October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 13, London, UK, NFD

    @dykask, I hope you and the family have stayed safe, I can’t even imagine it!!

    I had a lovely day with my mum yesterday, brunch and dinner (un)fortunately with wine, but these times are priceless to me, even if she won’t remember them, so Sober-October can restart today!!

    @funshipfreddie, I’m a sucker for a tangy chewy sweet, I’m a master magician where they’re concerned, I can make an entire bag disappear in minutes!!! I was teetering on the edge of that same slope, except mine included a chocolate river and a Wotsits footpath!!

    Tangy chewy wine gums have put @debster251 in my thoughts, I hope you’re still out there enjoying this WOL.

    Glad you’re back with us @daffodil2010, I gained weight in July AFTER my holiday, so I know the feeling ………………………… just how complacent can we get with the success of this WOL?? I will learn, eventually, to bank my successes and NOT reward myself with empty calorie treats ………………… that’s how I got here in the first place, Doh!!! Anyway, remember, easy on, easy off ………………… I hope!!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks, stay strong!!!

    DAY 13 – UK – CD

    So pleased to have managed a CD weekend at last 😇……ready for my regular Monday FD I hope

    Wet day here but better weather predicted for tomorrow…..

    Right I’m off to brush my teeth to ensure that only water passes my lips from now 🤞

    October is my month of reminding myself that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 14 – New Zealand – FD

    Second day of B2B2B fasts to make up for the holiday excesses. I did a big gym session yesterday and burned about 1200 calories in about an hour and a quarter. I’ll have a light session today and then hit it hard again tomorrow on the day before my weigh-in. I have my first game of the new tennis season starting tonight so I’m really looking forward to that.

    Have a great day everyone

    Day 14 country west Australia FD
    Day 13 CD
    Day 12 NFD – went to a friend’s wedding and masses of delicious food all afternoon and evening. Too good to resist and ‘ won’t power’ was seriously MIA.
    Took it easy on the vino as had to drive home and the police are pretty keen to test for drink driving – though didn’t see one that night!
    Yesterday was rewarded with a bad headache which has happened a few times recently after I have had different or very rich food.😔
    It’s annoying after having always been able to eat what I like without any effects – and hence one reason I have put on weight, apart from general lack of discipline….
    Looking forward to a good FD and reset along with some others.
    @dykask hope you weren’t too affected by the typhoon.
    @ciren and all the others commenting about rain, PLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEE send it our way. We are in drought and DESPERATE for any rain at all. 🙏
    Just going to do some exercise with weights, and not just bodyweight!. Have joined a 28 day challenge on Tom Venuto’s site ‘ Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle’.
    It challenges people to make changes to lifestyle with diet and exercise. I’ve been pretty slack for the last week but plan to make the next 3 weeks count along with 5:2. Got to keep moving while I still can.
    Have a good week all.😁

    Day 13 Ohio, US — NFD

    Well, the body is now back to normal, so regular Monday FD, here we come! For lunch I was at a potluck social, so lost count of the number of mouthfuls. For all other meals, though, I stayed at the set counts.

    @ciren2 My dog also hated the rain, which, since he was a West Highland Terrier and the breed was developed in Scotland, always surprised me. On the other hand, -20F (-29 C) with blowing snow, he was all set! He never could understand my lack of enthusiasm for long walks in such weather.

    @i hate lettuce Japan’s defeat of Scotland in rugby must be the great upset of this years World Cup. Amazing!

    Hope everyone enjoys the full moon!

    Here’s a start for Monday’s pocket list:

    Day 14 – Japan – WFD #72

    It was a bit of a wild weekend. We even had a very noticeable earthquake during the typhoon. Tokyo is a good place to be though as the building are built to hold up pretty well. Everyone I know is find and the local damage was minor. Faxai a month ago left a lot more local damage.

    Day 14: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @dykask: I’m relieved to hear you (and most people) are ok after the typhoon. I hear you had the worst rain for 60 years! Puts ours in perspective.
    @lilymartin: However, I do wish I COULD send you some of ours. I think I may have yet another week of getting wet on my deliveries.

    Overate yesterday, as usual on a day off. I ate by 9.30am what I normally don’t eat until about 2pm when I get home from work. Naturally, promising myself to STOP at that point didn’t work!
    I’m lucky that my weight is stable….even though I want it to go DOWN.

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Back to work today after 4 whole weeks off. I don’t have post holiday blues thank goodness, I am actually looking forward to getting back into my routine. I have done my exercises, had my morning walk, now having coffee whilst catching up here, and plan to eat nothing until lunchtime.

    It’s not an FD however as DH is still off work and wants to bring me for dinner in our local restaurant “just to finish off the Holiday”, so hey, who am I to say no to that? 😀

    Tomorrow starts with B2B2B 500 cal days. I am sure the weight gain is of the Easy On/Easy Off variety……..hopefully.

    @dykask good to hear that you and yours are safe.
    @ciren2 Just wanted to say that it’s great that you are back posting, I missed you when you where off there in August (or was it September). Anyway, a belated welcome back from me ☺️
    @neilithicman so we have you guys in the World Cup on Saturday 😁 Bring it on!!
    @matpi Japan have been amazing this World Cup. When they beat Ireland a couple of weeks ago we were flabbergasted. Now they top the group. Fantastic (except it means Ireland now have to face the All Blacks 😨)
    @flourbaby Yup, the weight gain did happen from the stay action in Ireland last week…sitting in the back of a motorcycle means NO exercise, then pints of Guinness and fish and chips are not exactly low calorie. But I enjoyed every minute! Mojo ready to rock.

    Right, got to go to work. This is my new job so still being trained in, and an office move took place over the weekend so I don’t even know where my desk is or who I am sitting with. Hopefully the chaos will be managed in timely manner.

    Until tomorrow 👍

    Day 14 – New Zealand – FD

    Successful FD today, my weight gain over the holidays was definitely water weight because I jumped on the scales at the gym and I’d dropped over a kilo overnight.

    @daffodil2010 – yes, and we’re all very nervous about it over here since Ireland have beaten us the last 2 times we’ve played, and the ABs haven’t had a tough game since South Africa a month ago. I hear they’ve been having some serious inter-squad games at practice to try and get the match time in.

    I’m loving the World Cup this year, the rise of Japan under the coaching of local boy Jamie Joseph, and especially the victory of Uruguay over Fiji.

    Have a great day everyone

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Yay! Welcome back @daffodil2010! That was a loong holiday! Says the guy who hasn’t done a day’s work in 18 months 🤔

    @flourbaby – I’m quite lucky that I’ve never really had the Wotsits/crisps addiction. I did get hooked on Pringles a few years ago, but only the salt and vinegar ones. Now it’s just the peanuts and chocolate, and pretty much anything with sugar 🤨

    So it’s Ireland v the Kiwis, and Japan v the Springboks next weekend! Gulp?! 😳

    Pocket List – Day 14 🍏

    Day 14 – Lakes – UK – FD

    Out for a meal and drinks with friends last night, great fun loads of laughs, there’s 3 of us couples/neighbours, we take turns hosting at home so we meet up once at each house and have a real good laugh and natter, really nice people and great fun. So todays FD should be easy, still full from last night!

    @lilymartin – crazy isn’t it, we’re awash with the stuff other end of our small country water shortage! We don’t have a national water shortage, we have a distribution problem! Sorry you’re a bit far off to package some up for you!

    @matpi – Japan Scotland was a fantastic game, Japan have played with endless energy, brilliant to watch, we were discussing it last night, the way they’re performing they may not be done yet … and good luck to them, a breath of fresh air.

    @dykask – Glad to hear you’ve avoided the worst of the recent storm, must be pretty scary stuff when they hit.

    @neilithicman and @funshipfreddie – the rugby is brilliant isn’t it, a few rule changes and a number of video ref have slowed it down a bit, but it helps to get the decisions as accurate as possible. I still think other sports have a lot to learn regarding the respect for officials, the number of times you hear rugby talking to the ref and it ends with ‘sorry sir’ or ‘thank you sir’ and the players who have been head to head throughout the game all get together afterwards and shake hands, mutual respect!

    Pocket list today


    Have a good FD and take care all.

    Day 14 UK FD

    Back on track after2 days away on a course in London … wall to wall food which I did try to limit but no FD possible! Being part of this forum is what hauls me back into line!

    Good luck to everyone today?

    Day 14 FD London UK

    I’m with you @daffodil2010 – I’m praying my summer gain is the easy on easy off variety. And DH seems to have got the message. ‘So today is one of your starving days so I’ll sort out my own food’. Close. Close enough. Have a good day all. H

    Day 14, London, UK, NFD

    Once again, I’m aiming to stay busy today; lots to do, no time to eat is the theory!!

    @lilymartin, I’ve forwarded ALL of the rain we’re having here down under to you guys, enough is enough, we haven’t had one single dry day in October!!!

    Good to hear all is well with you @dykask, I think I’ll only plan to visit for the cherry blossom ………………….. Typhoon & earthquake season I’ll give a miss!!!!

    I’ll try to make today OMAD and guzzle lots of water. Have a great day everyone!!!

    Day 14, VA, USA, FD

    Was feeling a bit under the weather on Sunday. I was not enthused to eat the soup I made (this soup was loaded not simple broth) usually a soup that my Sweetheart and I love. They loved it and said it was great. I could tell I just wasn’t up to par. Sleep was weird I woke at 4am and read until we were to get up at 7am.

    @at – Yes do those PLANKS! I cue it, you do it! (Thats what I say to my students to the few classes I am teaching this week) and good on you with the CD this weekend!as for weightless – I had a weight incase during the incase of my yoga schedule. Yoga helped my mental discipline for everything EXCEPT food (which I realize was somewhat of a past trauma I had to deal with) I also just needed proper guidance for food. I tried the 16/8 fasting window and failed. It is amazing that fasting for a full day or a couple B2B does not seem nearly as challenging as 16/8.

    @betsylee & @jaifaim – ✿.。.:* ☆:**: Birthday Love and Hugs .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

    @dykask – So good to hear from you and that you and the family are safe.

    Pocket list Day 14

    Day 14, Emden Germany, FD

    @daffodil2010 welcome back!

    @jaifaim happy belated birthday wishes, I hope the upcoming year will be a good one!

    Pocket list Day 14

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 14 Melb Aust CD

    Wow, just turn around and the posts have GROWN! The first day of my B2B, etc., became a CD, but hey, much better than the last few days. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday celebrations, and am now settling down to “pay” for them. That’s okay, the weight will move downwards again.

    @brightonbelle, you probably won’t see this, but have a great Sicilian holiday!

    @suresh3101, hope the day 11 FD went well.

    @bellyblast, yeah, see above re the B2B2B2B2B, but I will persevere. Glad your day 10 FD went well, as did your day 11 OMAD.

    @rabbette, glad you’re listening to your body re whether to have FDs or CDs. I agree with you and to eat to your goal TDEE on NFDs is the way to go – haven’t got there yet, but I keep trying 🙂

    @EmmaTaylor, keep up the good work with your FDs, and good luck with your FD for day 14.

    @snowflake56 & @at, thank you for the birthday wishes. Indulged, but the brakes are now on again.

    @at, you had an impressive week last week, so I hope that was maintained over the weekend for you – yay for a good CD and resisting temptation!

    @jaifaim, welcome back from Italy, so relax back into this WOL now and press the reset button. Happy birthday to you for last week.

    @therealwil78, good to see you checking in, and hope the day 11 FD went well.

    @songbirdme, glad you’re doing well.

    @dykask, glad that FD #71 went well, but even more that the earthquake and typhoon damage in your area was minor. We’ve been concerned.

    @matpi, that detox really knocked you around. Hope you’re back to normal now.

    @ciren2, rain, rain and more rain. Glad it stopped so you could get your round done, but walking the dog when it’s wet? You have a sensible dog!

    @neilithicman, welcome back from holidays. Glad you’re back on track and enjoying the World Rugby. You are not the only one!

    @i hate lettuce, you’re another rugby fan – hope the results haven’t been too disappointing. Glad you’re feeling the positive benefits of carrying around less weight.

    @funshipfreddie, another rugby fan. Hope the Springboks win, just for you! Thank you for the birthday wishes, and yep, those little snacks that sneak in here and there can be devastating for weight loss. Good that you’ve put the brakes on there, and it’s good that the weight is already down again.

    @flourbaby, good that the day with your Mum went well. Irrespective of the eating, it’s important to have these memories to look back on.

    @tlc2, well done for 2 successful FDs last week.

    @ccco, great that the weight is moving downwards.

    @rafiki44, hope the day 12 FD went well, and yes, definitely avoid the candy corn.

    @daffodil2010, the Rally sounds like fun. Now comes the hard part, but it seems like you’re settling well back into routine,

    @lily martin, events like weddings are meant to be enjoyed. Now just press the reset button.

    @mia139, good that you’re following your 2 NFDs with a FD – hope it goes well!

    @rabbette, interesting that you enjoy your FDs, but couldn’t cope with 16:8. I find that if I eat early in the day, I’m likely to just keep eating all day. My 16:8 is just my normal preference to not get my mouth into gear too early in the day! But, we’re all different in what best suits us. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Note that you’re still teaching a few classes – is your toe coping okay with that?

    Okay, we’re nearly halfway through October. Let’s all make the second half of the month even better than the first half. Onward and downwards everyone!

    USA Day 14 FD

    Jumping in for accountability and to add myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket list Day 14

    Someone on here once mentioned that she was extra hungry the day after eating sugar. I find the very same thing the day after I drank wine (also sugar). I don’t understand why but I am ravenous today. I am glad I have decided to drink only on weekends and I think I will keep it to only one day. Have a great day, everybody! 🙂

    I don’t believe it…..I got ANOTHER soaking on my delivery this morning!
    @daffodil2010: Well, yes, it’s good to be here….but I’m STILL firmly OFF the wagon, I’m afraid. Hope you enjoyed your long holiday, and welcome back.
    @flourbaby: I’ve heard that tomorrow may (may?) be dry!

    Day 14 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Today is Columbus Day here, so banks closed and no mail delivery. We all know the USA was discovered long before he got here, but I still celebrate it. I always taught the song “In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Helped even little ones remember the year.

    World Cub Rugby must be oh so fun to watch if you have an allegiance to a country. So who do we root for? I guess I will just be happy if they are good matches. I just saw our Fighting ILLINI football team will be opening their 2021 season in Dublin! https://www.1011now.com/content/news/Huskers-Illinois-to-open-2021-season-in-Ireland-563059461.html It will be vs. Nebraska for the Big10 Season.

    @dykask – so glad to hear you and yours are all okay in Japan

    @ciren2 – I think we in the midwest USA are sending our rain on to you across the pond. We’ve had record rains this fall here. Our streams and creeks are still flooded.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 15 (halfway there) – New Zealand- FD

    Last of my 3 back to back fast days before weighing in tomorrow morning. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to hit my pre-holiday weight before waging an assault on my goal weight in the last 2 weeks.

    Have a great day everyone

    2nd post

    @betsylee – ooooo did I read that right you are about to take on a B2B2B2B2B?! I’ll join you 😉 4 days seems to be my routine lately, I’ll see if an extra day happens. Its just nice to have a relaxed/simple meal during the week. Drink your water! A funny thing I do now a days (or actually at night before bed.) About an hour before bed I try and drink at least 8oz of water. I drink it down and think for every swallow of water I can get in me that is more weight I can potentially lose for the next days scale reading with Mr. Particular. More or less a glass of water can help me let go of about a 1 lb the next morning. **If I have missed my water, I do not lose as much the next day (or that week for that matter)

    Today has been a challenging FD (and I had no sugar and didn’t over indulge the day before) if anything the day before was at lest a CD if not less calories b/c I didn’t feel very well, which if I’m being honest with myself I don’t feel very well today either.

    I’m really only teaching gentle classes. I get to sit down on the floor and lay over props. So these few classes are not too demanding. I made sure to take time off from all the classes that are much more demanding and/or required a bit go walking to get to (I love walking, but *sigh* walking does not love me right now.)

    Day 14 – UK – FD500

    Wonderful restorative yoga class this evening ending with a fab yoga Nidra session – should sleep well tonight

    Logging on to check in for today and to stay away from temptation – teeth brushed, glass of water by my side so should complete today’s FD at just under 500cals

    Must make time tomorrow to read the posts and catch up a bit……time for an early 😴

    “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” — Winston Churchill

    Day 15 – Japan – NFD

    Thank you for all the concern, everyone I know of is fine. The rain was massive and there was flooding and concerns about landslides but not where I live. The 1958 typhoon killed over 1000 people, so far there have been 25 deaths and 15 people missing. The rest is property damage. Still horrible, but we are safe.

    Water fast went easy. I did feel a bit more empty last night but I’m doing fine now. I use word empty instead of hunger because it is really a different feeling. The folks talking about sugar making them ravenous the next day is more of what I feel hunger is. Hunger is being compelled to eat. I had greatly reduced my sugar intake before I started fasting. I found that once I reduced refined sugar consumption, the hunger feelings were greatly reduced. I’m not sure if that works for everyone, but at least some people seem to notice that.

    For me eating produces the hunger feeling. Right now I feel like I could eat, I don’t feel like I have to eat. However If I eat a little something, then in 10 minutes or so I start feeling like I really need to eat. To me that is the hunger feeling that really drove me crazy when I was trying to just the standard eat less move more approach. Eating less and moving more worked well enough until I was in my 50’s but I don’t think it was ever comfortable.

    The interesting thing is that after a few years of fasting, I’m finding my food consumption is declining on its own. I’m sure I could push it back up. However now I find feeling too full much more distressing that I used too. Somehow I had trained myself to tolerate feeling too full. The downside though is my body seems more efficient with food than it was before. So while eating is very enjoyable I have to eat slower to increase my satisfaction because I can’t down the plates of food I used too. It seems like I’ve given myself weight loss surgery without the actual surgery.

    Day 15, Aus, NFD

    So much for accountability! Back at work after more than a week off – a week of laziness, far too much food and alcohol and no exercise or FDs. Where is that wagon??!

    Catching up on the posts so apologies for those important matters (and people!) I’ve missed. Some great new ATLs (@I hate lettuce, @rabbette). Welcome back to those who have been away (@Daffodil2010, @neilithicman; @jaifaim).

    So true @funshipfreddie that fasting ability is like a muscle that gets stronger the more we use it.

    Glad you and yours made it through the typhoon, @dykask. And how is your son going?

    Day 14 Ohio, US — MFD

    This FD has gone well. I just finished my online work for tomorrow and am pretty wiped out. So I may soon toddle off to bed.

    @dykask Glad that you and your family weathered the storm well. On some stomach surgery websites many people comment that if they had eaten before the surgery the same way they had to eat afterwards, they wouldn’t have had to do the surgery. Eating reduced amounts over a period of time helps to shrink the stomach and a lot of satiety signals to the brain have to do with how full the stomach is. So that may be what has happened in your case, and I think that the same thing happens with most people in this WOL, but it has to be done over the long haul! What do you think?

    Peaceful dreams all!

    Day 14 FD California

    Successfully completed a fast day today and will attempt another one tomorrow. Wednesday will definitely be an eating day as I will be at work late.

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    1st of B2B2B

    Yay, first FD in over 4 weeks and I am ready for it. Looking forward to getting back into that fasted state and looking forward to getting back into the routine. I look fairly bloated so lots of water and green tea will be consumed over the next few days. My work clothes are snug so I need to sort that out quickly.

    Going back to work yesterday was chaotic. There had been an office move within the building so I knew I was on another floor but no idea where I was located, but when I walked in the door all I could see was a sea of unfamiliar faces looking at me, people unpacking crates, the NOISE, mayhem……I really felt like I was a child starting school
    and wanted my mother 😆

    All came ok though, and today will have settled in.

    @songbirdme the rugby World Cup has been great, and I of course will be cheering for Ireland this weekend. You are a real sports fan I know, so you will enjoy whatever game. Will you be coming to Dublin for the 2021 season opening of your Illinois team?

    @funshipfreddie and @neilithicman it’s going to be a great weekend of sport and as @i hate lettuce commented, the way rugby guys conduct themselves in the sport is beyond reproach. I admire how they always shake each other’s hands at the end of the game, none of this cynical play that you see in other sports, gentlemanly (and gentle womanly too as women’s rugby is growing). Bring it on this weekend, may the best team win ( but hopefully Ireland 🇮🇪)

    Right, starting today’s pocket list….the first one I have been on since early September 😨

    Pocket list Day 15

    Day 15 – Lakes UK – CFD

    Morning all,

    Successful and easy fasting day after Sunday evening out with friends, didn’t feel much like eating, so going to continue today with low calorie intake. Should be quite easy as busy day today.

    I find reporting in each day helps keep me going, as others say accountability!

    Take care all.

    Day 15 UK CD

    Weighed for first time since last week. Same as before my weekend away so yesterday’s 400 calorie FD seems to have worked! Going for breakfast this morning with some friends but wil choose wisely and that with some fruit later will be my food for the day. Have recharged my languishing Fitbit and plan to get more active even if it’s only going for a walk.
    Normally I would fall right off the wagon after a bit of a food fest but got right back on thanks to the encouragement on this forum. So thanks! I’m determined to meet my target for October and eventually the rest of the weight I’d gained back.
    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Easy FD yesterday, and no fasting today 🍔

    @songbirdme – we root for the Springboks! 🇿🇦 Well, I do anyway. Then England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and New Zealand. In that order. That’s what a Brit/South African does with dual citizenship; and family & friends in New Zealand🏈

    @daffodil2010 – good luck with your first October FD. You’re not alone 🍏

    Pocket List – Day 15

    Day 15, London, UK, FD

    So, unsurprisingly, the weekend was a bust ……………………… again!! I’m struggling to reign in the vino dragon once he’s out of the box. A few drinks with my mum and somehow I decided the weekend efforts were for nought, so might as well drink wine & be merry!!! Uurgh, so stupid to write off the ENTIRE weekend because of a couple of glasses of wine!!! I really, truly, completely hate NFDs at the moment, my self-control needs strengthening before I have to tackle another one on Friday!!

    I’m adding myself to the pocket list, which I hardly ever do, but today, I need all the support I can get!!!!

    Pocket List – Day 15

    Stay strong today folks!!!

    Day 15 FD Ireland
    Day 14 FD
    Hi all! I am not great at posting at the moment… have lots on and hoping that when I’m back from my next holiday I will get back into a routine.. life is busy anyway as am trying to be home with my parents as much as I can..I am glad to get away but feel like my holidays have all come at once and definitely not the best time care wise for my parents but like my posting I’ll be back on track next month.
    I am on my second FD this week… between birthday and holidays I seem to be creeping back up outside my comfort zone…and I need to drop some weight before next week 😬 🚲 🏔
    I hope you are all doing ok and thank you so much for the lovely birthday wishes.. i do love my birthday – spending time with those people near and dear..💕
    Happy belated birthday @betsylee!! Another well balanced Libran ♎️ 😂🤣😂🤣 what date was yours? I’m the 9th…
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 15 USA (Illinois) FD?

    Trying to decide if I can do a FD today … really ought to, but do I have the energy to manage one. Oh yes, I do.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 15 FD

    Went off my fast yesterday on purpose. I think I am not getting enough protein on my vegetarian diet and I think it is starting to catch up to me. I decided to spend yesterday trying to find a way out of that, so I went off my diet. Older people need more protein than younger people, I read, so this may be my problem. I think I need to add some meat or fish once or twice a week in order to raise my protein intake. Anyway, today I am back to a FD. I don’t do water fasts. I either do the 5:2 500 calorie or 800 calorie fast. Today will be an 800 calorie.

    Adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket List – Day 15

    Have a great day, everyone! 🙂

    Day 15 Melb Aust NFD

    Quick post. Sorry will write more tomorrow and respond to everyone, but it’s really late here now. I can see that several folk are struggling for various reasons, so please hang in there. We’re all in this together, and we’ll come out the other side stronger AND lighter.

    @jaifaim, my birthday is the 10th, so one day after yours.

    Keep on keeping on everyone!

    Day 15, Emden Germany, NFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 15: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Nearly forgot to post.
    It’s my day off today. I finally got the go-ahead for an MRI scan. Some of you may remember my long catalogue of aches and pains. Upper hamstring, buttock, hip all mostly on the left hand side. The muscular-skeletal phyio-person agreed it could be related to my spinal-fusion that I had in 2011…causing stresses further down, combined with my job. So now for an MRI to see if it shows anything.

    Day off means more eating time…..

    2nd post

    Popping in for accountability whilst I await my spicy lentil, tomato and chilli soup to cook. The great thing is that I picked two tomatoes and two chillis from my own garden for the soup, I love that! Certainly no major footprint with tonight’s dinner!

    @ciren2 oh I do hope the MRI will give an indication of what is wrong. Best of luck.

    @flourbaby tell me about the vino dragon! Always my downfall. I hope you are ok today and getting some mojo back. I have put my vino dragon aside for now (after a mammoth holiday of vino drinking)…and despite buying cases and cases of the stuff in Spain and France because the prices were right and we had loads of room in the van to bring them home 😱 Be strong, we are here with you.

    @jaifaim is this next holiday the Morocco trip? Enjoy, enjoy, you deserve it after this tough year 🚲🌞🗻

    @ccco hope all fine with you. Would pulses etc help to increase your protein intake on a veggie diet?

    Today’s FD going well. Until tomorrow

    Day 15, VA, USA, FD B2B

    Feeling better today. In two senses; the first, my over all wellbeing, the second, the start of the FD today was so much better feeling than yesterday.

    I was not quite ready for a cup of tea even tho I wanted something warm. So a cup of hot water with a orange slice was delightful to the senses. It hit the spot and now I’m ready for a broth lunch. Mmmmm warm broth, I’m getting excited thinking about it.

    Dr. Fung is quite funny and forward with his idea of just keep fasting till you get the results you want. Obviously take your multi vitamin if you fast loner than a few days. It does give me some comfort in my approach to my 4FDs in a row. My first reason for 4FDs is because I really want my body and gut to heal, I want to also get my insulin straight well before it ever even becomes an issue. I seen both my parents succumb to the unfortunate fate of diabetes. I also like the benefits of autophagy which typically kicks in somewhere around the 24hour mark.

    @neilithicman – good on completing your 3xB2B!

    @at – I love Yoga Nirda (cueing it and enjoying it).

    @dykask – I totally get the empty feeling and it is different than the hunger. I call it feeling “hollow” because I feel fine and that food is not necessary at that time. Its different than feeling hungry like there is something waiting to digest something else… I also have felt the change of my appetite the same way ( as in I want to EAT a good size of something but actually can not fit it) which in my case would be a good thing since I have a petit frame.

    @penz – I realized that potato chips don’t taste as good, but that Alcohol for me makes chips taste good…. Talk about food for thought. So now I try and have a better option if I decide to have a cocktail. I’ll make homemade popcorn (popped on the stove with just a bit of lemon infused olive oil) then seasoned with salt and pepper. I love it and while it is still a treat – it is better than chips.

    @matpi – I feel that my body has finally started to feel the signals of being full where before it had NO idea.

    @daffodil2010 – I know about work clothes being snug (and mine are stretchy b/c I teach yoga) and then to top it off that awkward first day of school jitters you described. Well, You got this! Clothes will be fitting better in no time. Oh and now my clothes aren’t snug and wow does that feel interesting.

    @mia139 – I’m not sure how “goal” oriented you are, but I changed my step goal to only 5,000 steps (when I started I was only getting at the most 3,000 a day) Now even tho my over all steps are hitting an average of about 7,000 I have kept the 5,000 goal for a bit longer and just try to hit the goal sooner throughout the day. I noticed I stay more motivated with the celebration (or little party light up vibration) the more I can work toward it sooner.

    @flourbaby – I hear your struggles and can empathize. I know when I first started this WOL my SO was so excited when the weekend would be here and they knew I wasn’t fasting. However I did start to notice that it was impeding my process and while I am currently too social / ready for a cocktail or a stiff drink of some sort on the weekends, I now (as long as I’m not celebrating a B-Day or something) make a mental alcohol game plan. Such as saying to my brain “you can have a cocktail AFTER you finish a 16oz glass of water.” After the cocktail I have another (at least 8oz) glass of water. It helps me not drink as much AND the added benefit is I stay more hydrated so I’ve not even had a tiny hangover the next day.

    @songbirdme – You CAN DO IT! I believe in you. Try having some miso or broth if feeling depleted. (Or the dash of pink salt under the tongue followed by water)

    @ccco – I feel you, I too was vegetarian and no dairy or eggs for quite a few years and no matter how many beans and veggies I ate, one day I just knew I had to eat some meat. I still eat mostly a whole foods diet but it does include meat about once or twice a week. I feel better and its ok. Give honor to the meat (what ever it is and let it nourish you.

    @ciren2 – May you have good results from your MRI and hopefully get some solutions for your hamstring and what not.

    Pocket List – Day 15
    @rabbette B2B

    USA Day 15 FD

    Rabette, I am at that point with my vegetarian diet, too! I am dizzy all the time and no matter what I do to increase my protein intake, it doesn’t seem to be enough. The dizziness scares him, so I will be incorporating some meat into my diet now once or twice a week to see how that goes. My FD went well, though. Daffodil2010, pulses help but after over 6 months as a vegetarian, I am thinking I need a little bit more, now.

    Hope everyone’s day went well! 🙂

    Day 16, Aus, FD!!!

    Yay! A FD! Why do I find them so much easier than a NFD? I limit myself to my all-important coffees, and maybe a stock-cube drink in the afternoon.

    If you’re doing back-to-backs @daffodil2010 I’m guessing you’ll join me on today’s pocket list? How was your soup? I also enjoy picking things straight from the vegie garden. We’ve currently got a bumper crop of silverbeet and kale, so I’ve been turning them into pesto and freezing it in small batches. Yummo. Has anyone got a tip for turning out perfect kale chips? Whenever I’ve tried, I either get something burnt to a crisp, or a soggy mess.

    Hope you get some positive news – ie a diagnosis and a solution! – from your MRI @ciren2.

    Good words of advice @rabbette, but your description of homemade popcorn with lemon-infused oil sounds delish and has my tastebuds watering.

    Day 16 pocket list
    @daffodil2010 (3rd day of B2B2B2)

    Day 16 – New Zealand – NFD

    Well my first official weigh-in since I got back from holiday. I always weigh at the same time each week(first thing on Wednesday morning on my home scales) I had a sneaky weigh in at my gym on Sunday, I usually weigh about 1.5 kilos heavier on their scales since I weigh in during the afternoon after I’ve eaten and drank, and fully clothed. That suggested I had gained 2.5 kilos during my break, but 3 days of fasting and gym sessions meant that I had cut that to just 500 grams. I weighed in at 91.4 kilos up from the 90.9 that I weighed in before my holiday.

    I was pretty sure it was mostly water weight because I had not eaten too many calories, but I had eaten quite a bit of salt, sugar and starch that I don’t normally eat, and that tends to make me retain water. Hopefully another week back on my regular routine will see the rest of that weight go and then I can start the final assault on my goal for the month.

    @coco – the dizziness might not be lack of protein. if you’re cutting out starchy carbs and sugar you can get dizziness from your body moving into ketosis (Your body switching from processing the energy in your food to burning your fat reserves for energy) it’s called the keto flu and I always get it when I’ve gone back to a Mediterranean diet after eating too much sugar and starch. It usually starts with hunger for a couple of days, then a couple of days of dizziness and nausea and then it eases. If you do want to increase protein intake on a vegetarian diet then Lentils are brilliant. 3/4 cup of cooked lentils will give you half your day’s fibre and protein requirements and are about 300 calories.

    Day 16 – Japan – NFD

    @mapti – I agree the changes in appetite are very gradual. I’m only starting to noticed because I’ve been doing 5:2 for over 3 years now. Somethings like stating to dislike being too full happened quickly. Other things like actually eating less food have taken time to develop, at least in my case.

    @rabbette – I think hallow is a great way to describe the feeling!

    I’ve been thinking about diet more. My diet is tending towards higher carb lower fat and modest protein. I don’t think a high protein approach is worth the potential risks unless one needs to lose a lot of weight. That being said the links between protein and many health issues may not be real. However we do need some protein and not getting enough is really bad. I tend to lean on the side that carbs are good except if they are heavily processed. A bowl of white rice for example is preferred over a couple slices of white bread. Fats is the difficult one. For one thing it isn’t really clear what a healthy fat is. There are some fats that are extremely unhealthy and again they are normally highly processed fats, past that there seems to be endless debate.

    I guess my general diet theme is that processed foods are generally unhealthy. I still eat some processed foods but in general it is more of a treat level now. In general I think the fewer processed foods in a meal the better. However what is processed? It isn’t always easy to draw the line between processed and unprocessed. I find it is a line I move around a bit, especially when someone else is cooking the meal.

    @rabbette – thanks for the boost! Yes, the day has been good. Miso soup and then salad with grilled shrimp for supper.

    California day 15 FD

    Pretty good 2nd fast day but I must remember to eat my spinach and avocado so the second day doesn’t kill me!

    Day 16: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Back to work today and, what do you know? It’s raining!
    Yesterday afternoon turned out quite nice, with sun…people on my dog-walk were commenting….not surprisingly!
    I had a lot of extra pain yesterday afternoon/evening after the MSKAP doctor made me do lots of awkward positions and pushing/pulling against his hand at my appointment, also my temperature was over 100F….some reaction, maybe. I took paracetomol. Luckily, I feel, OK again today. Hopefully I won’t wait too long for the scan, which is being done at a private hospital.
    I am in awe of all of you who fast successfully and, especially interested in @dykask with your detailed descriptions of the long-term effects on your appetite. Almost inspiring…

    Have a good day.

    Day 16, Emden Germany, FD

    @ciren2 what is a MSKAP doctor? I hope you don’t have to wait too long for the MRI.

    Pocket list day 16

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @ccco – I was also strictly vegetarian in the ’90s; for about 7 years. Then I started having problems; feeling faint and a blood test showed I had some mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Supplements didn’t seem to help. The iron tablets made me sick. Eventually I just decided life was too short, and I started eating meat again. Not much, and mostly fish and chicken.

    @ciren2 – I hope the weather improves. Best wishes for your MRI. I see in the morning paper there may be a postal strike over Christmas? 📬

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫🐪

    Day 16 – 2nd Post

    @snowflake56 – I think MSKAP = Musculoskeletal Advanced Practitioner

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