OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

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  • @basyjames: thanks for hosting November…and @at: December. I’ll be there….either on the wagon, or off…but I’ll be there!

    Day 28 UK NFD

    Stayed up so incredibly late trying to get my writing done that I watched the hour reset itself on my laptop, open-mouthed! Brain so slow it was really hard to write in the simple style required. Writing things briefly & simply is so much harder than it looks – it’s all in the filtering, clearly!

    Luckily i was in credit in the sleep bank after my week of virus & Harry Potter, so getting to bed at 3am new time/up at 7.45am wasn’t anything like as awful as it sounds. My head was in a good place and I got through the morning, only to be derailed by train issues on the way home. Went into M&S at waterloo in firm search of colin the caterpillars, and came out with them, some wasabi peas and a healthy gf salad which I’ve not eaten. Thought it might be an EFS but just I’ve just added the day’s calories and it squeaks under my TDEE – MIRACULOUSLY!

    That’s my first big sugar attack/colin-the-caterpillar raid since (i think) March So I’m going to be mindful rather than beating myself up. Luckily my head is in a better place today so I’ll roll with how things are, go rescue my supper (already in my counted calories), unwind with a hot bath and catch up on sleep.

    Monday is back to my scheduled FD – I’ve saved my M&S superfood salad plus some spicy carrot soup to have as OMAD supper. Must drink lots of water and/or herbal tea to keep hydrated, plus miso/hot vegemite if get headachy or chilly.

    Pleased with my weekend head reset – i’ve not exactly got my mojo back but meditation is doing its thing and I’m hugely glad of that – note to self to set alarm and start Monday off well too. Now need to be picking up post conference stuff – albeit rather late – and planning ahead for the things needed for this last 3 weeks of busyness. Will try to sort out a retreat for the end of November, if I can – be lovely to have it to look forward to.

    @arelkade I’d been wondering where you were, we miss you DownUnderers starting off the day, and with @merryapple whizzing round London in designer outfits… Well done for coming and saying it like it is, it always helps to know we’re not alone with how we feel. Clearly there are a few of us in the market for some mojo-restorer – tips welcome!

    @dingping Thank you!!! I’m always trying to untangle my own head and express what I feel as clearly & directly as I can. I’m going to stick your response on my wall & use it when I need encouragement to keep writing x

    @debster251 “2 wheels off the waggon after collision with a lemon drizzle cake” – loved it! Thank you for your perspective & reminder of bigger picture. It’s so easy to get stuck in the sticky moments as tho they are all there is. Great post all round, thank you!

    @ciren2 my friend’s husband had similar issues with leg pains, and has recently had a very late diagnosis of issues with leg veins/circulation, now having surgery. May be worth getting checked again…

    @flourbaby sounds like an ab fab evening! And congratulations on your whoosh!! thanks for the spare mojo!
    @missybear – me too with the wine gums/colin the caterpillars! As long as the dragon knows it’s only an outing /treat and not a habit…
    @at thank you for the offer – i’m definitely up for that – a Solid Monday FD reset it is! I’d also put my hand up for December but very happy to host another month later on – other than January, when I’m away or squished and won’t be able to give it the attention that New Year Resolutions will need!

    I used to get really down when the clocks went back and the nights drew in, and developed ways to mark it as the turning point of the year. One of the things I’ve found really helps is to have rituals, ways to celebrate what is rather than lamenting what isn’t.

    Now I draw the curtains and light candles each evening, a sort of sanctifying or celebration of the time – because candles shine more brightly in the dark! I plant seeds – a way of marking the importance of dark times to enable future growth. And collect autumn leaves to stick on old jars, making wonderfully-coloured candle jars to light up the autumn and winter days until the sunlight gets brighter again.

    Also, picking up new autumn/winter habits to make the most of long dark evenigns – knitting projects, jam making or other food or craft projects for Christmas or special days in winter. And enjoying cooking stews & soups to have fresh or in the freezer, roasting veg, baking fruit dishes or rice puddings as treats for crispy days. I find myself more likely to get stuck into decluttering/nesting. Also works to set up an exercise plan or study goal – things that mean I’m using these darkening days in particular ways.

    It all helps, and becomes a great intentional use of longer nights. Then suddenly the year has turned, the days begin to lengthen again and new shoots begin… here’s to warm & cosy nights enjoying gentle, flickering lights. Growing new shoots on my mojo 🙂 xx

    Day 28, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Dingping, Debster251 and At thank you for your birthday wishes to my granddaughter. I really enjoyed the party and we all had a lovely time. My daughter send me photos of my granddaughter playing with the baby doll which can cry, talk, drink and passes liquid from his bottom which I gave her. @at happy wedding anniversary. Do enjoy the day.

    I’m going to do a fast day tomorrow. Today I ate and drunk wine and ate sweets too. This evening I ate one fourth of a takeaway pizza.

    Good night 🌙💤😴😘 everyone. Onwards and downwards.

    Day 28 Norfolk (UK) NFD

    Ok so I think I am going to write October off as a bad month and try again for November.

    I haven’t been on here for a while and I feel I have let you all down.

    I’ve been struggling with lots of things really. I got called back in for a 3rd interview and got offered the job BUT they insisted on contacting my previous TOXIC employment for a reference. Not only did I not want them knowing where I was moving on to but I also think the feedback will not be good.

    I am due to start the new job on 1st November, which happens to be my birthday.
    I have asked the new company to let me know when they get satisfactory references back (I gave them 2 other people who have given me great references) and to confirm they still want me to start.

    I’m trying to not worry but the old company could still screw this up for me.

    Hoping to start the November challenge with renewed vigour and purpose.

    Love to all xx

    Day 28 NFD

    Advice please: What does everyone else do when they have an infection with fasting. I have been on antibiotics for 2 seperate infections, and had to have meals with the antibiotics. Finally off them, and besides feeling like I am no longer used to eating 3 meals a day, and that just feeling weird, I have not been able to fast in 2 weeks. Any advice on sickness and fasting, it sort of makes sense to fast to allow the bod to heal itself, but on the other hand, do we need nutrition to keep minerals and vitamins available and does fasting stress the body more in this situation?

    Thanks in advance.

    *Please add me to the November group challenge.


    Day 28 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Keeping to a short eating window in anticipation of a 3 day B2B2B – liquid only after dinner today until evening meal on Wednesday.

    @fasterjo – yes, fasting is great for helping the body heal. Besides water and herbal teas, I like to have some chicken bone broth at the ready to have if needed. I have some home made on hand presently and it hits the spot. It’s quite rich and so I might only have about 1/2 a cup on a day but allowing myself to have more if I need it.

    @flourbaby – so glad you had a wonderful time showing off your dress, dancing… plus you got a whoosh! Yay!

    @claire suzanne – may things work out the best for you job wise. It does seem strange that the new potential job insisted on references from your toxic place. I know as an educator, I had a couple of times when I didn’t want a difficult principal to be a reference. I would then use someone else, like the assistant principal or a district level supervisor. I never had to use a “toxic” administrator. You know, this place seemed a mixed bag at the outset. If this causes things to derail, maybe it is not the place you want to be. Either way, you are a valuable person. Be kind to yourself. Worry won’t change the outcome.

    On a different note, usually I don’t like to go shopping on a Sunday; I like to keep the day for God and people. Anyway, I had a coupon that was running out today. So I went to my favourite women’s clothing shop. I met this wonderful Brigitta, formerly from Germany. She and I found ourselves appreciating the same item and we got talking. We ended up having some fun exchanges and decided to exchange our information before we left the store. So I have found a new friend in my new home town. Oh yes, and I did end up using the coupon and more… I’m ready for the rest of fall and Christmas too.

    Glad we’re on this journey together where ever we are – firmly on the wagon, running alongside, or whatever. Hang in there!

    Day 29 – Japan – WFD #77 in 2018

    I find it had to believe but I’m actually on pace to meet my water fasting goal of 90 days in 2018.

    I slowly starting to pay attention to the forum more and getting back into exercise. My weight was 81.6kg when I last checked. I think the lowest reasonable weight for me would be 75kg.

    Day 29 – Melbourne VIC – FD

    Hi all, hope everyone has had a great weekend! Had my hens party Saturday night, which started with a lovely lunch with the in-laws, and an afternoon of celebrations and partying with my girlfriends and family – it was an absolute blast, and and a very memorable weekend. Definitely drank way too much, but food choices could have definitely been worse, and portions were ok.

    FD today, glad to have a reset, though pretty tired from the weekend so I’m hoping it’s not too much of a struggle!

    Lots of posts to catch up on, looking forward to reading them all!

    Day 29 Pocket List:

    Day 29. London UK
    Joining today’s pocket list…

    Day 29 Pocket List:

    Day 28 – USA – FD!!

    Can’t believe it…my 2nd FD in October at last! Figures it would come at the end of the month, but it was almost accidental. 570 cals. Reading all your posts, just not able to answer to any right now. Started 1st day in new job and pooped!

    Day 28 Minnesota, USA NFD, over TDEE (wine and cheese)
    Day 27 FD (under 700)

    !0:00 pm my time. I have caught up to Day 24 on posts.

    Thank you to @basyjames for sharing the link to a 2014 post by @simcoelove about his trousers falling off, and other tongue in cheek comments, which are very timely for me. I guess it puts my weight loss, to this point, in perspective. There is no reason I should be unhappy with 11 lb (5Kg) weight loss since August 14. Especially considering a couple vacation weekends during that time, and the slow start to doing 5:2 in the first two weeks. It is a good reminder and a reality check for expected weight loss. If you do 5:2 right you are going to see an average of half a pound a week weight loss over the long term. With ups and downs daily and weekly.

    If you want to lose more, you have to alter your TDEE intake on NFDs, or do three fast days a week, or more.

    Yes, I know I could lose more weight each week if I was willing to decrease calories to the point of losing 2 lbs a week. But I’m not. I did that two years ago and became very weary of such a calorie deficit. So, this time, a pound or two a month is fine, especially, throughout the dark and cold winter months and throughout the Holidays.

    Honestly, If I can just keep the weight loss trend going downward in the next three to four months, I will consider that an awesome victory! Winter has always been a weight gain time for me (about 5-10 pounds). I’m hoping to change that trend this year. I know i can do it!

    Best of luck to everyone. I think a CD tomorrow and a FD on Tuesday and Thursday. Stay strong and determined to continue in whatever way you can.

    Day 28 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 27 — NFD

    The NFD’s have gone well and have kept close to my basic eating plan.

    @fasterjo Here’s a couple of quotes from Michael and Mimi’s book that might be helpful: “But be flexible; don’t force yourself to fast when it feels wrong. If you’re particularly off-kilter, tired, or peevish on a day that you have designated a fast, try again another day. Adapt.” (p. 111) and “Who else shouldn’t fast? … Anyone feelling unwell or feverish…” (p.138-9) Some place else they say, “Be kind to yourself.” Hope this helps!

    Day 28 Minnesota, USA NFD
    11:59 pm Checking in

    Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    Bank holiday Monday so going to relax and enjoy the day off. It’s been a busy weekend helping DH with camper van conversion jobs (I helped install an air conditioning pod yesterday 😃) so nothing much planned for today. It won’t be my normal Monday FD, but will hit the ground running tomorrow.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone

    Day 29, Emden Germany, FD

    just checking in now, will be back later after reading posts.

    Day 29 Pocket List:


    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 29 Norfolk (UK) NFD

    Put on weight at the weigh-in this morning but trying to find my mojo to be serious about all this.

    Good luck to all fasting today.

    Day 29 Norfolk (UK) NFD

    Just heard that my references were all good so full steam ahead to start new job on my birthday on Thursday!

    Day 29 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @claire-suzanne brilliant news, congratulations!

    Day 29 Pocket List:

    Together we are stronger 🙂

    Day 29 Belfast FD

    So three days left of this month so let’s have a final push towards the end of the month. My mojo has partially returned and damage limitation has been activated.

    @michelinme – your Colin the Caterpillars post made me laugh. Oh, I can taste them for you but seriously, the first since March? How excellent is that! You talk a lot about meditation and mindfulness. Do you use an app? It’s an area I should like to explore.
    @ClaireSuzanne – Congratulations on that job!
    @annemarilyn – what a great, feel good story!
    @dykask – good to see you’re still on track. Your resolve is amazing!
    @gretta – hen party down, now you’re on a roll to the big day!
    @metatauta – good luck in that new job

    Joining today’s pocket list…
    Day 29 Pocket List:

    Keep your eyes on the prize!

    USA Day 29 NFD

    Congratulations Claire-Suzanne! 🙂

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    @claire-suzanne…..Hooray for you! I’m so glad you got it….(all that worry and distress for nothing) CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Birthday for Thursday too xx
    November will be YOUR month.
    @metatauta: Your FDs are like my FDs….few and far between….but WELCOME when they come!
    @fasterjo: I think maybe you should just relax and put fasting on the back-burner when you are unwell, listen to your body. If you have to take medicine with food, you have to.
    @michelinme: My husband just had all the tests for PAD and they came back clear. It’s a mystery at the moment and the doctors don’t seem to be that bothered. It affects his life though. Leg ache after walking just a short distance.

    Day 29 – UK – FD

    Unheard for me – I actually woke up at 6am…….Yes 6am and went to a Broga class with my OH – how did I let him talk me into that………I have actually signed up to attend a 6 week block with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hard work but feeling great afterwards – what a way to start a FD Monday! It was minus 2.5 degrees when we left home at 6.30am!!!!!!!!!
    I still have my Pilates class this afternoon followed by my normal yoga class this evening – hopefully I will survive and manage my FD – aiming for around a 500cal FD 💪

    @debster251 – no thoughts of those Portuguese custard tarts this morning 😅
    @basyjames – thanks for hosting November and @michelinme why don’t you do December as planned and I’ll pick up the January one unless someone else fancies having a go……..
    @ciren2 – so glad that you will stay with us 🤗
    @claire-suzanne – things have a funny way of working out for the best – fingers crossed for the new job and remember that the main thing is that you are hanging on and sticking with the challenges and as you may know @basyjames is hosting the November Challenge so join in and we will pull you back on that 5:2 wagon x
    @fasterjo – I still fast when I have a cold or an injury and have not found that it affected my recovery but we are all different so listen to your body x
    @dykask – doing a great job with the water fasting (is that purely for health benefits or just because you find them easier??)
    @gretta – sounds like you had a fab day!
    @metatauta – hope your Day 28 FD was successful 🤞

    Joining today’s pocket list……Let’s make it count – Day 29 Pocket List:
    @annemarilyn – 3 day B2B2B
    @dykask – WFD

    “Your strongest muscle and your worst enemy is your mind – TRAIN IT WELL”

    @annemarilyn thankyou for your kind words. I did try not to worry about it all but I guess the low place I feel in was hampering how I was thinking.

    @debster251 Thankyou!

    @ciren2 Thankyou and thankyou! I do hope November turns out better than October.

    @at Thankyou. Yes please pull me back on that wagon. I need to get back on track and sort myself out. Only 257 days til the wedding!!!!!

    @basyjames Can I join for November please? Thankyou.

    Day 29, Surrey (UK), FD

    Last FD last Friday resulted in a major WHOOOOSH – the lbs suddenly gained seemed to fall off just as quickly! Glad to see it off, but really I’m wanting a more gentle approach now, so I’m trying a slightly modified FD today, aiming for 800 calories. This is part of experimenting to find what will work long-term to achieve maintenance. Trying to figure out what is a reasonable tolerance range. Perhaps +/- 5lb? Any thoughts?

    @missybear @dingping & @debster251 – thank you for your thoughts. It’s true, the bigger picture is what counts when all is said and done.

    Joining today’s pocket list……Let’s make it count – Day 29 Pocket List:
    @annemarilyn – 3 day B2B2B
    @dykask – WFD

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD, trying to remain controlled so I can keep hold of the whoosh!!!

    @claire-suzanne congratulations on the new job!!!! I wish I had been able to alleviate your worry, but I don’t think companies are allowed to give a ‘bad’ reference (sour grapes!!), you can only say ‘No comment’ or something like that.

    I’m feeling a tad slow today!!! I really can’t deal with these late nights anymore!!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!!

    Day 29 NC USA FD

    Last FD day this month. Will count tomorrow’s weight in as last for the month. Will be in again for November.

    Joining today’s pocket list……Let’s make it count – Day 29 Pocket List:
    @annemarilyn – 3 day B2B2B
    @dykask – WFD

    Day 29, Guildford UK, MFD

    I have been struggling with some down feelings and I think this broken foot thing has hurt me more than I thought. Feeling overwhelmed and sad. It’s not like me, generally I am a cup half full kindagal. This is a cup quarterfull. Tired too, it’s funny I was energised on my WFDs.

    My ankle keeps swelling but physio did the ‘massage the fluid away thing he does’. I had mild cellulitis and had to have treatment.

    I am still doing MFD, and had a couple of fail days recently. I love dancing and went back to it. I have a Camber weekender this weekend.

    At the end of November then I have a full on weekend of dancing 700 people going. It will be amazing. I want to be in great shape for it. So let’s hope my MFDs will pay off. There is some swimming involved in that there is a water park visit. I would like to go if HP Moustache Tummy isn’t toooooo big and moustachy.

    Have to tell everyone I have a secret crush on a fellow dancer, I just hope it’s not too obvious. He is a little like Liam Neeson. Phoaaaaaaaaa…..


    @claire-suzanne congratulations on your new future. Sometimes when we make changes there is resistence. We all get it, it ebbs and flows. And nothing, nothing would ever let us down here, we all have trials. Just keep on posting and getting back on the wagon. Every time I fall off, others pull me back on. These trials are just blips on life. Hang on tight as we turn the corner to November.

    I have lots of challenges in November.


    Day 29 North Canton OH.

    The holiday season is almost upon us. To prep and fortify myself against all temptations real and perceived, I am participating in two maintain don’t gain challenges. One through work and another I am organizing with some close friends – my work week hustle group.

    @rainbowsmile yay for your crush, thanks for making me smile this morning 🙂

    I had bagels and Halloween candy yesterday. I refuse to beat myself up, but I am not going down that rabbithole. Sugar you do not own me.

    Cape on, I am off to save the world!!!

    Day 29 London UK NFD

    Am behind on posts again. Too far to catch up I fear. I must say I am looking forward to starting over in November!

    Busy but lovely weekend. I managed to keep thoughts about work to a minimum which really help in focusing on and enjoying my time with my wee family. Took toddler to the Natural History Museum on Thursday. He was wowed by everything he saw and we spent a lot of time with the dinosaurs! Walked from home to the museum and back which is a 45 min brisk walk each way so got some exercise in but am struggling to get back into the swing of things with my dvds. @sarahbob and I are doing Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 challenge in November…anyone else who wants to join is very welcome! The 1st is a Thursday so I won’t be at work and can fit it in when my son naps. No excuses! Been really slack on the work out front and I can really feel the difference so I am looking forward to feeling the benefits again. November needs to be a good solid on track month as December will be full of all kinds of indulgences!

    My TOM is fast approaching and as a result the sugar monster has been unleashed. I have not held back this morning and have been indulging in chocolate treats. Tomorrow is another day…and I will make it and Wednesday FDs. Sometimes you just have to go with how you feel….especially on a Monday.

    Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.

    2nd post

    I’m struggling today, I’m hungry so it will be a MFD.

    @beedoo I love Natural History Museums, I also love the Museum of Childhood (I think this is what it’s called, but I’m not sure)in Bethnal Green.

    @annemarilyn after you mentioning the presentation I started re-reading Oliver Sacks’ “Musicophilia”. Time to start playing the piano again, it’s been a while.

    @dingping well done on your FD! I still do read a lot, it’s more a concentration and time issue at the moment. I love autumn whn the day get shorter, the right time to cuddle up with a cat and a book.

    @at I hope you had a lovely wedding anniversery yesterday. How are you muscles doing after so much exercise?

    @debster251 any news on your friend, I hope she feels better.

    @flourbaby a great night out, lots of positive reactions on your weight loss and a whoosh, could you ask for more?

    @claire-suzanne congratulations on your new job!

    @fatfingers I set my weight between 56-58 kg. It used to be lower, but I looked too thin in the face and lost my bum. This seems to be the right weight for me, with 2 FDs a week I can eat a bit more on NFDs. It seems to work.

    Day 29 Minnesota, USA CFD

    11:30 a.m. my time. Sorry for the double post last evening, but my first and longer post didn’t show up, for over an hour, so I did a second one as a quick check in. Just so you all know it wasn’t because I was enjoying my wine and cheese to excess! 😉

    @claire-suzanne…congratulations on the new job! I hope it’s a great birthday present for you.
    @at…you end your posts with such wonderful quotes! Thank you for the inspiration.

    @rainbowsmile…I enjoyed hearing about your crush, too. Makes life so much more interesting when the “sap is rising”.
    As far as your foot affecting you more than you were aware: I broke my left ankle severely 5 years ago, displaced fractures of both tibia and fibula, and had to have plates and screws put in. They’re still there, but all is fine now, though it took a good year to be pain free.

    The main thing I wanted to share is that I felt really down about it for awhile, as well. I think it’s because of the feeling of vulnerability such an injury causes, and the realization that our physical bodies have changed from our youth, when we paid so little heed to our activities. We just expected our bodies to go along with whatever activity we planned. Now, I’ve learned to be more aware of what I’m asking my body to do, and to treat it better and more mindfully than I did prior to my injury. In some ways, that has actually been a blessing and I think I’m healthier overall since then. It’s an attitude and awareness that should serve me well going forward into my “Golden Years”. Maybe your injury will bring you similar positives in the future.

    Best of luck to everyone. Now, back to reading older posts to catch up.

    Day 29 FD MT, USA

    Happy Monday all! WOW, I ate way too much this weekend, so this is a welcome FD. I am hungry, But I enjoy the feeling, after being so full for 2 days. It is so rainy here, I just had hot tomato soup, I have a much better time fasting if I Have soup. I am ready for the week and for a new Month! Cheers to everyone.
    @claire-suzanne happy birthday week and congratulations on the new job!
    @rainbowsmile super duper fun news about your crush! I hope that will lift your spirits. May you always have a half full glass.
    @basyjames thank you for hosting next month. My goal for November, is to really get to know everyone so I can comment more.

    I am thankful for this group.

    Day 29 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    …Let’s make it count – Day 29 Pocket List:
    @annemarilyn – 3 day B2B2B
    @dykask – WFD

    Thanks @fatfingers for putting me on today’s FD list. Glad you’re wading into the maintenance territory!

    @dykask – that’s a lot of WFDs! You must be doing well on autophagy. Dr. Jason Fung’s patients who do water FDs don’t have to have extra skin removed because it’s taken care of with the autophagy. I’m trying to move toward more WFDs.

    @metatauta – “pooped”, hopefully meaning you were tired. @Raindbowsmile sometimes talks about “poo”. You had me wondering which one it was 🙂

    @claire Suzanne – horray for the good references! May the new job on your birthday be a good gift indeed!

    I need to look up some things – Broga class, Camber, & Colin the Caterpillars…

    @bert1802 – are you doing okay. We’re here for you!

    Together it works better!

    Thanks for all the info on fasting whilst sick. I suppose as with fasting in general it seems to be a matter of do what suits you, or in case the medicine regime. It is a jaw infection I am currently struggling with, In a very old root canal. I am hoping the antibiotics have done their job. Got a fast day in today, and my body was very grateful for it.

    Happy fasting everyone, onto November we march, less load to carry in my fatsuit, despite my infected month.

    Day 29 UK FD

    Woke early with crashing headache, dizzy & burning joints – clearly I’m a virus magnet ATM. Feeling a bit better after a day’s feverish sleep and a light salad. Not quite what I had in mind, but sleeping thru FD certainly cuts down on calories!

    Need to be up and about tomorrow because boiler is being replaced – I’ve hot water but no heating – and various workmen here from 0830-5pm. Going to get up briefly and get things ready for the morning, and hope that this big sleep will do the trick.

    @claire-suzanne congratulations on your new job! You have done wonderfully well to get through this time, and find a new chapter to enjoy.

    @at thank you for adding me to today’s pocket list. I’m happy to host December, and v glad you are willing to take up the reins in January.

    @debster251 I’ve tried various things over the past 6years. I began with a free 21day online course by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. They offer one c3-4x year. (Interestingly there’s a new one starting today! I’ll post a link separately) Also use wildmind regularly -a scottish Buddhist living in US who creates 28day courses for beginners on range of themes eg breathing, mindfulness, forgiveness etc. Not just for Buddhists – I know lots of priests who use them. And nowadays more contemplative prayer – regular silent time. I find it helpful to mix and match, between them I’ve learned a lot of wonderfully useful practice.

    I’m out of oomph, time for hot drinks and bed. Offering a hand to all who are struggling today – together we are stronger x

    Day 29 Ohio, US — FD(#23)

    All in all a good FD. The goal summary I’ll put off til tomorrow when I do the last weigh-in for the month.

    @basyjames you’re not kidding! The holiday time not only is fast approaching, but the Hallmark Channel has already started to show non-stop Christmas movies! A little early for my taste — two big holidays are yet to come before the “Ho! Ho! Ho!” season. Indeed, this is one of my favorite times of the year, the week before and the week after Halloween. You can tell where my jack o’lantern is!

    Day 30 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Weighed in at 68.8kg this morning (though I know some in transit), and have been doing lots of strength training which could contribute, so I’m not sure I’ll hit the monthly goal, but having said that I’ve very happy with my body at this weight. And just over two weeks out from the wedding I’m not going to stress too much, and just keep doing what I’m doing (two fasting days, moving my body, kind to self, try not to stress about details of wedding etc!)

    @ciren2 no I hadn’t heard of it! But your daughter is absolutely right, it’s about 1.5h drive from the CBD in good traffic, staying out the outskirts could be a good idea especially if she wants to do some exploring (as pakenham is the end of the end of the metropolitan train network, which makes it easier to travel back into the city). I don’t know the Gippsland region well, but I’m sure your daughter will have no trouble settling in!

    @rainbowsmile I feel your frustration, it’s so easy to feel let down by your body – I went through a period where I was getting injury after injury, and it felt like it was never ending. Over time the foot will heal, and you will be stronger for it. Like with what @northerndawn said, I’ve learnt to slow down and be a bit more gentle when needed, and take a bit more care (though I’m not quite there yet as the frustration of not training is frustrating!!) though despite this I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been. Sometimes giving ourselves time is more productive than the training and exercise!

    @fasterjo I’d agree with it being just what suits (unlike with exercise where I think if it’s fever etc, it’s best to just rest and be a bit more gentle). I often feel good to do a fast while sick, and just focus on having lots of herbal tea and soup.

    I read a lovely from a fitness instructor I follow on Instagram (who actually read it somewhere else but I’m not sure where) which really resonated with me, so thought I’d share:
    “No more diet and exercise! It sounds as if you are punishing yourself for living life. Instead let’s call it ‘Nutrition and Training’. Shift the focus to fueling and nourishing your body so it performs at its best and can take on the challenge of a workout that will benefit you mentally and physically”

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

    Day 29 – USA – FD

    Woo hoo. First time ever to have 2 FDs in a row…don’t ask why. Just so busy I did not eat until later in the afternoon and no time for anything else. Got thrown into total chaos unprepared, which is par for the course for everyone in the position. I was warned, so I am taking one day at a time and will make sure I keep my whiny attitude in check. How easy it is when things don’t go my way, or I look bad because I don’t know something, that I want to throw up my hands. Not this time. I’m going to tough it out; if they can do it, so can I! (Famous last brave words, lol).

    Day 30, Emden Germany, NFD

    my FD, later changed in a MFD, didn’t go well but stayed under my TDEE, so not too bad. Still under 58 kg, so everything is fine.

    @metatauta go girl, show them you can do it!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 30 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Suffering with a bad TOM…..I do wish now at my age, 51, they would just bugger off….40 years is a long time ☹️ Anyway, must stop feeling sorry for myself, it’s an FD today, back to work after a bank holiday weekend, it’s minus 4 out there so got tort out and defrost the car.

    October has been a disaster for me. Post holiday, overseas visitors, new job, parties…..that I have not lost anything from my holiday weight gain. I am hereby declaring my allegiance to Club Tortoise and waving cheerio to the Gazelle Club……I will lose those pesky pounds but maybe not so quickly as before.

    Fantastic to see the next three months already lined up with hostesses….you guys are great, we will enter 2019 together raring to go.

    @metauta remember the first few weeks in a job are always tough as you feel you don’t know anything. But you will get there. Two weeks ago I felt so incompetent in my new job, now it’s great!!!! Best of luck my dear.

    Pocket list day 30

    Day 30, London, UK, FD

    FD today, and I feel like I need it, just to reset my self-control button a little. NFDs can spiral into chaos!! Although relatively controlled yesterday, there was cake and chocolate, unnecessary in todays’ FD opinion, but hey-ho, ……………….. such is life.

    Still maintaining my whoosh, I’ll be happy if today and tomorrows’ FDs keep the status quo or even add to my October results!!!

    Quick check-in, so it’s back to work, happy fasting everyone!!!

    Day 30. London UK FD

    I know I was on the pocket list yesterday but it went a bit wrong. Ended up in Hackney eating lovely Turkish food. It was great. So I’m on today’s list as well. Oops.

    @daffodil2010 – it’s a very happy day when when those TOM days are over. It’ll come eventually. There are loads of good things about getting older, and that’s one of them. Happy days.

    Pocket list day 30

    Day 30, Surrey (UK), NFD

    Good FD yesterday at ~800 cals. Just like my usual FD really, but with a couple of judicious, nutritious extras added in. It did seem a little easier to manage than my usual FD of <500 cals. Weight is just 1lb above target this morning, so negligible in the scheme of things. Maybe this is the way to go (i.e. 800 cal FDs), as @missybear suggests.

    @snowflake56 – thanks for your comment re: your 2kg tolerance range. I was thinking a wider range might be more appropriate for me, given my large daily variations. But maybe I haven’t yet given myself a chance to stabilise. Keeping watch is key at this stage!

    @claire-suzanne congrats on the job! Hope all works out well for you.

    Day 30 Belfast FD
    Yesterday’s fast did not quite go to plan, but still around 1000cals. Here’s hoping today is more successful.

    @at – three classes in one day? You’re going some girl… no mojo missing there!
    @fatfingers – I’m trying a tolerance range of +/-4 lbs but seem to be hovering just above the top number now. Good luck with your maintenance.
    Good to see you checking in @rainbowsmile. Your crush confession made me chuckle and if the sap is rising, maybe the swelling in your ankle will go down?!! And swimming? your HP moustache won’t show unless you go skinny dipping 😜
    @beedoo – what a joy when a little one is blown away in that situation. It must have gladdened your heart.
    @snowflake56 – my friend is hopefully going In for surgery today. 🤞
    @michelinme – having no heating now it has turned so cold must be no joke. Thanks for the mindfulness info.
    @northerndawn – that’s a very levelled and realistic view of your journey. As a paid up member of the tortoise club I’m of the firm belief that a slow steady journey will lead to keeping the weight off. Keep on keeping on!
    Fighting talk @metatauta!
    @daffodil2010 sometimes when they bugger off, the hot flushes that fill the void can be worse. I’ve been having hot flushes for over 10 years and STILL they keep coming. 😦
    I’m off to see Bohemian Rhapsody with OH which I’m looking forward to.

    Another fast day to roll in the end of the month

    Pocket list day 30

    Stronger than yesterday 💪💪💪

    Day 30 NC USA NFD (Last weight in day of the Month)

    I am down 4lbs to 182 and down 1 in bust/hips/waist. So hopefully can keep up the 1 pound a week loss in the next challenge. Going to try out only really counting my calories on FD days and just trying to make good choices on my NFDs next month. Is the November Monthly Challenge group up yet? Don’t see a way to search for it.

    Day 30 UK NFD
    Day 29 NFD

    Was good all day until we decided to celebrate good news early evening and I then splurged with G&T’s and cheese straws! I wish I hadn’t celebrated so enthusiastically as once started… … familiar story… self control lost in seconds. Hmm!

    Mojo coaxing and training continues.

    Offering a reassuring hand out to all struggling, we will get there, battles are never won without a fight.

    @claire-suzanne – congratulations, all the bad stuff can be put behind you. Good luck.

    @michelinme – I like how you mark the changing seasons, celebrating the here and now and looking forward to the ever changing beauty of all seasons. Good luck with the boiler repairs hope all is warm and toasty ASAP.

    @flourbaby – Glad you had a fab party night, worth all the effort, nothing like a deadline to fire up the mojo and brill maintaining that whoosh!

    @daffodil2010 – brurrr sounds a bit cold where you are frosts and scrapping windscreens already!

    @basyjames – thank you for volunteering to host November. Good luck with your challenges.

    @dykask – well done for being on track with your WF target, amazing focus and determination!

    @snowflake56 – a cat and a book sounds a good evening to me! We’ve just adopted a beautiful sleek black beauty who’s living with my daughter at the mo until we find that new home.
    Here I am living in London for decades and I’ve never been to the Museum of Childhood, it’s often on our list but seems to get bumped off, will remind OH!

    @rainbowsmile – I’m sure a corner will turn soon in the meantime you have Liam Neeson to distract you!

    Keep your spirits high everyone a fresh new start is just around the corner. I’m sure for some of us northern hemisphere posters we are just taking awhile to adapt to the seasonal change, quite marked after our proper summer.
    Best wishes to all.
    Ta x

    Day 30 UK MFD

    Successful MFD yesterday rather than FD. Found some tinned tomato soup in the cupboard (especially in for such sick days) and microwaved it with lf mozzarella, followed by stewed apple and blueberries with lots of cinnamon, a smidge of honey & 100g coconut soya yogurt. Yum, and just right for feeling sick and sluggish.

    Woke today with fever and headache both turned down, tho going to cancel tomorrow’s plans to enable recovery. Down 1lb on last week’s high, and feeling a bit less puffy. Managed to get act together in time for boiler replacement team first thing – fitter and electrician are in the kitchen right now, builder due to box in later on. It’s freezing here – 4C outslide & my core body temperature is dropping despite all my layers and hot water bottle. Going to write up my November action list then zip out to get warm in the cafe for half an hour. Not yet broken my fast, and hoping to hang on until this evening, so just a hot drink and some time near a radiator.

    Wishing you all a happy Tuesday, whatever it holds x

    Day 30 USA (Illinois) CD

    Bouncing all around 162-164 these days. Not going to fret – the couple pounds will come off soon I hope. Going to try a OMAD day today.

    @snowflake56 – I love “Musicophilia!” Sacks is so brilliant and insightful. Our son got it for me years ago because of my perfect pitch, and he discusses it so well. Enjoy!

    @annemarilyn – don’t we love our international community and how it sends us to research and learn? I had to check on “broga” also! I will never forget when I talked about a “turtle sundae” that made people here wonder!

    @fasterjo – I cannot imagine the pain you must have had from a jaw infection. Hugs to you and continued healing.

    @daffodil2010 – yes, TOM will pass and you’ll enjoy your later years like I have. I went on until 59 with very few missed periods. My gyne really didn’t want to put me on hormones, so I just grinned. Ugh. But got through it all.

    @basyjames – thank you for taking on November!

    “Active topics” is how to find the new monthly challenge — can’t remember who asked.

    Onward and downward.

    Hi Everyone

    I’ve not posted for quite a few days as felt a bit under par. I’m going to enjoy reading the rest of the thread and seeing how you’re all doing.

    Since signing up part way through October I’ve had about 4 fast days and felt ok but quite hungry. I’m exploring what is the most satiating way to use my calories on FDs. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I pledge to be on it for November and intend to post daily.

    Just off to the Nurse to have a 24 hour heart monitor fitted. I’ve been out of sorts with chest pains, under active thyroid and my cholesterol & bp is up. Hopefully nothing to worry about and things soon settle down 🙂

    Day 30, North Canton OH Healthy Eating day.

    I am getting my annual physical today, curious to see how my blood work pans out. Late start today because I could not get out of bed this morning.

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