Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 8 – Ireland – NFD

    Hello all,

    I’m back with you for November … tbh I’ve been finding things tough as the country opens up but also caring for mum and everything else… so have not been present in many areas including here which I know affects me… so here I am back for the benefits of the great company and support here and also to support others which is in my character but I’ve lost that a little recently… all very strange but this stage of life is tricky anyway I think 🤔

    I am also steering clear of alcohol as I’ve often said, it just doesn’t like me anymore, but if there is a big occasion like a birthday or celebration I may have a drink but very much choosing my events and can’t imagine ever saying that I will never drink again… but I do feel better and my friends are thrilled to have a driver for nights out 🤣
    Having said that this weekend was a celebration weekend 🥂 as girlfriends from France who I had not seen in two years were visiting so that was great and such fun 😍

    I hope you are all happy and well and thank you @northgeorgia for hosting!

    Looking forward to being present with you this month.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    @daffodil2010 i will have to catch up on your posts… it seems like you’ve been having a very emotional time with lots of news regarding your DH 💕

    Day 8 North Canton OH FD

    @northgeorgia congratulations on your new low and what a great idea to have a Thanksgiving and Christmas meal plan. A wise person once said that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Definitely something to keep in mind as we approach silly season.

    @daffodil2010 this is all so heartwarming. Your husband’s reconnection to his birth family has been like pulling on a string. I am so happy for you both.

    @stitchincarol you may be right about your addiction but think of how much joy you bring to those who hear you play! There are definitely worse things to be addicted to. I have often wished that I knew how to play an instrument. it is not too late to learn, maybe I will make that my next self improvement project.

    @mariaelena sibling relationships can be so easy and yet so complicated at the same time. I am glad that you are making plans to smooth things over with your sister, I am sure that you all miss your mom. Hugs

    @songbirdme did you enjoy the “lensi”? It is interesting how many different options there are to help with healthier eating. Back in the day when I was initially transitioning to healthier alternatives, I was a bit disappointed that spaghetti squash was so “crunchy” compared to regular pasta, once I adjusted my expectations, I was able to enjoy it for what it is. Now I can’t imagine eating regular pasta or rice like I used to. Funny how our palates adapt.

    I had a rough couple of weeks and now I am resetting for the end of the year. Our maintain don’t gain challenge at work kicked off today and as usual I signed up for it. I also stumbled on a great app for meal planning Mealime. I cooked over the weekend for my family and it was great, we all enjoyed it and it was so much fun. My older daughter is home for the week, and has said she would like to cook with me- which should make it even more fun.

    That is enough rambling for the day. Enjoy your monday ( or what is left of it) and see you all tomorrow.

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    Day 9, NFD, Aus

    Hello all and a mournful coo-ee for my long lost mojo. Checking in to ensure some semblance of routine and also to catch up on your news. Such happy times for many of you – cooperative scales, long lost family, and autumnal scents.

    Day 8 USA – NFD

    Plans were to give my regular pint of blood donation this afternoon, so I ate a pretty fair lunch (as we are expected to do). My hemoglobin was .1 low so I was deferred. It needs to be 12.5 and mine was 12.4. Ate a normal dinner anyway. I will pump up some iron and go back in a week.

    @basyjames – plans are to try the lentil spaghetti tomorrow for supper. I will let you know what DH and I think of it.

    Onward and downward.

    Day nine, UK, FD

    Well my Mojo was definitely AWOL yesterday! I was N O T in the M O O D! I feel like my brain has kicked back from too much over-zealousness recently!

    I ate tons of the dreaded ‘Pure, White & Deadly’ 😱 over my 3-day ‘weekend’ of NFDs! At least my only mini salvation over the weekend is that I skipped lunch on Sunday.

    Anyway back on the wagon this morning – my digestive system and my pancreas need a rest!

    @northgeorgia – I love your Thanksgiving week plan! Way to go!

    @jaifaim – welcome back! 😊😊😊😊
    I’m the same with alcohol sadly. I love it, but it doesn’t love me any more. I can have the occasional large glass of wine, but that’s all! 😢
    The only upside of this sad state of affairs is the weight loss/maintenance side of things!!!

    @babs_b – well done on your controlled weekend! 🎉

    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    It’s going to be WFD until evening and then I will make my first Ridiculously Big Salad…I also have DH roped in to join me with the evening meals of low carb salads and alternate cooked meals….he won’t be doing water fasts but he doesn’t eat lunch…so glad to have him on board to help my support too.

    We bought weighed in this morning for the starting point, so let’s go. I have to start seeing a weight loss and WFD seems to be the way, that’s what did it in 2017, it has to be it now.

    Thanks everybody for your kind words re the long lost family. DH has asked me to write down all the dates and names as he doesn’t want to forget, so I am going to journal it all for him (hee hee, a lot of it is in here but it’s my secret space in here ☺️).

    @ stitchincarol good question re his adoptive family. Both parents have passed on but he does have a sister ( who was also adopted). Unfortunately they fell out with each other around the time his adoptive mum fell ill. Issues around the sister not visiting, helping out, and a huge break up when the mum passed on, so much so that ALL ties were cut. He does have relations with his cousins and they are all so happy for him on his journey.

    However, now that he has had such a happy experience, he is thinking of his adoptive sister and feeling for her….she made connection with her birth mum when she was early 20’s, but after an initial meeting her birth Mum did not want to continue the relationship. So rejected twice 😔 Might explain her subsequent behaviour.

    DH now thinks he will reach out to her after all these years, make the connection again.

    @mariaelena, like your sister in law I could write a book!!!!!

    Loving all the Autumnal stories of smoke and wood fires and canal barges and player pianos and plans to get through the next few weeks.

    Together we ARE stronger.
    Pocket list day 9
    @ Daffodil2010

    Second post

    @brightonbelle – Sorry it was YOU that had a CD-weekend, (not babs_b) congratulations as I find that particularly hard!

    Congratulations on your successful week! Thanks for the tip re Michael Mosley’s ‘Australia’s Health Revolution’
    I’ll look it up! Love an inspirational programme!

    Lastly I forgot the pocket list!


    Third post

    @daffodil2010 – Sad for your DH’s sister. Your DH has found so much happiness through the new family connections … so sad that she experienced that terrible rejection.

    I love your DH’s commitment to the plan! My DH does “OMAD” but then he eats three courses in the evening! 😵‍💫
    I keep saying that he’s not doing a proper OMAD but at least he does fully avoid sugar and he eats healthily. Rome wasn’t built in a day….

    My plan for this week is

    Tues (today) – FD
    Wed – NFD
    Thurs – OMAD
    Friday – FD

    POCKET LIST DAY 9 (combined 😄)

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    That turned out to be quite a respectable pocket list yesterday! Well, until someone nuked it in half. Not mentioning any names, @basyjames 😉 I was expecting to have gained a bit after the weekend, but I’m down over a kilo now for the month. It’s got to be my current ‘no alcohol’ rule that’s making the difference, because if anything I’m eating more on NFDs, & for a few days last week I didn’t even track calories.

    @jaifaim – welcome back! And it’s good to know I’m not alone on the wagon; week 6 for me!

    What a great speech from Barack Obama at COP26 yesterday?! A pity he thought Scotland was the Emerald Isle though? They’ll never let him forget that 😅

    Day 9 – UK – NFD

    @funshipfreddie – I was just catching up with Obama’s COP26 speech this morning and smiled when he referred to Scotland as the Emerald Isle then quoted the very English Shakespeare! 😅 Still, it was a fantastic speech.

    @mariaelena – The canal / river is lovely and yes I get out for walks along there quite regularly. There are nature reserves dotted alongside the river where lots of birds and other wildlife visit, which is always lovely to see. In recent years, some of the people living on the boats have started small businesses – there’s a massage therapist operating from one, woodworkers in another and we often have a ‘floating bakery’ moored up too. I’ve often watched on in awe of their seemingly slower pace of life when I’ve been stomping up the footpath trying to clear my head after a stressful day! (Thankfully they’re not all that frequent but still, in those moments the thought of selling some cakes from a hatch in a canal boat seems like heaven!).

    @high5 – phew, I was thinking I don’t remember saying how controlled my weekend was!! 🙈😂

    @daffodil2010 – that’s very sad about DH’s sister and yes, the double rejection has no doubt had an impact. Life / our lived experiences can be so complex, sadly.

    @jaifaim – good to have you back!

    @penz – I hope all is well on your side of the world!

    @songbirdme – fingers crossed for the donation next week… there’ll be lots of iron sources on the menu this week then I take it?

    @basyjames – I’m also on a bit of a reset for the end of the year, so right here with you

    Yesterday was a FD800 for me in the end and I am very happy about that. I’ve put today down as a NFD but just going to go with the flow and mindfully listen to my body. Currently in the ZBC and not hungry at all. Lunch is soup (old habits die hard) and dinner tonight will be a tomato & aubergine (eggplant) bake.

    Have a great Tuesday all!

    Day 9. London OMAD

    Day 1 of Eat like a bear went well yesterday. My salad was so big it took me nearly an hour to eat it. Thanks to @stitchincarol for the link. I think it will work out just fine for me. I’m starting with the three day challenge and taking it from there.

    So interesting to read the stories of people’s families and their complications, and how people try to resolve them. I did a DNA test with a company, and subsequently found out my great grandmother was living very close to our family home right up until I was about 17, and I never knew she existed! My dad’s parents were both dead, and somehow it never occurred to me there was another generation behind them. It was a very strange thing to discover. My father was also dead, so there’s no one to ask!

    Day 9 – USA/GA – WFD

    Weigh-in: 219 lbs (but on the lower end). Yesterday was a bit of an ambush at work; my co-worker brought in leftover wedding cake, and my mom had made banana bread. Although I only had a small piece of both, I felt the sugar really drag me sickly down within a couple of hours, and I became very thirsty. I knew it wasn’t a good thing. I did stick to the soup beans at home, but had more than a fair share, and accompanied it with pork rinds and sour cream. Did just stick to an apple for a touch a sweetness afterwards.

    Anyway, today is an online administrative meeting. I had a look at the schedule, and they only factored in two 15-minute breaks during the entire 7 hour program (who designs these things?), including a “working lunch.” Perfect. An online working lunch means no lunch. Great set-up for a WFD, so I’m good to go.

    Welcome aboard, Tuesday fasters! Good luck!

    Pocket list – day 9

    Day 9 – UK – FD

    Apologies as I last posted on Day 3 and @penz sadly despite popping back on for a 2nd post my RESOLVE deserted me so it was not a FD but at least it was a good CD

    No FDs since but aiming for one today – however I have kept doing my exercise classes and managing a couple of walks each week but eating/drinking far too much……

    Had a lovely hike on Sunday with friends, it was a beautiful autumn day but sadly since then it has been grey and drizzly..

    Went for my booster vaccine this morning 🤞all goes well – a friend who had his yesterday, woke up feeling unwell with a bad headache and has taken to his bed for the day hoping it all settles down

    @basyjames – lovely to hear that you are enjoying developing your yoga practice 🙏 my teacher has her own studio now and offers a range of classes so I have taken up a Dynamic Yoga class on Monday evening which certainly works us hard and I do a general class on Wednesday morning with my old gang who have no wish to join me on Monday evening 🤣 can’t say I blame them but in a weird way I enjoy pushing myself in that class even though I often end up in a sweaty mess….
    Thank you for sharing the Circadian Code tips for the best night’s sleep 😴
    @songbirdme – back to your regular routine and those 5lbs will soon disappear – you are our role model for maintenance
    @litprof – welcome back and just under 2k to hit goal weight – you can do this!
    @high5 – great job on being 3.2 LBS away from your ultimate goal – keep going… are not alone in being hopelessly flawed and needing your treats – I’m good with my ZBC but only because I never wake up feeling hungry but I’m terrible with evening snacking….
    @funshipfreddie – I don’t think that I could have a cheese/nut feast without opening a bottle of something so well done on that!! and I love that quote “Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.” ~ Julia Child
    @northgeorgia – well done on hitting that new low – sounds like you are on track for November’s goal 🤞
    @stitchincarol – your posts have been inspiring – well done on managing to losing the weight at a steady pace and your mojo is certainly in place 👏
    @mariaelena – I have so loved reading all the lovely things you have been doing for your late mom’s friend – I do hope she recovers from her breakthrough Covid – positive vibes coming your way x
    RE healthier carbs – I tend to use spelt pasta and use khorosan/spelt flour – I mix wild rice with brown basmati rice when I cook it and we are not potato eaters in my house, very strange I know….and yes good bread is definitely irreplaceable 😋
    @emma-taylor – lovely to see your posts – funny how the days run away from us….shame you had to leave Sicily….
    @northgeorgia – excellent work to be planning ahead for Thanksgiving week like that 🤞perhaps for those of us who don’t celebrate it we could apply it to Christmas and new year celebrations
    @daffodil2010 – lovely to catch up with your DH’s growing family – so heartwarming 🤗
    @facek – lovely to hear from you and well done on such a successful week last week!
    @jaifaim – good to see your post – you are correct that on here we have the benefits of great company and support – a great little haven 🤗

    I have some low fat and low carb Carrot and Coriander soup planned for lunch for I’m off to warm that up and planning on eating nice and slow to keep me warm – not sure if today will be 600 or 800 calories FD???

    Together we ARE stronger.
    Pocket list day 9
    @ Daffodil2010

    Day 9 – FD

    Jumping on the fasting train again. The lentil spaghetti will have to wait another day. I’ve enjoyed too many treats lately!

    Pocket list day 9

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Well, after several compliments from you all about my mojo, I’m here this morning with a confession and a complaint. Which first? Let’s start confession.

    DH and I went out to rake yesterday and got carried away, also cleaning up other things in the yard (for example, DH climbed on the roof and cleaned out the gutters), and taking SIX truck loads of leaves to the village compost pile. Yeah, we have lots of trees. (Sadly, while four of the trees are almost completely leafless now, the fifth is still green, so we’re not yet done raking leaves…) Altogether, we were out there for four hours, working hard the entire time. I was worn out, and decided a treat was in order. So I threw the FD out the window and had the final four slices of left over baguette with melted brie cheese and two large glasses of chilled white wine (“Chateau Cardboard,” @penz…love the name! 😂🤣😂) My Fitbit says I burned 500 more calories yesterday than usual, and I decided I wanted a real reward for my work. Today I’m back to my usual routine, and I truly am this time, LOL!

    My complaint? I woke up at 4:30…again. Like, for the sixth night/day in a row. What is up with my body that it thinks I should wake up then??? It’s not related to switching from Daylight Savings to Standard, because I started this ridiculous routine last week. Yuck, yuck, yuck. So I’ll be very sleepy by tonight!

    My plan for today (besides staying awake, LOL) is to work on regaining my resolve and sticking to my plan the rest of the week, decide on a plan for what I’ll eat this Saturday when it’s our church’s annual Turkey Supper, decide on a plan for Thanksgiving, and decide on a plan for Christmas. Although, honestly, that’s lots of thinking–I’m quite serious when I talk about how much pep-talk I give myself each Tuesday. So, I’ll do what I can.

    And that’s my chatter for this morning; I’ll read posts later if I can, but right now, it’s time to brew some coffee!

    @stitchincarol – we also have several trees that are not done “leaving” onto the yard. One of the smartest moves we made some years back was to put gutter guards on when we got a new roof. I am SO glad no one has to clean out gutters any longer! Our little town still allows us to burn along the back fence line, abuts up to a cow pasture, so smoke doesn’t really bother the cow herd.

    Sure do hope you can get a nap today. Waking up early is only good if you can go back to sleep!

    Day 9 North Canton OH CD

    Eek!!! My apologies for chopping the pocket list in half @funshipfreddie ooops!!!😅

    @penz thinking about you and sending some mojo your way- you will overcome. I am glad that you are checking in still.

    @songbirdme I really would like to donate blood. I was turned away last time for having tiny veins – which was very discouraging. I guess I could try again

    @high5 you are so close to your goal, which is probably why your body is pushing back. I can understand imbibing the pure white deadly stuff because I was there just recently. Good job hopping back on the wagon so quickly.

    Re alcohol; I recently discovered the joy of putting irish cream in my coffee, and after going overboard a few times, realized that imbibing so frequently is not compatible with weight loss or maintenance. Alas, I will have to save my newly discovered love for “treat” days.

    Nice to have support for the journey @daffodil2010. My heart aches for your OH’s adopted sister, an adopted friend confided in me that their greatest fear is that they were not wanted by their birth parent. I can’t imagine the psychological blow of being rejected twice, and the second time as a young adult. So many people carry hurts and scars that we cannot see. I am so glad that your OH is willing to reach out to her and I pray it goes well for both of them.

    Ah I have to get caught up on the aforementioned COP26 speech 😁

    Have a great day every one

    Day 9 – FD 800

    Pocket list day 9

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @stitchincarol – I hope you managed to get some shut-eye?! There are few things worse than sleep-deprivation. I never thought you could get too much, but according to Dr Mosley we can! This is from a few days ago:-

    Gotta dash to make my dental check-up; first one in 18 months, gulp?!

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 FD

    Loss on the scales this morning but I am waiting until Saturday morning weigh in before I declare that the OMAD way is working…I have seen this loss before but this time, I am determined to continue in this vein to get to my goal. I need to lose 30lbs.

    End of November goal I want to have lost half a stone, 7lbs at least, and 10lbs would be super seeing as there are still 20 days left. It CAN be done.

    DH and I have made a pact that we will go back to our teamwork of weight loss back in 2013 when we both did the Dukan diet. Saturday was our day off, but we still didn’t load up on carbs and snacks, it just meant we could enjoy a drink and a good dinner. We lost 50lbs each doing that.

    I am on a yo-yo though as I put 30lbs on again until 2017 when I found this WOL and lost it again, and here I am in 2021 with the 30lb to lose again !!!!

    Happy Hump Day 🐫

    Day 10 UK FD

    Swapped my usual Thursday fast to today as going up to London to the theatre tomorrow- first time in ages !!

    Sounds an all too familiar tale to me too @daffodil2010 – we never learn do we 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Pocket list Day 10 🦄


    Day 10. London UK

    What are you going to see @brightonbelle? We went to see The Mirror and the Light at the theatre last night. Worth seeing, but £90 is a lot for two people. The theatre is so expensive. I’m on day three of the Eatlikeabear three day challenge. I must admit I love it. Eating in a one hour window is very doable. There are so many people on that website that have lost 100 lbs. The salads are enormous, and you know once you’ve finished that is really it until the same time next day. Wouldn’t suit everybody, but it suits me. Happy hump day 🐫 🐪 all.

    Day 10 – UK – NFD

    Just a quick check in from me today – yesterday turned into a NFD In the end – I hadn’t slept that well on Monday night and still feeling a little fragile and just knew I didn’t have it in me to push against myself for a FD800. NFD again today… was very hungry this morning so made myself some porridge (made with oat milk, a dash of honey and ground cinnamon).

    Have a good day all!

    Day 10 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. I have a presentation to attend this morning, so I think I’ll go ahead and break my fast at breakfast before I leave!

    Don’t wait until New Year’s for that weight loss resolution. The IF-WOL (5:2) can help us get there effectively! Better to have a few feast days rather than two whole months of waiting for the right time. You can do this!

    As the Rev. Smith poured imitation maple syrup over his stack of seven pancakes, I shift uncomfortably in my chair and sip a glass of water. The waitress returns with a plate of eggs and bacon for me. Lola is enjoying a fruit parfait while Wesley is eating some overpriced breakfast cereal in a bowl of milk. I can’t help feeling guilty for not waiting at Room 220 for the ceremony to begin, but if the minister is here and the couple is three hours late, then it’s probably not happening anyway. The 240s Club seems like a distant memory. How long have we been gone? A week? Not quite?

    “So you don’t know Jim at all?” the minister says, after taking a bite of pancake.

    “Jim?” I ask, puzzled. “I guess not.”

    “I don’t either, really,” he says, taking another bite. “He and Rose just called me up out of the blue.”

    Lola looks up. “Do you mean John and Rita?”

    “Yeah, yeah. Whoever they are. I mean, what did they do, ‘dial a witness’ from the interwebs or something?”

    “Charming,” Rita mumbles. Rev. Smith looks up, pancake syrup sticking to his mustache, and then dismissing the comment to his imagination, returned to his plate.

    I clear my throat. “No, we met them in a restaurant after a day at the Overlook. They asked us to participate, and so we decided to go with the flow.”

    “Weird.” The Reverend gulps his orange juice and swallows hard. “Well, like I said, they’ve likely done a runner. You might as well enjoy your vacation now. I’ll cash the deposit and head over to Haightboro. I have two funerals this evening.”

    A text message appears on my phone. In haste, I glance at it and Lola cranes her neck to read over my shoulder.



    Rev. Smith continues to stuff his face while staring at the back of my cellphone.

    “Oh no, it’s not them,” I say. “Just spam.”

    Have a great day!

    Day 10 USA Illinois – NFD

    Good FD yesterday – glad to say 2 pounds were gone this morning. Off to Silver Sneakers shortly then will break my fast for an early lunch.

    @funshipfreddie – very interesting article about sleep. I found it fascinating that the subjects were about my age (75, I am 73) so I felt like the research was right down my alley. My Fitbit tells me a sleep score that I don’t always agree with. It has me “awake” lots of times during the night, sometimes as much as 45 minutes in one night. My “normal” sleep time is about 6.5 hours so that seems to fit with Dr. Mosely as sufficient.

    @at – great to be a good example for the group of maintenance. I hope others can jump onto this wagon soon!

    @basyjames – my phlebotomists at my blood bank are wonderful ladies who are very helpful. Do try to give blood again. They say that hydration before giving is very important for blood donation. Drink a bottle of water before trying next time?!

    @jaifaim – great to see you back again. How wonderful that you can care for your mum.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 10 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Yesterday went okay, although there’s no longer any doubt the cold of fasting has settled in. When I got home from teaching, I should have had a cup of hot water; I’ve found that’s very helpful in warming me up from the inside out, and I just didn’t for some reason. At least the cold has passed this morning–for now, at least–and the scale has returned to 140.0, so I’m content. My usual planning thoughts didn’t get anywhere yesterday, however; my brain was racing around lots and lots of thoughts, but I never settled on making plans, other than deciding to make this Saturday an OMAD around the turkey dinner. That’s a start, at least.

    @funshipfreddie Interesting article about sleep. I did indeed sleep until a little after 7 this morning, and feel much better, thanks.

    @daffodil2010 Years ago, I learned that setting goals for how much I’d lose never works for me, because I can’t control what I lose; I can control how I behave, how much I eat, what I eat, and when I eat, and how active I am, but I can’t control how many pounds my body lets go of. And when I didn’t reach my weight loss goals, I felt like a failure, even when I was eating/exercising according to plan, and that would discourage me so that I’d give up. So I’d caution you to focus more on feeling like a success if you follow through on your plan, and not so much on what your body lets go of, because then, however much much/little you lose, you’ll still feel like a success (and you’ll certainly BE a success!), and be motivated to continue. That, at least, is my two cents, for you to do with as you choose. I love that your hubby is doing this with you; it sure makes everything far easier, doesn’t it? I do hope this works wonders for you and your goals!

    @brightonbelle Have a grand time! What are you seeing?

    @emma-taylor I’m so delighted you’re enjoying the RBS. It was such a learning curve for me to find something that allowed me finally to lose weight, and once I reach goal, it will be another challenge to find what allows me to maintain that loss even while living a somewhat normal life. Fasting the rest of my life is easy enough to embrace, even a weekly WFD, but I’m not willing to give up carbs forever, or do OMAD forever. Being thin is not easy!

    @northgeorgia Wow, 215? That’s a new low, isn’t it? COOLNESS!!! And what a delight to get some more Wesley and Lola!

    @songbirdme Nice to hear you’ve dropped another couple pounds; are you returned to your maintenance weight yet?

    Pocket list Day 10 🦄
    @stitchincarol WFD 2of2

    Day 10 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Yesterday went okay, although there’s no longer any doubt the cold of fasting has settled in. When I got home from teaching, I should have had a cup of hot water; I’ve found that’s very helpful in warming me up from the inside out, and I just didn’t for some reason. At least the cold has passed this morning–for now, at least–and the scale has returned to 140.0, so I’m content. My usual planning thoughts didn’t get anywhere yesterday, however; my brain was racing around lots and lots of thoughts, but I never settled on making plans, other than deciding to make this Saturday an OMAD around the turkey dinner. That’s a start, however.

    @funshipfreddie Interesting article about sleep. I did sleep indeed sleep until a little after 7 this morning, and feel much better, thanks.

    @daffodil2010 Years ago, I learned that setting goals for how much I’d lose never works for me, because I can’t control what I lose; I can control how I behave, how much I eat, what I eat, and when I eat, and how active I am, but I can’t control how many pounds my body lets go of. And when I didn’t reach my weight loss goals, I felt like a failure, even when I was eating/exercising according to plan, and that would discourage me so that I’d give up. So I’d caution you to focus more on feeling like a success if you follow through on your plan, and not so much on what your body lets go of, because then, however much much/little you lose, you’ll still feel like a success (and you’ll certainly BE a success!), and be motivated to continue. That, at least, is my two cents, for you to do with as you choose. I love that your hubby is doing this with you; it sure makes everything far easier, doesn’t it? I do hope this works wonders for you and your goals!

    @brightonbelle Have a grand time! What are you seeing?

    @emma-taylor I’m so delighted you’re enjoying the RBS. It was such a learning curve for me to find something that allowed me finally to lose weight, and once I reach goal, it will be another challenge to find what allows me to maintain that loss even while living a somewhat normal life. Fasting the rest of my life is easy enough to embrace, even a weekly WFD, but I’m not willing to give up carbs forever, or do OMAD forever. Being thin is not easy!

    @northgeorgia Wow, 215? That’s a new low, isn’t it? COOLNESS!!! And what a delight to get some more Wesley and Lola!

    @songbirdme Nice to hear you’ve dropped another couple pounds; are you returned to your maintenance weight yet?

    Pocket list Day 10 🦄
    @stitchincarol WFD 2of2

    Day 10 – FD 500

    @Funshipfreddie- hmm on the sleep article. I’ve always needed about 1 hour more sleep than everyone says I should. I know I wake up many times during the night. But I am so glad falling asleep has rarely been a problem for me.

    @northgeorgia Great weigh in! the lowest yet?

    @basyjames and @songbirdme I am ineligible to give blood (I’m fine, but for reasons (out of date, but still enforced) they reject me), so my husband does regularly. The need for blood donations in my local area is high, and I wish I could help.

    @at carrot and Coriander soup sounds fantastic! Yummy

    @brightonbelle Have a fantastic time at the theater. I think West End theater is what I miss most about London. I echo the queries – what are you seeing?

    @stitchincarol Wise Words – scale goals do not work well for me, I am considering taking your approach.

    @daffodil2010 How wonderful to your husband will partner with you on this! In my household, while my DH and I like the same indulgent treats, our food tastes are wildly divergent so we may eat at the same time, but rarely eat the same thing. So we support and encourage each other, but I doubt I’ll ever see him fast. He can tolerate more sugar and calories in his diet than I can, and I am allergic to eggs and a bitter super taster (keep those bell peppers out of my food) and he is staunchly opposed to all but the most common veggies (and even objects to some like carrots, which I can not even comprehend).

    I am enjoying finding new recipes, and it is a shame I can’t share them with my husband. I’m holding out hope someday in the not too distant future we will feel comfortable traveling again and I might be able to host my sister and cook a bunch of things for her. She loved cooking when she was younger and now kinda hates it. My enjoyment of cooking has only grown, so it is always a fun time fir me in the kitchen when she visits.

    So, the furniture we got from MIL is now properly located in our house, and several existing pieces (and much accumulated flotsam and jetsam) donated. I’m afraid I was not able to completely suppress my grumpiness as my DH picked these pieces and his contribution to picking the proper places consisted of several vetos of my suggestions and his own suggestions which invariably included getting rid of pieces beloved by me. Now that it is done, and his memories have been incorporated into our ‘decor’ I am very happy with the results. I just should have had more patience during the upheaval process. However, I am still on the long (3 decades) hunt for a coffee table. Lol.

    So I have been putting off changing that cat litter, and I think I’m out of excuses! Have a grand day all!

    Pocket list Day 10 🦄
    @stitchincarol WFD 2of2

    Day 10 North Canton OH WFD

    @Daffoldil2010 and @brightonbelle same here, been there done that.

    I have been doing some research on extended water fasts and while it appears to work in the short term, it creates rebound bingeing and does not work that well for sustained weight loss over a longer period. Shorter water fasts are better for sustained weight loss.

    @EmmaTaylor I am glad that you have found something that works

    @northgeorgia wow! another low for you. You are on fire!!!!

    @songbirdme I will keep that in mind. Drinking water is usually not a problem for me but if I remember correctly, I was not drinking as much as I regularly do and that may have created a problem.

    @stitchincarol what wise words, thanks for providing that perspective. It’s a complete shift in thinking to focus on compliance to plan versus results. I like it!!!!

    Pocket list Day 10 🦄
    @stitchincarol WFD 2of2
    @basyjames WFD

    Day 10 – UK – FD800

    Thankfully I kept to my FD800 yesterday so aiming for another one today.

    Yoga this morning and an afternoon of volunteering has kept me on the straight and narrow so 🤞I keep on track.

    It was lovely to have a dry day, with some sunshine after 2 very grey and drizzly days – does cheer you up!!

    @stitchincarol – I have been waking up early as well, around 0530 – very unlike me as I usually sleep through the night – will have a think if anything has changed in my evening routine…..
    @basyjames – why did you have to mention Irish cream in coffee…..please don’t get me started……🤣
    @mariaelena – soup yesterday did the trick – today I had a snack at lunchtime and having a big bowl of a low calorie homemade mushroom soup for my evening meal and that should keep me to 800cals if I keep my RESOLVE – I love soups in winter, it’s a mainstay of my FDs

    Pocket list Day 10 🦄
    @stitchincarol WFD 2of2
    @basyjames WFD
    @at 2nd FD800

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    second post

    @basyjames Interesting about shorter fasts being better in the long term than longer fasts. The only problem is, I have no idea what the definition is of the two. What’s long, and what’s short?

    Day 9 – Ireland – FD
    Day 10 – CD
    Hello all,
    Thanks for the welcome back it’s great to be here! I even nearly managed a LFD yesterday but caved around 6 pm and had fruit and some crackers but I think I’m back in the right mindset…🤞
    Managed a workout this morning before work and just went out for a quick spin 🚴 in the dark with lots of lights 🔦 to break the working day..
    still working from home but will have to get back into the office / commute habit in the next two weeks… for my sanity and just generally to get back to normal life.
    Hope you are all well – my bedtime reading tonight will be to catch up on your posts. 📚

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    @stitchincarol – still want to lose 3 more pounds to get back to my maintenance weight.

    Day 10. London UK

    Day three of RBS ( Ridiculously Big Salad). I have just eaten the biggest salad of all time. I am stuffed. If this works it’ll be a miracle.

    Thought I’d mention a book I’ve just bought on my kindle – Set Boundaries, Find Peace. By Nedra Glover Tawwad. It’s excellent. It’s about setting boundaries, obviously , but it’s full of good advice which I thought some people here who have issues with their in laws, for instance, might find useful. Highly recommended.

    Day 11 – Darwin, Aus – NFD

    So lovely to hear about all the goings on in each of your neck of the woods. Here we are hanging for the rain. The humidity has kicked up and we love the sound of those storms and the brilliant lighting. The black cockatoos are everywhere. The baby birds, the Tata lizards, the singing frogs and the m bongoes. So wonderful.

    Managed to fast Monday and Wednesday this week and am planning on tomorrow too. I’m not really sure why but I am able to do it at the moment without too much trouble. I think sharing with my work mates and partner and you all has helped me feel more accountable so that’s part of it.
    Two weeks of 4:3 and I have dropped two kilos which is a pleasing start. I know that next week will be the real test.

    Best of luck to you all today/tomorrow

    Ha, Ha!
    Not the m bongoes….

    the mangoes!

    Day 11 – OMAD

    My 4:3 schedule got mucked up this week due to me not being ‘in the zone’ for fasting on Monday!

    So my plan for the week is
    Mon – NFD
    Tues – FD
    We’d – NFD
    Thurs (today) – OMAD
    Fri – FD

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️I was brilliantly behaved on my NFD yesterday but didn’t feel deprived (which is key to me mentally!) ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I’m celebrating this small but epic succeeds! (Can you tell?!)😄😄😄

    SPeaking of GOALS
    I agree @stitchincarol re the hazards of pound-by-pound goal setting, but what I HAVE found to work is that I need to set myself TIME goals…

    I’m much more focused on weight loss if I have a party or an occasion coming up! Gives me a deadline!

    So I’m focusing on a party that we are going to on Sat 20th Nov (10 days from now). Hopefully that will help keep me on track over the weekend….

    @facek – well done on losing 2 kilos!!!!
    Also how fabulous re the black cockatoos abd I loved your description of Nnorthern Australia re a storm… wonderful atmospheric description! (I’ve never even seen a black cockatoo on tv! 😄)

    @emma Taylor – I like the sound of that book! Thanks for the recommendation!

    @songbirdme – me too! 3.6 pounds to go… I need to be at that maintenance weight before the festivities begin! But finding it hard to get there! 🧗

    Happy Thursday all 💖

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – OMAD

    So it’s day 3 for me on the Eat Like a Bear 3 day challenge, and looking forward to my Ridiculously Big Salad tonight. I did struggle yesterday, I was so cold in work, I felt empty, went for a walk, my inner mind was saying that this was too hard, so in the end I had a cup of Bovril for lunch, and that was fine. Back on track. Only a few calories in that and gave me a boost.

    Thanks @stitchincarol for the words of advice re goal setting and weight loss. Sometimes putting a figure on it has actually helped me in the past, given me focus, but absolutely can see what you mean about goal setting to achieve the plan, ie complete X days of fasting, OMAD, or whatever.

    So maybe I will set the first mini-goal of getting into the 150’s…soon! Like @northgeorgia, with Club 240 (when WAS that?), I have been in my own Club 160’s for 6 months now, since my appendix episode ….time to leave.

    @EmmaTaylor I meant to comment on your post re finding out your great-grandmother lived near you and you never knew. That’s something that intrigues me now, and the more DH delves into finding his past, the more I am interested in finding the details of mine luckily my oldest brother has been working on the family tree for years and its extensive.

    DH managed to locate where his late father was cremated in NZ and has applied for the Death Cert. This might give his last address. He was speaking to his new first cousin yesterday getting all the gossip on the paternal family and it seems that putting children for adoption or disowning illegitimate babies has happened a couple of times in the not far past. Oh dear.

    Right, off to do my Day 3 of OMAD, then take it from there.

    Have a great Thursday.

    Day 11 UK NFD

    Morning quick check in as off to catch a train – yes @emma-taylor theatre tickets are ££ off to a matinee so a bit more affordable

    For all you that asked – it’s Ocean at the end of the lane – don’t know a great deal about it but the experience is apparently similar to another play I really enjoyed The curious incident of the dog in the night

    Catch up tomorrow x

    Day 11 London UK ELAB (Eatlikeabear!)

    @daffodil2010 – good luck with day 3. I’m a day ahead of you. I must admit I feel really great. No booze, so proper sleep, and the hideous cough I’ve had for about 18 months seems to have nearly gone. I can’t quite believe that it’s gone. I had to get up in the night to clear my airways (sorry, tmi) because I couldn’t breathe properly. Gone. Hurray. I’m actually eating in about a 40 minute window. It didn’t seem possible to do that, but for now, it makes sense.

    @brightonbelle – hope you enjoy the theatre. Sounds good.

    Day 11 – USA/GA – WFD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. Today’s my 3rd day of the week fasting, the first of my ongoing three weeks of 4:3. I’m only doing it because of my November schedule. I intend to return to 5:2 after Thanksgiving 🙂

    So far, all FD500s have converted to WFDs without issue, and I think today will be more of the same. I did have a Taco Bell lunch yesterday, and had more wedding cake back in the office (who knew there was a chocolate layer, too?) But just a small piece. Dinner was sensible but not ideal (pot of beans again!) Still, I feel successful yesterday. I felt satisfied at dinner and didn’t snack without end.

    Technically, I have hit 215 lbs twice, so not really a new low, but certainly happy to see the number twice (confirms you weren’t dreaming the first go around!) Tomorrow could be three times? Or maybe something better? That’s my motivation today 🙂

    Pocket list – day 11

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @songbirdme – I thought the same re all those little red lines indicating awake times? Apparently I’m awake for about 8% of my so-called sleep time every night but, if I am I’m not aware of it.

    @northgeorgia – I’m holding thumbs for you to reach a new low tomorrow 🤞

    Pocket list – day 11

    DAY 11 – UK – FD800

    Yesterday ended up as a good CD instead of my B2B FD800 so planning on achieving it today.

    Had my booster of Pfizer on Tuesday and woke up today with Covid Arm (Soreness and swelling at the injection site and tender lymph nodes in my axilla) should hopefully resolve in a few days……

    Started the day with an aerobics class followed by a late brunch out with friends – back home to do some chores, then planning on watching T20 cricket 🏏 semifinals this afternoon and I have a Pilates class at 6pm to finish the day!

    Joining @northgeorgia and @funshipfreddie on the pocket list – TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS! – I really want to try to achieve at least 2 FDs each week until the end of this year as I need to strengthen my RESOLVE 💪

    Pocket list – day 11

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month…thanks and honor to any veterans on this forum. 💞

    I could feel it yesterday, that I was losing more weight, and this morning I was right. Let me give you some numbers:
    Oct 11, 145.6 lbs.
    Oct 18, 147.6 lbs.
    Oct 25, 145.2 lbs.
    Oct 31, 141.8 lbs.
    Nov 8, 141.4 lbs.
    This morning: 138.6 lbs.

    I’ve cheated with carbs once each week, but apparently the WFDs and the RBS are a good compensation. I sure hope the others of you trying that approach have similar, if not better, success! I’m sure thrilled!

    @songbirdme I’m sure you’ll drop those three pounds quickly.

    @emma-taylor Thanks for the book recommendation; I’ll search it out. And it’s mind-boggling that your great-grandma lived so close and you didn’t even know it. I can’t even imagine how disappointed you have to feel knowing that and not having met her.

    @facek What a lovely description you gave; thanks for that! And great job on a solid start to fasting; you’re doing terrifically and the success of the first three weeks should help you power through when it starts getting tougher. Think RESOLVE, not “hope,” comparing 5:2 to any task you face…you wouldn’t “hope” to accomplish a work task, you’d simply resolve to accomplish it, right? RESOLVE was our mantra in August, and it was SO helpful.

    @babs_b Well, well done on a well-behaved NFD; that is indeed epic!!

    @daffodil2010 Putting up babies for adoption and disowning illegitimate babies has happened several times? Oh dear is right. It’s so delightful that your DH’s story has such a lovely outcome. Any success with him reaching out to his sister?

    I’m actually hungry right now, which is a very unusual thing for 8:20 am. Hopefully I can drown it with black coffee, and then I’ll eat my OMAD mid-afternoon so I don’t get too tempted to eat what I shouldn’t.

    Some friends and their adult son who was our DS30’s best friend growing up are coming for Thanksgiving, so I’m quite thrilled with how lovely that day will be. I got the pie crusts mixed up yesterday and into the freezer as discs; I’ll pull them out and form them into crusts a day or two before Thanksgiving, and that will help with the time-crunch on the day. If it’s not obvious, possibly the greatest joy I have is when I’m planning special dinners with people I love, and planning Thanksgiving is one of the top meals of the year. I’m going to be floating on cloud 9 as these days fly past!

    Have a grand day, everyone, with great success and strong RESOLVE and contentment in your choices!

    Pocket list – day 11
    @stitchincarol -RBS

    Day 11 – 16:8

    Odd morning. DH said, “you are looking really thin these days.” YAY! I know I’m looking better, but it is always wonderful to get validation. But he followed it up with “Don’t starve yourself”. UM … Even odder because he witnessed my dinner (soup, guacamole on carrot chips and cashews coming in at about 550 cals total) and knows I’m preparing a somewhat elaborate favourite meal of ours for dinner tonight.

    Left me scratching my head. I know he really doesn’t approve of ‘fasting’ (starving yourself) so I accommodate him by making sure he witnesses my eating windows. When I do a full day or more water fast, (and that has been about a month since I did) I keep it out of his site and don’t mention it to him. Oh, I am well aware that was said out of love and caring, but I’m irked. I do lots of research on these things and pay attention to the science and his knee jerk reaction … well it seems a bit presumptuous and dismissive.

    Ah, well, thank you all for the forum to vent. I’m losing ~5 lb a month a healthy and not extreme pace so obviously something on his side is at play. Perhaps it is his own weight and his rejection of anything other than increasing exercise to address it. Perhaps it is his being surrounded by mostly very overweight or obese folk. Or maybe he just likes the way the extra pounds show up on my breasts, lol. Or most likely the weight loss which wasn’t showing much is looking like a sudden drop (as happens with me since my weight gain/ loss is a total body affair, not a one major area thing) So unless he starts mansplaining to me about how I should be eating, I’m just gonna let it slide.

    @facek LOL, having never visited your part of the world I was wondering about what bongoes were! Drums didn’t seem to fit the bill for the lovely scene you were setting!

    @at I’m still home exercising so Im so happy the weather has made walking more enjoyable. I took one Pilates class a few years ago, and really enjoyed it, but locally Pilates classes are always a pricey add on cost on top of gym membership fees and more than I’ve been able to afford. Not to mention intimidating with all the young superfit types who seem to be in attendance. Honestly, I don’t miss gym atmospheres, but I do miss access to a lap pool.

    @emma_taylor I have put in a request for the book from my public library which miraculously carries that book! I’m number 17 in line, so it will probably take some considerable time before I get it, but I read the google books and kindle books excerpt preview pages and that author sounds very sensible! I look forward to it.

    @brightonbelle let us know how the theater show was! I’m hoping fabulous.

    The weather here is currently just my thing. Days in low 60°’s ( ~17° C) and in the 40°’s (~7 C) at night. Gloriously sunny. So I’m going to take that walk now.

    Keep on keeping on, everyone! We can do this!

    Second post

    @stitchincarol we overlapped posting again, lol.

    Your weigh ins are fab – good for you!!!

    Day 11 USA 🚩 Happy Veteran’s Day – OMAD

    Too much popcorn in the movies last night, and I am back to needing to lose 5. Oh well, likely a lot of water weight as I put on the salt in excess.

    @funshipfreddie – I know I wake up once or twice, but mine says 45 minutes awake time! Just doesn’t seem accurate to me. Oh well … I still feel rested after about 7 hours in bed. I do try to always go to bed at the same time, and that was recommended by Dr. M.

    @northgeorgia – you are doing so well, so judicious. Keep up the good work, and you will be at 200# before you know it!

    @mariaelena – my DH never fully understands my FD’s either, but has learned to tolerate them. He has dessert every night, so for me to avoid it even several times a week makes him feel like HE is indulging too much.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 11 North Canton NFD

    Just when I decided to focus on compliance to plan versus results I got a huge drop on the scales – 3pounds overnight-what! Whatever Cruella LOL😛

    @at I am sorry for getting you started on IC. I will use initials to blunt the impact

    @stitchincarol search me! But- after switching up my game from 3 day WF to EOWFD, I am seeing the scales respond but we will see; one week is not sufficient time to create a trend. By the way- your numbers do not lie!! Go Carol

    @jaifam I get what you mean about transitioning from WFH to office/commute habit. For the longest time, I wanted to WFH, then I got my wish and it’s been quite the adjustment 🙄.

    @songbirdme I have no doubt that you will lost those 3 pesky pounds, you are quite the inspiration

    @facek congrats on the loss which will only be the first of many I am sure. Thanks for clarifying, although m bongos sounds like more fun that plain old mangoes 😁😁

    @mariaelena I get the same every so often from OH. He admires my dedication to wellness and a healthy weight but worries that I push the envelope too far sometimes. My sister has the same issue with her OH as well. On the one hand, I understand why you feel irked by his concern, but on the other hand, I can understand why they feel that way. Many people have this knee jerk reaction to fasting or TRE because for a long time conventional wisdom stated that, you have to eat every few hours to “keep up your metabolism” and it is extreme to “starve” yourself.
    As Dr. Fung said- it does not add up but there was a time when conventional wisdom stated that butter and eggs were “bad” for you but you could drink all the vegetable oil you wanted, Ha ha ha- for ignorance my people perish!!!. Vent all you want, that is why we are here. You are doing great!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉

    Have a wonderful day today and above all else be kind- everyone is dealing with something 💜
    Thank you to all the veterans

    Another post, lol

    As my iPod (an anniversary gift from DH to me in 2004!) on shuffle brings up The Doobie Brothers “Listen to the music” I remembered I wanted to mention this.

    For a while now, I’ve had that iPod in a boom box playing on shuffle for hours and hours every day. Instead of walking around the house, I’m kinda dancing, grooving from place to place or while doing chores.

    My Apple Watch (thanks to a kind niece who is now giving me her hand me downs, lol) says my activity calories are way way up since I added the music. Not technically exercising but, every bit helps!


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