gym session this morning. Not looking forward for going to gym next week, as it will be very crowded.

    NDF went well yesterday, and managed to loose a bit more weight. Will do the same today.

    Aussie fire has been featured in our prime news for a few weeks now. Let’s hope it will be under control soon.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

    Hey all,

    Had a NFD yesterday, but it was a medium to good one – I had scrambled eggs, no butter, with 50g of smoked salmon and some toast, then for dinner, had some salad and a handful of baked chips (don’t ask, I was lazy!) lol
    Nothing eaten yet today and going to try to just have one meal, with some fruit/veggies as snacks later. Water intake has been good, but can be improved, so will make a note and increase that today. I also have done yoga for 20 mins and planning a walk/workout later as well, to stave off the hunger.

    Still haven’t stepped on the scales, going to leave that for a week or two, so I don’t get depressed – I can feel what the scales will say, so that’s enough to keep me motivated for now!

    Hope you’re all doing well and my heart goes out to everyone with the fires in AU, it’s horrific, those poor people and animals; Thankfully, my friends in Sydney and Melbourne are OK for now, but my thoughts are with you all and I have donated to the fire funds, it’s not much, but it all helps xxx

    Fasting yesterday and could go better. Snacked too much in the afternoon due to hunger.

    Completed 3 light gym sessions this week, and will continue gymning next week.

    I got into very bad habits of snacking on bad food and need to manage it. Will try sugar free mint today and hope it will help.

    NFD today. Keeping my fingers cross as Friday is usually more challenging for me.

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone!

    Hey again,

    Just checking in to keep myself on track – Just completed a workout, mostly flexibility and strength, but it’s all good!
    NFD today, but I’m being careful and keeping very active.
    Have a great weekend everyone and hope you’re all feeling positive and supported <3 xx

    Week 1, weighed in by my OH, down 3lbs to 172lbs. Was hoping for a bit more considering my Christmas gain but hey ho it is what it is. Two fasts last week and more walking exercise too.

    Can I just ask about your fasting pattern everyone, I do the 36 hour thing, has anyone tried the 12 to 16 hrs fasting and eating all your meals in an eight hour window fast.

    Well done Penguinchick and Susie!

    Susie, I try to do 16:8 (only eat from 12 noon to 8pm) on NFD during the week, but not always sticking to it. My husband doesn’t fast (formally) but skip breakfast on week days (similar to 16:8) and have lost 10 kg in about 18 months. He also changed his eating habit like cut out cheese, and made healthier choices. I need to learn from him.

    I made a huge mistake going to Burger King to get lunch on Friday,as the normal lunch place was closed. Ate a burger and fries. I literally put on 1kg because of this. So no BK or MacDonald for me.

    Formal weigh in this morning shows 400g weight loss. Can be worst, imagine if I eat more burgers last week.

    Fasting today and feeling positive.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Well done on your losses both! Good work – every bit helps 😀

    My fasting is usually a 36 hour event, I have one small snack (only if I’m rumbling) around 1 pm on a FD, then a soup/salad around 7-8 pm, then nothing until whatever time matches my 36 hours the next day. I almost never eat breakfast anyway, I usually just have coffee/water. (Occasionally on weekends, we’ll have scrambled eggs around 11 am).

    On NFD’s, I still don’t eat breakfast, but might have some fruit or a yogurt around 11 am, then a small sandwich or salad for lunch – IF I’m hungry, if not I just have dinner around 6-7 pm with the kids.
    On super ‘hungry’ days, which I’m sure we all have, I try really hard to eat veggies as snacks, with a pea dip or something like that, but if there’s a cracker/cheese in the house… We all know where that leads, I have a very savoury tooth (cheese/pickle, yum!).
    Hope that helps?!
    Fasting tomorrow (Monday), wish me luck and good luck to all who are doing the same xx

    Hi Everyone! I am re-emerging. Sorry for the prolonged absence. I had a nice long 2 week break over the holidays with very busy schedules on both the front and back end of the holidays.

    It is interesting to come away from 5:2 for a month or more. This was not really by choice but rather a failure to resume after Thanksgiving. So what happened? Well for the first 2-3 weeks, nothing really. I gained maybe two pounds. Then I finally committed to getting back to exercising. I started a pretty good routine alternating cardio with weights and getting a few weeks in with workouts about 5 days a week. I did not limit my food intake during this period (which also included holiday parties and vacation). When I returned to work on January 7 the workouts slipped a little and I still did not resume 5:2. This morning I weighed in at 192 pounds. That’s 5 over where I stopped (and on the heels of a really heavy eating and boozing weekend for me).

    Today I restarted 5:2. Now that I feel my body is moving again, I am going to keep both the eating and exercise regimens going. At least that is the plan. I got up at 5:30am this morning and hit the gym for cardio. Nothing but coffee and water so far at 9:45am. Tomorrow I will get up early again and do weights, even though it will be at the end of a fast day, and even though I will not want to. My goal beyond resuming this routine is to train myself to workout first so that it gets done. My body will not like this, my mind will screw with me to get me to bail. This is the fight for the next week or two until I can instill this as the new routine.

    Having read back a few posts, I am glad to see you all here and still going strong. Happy New Year to you all and thank you for still being here.

    Welcome back Alx! Most of us probably put on 5 ibs over the holiday, and we will loose them. Agree about prioirtising exercise. I hit the gym in the morning too. If I leave it till later I will never go.

    Penguinchick, good on you re 36 hours fast. I may try it one day.

    Fasting went well yesterday, ate an apple at 1pm, then dinner. But also 4 almond chocolates too.

    NFD today. Completed a gym session this morning, & will manage food intake carefully.

    Have a great Tuesday everyone!

    Isn’t the regular 5:2 fasting method considered a 36 hour fast? 8pm start Sunday to 8am Tuesday is 36 hours, right? Am I missing something? Was Penguin doing the 16:8 day thing?

    Happy Tuesday!

    Yesterday’s fast got done. Not without a little hunger late in the day, and perhaps a few calories over the limit. But I feel like it did go a long way in beginning the “reset”.

    Up at 5:30am this morning. Hesitated for a minute or two and then got out of bed and hit the gym. Weights. Hard. But done. Pulled a muscle in my back to boot, but still got it done. Now trying to finish this NFD in a responsible manner. And an eerie truth… I am not all that hungry.

    I think the only struggle with the new plan is my desire to go to bed at a much earlier hour. Am I that old?

    Alx, I’m considering going to bed at 9pm, rather than the usual 10pm. I was used to sleeping in during the break and suffer from insufficient sleep at the moment. This has nothing to do with old age. And you are young anyway!

    I only do intermittent fasting. There are many types of fasting. Some are very strict. For me the fasting window is the time you don’t consume any calories. During FD, I stopped eating from 8pm the night before, then ate an apple at 1pm the next day. The fasting window would be 17 hours.

    16:8 – only consume calories during the 8 hours eating window. I try this during NFD and basically skipped breakfast. At my young age (54), I can only maintain weight if I skipped some breakfast.

    NFD today. Completed gym workout this morning, and have already organised what to eat for lunch.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone!

    Hey all and welcome back Al,

    Err.. I’ve always done a 36 hr fast as that’s the 5:2 way, the only thing I did differently before the holidays was to try 800 cals per day for a week, which I loved btw… Just hard to sustain over the holiday time.

    Perhaps you confused me with someone else – I do remember someone mentioning doing the 16:8 thing, but I don’t do that personally.
    Anyway, well done on the exercise Al – go you! Well done Phoenix as well – I have joined the ranks of the alternate day exercise gang this week, today I did 45 mins yoga, after doing 20 mins of HIIT and 25 mins strength training, with weights!
    Absolutely going to be in agony tomorrow, but felt pretty good after all of that, especially the yoga, I realise that having had a break of over a month, my body really needs the yoga, as I have a very physical job most of the time, I can’t afford injury!
    Had a good NFD today with 2 meals of salads, a little toast, one small 48cal yogurt and a cheeky little bit of cheese. NFD tomorrow again, then Thursday fasting and more exercise!
    Good luck and keep it up guys, we’re doing pretty good so far, eh?! 😉

    So far, so good.

    Up early again this morning. Still not happy about it, but I did it. Cardio. Easy once you get going. Tomorrow will be interesting. If the pulled muscle in my back is still aching, I may have to bail on the weights and take a rest day…. but given my string of workouts, I am very hesitant to let up.

    NFD again today. Yesterday was pretty good, but ultimately I did not choose wisely for dinner. Today will be more thoughtful. Tomorrow is a fast day and that too will need to be more disciplined. And water… I know I am not hydrating as much as I should, especially with the workouts.

    Keep it up everyone!

    Penguinchick, I’m impressed. Your exercise routine sounds grilling, and good on you . I only do reasonably gentle equipment assisted exercise at the moment, for about 45 minutes, 3 times a week. May need to increase the intensity once I’m fitter.

    Alx, please make sure you look after your back. Many years ago I pulled some muscles using weighted rowing machine and it took months to recover.

    NFD went well yesterday, mainly thanks to the planned lunch (small tin of tuna, lettuce with a small wrap).

    Fasting today and feeling good.

    Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

    Hey all,

    Thanks Phoenix – it’s not that gruelling tbh, I have to alter a couple of HIIT exercises to allow for a dodgy knee, so I do slightly less harsh actions on those exercises and I use small hand weights, nothing too heavy. Doing another HIIT today, with yoga, on a FD. So far I’ve had my lunch (main meal today) which was baked veggies with a low fat (home made) cheesy sauce grilled on top. I know the fat in cheese is higher, but I’m on a veggie month with hubby, so not eating any meat now the Xmas food is all used.
    I’ll just have raw carrots and an apple for dinner, as I’m really full (lots of cauliflower!).
    Al – You should take a rest day, if you continue to pull the same area on your back, it could put you out for weeks, the muscles and fibrous tissue need time to recuperate if you’ve been going hard on the exercise, especially when you can feel pain (I’m a sports injury specialist btw… So I’m speaking from a place of knowledge 🙂 )
    Phoenix is on point about resting and looking after your back, that kind of pain can put you down for a month or more, do gentle stretching instead of intense weights. As an example, my hubby did the same as you 6 weeks ago and ended up having a whole month off, due to injury because he refused to take my advice… Just sayin’ 😉

    Anyhoo… Enjoy your day everyone, I’m going to let lunch settle and kick into my HIIT/Yoga session this afternoon – got a sneaky day off! Yay!

    Penguinchick, I need to learn from you both from eating and exercise perspectives. May do a step class over the weekend. Hopefully I won’t pass out during the class.

    Yesterday fast day went very well. My stomach grumbled (loudly at time) the whole morning – probably caused by eating too much the day before. I ignored it and ate an apple at 2pm then small dinner.

    Long weekend coming up, and planned to donate blood next Thursday. Normally fast on Mon & Thurs and will need to change to Tue & Wed instead – Mon is a holiday (I’m hopeless to fast during weekend/holiday) and fasting on Friday will be a torture.

    Will post on Tuesday, and have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Hello all. Wow all of you seem fit people. The only exercise I really enjoy is swimming, I did used to like a good long walk before my dog Ruby died last year. Wondering if I can motivate myself to go swimming at 6:30am tomorrow. Went Monday night, which was a FD and Wednesday afternoon, my day off work. The pool is open 6:30 – 9am Monday to Friday. If I go first thing I can do my 35 to 40 lengths, shower, come home, dry my hair, breakfast and off to work, possibly with goggle eyes though.Watch this space to see if I make it. Second fast day today, had a really good week so hoping for a weight loss this week again.
    The weather here is wet wet wet and very windy, not exactly walking weather. Happy weekend all.

    Didn’t make it to swimming. Woke up at 4 and went back to sleep and then woke up at 7, to late to go, then get home and get ready to go to work.
    Weighed in friday, 170lbs, so down another 2, so 5lbs in total.
    Went out for a major walk on Saturday, an hour and a half, had me huffing and puffing up and down hills at a fast pace. Feeling quite positive and motivated.
    FD tomorrow and Thursday. Have a good week everyone.

    Split wood (using hydraulic splitter) for 45 minutes each day Sun – Mon, instead of going to the gym. Food wise I was in control till yesterday when Wellington got to close to 30’c (formal weather forecast would be lower however) in the afternoon – I was in the kitchen too much to get away from the heat.

    Formal weigh in shows a small decrease from last week. A relief, I thought I was putting on weight.

    Susie, I had a few attempts at swimming. Attended an adult beginner class 3 years ago, but still not manage to swim often. I’m not good at holding breath when I exercise. Swimming is a very good exercise however and I need to make more efforts to swim more often.

    Fasting today and tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

    The change of routine, from fasting on Mon & Thurs to Tue & Wed, didn’t worked. Still manage to reduce calories but not fasted properly.

    Came across interval weight loss idea via TV news. It’s about we should diet for one month then let the body rest for one month. Then diet for one month & rest for one month etc. The author believes body needs time to adjust to the new weight/eating habit. I’ve reserved the book from the local library. Will let you know my thoughts after reading the book.

    Blood donation day so will eat more than normal. Will have breakfast today.

    Have a great Thursday everyone!

    Hi all,

    I’m pretty manic this week, due to work and family stuff and due to this I have not fasted; I’m not going to bother this week, as many family functions, however I have done 2 small workouts. Not much, but better than none!

    Good luck everyone this week, I will begin yet again on Monday! 😮

    Happy weekend to all x

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