OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 30, UK, NFD

    This is not a good finish of the month for me 🙁 . I don’t know what it is, if its my hormones or what, but I went in the opposite direction! It seems I will end the month 1.4kg higher than at the beginning. I will have one last FD this month tomorrow, so lets see is that makes any difference.

    Holding onto this group tightly 🤗


    Day 30 London UK NFD

    Another NFD as I completely forgot that I am meeting a friend for supper and wine tonight. Have been mindful of what I’ve been eating until then – lots of water and a few teas plus a 320 calorie soup for lunch. I weighed in this morning (after having a mega binge day yesterday, and found I was still mid maintenance range. I think the skipping breakfast and mostly mindful eating seems to be working. Just need to get back on the exercise wagon now. Why oh why is it so hard at the outset?! I remember feeling this way about working out when I started this WOE. I know once I have done a few days in a row I will love it….but that particular wagon is so hard for me to climb aboard!!

    @snowflake56 are you also based in London? I am currently working my way through the wonderful museums we have here with my toddler. Seen more in the past 2 years than I did in the previous 18 years that I’d lived here. The Museum of Childhood is definitely on the list, I keep hearing about it. It’s quite far from us as we are in SW. Will have to get up and out extra early one of these days! On a separate note, I too have lost my bum especially since not exercising much this month. Have you got yours back?!

    @rainbowsmile he sounds dishy! I’m topping up your glass virtually so that it is at least half full…

    @murph58 Isn’t soup just the best on FDs?! I have discovered a new found love for it since starting this WOE

    @michelinme So sorry to read that you are so unwell. Really hope the virus passes quickly and you are feeling much better. Hope heater has been fixed. It is suddenly very cold and really feels like winter is upon us after our long long summer.

    @gretta Two weeks until you get married! So so excited for you. I love reading that you are very happy with your body at your current weight. We sadly have so many negative thoughts about our bodies so hearing positive comments feels like a celebration. Wonderful! And nutrition and training as opposed to diet and exercise – what a difference language can make to our mindset. Love it.

    @metatauta congrats on your B2B FDs. It’s a great feeling. And with the work situation, you absolutely CAN do it! Don’t be hard on yourself, it will all come with a bit of time.

    @daffodil2010 Hope you had a lovely long weekend. Minus 4!? I feel cold just thinking about it. Nevermind about October, I think a few of us have fallen by the wayside during this month! But in just two days we get to start again! November is going to be our month!

    @flourbaby sometimes you just have to let the cake and chocolate happen. That was my day yesterday too! Today much better even though the wine beckons me tonight.

    Would love to reply to some more but gotta go and get my boy from nursery…HOORAY!

    Day 30, Gozo, Malta, fd

    Today I made scented fish salad with lettuce, tomatoes, mangetouts, spring onions, mango, creamed coconut, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, fresh chili, parsley, fennel and cumin seeds, sugar, hot chili sauce, and boiling water.

    This evening I’ll have a yogurt and some left over salad.

    Have a great evening/night everyone.

    Day 30: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.
    Cold and bright here today. Back to work on the deliveries after my long weekend. I get one every six weeks. Spend too much of it eating unfortunately!!!
    @gretta: Yes, my daughter is thinking of Packenham because she wants easy access to the city as well as to her place of work. What is this CBD? She will start her first few days at an airbnb apartment situated in the “CBD”….?

    @ciren2 – CBD perhaps is “Central Business District?”

    @anna6 – had to look up “mangetouts” – Americans generally call them “sugar snap peas.” Edible pods. I first saw them as cultivated for the Burpee seed company in the early 1980’s – their seed catalog featured them. Delicious!

    @gretta that is a lively quote, thanks for sharing.
    Good luck with your wedding prep.


    It is a challenge when you first start, but everyone here will tell you the same thing, you find what works for you.
    Big advice is, make sure you drink alot of water, we consume alot of fluid with our foods, so that helps.

    I find it easier to skip breakfast altogether and only have a vegan soup at lunchtime. I make up most of my colories with milk from my coffee and tea (can’t bear to have it black), and I used to have an ’emergency boiled egg’ to hand in case I couldn’t make it till lunchtime, bit I no longer need it. I avoid eating too many carbs or sugary foods the day before a fast day, it seems to affect my FD too much.

    My dinner doesn’t really happen, I may have a cuppa and a small apple.

    Good luck with your monitor, hope nothing serious shows up. Thankfully this WOE has demonstrated many good health changes, so you are on the right track.


    Day 30 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    This is my 2nd of 3 B2Bs.

    @judyjudes – I agree with @fasterjo, that what I eat the day before affects how well I do on FDs. Keeping it low carb & satisfying foods leading up to the FD helps. Early on I would have back up things ready during the day, but usually, if I’m eating on a FD, I wait to eat until supper. Tomorrow, when I break my liquid fast, I’ll be having some homemade borscht/soup & probably some cheese.

    @shinything – keep hanging on 🙂

    @gretta – you sound like you’re in a really good place as you approach your wedding. I wish you all the best!

    October is almost done. We can do this!

    2nd post

    Really have a torrid painful TOM and was feeling incredibly sorry for myself in work, and even vowed to break my FD and have pasta and red wine tonight to make me feel better. But I dunno what happened….I got home and could feel the vibrations of this group pulling me along and I have now vowed to stay on track today. Thanks everyone 🤗

    So far so good. Going to head to bed soon with my hot water bottle and this FD is a success. Tomorrow morning is official weigh in for October. It’s going to be a tough one with any light on the horizon maybe being I did not gain any MORE in October from the massive weight gain of September 😨

    Thanks @emmataylor, @songbirdme and @debster251 for your insights on getting rid of TOM. I really do look forward to the day they no longer hamper me…though @songbirdme I have my fingers crossed that it’s still not happening at 59 😱
    @debster251 About 3 years ago I started to get night sweats so my health shop recommended sage supplements. I take one every day and don’t really suffer much from flushes…..yet. And I sure am keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be a problem. But thank you all for sharing your stories.
    Isnt it amazing how we are all different? Two of my younger sisters are now finished with TOM while I started years before them. Oh well. 🙄

    I am off to bed now and have resisted the wine, carbs, and sugar dragon. Being on the pocket list has kept me accountable….thank goodness.

    Day 30 – UK – CD

    Surprisingly only mild tenderness in my thighs, arms and shoulders today from all those classes yesterday @snowflake56 – wedding anniversary is actually on Thursday hence another FD tomorrow to allow me to enjoy dinner out with OH with no guilt or regrets

    Spent most of the day with DD – went for walk this morning with DD and her hound (Archie the Beagle 🐶) before going for some retail therapy followed by a late lunch and another walk with said hound before they drove back home.

    OH and I then went to a High Intensity Pilates class this evening – he had dinner afterwards (I could not eat anything after that late lunch which was when I broke my fast from yesterday so today was a OMAD and hence the CD)

    I then baked a chocolate and orange cake for the group I volunteer at on Wednesday PM – one of our ladies has just turned 97!! and that is her favourite cake 🎂 I have just finished icing said cake ready for tomorrow – hope it tastes OK – I adapted a Merry Berry Recipe – using more orange zest and juice and used a Chocolate buttercream icing instead of the chocolate ganache one she used in her recipe.

    @claire Suzanne – I’m grabbing your hand ready to pull you back on the wagon from tomorrow – fancy doing a FD with me tomorrow to end October on a high note ready for the November challenge????
    @rainbowsmile – sending you the biggest 🤗 we need our sunshiny August girl back – I’m giving you back this from your post on the 1st August – “Today is the sunshine after the rain (dedicated to all those who can leave their troubles behind)”
    @northerndawn – thank you xx
    @murph58 – it will be great to have you continue with us for the November challenge – personally I have found these challenges to be so supportive and inspiring.
    @annemarilyn – Broga advertises itself as “Strong, energetic,and challenging, Broga combines the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout.” – certainly intense and hard work!!!!
    @michelinme – hope you are feeling better 🤗
    @gretta – thank you for sharing the quote from that fitness instructor you shared – fits right in with this WOL
    @metatauta – congratulations on your first B2B!
    @debster251 – I must be a bit mad as I have signed us to all 3 classes on a Monday for a 6 week block…….as well as my HIP class on Tuesday evening, Yoga on Wednesday morning and Aerobics on Thursday morning…….should keep me on the straight and narrow for November 😉
    @judyjudes – looking forward to hearing a bit more from you in November – Hope the health issues get sorted out and you start to feel better soon – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!!!
    @basyjames – be interesting to hear what your annual blood results show
    @shinything – I’m joining you on a FD tomorrow – let’s finish the month on a positive note xx
    @daffodil2010 – well done on your FD despite feeling under par – hope you wake up tomorrow feeling much better xx

    Looking forward to a good FD tomorrow to end the month on a high note ready for the November one!

    I love this Winnie the Pooh quote – applies to our WOL very well I think “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.”

    USA Day 30 NFD

    I had a NFD today which I didn’t keep a journal for! I needed a break today! Have been very busy today when I woke up to discover I need a new roof immediately since I woke to find that it rained through my bedroom ceiling! Never a dull moment! Tomorrow I will have a FD! Have a great evening/night everyone!

    NZ Day 31 – FD
    I’m sorry I haven’t posted regularly, but I have been reading everyone’s posts, but I don’t feel that I have much to add. I have been doing my fast days twice a week and trying to be controlled on the other days. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning (1 November) and put that on the spreadsheet as my end weight. Although I haven’t said much, I do appreciate all the wise words of wisdom from the more experienced on the monthly challenge.

    Day 30 Minnesota, USA FD

    Right about 500 calories today and now, at 7 pm, kitchen is closed. Went fairly well with not much hunger after coffee this morning. Fish and salad greens for dinner, and an apple for desert. Hoping for an @fatfingers and @flourbaby type whoosh tomorrow.

    @michelinme, stay warm! I am so cold blooded and have great sympathy for you.
    @gretta… I love the idea of “Nutrition and Training”! Diet and exercise just sounds so exhausting right at the start. And very excited for you as your wedding approaches!
    @metatauta….great job on the B2B FD’s. Now you know you can do it!
    @daffodil2010…Hang in there…hopefully you will soon be done with the whole hormonal roller coaster and will rejoice! I’m so very happy to be done with all of that!
    @beththenew…congrats on a very good result for the month! Onward and Downward with you in November!
    @dingping…I think you are right about it that we Northern Hemi’s are just needing a bit of adjustment. Hopefully we will get our collective mojo back before the Holidays hit us!
    @songbirdme…we all know you will get to exactly the weight you want to be. You are dependably successful on this WOL, and such an example for the rest of us. Like @at.
    @judyjudes; I hope all turns out well. And I really hope this WOL helps you improve some of those health markers.
    @basyjames: good luck to you at the physical, also. There are few things I dread more than going for annual physicals, I don’t know why. I also dread dental work, to the point of sweaty palms. You are really attending to yourself this month…good for you!
    @shinything, I may also end the month up from where I started. All we can do is soldier on, be determined to do 5:2 basics at least, and have faith in the results.
    @ccco; I hope you get that new roof in pronto! What a terrible way to wake up!
    @wacm; Look forward to being on the November challenge with you!

    Best of luck to everyone!

    Day 31 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Struggling today, went to bed bickering with the fiance so had a terrible sleep and just feeling down, but up and at at HIIT class first thing this morning which has helped. Going to struggle with the FD I think, but will do my best to stick to 600cal (give myself the mental break of being able to have another 100 cal surprisingly works wonders….if only it was the same on NFD’s!!!)

    Knowing you’re all here is helping me through this FD.

    @ciren2 CBD is the Central Business District or the Centre of the City (it’s pretty common terminology in Aus)
    @dafodil2010 well done on making it through your fast day!! I really struggle during TOM, but I know my body thanks me for the fast once it’s over.

    Pocket List Day 31:

    Day 30 FD
    Yesterday was my real fast day, but it turned into s CD…
    Im going to have to have a candy corn day tomorrow. I’ve been saving myself all month. Im not going to go nuts, just a handful. Thank you everyone for all your stories. Good night!!

    @annemarilyn – your compliments mean so much. @at and I have been around our WOL a long time!

    Day 31, Emden Germany, FD

    just checking in to add my name to the list, will come back later.

    Pocket List Day 31:

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 31 UK FD
    Ending the month with the intentions I started it! Next month will be different I’ll make sure.

    Pocket List Day 31:

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 31 London UK FD

    A much needed FD today to end the month as I mean to start the next!

    Pocket List Day 31:

    Day 31 FD UK

    Relieved to be back fasting and off all tge antibiotics. Ending the month with a hopefyl stabelising FD.

    Pocket List Day 31:

    Day 31, Finland, NFD

    Well thankfully October is over! I have managed to not only catch up with the wagon, but jump back on….complete with mojo!!! For those of you who are still searching for lost mojo, it can be found!

    I finish the month surprisingly with a 1kg loss, and as a member of Club Tortoise I am happy with that. Cm measurements are a little up, but i have not done any yoga this month.

    Thanks to @debster251 for hosting this month, and to @basyjames for hosting November.
    After reflection today, I will post my goals and join the spreadsheet tomorrow. I hope today is a successful end of the month for you all.

    Bring on November!!

    Day 31 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    I finish the month with a 4lb or 1.3kilo loss from Oct 1st. Now that is good news. If I can just stop harping on that I was 7lb less than THAT at the start of September the my head will be in a good place. I had a holiday blowout, the weight is there, but it’s only a few pounds, I gave not given up, if I do that I would regain the few stone by next year.

    So onwards to November. It’s not an FD today as meeting a friend for dinner but I will start November with an FD.

    Thanks everyone for your support through yesterday….@Gretta, @northerndawn, @at, and others too…..as well as the vibes from the forum it was as though the universe was conspiring to STOP mr wrecking my FD…..for example, yesterday afternoon I just had to have a hot chocolate drink from the office machine …big sign on it saying chocolate function out of order!!!!! At bedtime, after speaking on the phone to DH, I remembered there was some spelt bread in the freezer and I just had to have tea and toast……no sign of the spelt bread in the freezer, DH must have used it………

    So all in all, despite my attempts to self sabotage, the FD worked.

    Thanks @debster251 for hosting this month. You were hosting the month I started these challenges back last August 2017 and your support has always been special. And if I remember correctly, it was @basyjames who took the baton from you then to host September 2017? Isn’t it great how we are all still together in this great forum.

    Happy Halloween everyone

    Day 31 Belfast CD

    Where has this month gone?
    Congratulations to everyone who took this month’s challenge, regardless of whether you met your goals or not. By participating, it is a commitment to making a change for the good. Even if the scales aren’t as kind as you would like, your body is benefitting from IF.

    @beththenew – very well done on those great stats
    @michelinme – nothing like tomato soup for the soul! Feel better soon
    @judyjudes – it does get easier on FDs. I tend not to eat till lunchtime or not at all – it unleashes the dragon! I also like home made soup for lunch – you get a lot of carrot and coriander soup for 100 cals and it is filling. A bouillon cube as a drink can be good too. The saltiness takes the edge off your hunger. Hope you get to the bottom of your problems.
    @shinything – tomorrow’s a new start!
    Yes @beedoo, November is going to be our month!
    @songbirdme – here mangetouts tend to be flatter. You can buy sugar snaps too and eat them whole, but they tend to have bigger peas in the pod. Isn’t the worldwide language variation great!
    @daffodil2010 – I took black cohosh for a while. Fortunately those hot moments don’t come very often now, but they do still catch me unawares! Thank you for your kind words
    @at I haven’t come across Broga here. Must look out for it.
    @ccco – that must have been a rude awakening! Sounds like an expensive problem!

    As we finish this month I’d like to reflect on my own journey for just a moment but I’m sure it will resonate with many of you. I didn’t put on weight in a vacuum. It came over a long period of time as a result of several things. Comfort eating for me is a way of coping with stress, and over the years I’ve have been dealing with several issues in my personal life. That, coupled with stress in my job and the never ending feast of sweets and cakes in the staff room led to wait gain, depression because of it, and that never ending downward negative spiral. So fixing my weight problem is not only about addressing my eating habits but about practising self care and learning not to accept things which impact my life in a negative way. Someone once said to me, ‘Change happens whether you like it or not. Make it your own by taking control and owning all you do.’ That’s great advice.

    I finish this month 1lb above my top of the range weight. I shan’t beat myself up, just do better next month. My planks have fizzled out too. Tomorrow is a new day and a new month.

    The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

    Have a good one

    Day 31 – UK – NFD

    Thank you so much for your supportive comments @annemarilyn @fasterjo @at @northerndawn.

    I do believe the more I drop the extra weight the better my health markers will be. Hasten to add, didn’t sleep much with the BP monitor doing its thing every 30 minutes. I know from previous experience that lack of sleep can facilitate the munchies. I’m determined to not succumb and will take a nap 😴 if I get the chance.

    Thank you for the tip on eating lower carb & sugar the day before a FD. I try to do lower carb but don’t elimate them totally. I do enjoy small portions of rice, good bread and whole wheat pasta. I tend not to eat anything with added processed refined sugars.

    Pocket List Day 31

    Quick question … do you post the Pocket List only if you’re on a FD yourself?

    Day 31 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Happy Halloween everyone 👻 now step away from the candy!

    October has been another great month of maintaining within my 128 to 133 pounds range. During the month I’ve seen a high of 133.4 and a low of 129.4 now at 130.6 – normal fluctuations of maintenance 😊

    @debster251 thank you for herding us through October 💐

    Congratulations everyone on completing the challenge, especially those who are struggling. If you keep on keeping on, taking it just one day at a time, you will eventually reach your goal.

    @judyjudes I normally add myself to the pocket list and post it on my FDs but there is no reason not to post it on any day to support the fasters 🙂

    Wednesday fasters have a strong finish to the month 🎃

    Day 31 London UK FD

    Second post

    Hello fellow faster! The sun is shining in London and today IS going to be a good day. I’m actually feeling slightly ropey after wine last night (and the most delicious tapas…beef croquetas, pigs cheek, tortilla, gambas…heaven!) so I’m hoping a positive outlook will help. My weekend starts in about 6 hours and I am SO ready for it!

    800 cal FD today…breaking fast later with lunch – a Sainsbury’s mushroom grain risotto meal soup (wild rice and quinoa instead of risotto rice) at 257 calories. Have some lamb and chicken harrisa kofats left so will add two of those at 49 calories each. Still leaves me with 445 calories for supper which is yet to be decided upon!

    I’m really excited about November and following a more structured approach. I’ve been haphazard with my FDs/nutrition and lazy with my training (using those positive replacement words, thanks @gretta !). Just looked at spreadsheet for first time in a while as I realised filling it in had also gone by the wayside. However, it’s interesting that my weight has dropped a bit more since beginning of month despite doing 800 calories FDs and not being strict of NFDs. In November I want to use the month to monitor TDEE / 800 cal days / exercise to find the right balance. Of course then December will be upon us and silly season begins! But perhaps I can use November as a good learning month for kicking off 2019. Such good intentions…!

    As mentioned my weight has dropped a bit further this month and I have found that for the last 3 weeks I have weighed between 48kg and 49kg (sounds very low but I should add that I am petite and 5ft 2 and a half). I’m adjusting my maintenance range to 48kg-50kg as a result.

    A great big massive thank you to @debster251 for hosting this month! Signing off for October and looking forward to seeing you all a lot more on the November thread!

    Day 31, London, UK, FD

    Another FD for me to end this rapidly disappearing month!!!! Tomorrow will be my 2nd anniversary of this WOL, I’m definitely a member of Club ‘Tortwah’, but humbled and grateful for this forum for the advice & inspiration that has led me here today; to -40lbs. I think if I had been doing this on my own I would have thrown in the towel after the 10lb gain (Baileys Xmas ’17) or the gastronomic summer holidays where I returned 7-10lbs heavier (’17 & ’18!!!), or just given up because I’m an exceptional self-saboteur!!!! I’m still surprised how little it affects me when there’s a gain …………………………….. easy on, easy off indeed!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I’m staying strong for this final FD of October, soup and bone broth at the ready, back to basics and I’ll post my October results tomorrow.

    Onward & Downwards folks!!!

    Final post, day 31 North canton OH FD.

    I was reviewing the posts above with a smile and thinking ” look how far we have come” I am so proud of you all and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.
    Thank you @debster251 for hosting us through October, and thank you all for participating – together we can make the impossible possible.

    My best to you all 🙂

    Day 31, UK, FD

    Lets finish this month with FD just to reaffirm the dedication to sticking with this WOE and carrying on even if the month was not a success. There is always next one 🙂 .

    @northerndawn you are right, we must stay strong and soldier on 💪 , and as @debster251 said, tomorrow is a new start 🙂

    @debster251 thank you for being our host for October, you’ve been great 💐

    Pocket List Day 31

    Day 31 UK CD

    Having heating last night – and waking up this morning to a chill-off house – has been absolute bliss! I don’t think I’d realised quite how enervating it is to feel cold all the time for the last few weeks. I loved having a hot bath last night- the water is hotter and it’s much easier to control the temp. I’ve gone from a boiler that wasn’t powerful enough to one that could heat twice the space, and it feels simply wonderful. Even tho I keep my thermostat on 19C the fact there’s a constant temperature is amazing.

    Yesterday’s MFD slipped into a CD when I opted for 4pm lunch of egg salad and – once I got the kitchen back from the workmen – spicy vegetable stew with vegan sausages and a hot pudding of stewed apple and blueberries with coconut soya yogurt. But glad to have drunk more water yesterday & avoided the temptations of hot chocolate, sweets and cake in favour of a delicious black americano when warming up at the cafe.

    I’m glad to be back to my 65kg plateau this morning – I’ve seen both 142lb & 147lb this month, and both felt & saw my fat suit reinflating over the weekend. After a more mindful OMAD MFD and a 20:4 CD my body seems to be slipping back into the shape it was previously; the post-sugar puffiness is going and I begin to recognise the curve of waist & hip again. I still have my perfectly peachy 2nd trimester tum, but I think that’s likely to be the last thing to go. I’m going to sit patiently on the plateau this time round and enjoy spotting the other changes in shape or size that come with this next stage when weight loss slows down and other things align.

    This has been my most up & down month so far – the first time I’ve gone hurtling backwards, lost even the vapour trail of my mojo and fallen off the waggon. The first time i’ve felt like throwing in the towel and resisted daily posting. But what’s helped is acknowledging where I am, resting a little & gently taking small steps even when my feet were sluggish, my mind was resisting and everything felt impossible. And here I am again, two weeks on and finding it was simply a blip. Daily posting, saying it like it is, connecting and feeling the support of this forum have made all the difference in strengthening resolve and encouraging effort.

    Thank you @debster251 for your gentle and encouraging hosting this month. And for lovely challenger friends who have upheld, encouraged and enabled – together we are definitely stronger. Funny how it feels as tho ending the month on the same weight is a great success, but it really is 🙂

    USA Day 31 FD

    Adding myself to Pocket List!

    Pocket List Day 31

    Hope I make it through candy day! LOL Good luck, everyone, and stay strong!

    Day 31, Guildford UK, MFD

    Just before the finish line a little woooooooshing going on.

    At long last some weight loss. Plateau phase 11 finished, downwards again. I hope ski slopes to the finishing line.

    I will take it.

    @debster251 thank you for this month, no disrespect but it’s been a big plateau and a struggle to stay motivated through it. So I am glad to let go of it.

    Thank you to all my friends here for their amazing love and support.


    Day 31 Minnesota, USA NFD

    I have finished the month with a 2.4 lb weight reduction, that’s 1.1Kg, so October is in the rear view mirror. My goal had been 4lbs or 2Kg, so I achieved just half of that. I didn’t have one single FD that was under 450 calories, I’m pretty sure. Most of my FDs were 500 to slightly over 800 calories. I had several controlled days at 1000-1250 cals. I also had plenty of over TDEE days (mine is 1450). Sooooooo, all in all, I had a very gentle and sustainable WOE for this month and I’m very pleased. I can choose to have a relaxed month and I will still see some weight loss.

    Yesterday’s weight was 3 lbs heavier than this morning after a FD. It goes to show how dramatically the scales can bounce day to day. I suppose tomorrow I may have gained a little back in water weight from this morning, but FWIW, I am on cloud 9 anyway, because at 156.8lbs (71.3Kg), I am at the lowest weight I’ve been at since January of 2017!!! And my BMI is in the healthy range at 24.6. I feel confident that I can continue at this pace and be happy about it as a proud member of Club Tortoise! And a proud member of this forum and these challenges, which really seems to make all the difference for me. I just can’t keep my mojo without being accountable to a group and without the support of wonderfully encouraging people. I thank you all!

    A very special thank you to @debster251 for being a great and wonderful host of this challenge.

    And, over the last 2-3 days, I have read every single post for this challenge month! Best to everyone going into November! We will stay strong together!

    Day 31 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    Hooray the scale moved downward this month – getting rid of the rest of the gain I had in the premoving stuffing. I’m ending down 8 lbs; 207.4 – 199.4. So glad to see the other side of 200.

    @beedoo – I still found the October spreadsheet. The name says November at the top but at the bottom of the Google doc it had an October page and a November page.

    @michelineme – glad you have your heat back! Thanks for sharing your reflections. Backing up a little, helps us get a better perspective.

    @rainbowsmile – hooray for the whoosh happening!

    @debster251 – thank you so much for hosting October!

    @basyjames – thanks for taking on November.

    So glad we’re in this together!

    Day 31: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Another month gone…more off the wagon than on for me.
    @debster251: Thanks for being a great host for us this month.
    @gretta:CBD AAhh “central BUSINESS district” (I knew it must have been something to do with the centre!). Thanks.
    @daffodil2010: Well done to resist that comfort meal yesterday….I wish I could do that.
    To all who’ve lost weight; congratulations!
    To all who’ve stuck to the WOL you have my admiration.
    To all who are struggling a bit….let’s go together to November…..

    2nd post

    this post is coming a bit later as planned.

    @beedoo No, I’m not in London, I’m in the North-West of Germany. If I was in London, I would have invited you, your son and @dingping to go to the museum together. My bum got back, a bit flatter as before but I think doing planks helps. When I don’t forget it, I do squats, I mostly forget.

    @dingping we had a black cat once. After seeing the film “Hocus Pocus” we decided our next cat’s name would be Binx, no matter what color the cat would have. When the cat we had then died, we went to the animal shelter to look if there was a cat that liked us. They had a black cat everyone hated, they told us, he was very agressive and would scratch and bite everyone. They had him in a small case for 9 months. We stood a long time in front of the cage and talked to the cat, he didn’t look agressive so I opened the cage and put my hand in. The lifted his paw and started to wash it. We decided to get him out of there and picked him up the next day. It took a while for him to settle in but he turned out to be an absolute adorable cat. The one we have now is a red/white one, of course also adorable.

    @at I feel really lazy after reading your exercise regime, the only thing I do are planks. From tomorrow on I’ll try to be more active.

    @debster251 I hope your friends surgery went well.

    @songbirdme Oliver Sacks was amazing, bright mind, kind soul.

    I will post my final weight tomorrow.

    @debster251 thanks for being such a great host this past month and thanks to everyone else for supporting. Hope to see you all on the November Challenge.

    Day 31 – UK – FD

    Did you know that Halloween evolved from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, but over the centuries Halloween transitioned from a pagan ritual to a day of parties, costumes, jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating for kids and adults. Not particularly into Halloween myself therefore no temptations of sweets/chocolate in the house and luckily there are no young children on our street so not likely to have anyone knocking on the door……but hope that those who enjoy this event are having a fab evening.

    A lovely yoga class this morning followed by an afternoon of volunteering – the chocolate and orange cake went down well with the birthday girl (97!) and still going strong and all the other men and women who attended the club – This cake will be done again I’m pretty sure 😋

    Managed to keep to just under 800cals for this FD……hope my other fellow fasters are also holding strong for this last FD for October!

    @kerryn73 – great job on jumping back on the 5:2 wagon and finding your mojo👍
    @daffodil2010 – 4lbs down for October is wonderful – you know that you can repeat that for November! definitely sounds like the universe was on your side yesterday 😇

    Well I started October just above my target range for the first time since reaching maintenance but happily that did not last long so happy to have one more month of maintenance under my belt!

    THANK YOU for the funny stories and laughs – THANK YOU for the support and words of wisdom and not least THANK YOU for being part of this amazing global family that has no borders and takes everyone in.
    I hope to “see” many of you in the November Challenge and if you are not continuing on this journey with us good luck and know that you can always rejoin at anytime!!! OR just pop in to say Hi and let us know how you are doing!

    Huge congratulations to those who lost weight small or large; achieved their goals for the month or have successfully maintained 👏
    To those who seem stuck on a plateau, just think of it this way -“When you get to a plateau, think of it as a landing on the stairway to your goal. And maintenance is a lifelong plateau, so a bit of “rehearsal” for maintenance isn’t the worst thing in the world” 😇
    To those who have struggled or even put some weight back on – Tomorrow is the start of a new challenge – Let us all move forward together “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow” 🤗

    @debster251 – Thank you for having been our host once more for October and looking forward to seeing you in November – these are especially for you 🤗💐

    “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking…….because her trust is not in the branch but in her own wings……BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

    Sorry, new to all this. Is the November Challenge sheet started yet ready for tomorrow? How do I find the NOVEMBER challenge when it goes live?

    Day 31
    2nd post

    Pushing it to be a proper FD today, allowed stress to be an excuse! Roll on November so I can reset my head and kick my mojo’ ass into place!

    Just wanted to say a big thank you @debster251 for all your support and encouragement to us all. Your reflective post resonated a lot with me and I think we learn a lot from each other by sharing the hard times as well as the good.
    Thanks everyone for the fun and laughter, the knowledge and understanding, the heartaches and the joys. Best best of all getting to know this global family a little bit more. Thanks see you all in November with more vim, vigour and commitment from me.
    Ta x

    2nd post

    Hi @claire-suzanne – if you click on Forum at the top of the page and then on Active Topics and scroll down a little bit you will find the November Challenge posted by @basyjames

    Day 31 USA (Illinois) NFD Halloween!!

    Candy isn’t usually a problem for me – I can pass up chocolate better than white, creamy items, but I’ve been known to snack a little on leftovers. Trick-or-treaters are due to start here in under an hour. I hope I give it all away! @missybear – you are SO RIGHT! Stay away from that candy!

    Yesterday ended up about 750 calories, so I called it a FD. It felt like one! Didn’t eat today until after yoga and Silver Sneakers -lunch tasted so good. Back to 163# this morning’s weigh-in.

    @debster251 – thank you so much for your excellent hosting this month. On to November!

    Onward and downward!

    October wrap

    Did my weigh in this morning, and have lost 1.7kg this month, which isnt quite at the October goal, but i’m very pleased with the effort.

    Thanks to @debester251 for being such a great host, and for everyone else here (pretty much every fast day I’ve had in the last two weeks I haven’t felt mentally able, but have seemed to manage to get through in under 600cal).

    Hopefully see you all in November!

    Day 31 Ireland NFD

    End of month awful regarding fasting. It was that time of the month and i went from 137lb to 143lb over the course of a few days. Got really disheartened so havent had a FD since last thursday 25th of Oct. Annoyed!! But going to join November group and start again!!

    USA Day 31 NFD

    Trick or Treaters should start coming around in half an hour. Right now my community is having a Halloween party for the children. I hope they take all my candy. I hate having to throw things away! LOL Not good for the waistline! 🙁

    Day 31, Surrey (UK), NFD

    October has been a momentous month for me. After 11 months of this WOE, the last 3 battling to get off a stubborn plateau, I finally, finally reached my target and am now in maintenance mode. YEAH!!

    @debster251 – special thanks to you for hosting this month. You have been awesome.

    See you all in the November challenge. Keep on keeping on. You know you’re worth it!

    Here’s how I image my October report card for WACM would read –
    Goals for the month:
    1. Drink more water
    2. Get good sleep
    3. Exercise (10,000 steps per day)
    1. Water – not bad probably 80% pass
    2. Sleep – not good probably 50%
    3. Exercise – not great – probably only 40% pass

    Although WACM started well, her diligence and enthusiasm waned – could do better. Overall a ‘C’. On a positive note weight down. Was a dismal failure at Planks – managed only 4 for the month!

    Thanks to @debster251 for hosting – awesome job, well done A+ for you.

    Day 31 – USA – FD

    Wow, another FD! Didn’t even plan it. Just not hungry. Wonder if my body is getting used to OMAD? Lost almost 4 lbs. this month and only 4 FDs! Three lbs. to go until maintenance, but adding another 3 lbs. wiggle room, so 6 lbs. altogether, which I hope to achieve by the end of the year. Only met half my goals (toning and walking). Did a lot of toning with upper body work, but have not made the time to walk yet; however, the new job has a lot of movement, so it’s all good.

    Day 31 – USA – FD

    Second post: Sorry, @debster251, thanks so much for hosting this month! You were wonderful. @basyjames, please include me in November spreadsheet! Thanks!

    Day 31 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 30 — NFD

    I needed to work until just before bed time last night, so I wasn’t able to do the monthly summary then. Here it is:

    Start weight 179.5 lb/81.6 kg
    At the start of October: 176.6 lb/80.3 kg
    As of October 30: 177.6lb/80.7 kg (This was a big disappointment!)
    As for the other goals:

    1)Being faithful to the 5:2 WOL — all fast days taken and completed.
    2)working toward an hour of physical activity a day — this was way down with no days meeting the minimum, much less one hour.
    3)working toward getting 8 hours of sleep a night — definite progress, although most nights only got between 7 and 7.5 hours of sleep at night.
    4)limiting screen time a little — this was a big plus; have cut my recreational screen time to less than 1/3 of what it was.
    5)eating only my TDEE on NFD’s — only 3 out of the 5 NFD’s
    6)curtailing sweets/desserts — same as for the TDEE.

    That I actually gained a little weight was a surprise: my face and neck are noticeably leaner. At the end of the month I was definitely eating less on my NFD’s than at the first of the month. So there is some progress. I guess that I can claim a moral victory, even if not an actual one. So time to move onward toward November!

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    Day 31 Minnesota, USA, 2nd post
    @matpi, don’t be discouraged. My weight from yesterday was 3 lbs higher than this morning. It may be from salt intake, or maybe roughage (fiber), I don’t know. But do not, do not! get discouraged from a scale weight from one day, or even from one week!!

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