September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

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September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

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  • Day 4 Minnesota, USA CD

    Yesterday I went over my TDEE by quite a bit, actually. That’s the first time I’ve done that this time around. It just got away from me. I’m up 3 lbs this morning but, of course, I know that can’t be real fat. No way did I even eat 3500 cals extra this past week. Today I’m trying for a CD and shaving off a couple hundred calories to balance out the weekly intake, as @northgeorgia suggested.

    @i-hate-lettuce You make an amusing, and true, observation about the expense of “fettling” that some women can justify. But I’m all for people doing what they need to do for themselves. I, myself, have rarely had my nails done; I had a Swedish Nurse as a nursing instructor many, many years ago who would have a fit if any of her students had long nails or even used polish. “Filthy!” she would exclaim, holding some embarrassed young student’s hand up for all to see, if the nails were too long. Then she actually proved it by having us all scrub our hands well, swab under nails, and then grow the results in petri dishes and examine the results by sight and under microscopes. Nurses didn’t use gloves between patients back then (prior to HIV) and it was quite obvious how easily one could spread infections from room to room and patient to patient. So, I just never did more than the occasional home polish job for special occasions. Saved a lot of money, I’m sure. I wonder if one of the reasons my DH likes my hair it’s natural color is because it is free. 😉

    @flourbaby I promise to join you on a dry September starting tomorrow, as I have prior plans for tonight that may include some vino. End of summer thing. I will cheer you on if you do the same for me! My guess is that September will be a very good month for seeing the scale go down another 5-6 lbs at least, if I can manage the month dry. Maybe even more. It’ll be an adventure to find out! Good luck to us both!

    @annabelle48 Glad your procedures are over and fingers crossed all results are good. Enjoy your weekend.

    @alisa253 Welcome! Your childhood sounds very interesting and probably much different from what I would have imagined as an American who was very aware of the cold war. But then, I use to read a lot of Solzhenitsyn: his novels, as well as other literature of the era, were my only sources of what living in your native country must be like.

    @dykask Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes exercise does immediately seem to clear GI issues. I hope your fast went well.

    Have a good day, everyone.

    Day 4 OMAD Rome

    @stitchincarol – this is what I got.

    It was on offer so although it wasn’t cheap, I’m really glad I bought it. It looks quite ordinary – a cotton sheet shot through with silver thread. If you watch the Earthing film, he explains fairly clearly how he made his own for buttons. I.e. very cheaply. Anyway, everybody that I know who’s bought one says they are sleeping much better I personally thought walking on grass worked really well, but now it’s getting colder maybe not so easy. I’ve actually ordered some all leather earthing moccasins to try to earth myself on the ground in the winter. Once I get back to London, assuming they haven’t been stolen off my doorstep, I’ll let you know how I get on. 😳😳😳

    Second post. Day 4

    @ kazoo – just to answer your question. My grounding sheet is just over the bottom half of my bed, so mine and DHs bare feet are on it, but otherwise no need to be naked! They are washable, so I’ll just wash it when I wash my other sheets. It’s hard to believe the effect it has – it looks so ordinary.

    Sorry. Third post. I’m only getting a few posts, for some reason, so I keep missing comments. Don’t know why.

    Day 4 UK FD

    So ending the weekdays with fast number 5 . Hopefully will mean a good loss on the scales. Onwards now to the danger zone that is the weekend! Enjoying all the interesting chats about things I’ve never done…. sewing, other than buttons , brewing, growing tomatoes!

    Virginia, US; Day4
    good evening, Happy Friday everyone.

    @flourbaby – thanks for the Welcome. i agree it is a good place.

    i see conversations about grey hair. i cover my grey roots regularly. it is instant youth and beauty, not ready to see myself with grey hair. Salons are opened now – support your local businesses.

    today was a good day – cycling class in the morning, work from home, good vegan lunch with chickpeas and broccoli. now is a long weekend.
    good night

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good Silver Sneakers this morning then errands and shopping in town. Pretty fair eating day.

    @alisa253 – you will find this a wonderful support system with fabulous people. Welcome.

    @emma-taylor – no problem mixing me up with anyone else! 🙂

    @northerndawn – fascinating about nails and your Swedish nursing instructor. I never grew nails because of piano playing, so could say I have maybe had 3 manicures in my life, always for a special occasion (like a wedding).

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5, Emden Germany, LFD
    Day 4, NFD

    I’m totally overwhelmed by the amount of long and interesting posts and frustrated I’m not able to respond in a way I’d like to. I enjoy reading and learning about air-pots and grounding sheets, both new to me and very interesting. @emma-taylor and her amazing sewing skills, I know how to make curtains but would love to make dresses. We tried to grow tomatoes but found out we’re not good at growing things. Manicures and pedicures are not my thing, I never had either of them and my DH cuts my hair pretty well. As a nurse (there are several of us on this site) I wasn’t allowed to have long nails and as a piano player (I just play for myself and at Christmas with my DH) I don’t like the sound of nails clicking on the keys. How can you pick up small things with long artificial nails? Another reason why I love my grey hair is that my skin tone changed over the years and the grey suits the tone I have now. My friend has thin hair and wanted to try out wigs a few years ago. Trying a few myself for fun, we all agreed I looked better in grey, with other hair colors my wrinkles showed a lot more.

    qdaffodil2010 I love ginger hair and freckles!

    @i-hate-lettuce congratulations on losing 40lbs!

    Pocket list day 5
    @snowflake56 LFD

    ZBC day 5

    Exercise 30×5

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    Day 5, London, UK, NFD

    It’ll be a quick post from me today, up late, rushing to get a Leslie walk in before yoga, then shopping & off to my brothers for lunch …………………….. homemade pizza & wine I’ll need to swerve!!!

    I’ll be thinking of you @northerndawn as all around me awaken my very own green eyed dragon🐉!! I’ll stay strong, as I’m starting as I mean to go on, if I said Dry September ……………….. I mean DRY!!!!!

    Stay mindful over the “WEEKEND” folks, they’re always tricky to navigate, but we CAN do it …………………. remember there’s one every single week!!!!

    Day 5 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Don’t remember rain being forecast, grrr, was fancying a walk this morning, give it an hour could well fair up!

    A day of two halves yesterday, promised Mrs IHL I’d have an easy day while she went clothes shopping and test the credit card for its resistance to melting!
    Brewery was up and running for a new trial brew.
    Just before lunch our neighbour (TV and satellite genius and all round nice guy) called in, he’d installed a new dish when the scaffolder wrecked the old one at the start of the year. Last week lost the signal, he came he saw he fixed! It went again 2 days ago, no worries (under warranty) he tested the signal, then replaced the receiver bit on the dish. That sorted, signal now excellent, the PVR box wasn’t working. How much for his hours work and trouble, nothing, the satellite unit had failed. So despite 2 visits and a load of tinkering, no charge, but we had to head off late afternoon and got a new PVR box.

    Mrs IHL came back from the shops a very happy girl indeed, she’s been watching the calories as well and also lost weight, 2 dress sizes worth. Now how comes less dress costs more?
    She’s certainly worth it and looking very curvy 😉

    @stitchincarol – Air pots, have given the best results I’ve ever had for cropping, regardless of what fruit or veg.
    Tomatoes, have in the past grown the ‘vine’ (upright) ones, the results were excellent, but had to support them with canes, the weight of fruit was just too much, even with just 5 or 6 trusses!
    Nowadays, our favourites and best are the ‘tumbler’ varieties. Two varieties are a red ‘Tumbler’ and a yellow ‘Golden Tumbling Tom’ (they didn’t waste a lot of time thinking about names for those?) Pot them up in a decent sized air pot, I stand the pots on a couple of bricks, water twice every day when really hot (you can’t overwater with these pots, they drain well and the plants never stand in water) feed once a week once the fruits set. When they start ripening you get loads of salad sized fruit, which are delicious.

    @flourbaby – I’m really aware about keeping the ‘eye on the ball’. Holidays (remember them?) were where I just didn’t even consider this WOL, the weight gain over one or two weeks was silly. Having said that, a couple of weeks back on the wagon sorted it, but was a reminder not to spend too long without keeping an eye on the ball.

    Sun has just come bursting through, so time for a walk, rugby on the TV this afternoon.

    Take care all

    Day 5 – USA/GA – NFD

    Today’s weigh-in at 246 lbs finishes me off at exactly the same weight as last week, which is OK! Despite some midweek sweet tea and fried chicken disasters, I was able to stabilize things and am ready to go into the three day weekend (Labor Day in the US). I know several of us have expressed concerns over some little slip-ups; well, good! We recognized those slip-ups early in the month, so we can quickly contemplate what happened and get back on track for next week. Don’tn worry about it! Remember, this is a sustainable WOL instead of some fad diet, so a few “slip-ups” and an occasional feasting are built-in!

    Motivating tip: In a private, but visible space, create a list of mini-milestones that “illuminate” the path to your goal. These could be weights that have special significance to you, or simply count down in units of 3 or 5, or a combination. For example, 247 lbs represented a milestone for me as it was the weight when I first started recording my weight (and hoping for a loss) four years ago. I also added in units of 5 lbs each. These go all the way down to my ultimate goal of 154 lbs. So far, I have reached both the 247 and 245 milestones and have circled them with a date. Put these up by making a poster or drawing on a slate or whiteboard. I have other things on the board, too, but I’ll share those in some future tips.

    What motivating items do you have?

    Good luck to those on the Saturday pocket lists! Hurray!

    D5 NFD UK Lake District

    Been for our Sunday morning lake swim today as we cannot go tomorrow. We are going to visit my mum and dad who are a three hour drive away. I have not seen them since Christmas (they are 93 and 94) due to all of us shielding. We usually stay over but have decided to do the return trip in a day as we are not ready to stay in away from home just yet. So tomorrow is a NFD for me. I will be joining the ZBC again, having a Sunday lunch (not counted) am I am really looking forward to it. It will be our first meal out since lockdown.

    @flourbaby My next door neighbour just bought round some homemade apple tart. I took 3 bites and thought how delicious it was and so decided to finish it. OH had creme fraiche on it but I did decline that. It was a pleasure and I did savour every spoonful.

    @emma Taylor I watched the Earthing film yesterday and I am still reading the book. I am taking it slowly so that I don’t miss anything and am going to order a grounding sheet this weekend.

    @mia139 Well done on 5 fasts.

    @snowflake56 I ofter wonder how people manage to do general household cleaning (perhaps they dont) with long nails, they must get chipped.

    @i hate lettuce Very interested in the air pots. Thanks for the information on your tomatoes I think we will give them a go next year.

    @northgeorgia Enjoy your labor day

    Pocket list day 5
    @snowflake56 LFD

    ZBC day 5

    Exercise 30×5 D5

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 5 Canada NFD

    Ready for a long weekend, will be a lovely mix of resting after a busy week and getting some bike riding in. Healthy meals are on the menu!

    @northerndawn I was wondering what sort of farm would work if you lived so remotely:) I love sunflowers, they are such happy looking flowers
    @songbirdme I like the changes the cooler weather brings
    @emmataylor 30 dresses!! are you kidding that is amazing as is your dropping a size
    @penz eating your feelings is something I can do too well-lets hang in there and push that aside. It really doesn’t achieve anything but undoing all the good work that has been put in
    @i-hate-lettuce I think this is your time to go gently
    @flourbaby I start off with 3 bites and they are followed by too many more, will have to think about this
    @mia139 5 FD’s Wow!
    @i-hate-lettuce yes the holidays….I am going to swerve the wine with @fourbaby

    Off to check out air pots, have a great Saturday:)

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – Fast5

    I’m feeling rather proud of the goals I’m reaching this week. First, as long as I get in my planned Leslie walk this evening, I’ll have walked with her five times this week. I didn’t get it done yesterday until after 9pm, and still was walking in place beside my bed afterward, reading my Kindle, waiting for the steps to reach 6K before I’d let myself climb into bed, LOL. Second, not only have I reached 6K steps every day, I reached 10K on M,T & W. Third, despite some serious tummy rumblings yesterday, I managed to stick to my planned meal (well, okay, it was a BLT and that’s not low calorie, but that was ALL I had). Fourth, I was actually dry all week, including on Friday, with the planned exception of Thursday.

    So, while the scale didn’t reward me this morning for my good behavior, I know it’s just a matter of time, and I’m too busy being proud of my behavior to worry much about the scale.

    We have a wedding this afternoon, but opted to go only to the wedding and not the reception since we don’t know the couple all that well, nor any of the guests as far as we know (the groom is one of my piano students), so after a busy day, it’ll be a quiet evening. We’re thinking we may go out…we may also just choose to eat in and eat fewer calories. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Oh, and @i-hate-lettuce, I’m planning to do lots of garden planning next January/February, and will absolutely take your comments and experiences into consideration. Thanks for the details!
    @EmmaTaylor, thanks for the link. Anyone else want to comment on what they’ve purchased for grounding?

    Day 5 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Happy Labor Day Weekend, USA-ers, and Kentucky Derby Day! My DH (whose health is quite good, thank you for asking @flourbaby ) went to Ft. Knox High School (his dad was a career Army officer) so he’s been all about the Derby for as long as I have known him. No, we won’t make Mint Juleps (way too many calories) but I plan to grill steaks and have sauteed mushrooms for dinner. DH had been to the Derby while in HS, and we got back there exactly 50 years later in 2014. Of course today, no crowds, no Derby hats, but still a horse race.

    @northgeorgia – since when are fried chicken and sweet tea a “slip up?” Aren’t they just part of good Southern cooking, and certainly allowed in our WOL. My mother was born in Talladega, AL and met my dad at Ft. Benning, Georgia in 1942. He brought her back to Chicago after the war. Southern cooking is wonderful.

    Great to read about everyone’s antics and endeavors.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5. OMAD Rome

    I’d better admit I’m not a brilliant dressmaker. I have a sister and two sewing friends who follow patterns to the letter and really love doing that. I’m not interested in being told what to do ( you might have noticed …) so I make patterns up, using old dresses for templates, cutting up curtains to make things, modifying vintage stuff etc. I make LOADS of mistakes but I love working things out, unpicking seams, trying smocking etc. I just love it. I was a jeweller originally, and taught art, pottery etc, but I really think fabric is my thang. Lucky me to have found it, eventually.

    Day 6, Emden Germany, NFD

    @northgeorgia My motivating items are my clothes, I still have a lot of things I can’t wear at the moment.

    @kazoo Perhaps women with long nails have a trick we don’t know? Take care while driving and enjoy the time with your parents.

    @songbirdme I looked up one of the races on youtube, it was a close one. Did you enjoy the race and did you bet on the winner?

    @stitchincarol You did well last week! I also walk in place in front of the bed when I’m missing steps. It feels so good when you made it.

    @emma-taylor You are so creative, I need patterns for sewing. If your dresses fit you, you must be good. I still haven’t made one, my excuse is that I don’t have the right fabric. I could try to make a dress out of old tablecloths, I have a lot of them from my late MIL. Most of them are from white cotton but I could dye them. I could try beetroot juice, I’ll try it out with a napkin today.

    ZBC day 6

    Exercise 30×5 day 6

    Have a nice Sunday everyone!

    Day 6 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Quiet weekend again round here, hope everyone’s enjoying a restful one. Our for a walk yesterday and there was a really cool breeze, a real hint of Autumn in the air.
    I’m going to have a rest day today I think, in the garden for a bit of fresh air later.

    @emma-taylor – Envious of you in Rome, hope you’re making the most of it.

    Take care all

    Day 6 OMAD Rome

    @ihatelettuce – thanks for thinking of me. It’s very hot here, and we are swimming in a huge pool nearby most days. We used to come in August but tbh it’s just too hot. OMAD still holding, but DTF not so much. Not at all. I’ll reset when I come home. I hope.
    @snowflake56 – sounds like you have a great resource for making clothes there. I now decide, when I’m making something, that if it all goes wrong I can always throw it away, or donate it to a craft project I know. It takes all the pressure off, and I can just enjoy the process. I use old sheets sometimes to try out something I’m not sure about, and then rejig it and use it to line something else. Many happy hours slip away when I’m with my sewing machine. Who knew it was so enjoyable.

    Day 6, London, UK, NFD,

    Super slow start today, I think the carby pizza yesterday has made me a bit slow today!!

    @stitchincarol, the scales are a very fickle friend, up should be down, down should be up!!! NSV (non-scale victories) are far more valuable, so you deserve to polish your halo after this week’s stellar efforts😇😇!!!

    Fascinating to learn you were a jeweller @emma-taylor, I haven’t the patience or dexterity for fiddly things like sewing or I expect jewellery making!!! That’s why I’m in construction I suppose, BIG diggers, BIG holes, BIG structures ……………….. you get the idea😂!!!

    Yes, @i-hate-lettuce, the usual quiet before the epic Monday pocket list!!!I hope everyone is staying mindful, weekends are tricky, but as I keep reminding myself …………………….. there’s one every single week so I can’t treat it like I do my 2 week summer holiday (yes I just about remember those!!) and throw caution to the wind!!!!

    Keep the faith folks!!!!

    “The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

    Day 6 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Church shortly – did okay yesterday, maybe our last hot sunny day for enjoying our backyard pool. Big storm came through the night, and with that a cold front.

    @snowflake56 – we enjoyed the Kentucky Derby, yes. The favorite did not win! DH always does a “virtual bet” prior to the race, and he won $6.40 on $30 bets. He was happy. One of the earlier races had the closest photo finish I have ever seen!

    @emma-taylor – our Italy trip was in August, and yes, it was so hot everywhere. The clothes I brought home all were still damp, and I feared they would be mildewed. It must be wonderful to be able to swim in a pool. I used to sew everything (my clothes, outfits for our girls, eldest DD’s wedding dress) but as I have gotten older, I find my patience to sew has faded. I admire your ability to create dresses!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in was right at 246 lbs this morning, which means I actually lost a few ounces this morning. I was hoping to see a 245, but alas, not yet. Later this week, though! I love @flourbaby ‘s “NSV” acroynm of Non-scale Victories, so hopefully it can be added to our definition page next month 🙂 @emma-taylor Enjoy your trip! I ended up losing weight in Italy several years ago, even though I was certainly eating my way through the country! @songbirdme Yes, you’re right! I just need to remember to enjoy one portion instead of three at a meal haha

    @snowflake56 mentioned clothes as a motivator, and it is certainly one of mine. Let’s expand on that for today’s topic/tip. What is your relationship with clothing? Is it a motivator? How does it motivate? What do you do with clothes that are too big or too small? When do you buy a new piece of clothing?

    I’m excited that most of the shorts I bought the winter before the pandemic hit (yes, I guess now is the time to look for winter coats in the northern hemisphere, huh) already require a belt to stay up. I want to keep wearing them this season since I know I’ll need smaller sizes next year. But my trousers are another story — can’t go to work with slacks pulled that tightly. I pulled out the smaller sizes and have been wearing those while leaving my old ones folded on a shelf. Today, I plan on boxing those up and putting them into storage (and will eventually donate them to someone in need). I have some smaller sizes that I can’t wear yet but should transition into soon.

    So for fun, here’s my little guide for fitting into your older, smaller clothes:

    1. Does it smell musty? Better let it soak in some Oxi-clean, wash it, Febreeze it out, and/or dry clean it (repeat as needed) to see if it’s not a lost cause.

    2. Is it even something you want to wear? Be honest, some of the styles are out of fashion or you refuse to wear now. I have a shirt somewhere that looked like a shiny garbage bag that I wore in my 20s! OK, let’s keep some for fun, but make room for clothes you really do want to wear in your new sizes.

    3. If you can’t fasten your trousers, or if they fit only if you don’t have to breathe, then they’re probably still too small. If your shirt almost rips to shreds before you can get it over your shoulders, or you feel like you’ve just packed yourself into a sausage encasement, it’s probably still too small. But keep them close by if they’re the next size down so you don’t have to hunt for them!

    4. Some of us have been used to the larger sizes for so long (that have some extra bagginess in areas that we don’t need), we often forget what clothes that fit feel like. The airy, loose style is fine for working in the garden, but it’s not really the normal way people wear clothes for business attire, I have to remind myself. Even a casual shirt can mislead you. Maybe it does feel a little tight around the sides or in the back, but does the shirt go over your head, shoulders, and body well? Does it leave you breathing room and feel relaxing over your stomach, chest and neck? Does it contour the body without squishing you? Then, congratulations, it actually fits! This is what it feels like!

    5. As those clothes slowly become looser and looser, you’ll need to decide if you still want them (sentimental value, use as a night shirt, etc.) or want to pass them along as you try your next size down. It’s easier to keep your closet up to date as you drop a size than to wait until the end (or at least I keep telling myself that)! Certainly do keep a pair of your largest sized outfits to do one of those famous after weight loss selfies for fun.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    Day 6 Canada NFD

    It’s a beautiful day here and I’m off for a ride!
    @i-hate-lettuce the airpots are fascinating. I’ll try them in the spring, your produce sounds delicious !
    @kazoo you must be so happy you are getting to see your mum and dad
    @northgeorgia I’m feeling the health benefits are a big motivator at the moment. I’m feeling great and you can’t buy that

    Day 6 Minnesota, USA NFD
    Day 5 NFD

    This has been a long holiday weekend and it’s been hard to fast or stay under 1000 cals. DH has been off work on vacation all week, and through tomorrow, and that tends to make it harder for me to stay on my routine. Especially regarding exercise.
    DD and family will come over this afternoon. I think we will actually get take out instead of doing BBQ. It’ll be the first time in months!

    One more hot and humid day……84F (28.9C) and then we get a real turn in the weather tomorrow. High temps in the 50’s (13C to 15C) for several days. Time to get out the jackets. Also, sadly, it’s time to bring in my plants from the deck and get them settled back in as house plants. Days are getting shorter as well as cooler, so I’m starting to think about making soups and bone broth to freeze, which I enjoy doing. But Summer went by so fast!

    @stitchincarol Good for you! You’ve stayed strong and focused. You should feel proud, indeed!
    @songbirdme I hope you enjoyed the Derby. Glad you reminded me it was on, I always watch it.
    @flourbaby I’m thinking of you as well, and your determination to stay DRY this month will strengthen my commitment, as well. I expect I will find fasting easier than I do when imbibing a couple times a week. What a waste of calories, really.
    @snowflake56 I know exactly what you mean about skin tone changing with age….my gray hair really does suit my skin tone best these days. I think it looks healthier this way, for me.
    @emma-taylor What a creative person you must be! I wish I knew more about fabric and textiles, but never had the time in the past. It sounds like you have very interesting hobbies.
    @northgeorgia Clothing is a motivator for me as well……I love the way my clothes feel when I wear the size I want to be in, and they are comfortable, easy to move in and look good. I have a ways to go in order to fit into my favorites comfortably. What is that old expression? “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels” …. or something like that. Maybe we should change the word “thin” to the word “healthy”?

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Day 6 – Rural Nebraska, USA – Sunday exception 🙂

    Today’s brunch was shredded potatoes pressed into a jumbo muffin pan to form a crust, and then filled with sauteed veggies, meat, and topped with cheese and an egg and baked. It was yummy, with enough made so each of us could have two, without having an unreasonably large portion, but I was plenty full after just one…Could it POSSIBLY be that my huge appetite is finally getting smaller after six weeks of Fast5?? 🙂 I bought four sushi rolls for DH and me to have for supper tonight, so that’ll be reasonably light in calories while still feeling lovely. It’s going to try hard to reach 100 today, and then tomorrow will be rainy and only 75 and then Tuesday will be rainy and only 50–talk about a rapid change, LOL!

    Thanks for the congratulations, @snowflake56, @flourbaby (love the NSV acronym!), and @northerndawn! I did get the entire 30-minute walk finished yesterday, although it was touch and go because I was SO tired. It’s not good to be doing exercise at 9pm, but some days are simply too busy to accomplish it much sooner. Today’s my day off, and then the cycle begins again tomorrow.
    @EmmaTaylor, for the record, I’m a seamstress. I’m a quilter. I smocked many a dress for DD and am now doing so for DGD. I sewed matching things for my DSs. I sound qualified to have an opinion, right? You ARE a brilliant dressmaker if you’re doing all this with no pattern but what’s in your head or in a dress you used to wear! Amazing. The last four dresses I made never got finished because they didn’t fit. I think that’s related to not accepting how much heavier I am/was than what I wanted to think I am/was, and not to my sewing skills, but still! 🙂

    Okay, I think it’s time for a movie with DH because it’s certainly too hot outside to do anything in particular! Have a grand day/evening/night’s sleep, everyone, depending on where you are in the world!

    Virginia, US: Day 6
    good evening and happy Labor Day weekend!
    the weather is so nice starting yesterday, i do not like summer in Virginia – too hot and tooooo humid. Last year i was in Canada in July and promised myself visit Canada every year in the summer – warm, dry, sunny days and many music festivals, exhibitions – loved it ( i hear you, @bellyblast) well, my trip to Canada did not happen this year. but the good weather now in VA and i am going for a walk!
    i am doing well, today is my FD.
    i have not read the posts, will do later.
    all the best

    Day 7, NFD, Aus

    Really? Day 7?? Has a week gone by already!??!!

    Lots of interesting posts to catch up on. Lots of v creative people!

    Day 7 – Japan – WFD #71

    My Friday fast was easy. This weekend was busy. Covid-19 is forcing a lot of changes.

    Day 7, Emden Germany, NFD

    just a quick post to check in. I have a lot to do this morning so I’ll come back later when I sit down with the cat sleeping on my lap.

    Pocket list day 7
    @dykask WFD

    ZCB day 7
    @penz ?

    Exercise 30×5 day 7

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    2lbs less than last Monday 👍

    . Re the grounding sheet, I wasn’t finding it to be too good. I was changing the bed on Saturday and looked at the mattress topper, unzipped it, and the static electricity that came off the filling was unreal. I could barely take the cover off, it was like it was glued on.

    So mattress topper taken off, and for the past two nights the sleep has been deep and full of vivid dreams. So maybe it was the static filled mattress topper that was causing the problem?

    I had Dad up over the weekend, he was ill a few weeks ago and he looked tired and pasty when I collected him Saturday. Yesterday I persuaded him to go barefoot while I put the grounding sheet under his feet, we sat on the sofa with the sheet underfoot, drinking coffee and chatting, and I swear to you, my Dads eyes were brighter and his skin looked fresher after that hour. He said he felt good and he was in great form when I brought him home.

    So I am buying grounding stuff for him too!

    Have a great Monday. Hope to be on all the lists today but Monday often becomes Date Night in our house so it may be moved until tomorrow 😄

    Day 7 OMAD Rome

    @daffodil2010. – that’s an interesting story about your dad and the grounding sheet. It seems like magic but maybe it’s just the most natural thing in the world, to connect to the ground. It’s nice that it made him feel good. I was watching a BBC report about how people swimming in cold salt water ( the sea round Britain, basically) reported huge benefits to their mental health, and I wondered if that was due to earthing. Maybe.

    Day 7, London, UK, LFD

    Definitely joining the pocket lists today, I’m determined and ready to get some halo polishing😇 done tomorrow with a bit of well-deserved PFDS 😎 ……………………… NO I haven’t jinxed it, that’s just an excuse to give up😁!!!

    @northgeorgia, a figure hugging dress that just skims your curves was a revelation to me😍, big & baggy was my default setting so actually wearing something the way it was designed to fit ………………………….. mind-blowing!!!! Who knew😲????

    @northerndawn, I really look forward to spending some saved calories on a rich creamy Greek Yoghurt with honey😚!! It’s the reward I allow myself for swerving the vino, I’m trying not to use food as a reward😨 but whilst going DRY I definitely need an incentive!!!

    @daffodil2010, so glad your dad could visit you😁 and receive some TLC🤗. I really must look into the grounding sheet!!! I’ll stick you on the lists, just in case!!!

    Pocket list day 7
    @dykask WFD
    @flourbaby LFD

    ZBC day 7 🚫🍳

    Exercise 30×5 day 7

    “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John R. Woode

    Day 7 UK FD

    Sorry I’ve been MIA got caught up trying to rearrange holiday plans – we’d had a big trip to Croatia planned for ages and because there was a gang of us going it was quite complicated no big surprise but it’s off now and I’ve got a trip to Rome to look forward to in 4 weeks so back to it I need this Monday fast to reset . Onwards …….
    Pocket list day 7
    @dykask WFD
    @flourbaby LFD
    ZBC day 7 🚫🍳
    Exercise 30×5 day 7

    Day 7, Northern Ireland, 5:2.

    But actually Day 1 for me.

    I’m new to this forum, but have fasted before and have done various variations, including liquid only fasts for up to 50 hours (Sunday evening to Wednesday morning), but my usual approach for weight loss was two days (24 hours each) per week of liquid fasting and just one day per week for maintenance/ health.

    I did this for decades, but stopped altogether about two years ago and was ok for a while, but eventually started gaining weight and put on half a stone. Not a huge deal, but during coronavirus I’ve doubled that. I’ve been working from home, don’t do much exercise except dog walking and have been drinking too much alcohol since March 2020. So I am a full stone heavier than I’d like to be at the moment. If I don’t do something about it I’m worried I’ll end up another half a stone or more heavier in 6 months and on and on it might go.

    I’m female, in my 40s, 5’9” and 10 stone. So a healthy BMI, but well over my historical average of 9 stone and I feel unhealthy and flabby at this weight.

    I’m going to start doing two 24 hour liquid fasts each week again. Planning Mondays and Thursdays so today is the first day and I am a bit nervous that I might not be able to manage it after being out of practice for so long and having adopted the bad habit of not thinking about what I eat or drink. I’ve already had to invoke willpower after my OH made toast!

    On a fast day I usually only drink coffee with milk and sugar, which I know isn’t really recommended but it always worked ok for me, and water/ diluting orange. Then I’ll have breakfast the next morning of a banana or toast or sometimes not eat again until lunchtime the next day as I’ve never really been a breakfast eater.

    I was a member of another 5:2 forum years ago and I found it really helped me, but when I went to it again I found it has gone pretty quiet and this forum seems much busier and livelier.

    I’m looking forward to reading about all your experience and sharing mine in return for some support and motivation!

    Thanks for reading a long post.

    I’ll have to find out more about these ‘pocket lists’!

    D7 FD UK Lake District

    Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

    Long post today as I missed posting yesterday following a trip to see mum and dad, brother and his partner. When we got home had to go straight out to get my 10,000 steps in.

    It was lovely to see them and I did give them a hug although I know I perhaps shouldn’t have, we did wear masks apart from when we were eating. Hopefully they are all coming to us for the Christmas holiday. Before lockdown they were quite independent did their own shopping etc and took a walk every day. I was really surprised at how much mobility they have lost due to lock down. Mum has lost confidence to walk and is frightened of falling and Dad has started to use it stick. I was very upset when we left them but have spoke to the since and they say they really enjoyed lunch and our visit.

    Eating healthily and keeping fit for as long as we can is something I think we should all strive for although I appreciate is it is easier for some than others. I intend to do my best.

    @stitchincarol. Proud you should be. We all need something to aim for. I have started doing the ‘Leslie walks’ and really enjoy it. Did 30 minutes this morning. I have just order a grounding sheet so will let you know what happens.

    @flourbaby I think NSV are valuable too. Got into a size 10 jumper yesterday. I don’t plan to get weighed till 1st October. I know that if I eat healthily and follow my plan I should be OK I can’t cope with all the scale ups and downs during the month it makes me feel miserable.

    I love greek yoghurt. I put chia seeds in and it goes even thicker and have almonds, blueberries, prunes and goji berries. On fast days I sometimes just have that as a meal.

    @bellyblast Hope you enjoyed your bike ride.

    @penz How time flies. I have just been talking about Christmas.

    @daffodil2010 Congratulations on the 2 pounds loss. Glad the scales are treating you kindly. Do let us know how you get on with the ground sheet. I thought about getting one for mum and dad but I don’t think they would use it.

    @emma Taylor. Cold water swimming makes you feel great. The water temperature is dropping quickly now so I am going to buy a rash vest to go under my wet suit to continue swimming as long as I can.

    @brightonbelle. We were going to Croatia this October and have also had it cancelled. So we have decided to go to Scotland instead. We are looking at a hotel within walking distance of the sea so hopefully we can get some cold water sea swimming. Glad you have managed to get something else sorted. It is so disappointing to get a holiday cancelled that you have been looking forward to.

    Pocket list day 7
    @dykask WFD
    @flourbaby LFD

    ZBC day 7 🚫🍳

    Exercise 30×5 day 7

    Day 7 USA (Illinois) Labor Day BBQ today

    Grilling bratwursts this afternoon, so likely will do just one meal today. Up 2 pounds over the weekend with eating out at our fave Italian restaurant ( @emma-taylor – thinking of you) and had to have their famous and delicious tiramisu for dessert.

    @superlambanana – welcome, and may you find strength and support here.

    @kazoo – your trip to a coldwater swim in the sea sounds invigorating to me!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 7 – USA/GA – NFD

    Time flies! We are entering the second week of September. Mid-month is Tuesday week, so keep your goal in sight! Welcome, @superlambanana! If you would like, I can add your name to our monthly challenge spreadsheet located at

    My weigh-in today stayed at 246 lbs on the dot, but as it’s a holiday in the US today, I’ll be postponing my FD until tomorrow.

    Today’s tip is for the visually minded among us. If you are artistic or crafty, you’ll love today’s suggestion — make a weight loss collage! There are no rules to this of course, but I’ll share how I do it.

    1. I take a copy of my personal daily weigh-in journal and save it under a new name. I’ll go into details about this later, but it basically has columns that list the date, my weight for the day, and my goal weight at the end of each month.

    2. I scan in some old photos at different weights and paste them past the columns on the right next to my actual weigh-in or goal weight for the approximate dates.

    3. As I lose weight, I take a few selfies. A) Your “prettiest” right light, correct angle selfie (some of you know what I’m talking about). B) Two full on mirror shots front and side facing (yes, I wear clothes when doing this)!

    4. Post your new photos alongside the weight as you lose! If you have an assortment of pictures, you can see how far you’ve come and more or less what you can expect to become (sorry, not younger, but at least close to that shape)!

    You can also do this with actual copies of photos, too, with paper, scissors, and glue. Or maybe a scrapbook? This is an expansion of the “before and after” photos so popular in weight loss by providing more consistent motivation. Are you doing something with photo documentation? How do you plan to use pictures to document your loss or motivate you?

    Best wishes to everyone on the pocket lists this Monday!

    Thanks for the welcome @northgeorgia! Love the motivation tip about photos. Don’t add me to the spreadsheet just yet – only because I’m still getting back into the way of using a forum and haven’t quite mastered navigation here yet. I will aim to get a bit more proficient by October so I’ll remind you to add me to the sheet then!

    Day 7 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WAS a FD, now isn’t; WAS dry, now isn’t

    Some friends texted yesterday about doing something today. It’s entirely reasonable, given this is a holiday, to do something with friends, but don’t they know it’s a FD and I don’t drink until Fridays these days??? LOL. I have to remind myself this is a way of LIFE and just go with the flow. I can still eat little; since the point is to go to several micro breweries, drinking little to no beer will be entirely contrary to the plan, so the DTF is out the window. It WILL, however, be loads of fun, so that’s good, and tomorrow I can do a FD.

    Despite reasonable eating yesterday, I’m up several pounds this morning; I’m sure it was the sodium in last night’s sushi rolls dipped in soy sauce with wasabi. It’ll go away. But I’m very tired of waiting for extra weight to go away and want to get into the 140s. Being disciplined about exercise and eating/drinking restraint is far easier when the scale responds in your favor. 🙂

    Welcome, @superlambanana! You asked about the lists–we have plenty, LOL! The pocket list started way back when someone would make a list of everyone who was doing a FD on the same day she was, and she’d tuck that list into her pocket to help keep her motivated and on track on her own FD. The DTF is Dry Til Friday, because so many of us love our wine/beer and know weight loss happens more easily if we abstain. The ZBC is Zero Breakfast Club. The Exercise 30×5 started as a response to the recommendation that we get at least 30 minutes of exercise on five days a week; any day that you’re committing to 30 minutes of exercise, you go on the list.

    For the exercise, many of us use the YouTube videos of Leslie Sansone walks; she has various length videos on there, it’s very doable in your living room in front of the TV, and it’s easy enough for beginners but has room for truly fit people to make it effective for them.

    @alisa253, enjoy your walk!
    @daffodil2010, CONGRATULATIONS on the two pounds!! Interesting about the mattress topper. I’m not sure, however, if you mean the mattress topper you had and the grounding mat was on top of it, or if the grounding pat had a cloth casing on it? This is where styles of different countries makes comprehension more difficult, LOL! So, to explain: my bed consists of a mattress, a mattress pad (it’s basically a quilted sheet that adds plushness and protects the mattress from sweat stains), a sheet. On top of that we have another sheet and a quilt. So where in there is your mattress topper? I hope you have patience with all my questions; I’m really interested in figuring out what grounding mat will work best for us, and for DS. Plus, wonderful news that your grounding pad seemed to help your dad!
    @brightonbelle, such a bummer about your group vacation to Croatia. Rome sounds like a lovely substitute, however!
    @kazoo, it’s so tough to see our parents aging. My eldest sister (78) is doing great, but her husband is in the end stages of Alzheimers and is in hospice. So, so sad. I hope your parents find some renewed confidence and are able to walk more. Many seniors in the States go to malls (where there’s no weather to trouble them, and the surface is even) and walk around; is that an option for your parents?
    @northgeorgia, when I was trying to figure out how I’d do my hair for DD’s wedding in 2015, I put on my mother of the bride dress and took a selfie in front of the bathroom mirror to consider that combination of dress/hair. I came across that picture a few months ago and my jaw dropped. I had no idea 142 pounds looked so much better than my then-current 155! I’ve had that picture in the back of my mind ever since; perhaps it would be even more effective if I printed it out, LOL!
    @flourbaby, fun story about you putting on a dress that fit you nicely! I wore such a dress to a wedding on Saturday; it’s seldom that I have cause to wear such a dress, and it’s been quite some time since that particular dress fit me, so it was a real treat to wear it and feel so good, just as I’m sure it was for you!

    And, your quote for today is just perfect for how my day has changed on a dime, so I’m appropriating it for myself as well. “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John R. Woode

    Pocket list day 7
    @dykask WFD
    @flourbaby LFD

    ZBC day 7 🚫🍳

    Exercise 30×5 day 7

    2nd post, a long one, feel free to skip it.

    Time to sit down and write a post before my DH comes shome from work. Yesterday I tried to dye a few napkins with beetroot juice and curcuma. The beetroot didn’t work at all, the curcuma gives a bright yellow so after straining it, I put a cotton damask table cloth in and left it there overnight. I then washed it in the washing machine, dried it outside and ironed it. It’s a light yellow now but it’s not evenly yellow. I don’t think it works with damask, parts of the roses on it are more yellow then others but as a try out piece it wasn’t bad. Unfortunately I had a teal silk dress on (don’t ask why) while cooking the beetroot and curcuma and I wiped my beetroot hand on the dress (I forgot I took the apron off for a short break). I washed the dress by hand, never washed it before, and the water went a dark teal. I knew I had a piece of white crepe silk lying around so I put it in. I fixated the color with vinegar, washed it, dried it, ironed it and it now has a lovely light teal color and is back in the drawer again.

    @superlambanana welcome!

    @emma-taylor I have a lot of fabric, all bought with something in mind but I can’t remember it anymore. Someone once gave me a roll of Japanese silk, it’s a lot and really beautiful but it’s only 37,5 cm wide so I have no idea what it was meant for to do with it.

    @songbirdme it must have been a good feeling, getting a bit out of money out of it. I watched the race where “Authentic” won. Your sweing skills must be very good as well.

    @stitchincarol Do you plan to finish the four dresses? My mother did a lot of sewing courses when we were young and made a lot of beautiful dresses for us. I still have a dress she made for me as a 9 y.o. and a cape she made when I was 15 y.o.

    @daffodil2010 and @kazoo It must have been so good to see them again. I think Covid-19 and isolation put on a lot emotional stress esp. on the elderly. Physical contact is so hard to replace. My mother was fine with it, she doesn’t like being around other people anymore.

    @northgeorgia My relationship with clothes and what I’m wearing depends on my mood. I have a lot of clothes from bohemian to posh, depending on where I lived when I bought them. My taste seems to have changed by the decade, I went from Laura Ashley and oilily (70ies) to power dressing, Montana and Mugler (80ies and 90ies) to the Italians and French from 2000 on. I still have a lot of it but stayed with the Italians, they fit me the best. I don’t have everything in wardrobes, a lot of it is stored in old seatrunks. I don’t like buying clothes so when I buy them (mostly when I’m slim), I buy a lot. A friend had a shop for while, nothing fancy, just wearable everyday clothing. Her sister also had a shop and sold clothes in a different price range. After every sale she send the onsold items to her sister who could sell them then. When my friend closed her shop two years ago she had beautiful suits (jackets and skirts) left over in mismatched sizes and she sold them to me for almost nothing. The jackets were my size but the skirts were too large. I never made it to a seamstress to have them altered so I plan to go there next month so I can wear them.

    USA. Day 7. WFD

    Haven’t done a WFD in awhile and thought I would try one today. I am down about 2 lbs. Yay!

    Pocket list day 7
    @dykask WFD
    @flourbaby LFD

    I will be trying Dry til Friday, as well

    DTF List

    I find drinking alcohol not helpful to losing weight!

    Happy Labor Day to all Americans, even if it is a different kind of holiday his year! Everyone, stay safe!

    Day 7 – Second post

    I’m brewing a one-gallon batch of beer today, so have some time to read other posts and chatter before we head off with our friends this afternoon.

    @snowflake56, such a horror to get beetroot stains on your teal silk dress; did it all come out??? And the Japanese silk is the same width that lots (all??) fabric used to be, and anything you can imagine out of it would be perfect. Some harem pants? a lovely blouse? a dress? a nightgown even? No, I won’t finish those dresses–I probably threw them away when I realized there was zero possibility of them fitting me. I mean, if I lost twenty pounds, perhaps they would…but I’m past those dresses. I do have an orange plaid shirtwaist I’d like to sew to wear this fall, but life just seems too busy to accomplish even half the things on my to-do list. What a treasure for you, however, to have clothing your mom made for you! And what a fun story about the clothes you’ve bought over the years, and the amazing sales your friend offered when she closed her shop!

    @ccco, congratulations on the 2-lb loss!!!

    Okay, back to see if the wort is boiling!

    Day 7 MN/USA 2nd post

    @flourbaby I just realized I didn’t include you on the DT October list with me…..Feel free to always add me to yours in the future, since you post earlier than I do. Sorry I missed you this time. It’s not always easy to get everybody included in the right lists when cleaning them up, as I’m sure you know. Have a great evening and enjoy your Greek yogurt and honey ( I love that as an evening treat, too)!

    3rd post

    @stitchincarol The silk we have here measures 90 cm/35.43 inch or 150 cm/59.05 inch, 37.5 cm/14.76 inch is a strange size. It’s a beige jaquard but also had a kind of rhombus in dark brown on it. It’s difficult to get the pattern matched, I’d love to make a dress or a blouse but I’ll have to try out how it sews. The dress is still wet but I think the beetroot got out, it didn’t dye the white napkin. I had curcuma on the kitchen cloth and it was still there after I had it machine washed. I had to look up “shirtwaist”, it seems to be a blouse. Is plaid the same as the British tartan? Have fun with beer brewing and later on with your friends.

    @ccco well done!

    Day 7 UK FD

    Had 2 NFD at the weekend and now back to my usual 5 day fast. The plan will be knocked a bit off course tomorrow as we are having a meeting at work and someone is sending us pizzas as an incentive and a thanks for attending! Would be rude to refuse. No? Will have a small amount and call it a day for the whole day! That’s the plan anyway.
    Trying to do a walk with Leslie as many days as I can fit in and generally increasing activity where and when I can.
    Just catching up on all the posts from the weekend.
    Onwards and downwards!

    Thanks for the welcomes everyone! You guys certainly seem to have diverse and fascinating interests and hobbies. Have enjoyed reading about @snowflake56 ‘s teal dress (so glad you saved it in the end!), beer brewing and gardening escapades over on the Fat Busting Brits thread.

    You all use a lot of acronyms but i will get used to them.

    Thanks @stitchincarol for explaining the pocket list thing! Love it!

    I will have to try DTF. I’ve been drinking far too much wine and spirits during coronavirus- no drive to work and just the general strangeness of it all, and well, I’m Irish and we take any excuse to drink. I need to dial it back and that will probably also help me shift a good few pounds.

    Ive found the fast today fairly easy. Easier than I thought it would be anyway after being so long out of practice. Perhaps it’s just like riding a bike. But the challenge now will be to get back into the habit of doing it regularly. Too easy to go to the fridge or cupboard when working from home – especially as in my case I’m working from the kitchen.

    I will check out Leslie Sansone. Thanks for confirming that it’s her. Everyone on here keeps talking about Leslie walks and how good they are so I had a wee google earlier and saw lots of youtube stuff but haven’t had a chance to get stuck into watching yet.

    I remember now why I enjoyed being on a forum before – so many interesting perspectives and tips and things people share that open up whole new avenues of enquiry to keep me busy learning rather than eating and being unhealthy!

    Virginia, US Day 7
    i agree, time is too fast, one week of September is already behind.

    @stitchincarol – thanks! i enjoyed my walk yesterday very much. nice weather, i go by a lake and yesterday one fisherman caught a big catfish. the lucky fisherman was very skinny and he could not pull the fish out, he had to ask for help. it was a good show!
    today was a regular vegan day with cycling in the morning.
    back to work tomorrow

    USA. Day 8. FD

    It’s early here but I have already awakened, so here I am. Today will be a regular FD and a DTF day, as well. Yesterday’s WFD turned into a regular FD, as I was too hungry but it went well!

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    So many interesting posts over the past few days, I really enjoy getting stuck in every morning with my coffee but often don’t have the time to comment much (dang work and all 😀).

    @superlambanana welcome, and you are right about forums giving us different perspectives and avenues to explore that we wouldn’t have considered before. For me, from this forum alone, I have learnt how to make my own kefir, the magic of magnesium, top gardening tips, and now earthing!!! All that as well as the fasting way of life.

    @kazoo I am thinking of buying am earthing sheet for Dad but I will have to work up to it first. He has a carer who comes in every day to make up his bed etc so she would have to be on board and know what to do. So in the meantime I have ordered some earthing patches that I will put in his hand and his foot as he has severe arthritis and rheumatism……if it relieves the pain I might try further 👍

    @stitchincarol….my mattress topper is basically another foam pad that sits on top of the mattress to aid comfort. It’s about six inches in depth and has a fleece zip covering. Then I would put a mattress protector over that, then the bed sheet, and then the earthing sheet. Now that the mattress topper is gone the bed is lower but it feels cooler……lord know that lying on that ball of static was doing to us 😨,!!

    So another good nights sleep, I do wake up but fall back again straight away….I am happy how it’s working out.

    Now, fasting (before I turn this into an earthing forum 😀😀😀), I did well yesterday, however DH had a horrendous day, got locked out of his truck in the rain, ended up having a 14 hour day, so he brought home Doner kebabs and wine and I helped him eat them!

    Today is an FD, DTF….I am joining you @ccco and anybody else who wants to come along.

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