OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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  • November 1st, Emden Germany

    Final weight 57.2 kg, so 500 g up, DH stayed the same at 77.4 kg. could have been better but it’s fine.

    Had visitors and ate and drank too much in the second half of the month. Sticking to 5:2 so hope the damage is not too bad. Am avoiding weighing in till friday. Lets just assume October was a no-loss-no-gain month – thats me being very hopeful! See you in the november challenge.

    Nov 1 weigh in

    Sort of lost the plot the past 10 days or so but managed to end the month at 66.3 kg. The target was 66kg so didn’t get there but November is another new start. So finished the month 1.8 kg or just under 4 lb down so have to be happy with that. Have managed to stick to my Sober October challenge and to be honest found that easier than I thought it would be.
    Onwards and downwards into November.
    Good luck to everyone today

    2nd post.
    Many thanks to @debster 251 for hosting the October challenge and to @basyjames for taking the reins for November. Can you please add me to the spreadsheet . Thanks.

    Results Day,

    Today marks the end of a fantastic month and the beginning of the preparation to counteract everything that Xmas will bring!!!

    I planned to stay Sober for October which I achieved with a couple of well-planned exceptions……………. Not 100% sober, but I certainly wasn’t getting through 2 bottles over a weekend which had become almost normal!!! I also planned to complete the 30 Day shred without rewarding myself afterward (earnt calories mentality!!) which I did religiously up until I got into that dress last Saturday!!! And the results………………………….. well, I started October at 160.2 (those bouncy-bouncy scales did a real number on me in September!!), this morning I weighed in, several disbelieving times, to find I’m 153.4!!!! So a total of 6.8lbs dispatched!!!
    I can only put it down to focussing (I had to get into that dress!!); staying Sober (not as big an issue as I thought!!); and exercising daily (I totally LOVE/HATE 30 day shred!!)……………………. And sticking to the 5:2 basics!!! But I truly believe it’s mostly down to being booze free, my alcohol free challenges have been my most successful over the last 2 years ………………………. Totally unsustainable, but once in a while is good for resting the body & mind!!!

    To those who eradicated some fat – ‘CONGRATULATIONS!!!’; To those who remained faithful despite a plateau or gain – ‘CONGRATULATIONS’; Half of this battle is mental and we should practise a bit more self-love after-all as @at says ………………

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    …………… a pat on the back for all of us I think!!!!

    @debster251, you’re a star, thanks for hosting us all this month; and now ……………………………….. Onward to November everyone!!

    Final post for October.

    My final weight for October is 54.5kg, thats 0.9kg more than at the beginning of the month.
    November has to be better!

    Thank you again for hosting @debster251 💐

    My Weight has been the same no change, no loss and no gain. Hoping to loose a bit in November.

    Thank You for hosting @debster251 💐

    @flourbaby – what a wonderful October you had! Congratulations on dispatching almost 7 lbs in the month!

    @mia139 – hey, at least you were very close to your goal!

    @snowflake56 – so great that your hubby is doing this with you! Looks like you had a good month 🙂

    On to November.

    Day 1 Canada NFD

    Thanks for hosting @basyjames I am looking forward to being here for the full month!

    I set myself a 6 week challenge in August to stick to 2 FD’s per week and focus on cutting down on alcohol, better sleep and increasing exercise. The forum was a great help and I am really happy that I managed to do well on all of these, in fact I have almost stopped drinking. Not bad for a gal that enjoyed 1/2 bottle of vino per night.

    This month I want to get rid of the last few kg’s- currently 60.5 and aiming for 58.5.

    Great to see lot’s of familiar faces and newbies here, it is going to be a great month!

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