October 2020 Monthly Challenge — RESET OCTOBER

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October 2020 Monthly Challenge — RESET OCTOBER

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  • Day 7, second post

    @i-hate-lettuce, or anyone else who knows, can you tell me what’s in the “14oz sweet and tangy dried fruit mix”? I can certainly substitute the things I love most, but I’m guessing this is a particular bag that’s available in your grocery stores, and before I choose my own favorites, I’d love to know what was intended. I’ve done some google searching and have come up empty on any packaging, however…so perhaps it really is an “entirely up to you” thing?

    DH and I decided that we’re going to make the Tropical Christmas Cake and take it to California when our whole family gathers for Christmas; I’m quite excited!

    Day7 2nd post

    Just back from a lovely lunch feeling very stuffed.

    Have just read post by MM re TRE. He does not recommend 16:8 as he thinks it is too severe and risks not having enough protein leading to muscle loss. He does however favour 14:10 or 12.12 combined with exercise.

    Food for thought.

    D7 NFD UK Lake District

    Just checking in. Not gone AWOL. We have gone away for a few days booked at very last minute. The internet here is very slow. I am reading all the posts on my phone to keep up to date with everyone but may not post every day. I will still be thinking about you all and will respond when I get home.

    2nd post.

    Just back from lovely lunch and feeling rather full.

    Have just read an interesting post by MM reTRE. He does not recommend 16:8 as this is very severe and might not include enough protein and result in muscle loss. He does however recommend 14:10 or 12:12 combined with exercise.

    Food for thought.

    @stitchincarol – re the fruit mix …. Mrs IHL mixes her own favourites ie combination of cranberries, sultanas, raisins, currants, cherries. So as she says, anything you like, it soaks in the rum so plumps up well.

    Day 7 – UK – CD

    Yesterday ended up a FD800 and today will be a CD

    Great yoga class to start the day – concentrating on the legs!! then a 9km wander this afternoon when the sun came out – some brilliant colours around us at the moment even in the garden – managed to take some fairly good photos whilst out and about.

    @stitchincarol – not a typical lasagna recipe, no white sauce and very little cheese – some pecorino and some parmesan – I suppose you could use a vegan cheese replacement?? The “sweet and tangy fruit mix” I can find in one of our supermarkets include dried mixed vine fruit with cranberries, apricots and pineapple but I suspect you can add your own mixture!!!
    @snowflake56 – I do hope that your house renovation issues get sorted out without too much more hassle!
    @i-hate-lettuce – we are all glad that you have decided to stick to the group and as you say it’s nice to have some “normality”

    Day 7 Pocket lists

    Day 7 FD
    @stitchincarol Fast5


    Exercise 30×5

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 8, FD? Aus

    It’s Thursday so it should be a FD for me. I wish I’d read your encouraging post first @stitchincarol. I was hungry so had some pasta for lunch with OH. I googled how many calories that might have been to see whether I could still call this a FD. Did you know there are different calorie amounts depending on whether the pasta is dried or cooked? Who would eat dry pasta!!??

    I think I can still call this a 500 calorie FD provided I swerve dinner completely. But I know what OH is cooking and I can sense my resolved faltering.

    Where o where did that mojo go?

    Day 8, Emden Germany, FD800

    @at and @stitchincarol Still ongoing issues with the workers yesterday, they’ll come back on Monday, we’re glad we have the house for us now the next few days.

    @stitchincarol My DH’s aunt is famous for her strange view on things but this was funny.

    @northerndawn I hope everything went well with your workmen yesterday. When will they be finished?

    @penz Just try to make the best of the remaining day, I’m with you.

    I have to get back to healthier eating so I’m going for a FD800 today.

    Pocket list day 8
    @snowflake56 FD800

    ZCB day 8

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 8 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Managed to get out twice for a wander yesterday, then a bit in the garden and helped Mrs IHL making the Christmas puddings! Very old family recipe for the puds, instead of suet etc grated apple and breadcrumbs, much lighter. It came from Mrs IHL’s great grandmother from many years back, she was ‘in service’ in one of the estates, it’s based on a nursery pudding originally, but adapted with the usual Christmas spices etc.

    @at – Great minds etc, we use less cheese than we used to but finely grated Pecorino works really well, nice strong nutty flavour!

    Nice morning, but cool, so bottle the latest batch of beer, then a couple of ‘phone consultations and a wander later. Feeling a lot better this morning, the stiches where the tusks were removed went yesterday afternoon, even had a beer last night to celebrate 😉

    Take care all

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Seems having porridge for (a very rare) weekday breakfast is not a good thing as I was tired and hungry all day.

    But I grew up on breakfast of Weetabix and toast before school and sandwich in the lunchbox at school and I never remember feeling hungry? What has changed that now when I eat early I am thinking of food all day?

    There was wine with the NFD dinner last night, so afraid I jumped off the DTF list, it was one of those miserable rainy evenings where a fire is lit and sat in front of…..but today’s is an FD so good to go again.

    I love this forum for the bits and pieces into people’s lives and how we are all getting through, as the outside world is a shocker. Just when we think we are getting through it the second wave approaches, and it’s looking extremely likely that in another few weeks Ireland will be in full lockdown again.

    Since Tuesday evening we are restricted to stay in our own county, restrict visitors to the house etc. I have my two best girlfriends coming to dinner tomorrow, we all live in the same county so not breaking restrictions

    ….but it gets one down that there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet.

    Sorry for the moan, it’s not like me…..I will be a happy bunny today.

    @stitchincarol…I did it again and stood in my back garden in the dark in my bare feet listening to the dawn chorus and it really zings the energy 😄 I think the grounding mat I got is a cheap knock off as I am waking at 4am and not sleeping well so I have taken it off the bed. I will buy a proper one from that Groundology place.

    @i-hate-lettuce it is great to have you posting daily, it certainly does give us all normality to have the daily catch up.

    Today’s food is Oatbran bread with egg for lunch, then chicken salad for dinner. Already done a Leslie walk, plus a quick 15 min fast walk outside, and weather permitting we will do a 5km walk on the track this evening.

    Have a great Thursday.

    Day 8 – Country NSW, Australia – NFD

    The day started out OK, saw my doc and got a form for pathology (full bloods etc) to see what they are at the start of this diet and see if there’s a difference in like 4 months time. Came home and had my boiled eggs on Rivita. Followed by some carrot sticks and hummus, although for some reason this brand has twice the calories of the last lot I got, something I’ll have to look at more closely next time. Thought that I was on track for another good FD800 day.

    Then my body decided to surprise me with unexpected lady issues despite not having them for almost a year thanks to the pill (I think it’s just my body reacting to the diet) but an afternoon of cramps and heatpacks meant woman’s best friend (chocolate) was consumed in non-diet amounts and probably close to 3000 extra kj for the day. But we’re allowed a ‘cheat day’ every now and then, right?

    Going to get my bloods done tomorrow morning so only doing a 13 hour fast tonight, cause if you go over about 15 hours it can skew the results somewhat (from ex-pathology collector mother), but definitely think I’ll be having something after that!

    Day 8 Melb Aust NFD

    Haven’t managed a FD since the beginning of the month so haven’t lost any weight yet, but on the other hand, haven’t gained any weight either, which is better than in September. I’ll find my mojo eventually. Still doing plenty of walking each day, which is a plus.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Keep up the great work!

    Day 8 – USA/GA – NFD

    My scales wanted to give me a 241.0 today, but I did rock it a bit to 240.8, and since I can feel myself retaining fluids (I’m wearing the same outfit as yesterday, but I have to loosen my belt a notch from where it was yesterday afternoon), I think it’s fair to say I have reached 240! I’ll mark that as a mini-milestone as I last weighed 240 in June 2017.


    Before I can read the features of the park, Wesley stands up, looking annoyed. “Wesley, what is it?” Lola asks. Wesley leans over the table. “You two can hang out here if you want. I’m waiting outside.” Lola and I look at each other. “It’s fine, Wesley. We’ll come outside.” We gather up our things once again and make our way to the door of The 240s Club. The imposing looking bouncer is no longer there, as we hear the bartender shout “last call” behind the bar. Lola and I zip up our jackets as we head out into the cool night air. The streetlights illuminate an avenue still full of parked cars but with little traffic. The buzz of the neon sign of the club hanging over the door hums above our heads, only broken by the sound of a few cars driving past. My ears are still trying to readjust to the relative quietness of the street compared to the booming dance beats that are still penetrating the walls of the club. In fact, I missed it when Lola asked, “how much longer until the car arrives?” Wesley says, “It should be only a few more minutes. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t take it any longer.” I nod in agreement. “I’m beat.”


    Good luck to our Thursday pocket-listers!

    Day 8 Wisconsin USA CD

    A very tough Day 7. We were notified that there was a possibility of unrest in our area because of issues that are happening in the greater metro area and in my specific small town which is west of the metro area. As the day progressed, we were notified of a curfew, that public buildings were closed, and businesses were boarded up in anticipation of damage. We did in fact have a peaceful protest march and, unfortunately, some riot behavior that included damage, very near our home last night. Precautions and curfews are in place for a few more days but we hope the worst is over. Went out to help clean up glass this morning. We are safe. Our home is safe. My heart goes out to people on both sides of the issue. I followed some of my plan, but mostly that plan just didn’t seem so important.

    Today, ready to get back to work. Glad I have this group. With everything that happened yesterday, I might have just found a reason to give up this challenge for now but because I feel accountable to all of you, that’s not happening.

    Plan for Day 8:
    Practice 16:8, avoid sugar and processed foods
    Eat under my TDEE
    Continue walking and daily yoga practice

    Take care everyone and good luck today.
    Pocket list day 8
    @snowflake56 FD800

    ZCB day 8

    Exercise day 8

    Day 8 Egg fast day 2

    I am still exercising and trying to keep my head above water. Its been oddly difficult 🙄so to get through this difficult period I am engaging in an egg fast just to tread water until I can screw my head on right and pack on the mojo.

    slow and steady, slow and steady, one day at a time.

    Pocket list day 8
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @basyjames egg fast

    ZCB day 8

    Exercise day 8

    USA. Day 8. CD

    Marke99, stay safe! We are living in some challenging times in every way in the U.S. these days!

    I was wondering how any of the Americans posting here plan to handle Thanksgiving this year. Many people I know won’t be sharing a meal because of Covid. I can’t decide what I want to do. My son, who has recovered, is the one person everyone is worried about, plus his wife works outside the home and as through the whole virus. I think we will wait to decide when that day gets a little closer. Nothing seems simple anymore.

    I continue to babysit my very active grandson, so his parents can work. This continues to be all the exercise I can possibly, ending my day in exhaustion! 🙂 Today is my day off, so. I will be playing golf! Be safe everyone and have a lovely day!

    Day 8 Minnesota, USA FD
    Day 7 NFD, and over TDEE 😞

    I feel like the week has gotten away from me, and I really need to reset and complete my action goals today in order to feel like I’m on track for the month.

    My workers are done, the soffits, fascia and gutters installed and it looks great. They did a good job. No more workers until the end of October for a new garage door and opener install.

    @stitchincarol I hope you have a lovely time with family, and drink plenty of fluids to counteract that elevation difference. It always takes me a couple of days at elevation before I feel normal.

    @snowflake56 I know exactly the relief you are feeling to have your home to yourselves for the next several days…..It is so unpleasant to have strangers around and in your home…so disruptive and unsettling even if they are friendly and polite. I hope next week goes as planned and you and your cat can hide out in a cozy room and do something you enjoy.

    @markie99 I hope things quiet down around your neighborhood and you and your property stay safe. It causes such anxiety when you know a protest is coming: and you have to wait and see who shows up at protests these days….the idealists who want their voices heard, the kids looking for action, the opportunists who have their own agenda and looking to take advantage, or the violent sociopaths who are there to cause destruction and get selfies. Best of luck the next couple days. I’m glad you are staying with us and also sticking to your healthy plan. It’s the best thing for you in these times, to take care of yourself.

    Pocket list day 8
    @snowflake56 FD800
    @basyjames egg fast

    ZBC day 8

    Exercise day 8


    Happy to read of all of you that are doing well with their action plans…..It’s very encouraging!

    Day 8, on Interstate 80 en route to Colorado

    @markie99, oh golly! How awful to have any violence at all, let alone so close to your home. I hope it stays peaceful from here on out.

    Thursday thought: Do you ever make promises? I’ll bet when you do, you take every measure necessary to keep that promise, right? I also imagine you think the situation through before you make a promise, not wanting to commit to something you simply won’t be able to do.

    With those thoughts comes what puzzles me: why don’t we ever promise ourselves we’ll stick to our action steps–and mean it? Why do we only ever promise ourselves “to do our best,” which, if you’re honest, is code for “But I fully expect to fail more than once, so I’m not truly committing to it”?

    I don’t know: maybe this doesn’t describe you…but it sure describes me. I had a big fail yesterday and kept justifying it by saying to DH, “I just don’t even care.” That statement is patently untrue.

    So my plan today is to carefully think through what I can promise myself to do/avoid over the next five days, and then make that promise. And keep it. It can’t be too big a promise, but it must be a promise, not a “best effort.”

    What can you realistically promise yourself?

    “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.”

    Day 9, NFD, Aus

    Oh dear @markie99! I’m so glad this forum is helping you at the moment. It’s bad enough that the world has to deal with COVID but the additional unrest situation in the US is worrying. I hope you are able to stay safe.

    Hang in there, @betsylee. Things aren’t great in Melbourne either, but if you’re maintaining, that sounds like success to me!

    Yesterday’s planned FD was a complete bust. (I won’t say fail – but it really was.) I’m going to think on your promise post, @stitchincarol. The additional question for me is do I really want to promise myself? Like you say, is not wanting to promise myself something code for giving myself an out?

    have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 9 – Japan – WFD #80

    I had a harder start last night but I’m fine now. I tend to be binary. When I’m fasting it is normally fine and I don’t often have a lot of hunger or side effects. Sometimes I do, but it isn’t the norm. On days that I’m eating … my body wants to eat. Eating actually seems to drive hunger more than anything else.

    I don’t know if it was the moon or Mars or whatever that gave me trouble last week, but now I feel more normal.

    Days 8 and 9 – Country NSW, Australia – MFD

    I’m also including Day 8 (NFD) as I think my post got lost in cyberspace.

    Day 8 Had to go see my doctor just before 9am, asked if I could some blood tests done as a kind of base level for things and another lot when I see her again in late January if all goes well. Egg and Rivita for a late breakfast, ended up with a 16 hour fast again. Lunch was carrot sticks and hummus, though I discovered that this brand has way more calories than the one I had before. Was well on the way to another under 800 day when my body decided to surprise me with lady issues and resulting cramps from hell and there’s only one thing for that… chocolate. So Fast800 went out the window for a day. Banana for dinner cause I didn’t feel like anything else.

    Day 9 – MFD

    Had a shorter and later fast to go and get my bloods done, of course the place I like to go is shut due to COVID and the only one open at 7am had like 8 people in front of me… thankfully got it done just in time for work. Broke my fast with a Nut Bar (not good I know, but it’s what I had at hand) and several mugs of rooibos tea. Lunch was 3/4 of a serve of my vegie stew and dinner was a chilli con carne. Again just got in under the 800.

    Randomly, do people in general NOT read signs that businesses post up in their windows? My workplace (yarn mill with a small ‘shop’ out the front) is now accepting visitors and customers again. I put 2 signs up with the guidelines, including not to touch items you don’t intend on purchasing (it’s quite hard to disinfect yarn) and what does the first person through the door do?? Yep, wanted to touch EVERYTHING. Sorry, end rant.

    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Good FD yesterday but no scale movement, and I looked a bit bloated last night for some reason, ie. I felt fat and blah, and had a bloated tum. Hope it’s not “lady issues” as wonderfully coined by @toady, as I want to be over them by now already.

    Anyhoo, good nights sleep without the grounding mat, so yeah, I must have bought a dud one from China and will invest in the proper sheet from Groundology.com.

    How is everyone else getting on with the grounding? I still think it’s a significant health boost, just standing barefoot in wet grass for 15 mins this morning had me full of tingly energy (Ha ha, I am turning into a hippie!!!!!).

    So plans are to have my two friends for a girlie catch up tonight. I have menu planned as bruschetta caprese, then either a creamy chicken mushroom garlic dish with fresh tagliatelle, or a bolognese sauce with tagliatelle.

    However, one of the girls advised that her son in law was tested for Covid yesterday, and as she spent last weekend with the family, it all depends on his result whether she can come tonight. If he is positive then she will need to be tested…..😱

    If she can’t make it I might postpone until she can make it, it wouldn’t feel right to be drinking prosecco while she is at home waiting for a Covid test ☹️

    @markie99, and all others struggling with civil unrest…..please take care of yourselves. It seems like the world has gone mad and it’s a movie set gone wrong and it’s a bad dream………the only things we can control are ourselves, so give ourselves the grace to be kind to ourselves and each other and we will prevail.

    I am so very grateful for this forum and the opportunity to be with like minded people from all over the world, and I give a virtual hug to you all…yes, ALL of you…….
    See, I told ya I was turning hippie ☺️

    Have a great Friday.

    Day 9 Stoupa Greece OMAD.

    Just checking in to say hello. We are off to Athens tomorrow. It’s so chilled here, and we are outdoors all the time, so COVID-19 seems a long way away. I am always ready to come home by the end of a holiday, but not this time. DH keeps saying ‘ we might as well stay here’, which seems exciting and slightly mad at the same time.
    @Daffodil2010- I know what you mean about the grounding sounding hippieish. I have a very right on friend who has tried lots of alternative ideas over the 40 ( really? 40?) years I’ve known her, and I’ve usually responded with rolled eyes and enormous skepticism. But it seems to work, so I’m sticking with it. My friend has bought a grounding sheet, and reports better sleep and aches and pains reduced, and another friend with insomnia now sleeps well with hers. But I still think just the basic, walking barefoot on the ground is the best way of grounding.

    Day 9 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    So tired, cold and hungry yesterday that my Thursday FD developed into a CD, not a complete failure but not good enough when I need to shift my Covid gain. DTF hasn’t happened this week either 😔. Still missing my mojo and despite feeling optimistic for October I just can’t get my fasting rhythm back so I will concentrate on healthy eating and attempt my next FD on Monday.

    Thanks for the hippie hug @daffodil2010 🙂

    @emma-taylor Greece sounds perfect and the UK is set for a terrible winter so I think your DH’s idea is good….stay there 😉

    Take care and stay safe everyone 🤗

    Day 9 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Friday weigh in … despite Mrs IHL feeding me up and not much walking, yet again no change, which is a result!

    @markie99 – hope things settle down soon for you and keep safe.

    Had a very interesting conversation with dietician yesterday. Went through my history, especially recent weight loss etc. She wanted to know about the regime and was very good, interested and impressed with all the hard work and full of praise.

    This was followed with a slight surprise, during the treatment (chemo/radiotherapy) I’m not going to be able to eat normal sized meals (that bit was no surprise) as swallowing is going to be difficult/painful.
    The surprise was the list of things she suggested I eat and have 5 or 6 portions a day, basically graze on stuff I’ve been avoiding for over a year! Dairy, whole milk, cheese, cream etc plus high protein and high calorie food. Having said that, she was very good and wants me to try and maintain my weight, virtually everyone having this treatment loses weight despite the high calorie diet.
    The good news is I can eat virtually anything and everything I want, the bad news is I won’t want to. So the warthog will still be unhappy 🙂

    Managed a slightly longer walk yesterday afternoon seeing as the sun was shining, showery wet day so might have to dodge around them and have a couple of shorter ones today.

    Take care all.

    Day 9
    Stretched, swam fast/ slow for 20 minutes in coldish ocean pool (16 deg C)
    2 light meals only;
    Kept off carbs;
    Lapsed for one piece of bread as I mopped up the chicken juices….

    Day 9 CD UK

    Not ready to add my name to FD list yet but jogging along quite nicely. Small reduction each day but need to increase loss otherwise I will be forever getting to my short term gaol, especially if I eat out which I seem to be doing, catching up on Covid cancellations earlier in the year.
    Flue jab tomorrow so hope I don’t have any repercussions.
    Have been incorporating small walks and some exercise within my limitations.

    My goal is to be less than 11 stones, 154 lbs by the end of the month and at the moment I have 3.5 lbs to go.

    Love some of the quotes at the end of the posts, some of them really resonate.


    Day 9 Wisconsin USA CD

    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement @ccco @northerndawn @stitchincarol @penz @daffodil2010 @i-hate-lettuce @missybear and for allowing me to post what is actually happening in my life. I considered just not mentioning the unrest, but trying to keep it real on this forum without getting political or divisive.

    Followed my plan yesterday with the exception of practicing yoga but was happy to get all of my steps in and more. Having lunch in the park today with a friend. Just going to pack my usual eclectic combination of a few cubes of fruit, vegetables and cheese along with a small handful of almonds/walnuts. Dinner will be vegetable and rice stuffed peppers with eggplant from the farmer’s market.

    @missybear hope your mojo is found soon. It might be closer than you think.
    @basyjames good luck, you’re in the right place
    @emma-taylor you’re making me very curious about grounding and I’m going to research it
    @toady congrats on a successful fast
    @dykask glad you’re feeling back to normal
    @annabelle48 you seem to be doing very well

    Day 9 Plan
    16:8, avoid sugar and processed foods
    Eat under my TDEE
    Continue walking and daily yoga

    Take care everyone. Remember, you can’t do anything about getting older, but you can be immature for the rest of your life. 🙂

    Day 9 Murrells Inlet SC CD

    I lost my post from yesterday ugh. Yesterday was a good Fast Day as I stayed right at 500 calories. I will weigh myself on Monday, already feeling lighter. The Mudra cards really came in handy.

    I had a friend call and said she was heading down to Myrtle Beach for a few days and wanted to hook up. Of course I had to decline due to this darn pandemic. With my husbands cancer and the fact that he is also in a Clinical Trail, well we have to be extra carefully.

    I still have to get groceries delivered and the only place we go is to speech therapy and doctors. Praying this ends soon.

    “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” Have a great day everyone.

    Day 9 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Yesterday’s FD became a CD, and it seems I’m not alone in that. Change of seasons, maybe? I had a disjointed week, and feel out of rhythm this week.

    @missybear I am with you……I am going to concentrate on healthy eating, exercise, and relationships/family get together this weekend, and re-set next week with renewed focus. See you on the lists Monday!

    @i-hate-lettuce I hope things go better than what the dietician expects. You never know. Higher fat and protein intake may be why people eat less and lose weight, in addition to the chemo….. I know I feel like eating less with the high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. I believe there are studies by Dr. Valter Longo that show that less food intake, lower insulin levels during chemo are advantageous. It’s not mainstream standard of care at this time, though. But interesting.

    @basyjames Hang in there, and see you Monday on the lists, maybe? I’m very comfortable with walking the “slow and steady” path this time around. It’s better for me in the long term, I have found, more sustainable. I allow myself to be human with human setbacks, at this age. Better than the perfectionist I was when younger. I’m much happier, and so are the people around me😉,😁. I’m sure your mojo will reappear.🤗

    Day 9 – at 8500 feet in Colorado, USA – Hopefully under TDEE 🤣🤣🤣

    @penz, I’m right there with you, not sure I want to make a promise to myself, because I’m finding any thought of control more than I’m interested in observing. So, I’m trying to be reasonable at least, and calling it life. And it IS life, and it’s grand to be around DD, DSIL, and DGD.

    I tried to do a Leslie walk this morning using my laptop, but not only did my downloaded video stop after only a couple minutes (the internet up here is really, really bad, so I thought I was fixing it by downloading it…oh well), but I realized I’d forgotten to account for exercising at elevation, because after those three minutes, I was very breathless and very glad to stop. We’re off to do a walk in the next half hour or so, so I’ll get exercise.

    I’m managing to read the posts, but only barely, and don’t have time to respond just yet. Perhaps later today. Perhaps tomorrow. Or perhaps when we get home.

    I’m cheering on all of us as we struggle to rest, or as we have a blip in an otherwise good month, or as we sail on, doing well–I know that there are examples of all of these in the group, and wherever you fall on the scale of commitment, I’m cheering you on!

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Sending much love and prayers for you, @markie99 that your area settles down and safety returns. I can surmise from the news where you are, and in my childhood we visited dear family friends who lived about where you are. The dad was a Schlitz executive back in the 50’s – 70’s, and our trip up from a Chicago suburb was always pleasant. Hugs to you.

    I’m with you @stitchincarol that we all struggle along with our own issues and concerns!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 – USA/GA – NFD

    Oops, just realized my morning post didn’t post! I guess I was logged out and didn’t realize it when I switched off the computer. Since it’s so late, I’ll redo my latest Wesley and Lola episode on Day 10. See you on Saturday!

    Day 10 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Sun’s bursting through and the rains stopped, so off to the farmers market for a supply of goodies and a wander.

    One of the things about this WOL is, obviously, we’re going to be even more aware about our food. We have always been supporters of small suppliers wherever possible, but if we were going to be eating less, we were going to eat better.
    Luckily we are both good cooks, although I tend to do all the ‘prep and baking our bread, Mrs IHL tends to enjoy the actual cooking (especially she doesn’t bake as much as she used to, unless there’s a fundraiser or as recently, preparing for Christmas)

    So between us we’ve got it covered, our daughter once commented when she was visiting and we were all in the kitchen making a meal, ‘you guys are like a team of mechanics at the Grand Prix, I’m just going to sit here out of the way.’
    Funny, we knock up meals in no time and clear up equally as quickly, there’s so much talk about ‘fast food’ on the TV, (although we love long slow cooking), we can knock up a meal in the time it would take to get to the nearest takeaway, mind you that’s a couple of miles away 😉

    Take care all

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    My girls night didnt happen as my friend was still waiting to hear about the Covid test of her son in law. The negative result came in last evening so I have rearranged our night for tonight.

    And why didn’t I organise this night for a Saturday in the first place as I am so much more relaxed as I have the day to prepare. Getting home from work at 6pm with guests arriving at 7.30pm for dinner did not give me much time.

    Looking forward to the catch up, my friend is so relieved she doesn’t need testing, so there will be a few glasses of wine and perhaps a cocktail tonight.

    Have a great Saturday.

    Day 10 – Australia – CFD

    Did another 16.5:7.5 – broke my fast with a ‘brunch’ about 10, 2 eggs on 2 Rivita. Had a snack around 11 as I didn’t want to waste the last yogurt sitting in the fridge, unfortunately this and the fact I was craving another chilli con carne microwave meal for dinner meant that today turned into a CFD rather than the MFD cause I went almost 200 calories over my 800 limit, oops! But it was worth it. Had a small lunch of a carrot and hummus (really need to find more of that lower calorie hummus again!)

    @i-hate-lettuce – Glad that the rain stopped and you were about to go out and ‘forage’. Did get a giggle at your daughter’s comment of you and Mrs IHL working in the kitchen like a couple of Grand Prix mechanics.

    @daffodil2010 – Hope that your Saturday night catch up went well!!

    Day 10, Emden Germany, NFD
    Day 9 NFD

    I thought, I posted yesterday but I can’t find the post.

    @markie99 I hope things have a calmed down by now, it’s not a good situation to be in.

    @stitchincarol Enjoy your time with the family. Interesting thought about promissing something to oneself. I’ll have to think about that one.

    @northerndawn In the end everything will be fine, I’m just not dealing as well as I shoud. I hope they get it done on time so we can move on. The cat enjoys life at the moment, he’s with me all day while I am browsing magazines and books to find renovation inspiration.

    @i-hate-lettuce I really like your positive attitude.

    @daffodil2010 What a relief! Enjoy your evening.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 10 UK NFD

    Hi all , got back from Rome very late last night . I was a bit concerned but everything went well and we had a great time , weight up a few pounds ( as anticipated) aiming to gradually get back to normal eating over the weekend and I’ll be on all the lists Monday morning

    Day 10 post 2

    Re part of an earlier post by

    @markie99 – “allowing me to post what is actually happening in my life. I considered just not mentioning the unrest, but trying to keep it real on this forum without getting political or divisive.”

    I had similar thoughts but regarding health issues, but then thought that is part of what this group is about? Life and all of its ups and downs.
    I certainly find being able to post on here my ups and downs help me enormously, no criticism from anyone, encouragement and positive thoughts abound.

    Day 10, London, UK, NFD

    I’ve been MIA for a few days, the leaky roof ended up shorting all the lights, so I’m in a hotel and awaiting confirmation that the roof repair will happen sooner rather than later. There’s been mention of it taking until the end of the year!!! Changing the buildings’ appearance means permissions to be applied for etc, etc. etc!!!!! Red tape!!! Frustration doesn’t come close to describing it!!

    Anyway, I’m doing my own kind of fasting at the moment, grabbing food where & when I can since the hotel is kitchen-free!! A snack box of cheese, prosciutto, olives, cucumber, pickles & tomatoes does the trick for an evening meal, I think I’m designed for a Med diet!!

    I’m off to look for somewhere more long term to live.

    I’ll catch up on posts later, Stay strong everyone!!

    “When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.” – Theodore Roosevelt

    Day 10 Wisconsin USA

    Yesterday was a good day for exercise and diet except – Ack! I ate a cookie! Medium-sized with a thick layer of bright orange frosting and brown and white sprinkles. It was not a cookie I would choose. My sweet, emphasis on the sweet, friend brought them to our lunch in the park and I didn’t know how to say no. She brought 5 – I managed to get away with just eating one.

    I don’t have many people forcing food on me – how would others handle a situation like that?

    Heading out to the farmer’s market and an outdoor yoga class (taught by someone else) so I know I’ll meet that part of my plan today. I’ve been reaching 10,000+ steps nearly every day so I’m going to set that as a goal on my Fitbit (currently at 8500).

    Eating is another matter today. Celebrating our 51st wedding anniversary (I was 20, my OH was 21 so now you know, lol), so we’re having a special dinner tonight. Our anniversary coincides with a harvest dinner our town does in the autumn. Usually it’s set up outdoors on long tables in our village area with a choice of appetizer, entree, dessert and wine from restaurants in the vicinity. This year it is virtual, so we’re picking up our pre-ordered and prepared dinner in the early evening and taking it home to dine.

    I’ve adjusted my plan accordingly. Good luck to everyone today.

    @snowflake56, @songbirdme and @i-hate-lettuce and once again to everyone else, sincere thanks to you all for your concern and comforting words. I can’t express how much that means to me, especially as a new member of this group.

    @flourbaby, I’m so sorry that your home situation has come to this point. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you find a permanent place soon. Keep posting whenever you can. And I fully approve your Med meal plan.

    Day 9 Plan:
    Continue walking and daily yoga

    Day 10. OMAD Athens. Greece.

    @markie99 – I get lots of very unhelpful comments when I say I’m doing one meal a day, so if people try to press food on me I fib a bit and pretend I’ve had an ‘enormous’ breakfast/ lunch whatever, and ask if I can eat whatever they are offering later. Then if I don’t fancy whatever it is I chuck it in a bin and forget about it. Don’t want to hurt anybody but I also don’t want to hurt myself…..
    @flourbaby – what a complete pain. That must be bad if you’ve had to go to a hotel. I hope you find somewhere better soon.
    Just check into an amazing apartment in Athens. V cheap and v lovely. Seriously thinking of changing our flights back. Just don’t want to come home.

    Day 10 – USA/GA – NFD

    Managed to keep the weight at 241 lbs. yesterday and today (after fasting until after shopping this morning)! At 1/3 of the way through the month, I’m not really sure I’ll meet my goal this month (still 5 lbs. away), but I will see what happens! I may have to make some adjustments in my monthly targets. I do feel that maybe sometime next week, I’ll be exiting The 240s Club.


    Lola does a little jog while crossing her arms and rubbing both arms briskly with her hands. “How much longer until the Uber shows up?” Wesley looks down at his phone. “About ten minutes.” As Wesley and Lola look up the road, something catches the corner of my eye directly across the street. In a dark alley between two brick buildings, a pair of glowing yellow eyes is looking directly at us. They suddenly disappear. I squint to see better, but there’s nothing there. I sigh, thinking I must be really exhausted, and look up into the night sky. If it weren’t for the light pollution, I could probably see a few more of the stars poking through the clouds. The moon doesn’t appear to be out, or maybe it’s a new moon? Who knows. I look up the road with Lola and Wesley to keep a lookout for the Uber. Once again, I catch a glint of of something across the street. I return my attention to the alley and let out an audible gasp. “Yikes! You scared me,” Lola said. “What is it?” I point across the street, “do you both see that?” Now Wesley is looking. A pair of glowing yellow eyes is now fixed right upon us. Before anyone can say anything, the eyes begin to bob up and down, completely fixated on the three of us. They seem to be coming closer and closer…


    @markie99 Congratulations on your anniversary!

    @flourbaby Stay strong! Sorry to hear about your living arrangements. Maybe things will speed along.

    @brightonbelle I loved eating my way through Italy in 2017. Strangely enough though, when I returned, I ended up weighing less than when I left! However, that probably had more to do with my weird layovers with little time to eat anything except the cross-Atlantic airline food 🙂 Now, to get back to that 2017 post-Italy weight — hopefully before the year ends!

    Hope everyone out there has a great weekend. We’re going to try to stay dry as Hurricane Delta passes nearby today and overnight.

    Day 10 Murrells Inlet South Carolina FD

    Yesterday turned into a FD instead of a CD as I came down with food poisoning, most likely from older than I thought cold cuts in the fridge. I was so sick I am sure I lost a pound as nothing would stay down. Today trying to heal with bone broth and crackers. Going to try and eat a little for dinner. I am sure it will be under 500 calories again today. My normal fd’s are Monday and Thursday and the rest of the days are CD’s while doing 18:6.

    The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Have a great day everyone.

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Hanging in there with maintenance.

    @diana123 – you’ve got a good plan going there with 2 FD’s along with 18:6. More power to you.

    @i-hate-lettuce – your cooking regimen sounds like you’ve got it down to a science! I love it.

    One cookie? @markie99 – this WOL allows for that with no problem. One thought is you could tell your friend “just a half – I’m really watching my sugars” to satisfy her. And Happy Anniversary to you! You’re right behind us -also married at 20 & 21. We will have 52 years in January. Enjoy your celebration!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 11, Emden Germany, NFD

    @flourbaby That sounds really bad, do you have any idea when everything will be repaired?

    @diana123 I hope you feel better by now.

    @missybear I also tend to get cold on FDs, I always have chicken broth in the freezer. It tastes good and mostly helps to get me warm again.

    @markie99 Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I have one “feeder” friend, when we go there for lunch or dinner, we decide what to eat together. I had to learn to say no without hurting her, she is such a nice person.

    @emma-taylor Just go for exciting and slightly mad, when do you ever get the chance again? If there is nothing that calls you back home again, why not take this oppertunity to stay there a bit longer esp. if the apartment is cheap and lovely.

    @brightonbelle Welcome back again!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    D11 CD UK Lake District

    Well I am back to continue my journey after spending a few nights away in Scotland. We were very nervous about going as we have been shielding and it was the first night away from home since the beginning of lockdown . As it turned out everything worked out fine. We did check on the hotel’s virus position and how they were managing social distancing. We had breakfast and dinner in the restaurant and avoided the lounge areas. We spent two days walking the coastal path which was lovely and we only got wet once, so all in all a lovely break.

    I am back now and don’t plan to compensate for all the lovely food I have had this week but will just carry on where I left off. So it will be a CD for me today.

    Exercise Day 11
    @kazoo swim

    Happy Sunday.

    Day 11 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @flourbaby – Nothing worse than being held up by ‘officialdom’ especially in the sort of circumstance you find yourself in. Hope you find somewhere more suitable temporarily and you can get home sooner rather than later.

    @kazoo – Just love Scotland, bigger version of the Lakes, so not as busy! We can’t wait to get back up there and visit ‘the kids’.

    Had a bit of a round the houses trip out to the farmers market yesterday, but well worth the effort. Stocked up from the farmer/butcher which will cover us for a good few weeks now.
    Fabulous morning here, beautiful sunrise, but a very cool start to the morning.
    Time for another wander this morning, get tried more easily so not going as far but still getting out.

    Take care all

    Day 11 – NSW, Australia – NFD

    Another 16:8 today, some carrot sticks and hummus for a brunch. Again FD800 day went out the window when I gave into that craving for pizza, but the two lowest calorie ones on the Dominos menu. I think after a week we’re allowed a few higher days, not like I binged out on a block of chocolate or something.

    Hopefully tomorrow I might have a better day, and figure out the cause for these random dizzy spells. Maybe hormones, maybe fasting or low calories, I’m not really sure.

    Day 11, London UK, NFD,

    Thanks for the hotel related commiserations!! I suppose it’s a good thing not to have my own kitchen handy ………………..or is it? …….since I’ve stocked the hotel room with crisps & popcorn, just in case I starve to death!!!………………… Old habits I guess, anxiety over perhaps NOT having food to hand for more than 10 mins!!! I thought fasting had cured that particular neurosis!!!!
    I’m about to press the button on a years’ lease, no short terms available, but my mental health will NOT survive 3 months in a hotel ……………….. not unless it’s the Savoy!!!! No doubt the repairs will NOT be completed by December, so although a bit of a risk, I think I may get compensated for at least 6 months, fingers crossed anyway!!

    @emma-taylor I’m imagining your Athens hotel since I’m sure it’s sooooooo much more attractive & welcoming than the one I’m in. I think I mentioned I live in Crystal Palace, so the hotel views are exceptional, but the hotel?……………………………. Not so much!!!!!

    A quick one for @daffodil2010 since we’ve been riding the same damned bucking bronco for a while (I did say Bucking!!) …………….. TOM reappeared after 7 months, then 2 months later, then today ………………….. 1 week later!!!! I know we women are like teabags, but I’m about to lose the plot with everything else going on in my life!!!! Rant complete!!!!

    Oh yes, to elaborate ……………………

    “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

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