October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 10 – Lake District UK – FD

    Morning everybody

    Today is FD before getting on the scales in the morning, Friday is my ‘official’ weekly check. Been weird not jumping on the scales each day, maybe I normally get on each day and think ‘doing OK keep going’ or ‘gone up a bit, need to focus’. Either way feeling much better as I keep going.

    Weathers fine this morning so decent walk today, been dodging showers recently and having to do a few short busts of walking, luckily we are in an area where we have loads of short walks round the village, amazing how many people spot me belting on ‘Man on a mission’ is often the comment! Its true, no gym for me, by the time I’ve driven to the nearest gym I’ve burned 500 calories walking!

    Good luck all on FD today and take care all.

    Pocket list for today –

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Disaster yesterday; I broke every rule in the book! Even the ‘dry til Fri’ one! It seems as if a few of us are struggling to get our mojo on this week. At least I’m not blowing my fast days; I may just need to do an extra one this week 😥

    Welcome, @andrea-j

    Big re-set today; may need to get that button fixed 🔘 Let’s do this! ✔

    Pocket List- Day 10

    USA Day 10 NFD

    Jumping in for accountability!

    Day 10 – UK – NFD

    Unfortunately I didn’t manage B2B – first day went well thanks to lots of water but I just lacked the will power when colleagues all had a piece of home baked cake! I haven’t told my colleagues that i’m doing 5 2, I want to keep it to myself, i’d rather they know when I start to shed the weight. I’ll have to plan ahead for situations like that by following @rabbette’s advice.

    I mustn’t be too hard on myself, one fast day done & plan to do another tomorrow.

    I’m still going to give B2B another go next week!

    Day 10 Melb Aust NFD

    I’ve decided I really need to calorie count for a while. Many of the posts are reminding me of how easy it is to be self-delusionable (if that’s a word) over how many calories are actually being eaten. The next few days will be rough, as I have a few birthday “dos” organised. Significant (70) birthday, so appreciate people being kind, but still…..

    @rabbette, glad you’re allowing your toe time to heal properly. Frustrating though it may be financially, it will only be temporary, if you allow proper healing to occur. I have taken note of the need (for me) to consciously be drinking more water. Also good to read that the scales have been moving down for you already this week. Have you tried limiting yourself to your TDEE on your NFDs?

    @metatauta, great that you’ve been able to increase your exercise. I hope the respiratory challenges settle quickly.

    @tlc2, congratulations on the successful B2B FDs

    @rafiki44, Now I get it re your FDs. I guess I assumed your OH had a regular Monday to Friday job. I think I’ll follow your pattern for next week and use up the food that’s in the house rather than buy more. After the next few days I will really have to have a few good FDs.

    @bellyblast, hope your day 8 FD went well.

    @dykask, re the video, I’m sure you’re right, the portion sizes must have been huge.

    @matpi, good to have a controlled bites NFD, both Day 9 and Day 10. Hope you can find your weights somewhere in the boxes soon. It can be so frustrating trying to unpack.

    @snowflake56, hello for days 9 & 10. Good that you’re checking in.

    @funshipfreddie, re The Obesity Code, yes, looking forward to reading it. Probably start it next week.

    @at, great exercising!!!! Good idea re the library. I’ll see if they have it. Then if I like the book, I can go ahead and buy it.

    @granada293, good that you’re checking in.

    @andreaj, great idea to hide the food “goodies” – sometimes the best place to “hide” them is the bin, unless you have others in the household who might want to eat them. By the way, just a convention we use on this forum – for the first post on a day (using the date of the month) we start with day, location, and whether it’s a FD, NFD, or whatever, then write underneath. If anyone posts a second time on the same day, they just write Day X, second post. Look at what others are doing.

    @flourbaby, oops, the NFDs cancel out the B2B2Bs- maybe try to make a couple of the NFDs into TDEEs?? Sorry one of the FDs didn’t work, but you’re doing another so that’s a plus, plus you eliminated the temptation by allowing the “young-uns” to clean up the rest of it for you. Great idea 🙂

    @ciren2, chuckled over your error – was going to ask you, then saw your second post. Hope the weather stayed nice for you today. Sounds like you’d best enjoy it while you have it.

    @songbirdme, hope the FD went well.

    @lilymartin, keep on keeping on. If one day’s FD doesn’t work, then the next day’s will. Don’t give up. This is a lifelong process, don’t expect to turn a marathon into a sprint.

    @ccco, good that you’ve been increasing your activity, and the FDs and FD800s are working for you.

    @mia139, congratulations on a successful day 9 FD and 7 p.m. kitchen closure. It will get easier as you continue with this WOL.

    @brightonbelle, you may have had a “not great” day, but you’re persevering, and that IS great!

    Well, that’s it for tonight. I will try for a FD tomorrow (Day 11) and for the birthday meals, aim for restraint. Let’s keep posting and encouraging each other!

    Day 10 second post

    Three people snuck in while I was writing, so I’ll add comments to them:

    @funshipfreddie, we need to reset together. Let’s go for it!

    @ccco, good to see you keeping up the accountability

    @tlc2, one FD, second not – one is better than none! There’s always next week. 🙂

    Day 10 – Devon post

    @betsylee thanks 😊

    @flourbaby: Well, well….the weather forcast was wrong…..again. The first of several showers fell on me before 11am! I hope you sunshine lasted somewhat longer.
    @betsylee: Call it a Freudian Slip……maybe I SHOULD retire??
    What!? and grow fat(ter?

    Hi everyone this is my first day of posting and fasting.
    I have tried before but always cracked.
    It will be interesting to see just how much weight i can lose in October and be able to maintain that weight loss.

    Day 10 Canada FD

    Yesterday was odd, or at least I was! It got to early afternoon and I started thinking what an easy FD it was, then I remembered it was actually a NFD. Yikes, either losing the plot here or just busy :

    I love the idea of “won’t power” @lilymarin it’s something that comes and goes thats for sure.

    Lovely sunny day here so planning a walk, will be thinking of that man on a mission @i-hate-lettuce 🙂

    I feel lots of hitting the reset button is going on at the moment, that’s the great thing about this WOL- no failure just a new day. My scales are being friendly at the moment and there is a downward shift, finally, so I am focussing on keeping it up

    Pocket List- Day 10

    Post 2 day 10

    Thanks for thinking of me @bellyblast only managed a short mission today, flaming rain … grrr

    Nearly finished today’s FD recorded everything this week see what getting on the scales do tomorrow!

    Day 10 UK FD

    Third FD in a row. Another so busy day at work so no lunch today either. Have just had some home made veg soup and now on fresh fruit with yogurt and the kitchen is now closed!
    Thanks to all the suggestions to help me avoid my toast and jam issue!

    Day 11 – Japan – WFD (#71 in 2019)

    Hopefully #71 will go better than #70 did!

    Day 10, VA, USA, FD B2B2B2B or CD
    (I’m open to today being a CD) I’ll see if I’m hungry later…

    I woke this morning before I even went down stairs and smelled anything, I wanted breakfast. After my weigh-in which Mr Particular has been pretty motiving with their readings 🙂 in favor of the fasting work I’ve been doing. I had breakfast.I heated up a 1/4 of a KETO waffle I had made and stored in the freezer, 1 scrambled egg, and 1oz of cheese with a sliced tomato.

    It was nice to want breakfast because I wanted it, not because I smelled it or fantasized about some breakfast item someone mentioned. I feel like I have been working up to that moment all my life. I want to be ok with wanting food when I actually want it.

    Next in my brain I’m working on ‘feeling’ how much is the full amount.

    Yeah last week I fasted for 6 days – that was, I think my longest continued fast (regular fasting with broth and veggies in the evening.) and it felt great. I’m ready tho for more reasonable meals tho. I can feel it. I don’t want to get fasting fatigue.

    This week I’m feeling more spry even tho I have to stay with my foot propped up.

    I’ve noticed that I feel lighter. Like it is easier to do core poses. The only ones I can do for 6 weeks. Hell looks like I should be getting some abs of steel!

    Will catch up with your post a bit later. Hugs!

    Day 10 – USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday’s FD did go well, about 650 calories in one meal. Thanks @betsylee for your inquiry and support!

    Lunch out today was tomato basil soup and Caesar salad. Supper will be a cheeseburger, though, as DH wants to grill on what will likely be our last warm day for quite a while. Cold front is on its way.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 11: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Woke up to hear yet MORE rain hammering down outside. Maybe it will stop before I go out on delivery? Maybe it won’t? Do I have some vague memory that we had quite a dry summer? That’ll be the reason for all this wretched rain, if so…

    @is-right: Welcome. Every success to you!

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Feeling a little more upbeat today. Hadn’t planned on going to the gym yesterday, but I went anyway, & did a penance of 40 minutes on the elliptical. And I’m going again now, before I change my mind 🏃‍♂️

    The stubborn scales are not reflecting my efforts though, despite yesterday’s FD. So it’s a very sensible NFD today, with an extra FD tomorrow.

    @is-right – welcome to the October Challenge!

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 11 – Lakes UK – CFD

    New low, 1 lb off this week, now down by 18 lb since end of July !

    Odd how things go, a good week and one pound gone, previous week not quite as good (calorie wise) and lost 3 lbs. However if it was a pound a week for a year ….

    Think I’ll be back to daily weigh in, all last week not getting on scales, waited until this mornings weekly weigh in. Wish this weather would settle, not getting out just as much walking and a load to do in the garden.
    However, the hills on my ‘man on a mission walks’ are getting easier!

    Take care all

    Day 11, London, UK, NFD

    I’m hoping to keep busy this weekend so I can avoid daydreaming about chocolate!!! It’s got to be hormones playing with my mind!!!

    @dykask, good luck with #71, I’ve done two or three WFDs in the past, but they were purely by accident or due to illness, if I put any thought into doing one I get scared!!

    @i-hate-lettuce & @ciren2, I think we got all the rain you had yesterday, last night …………….. and it’s still here, just in time for the weekend!!!

    I’m off to Pilates in a little while, then off to my mums to cook her some lunch & spend the day chatting & eating & relaxing with her, maybe we’ll go for a walk if the rain stops …………………… can you tell I’m delaying the housework until later??

    Happy Fasting folks!!

    Day 11 Melb Aust NFD

    What is it with me? Eek! Planning a B2B2B2B2B next week after birthday indulgences, so even before the birthday “dos”, I’m overeating. Stop it! Actually, it’s okay. This WOL allows for blips, so we need to have an overall aim for lower weight but kindness towards ourselves in the process. It is SO nice not to have the anger at myself I’ve experienced in the past with other weight loss sagas, because I know it will turn around.

    @tlc2, good that you’re reading and posting. Keep up the accountability.

    @is right, welcome to the forum. Maybe check out information on page 1 of the forum, and also put your name on the spreadsheet if you want to monitor your eating and weight more closely over the month.

    @ciren2, sorry to read of you ending up getting wet despite the weather forecast, and today has been even worse. Re retirement, despite its benefits, one of the BIG downfalls is that you have to make a conscious decision to exercise, rather than it being a natural part of work requirements.

    @bellyblast, great that the scales are continuing to go down!

    @i hate lettuce, good that the scales also have been kind to you. Whether 3 pounds or 1 pound in a week, it’s a downward movement.

    @dykask, how did FD #71 for the year go?

    @rabbette, great to read that fasting and eating control have improved so much. That is such a good feeling.

    @SongBordMe, yay you for a good FD on Day 11

    @funshipfreddie, great that you’re exercising so much. Maybe the scales aren’t moving because there’s more muscle and less fat??

    @flourbaby, I can understand the lure of chocolate. I haven’t inflicted it on myself, but maybe a couple of pieces of 100% cacao chocolate might turn off the urge?

    Okay, so we’re progressing through day 11, so 20 more days to make October a successful month. Onward and downwards, everyone! 🙂

    Day 11 UK NFD

    Right leaving now for a short while Off to Sicily tomorrow will rejoin you all for the last 3rd of the month Good Luck everyone See you soon x

    Day 11 , Leeds UK, FD

    FD going well so far, just need to make sure the day ends well. Have a good weekend everyone.

    Day 11 Canada NFD

    A respectable FD yesterday, friends coming by for dinner tonight so going to make this a OMAD to allow for some indulgences.

    Whoah @betsylee that’s a lot of B2B’s! I agree that this WOL makes it easy to just get back on task though and not feel angry

    @flourbaby I find chocolate so addictive and can eat ridiculous quantities, I am best not eating any. I think I can remember Michael Mosley saying it was the same for him so at least we are in good company.

    The cold front arrived here a few weeks ago and has stayed @songbirdme definitely feeling less like salad weather, hope you enjoyed the warm night.

    Glad you are in tune with your body @rabette!

    Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

    Day 11, VA, USA, CD or FD

    Again not sure which way I’ll go CD or FD. I’m trying to let my body give me a chance to get to know what it feels like at each stage of the eating/feeding process.

    I started with breakfast again of a 1/2 scrambled egg and some fresh chopped onions and squash, sautéed with Braggs aminos. It was a small portion probably about 1/2 cup (normally for a breakfast I was piling it high) as I LOVE breakfast. Today I was not hungry for breakfast *I wanted it after I smelled the squash sautéing with the Braggs aminos (I was cooking the breakfast) I normally cook the breakfast for my Sweetheart even on my FDs as it doesn’t bother me. Also of NOTE: a espresso with pumpkin spice almond milk.

    So after eating the breakfast today – I’m feeling full. Like almost a little too full (not the gotta unbutton my pants kind of full – haha) but a full type feeling that I can not figure out if I like it. Or how to like it?

    Oooooop – I may have made a little discovery (will need future research) but the almost too full feeling may have been from the almond milk *I realized I’ve not had milk in my espresso/coffee in about 3 months as I have found it makes me way more hungry in the afternoon. Cant wait to see how the lunch time treats me (little bit of sarcasm there) feeling “hollow” (thats usually the “fake hunger feeling” I get and I assume the almond milk is prob the cause, b/c yesterday I had breakfast even with a little cheese and didn’t feel like this at noon (((let alone its only 10:30 right now)))

    @funshipfreddie – Its ok FDs and EFS is part of life. Indulging happens, I know I sure did last Sunday for what ever reason, ate sushi AND 2 decadent desserts. Why? I’m not sure. I mean I know I was hungry and ready to eat, but did I really need 2 desserts? No but did I want both of them! YES! It was a good reminder stepping on the scale on Monday that YES when I DOOOOOO just go EPIC I can gain upwards of 5lbs in one evening and it was a bugger to work off during this weeks FDs. But its all about finding a rhythm that lets you enjoy and feel the “burn”.

    @tlc2 – home baked cake. That one is a little bit tough because I do like the effort put into home made desserts. However (being a dessert snob helps) I mean if I’m at someones house and they made cake I’ll have a piece, I’m not going to be rude. At work tho, there are plenty of people to share in the awesomeness of cake and giving praises to the baker. – So my tricks for dealing with snacks (I’m more of a snack craving kind of person) my tips.

    Tips for dealing with snacks/treats/junk food. asking the questions:

    1st – Do I need it?
    2nd – what are the calories?
    3rd – Do I really think it will taste as good as I think it will?
    4th – How will I feel after I eat the item?
    5th – What does make me feel good?
    ******** breakdown of the dialog in my head as I answer these questions….
    ***1st – asking the question – Do I need it?
    (The answer is no but lets be honest will we really stop right there. I won’t.)
    ***2nd – what are the calories? If I don’t know… then what is a good guesstimate? (Lets look up a serving of box cake… this is what it means to me to “keep it REAL” (160 – 280 calories in a 1/10 of a box deepening on the flavor) thats just plain cake, no icing. AND was the cake cut into at least 10 pieces AND did they make a double recipe b/c they were brining it into work… So the servings may be bigger due to the baker)
    ***3rd – Do I really think it will taste as good as I think it will? (This is were being a dessert snob helps, I honestly just don’t like the way most things taste because they are too sweet. I have even finally come to terms with that crisp (potato chips) are not as tasty as I thought they were either. When I’m being honest with my snacking and not just stuffing food in my mouth I actually do get a bit more choosy.
    ***4th – How will I feel after I eat the item? This one is a good one, because if I made it through most of my FD and then suddenly I’m challenged by this thing I don’t need AND I know its not really going to make me feel good after I eat it (not the same way a nourishing broth and veggies or fresh arugula *I love arugula* makes me feel) then I’m less open to eating it.
    ***5th – What does make me feel good? Water, Willpower, Veggies, Movement etc. Water is plain but blissful. And heck treat yourself to GOOD SPRING WATER. Its a delight to have really good water and you may find it taste way better and drink more of it. Willpower makes me smile and gives me confidence. Veggies have fiber, water AND vitamins. Movement (sometimes away from the temptation) haha but movement as in change of scenery like a walk outside or a walk up and down stairs (I love stairs, I do not like the stairmaster).

    @betsylee – I’m working on TDEE on NFDs… I need to actually plan a NFD of food and calculate the calories (for like 3 days worth) I like meal planning. I think it would be interesting to feel what it is like to eat UP to my TDEE (because under 800 or over 1900ish) seems to be what happens on my NFDs… I’d like to be in-between *and I think the challenge is that I’ve never actually ate my TDEE so I am probably just not used to the amount so I under/over do it. Ahhhh sigh, all things to work on.

    @is-right – welcome! Good luck on your FDs!

    @i-hate-lettuce – ha liked your description of you tackling the hills! ‘man on a mission walks’ gave me a good chuckle at picturing it as I have had that walk too!

    @suresh3101 – I like having a game plan for my FDs and that keeps me on track. Plan your meal or meals means I don’t have to be frantic looking at all the food.

    @bellyblast – I do that too – OMAD helps with an indulgent evening (especially a social evening)

    Keep on track the wagon is bouncy!

    Day 11. FD. London. UK.

    Going ok so far. Just had a load of mushrooms chopped up with garlic powder and a bit of paprika, sautéed in a little bit of semi skimmed milk. The mushrooms seem to make a lot of liquid so I didn’t need much milk. I NEED a few good fasts. My skirts are tight. H

    Day 11, Emden Germany, FD

    @betsylee Happy 70th Birthday! Not sure if I’m too late or too early, enjoy your celebratory weekend.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 11 – UK – FD600
    Day 10 – CD

    A good week at long last FD600 – FD500 – CD – CD – FD600 – now to ensure that a TDEE weekend follows………

    A lovely walk this morning with no rain and we even had sunshine 🌤 This inspired me to keep to my planned FD with OMAD this evening. So logging on now to write a post to ensure that the kitchen door remains firmly closed!!!!

    @andrea-j – good to hear that your first two days went well – remember that with this WOL it is one day at a time and a bad day does not need to derail you from it!
    @rabbette – I shall work doubly hard at my planks for you 😉 I love you calling your scales “Mr Particular” 😁 Thank you for sharing your tips for dealing with snacks/treats/junk food with us – all common sense but so easily forgotten
    @ciren2 – I can sympathise about eating more at home – it was something I had to work hard at when I retired – however I have to admit that I became overweight in the last 2 years of my working life while working full time……
    @matpi and @rabbette – re the conversation about yoga and losing weight – personally I found that practising yoga gave me more mental discipline – I attach a link to an article which might interest you
    Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga? Types, Exercises, and More
    https://www.healthline.com › health › yoga-for-weight-loss
    @i-hate-lettuce – aren’t we lucky to live in the Lake District – so many opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ My OH is fond of saying “no such thing about bad weather if you are dressed appropriately” when I moan about the rain 🤣 Well done on your new low too!
    @betsylee – sorry I missed your 70th birthday – very happy belated birthday to you – enjoy the celebrations with no guilt and press your RESET button next week 🥂🍾
    @is-right – welcome to this WOL and these monthly challenges – lots of support given here and logging in daily is wonderful for accountability
    @bellyblast – how lovely to have friendly scales…….long may it continue
    @mia139 – well done on your 3rd FD in a row!
    @dykask – 🤞 for your WFD #71
    @flourbaby – how lovely to have such a relaxed day with your mum – bet she looks forward to seeing you
    @brightonbelle – have a fab time in Sicily – enjoy a freshly filled cannolo for me!

    Adding myself to today’s Pocket List to keep me accountable and on track
    @dykask – WFD #71
    @rabbette ??

    You just have to remember that every healthy choice you make is the right one. Just because the scale may not reflect it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. Sending positive vibes to all those in need today 🙏

    Day 11 NFD Ireland
    Hi all! Sorry I disappeared again.. I had a lovely holiday in Italy – we were in the Dolomites and had such good food 🥘 I came back to two good fast days last week but had my birthday too so a lot of the good work was undone but i had a really lovely day 🥺 so not too worried about the gain… except I’m off on my cycling break next weekend and could do with weighing less as I climb those hills 😂😂 but it is what it is!
    I’ve been busy with all my usual stuff and have not read posts but will do so over the weekend. I hope that you are all doing well and look forward to catching up 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 11- Atlanta, Ga.-USA-FD

    Day 11 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Checking in. Doing well.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 11 FD

    FD went well today but it’s the weekend and wine will be imbibed! LOL

    Day 12 – Japan – NFD

    My water fast was easy, so #71 is done. Today is a typhoon day. Hagibis is expected to hit us in about 7 hours. Currently it is pouring rain. So no running or stairs right now. I don’t even want to walk to a train station to try and do indoor stairs. I’m doing pushups and it isn’t fun.

    I normally find water fasting easy. I don’t get the strong hunger feelings once I’m about 20 hours into a fast. I do sometimes feel a bit empty but it isn’t a driving hunger. When I was only using calorie restriction I was almost driven insane by the constant hunger cravings. As I break my fast I’m not even hungry. I’ll eat a bit and then the hunger will start in 10 or 15 minutes. For me hunger cravings are driven more from eating than not eating.

    Now when I first started doing water fasts, it wasn’t so easy. It probably took a few dozen fasts before I stopped being bothered by hunger craving and I could easily sleep through the second night. It took months before it was easy to workout in the fasted state. There was some adjustment I just had to push through. However if you are healthy and have some fat, a 36 hour water fast isn’t likely to harm you and will likely be good for you.

    The key problem I have now is my eating capacity has gone down enough that often a normal meal will leave me feeling overfull and very uncomfortable. I also find myself often eating slower so I can enjoy the food. These things might not sound bad, but it is the adjustment that can pay a bit of havoc with routines, etc.

    Day 11 Ohio, US — NFD (59 bites)
    Day 10 — NFD (59 bites)

    Since I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday, I had intended to hold off with a fast day until today. Well, the treatment also involved some in depth cupping and that has apparently prompted some major detox. Last night I had to be at a 3 hour meeting which I just barely made through. This morning I slept until 10 am and have felt quite wiped out all day. Fortunately I’ve been able to stay on task with the eating, although I might get a little snack in a while if the system wants it.

    @at Thanks for the link. It’s a good article. I have been wondering also if perhaps the yoga helps the whole body to function better, so that there’s less need of supplementing with extra food.

    @dykask Hope that you and your family weather the typhoon in good shape!

    Peaceful night all!

    Day 12: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    What do you know? It’s STILL raining! Yet another wet delivery for me…..unless it stops before I go out around 9am. Prepping the round takes about two hours….but this can be stretched out a bit if need be….!
    @dykask: However, we in the UK are grateful our weather is temperate. Good luck with the coming typhoon.

    Must go…..have a good day everyone out there xx

    Day 12 – New Zealand – NFD

    Well back from a week of holiday. I wasn’t too bad on the calories but I had a lot of sugar and starch which usually makes me gain water weight. I’ve got 3 days to sweat it all out before I weigh myself on Wednesday.

    Have a great day everyone

    Day 12 – UK – CFD

    Morning all, checking in this morning, quick morning shop before Rugby at 11.45 (if Typhoon in Japan permits)
    Not a bad week at all last week, weather curtailed the walking a bit, just not quite as enthusiastic when wet again!

    @at … Yes, we’re lucky, fabulous area, as for weather, just makes the daily march not quite as pleasant!
    @dykask … and here in the UK we’re complaining of rain! Take care keep dry and safe.
    @neilithicman … I recently put 6lb on with holiday food and drink, but once home two weeks to get rid and back on the WOL still losing slowly.

    Take care all have a great weekend.

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Good NFD yesterday, stayed well under TDEE.

    @betsylee & @jaifaim – belated birthday wishes! 🎂

    @dykask – stay safe!

    @betsylee – I’d like to think it’s just muscle gain, but I can’t fool myself. I’ve been getting into some bad habits this week. Two extra large cans of cider – on hump day?!! And a few times recently when I’ve been grocery shopping, I’ve picked up a small bag of sweets by the checkout. Y’know, to munch on in the car on the way home 😳; half of which have gone by the time I’ve reached the car. I love sour worms, tangy tops; anything chewy. And the two small squares of dark chocolate have gradually morphed into four. It’s a slippery slope. So no more. I don’t want to undo all my hard work. I know I can have my cake & eat it – just not the entire cake!

    So it a Saturday FD – who’s getting onboard…? 🍏

    Pocket List – Day 12

    Day 12, London, UK, NFD

    I’m heading to my mums for brunch, so I’ll catch-up & comment on posts later today.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far, the weather here isn’t helping, but what can you do???

    Day 11 – UK – successful FD
    Day 12 – NFD

    Very pleased – succeeded in completing both fast days this week!
    Thanks @rabbette for the tops tips on dealing with home baked cake at work on a FD, very good questions to ask but I think popping out of the office is my preferred choice. You must have cast iron will power, happy birthday 🥳

    USA Day 12 FD

    Down a pound for this week. Just checking in for accountability! 🙂

    Day 12 FD California

    @betsylee – yes DH has a regular week but is a CPA and it’s audit season plus he takes care of his mother who has Parkinson’s and is pretty incapacitated, 1 weekend day per week so I gone at least 15-24 hours for that. So today is my first fast day in at least a week!

    I’m hoping to do a FD today, skip tomorrow then back in to a FD on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday then again on the weekend. Candy corn should be banned as an addictive substance and I have forbidden my husband from buying them again.

    Happy belated birthday to @jaifaim, @betsylee and @rabbette!

    I was lucky with the weather! The rain stopped before I went out on delivery and stayed that way.
    @dykask: An interesting piece you wrote on your experiences with water fasting. I used to do some 36-hour water fasts, and, it’s true, they did get easier with practice. A shame I fell off the wagon after reaching goal. Now, even STARTING a fast seems impossible. As you say, hunger is driven by eating. Ugh!
    @tlc2: Well done this week.
    @ccco: You too.
    @songbirdme: You’re a great role-model for successful maintenance.

    Day 12 – UK – CD

    Busy day and lovely to have no rain in our part of Cumbria for a change!

    Managed to stick to a CD today by doing a OMAD which was lunch out with friends but did include a glass of wine – still only came in under 1200cals 😇

    As feeling a bit peckish atm decided to log in for accountability whilst having a cup of tea then brushing my teeth and taking myself off to bed to remove all thoughts of food from my head…..

    @jaifaim – Happy belated birthday – spending it in Italy in the Dolomites – what could be better!
    @dykask – hope you and your family are keeping safe and Typhoon Hagibis and the earthquake is not affecting you

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend – Remember It’s never too late to change old habits.

    Day 13 – New Zealand – FD

    Well back on the wagon now after a week of holiday eating. If I can hit the gym over the next few days to sweat out the water weight and put up a couple of fast days back to back I should be able to get myself back on track to reach my goal weight by the end of the month.

    Have a great one everyone

    Day 12 Canada NFD

    My OMAD yesterday was great, it allowed me to have a great meal with friends and do no damage. Love it when you can work around important get togethers and still have a plan.

    @at a bit peckish….. I know that feeling and am sure you do to. Hope your plan was successful!

    @jaifaim is there any where in Italy that doesn’t have good food? Seriously, I think it is a country that truly appreciates the good life. Glad you celebrated your birthday, special occasions for sure fit in with this WOL. Happy birthday to all of our forum friends!

    Stay safe @dykask

    Day 12 Ohio, US — NFD (60 bites)

    Fortunately, no snack was needed after I logged in last night. Today the body was still detoxing, so I decided not to make it a FD. With any luck things will be back to normal by Monday, so that I’ll be able to do an ordinary FD then.

    @neilithicman Glad to have you back after holiday! Hope you had great fun!

    @at I completely agree with you about habits, but isn’t that what one nun said to the other? 🙂

    @ciren2 Candy corn can be so tempting, especially with Halloween just around the corner.

    @ccco Good job with the pound lost!

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Non-fast day, yay! Looking forward to poached eggs and avo on toast – after the gym of course.

    Scales are behaving today – back down to 70.4kgs – exactly what I weighed at the start of the month. Maybe my recent extra-sugar consumption was making me retain water.

    Scotland v Japan to go ahead today in Rugby. Should be a lively match. Scotland need a good win.

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Back home after our 4 day circumnavigation of Ireland on the motorcycle completing a Photo Rally that we enter every year. Nearly 2km of scenic Irish roads, 3 hotel stays, Guinness every night, fish and chips for tea……but great fun. Weather was often kind!

    Back to work tomorrow but as DH is still off I won’t attempt an FD until Tuesday (I am with the rest of you guys who prefer to FD when DH is out 😆)

    I won’t weigh officially until maybe Wednesday but I suspect the Guinness has increased my smug post Spain weigh in.

    I have caught up with ya’ll and great to be back on board. I can feel my mojo starting to limber up for next week’s B2B2B

    Have a great Sunday ☺️

    Day 13- Lakes UK – Out to friends tonight good food and excellent wine! FD tomorrow!

    Morning all

    What a fabulous day yesterday, although nothing startling as such, as heading for bed last night thought yeah, really good day, feeling good.
    Yesterday was a trip out to the DIY spot to get paints etc supermarket shopping-then it improved, World Cup rugby, light lunch followed by a long walk in warm sunshine (back to dull and raining this morning) then a couple of hours gardening, nice meal and kick back in the evening with OH and relaxing. What made it so good was all that activity and not feeling tired, getting more energy (well carrying 18 lbs less around) staring to really feel the benefits!

    @funshipfreddie – Glad the matches are on today, Japan have put on a great show so far (and not just the rugby team) Been looking at the news and ‘photo’s, we might live in an area where it can be a bit wet at times, but Japan and other countries that have really extreme weather area on a different level, we are incredibly lucky. Thoughts go to everyone who has to endure these sorts of natural events.

    @dykask – Hope you are safe.

    Take care all

    Day 13: Gloucestershire, UK NFD:

    Nice lie-in. The constant rain seemed to ease, so I went out with the dog….BIG mistake! The rain belted down and both the dog and I agreed to turn back after about 500 yards!! I promise; if the dog had been happy, I’d have carried on….but she’s a bit of a lap-dog/princess.
    So, had a second breakfast (!) before church soon.
    A dry day would be a real treat now….but…

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