Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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  • Hey All,

    So the exercise fast day went fine. A little hungry and a little tired, but fine. Got up early this morning and hit the gym but had to quit after only a few minutes. Simply put, I am way too sore for weightlifting from the last few days. I should have predicted this so I am not going away taking this as a failure. I simply stopped and went about my day. Tomorrow I will go back to cardio and try weights again on Thursday after more recovery time. Hell, if I pull that off its still 6 of 7 days with exercise and at some point my muscles will recover more quickly.

    NFD today. Gotta be good. Weight is creeping back down, but I am still 2-3lbs above where I was… with that doctors appointment on Monday. I am going to try to dodge those carbs, but they are kind of like that bitchy hot girl from high school. If she flirts with me, I’ll probably participate, even though I know better.

    Alx, it means you have worked very hard on these muscles – well done! I don’t work as hard as you, & I have 3 gym workouts to rotate – upper, lower and whole body. Also I was told we should have a rest day in between too.

    NFD was ok yesterday but can cut down some bad & unnecessary calories, and swap them with fruits. My work team decided to have cake every Wednesday, so need to work on good control today.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

    Hey Everyone! Happy Halloween! Boo.

    So after Tuesday’s aborted morning workout I got up on Wednesday and right back to cardio. Then this morning I hit the gym first thing and pumped that iron! I am not saying The Hulk needs to be concerned, but I am saying that the extra two days helped tremendously! 5 workouts in 6 days. HOLLA!

    Today is also my second fast day of the week. I am very interested in how this is going to go given I was pretty whooped after the workout, so hunger is likely to follow at some point, plus conventional wisdom says to feed your muscles after you’ve stressed them. So my strategy for today is protein. I ate a 90 cal light cheese stick for breakfast with a cup of coffee. I am in a stretch to a late lunch where I will eat a 150 calorie yogurt. That should leave me enough calorie space for 2-3 eggs scrambled for dinner. So far, as of 11am, I am not hungry. I am feeling strangely uplifted, even a little euphoric. Strange.

    Sorry for the self-absorption the past week or two. I am still very glad to have your company on this board and very much supportive of all of our efforts.

    Today is Halloween. There is candy everywhere and I will eat none of it.

    Hey all,

    Well done on the exercise Al! Good going ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m on a FD today, meant to be a water fast, but I ate some steamed chicken (about 45g at lunch) as I was so hungry.
    I’m going to treat it as a normal FD, as I’ve failed the water fast – so I’m having a 200 cal soup for dinner, no candy for me either!

    Happy Halloween all! I’ve been ‘Halloweening’ the heck out of my family, making costumes, doing make up etc, they look fab! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Have a great week all! x

    I made it through the Halloween fast day, mostly. I won’t swear that I was 600 calories or less, but I don’t think I went overboard too much. The exercise definitely made its impact known after about 3pm. Weightlifting and fast days are not friends.

    Up and straight onto the elliptical again this morning! Hoping to keep that trend through the weekend.

    Have a great one everybody!

    Weigh in 5 164lbs again, three weeks running ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ค
    I’ve weighed in a day early as going out with friends tonight for curry so reckon my weight will go up in the morning. So disappointed. I’m going to carry on with my two fast days as was rather hoping to have lost half a stone before I go to Spain on the 16th. I’m down four so should be a little happy.
    I’ve measured my belly today, I’m proper apple shaped, thin legs and arms and a proper round no waist middle. Rather like a weeble if you know what they are. I follow my mother! When I started this fasting my waist and hips both measured 40 ins. Today my hips are the same but my waist is 38.5 so something is happening.
    Penguinchick – well done for at least attempting a water fast, it doesn’t sound as if you had a disaster of a day even if you didn’t quite manage it.
    Fasting Monday and Thursday, these two days suit me I may throw in a third day.
    Happy weekend everyone.

    Well done you all: Alx on your continuous gym workouts; Penguinchic on your attempt on water fast; and Susie on persevering & reduction on measurement.

    My weigh has not shifted from last week. Bad eating habit has creep back and I need to find new motivation to kick start.

    Going to Adelaide for 10 days holiday this coming Sunday, so very busy at work this week. Hope the busyness will keep me away from bad food.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Hi All,

    I decided to re-start again. Had some nice results in 2016-2017 but now back to start. I only want to lose a mere 5 kg but itโ€™s hard. Even though Iโ€™m watching out I seem to gain weight every week since 6 months. Iโ€™m currently stay at home mum so not that much routine.

    Anyone tips on:
    -what you eat on a FD?
    – what kind of meals you can serve for family dinners without having to cook a special meal. Because this often the catch: I make a meal for the family and end up eating carbs and stuff out of convenience.

    Good luck!

    Sorry forgot to introduce myself properly. Iโ€™m from Belgium and 41. Dutch-speaking, 2nd language French so not a native English speaker/writer.

    Lost 5kg in 2016 but regained all of them since 9 month or so. I do 2h of ballet a week and try to walk. Very busy in household but that doesnโ€™t really count I suppose.

    Happy Monday everyone. An

    Welcome GirlB! and hello everyone!

    Susie, I think the “something is happening” is not only correct, but arguably a very good sign. No way if you are doing the plan that it isn’t having an impact somewhere. Let it do its thing and my guess is that when that thing shows up, you’ll be pleased. I say this from a prolonged plateau myself.

    I had my doctors appointment this morning and was dismayed that my weight loss was much less dramatic for them. On their records only about 4-5 lbs. That’s because I was lighter than my highest weight 6 months ago and I weighed in up a few pounds this morning, I think due to a heavier and saltier than typical eating day yesterday. But you know what, so what? 4 lbs to them does not change the 12 pounds for me, 15 at its max. I am also still doing daily workouts. Today is only my second rest day in 11 days!

    Now, despite the fact that the uptake in physical activity was expected to slow my weight loss temporarily, and in fact I have gone up a few pounds, this does not mean I am not frustrated. In fact, today I am down-right flabbergasted. Flabbergasted I say! So I am going militant on the fast day today and harder on the workouts starting tomorrow. Not sure about my NFD strategy as I have two work dinners this week that will be high-calorie and my schedule won’t allow for the addition of a 3rd fast day. So I am upping my intensity on the exercise too.

    Hope I can pop out of bed tomorrow with as much energy as I have right now.

    GirlB, my fast day go-to items are yogurts (150 calorie cups), eggs (three scrambled for dinner with some cheese is about 350 calories), and large but light salads where I can pretend the volume means I am actually eating. The true secret is water. Drink a lot of water. All day.

    Have a great week everyone!

    Alx, your body is building muscles thus the weigh gain. I’ve experienced it since I increased gym exercises couple of months ago. But I can’t blame my current weight plateau to that. My determination has been weaning, and I need to find it again.

    Welcome GirlB. In my good FD I eat a small apple at around 1pm, then a small dinner (meat and vege/salad), and drink black coffee in the morning & lots of hot Chinese tea throughout the day. I used distractions when I felt hungry: get up from my desk and talk to my colleagues, get a drink, arrange a massage at lunch time etc. I work full time during the week and found it easier to manage FD during the week. My husband cooks dinner most of the time. He is not a good cook – a good thing as it has helped in reducing dinner portion.

    NFD today. Whole day meeting with a small catered lunch. So it should be good.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

    Hello All

    I saw this chat then realised youโ€™ve been going since May, but would you mind if I join anyway?

    Iโ€™m 50, female living in Sydney – I fasted in 2016 with great results but moved countries and just didnโ€™t get back into it. With the result that Iโ€™m 10kg above my fasting weight!!! I felt as though I had failed with the fasting so have been making excuses not to start again until yesterday, but reading your posts makes me see that itโ€™s normal to have days when itโ€™s more difficult (if not impossible) to fast. I must acknowledge that there will be days where I donโ€™t do as well, but just put them behind me.

    I look forward to asking for advice about a weight loss plateau as by definition Iโ€™ll have lost some weight!!

    As youโ€™ve been fasting for a bit, what kind of weight loss is realistic over next 1, 3 6 months do you think? Iโ€™m avoiding setting targets/dates at this point, but want to manage my expectations!

    PS first fast day yesterday – I try to have only water but have tea with splash of milk if desperate (British you see)

    Hey guys and welcome to GirlB and Ayame ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We’re very happy to have new friends join with us, we’re all in this journey together and it’s brilliant to share the high days and low days, it’s helpful to all of us!

    I had my Thursday FD and no change for me, though I felt like I was struggling a lot and stuck to just under 500 – I don’t feel at the moment, that I can manage the water fast that I want to do – don’t know why, but I’m super hungry right now on my FD’s, I think it’s all subconscious, as I’m barely hungry at all on NFD’s!
    The swings and roundabouts eh?!

    I have determined that I will get back on the exercise roller coaster next Monday – I’ve had a lot of work/half term stuff and then ppl staying and it’s thrown my routine out of the window, I’ve baked and cooked and prepped, but all for people not on the 5:2 wol, so it’s really thrown a spanner in the works for me, I need my space back! Plateau for a few weeks now, so I need that to change – hope this also answers any queries about plateau’s for anyone new – it happens to us all and it can be weeks, or months, so don’t be disheartened, it DOES change, it’s just slow at times, then you get a speed up boost, then it slows again.
    I’m going to change gear with mine and actively focus on the activity side of things, so I can stop feeling like grazing, which I’ve been doing… BAD! lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My fast days: Black coffee and lots of water, chicken soup/vegetable soup for main meal, sometimes have a 0% fat greek yogurt or a small glass of milk before bed, sometimes some steamed chicken breast and a small green salad, depending on how many cals I have free, I try and stay just under 500, but recently have been going over by about 100 or so. Not good and I will change this.
    Fast day activity: Usually – HIIT for 20 mins, yoga for either 30 mins to 90 mins, depending how I feel/how much time free.
    Long walks whenever I have time, at a good pace, for about 1-2 hours, when I’m not working. Climbed a couple of mountains/hills over the summer, but feel like I lost all that benefit with the recent workload and visitors!

    Hope that is useful for you Ayame/GirlB, I have a (long) way to go, but since starting this, have lost 12.5 kg using IF and the 5:2 – I need to remind myself at times where I started! This is a good loss and it’s stayed off, I’ve only ever gained a couple of lbs during holidays/down times, then lost it after a FD, so this WORKS! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    *GirlB – Sorry, I meant to add that I’m a mum of 2 and was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years – I’ve got heaps of recipes and I cook ALL the time, from scratch, no pre-made food and I use everything:
    If you eat chicken – use it all, boil the bones to make bone broth/stock and keep it frozen in smaller amounts, so you always have spare in the freezer – for soups.
    Chicken and fish, with lots of veggies are our main family food, mostly vegetarian, but we do eat chicken. Eggs are also eaten, though not as much as fish and we don’t generally have cream with anything, I use creme fraiche if making a sauce that requires cream, but rarely use sauces, unless they are vegetable based.
    Lots of varied salads, spinach/beetroot are favourites, with plenty of avocados and peas!
    If you want me to post some recipes, I can do that, but I think there’s a whole recipe thread somewhere on the forum too, probably better measured than mine, I just have a houseful of fussy eaters! (sigh!).
    We eat a basic food group, but I try and spice things up with herbs, stocks and flavoursome spices – seems to work! Hubby has lost over 3 stone since he stopped eating out and only eats home made food. (Wish I lost as fast as he does lol!).

    Hope that helps a bit, but please ask if you’d like some recipe ideas, I LOVE cooking and creating new meals ๐Ÿ˜€

    Welcome Ayama! Penguichick has explained how to deal with plateau beautifully.

    I’m 54, female, lives in Wellington New Zealand and works full time.

    Started 5:2 in Nov 2017, reduced 15kg by June 2018 (lost about 1kg over 2-3 weeks). Then plateau, fall off the wagon, restart in Jan 2019. Managed to reduce a few kgs in the first few months, but struggled in last few. I found the initial weight loss in 2017/18 easy. But need to find the motivation again, as my eating habit has gone bad.

    Food consumption was relatively low yesterday but surprised at not weight loss. May be due to warmer weather and higher water retention.

    NFD today and I will be good.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone!

    Hey All! For the newbies, I am Alex, 49 years old from the USA (Washington, DC area).

    I am still hanging on to the early morning exercise regime and so far the 5:2 scheme as well. Yesterday’s NFD was good. Held myself to reasonable foods and calories, felt thinner and fitter. Today’s NFD I am hungry. Not as good on my food choices and I am still hungry. Feel bloated and sluggish too. Not going to dwell on this, just stick to my plan and let it happen.

    Tomorrow I will work out with weights AND its a fast day. This is the dreaded combination, but I will deal with that tomorrow. No choice given I am traveling Friday-Sunday.

    Am the only male left in our thread? I keep hoping Graham will reappear at some point. Until then, hello ladies!

    Alx, didn’t realise you are the only male in the current thread. I do hope Graham will join us.

    My NFD yesterday was ok, and today should be similar.

    Going to Adelaide on Sunday for 10 days (holiday with husband and daughter). The rented apartment has an infinity pool and a big gym, so will make good use of them. I’ll try to eat healthy but may not fast during the holiday. Hopefully the increased exercise will compensate.

    Depending on internet access in Adelaide, I may be inactive (chat wise) for next couple of weeks.

    Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

    Wt2goIrena I started a week ago and have 2 fasts completed, 5 days eating 1484 calories and went 3x to gym for 30 mins. It was hard, depressing and felt tearful and lacked energy. 7 days in I weighted myself – 1.5kg lighter and feel more energy. I tried 5:2DIET before but not consistently and also FEASTED on the other days. So I learnt that I MUST NOT Feast on the 5 days. I wish you the best.

    Weigh in 6, 163 lbs At last down 1lb after being stuck for three weeks. Thought it was never going to happen. 5lbs total. Still not managed to fit 3 fast days in. Realistically I know a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday I would find it impossible and the thought of 2 days on the trot does not appeal at all.

    Hi newbies, I’m relatively new myself and love reading others post for inspiration. I’m basically fasting two days a week, usually Monday and Thursday, at 500 cals and eating around 1700 calls on non fast days. I have two boiled eggs for breakfast around 7.30am and porridge made with water for tea around 5pm. I was having soup for tea but porridge keeps me satisfied for longer. I also swim twice a week and have swam on a fast day with no issues. To be honest I’ve found fast days quite easy. I think because I just forget about food altogether whereas in a normal day I’m always thinking about what I can have next.

    Al- For some reason I thought you were a female, Alison maybe, never occurred to me you were male, not that it makes any difference.

    So I’m off to Spain on the 16th, I won’t be fasting that week, obviously I don’t want to regain all the weight and will get straight back to fasting on my return. How do you all cope with holidays and the following time after?
    Have a great week all.

    Hey all and welcome to IrenaK too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good work Susie! Every loss counts – I’m down 1/4 lb, not much, but I did have a hugely indulgent weekend and didn’t weigh in on Friday, as I didn’t want to disappoint myself, so I’m also pleased with a small loss. FD Monday/Thursday, like many of us – I started well, zero cals til about 2pm, when I had a couple of chunks of steamed chicken breast, then I had my soup for dinner, but also had a small bit of cheese, the tiniest cupcake (made by one of my kids at cooking class, so I had to try it!) and a couple of spoons of peanut butter with a banana – I’ve gone over, but I also had the biggest and most strenuous workout today, burning around 400-500 cals, so I’m hoping that balances the slight increase for a FD on cals… I’ll see in the morning weigh in!

    Susie – for holiday food/the after effects, I don’t worry about holiday food, as we mostly do activity holidays, where we walk/climb and swim, but I am still a little careful, I don’t have huge puddings/ ice cream (maybe one or two only) and then do my FD’s as usual on my return, it usually drops off quite quickly if you put a couple of lbs on – the main thing is to have good food choices while you’re away, this is a way of life, for life, not a ‘diet’ as such, for a short time, so a small gain is expected for a holiday, in my opinion anyway, for what it’s worth ๐Ÿ™‚ Drink lots of water too, people tend to forget the water and it’s so important to aid the body rid itself of toxins/aid digestion properly etc.
    Have a great holiday and enjoy yourself! Hope you’re having a lovely time too Phoenix!

    @al – I knew you were not a female ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good work on the exercise, I’m back on it and sore already from today… this will hurt a lot tomorrow! lol Hurrah!

    Have a great week everyone, lovely to see our lovely group growing!

    Sorry – me again!

    Another 1lb down, hurrah! Happy days ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a great week everyone! x

    I did it!!! Two fast days on the trot. Now for the third on Thursday.
    Well done Penguinchick.

    Weighed myself this morning after 3 fast days and weighed 163lbs. So maintained, wish I’d done 2 fast days now. Off to Spain in the morning, will not be fasting at all till I come back, will then have four weeks leading up to Christmas to hopefully drop a few pounds. Adios for a week.

    Happy Monday everyone!

    Fast day for me today, on my second black coffee and currently, not hungry (Hurrah!).
    Have a fab trip Susie and well done on the 3 day fast – not sure why 3 days? I’ve had a very active weekend, but didn’t count cals, so I’m slightly dreading tomorrow’s weigh in – not been on the scales since last week’s loss… I had some apples and pastry to use up, so I (stupidly?) made apple turnovers… small ones, but I ate 4 over the weekend.. Happy to report that they were bloody delicious and even if I gain a lb – worth it! (I know that’s not very PC, but what the hell… lol).
    I have a workout planned for later today, lots of work to do before that, but have a good FD if you’re fasting with me today, hope we are strong and resist the (yummy) food!

    I have realised it’s much harder to fast hard in cold weather (for me anyway), so I’ll keep the heat on with black coffee and lots of water and hope I get through, as FD’s have been a real struggle for me the past few weeks.

    Have a great day all xx

    Hey Guys,

    I am back from a crazy two weeks or so. Have been traveling and crazy busy at work, and I have also been wildly off the 5:2 plan and any resemblance of a normal or healthy diet. I feel bad about that. Today was supposed to be my first day back, a fast day. Not doing so well. Probably already hit my calorie limit. FAIL! I am also not stepping on the scale as I feel horrible and do not want to face whatever damage I may have done.

    But I am not going to be discouraged. Tomorrow can be a fast day and I can regain the slippage. Right? Of course right. What else is there?

    Hello lovely people,

    We arrived back from Adelaide last night. Love Adelaide and Adelaide people. Unfortunately we took turn to fall ill. Husband even ended up in hospital. But overall it was a good trip and we will visit again.

    Have not checked the damage on weight yet. But suspect the weight has not changed.

    Was not planning to but will try to fast today. Good luck to me.

    Have a great Thursday everyone!

    My modified fast day went well yesterday. Ate a small chicken salad wrap for lunch, and a normal portion dinner. So will try the same today.

    It’s going to be sunny (& warmish) in Wellington for the next few days.

    Have a lovely Friday & weekend everyone!

    Hi Phoenix and everyone!
    Welcome back from your hols, hope you had a fab time?

    I was meant to fast today (Thursday) but due to an unexpected work load, I didn’t fast, I ate reasonably sensibly ( I did eat some M&M’s ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ) but I doubt I was close to the 500/800 cal area!
    Not going to weigh in tomorrow, as I doubt it would be worth it, so I’ll do a controlled day tomorrow and fast again on Monday.

    Hope everyone else is well and doing better than I did this week!
    Happy fasting to all and have a great Friday & weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Back from Spain, I will weigh in tomorrow to see the damage.

    Penguinchick – I did three fast days in a week not continuously, I thought that may have helped with a loss but not the case. Normally I fast Monday and Thursday but did a Tuesday too.

    Hubby birthday tomorrow and family Indian meal booked. I will have 1st fast day monday, I’ll be back at work. I’m looking forward to getting back in control really and having a good run up to Christmas.

    Hello, can I come and play too? I did Fast 800 about a year ago and lost 9kg – I was very proud, but it seems to have found me again. Not all of it, about half, but now I am about 10kgs heavier than I should be and my hips are starting to protest. The Fast 800 was very effective for me, but a bit hard on the social life, so I thought I’d try slower and steadier this time. I am 68, live in Darwin, Australia, and am fortunately healthy and active. I wish to stay that way! I need to be made accountable, so I am hoping that by joining this group it will help with my motivation. It helped me last year, knowing that I was putting my results “out there” so I will post my measurements on the tracker tomorrow and begin Day 1.
    I will spend much of today reading your stories and picking up on your tips, and sorting out the fridge. I’m looking forward to “chatting”!

    Happy Sunday to all and a very warm welcome to Yogi!

    Yes, of course you can join us, the more the merrier ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m fasting tomorrow, hoping i can stick to it, as I’ve been very active, but also very, very hungry this weekend… Didn’t have pudd last night, but we did have an Indian meal and I doubt it was much under 900cals for the meal I ate… Oops!

    Hope everyone is having a fab weekend, despite the clouds and rain in the UK!

    @yogi – I’ve not been to Darwin, it’s quite hot there? I love Australia and have done a lot of travelling there (from Melbourne to Sydney and the surrounding hundreds of miles!), but not to your area yet, sadly.
    Hope you enjoy the reading, looking forward to your input for our lovely chatter xx

    Welcome Yogi. Me too have 10 kg to loose. I’m 54, female, lives in Wellington NZ. Have not been to Darwin yet, and will one day.

    Penguinchick, my Adelaide trip was good, despite the illnesses. Ironically it was due to my husband taken to the hospital allowed us to meet so many lovely Adelaide people; also visited the brand new Royal Adelaide hospital.

    Fasting wise, I’ve fallen off the wagon badly. My weight has reached all time high over the last 2 years, and now I have 10 kg to loose. I need to do a major adjustment to my eating habits. Starting today, I will do a proper fast. Black coffee and hot Chinese tea throughout the day, one apple for lunch, then a small dinner.No snack.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Hey all,
    Just so you know that I’ve reported the post above – DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!
    Typical sales spam… Hopefully, it’ll be removed within 24 hrs.

    Thank you all for welcoming me! I’ve done the measurements (which thankfully weren’t quite as bad as I had feared) and I’m going to start with a fast day just to cement my intentions. I have an aqua class this morning and a yoga class this evening, both of which will keep me away from the fridge for a couple of hours…
    Darwin is very hot at the moment – we are in what is known as “the build up” which is the time before the Wet Season monsoons start. Actually the temperature doesn’t change much, but the humidity is very oppressive in November/December. Like most tropical places, Darwin has a lovely laid back lifestyle and because of the small population, we don’t have traffic jams either. If anyone comes to visit, come in July – the weather is just perfect.

    Euuugh… So hungry.
    Had a small green leaf salad and lots of water so far – plus 2 black coffees. Forgot how tough this is when you do it right lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good luck to everyone fasting today, keep me supported, I’m flagging already ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Keeping really busy, but stopped to post, so I stay on track.

    @yogi – you’re so lucky not to have traffic jams! I’m not good with humidity, I remember stepping off a plane for the first time in Singapore and the wall of heat almost knocked me over! After 2 weeks in Oz, I had acclimatised, then spent another week in NZ, which was blissfully cooler (North Island/Auckland) and then went to Melbourne, which was much like the UK. Sydney and north of Sydney was very hot, but I did go in the winter every time, so I was being a wimp lol ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a great day all, lovely to see we have so many posters now! <3

    Not a perfect fast day yesterday but it will do.

    Cooked a vege soup last night and plan to eat this combined with wrap, tuna and salad for lunch – NFD today. Need to work hard to stop snacking.

    Started reading a book on how to loose the last 5kg for motivation. Got inspired about doing detox meals during NFD.

    A bit of promotion for New Zealand/Wellington. In summer months the temperature is around 20-25’c maximum and usually sunny. Best time to visit will be Feb-Mar, after the school holidays and before autumn.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Weighed in yesterday and horrified, gained back exactly the 5lbs I’d lost. Hope it comes off as quickly as it went on. I suppose it’s better than gaining 5lb without loosing any in the first place but so disappointed. Must have been the alcohol as not normally a drinker but we did have a drink every night. Walked miles though. Hubbys fit bit said over nine miles a day.

    Have fasted today, Monday, and now at 9pm I’m STARVING. I’m not giving in. Back to work today and had two eggs this morning, small chicken breast for tea with carrots. Perhaps I need to go back to the porridge for tea as that kept me satisfied.

    Welcome Yogi. Humidity is my nemesis, plays havoc with my hair. I don’t know what I’d do if the UK had a humid climate.

    Anyway off to clean my teeth as that usually helps me with temptation.

    Hey all,
    @susie – it’s just a blip – you’ll lose it soon enough, I take holiday gain with a pinch of salt, as it’s just the letting go for a few days.. Though it’s horrific how fast it goes back on, isn’t it? Be positive, it’ll drop off again soon ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m SO with you on the teeth brushing – I seem to clean my teeth at least 4 times a day on FD’s! I also have the odd ‘TicTac’ as they’re only 2 cals each and they make your breath smell better than black coffee and nothingness!

    @phoenix – I love NZ, I hired a car and took myself off on daily adventures alone around the North Island when my friends were at work, it was lots of fun, though scary sometimes. Rotarua was a bit smelly (lol) but beautiful – my cousin lived there for a couple of years, she loved it.

    I’m still hungry, stuck to my good foods and stayed just within the 500, but I won’t say today has been easy! I’ve been to the loo so many times, I’ve lost count lol!
    Off to bed soon and NFD tomorrow, can’t wait to eat something solid!
    Happy Tuesday to all and we CAN do this! xx

    Thanks for the tips Penguinchick & Susie: regular teeth brushing and Tic Tac. If I don’t eat for a longish period of time, there is metallic or bitter taste in my mouth. Tic tac & brushing teeth will help.

    NFD yesterday went ok weight wise even though I ate cake and crisps for lunch. NFD today and facing eating challenges – we have cake every Wednesday and going to boss’s place for an after work do this afternoon. I shall be good so fasting tomorrow will go smoothly.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

    Nothing tastes quite right after teeth cleaning so not worth eating anything. I also seem to like drinking water more when I have a minty mouth so I’ll take the tic tac tip too. That will be useful when I’m at work and black coffee’d out. Thank you.

    Second FD today. The first one (Monday) went better than I expected, but I am hungry this morning, and so I’m keeping busy to divert my attention away from my stomach. I’m drinking herbal tea at the moment, but will have my black coffee mid morning. Fortunately I have a hairdressing appointment this afternoon so will be well away from the fridge. They do offer glasses of wine, chocolates and coffee though. But I shall resist (apart from maybe the coffee, or a mineral water) and have some salmon and vegetables when I return.
    As I mentioned before, I did Fast 800 last year. I had just started when I sustained an injury which kept me armchair bound for about a month, and I did not recover well until 9 weeks post injury. So there was absolutely no exercise for me, apart from stretches and I still lost 2 kgs the first week, and 9 kgs altogether. I realised the truth of the saying that “you cannot out run a bad diet”. Its all in the food (or lack thereof). Nevertheless I do see the value of exercise for good health, but I don’t “go hard” now, fearing another excruciatingly painful injury, so I do aqua and deep water running classes (it is hot in Darwin, remember) along with yoga classes and I’m feeling good. I am resisting weighing my self until a full week is done and dusted. Day to day fluctuations can wreck my resolve. I’m using My Fitness Pal for calorie/food logging and finding it very useful, even if it tells me off for not eating enough on Fast Days. Anyone else use it? I find it a bit of a wake up call for some foods – I’m not into the sugary stuff fortunately, but once I hit the cheese or peanut butter I seem to lose my mind…….

    Yogi51, I totally agreed with you that food affect our weight far more than exercise.

    I’m trying to have low calories food for lunch during NFD eg. vege soup, chicken or fish with salad in a wrap. I don’t reduce the volume, but try to bulk up the volume with vegetables. Dinner during the week is usually meat and vege.

    But my biggest problem is snacking in between meals. So need to eat fruits rather than crisps or biscuits for snacks. Very work in progress here.

    Fasting yesterday only lasted till noon. But surprisingly there is still a slight weight drop this morning. NFD today and I’m attending an offsite course. Should be ok as the catered lunch is healthy.

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone!

    Hey all,

    I’ve not posted in a few days, as I’ve been busy and it was my birthday yesterday, so OH took me out for the day, beautiful lunch and really long walk through a beautiful forest – feeling the hills on my legs today! Been out shopping today, spending my birthday vouchers and we also had brunch and a light dinner, but I had puds – fruity ones, but I didn’t count the cals!
    Last weigh-in was zero loss, so didn’t feel like posting anything, as I was feeling disheartened after such a good fast day :/ I know it will come off, but I’m sure you all know that disappointing feeling, which makes you wonder if it was worth the pain!

    I’m back on Monday for a FD and having started the long walking again yesterday, I’m feeling that’s what is missing from my losses – the exercise!
    So I will endeavour to add to my activity and not slack off with my walks, as they’re inspiring and keep the mind free from bad/depressing feelings (they do for me anyway!).

    Hope you’re all having a good weekend, I must say I had a fantastic day with my hubby yesterday and felt so loved and spoiled, the thought of fast days and losses didn’t enter my head once, which was very pleasant! Here’s to amazing other halves and their wonderful support <3

    Happy Birthday Penguinchick. Your birthday is YOUR day and in my mind along with Christmas day it’s a day you should do exactly as you wish and that includes eating. Sounds like you had a lovely day.
    Weighed in today and down 4lbs to 164lbs so 1lb to go to get back to where I was pre holiday. I’ve only done one fast day this week and I’ve not been swimming as I’ve had a sore throat, I thought it was going to go to a full blown cold but this morning it’s totally gone, so back too it.
    The other half and I have gone back to eating chicken with veg, roast dinner, stir fry, salad and it seems to have paid off. Other half has lost 7lbs!!! Next life In coming back a man.
    Freezing here in UK, were in to minus figures but it’s bright and dry so off for a long walk now.
    Fast day tomorrow and back to swimming.

    Happy belated birthday Penguinchick!

    Totally agree with Susie, birthday is a special day to be enjoyed. Glad you had a happy day.

    Penguinchick, please don’t be despair for the weight plateau, the weight loss will come.

    Susie, you are doing so well. Talking about man loses weight easier. At one stage my husband was 20kg heavier than me. Now he is only 2 kg heavier (he lost a lot of weight and I gained quite a bit). Now my greatest fear is that I will be heavier than him. May be I should sabotage him by cooking his favorite meals all the time!

    Weekend eating was good. Helped out at an equestrian event on Sunday that involved a lot of walking. The weather is getting better here, officially summer now, so we can plan for more outdoor activities.

    Weigh in today shows a reduction of 1kg from last Monday. Most probably was the water retention from the trip to Adelaide, & happy about it.

    Fasting today and I shall be good.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

    Hi again! Well I weighed in 1.4kgs down, so that’s good for the first week. I also joined the December challenge on this site – I really need to be kept accountable. Today is a FD and I’m not as desperately hungry and light headed as I was on FDs last week, so maybe the old body is trusting me not to starve it indefinitely. My next FD should be Thursday, but I have one of several Xmas dinner/lunches that day so I’m not sure what I shall do. I have a couple of exercise classes on Wednesday and Friday (2 on Wednesday and 3 on Friday) and don’t want to pass out! I may have to aim for Saturday.
    How long have you guys been doing the 5:2? I am so envious when I read of people on 6:1 maintenance. It is such a pain that weight just seems to creep up so easily, yet is such a bugger to get rid of. And yes, men seem to lose it so much easier. My other half put on a couple of kilos whilst we were on holiday this year, and it has gone without any noticeable effort from him. Aaaagh!

    Hello Everyone! I am so glad to see you all still here and the thread going strong. Welcome to the newbies and hello again to the regulars.

    I am back from several weeks/weekends of travel and the Thanksgiving break here in the US. All of that amounted to about a month of being off of 5:2 (my restarts failed) and the last three weeks I did not exercise either. I ate my way through several states and events. It was off the rails, but I am back now. All told the damage was not as bad as I feared, but its time to come back down to earth, get back on a 5:2 regimen and get back to working out again too.

    So today is a fast day, and I expect it to be painful. I DESERVE it to be painful. Simple as that. I know what to do, and back at it. Getting back to working out is tomorrow’s goal.

    I weighed in at 188lbs this morning. Up 5 from my low point, down 10 from my starting point, and about 10-12 off from my goal.

    I wish everyone a happy and successful Monday!


    Morning all,

    Good work on the losses Yogi and Phoenix, good luck on the FD and welcome back Al!
    I weighed in 3/4 lb down from last weigh-in, so though it’s small, I’ll take anything!
    Going to try 3 days of Fast800 to try and kick start the losses, as I’d ideally like to drop another 7lbs by Xmas… big ask, but I’ll try!

    Happy Tuesday to you all and good luck with fasting this week ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What is Fast 800? just curious.

    Fast day yesterday was by the book and quite easy. Maybe my body just had enough of the over-eating. Wasn’t too hungry. I had a coffee in the morning and a little egg sandwich meal at 6pm. 500 calories at most.

    Not overly hungry this morning either. I forced myself a little snack in the morning because I have a busy schedule. Challenge will be good selections for a reasonable, lo-carb lunch.

    Anyone else noticeable cold on fasting days? I am chilled all afternoon.


    Hey Al,

    Yes, I’m noticeably colder now it’s winter in the UK – but as you say, on fast days only for me, the rest of the time, I love the colder weather. Without any fuel to create the heat/energy, the body feels cooler. I drink a lot of hot water and black coffee to heat my body and when I’m home, I use a hot water bottle on my back.. heat the core, you warm up faster.

    The Fast800 is here Have a look, I’m planning to use it for a few days each month to try and kick start my body into loss, as I seem to plateau a fair bit and that makes me eat, as I get disillusioned and depressed, so – yes, I will read the book, but today I’ve had less than 850 cals and I’ve eaten sensible food – chicken, veg, soup and I’m not hungry at all – so if I can do this a few days in a row, I’ll see how the scales look, as the maths suggests that with around 300-400 less cals every day, I must lose weight slightly faster than if I feel starved and then binge – makes sense to me, so I’m going to give this newer way a go and see how it works, maybe for me, this is a better option until I lose another stone – then it ‘should’ be easier all round (in my head it works anyway… I get bored with 1/2lb a month off!). The recipes look nice too, from what I’ve seen so far.
    Have a look at the link, maybe this – which I believe is the updated 5:2 option, might work better, worth a try at least! ๐Ÿ™‚

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