Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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  • Thanks Penguinchick for your advice. You are right about I need to increase protein rather than fruits. I ate more fruits yesterday and has resulted in weight increase. I will have eggs or chicken breasts instead. I will look for the zero fat Greek yogurt too.

    I think you are building muscles at the moment, thus not loosing weight. It means you should go for the measurements, not the weight?

    Welcome Lisa! I admire your effort – a vegetarian & cut out gluten. Interesting to learn about Shiitake noodles – not sure we can find them in New Zealand.

    Have completed a full body workout in the gym this morning. Also discovered the scale at the gym shows that I’m at least 1.5kg lighter than the scale at home. Will only use the gym scale from now.

    Fast day today and have a fantastic day everyone.

    Hi PhoenixW. Actually, I got the Shiitake noodles form Amazon. I would suggest getting fullfat greek yogurt as it will keep you fuller longer with the high fat content. As we know sugar makes us fat not fat 🙂

    I agree too much fruit can add lots of sugar depending of the fruit of course. I now only eat low sugar fruit like berries, pears or apples. I read if you have fruit it is better to eat it with a meal or with a fat like cream or cheese.

    I have been gluten free off and on over the years. I find I just feel better taking it out of my diet.

    Hey all and welcome Lisa 😉

    FD for me today and I’m currently making a bone broth (sorry Lisa!) with veggies/herbs, garlic and turmeric, helps to ward off autumn colds! Smells amazing, let’s hope it tastes as good! So much cooler today, autumn is close!

    Had zero calories today so far, did a workout first thing and walked my kids to school too, so feeling virtuous!
    I think you could be spot on Phoenix about the muscle, as there’s no way I’ve not ‘lost’ some fat, my clothes are a bit looser and I am doing so much hiking/climbing lately, that I must be burning fat. I haven’t done any measuring yet, so I’ll do that today and again next week, to see if there’s a difference (crosses fingers!).

    I’ve got my broth for later, plus a veggie soup ready for my main meal, which I have around 6 pm or so. My last food was a snack of yogurt at 11.30 pm last night, so I woke quite hungry, but it faded after my exercise/water and black coffee and I’ve managed not to feel hungry all day so far, but I have been very busy and active, so that helps too.

    I can’t do full fat yogurt, as I really hate the taste of the fat, plus the added calories interfere with my balances – even if the fat is good fat, but we each do what works for us. We don’t eat much bread either, though it’s one of the things I love so much, no pasta, except for the kids, but as none of us have a medical need for gluten free we have whole wheat when we do eat it. I can’t do white bread though, as it bloats me, but brown/wholefood is fine (toast is my weak point, LOVE it!).

    @al – how are you doing these last few days?
    @graham – Where are you? Hope all is ok with you, we’re still here and totally in your corner if you’re reading these 😉

    Anyway, have a great day all and good luck for anyone else fasting today! 🙂

    Hi all,

    Have a frantic morning at work already thus check in later than usual.

    Yesterday FD went very well – thank to a very busy work day. Completed an upper body workout this morning, and planning for a good NFD today. Again another frantic day so it should reduce food consumption. However work drinks this afternoon.

    We are doing a Hangi (traditional Maori cooking food in the ground) tomorrow to celebrate my sort of son-in-law’s birthday. My job is to cook a vege curry and turmeric rice for the vegetarians. Hope I don’t overeat tomorrow.

    Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

    Super fast log in from work… 2 lbs off! Hurrah! Have a great day all and a fab weekend if I don’t manage to log on for a couple xx

    Hooray Penguinchick! You have broken the plateau.

    My weekend eating was not good. Despite a party Saturday was ok. But spending too much time in front of PC (finishing off 2 sets of accounts) on Sunday resulted in munching too much bad food. However still managed to loose about 400g from last week.

    I must be strong to stick to 5:2. I have 6.5kg to loose to reach my goal weight; and my husband only need to loose 3kg for his.

    Fasting today. Completed an lower body workout this morning and will distract myself from food today.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Thanks Phoenix! #feelsgood!
    I fasted yesterday, with my bone broth/added carrots/onions and garlic, was delicious and REALLY filling, which surprised me, as it was the consistency of water! Who knew what a few concentrated nutrients could do?!

    I had a mouse-like portion of popped rice (maybe 18g I think), no additives just before bed, when I started rumbling again, along with 20g of milk, heated with boiled water – sounds disgusting, but it’s a snack I loved since I was a kid lol (I just make food up as I go along, it’s great to experiment! lol).

    No change in weight since Friday’s loss, but wasn’t expecting any. I’ve definitely found a good way to drop the calories on my FD’s now, that broth is astoundingly good, absolutely bursting with flavour and as it’s so low in calories, you can eat a decent bowl full and have less than the 500 with no hunger at all! If anyone wants to try it, I’ll put the recipe here.

    Well done on your workouts Phoenix, you’re doing SO well 😀 I’m so pleased that you got back into it! Sitting at the pc is a pain though, I feel you there. I had a few days of that in the last couple of weeks and you really feel sluggish the day after.

    NFD for me today, but having a careful one, as I’d like to keep the losses coming, I get massive motivation when I lose anything, so feeling inspired this week!

    Have a fab Tuesday all and hope all’s well with you, Al and also Lisa and Graham! 😉

    Missed logging in yesterday due to an early meeting. Then frantically busy rest of the day.

    FD on Monday went very well. I do need to stick to a stricter regime and it has shown in a good weight loss of 500g.

    Had a big breakfast out with husband yesterday (at the expense of a gym workout). Compensated by light lunch and dinner.

    NFD today. Should be a reasonably easy day. Did a whole body work out this morning.

    Penguinchick, your soup sounds yummy. And I really admire your discipline. I need to go back to cook chicken, vege and rice soup too. They are very low in calories and filling.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

    Hi guys,

    Penguinchic suggested I join u all ( from another post)

    Very quick intro. Started 16/8 in Sept 2017 and went from a size 16 to size 8 down from 83kg to 58. Was back up to 64 kilos end of August, mostly because I stopped exercising but also because I got into bad eating habits. I have a few health issues so I need to get back down to around 55 kilos.

    Weighed in this morning and down 200 grams from yesterday! Every little helps!!!

    Will log in again soon, took me a while to read all the posts here ( haven’t finished in fact!) and don’t have time now as have made myself a picnic and am going to walk to tram stop instead of getting the bus and go and spend a few hours sunbathing at the local lake and get in an hours swimming.

    Not on a fast day today but have calculated my calories as around 1300, which with my activity level, should be fine!

    Thanks PC for your lovely advice on the other thread. You are right about people’s negativity. I noticed last year when I was losing a lot of weight, lot’s of people narked on about ” you mustn’t lose anymore” and when I started putting on a bit they so loved pointing it out to me! I will do as you say and just smile and ignore them and carry on with what I am doing! I need to get down to 55kg, so I will, and to hell with what everyone else thinks!

    It’ll be a high here of 24 degrees, not too hot and I fancy moving and having a swim in the lake! Speak to you soon!

    Good luck everyone, keep at it. Lapses will happen, but not today!

    Hey all and welcome to Lilimar 😉

    It’s late afternoon here on Wednesday and the rain looks set to come soon! Sounds perfect for you Lili with swimming and a picnic, hope you’ve had a lovely day?!

    I’m super impressed with your workouts Phoenix! Well done you! You must be so close to your target now, it won’t be long 😀

    I’ve had a sort of good NFD so far, we had some croissants leftover from the weekend and they would have gone stale, so as I hate wasting anything, I warmed them this morning and gave the kids some, then ate two myself over the course of the day. I’ve only had the croissants plus water and coffee today and with a roast chicken and salad for dinner, I should be coming in under 1k cals today, so not too bad!

    Been quite busy, though not working today for a change, so I write a journal (when I remember!) and I also make up stories (fiction) for the kids and I spent a lovely two hours this morning with a hot coffee, writing another two chapters for a story I began last year. The kids are enjoying reading them and if I ever (Ha!) get one finished, I’ll maybe have a go at having it published (If it’s remotely decent enough!). I’ve always read to the kids and they have a voracious appetite for new stories as a result, so I’m always inspired by their passion for reading.

    Tomorrow is another FD, so I am already making a fresh stock and have carrots and shallots to add to it, along with some lovely garlic, lemon and ginger to help ward off any colds (lots going around at the minute here!).

    Hope you’ve all had a great Wednesday, really pleased to have another friend to add to our little group, welcome again Lilimar!
    Hope all is well and you’re not too busy with work Al and ‘Hey’ to Graham… keep watching and reading, even if you don’t have time to post!

    Over and out ’til Friday! Happy fasting 😉

    Welcome Lilimar! There are some similarities in our journey. I started 5:2 in Nov 2017 at around 81kg, got down to around 65kg in June 2018. Fell off the wagon a bit and struggle to get the weight below 70kg. My goal weight is 65kg, though my ideal BMI weight should be around 57kg.

    Penguinchick, thanks for your encouragement. I have enjoyed the gym work outs in the morning. I feel a lot more energetic during the day. But my weight has plateau. And I need to face the reality that my food control has not been good.

    NFD was not the best yesterday (allowed too much unhealthy favorite food), and probably offset the weight loss achieved on Monday.

    FD today and I shall be disciplined.

    Have a lovely Thursday everyone!

    Completed 3rd gym work out for the week this morning.

    Yesterday FD went well. Nearly succumb to eating in the morning. Managed to control the urge by drinking more coffee.

    NFD today. Plan to go for a massage in the afternoon.

    Going to a 21st event on Saturday. Need to ensure no excessive food intake.

    Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

    Thank you for your welcome!

    I went to the lake 2 days running. Can’t go today as my son gets home from boarding school for the weekend this evening and I have housework to do.

    Yes Phoenix, does sound similar, my ideal BMI weight would be around 57kg too, but it is a struggle to get and stay under 60kg. But I am determined, it’s just gotta be done. Anyway I feel so much better when I am physically more active and not flabby!

    I weighed in this morning and am down 300 grams from yesterday, yayyyy!!! down to 61.7, and to my delight it IS starting to show, lost 1cm each from bust and hips and 2 from my waist!!! I swam for 1 and a half hours in the lake yesterday and walked a total of 9km, all on a fast day so I expected a change today.

    Will be on a fast day again today to prepare for the weekend. Housework is good exercise as well and I’ll be sweaty, it’s going to be 30 degrees here, I’d much rather be by the lake, but still, needs must. Will try and drag hubby and son there tomorrow or just pop off on my own. It will be hot here all next week so I’ll keep going swimming there as it’s nicer than going to the pool and I may as well make the most of it while it lasts !

    Duty calls! Speak to you all soon. 💋

    Happy Friday to you all!

    @phoenix – Good luck at the party, I’m sure you’ll be fine, with all the exercise too, you’ll be ok 😉
    @lilimar – The lake near you sounds just lovely, we have lakes not far away, but they’re too boggy to swim in, as they’re not very big. Well done on the loss too! Good going 😀

    I had a really hungry FD yesterday, though I stuck to my calories, my tummy was rumbling almost all day, despite much water and black coffee consumed! No weight lost, but none gained, having a good NFD so far and have only had half a cheese sandwich with homemade bread and some salad so far. Chicken and salad for dinner again, though I’m tempted to switch out for fish tonight, getting a bit fed up of chicken this week lol!
    Had an active day with work/jobs and housework yesterday, tonight I’m writing and tomorrow is active and busy with the kids.

    It’s been a stunning day here at around 23 degrees, with sunshine and a light wind, so good for drying all the bedding I’ve washed! Hurrah!

    Have a fab weekend all and enjoy the lovely weather!
    /Wave to Al, Graham and Lisa!

    Completed a gym workout this morning. Have skipped zumba & step classes (again) at weekend.

    Saturday 21st party food was so good, I think I must put on 1kg. Formal weigh in this morning shows a small 300g reduction from last week. Will need to do better this week.

    Not feeling the best at the moment. Felt dizzy on and off in last few weeks, and was quite bad yesterday. It may cause by lack of sleep for weeks but will see a doctor today for a check up.

    FD today and will need to try hard sticking to fasting.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Hey all,

    Well I’m back on the exercise horse! Workout and Pilates today, plus gardening and it’s a FD for me, last Thursday’s FD was a tough one, hoping today is slightly easier. Not bad so far, but we’re still in the morning!

    Happy fasting anyone doing a FD with me.
    Well done on the reduction Phoenix, it all counts toward that end goal!

    I also need to do better this week, as no shift at all since the last 2 lbs came off. My body is so reluctant to accommodate my desires lol! :/

    Have a great Monday everyone xx

    Penguinchick, good on you to take on so much exercise on your fast day. Hope your fast day has gone well.

    Working from home today, so no gym workout this morning.

    Doctor diagnosed inner ear infection. Fortunately the symptoms have been mild. I thought my lack of sleep caused the dizziness. Better sleep should help me to manage the spells of dizziness. This may be a long term thing so need to follow doctor’s instructions (less caffeine drinks, no screens near bed time etc).

    After a good night sleep I feel a lot better.

    NFD and working on sleep management today.

    Have an enjoyable Tuesday everyone!

    Wow, I go underground and the list explodes! This is awesome! Welcome to Lilimar and Lisa! Thank you Pheonix and Penguin for keeping things rolling.

    I am in the last of a few very hectic work weeks. No real time for posting, but I am still on my 5:2 plan. In August I actually was 4:3 for a few weeks, but that has gone away and I am struggling to stick with 5:2. Still not exercising a lot.

    In all the chaos and without the best food choices on NFDs, I am holding 3 pounds above my lowest weight. I will take this with a smile, but I know that two things must happen before I will see loss to new levels, 1) better NFD food choices, and 2) get my lazy ass moving!

    Everybody else, keep on keeping on. You are terrific inspiration!



    Have been back to the lake twice and walking loads and am down to 60.7 kilos as of this morning!!! Yay, 5.7 to go!

    I downloaded a fitness app to do a 30 day challenge to tone my abs, did first day and first day of another app and it nearly killed me!!! Was all red, sweaty and struggling to breathe! Wow! Am hoping it will get easier as time goes on!? My tummy area is unsightly, really flabby and I really want to tone that up. The swimming and walking has done wonders for my arms, shoulders and legs, but abdominal area is not a pretty sight!!! Has to change! Have to start somewhere!

    Mother in law coming to stay this weekend! Am not changing my eating routine for her, except will roast a chicken ( I’m pescatarian). She likes a bowl of soup every evening, followed by a main course, followed by salad, followed by cheese course and dessert. She’ll have to make do with garden tomato salad, no dressing, soup, followed by green salad. She can have the cheese and fruit for dessert but as far as I’m concerned the soup IS the main course!!! If she makes a fuss she can have some cold chicken with her salad! I do not want to put on any weekend weight!!! And she was quite iffy with me this summer about my weight gain.

    So, have to make an effort now with housework to get the place in shape for her arrival! That’s going to be a chore as they’ve announced 32 degrees here this afternoon!

    Have a good and virtuous eating day today everyone! Remember, whatever life throws at us we keep on going onwards and downwards!!

    Wahay! It’s so nice to log on and see a heap of posts from everyone!
    Welcome back from the work-pit Al – You’re doing great, keep the faith!

    Phoenix.. My FD didn’t go quite to plan – I was doing great until about 5pm, then I got aching tooth and headache, felt sick and dizzy – small tooth infection, insane hunger and taking so many painkillers meant I ate some leftover chilli – I have no real ‘snacks’ in the house, so eating naughty food wasn’t a problem, it was just ‘eating’ lol
    Fast forward a few hours, I was so sleepy by 8.30pm, that I did all my chores I have to do in the evening, ate a slice of bread, took more painkillers and was asleep by 10.30 pm! Slept right through, woke with no pain in tooth, but hard migraine, dizziness gone, but sickness (I know this feeling, it goes with my infrequent migraines) meant I had to eat something, so I had toast.
    I don’t think I went madly over a FD amount, as I’d eaten very little up to the point of the chilli, but I am pretty sure it was over 500 – never mind, I can’t do much else with the migraine needs, I have to do what my body needs so it doesn’t last for days.
    I’m not going to beat myself up over it, no change in weight this morning and I always drink plenty of water. I know I have a migraine sickness when I go off coffee and I can’t bear the smell of it right now, so I am on tea, salty crackers and water.
    It will pass and I can focus on the next FD on Thursday.

    Lilimar – Good for you not changing your routine, it’s your home, she’s your guest, if she has food preferences, she should bring them with her… I had a family member behave that way to me last year and after 2 days, I requested their departure, as I refuse to have negative energy in my home, or around my kids… Good for you, be strong and kind, but don’t take any sh*t either! 😉 Good luck with the housework! I feel your pain, I have so much to catch up on and I don’t even have guests this week, lots to do, put some music on loud and dance your way around the house, it’ll get done twice as fast and you’ll have a blast singing along! You can sweat off a lb or two, then have a long shower! (Yes, I do this! Haha!).

    We can be fab support to one another here and let all the angst out! xx

    Marvelous idea Penguinchick! I like it! Since I haven’t finished the wretched housework I’ll put your idea into practise tomorrow! I’ll Deezer some xtra loud Disco music thru’ the speakers and dance AND kareoke my way through my chores 🤣

    I hear you, I am a migraine sufferer myself, nasty things, really debilitating if they get a hold.

    Convinced hubby to eat at 19H30 instead of 20H, I prefer to eat early as I am hungry early evening and anyway we digest better. We’ve got leftover beans- spicy Borlotti beans with carrot, onions and garlic in tomato sauce with some whole grain rice followed by lots of fruit, with tomato salad, no sauce for starters.

    I did a 16/8 today, ate a banana and some Hazelnuts at lunchtime, and that is all. I think it’s all around 1300 calories. And I have a few stretches on my app to fit in after dinner, as well as walking the dog!

    I have nearly caught up in my reading of the posts here- it’s a good group!

    Alx, welcome back!

    Penguinchick, sorry to hear about your tooth and headaches. Please make sure you look after yourself. Take a break from 5:2 when you are unwell. You will need extra energy to get better.

    Lilimar, good luck to your mother-in-law’s visit. And tell me whether your new abs exercise is working. Whenever I asked a Personal Trainer for special exercise to tone the middle, they always give me a whole body workout.

    Crazily busy at work today so decided to miss the gym this morning. NFD yesterday and today are marginal.

    Preparing mentally for fasting tomorrow.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone!

    Yes Phoenix I will!

    It’s early days yet!!! Though I must say I really felt my muscles as I got out of bed earlier!!! They were definitely a bit sore, so I’m taking that as a jolly good sign and am going to have a second coffee and then get down to my workout and then the dreaded housework!

    I found the app on the Apple Store, I downloaded the free version, It’s called quite simply “Abs Workout” and incorporates a 30 day challenge, of which I am about to embark on day 2! It’s perfect for me as I am a total beginner, never been to a gym in my life. It gives you 30 seconds exercise, then you stop for 30 secs. If you’re a regular gym goer it may be too easy for you? I am using another one called “Female Fitness” which let’s you chose, butt, tummy, arms etc, and has levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Perhaps that one might be better for you? The beginner level is quite a challenge for me at the moment, but I think I’ll enjoy it!

    Down 100 grams from yesterday at 60.6 kg!!!! Am really chuffed about that! Think I’ll add on an extra fast day this week in case we go to a restaurant this weekend. Will do today, tomorrow and Friday and do 16/8 Sat and Sun. That should limit any weekend damage as while she is here I won’t be able to go swimming on Sunday morning as we’ll probably take her out somewhere.

    Have a successful day everyone!

    Completed a whole body workout. The Russian twist made me dizzy. Will find another exercise to replace it.

    Lilimar, the abs exercise sounds great. I’ll see whether I can incorporate some into my daily gym workout.

    Fasting today. Back to back meetings so I should not have time to feel hungry.

    Frosty last night in Wellington. It’s going to be a beautiful day today.

    Have a fantastic Thursday everyone!

    Happy Thursday to you all too!

    Sorry I’ve been a bit silent this week, just really busy, lots of stuff that’s fairly inane, but required!
    I’m doing a FD today, head is all better, as is tooth (that’s a whole other issue, but under control!).
    Well done on the losses ladies, you’re doing great! I’m the same… no loss, but I’m being good today, I’ve rediscovered plum tomatoes… 88 cals per can, I can eat all of them and they’re filling and delicious! I’ve had one can today already and happily not been hungry! Hurrah!
    Not had time for exercise, as I’m doing an environmental thing for one of my kids schools, so it’s been really busy. I have a plan for next week, I’m going to do three days of workouts to properly get back in the groove and I’ve timed work around them! Planning ahead for a great week! I’m doing all my cooking ahead of time too and freezing stuff, so I’m going to plan to succeed and get these losses more regularly.
    Boom, that’s my pro-active mantra for the next few weeks haha! It’s beautiful weather today and I’ve had a super productive day so far, off to do more, so I wish you a happy afternoon and good luck for your visitor this weekend Lili! Be positive, you ARE amazing and you LOOK AMAZING – tell yourself that, every time you walk past a mirror and the MiL can’t hurt you <3 😉

    (I think this is me on a coffee-buzz lol!) 😀

    Penguinchick, love your comments about telling ourselves we look amazing every time we walk past the mirror. Will practice.

    Completed the third gym work out this morning. Managed to increase equipment weights. I tended to go too easy but need to challenge myself with harder exercises.

    Body weight wise it has plateau. Need to learn from you Penguinchick on pre-prepare meals during weekend for the week. Going to Adelaide in November and plan to shop for clothes then. So must get into a better shape by then.

    NFD today. Dinner out tomorrow at a favorite restaurant so will prepare mentally not to overeat.

    Have not hit the gym in past few weekends. So will re-start zumba and step classes again.

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone!

    Cool ladies,

    The positive attitude thing can certainly do us no harm! I have started putting on make up again even when I am not going anywhere as it helps me feel better!!! ( I’m currently on extended sick leave)

    Am down to 60 kilos, which was my interim target, get down to 60 for the weekend when my mother in law arrives!!! Although I have to accept that it may well rise Monday morning! So Monday will be a fast day for sure. I will be accompanying my MIL to the train station, so I’ll pop off to the lake and do an hour’s swim after that. I have physio in town centre Tuesday and Wednesday, so those will be lake swims too. I try and swim for an hour a minimum of 3 times a week, so that’s that nailed, may even go a 4th time!

    I’m glad the fitness app pleased you Pheonix! I’ve just got up a bit late and am about to do mine. My muscles have been quite sore the last 3 days but they must’ve repaired and thus got a bit stronger as when I got up this morning it hurt a lot less!!!

    Along with MIL, I’ve got my husband’s adult son from his first marriage coming to stay!!! 🙄

    They’re all going to be eating low calorie meals!!!

    Have a great weekend y’all! It’s warm and sunny here, I’m in South West France and we’re enjoying a mild Indian Summer.

    Good morning and happy Friday!

    It’s a bit chilly in the shade here at the moment, but the sun is out and rising – should be a warm day, so I’m going to clean the car and mow the lawn, after I do an hour of writing!
    No change again for me on the scales, I’m going to have to have a controlled weekend, as I don’t want to get stuck on another plateau!

    Well done on the exercise, the losses and reaching a target for you Lili! Well done!
    Hope your weekend is calm and without drama, just remember that guests always go home 😉 !! So inspired by you Phoenix, you’ve really wrapped up the exercise!

    Have a great weekend everyone and hope all is well with you, Al and also Graham if you’re reading xx

    Weekend eating has not gone according to plan. Too much rich food. And I put on one whole kg from last Monday.

    Fasting today. A very good morning eating wise, and need to continue for rest of day. Cooked a big pot of vege, beef mince & brown rice soup at the weekend, and will have them for dinner and NFD lunch this week.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone!

    Weekend eating was quite controlled here!
    Good luck on your NFD/FD’s this week Phoenix, I have managed to drop another 1lb, although it may be 2lbs, as yesterday (unauthorised!) weigh in, said 2 lbs, so I’ll see what tomorrow shows, after today’s FD, which I’m invigorated to do well, since my low intake over the weekend has meant a definite loss 😀
    Feels like I must have been eating a ton of food before I started this journey, as I barely eat whole meals now, I guess it’s no wonder I put on so much after the kids! 😮

    Hope everyone has a great Monday, onward and downwards, as they say frequently here! 😉

    (Sorry about all the emoji’s – too much time doing Youtube with my kids this weekend lol!) xx

    Had to post again, as you’ll all laugh…

    I’ve spent the WHOLE day cooking! I’ve made bone broth, salads, soup, cous cous (my style, not Moroccan) and just made a batch of peanut cookies, with less than a 1/3 the sugar meant to go in it (Hurrah!).
    My house smells good enough to eat and I’m fasting hahaha! I’ll have a little bone broth in an hour or so, it’s too hot to eat right now, had it bubbling away since 9am.

    Hope your day is going well everyone! About to pour with rain I think here.. it’s been sunny in patches all day, so got some washing done and out!

    Check in again soon xx

    Hi Everyone. I’m baaaaaaack!

    Pretty tired from the gauntlet but the gauntlet is now over and I can now resume the regular work schedule.

    I made it through lots of long days and much much sinful eating. It’s just what happens, so I let it happen and low and behold, it wasn’t all that bad. I grazed instead of crammed. Here I am on a Monday at 186 pounds. Still holding 10 down from my 196 start in May and having only gained 3 during this difficult stretch. All without meaningful exercise the whole stretch. I’ll take it.

    So today is a reset day, and a fast day. I am trying to see this as a new Day 1 whereby the goal is to start at 186 and break through that floor at 182. I am going to see a number below 180 at some point and also start moving again. It’s that last part that truly worries me.

    So glad to have the company of this list.


    Good on you Penguinchick to cook healthy food on fast day. I admire your determination. I fast on work days and being busy at work makes the day goes fast. It will be very hard to fast when I’m at home surrounded with too many choices.

    Welcome back Alx! You have done so well and held on most of your previous weigh loss.

    Dropped one kg from yesterday which is a relief. Been to the gym this morning already. NFD today and will not eat bad food.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

    Happy HAPPY Tuesday to you all and welcome back Al!
    Glad you survived the horrendous work week/s!
    You’ve done well too, highly commended!

    @phoenix So brilliant to hear you’re back at the gym, you’re a true inspiration! (Kick myself up the @rse to do some exercise!) 😉
    How did your weekend with MiL go Lili? Hope you’ve survived and she’s been kind?

    I know I posted that I ‘may’ have lost 2 lbs yesterday, but after checking 3-4 times this morning… It’s actually 2 & 3/4 lbs since Friday!
    I’m totally cooking every FD now, I never eat when I cook, so it definitely did the trick! Feeling almost slim today (yeah, I know.. long way, but FEELS GREAT!).

    Though it’s a NFD today, I’m going to stick to being careful, I really needed that chunk to move, I feel so much more inspired to keep on and stick to this! It’s absolutely pouring outside, I was going to go for a long walk, but it’s just huge puddles and mud everywhere, so I’ll do some yoga/pilates in a bit, before I have lunch and break my fast.

    Have a great day all! #BeInspired! 😀

    Fast days are fine. NFDs are my challenge. Gotta dodge the carbs.

    Anyone else find that the first meal after a fast day leaves you feeling bad? I had a small serving of scrambled eggs with a little cheese and veggies mixed in. Sitting heavy. I find this typical after a fast day.

    Hey Al,

    Yes, I too was fasting yesterday and after my first food, which oddly, was also eggs… I didn’t feel overly full, but my tummy was unsettled, gurgling and it frequently does that after a FD.
    I put it down to the body finding a neutral state whilst fasting, and then I go and shove protein into it!
    It’s settled now, I’ve had no other food since lunchtime; I ate 2 boiled eggs and 2 small, thin slices of wholemeal bread, with the thinnest of thinnest whiff of french mayonnaise.
    I have to admit though I like eggs, they don’t much like me – so I don’t eat them all the time. I find them filling and low calorie on FD’s and useful as a quick/easy filler after fasting.
    For dinner tonight, I’m having a plain leafy salad, no dressing, with some roasted chicken breast meat. Nice and plain should be calm for my tummy, though it’s fine now, as I said.
    I do drink plenty of water, I find that helps with settling my tum. Hope you’re feeling better? 🙂

    Alx, I usually have a milky coffee in the morning during NFD, then an early lunch. May be not having solid breakfast help to ease into the day after fast day?

    Penguinchick, well done on the weight loss. While increasing exercise is a good thing, I do feel hungry more often. So will need to work on food control more.

    Despite feeling slightly dizzy (due to inner ear infection – a long term condition unfortunately) this morning, I still managed to complete a whole body workout. Adjusted a few workouts to reduce head movement to help managing dizziness.

    So will sniff at a tissue with pepper mint oil to get through the work today.

    NFD went well yesterday and I managed to reduce about 200g overnight.

    So will need to continue to be good today (NFD)

    Lovely sunny day today in Wellington. Have a great day everyone!

    HI everyone,

    Sorry I haventposted, have been really busy!
    Will catch up on reading posts tomorrow.
    Am meeting a crowd of girlfriends tonight and we’re eating out in an Indian restaurant and there will be wine involved!
    My MIL behaved herself and even commented on the fact that I’ve lost weight. HA!!!
    Am currently stuck on a plateau where I went from 60k to 60.5, then 60.4 now 60.2 which is really frustrating until I remembered to get out my tape measure and have lost 3cm from bust, 1cm from waist and 1 from hips so I conclude that I’ve managed to convert fat to muscle!!! So that’s encouraging!
    Have physio in town so am going to walk a lot and will go to pool this afternoon to prepare for tonight!
    Must go as otherwise I’ll be late!
    Plateau’s are so annoying! I calculated my lean body mass and am at 25.3% which is in the acceptable range, under 25% and it’s the fitness range so that’s what I’m aiming for! My doctor is going to arrange for me to see a nutritionist and get all those measurements officially calculated so that’s great!
    Have a great Wednesday everyone. Here Autumn has officially arrived with colder weather and RAIN- lot’s of it!!!

    So my stomach settled out around dinner time, but not completely. Still not completely sure whats up with that.

    Different strategy for today’s NFD. Skipped breakfast because I simply wasn’t hungry. Ate an early lunch because hunger was creeping in. Pretty responsible lunch. Then two hours later, I’m ravenous. Just had a carby/sugary snack. Poor choice, but I didn’t overdo it and now I am probably good until dinner. Trying hard to drink lots of water.
    Dinner should be sushi, which generally isn’t too bad.

    I am actually looking forward to my second fast day tomorrow. If you believe in streaks, I am coming off a not-so-great streak but definitely feel a good run coming on.


    Alx, you did well on NFD.

    In theory we are allowed to eat up to the maximum calories that maintain our weights. Allowing a bit of treats for NFD make 5:2 sustainable for me. The question is how much treat. I love vege crisps and now put them in a very small container (20g may be) and allow up to one per NFD. Also if I really want to eat a donut, then I will have one for lunch. As long as the total calories consumption are under control.

    Saying that I have been putting on weight in last few weeks due to increased level of exercise & eating. So I’m not really in control and need to be more discipline especially on NFD. Will re-adjust and re-start.

    Lilimar, plateau is a pain. Good to know your measurements have reduced. I have not done measurement so far. May be I should.

    Fasting today and ready for it. May go for a Chinese massage this afternoon for a treat.

    Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

    FD today. Usually I make it until dinner to consume my 600 cals or less. Today will probably go 200 cals about 1 or 2pm (yogurt) and then a few scrambled eggs for dinner. Overall goal is to stick with protein. Hungry. Not typical for me on FDs this early. Maybe that means something?

    Alx, it’s not unusual for me to feel hungry at fast day. I tried to drink hot Chinese tea, walk to different floor/desk to talk to colleagues about work (rather than email or phone call), water the plants etc to distract myself. Then the hunger pang will disappear after a few minutes.

    I used to only eat at dinner time during fast day. But found it too hard – the metal taste in my mouth due to not eating was unbearable. Now I will have a small apple at round noon.

    My fast day yesterday went well – managed to have a Chinese massage (Tuina) as a treat and distraction. I was very disciplined eating wise and rewarded by higher than expected weight loss (some will be water however).

    NFD today. My team is doing a morning tea to celebrate mental health awareness week. And today is my birthday. So eating will be a challenge.

    Have a lovely Friday everyone!

    Ahh, belated Happy Birthday Phoenix! Hope you have had a lovely birthday, glad you had a massage, lovely treat!
    Thursday was a FD for me, I did go very slightly over, but was working all day and very active, I’ll have a CFD Friday, to cover the extra cals, but weigh-in after sleep, so we’ll see how that went!
    Well done on the loss, it all counts, even the water 😉

    @al – I go through various hunger stages on FD’s too, I think we all do, but drinking water helps and warm drinks as Phoenix says, teas are great!

    I’ve got a couple of really busy work weeks ahead, so may not post as often for a bit, but I’ll stick with my fasts, as always and hopefully, the workload will keep me so busy, I might even add a day here or there. On tight deadlines, so I will be working in the evenings as well most days.

    Have a great Friday everyone and great news Lili, that your MiL noticed and commented positively on your losses! Brilliant news for you, I bet you weren’t expecting that?!

    Stay well everyone and have a fab weekend if I don’t manage to post before Monday xx

    Hello. I’m new here. I’ve just returned from a holiday in Portugal where I have read through the 5:2 book and intend to do my 1st fast day tomorrow and the next on Thursday.
    A little about myself. I’m female, 55 and weighed this morning 168lbs, I’m only 5ft 3 so this is way too heavy. I’ve always weighed around 140 lbs but since hitting my 50’s my weight has just gone up and up, this is despite doing the slimming world diet, I feel so uncomfortable I need to try something new and this is it. I have an underactive thyroid and take 100mg of thyroid a day. Other than that I’m fit and well. I lane swim over 30 lengths twice a week, I stop counting at 30. I also walk quite a bit. I only intend to weigh myself on Sunday mornings, I’m out of the trap of weighing myself everyday and don’t want to start doing that again.
    If anyone knows of a thread on here to suggested breakfasts and dinners a link would be appreciated, I intend to do two meals a day. If you think of any thread I may find useful please let me know.

    Thanks Penguinchick, my birthday was co-celebrated by a work morning tea for mental health week. A low key event at home too, as we had a dinner out last week to celebrate both my husband & my joint birthday.

    Welcome Choosiesusie! I’m similar to you in terms of age, height, current and ideal weight. Current weight loss target is 7kg. This forum has a lot of lovely recipes, you may want to scroll them when you have time. If I come across any I’ll post it here.

    Formal weigh in this morning shows a reduction of 800g – first reduction in about a month.

    FD today and also my family is starting a 10 days vegan diet. I think my husband & my daughter’s partner will die, as they are big meat eaters. Good on them however to want to have a go.

    Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

    Hey all and welcome Susie!

    Very quick post from me; Well done on the reduction Phoenix, good going! I’ve been and will be extremely busy as I mentioned, but weigh in Friday showed no loss/however, no gain after my less than sensible FD Thursday! I’ve also had a weekend of guests/visits and family dinner dates, so it’s been more than I would normally eat, but I tried to be sensible and stuck to the bare minimum I could get away with, without being ungrateful/rude to my hosts!
    I’m up against it the next two weeks, so I may not post much at all, hopefully, I’ll be mindful of what goes in my mouth and have good FD’s…

    Happy fasting and have a good week everyone and good luck with the veggie eating for your family Phoenix! Good effort! x

    Hi Susie, come on in, the water is fine.

    Guys, my non-fast day weekend was straight out of the “Don’t” list. I really went off the rails and purposefully did not touch the scale this morning. Fast day today is just the thing and I am going to try to keep my calories to 400 or less as punishment.. or a shock to my system at least. I also think I am going to try to do 3 fast days this week. Gotta reign it in.

    So I am not going to hit the scale until Weds morning. Then I think I can see what damage, if any, was done by three days of all that stuff.

    Does sex count as exercise and if so, can I get away with a tawdry affair simply to burn calories? Asking for a friend.

    Hey all,

    Quick check in from work – that made me laugh so hard Al! lol 😉 Yes! It all counts!
    I’m on a FD, at work, my eyes are going googly from staring at the screen all day and my ass is numb, so I’m going to run around the garden in the rain later to burn off some excess energy haha!
    FD has been ok, I’ve had a soup this afternoon @195 kcal and going to have some tinned tomatoes with a tiny slice of toast for dinner, should come in around 160 odd cals, don’t have time to cook due to deadline, so it’ll have to do!

    Back to work for me, good luck this week everyone, Al – keep at it, you’ll be fine and any exercise is good, more so if you enjoy it! 😉

    Penguinchick, thanks for your encouragement. Hope our household will survive the 10 days vegan diet. Cooked a vegan curry (with 3 types of tofu) & brown rice last night. Will do vegan burgers tonight & need to shop for vegan cheese etc for snacks.

    Alx, I googled and found: “Men burned 101 calories during 25 minutes of sex and women only 69, burning an average of 3.6 calories per minute. So why did guys have a better burn? Researchers think that since men often weigh more than women, they use more energy for doing the same exercise.” Don’t think we (especially women) can count on sex as effective exercise to burn calories. Gym is better.

    FD went very well yesterday but surprised at the little weight loss this morning. Hope to see a good reduction at next Monday formal weigh in.

    NFD today and it will be a good day.

    Have a lovely Tuesday everyone.

    Susie, found a link with lots of recipe:

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