October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 7 NFD California

    I’m not sure what my fasting will look like this week. I’m all out of balance because I couldn’t get my fast day in over the weekend.

    Day 7, VA, USA, FD

    This past Sat morning I hit a new ATL! And have finally lost -50lbs!

    Yay and even ended up having an unexpected extra FD that’s the most B2B FDs I’ve done. I seriously was not even trying the last day. I just didn’t have time to eat and was not hungry and didn’t want to just eat to eat (because I know what happens when I do that!)

    Oh wow – 100% cacao is where it’s at! I think I also have it because I know I’m not eating it b/c it is sweet (goodness knows from those responses I got from you guys, you are well aware of that!) I also like that 100% cacao gives me a mental boost. It has effects like coffee except without the caffeine. @funshipfreddie – I like that you pondered the thought. I’ll say I never thought I would drink black coffee, but I started with black cold brew and now I freak-in love all my coffee black! I’ll have almond milk only once in a while as a very special treat, usually accompanied by a small slice of pie.

    @snowflake56 – yes you and I have the same TDEE 1,395 for our height and average weight. I was a bit wide eyed at that number at first, but really when it comes down to brass tax. I have small boned and a bit petit. I’m excited to one day feel like I’m the right size for my bones!

    @emma-taylor – that description of face falling was dead on with what used to happen to my sweetheart. It has changed tho and now we eat together but I eat my soup or have broth and they have their meal and even if they make enough for two, because that is what I’m used to doing. We save the leftover for their supper the next time I’m fasting. I also like that my sweetheart now MAKES their own meals once in a while too! Yay! It has worked out fabulous. Its just takes a little practice and will power.

    @at – yay keeping up with exercise! I usually tell myself I’ll take what I can get (meaning even a plateau is not a gain!)

    @granada293 – welcome back! WFD are awesome and so is Black Coffee!

    @ccco – I too reserve the alcohol for the weekend, it has worked much better for the scales to be in my favor.

    Pocket List – Day 7
    @dykask WFD

    USA Day 7 FD

    Congratulations Rabette! 50 lbs. down is certainly something to celebrate! 🙂

    Day 7 – UK – NFD

    Unfortunately i’ve Only managed one fast day in the last seven days. The weekend was v sociable which translated into lots of delicious food & wine….it would be too easy to just give up! I’m determined to do the two fasts this week. I’m tempted to do B2B tomorrow & Wednesday as i’ve Busy days ahead of me.

    Any top tips for trying B2B?

    Day 8 FD country West Australia
    Day 7 NFD – home for lunch so usual FD went out the window. I so rarely have lunch with DH on Mondays as I am at work.
    Day 6 NFD – out to morning tea AND lunch ….
    Day 5 NFD – part-tay time for a friend’s 60th. There was wine….. there was chocolate ….. there was cheese….. there were lots of tantalising morsels calling out to me……. there was no ‘won’t power’…….
    Wow – the days are flying by. Couldn’t quite believe it when I read @ciren was delivering Christmas mail!!!! I’d better get my skates on for those overseas Christmas cards.
    In this day and age of emails I do like to send handwritten cards and to receive them. Nothing better than sitting down with a nice cuppa and catching up on news from friends – this thread excepted.
    @emmataylor, I am not sure what it is about mindset but as with your sausages, I recently ate 4 pieces of Turkish Delight chocolate – and I don’t even like Turkish delight!🤔
    Not sure what is happening there??
    That actually happened a lot after I left the 5:2 wagon. I spent 18 months eating a LOT and eating things I would not normally eat even before starting 5:2. Very weird!!
    The other problem I have with fasting and being mindful on NFDs is that I LOVE to cook – with a passion. I have about 300 cook books, cooking magazines and an online library of recipes that is substantial.
    It is not especially helpful when trying to lose weight, even though I cook very healthy food most of the time.🍎🥑🥦🍰🍩🥗
    Can a sponge cake with cream and strawberries be low-cal??
    @songbirdme, I was really worried when I read your post about the fire in your basement – until I read the next line where I saw it was contained in a wood stove.
    For a moment I thought that you’d been flooded then had a fire.😱
    @dingping, great to see you here. I would lurk here and read and even post.
    If you don’t feel up to a full FD perhaps just try to be mindful when eating or just miss a meal here and there until you feel up to it.
    I went MIA for a long time and it wasn’t good in ANY way. Now having to lose a LOT more weight than ever before.
    BUT having reset my mindset and my appetite and plugging the figures and posting for accountability and reading everyone else’s journeys it has made me super duper focussed for October ( almost 3 years after I first started 5:2 in November 2016!!)
    @neilithicman, love your ‘ faster fasters’. You should be zippy around the court. Enjoy the holiday.
    @ Flourbaby, I think we are on similar paths.
    @rabbette – WOW!!! well done you!! That loss has really motivated me.
    @at – love the dancing in the rain quote. Now all we need here in south west Aus is a bit of rain. Actually I have started dancing randomly around the house – when waiting for the kettle to boil, or the washing cycle to finish etc. I read somewhere that dancing is good for the soul and good for exercise.
    Here’s hoping.🤸‍♀️
    @tlc2 , fingers crossed for success with FD/B2B. I had an unexpected B2B recently. Went to bed after a good FD, woke not hungry the following morning so thought I would just see how far I could stretch the fasting out. Was very busy at work, didn’t stop and suddenly found myself at dinnertime again. Decided it was so close to B2B that I just didn’t have a proper meal – couple of spoonfuls of tuna salad.
    I did drink litres of water and black tea and the occasional coffee as well. Hope this might be helpful.🤞
    Have a wonderful day all.🙏😁

    Day 8 – Japan – NFD

    Finally a good water fast day. I went 38 hours, could have easily gone more but I did some arm work this morning. Wow took me 3 tries to get one full 5:2 water fast in! The two failures though probably qualify as normal 5:2 FDs, as the food consumed was well under 800 calories.

    BTW something totally depressing I saw: https://www.elle.com/beauty/health-fitness/advice/a26111/bradley-cooper-8000-calories/


    Day 7 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 6 — NFD

    I was down with something yesterday so watched the first season of the tv show “Impulse.” Didn’t do much of anything else and didn’t count bites. Today I’m feeling better and the fasting has gone well.

    @betsylee When I’m eating a meal by myself counting bites isn’t bad. I either use a sports counter or just pen and paper. I only count for one meal at a time, so for me right now that’s never more than 13 bites. I total all the results for the meals up at the end of the day. Often here when people are done eating on a FD they say “Pantry’s closed!” Similarly when I get to 13, “Mouth’s closed!” Now when I’m eating with friends, it’s really different. I haven’t mastered the art of counting and also having a spirited conversation with friends at the same time. But I’m working on it and little by little … It’s amazing how easy it is to shovel in a large amount of food and beverage while chatting away!

    @ccco Good work with the wine. As per the above comment — When I’m chatting with friends, I really have a difficult time to keep track of how much I imbibe. I just chat away with people and before I know it, I’ve reached the “shouldn’t drive home” stage.

    Enjoy the prep day for Hump Day!

    Day 8: Gloucestershire UK, NFD:

    I tend to eat the same foods every day, and my weight doesn’t budge….62.2kg. However on my days’ off I do eat a LOT more….
    Just off to work shortly, so, hopefully “controlled”! I don’t count calories, too much of a chore, but I know it’s WELL OVER 2K, over two meals and one (85% chocolate) snack. Lucky that I have an active job.
    @dykask: I KNEW you’d do it this time, and you did.
    @rabbette: Amazing weight loss; total admiration for you. You must have iron will-power….

    Day 8, Emden Germany, NFD

    FD yesterday 613 cals, weight after week one minus 0.2 kg, measurements all the same. I’m doing well, I’m eating a lot healthier than I did and I’m sure the weight will go down, it takes time.

    @betsylee I looked up the TDEE again. Being 63 y.o, sedentary (my morning exercises are more for getting into shape), 163 cm and a weight goal of 57 kg my TDEE is 1335 cals. It is low but if I plan well it’s enough.

    @rabbette your TDEE seems low, you’re much younger and you are so active doing yoga. Is your goal weight so much lower than mine?

    @at CDs and FD800 are a bit weird to me, somehow for me a FD should have no more than 500 cals. As soon as I expand the amount of calories I’m heading in the wrong direction. The basic 5:2 is the best for me so I try to stick to it.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Good FD yesterday, but glad it’s over. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of these people who enjoys fast days (especially the Monday one 😳) but they’ve become almost second nature now. Scales show I’m pretty much where I was a week ago. But now that I’m going to the gym regularly to tone up and gain a little muscle, I imagine I may need to adjust my maintenance weight.

    @granada293 – welcome to October!

    @rabbette – well done on the new ATL! 🥇

    @tlc2 – I haven’t done B2B since I retired, but I did them regularly when I was working. I found them easy when I was working because I was busy. I stayed away from food all day, and only ate from 6pm. Mind you, I was living on a ship and wasn’t allowed to have food in the cabin 🤨

    @betsylee – re sleep. The Fitbit app shows a breakdown of the different stages of sleep, ie REM, light, deep, and the times you’re awake during the night. It’s fascinating. It even gives you a score out of 100, determined by the overall quality of your night’s sleep. How accurate it is I’ve no idea, but it’s fun to use.

    @dykask – can’t believe that’s 8000 calories?! I was expecting to see a mountain of food. I don’t think I would struggle to put that away – especially if I was getting paid a fortune to do it 🤪

    Day 8 Uk …. CD

    Morning everybody

    @ccco yup, wine etc only on Friday Saturday evening, must admit it is better to limit consumption, but we all know that …. doing it is a rather different matter.

    Set off on FD yesterday trying just water, managed until 2pm then just needed something to eat, but a successful day, managed decent walk despite weather!
    Shouldn’t be too bad a day today eating wise, going to be very busy with DIY project all day so hopefully water and (decaf) coffee mostly, with light bite at lunch.

    Good luck with FD’s today and take care all.

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD
    Good FD yesterday, but glad it’s over. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of these people who enjoys fast days (especially the Monday one 😳) but they’ve become almost second nature now. Scales show I’m pretty much where I was a week ago. But now that I’m going to the gym regularly to tone up and gain a little muscle, I imagine I may need to adjust my maintenance weight.

    @granada293 – welcome to October!

    @rabbette – well done on the new ATL! 🥇

    @tlc2 – I haven’t done B2B since I retired, but I did them regularly when I was working. I found them easy when I was working because I was busy. I stayed away from food all day, and only ate from 6pm. Mind you, I was living on a ship and wasn’t allowed to have food in the cabin 🤨

    @betsylee – re sleep. The Fitbit app shows a breakdown of the different stages of sleep, ie REM, light, deep, and the times you’re awake during the night. It’s fascinating. It even gives you a score out of 100, determined by the overall quality of your night’s sleep. How accurate it is I’ve no idea, but it’s fun to use.

    @dykask – can’t believe that’s 8000 calories?! I was expecting to see a mountain of food. I don’t think I would struggle to put that away – especially if I was getting paid a fortune to do it 🤪

    Grrr! Don’t know what’s going on with this forum, but this is my umpteenth attempt to post this morning?!

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    I am BACK!! Still nit back to work until next week and still have travelling around Ireland to do, but I am back in Ireland after a mega 3 weeks travelling around France and Spain.

    I had a sneaky peek on the scales this morning, and was very happy to see that I am still on my plateau and NOT rocketed over to the other side…still in 9 stone + land. Yay!

    I have read all September forum, and will catch up on Octobers few pages soon but thanks @rafikki44 for Sept and @betsylee for Oct.

    I will probably be off line again until next week, but know that I am here with you all, standing shoulder to shoulder…and will hit the ground running from next week.


    Day 8 UK FD

    FD yesterday went ok. Fasted till 7pm but succumbed to toast and jam just before bed…. a habit I’m determined to lose! Overall, the calories were low but need to ” close the kitchen and the mouth” after 7! Trying again today to do better.
    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 8, London, UK, FD,

    Thankfully, today is a FD, Yaaaaaaaay!!!! I really love my 4 day weekends, but on the other hand, I really hate 4 NFDs in a row!!! By the 3rd day, I’ve pretty much forgotten how good fasting makes me feel and I turn into a food-hoover!!! I need to practice fasting at home, I’ve done it once or twice and patted myself on the back, but can’t make one of those 4 days a regular FD; however, I will persevere!

    @tlc2, I do B2B2Bs Tue-Thurs since those are my work days, I find Day 1 tricky, especially if I’m coming off of a carby NFD, Day 2 is a breeze because you’re “in the zone” by then, day 3 is even easier and you think you could fast forever!!!! Just stick to it, you know you’re not starving so keep busy & Good luck!!

    @lilymartin, I’m guessing the only way that sponge cake with cream and strawberries could be low-cal, is if you don’t actually eat any of it!!!!

    Phew, @daffodil2010 is back on-line …………………………… and now, all is right with the world!!!! Welcome back fellow a.m. poster!!!!!

    I’ve a bit of a high calorie snack for lunch today, olives & provolone, I wish it was soup since you get so much more bang for your calorie-buck!!!!! Anyway, I’m sure I won’t starve or waste away!!!

    “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

    Day 8 – MFD – Ireland

    Thanks all for the warm welcome. I have to say that making a commitment on this public forum really helped me yesterday to stay (somewhat) on track. I had 30g of parmesan @130kcal, a powdered soup mix @90kcal and a black coffee with 2x sugar (I know)@40kcal.

    I swing between mindsets of “Love yourself as you are” (ie. Have the biscuit with the coffee) and “Remember how you felt when you saw yourself in pictures from the weekend” (ie. put the biscuit back in the tin). For the past few months I have let that first mindset win and although I didn’t achieve a water fast day yesterday I really feel that the support form this forum helped me to move more into that second, more determined, mind set.

    Today I have a long day so I will target a MFD rather than WFD although I will finish eating at lunch time and water fast until dinner tomorrow evening (around 28 hours). Writing this publicly will help me to commit to that!

    @mia I haven’t craved toast and Jam (with butter) in years! but you have really put me in the mood

    @dykask I also try to water fast but this side of the summer I am yet to achieve one single WFD – I thought I could work up to it but I think I just need to commit to going cold turkey. Good luck!

    Day 8- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Hello! I would like to join in with this challenge please. Do I add myself to the spreadsheet that I have seen?

    I have toyed with the ideas of this diet regimen but feel that now is the time to show some commitment and stop pussy-footing around. Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today and all that. Hopefully this challenge will keep me on track!

    USA Day 8 FD

    Yesterday ended up a TDEE day but no wine! Today I hope to come in at 508 calories! Since I keep track of what I eat, that should work. Now that it is Fall here, I have to start for Fall exercise program. I am thinking of taking up Pilates once a week. There is a Pilates class at my club. I am back to my personal training and fast walking, since my golf season is over. I wish you all a successful day! Have a great day! 🙂

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managed to make it through out ‘grazing around the table’ social at our Choral Society last evening. Doing pretty well. Maintenance …. oh yes.

    @daffodil2010 glad you’re back among us!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 8 Melb Aust CD

    Hello everyone to another great day of aiming for the downward slide into our dream shapes and outfits. Despite a CD, my weight has gone UP again. Sigh! Need to do a few serious FDs, maybe WFDs (gulp!).

    @ccco, although not reaching FDs, CDs and keeping alcohol for the weekends will surely help. Hope today’s FD goes well, and that you are able to enrol in exercise programs which interest you.

    @rafiki44, with no FD over the weekend (how do you usually manage that?), I hope you can organise a couple into this week.

    @rabbette, congrats on your ATL weight. Well done you! Noted your TDEE as 1395; mine as lightly active is only 1336 (also petite), and @snowflake56‘s is relatively lower because she has placed herself into the sedentary category.

    @tlc2, one FD in the first week is a good start; hope this week’s B2B FDs go well.

    @lily martin, Noted your comment on Christmas cards. Like you, I like to send out “real” cards, though I’ve noticed that the number sent and received has been decreasing every year. Not sure that you can manage a low-cal sponge cake if you include the cream. The strawberries would be okay 🙂

    @dykask, great that you’ve now managed a WFD. I looked at the clip you included. Huh! It would be so easy to overeat if portion sizes are not watched.

    @matpi, yep, eating (and drinking) when distracted can be disastrous. We really need to mindfully eat. I have to be really careful when reading, or I just snack and suddenly realise that a whole packet of crisps has disappeared. Yes, I know – shouldn’t be eating them anyway. Only occasionally indulge, because of the addictive effects.

    @ciren2, good that you’ve an active job, which keeps your weight stable.

    @snowflake56, Re TDEE, now I understand the difference. I put myself in as lightly active, because I’ve a Fitbit and usually ensure that I reach a certain number of steps daily, as well as do other exercises.

    @i hate lettuce. Noted you also control when you imbibe, seems a very sensible idea. Good luck with today’s CD.

    @funshipfreddie, Yes, I also have a Fitbit which gives me sleep data. Mostly it seems okay. There are times when it hasn’t registered that I’ve slept, maybe because the band has been too tightly on my wrist? Overall, it’s interesting. I often compare my sleep to the benchmark for my age, and usually have less waking time and often more REM sleep.

    @daffodil2010, welcome back. Looking forward to your posts from next week.

    @mia139, glad you’ve managed a FD, and good luck with the B2B FDs this week.

    @flourbaby, I am in awe of you being able to have 4 NFDs then jump into 3 B2B2B FDs – and you do this every week? Impressive. I’m sure the scales reward you.

    @granada293, good luck with your MFD today.

    @therealwil78, glad you’re staying accountable by posting.

    @andreaj, welcome to our forum, which I’m hosting for October – different people take turns. Just add yourself to the spreadsheet, and dive right in. Acronyms and advice on how to post are on page 1 of the forum. Write posts with questions, how you’re feeling, how the eating is going etc., as you need to. Some folk post daily, for accountability, but it’s up to you.

    @songbirdme, well done to have survived the Choral Society social evening without disaster!

    One week down everyone, keep putting your best foot forward and star for October.

    Day 8 Melb Aust second post

    Quick post, as I forgot – @emma Taylor, managed to buy the Jason Fung book, The Obesity Code, which looks interesting. The other one wasn’t available, and would take 6-8 weeks to come in. At $49 AUD, I’m not sure if I want to buy it without previewing it first. I’ll see if I can pick it up more cheaply somewhere else. Looking forward to getting into the book I’ve bought, though.

    Day 8, VA, USA, FD B2B

    A bit long winded today. I can tell I can’t get up and do things – so you guys/gals get a novel to read. HUGS!

    I subbed most of my classes for the next two weeks. It was hard to do that for myself. First because I am an independent contractor every class I don’t teach I don’t get paid. Second there are some places I have to just cancel class as I don’t have a sub and I don’t like to not give my students a class to get to (we all could use a good yoga fix!) However I noticed yesterday when I went to go and teach, the drive to the studios means my foot is well below my heart and not propped up. Then when I get to the studio my shoes are off! Which means I have to walk about very vulnerable and with many obstacles. (Steps, doors, rugs) all things I took for granted navigating with a good foot.

    So I’m taking time off to heal and less chance of screwing up my foot worse.

    @ccco – yeah buddies, I did sorta accidentally have quite the celebration. I really wanted this lean fish from one of my favorite restaurants (but the place was not open on Sunday dang it) so I had sushi instead, but the sushi place is close to shyindgz (this is a very fancy extremely good dessert place) like the best in the whole state *and would say the best cake I’ve ever had in my life and I don’t really like cake (but I LOVE their cake). Just goes to show I’m not making any cheap box cakes at home and eating them, nope. None the less, we bought a slice of OCP Belle Isle Cake (Vanilla cake & OCP(oatmeal cream pie)/caramel vanilla whip icing. AND a slice of real Key Lime Pie. I did celebrate and so did my scale! Ha Back to them FDs this week!

    @tlc2 – B2B I usually find the second day to test my will power a little bit more (the 3 B2B is usually the one that gets “easy”) So I recommend having a plan. Plan both days what you will have for your meal/s calculate the calories. AND then ALSO plan if there is a SO in the house or office mates that want to “go to lunch” or “have this dinner” with me things that come up, plan what to say. I usually say “I’m good for now, really just enjoying my water” AND YES have YOUR WATER with you at ALL times! On the 2nd day you may find that you need a dash (1/8 of tsp) of (good salt (pink or sea salt)) under the tongue then followed by 8oz of water. Best thing I discovered especially when I stall on drinking my water or feel like I’m not able to get my water in me. ((And I’ll be FDing with you)) think of me and I have your back 😉

    @lilymartin – you know I found that when I was eating things I didn’t even want it was because I was so dehydrated that my body just kept getting me to eat. It really took quite a bit of work to get my water intake up and NOT give into really mindless (didn’t even want it food) I also would have a mental chat with myself as in “do you even like ___________ food” if the answer was “not really” then I would say “lets not eat it then, it does not help you in the long run” *trying to drink water instead would not work at that time. The only thing that helped me drink more water… was actually WFDs I think when I fully embraced water and actually got more of it in my system I finally stopped craving silly foods that I didn’t even want. I still want other things, however stuff I don’t like at least is not calling my name too. If you find WF a bit much… Try a LFD which I start with water all thought the morning and then if you need a “get me through” try some miso broth at lunch and dinner.

    @ciren2 – the will power is strong, but if you read my reply to ccco up there I sure as heck had some good treats on Sunday!

    @snowflake – I’m only 10 years younger and we are I think about the same height. I choose sedentary b/c really yoga just keeps me moving, but truth be told I don’t really find it to be a workout. (Maybe I’m just used to it) but yoga has never helped me lose weight. No matter how many or how powerful of a yoga class that I would take or teach. It was always the food intake that was/is the culprit. If I put it up to light exercise – my TDEE says 1595 and I’ve ate that much for a week and gained.

    @dykask & @funshipfreddie – the 8000 calories oh my gosh… Yup sounds like me. Obviously I was not eating 8000 calories (mmmmm at least I don’t think I was most days? Haha) but I was eating too much “healthy” food such as: A whole avocado spread across 2 rice cakes (love the crunch) then sprinkled with walnuts and pumpkin seeds and salt and pepper! When I finally calculated and saw it was around 600 calories I was floored! It was my lunch but jeez it didn’t seem like it should have been 600 calorie lunch. So yeah too much calorie rich food. I have to say I sure did eat GOOD!

    @mia139 – when I try and change a habit, I first try and think “do I need this? And do I really need it now? Could I have it in the morning or afternoon when I could potentially burn it off better than before bed.” Then I have a glass of water while I contemplate these questions. I also calculate the calories (actually looking at the bread bag, and what is a serving of jam!) and while it might seem a bit obsessive at first *I was not and still not a calorie counter most days* but I also had NO IDEA how many calories was in a freaking teaspoon of jam = which as an average its at least 50 and if I’m being real I probably always put at least a tablespoon of jam on my toast. Thats 150 calories right there. Yeah – when I started to “get real” with myself and what I ate, I was like woah! Lucky me I’m not a fan of jam (but trust me I ate the equivalent of other things of the like)

    @daffodil2010 – yay, so nice of you to pop in for a second! Trip sounds fab and good on you staying steady. Its nice to just stay steady while on a holiday.

    Day 8 pocket list (I went and collected some FDers that I saw for today)

    Day 7 – USA – FD
    Day 8 – USA – NFD

    Managed to work a FD in this month, my first…my work schedule is so varied from week to week and because I like to do 16:8, it gets a little tricky. But still at 136.2 and hula-hooping, light weights, tons of exercise at the job, squatting, stretching, back and forth running around waiting on customers. Have been dealing with seasonal respiratory issues for the past two weeks. Have a few major personal happenings in the next month including surgery and hoping to get the all clear for it health-wise. Never a dull moment!

    Day 8 – UK – FD (B2B)

    @lilymartin @funshipfreddie @flourbaby @betsylee @rabbette so pleased I asked for your tops tips for B2B & thanks for your words of encouragement- so far so good with lots of water on board! A busy day at work has definitely helped.

    It’s v impressive that some on you do B2B2B – fingers crossed i’ll complete my B2B challenge!!

    Day 8 California NFD

    I toyed with the idea of a fast day today but it’s Tuesday so my husband wants to do ‘taco Tuesday’ today. That’s a thing here in California 🤷‍♀️ . Next week he is out of town for 5 days so fast days here I come!

    @andreaj just add yourself to the spreadsheet and give us a shout if you need help with that. Welcome!!

    @betsylee I’m just like everyone else and find fasts easier with no-one around to dissuade me like my DH so that’s why a weekend day works well for me 😉

    Day 8 Canada FD

    @rafiki44 I also find it easy to fast when my OH is out of town 🙂
    Good luck @tlc with the B2B lots of water sounds like it is working for you
    @metatauata sounds like you have lots going on and impending surgery as well, good for you for squeezing in a FD
    @rabette glad you are resting your foot and letting the healing process happen
    @funshipfreddie I copy my posts before I hit send, have lost too many as well

    Back to work- hope everyone is feeling strong!

    Day 9 – Japan – NFD

    Wow I’m surprised by all the people cheering me on. Normally I don’t have many problems with doing a water fast, just #70 was jinxed for some reason!

    About the 8000 calories, I think the pictures were probably of more normal portion sizes. Sure the food was rich but seriously 8000 kcal is a lot of food to down in a day. Just thinking about it in terms of peanuts which I love to eat, could I eat 1.3kg (~3 lbs) of peanuts in a day? Probably but I probably wouldn’t want to eat another peanut for months after that. It would probably make me sick.

    Still it does show the calories can really add up fast. Personally I don’t think calories matter too much unless you are extreme. Eating an extra peanut a day won’t cause one to gain weight, but eating 200g of peanuts a day probably would. Our bodies can handle the small stuff, it is the big things that do us in. At least for most of us, I’m sure there are some exceptions, I’m just not one of them.

    Day 8 Ohio, US — NFD (63 bites)

    A pretty ordinary NFD.

    @dykask Your mention of eating pounds of peanuts brought back a memory. One place I went to university had social functions at which wine and beer were served; but because of various restrictions alcoholic beverages couldn’t appear on any invoices, so people just put down that peanuts were ordered for the same dollar amount. Apparently no one wondered how thousands and thousands of pounds of peanuts could be eaten each year.

    @metatauta You reminded me that I need to start back up with my light weight workouts. Unfortunately, all my weights are still packed up in boxes, and I’m not sure exactly which box has the weights. I will try to sort things out in the next day or so.

    Enjoy the day!

    Day 9, Emden Germany, NFD

    @rabbette please give your toe enough time to heal.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @flourbaby – I know what you mean re 4 NFDs. Even 3 in a row seems a lot now. That’s why I do a CD on Fridays; so hopefully the damage will be minimal over the weekend.

    @betsylee – I hope you enjoy the Obesity Code. Excellent book, and I like Jason Fung’s sense of humour.

    @bellyblast – I write my post on my phone first, luckily; in Samsung notes. But it still took about 12 attempts to get it onto the forum?!

    @daffodil2010 – welcome back! 😃

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 9 …. Lake District UK … CFD

    Morning all

    Well a different day to Fast yesterday. although it was supposedly a CFD, DIY project! Had to move heavy white goods around to get to the walls in the utility, moved washing machine, tumble drier then fridge, moved fridge in front of larder unit. Smart thinking make sure fridge door facing outwards so can get milk for drinks etc…. got everything set up to start then thought breakfast then crack on ……. fridge in front of larder unit! Not going to shift everything again so cereal and other munchies stayed in larder unit.

    However very successful DIY day, shattered last night so strayed from the plan and had pizza, but we worked out my total calories in for day would be 1400 well under BMR of 1921 and a lot of calories as well so would end up well under BMR.

    Tired this morning so exercise this morning, World Cup rugby on TV… slow start to day, walk later.

    Take care all, have an easy one anyone on a FD today.

    Day 9 – UK – CD??
    Day 7 – FD600 and 8 – FD500

    A good last couple of days will have made up for that indulgent weekend hopefully 😉 Lots of exercise on both days – Monday = Broga, Pilates and yoga and Tuesday = 2 hr walk with walking group and High Impact Pilates lates evening. Today will be Yoga this morning.

    @brightonbelle – jealous of your trip to Sicily – such a lovely island – hope you enjoy exploring and finding some of it’s hidden delights
    @ccco – I’m with you on the 🥂🍷 front – definitely find it easier to lose those extra pounds if I avoid – I suspect drinking also means eating more in my case…….so have to try and restrict the wine to 3 days or less……..
    @rabbette – 😲 you have done amazingly well – ditching those 50lbs – that’s just over 3.5stones! similar amount to what I lost and fingers crossed have managed to keep off since December 2016. I also totally understand your frustrations at the moment with not being able to follow your normal exercise regime and especially as it’s your livelihood as well…….but you are doing the right thing in taking time off to heal. I am so glad to have discovered yoga and other forms of exercise since starting this WOL and just love how exercising makes me feel both physically and mentally!
    @tlc2 – having just completed a B2B FDs I would say the trick is to keep busy, drink plenty of water and plan what you are going to eat for the day – I personally stick on OMAD on FDs and find that this works for me. If I feel hungry I use any form of distraction therapy I can – ringing a friend for a chat, logging onto here to read the posts or write one of my own, going for walk…..you get the idea……
    @lilymartin – hope your FD yesterday went well – I’m with you in that I too love cooking and baking and own lots and lots of cooking books – I get as much enjoyment reading them than cooking from them and I love watching cooking shows as well………these days I bake mostly for others (gives me great pleasure but does not go on my hips 😉) and as for cooking I aim for healthy but equally tasty food – thankfully my OH is very strict with his diet so that helps to keep me focused
    @dykask – well done on completing your WFD – knew you would find your groove back but I don’t know how you do these so regularly – Even on my rare non eating FD I still have a glass of my homemade milk kefir before bed as I find otherwise I have a very restless night
    @ciren2 – hopefully you are having nicer weather than us for your postal deliveries – wet and dull here for the past week – so we are due some nice weather soon I hope
    @snowflake56 – I agree re FD800 but it’s better than eating more – I try to keep my FD to below 500 but often sneak up to 600 and my TDEE is around 1500cals (I put myself in the lightly active category but probably more moderately active) and even now it never ceases to amaze me how quickly those calories disappear if you are not careful!!!!!
    @i-hate-lettuce – you are in good company with the 🥂🍷 indulgence – a lot of us here enjoy a glass or two and have discovered the best option is to limit drinking days in the week….
    @funshipfreddie – I’m one of those strange ones that do enjoy a Monday FD!!!!! I find it helps me refocus after a weekend and as usually on Mondays I have 3 exercise sessions it keeps me focused and weirdly I don’t usually feel hungry after exercise……..
    @daffodil2010 – so lovely to have you back – have missed your posts!! Hope you had a fab time in France and Spain and how wonderful to have stuck to your plateau despite the food and drink delights of those two countries….
    @mia139 – just keep at it and you will get there – maybe try brushing your teeth once you reach your FD calories at night to stop those late night toast sessions and keep a glass of water near you to sip….
    @flourbaby – love your Anatole France quote 🤗
    @andrea-j – welcome’s to the October Challenge – never too late to join – I have added you to the spreadsheet to encourage you – you are at the top of the page!
    @songbirdme – you inspire us all as to how easily you manage to stay in maintenance
    @betsylee – have you tried to see if your local library can find the book for you???

    Off to get ready for my class now so sending positive thoughts to all those fasting today – You can do this!

    I am reminding myself this month that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. and when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 9 – TDEE Day (hopefully)

    I had a 200kcal breakfast about half an hour ago – really was craving a sugar fix and so didn’t make it to a substantial fast window like I had hoped although for me it is more about a deficit than the length of fasting window – that’s what I’ll tell myself anyway.

    @rafiki44 I know how hard it can be disappointing a partner who is excited about food or making a particular dish when you have to tell him/her that you are fasting. This weekend I was hoping to stay at least within a deficit and also to avoid alcohol as my partner was supposed to be away. He isn’t going on his trip now and has planned a night out with our friends. He LOVES food and particularly after drinking he will always order fast food.

    Today I hope to stay roughly within my TDEE. My boyfriend is making his minestrone soup tonight which is AMAZING but home-made so hard to calculate the calories and also requires a big slice of bread with butter. As such, that will be the only other thing I eat today aside from the sugary breakfast I mentioned.

    I have gone down a little bit on the scales today – nothing significant but enough to encourage me to keep on top of what I’m eating. I could maybe fast from Thursday night until Friday evening dinner so that I don’t have to feel too bad about the alcohol and probably pizza.

    Good luck all for day 9!

    Post 2 day 9

    I re read my last post…. last bit didn’t make sense ….doh, should read…

    However very successful DIY day, shattered last night so strayed from the plan and had pizza, but we worked out my total calories in for day would be 1400 well under BMR of 1921 and a lot of calories BURNED OFF WORKING as well, so would end up well under BMR.

    That makes more sense, tired this morning and rushed post to watch the rugby World Cup ! my excuse anyway.

    Thank you for adding me to the spreadsheet! Better crack on then… I’ve done well on these first two days, even though I’ve come home from work to find two Marks and Spencer egg custards waiting for me! They’re now hidden from view..

    Day 9, London, UK, FD

    Late check-in from me today, busy at a site meeting discussing cranes, yes it was as interesting as it sounds!!!!

    @betsylee, I had to chuckle at your comment regarding my usual B2B2B pattern ……………….”Impressive. I’m sure the scales reward you.” ………………………… all I can say is, you’d think so wouldn’t you? But the dreaded NFDs cancel the 3day B2B2B efforts EVERY ……………….. SINGLE ……………… TIME!!!!!

    @rabbette the cake description did me ZERO favours on my FD yesterday, however, I now know my salivary glands are working just fine!!!!

    @andrea J, you need to let the fat fairy and her friends know your house is an egg-custard-free zone on a FD!!!!

    Todays’ FD is going well because I’m so busy, I’ve just broken my fast with the remaining olives & cheese from yesterday and a choice of soup or salmon salad for dinner this evening should nail it!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!!

    Day 9: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @andrea-j: Welcome to the gang…..just jump in. Aah, M&S, I take it you’re from the UK?
    It’s my day off today…so…lots of eating, I’m afraid. Did I ever mention it’s the reason I can retire from the Royal Mail, which keeps me active, on the move, and busy-busy?

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) FD

    Going to get in a FD today, as much as I am trying to avoid one. Ha ha …

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 country west Australia Day NFD
    and sadly day 8 FD became a little derailed so counted it as a NFD but day 10 will be a FD.
    Good to read all the posts and keep me accountable

    Oops….I meant to say it’s the reason I CAN’T retire…..(I really must concentrate more)!

    Day 9, VA, USA, FD B2B2B

    So excited to move the number spike that happened from my indulgent self on Sunday. I calculated on Sunday it was a 5.4 lb gain. So far I’ve whittled down 4.2 of it as of this morning. And its only Wednesday! Sorry thats exciting because usually it takes me FDing until Thursday for that magic to happen.

    None the less I have a little plan to help with the spike that I usually endure on the weekends! Although it is my BFF B-Day this weekend. So I’ll have to see if there are some low carb dessert options I can make… yeah buddies.

    @dykask – I also easily had WAY to many calories in liquid from high percentage Stouts usually 10% ABV or more which means each stout was at least 300 calories for 12oz (I had a high tolerance at the time and could have at least 3 of those). Hello 900 calories! And yes I could still eat after having that! OH MY GOSH typing that out and reading that seem absurd now!

    @snowflake56 – I am doing my best. The lesson I’m teaching this week to the few yoga classes that I kept on schedule is “self-care” and I know I need that lesson the most.

    @at – I miss plank pose!

    @granada293 – Your approach of a fast from Thursday night until Friday evening is exactly what I did in the beginning to help minimize the affects of what ever food my sweetheart wanted to eat. You are doing great, keep at it.

    @andrea-j – Marks and Spencer I thought they just did clothes? Egg Custards! Sigh. I’m lucky I’m such a snob when it comes to desserts because I would have a terrible time saying no to egg custards.

    @flourbaby – Ha trust me eating the cake did me no favors either (well it did make my insides super happy) – guess what there is still 1/2 the slice left in the fridge wrapped carefully in cling film to save for this weekend. SO said last night after we had dinner (I had my awesome simple broth)… “you want CAKE!” I looked at them eyebrows up and was like “no, I’m waiting for the weekend, but if you want your portion, please feel free to have it.” They were like…..”no I’ll wait too.” said slightly pouty sounding (with a hint of a smile tho at my will-power)

    @ciren2 – mmmm I’d contemplate that(the job thing keeping you busy) for a moment. Do you relate eating as part of relaxing and/or day off? Or do you eat out of boredom? I used to eat out of boredom so I can totally relate to that one. If so I have found that having a thing I like to do around the house helpful (I have a tiny garden I try and tend to and I also like doing/making different crafts) that also keeps me OUT of the kitchen and focused with WATER nearby.

    @lilymartin – some FDs are like that and its a good thing we can take a break and just come back to a new one! Keep at it.

    Hump Day Pocket List Day 9
    @rabbette B2B2B

    USA Day 9 FD

    First, adding myself to the pocket list. My FDs are not water fasts. I am trying to do a sustainable eating pattern that will work for me for life, so I decided to stick to either 500 or 800 calories per FD. The pattern, along with a vegetarian diet, and limiting wine, seems to be working. Amazingly, I am never hungry!

    Hump Day Pocket List Day 9
    @rabbette B2B2B

    I am in the process of putting my Winter activities schedule in place, so I am back to personal training, walking, and yoga. I also have incorporated a number of indoor activities which should keep me busy, so I don’t eat due to boredom. Winter is harder for me, since I am an outdoor person.

    Welcome the new members I saw in the last few days on this site! Good luck in your new WOL.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 9 UK FD

    Decided to try another FD as working today and so much easier! Managed to fast till 7pm and had some salmon and veg with salad. So far a result! The kitchen is officially closed!

    Day 9 California NFD

    Sigh, this isn’t a great week food wise although I am at least sticking to a 16/8 eating window and i don’t drink more that two drinks per week. Next week I’ve decided not to grocery shop but just do fast days based on the food in the house already!

    Day 9 UK NFD

    Not getting in the zone this week – not a disaster but not great will try harder x

    Day 9 Ohio, US — NFD (59 bites)

    A good quiet NFD.

    @rabbette Congrats on moving that spike! Hope it vanishes completely by the weekend! Just a comment about yoga and losing weight. Yes, it’s clear that yoga doesn’t really burn all that many calories in comparison, say, to playing rugby. On the other hand, when I look back to the weeks where the weight loss has been greatest, it’s those weeks where I’ve been most consistent with my daily yoga practice. I’m not sure why that should be so — do you have any ideas about this?

    @flourbaby Were those metal cranes or feathered cranes?

    Have a peaceful day everyone!

    Day 10: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    They say it’s going to be DRY out there this morning and most of the afternoon….so, for once, I may stay completely dry on my delivery!
    @at: I agree, the weather has been somewhat “changeable” for ages. But, maybe, you’ve had it a bit worse “up north”.
    @rabbette: Hhhmm, interesting point that you make. I relate days’off with eating, certainly. Mostly, because I CAN….the kitchen is there and, well, habits…..I relax reading the news (either that or fume at it!!!) and eating while reading the newspapers is a big HABIT! Also boredom…I eat when bored, definitely! I eat for motivation….to get up and walk the dog, for instance. At work I HAVE to get on with my job, so…

    Day 10, Emden Germany, NFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 10, London, UK, FD,

    I’m feeling like yesterday’s FD falls into this category ……………………………..

    “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

    ……… since the willpower deserted me after I had my salad for dinner. I managed to find one solitary kit-kat, popcorn and cashews to supplement my 500cals!!! I’ve brought the remaining popcorn to work and left it in the kitchen, I give it 1-2hrs before the young-uns devour it all!!!

    @matpi, LOL, they were enormous metal cranes (I’m a Civil engineer) and we’re about to embark on a multi-storey carpark project requiring a huge crane on a postage stamp sized site …………………………….. clearly designed by a donkey!!!!

    @ciren2, it’s a beautiful morning, I hope it lasts until you finish your round, however, for tomorrow & the weekend it’s supposed to chuck it down, Uurgh!!!!

    I’ll have to settle for a 5:2 week this week, but I think it’s better to move forwards without looking back at a botched FD, no looking backwards ……………………….. I’m not going that way anyway!!!!!

    Stay strong folks!!!

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