Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 4, NFD, Aus

    Oops – completely missed yesterday. I usually do a FD on Thursdays but I’m not going to kid myself. So much is going on at the moment, that I’m going to let 5:2 slide until my life is back on track. But I’ll stay posting for general accountability and to make sure I don’t completely lose my way.

    Loved reading your story about your DH’s family, @daffodil2010. How wonderful for you both (but so sad he’ll never get to meet his father). Sounds like you might have to make a trip Down Under soon, hey? I had to look up the word “dote” (re your description of his grandmother). Google tells me it either means “silly or feeble-minded, especially as a result of old age” or, (informal: Irish) “a sweet or adorable person”. Knowing where you’re from, I am assuming you mean the latter!

    I had my hair cut this week – not usually noteworthy, but due to our recent lockdown, it hadn’t been cut in about 4 months! I think she took off 6 inches, and it feels so much better. I had to wear a mask during the hair cut, which makes it hard for the poor hairdresser to cut, especially around the ears. I’m discovering those stray long strands that she missed, but are easily got rid off.

    @basyjames – my father had his COVID booster shot and also had a very bad reaction; much worse than the initial vaccination. V glad you’re feeling better now.

    How was your resolve yesterday @at?

    Day 3 USA – home in Illinois – FD

    Far too many carbs on our time away from home, so when the ring won’t fit, I know I’ve gained. ABout 5 pounds! So fasting today and joining the pocket list.

    @stitchincarol WF2
    @basyjames WFD3

    Onward and downward.

    Day 4 AUS FD800

    I’m joining in the November challenge having bowed out of the last couple of months. The looooong east coast lockdown just made it too tough to keep going.

    Thanks to @northgeorgia for hosting us this month!

    Great to catch up on everyone’s news and progress.

    I’m a 52 year old woman who discovered IF at the start of the year, when the combined menopausal and pandemic pounds left me at a higher weight than I’d ever been before.

    I’m 5k down from there at this start of this month, with just under 2k to hit goal weight. Hoping to hit goal during this month, but we’ll see. I’d definitely rather lose sustainably than yoyo up and down.

    Day four, UK, NFD

    Yikes Thursday already!!

    Just weighed myself and I’m 3.2 LBS away from my ultimate goal…. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    Well after three days of angelic behaviour I’m now really flagging!

    Also it’s suddenly turned cold in the U.K. and I’m resultedly feeling a lot more hungry all the time as I spend so much time outside (and our house is a cold one, thank god we’re moving soon) so that’s also making things harder.

    I know myself well enough now to know that I need to do a short term bail-out to save the ship from sinking! So I need to give myself a nice day today (to include breakfast !!!) or else I’ll lose my mojo. If I lose my mojo then that means I won’t fast tomorrow.

    I’m so in awe of you all out there who do B2Bs and B2B2Bs and WFs and WFs x2 and keto and an RBS every single day, but I’m hopelessly flawed and I need my treats 😄😄😄😄

    On the upside, I’m pleased that my mojo routinely stays with me (as long as I don’t overdo it) so I think that’s the key.

    Well that’s enough navel gazing and self-justification, all just for taking a true ZBC 😄😄😄😄!!!

    Back on the wagon tomo for final FD of my 4:3 🤞😊

    @basyjames – thanks so much for this info on Circadian Rhythm. Really interesting how melatonin affects blood sugar levels!
    Also about routine sleeping and eating times, it’s something I’ve always suspected.

    @northgeorgia – Sorry to hear about your wayward day! But we have all been there (me more than most ha ha ha)
    But you have been so “on it” recently, perhaps you’re allowed one day off?
    Also what are Salisbury steaks?!

    @mariaelena – So fun hearing about all of your cats! Wow that must be a full-time job looking after them all…

    @facek }
    @technicole }
    How are you both getting on?

    See you all tomorrow XX

    Second Post

    @litprof – great to see you here again! Ooh we are nearly the same age (I’m 51) and experiencing the ‘’joys’ of menopausal metabolism slow down 😱😄

    Good luck in your FD today

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD 800

    Morning all. Two successful FDs. Behind me so going for a B2B2B. Tuesday was an LFD, yesterday was an OMAD with soup and salad in the evening, today it’s ZBC until my lunchtime beetroot salad and more veg soup for dinner. Ha ha, loving all the acronyms there !!

    Going to get back to no breakfast during the working week, only breaking my fast at lunchtime or dinner or next day…depending how it goes. I feel super motivated now.

    @babs_b, yes still on most,y plant based foods, it really suits me, however for lunch today I have popped a bit of sardine in with my beetroot salad for a pop of protein and Omega 3. And huge hugs for you right now. I look over at my Missie beside me and bless the time I have with her.

    @basyjames I am a firm believer in the circadian rhythms, and following a lot of the above has really helped my sleep. Sunlight in the eyes first thing in the morning, dim lights at night.

    @penz, ha ha, I didn’t realise “dote” meant another thing entirely, luckily you know where I am from so of course she is sweet and adorable 😄 Oh yes, planning a dream trip to Aus now, complete with business class flights, travelling around via camper van, meeting family…….one can dream….but maybe it can be a reality one day. Just need to find them now.

    @stitchincarol well done on not feeling the cold on your WFD…I was sooooo cold yesterday until I had my evening soup.

    Happy Thursday all.

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    I totally lost the plot yesterday too, @penz?! Maybe it was a ‘hump day’ thing? Although, as I’m retired that’s probably those most feeble excuse I could come up with. First mistake was not posting; & then I scoffed six squares of dark chocolate instead of the usual 2. Okay, 3. Then I broke my rule of never eating cheese or nuts without weighing them, & had a mini cheese/nut fest! But at least I didn’t open a bottle of anything. Despite being on the wagon, I’ve got a cupboard full of booze, due to stocking up because of our bizarre lockdown rules which sometimes involve outlawing the sale of alcohol. Anyway, I’m back on track today after giving myself a good talking to.

    @litprof – welcome back! I was just reading about the little girl being found in western Australia after being missing for 18 days?! Incredible.

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍋

    Day 4 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. New record; last estimated at this weight in 2010. Will break the fast at late morning before the office staff go out for a meal.

    @high5 I think it was an old southern poverty recipe to “stretch” meat when it was scarce. Here’s a recipe, but we used can of mushroom soup as the base for the gravy.

    Happy to be at a new milestone. Two more pounds to lose to get to this month’s goal. Lots of obstacles await this month! But we can all do it.

    Day 4 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    I’m down just a bit more this morning, and have lots of enthusiasm to keep going. I think there’s lots of research that shows eating mid-afternoon is better than evening, but my schedule today doesn’t really work for that…but I may be so hungry by then that I can’t bear to wait. We’ll see how I do and when I actually break my fast.

    I honestly don’t know where I’ve come by such strong discipline and will-power. I do know that I’ve noticed at church potlucks that other women my age eat far more than I do. Yes, they’re overweight, but they don’t seem to be gaining. I’ve also been aware that my “set point” is no longer 132, given how hard it’s been to get there again. So, with all the knowledge I’ve been gaining by my reading, this seemed like the only approach that had a chance of succeeding in getting me down to 132 or lower, and then keeping me there, all while eating a reasonable amount of food (she says as she’s 64+ hours into a WF 😂). I’ve clearly, finally, after 20 months of trying, losing weight at a steady pace. We’ll see if I manage a new set point, and if I manage to eat a reasonable amount without gaining once I get to my goal weight.

    @penz New haircuts are always so lovely!

    @songbirdme I’m sure you’ll drop those 5lbs in nothing flat. Where’d you go?

    @litprof Welcome back!!

    @high5 Well done being so close to goal! And I spewed my coffee, I laughed so hard, when I read “I’m so in awe of you all out there who do B2Bs and B2B2Bs and WFs and WFs x2 and keto and an RBS every single day, but I’m hopelessly flawed and I need my treats 😄😄😄😄”

    @daffodil2010 It’s such a delight to read of your mojo and progress!

    @funshipfreddie I too heard of the little girl who was found; what joy for her family, and such trauma for her.

    @northgeorgia Wow, 215?? SWEET! Salisbury steak is something I’ve known of, but rarely had as a child, and never have made as an adult. Maybe I’ll have to do that some cold winter night! I’m certain DH would love it.

    It’s approaching 8am and I’ve been awake for four hours now. Apparently I got so much sleep (and I did) on Tuesday night that the six I got last night were all my body wanted, LOL! I’ll sure be tired by bedtime, I’m sure.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 4 North Canton NFD

    Welcome back @litprof

    @high5 go you!!! Slow and steady does win the race. Self-awareness is so important and good for you knowing that you need a lifeline- and then giving yourself one.

    @daffodil2010 so am I, which I why I decided to read the book. The tidbit about melatonin was an eye opener, now I am on to the chapter about syncing TRE to circadian rhythms, I will give an update when I complete the chapter.

    @funshipfreddie the story about the missing girl was so heartwarming. So great to see good news on TV.

    @northgeorgia so proud of you for the new low. Another testament to dedication producing results.

    @stitchincarol you persevered through the tough times and I am so happy to see you in “the zone”. You have hit your sweet spot and it is so beautiful to witness.

    Have a wonderful day everyone, and give it your best shot, your sacrifices matter and they have purpose

    Day 4 – FD 800 again

    Yesterday on target.

    @penz glad you were able to get your haircut! Still no go where I live (high transmission/ low vax rate, few masks) so it has been home haircuts for 18 months now.

    @litprof I have about 5x more to lose than you, but I’m doing the same, determined to stop that yo-yo weight so slowly and sustainably it is! You are doing great!

    @dafodil2010 my b2b2b days right now sound much like yours, acronyms and all 😀 except substitute Greek salad with a smattering of feta cheese for beetroot salad. I’ve been making homemade soups all week and my freezer is stocked with no added sugar, no starch delicious quick soups!

    @funshipfreddie I think temporarily losing the thread is ‘life happens’ – we accept it and move on, goals in mind. 😀 Cheese and nuts are so devilish for me too, I eyeball most foods but have to keep a sharp scale for those.

    @high5 – you are SO CLOSE! How exciting. I support and agree with your decision to have a ‘mojo recharging day’. I try to judge myself on my choices on a weekly basis for similar reason. Sometimes I have to indulge. And that is why I’m on this healthy eating journey, so when I indulge, it is not turning down an unhealthy path, it is just living.

    @basyjames the Circadian Code book sounds fascinating. My library doesn’t carry it so I will make you my proxy! I really do most those things, so good to know. My sleep difficulties are WOCA night sweats wakening me, and I’m fresh out of ideas. As the weather turns coolth (😉) into cold I will be doing better b/c we keep the night temp in the 60’s so when I get a night sweat I usually merely need to put covers aside for a few minutes to cool down. I also find fasting and 5:2 much easier in the cool weather, maybe because I get better sleep in the cold? 🤔

    @northgeorgia !! Outstanding weigh-in! You are certainly inspiring me to keep moving in the right direction.

    @stitchincarol I also have seen research saying afternoon eating is probably healthier and better for weight loss than evening. But that is not the way of our modern social and work schedules. Or, may I add, lifetime habits. So I content myself to no post dinner snacks unless it is a special occasion. And I limit the number of special occasions to two a month. 🤷‍♀️ I just approach everything with the attitude I can’t be perfect and do everything ’right’ so I’m gonna live the healthiest life I can while being ME. —— You have been having the colds while doing WF days? Hoping your recent day is the indication you are through with that!

    My late mom’s best friend is in ICU with breakthrough Covid. Margaret has been a lifelong presence and her 90th birthday is next week. Please hold good thoughts for this lovely cheery caring and fabulous woman. The family asked for video greetings and 👍 there was a lovely minute of Margaret on my recently recovered wedding video. I recorded a message, then added every photo of Margaret I had (including one of her at my mom and papa’s wedding) and capped it off with the footage of her goofing with my papa and her brother in front of the church at my wedding. Technically it was quite a challenge to do but every moment of making it was with a full heart and love. So glad I had the wedding footage because she is wonderful in that small clip and it made my greeting something different and I hope special.

    Warm and strong thoughts to all!

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍋

    2nd post

    Does anyone have healthier carby/starchy substitutes they like?

    Me I’m happy with riced cauliflower instead of rice, and replacing hot pasta with veggie noodles or just steamed or roasted veggies. But I can’t find a satisfying potato replacement or a cold pasta replacement and end up avoiding or just accepting the starch potato/ cold pasta dishes.

    Bread is irreplaceable, imo, but I limit myself to only partaking of good, fresh bread on rare occasions.

    Looking for ideas. 😀

    Day 4 USA – Illinois – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD ended up a little more than a normal one as we went to a local movie special night where 2 retired history professors talk about a classic movie. Last night was “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” – ate too much popcorn I could not avoid. Still lost 2 pounds and that’s good.

    @litprof – glad to see you back. Yes, those menopause pounds got me too back when. “Where did this tummy fat come from?” was my mantra.

    @northgeorgia – congrats on your Braves! I still remember when they were in Milwaukee, not far from my Chicagoland home at the time, and we would sing the Star Spangled Banner ending “and the home of the Braves.” Happy for your losses and control too.

    @high5 – yeah for your goals!! Menopause… an awful condition to happen to metabolism.

    @stitchincarol – we were in Kansas City for a fall trip that included the Monday Night Football game of the Chiefs. We have only been to a handful of pro games, and Mahomes is my fantasy football quarterback. Weather wasn’t the best for fall trees, but it was still a good trip.

    @daffodil2010 – 2 FD’s? Wow. Good for you!

    @basyjames – great to see you. I need to see about that Circadian Code book. Sounds most interesting.

    @mariaelena – I have enjoyed spaghetti squash with regular sauce as a carb substitute. Also, I use cauliflower instead of potatoes quite often – mashed or cubed to have “Mock Potato Salad.” Prayers for your friend Margaret.

    Onward and downward.

    second post

    @mariaelena like @songbirdme I also use cauliflower as a sub for potatoes. But very recently found a pasta brand made from chickpeas at our local Walmart; brand name is Banza. It was very good and I used it to prepare my first pasta dish in years. Hubby was quite a fan. Thanks for asking the question, I am eager to see what others use.

    @basyjames – I am going to Wal-Mart tomorrow for some stuff so I will look for Banza. I presume it would be with the other pasta in that aisle? Thanks for the recommendation!

    Day 5, NFD, Aus

    TGIF! I’m feeling very sluggish this morning. My usual routine of bad sleep catches up with me by the end of the week.

    18 months of home hair cuts, @mariaelena?!? I can only imagine! And what a lovely thing you did for your friend Margaret – I’m sure all that love would have immense healing power.

    Mega congrats to @northgeorgia and @stitchincarol – I need to buckle down and attach myself to your coat tails.

    have a great weekend everyone

    Day 5, U.K. – FD

    Great news, my mojo is here and fully intact,phew!

    Definitely the right call yesterday. I had a lovely day abd actually was pretty much keto all day with the exception of my three squares of 85% dark chocolate !

    Ate super-healthily all day except a sneaky little packet of crisps (potato chips) before dinner 😈😀😀😀

    Gotta run, looking forward to catching up with you all later xx

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Was a tad dissapointed this morning that after all the FD’s and DTF there was not much of a budge but I will continue on. It’s ZBC until my lunchtime salad, then off to my friends house tonight for a girlie catch up so that means no control over what’s cooking and definitely wine.

    But tomorrow I plan to OMAD as DH off being a Marshall for some cycle race so I have the place to myself, lots of stuff in the garden to do, so hopefully nowt until dinner.

    Sunday will be a day off, then back to it on Monday. And the only way is a proper fast, if I start to eat I nibble, so best to keep the food at bay until later in the day. This WOCA weight is annoying me. I am to short at 5’2″ to be this weight.

    @mariaelena that video message for Margaret sounds so wonderful ☺️

    The coolth is definitely happening here, I think tomorrow I will change the duvet from 4.5 tog up to a higher one…I suppose it is November.

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    No damage done after Tuesday’s mini-binge. In fact I’m still a kilo down from the start of the month; sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what the scales tell you.

    @northgeorgia – well done on reaching that 11 year low! 💪 🥇 and to @stitchincarol for your new-found mojo! 🏋️‍♀️

    @daffodil2010 – nowt?! I thought that was a Yorkshire/northern English expression? Irish too?

    another birthday lunch to attend; have a great day everyone

    Pocket List – Day 5 🍒

    Day 5 UK NFD

    Best Friday weigh in for a long time – it might be contagious @high5 @stitchincarol I think my mojo has shown up too !

    Great results @northgeorgia 💪

    Off to carefully plan my weekend now , this is usually my downfall but I am determined to weigh at least the same if not less Monday morning , it’s all down to the choices I make so off to study MFP Have a good Friday all

    Day 5 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. Yesterday turned into a bit of an OMAD, but probably not the best choices. What I was proud of: I broke my fast with a couple handfuls of almonds and a banana. Then I got busy. I planned to wait until I ran out to get something from the printers for lunch, as my lunch crew weren’t in the office. As I drove back by the fast-food row on the highway, I realized it was now after 3 p.m., and I wasn’t hungry, so I skipped it. What I wasn’t so proud of: Ate a little more than I should, including heavy carbs and sugars at my OMAD, including coming back an hour after the “OMAD” for more inappropriate things.

    Still, a bit of a victory. Had I eaten that fast food meal very late, I knew I would STILL eat at home out of a hard-ingrained psychological habit to refeed after a workday. And as a typical fast food meal is around 1,200 calories on the lower end, did I really need to risk that? Not today!

    I have a stressful couple of weeks coming up at work, then hopefully my cortisol levels will get back under control haha

    Good luck to everyone today!

    Day 5. London. UK

    I forgot to sign up for November!!! Now I remember why – the wifi wasn’t working in the Airbnb so I was cut off!!
    Anyway, I’m home. Please count me in. DH and I have some serious weight to lose now…..

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD 1000

    Yesterday was not spot on. I actually managed to go 73 hours before I broke my WF, and had to grocery shop right before I broke it, and that was my undoing. So, about an ounce of the blue cheese I bought to make the dressing for tonight’s salad, four swallows of wine, and an entire avocado were my splurges in addition to the prescribed meal–but I still have four avocadoes that are getting too ripe and I didn’t want to waste it. Supper was a skillet dish (also from Eat Like a Bear, from the digital cookbook I bought from her) of 12 oz cauliflower and 6 oz ground beef along with some beef broth and some seasonings. It was yummy, and the scale this morning was only up four ounces.

    Hey, and I discovered something new to me. I woke up a bit before 5am yesterday (which is WAY early for me) and never got back to sleep, and was SO sleepy all day–like was going to need a nap sleepy–right up until I ate my meal around four o’clock. Then I was wide awake until after ten. Was that a fluke, or is that typical with WF? Strange!

    @basyjames I just read all your comments: you are such a wonderful and skilled cheer leader!

    @mariaelena Just to clarify, getting miserably cold has always been typical for me during cold months when doing usual FD500s, but I HAVEN’T noticed any particular cold with my WFDs over the past four weeks, despite the weather getting cooler and cooler. Well, colder and colder, LOL. I’m thankful for that, as being so cold is the hardest part to tolerate and ignore. And what a wonderful thing you did for Margaret; prayers for her.

    As to substitutes for carbs, I just saw this mozzarella cheese/egg yolk substitute yesterday morning: It begins at the 0:50 point. Thanks, @basyjames, for the tip about Banza!

    @songbirdme Easy on, easy off for at least two of your five, eh? Nice! Kansas City is such a lovely town to tourist around in; I’m glad you two had so much fun!

    @penz If I could, I’d pull you close to me so we could share my discipline; I truly feel as if I have enough to cover your cravings as well!

    @high5 Well done on treating yourself yesterday, but not going nuts!

    @daffodil2010 I smiled to read you’re 5’2″ as I am also now that I’ve lost two of the inches I used to be. That sure explains why clothes that used to look lovely at this weight are still too tight! Have fun tonight!

    @brightonbelle Well done on that great weigh-in this morning!

    @northgeorgia Good job on a solid choice yesterday, despite the less-solid choices in the evening. Every victory counts!

    @emma-taylor Welcome back! What’s your plan? Have you thought it through? Have you looked at

    I got about fifteen new books of organ music yesterday, so I need to index them and then go play then; that will be fun! And the three trees in front of our house dropped loads of their leaves on Tuesday, so I’m going to go rake some of them. DH’s pickup is in the shop, so we don’t have it to carry the leaves to the village leaf-dump, but I’ll figure out something, or simply use plastic bags. The truck is sure easier, however!

    So off I go; have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 5 – NFD

    4 B2B FD 800’s completed successfully and I will cap off the week with 3 sensible NFD ( that is the plan 😀)

    I was thinking of WF next week, but my husband may have to leave town next weekend so I will probably wait til he is gone. It is easier for me to WF when he is not home cooking his delicious smelling food.

    @funshipfreddie ‘no rhyme or reason to what the scale says’ I can relate! I broke my ‘don’t weigh obsessively’ rule on my last water fast of 3 days and saw no scale movement. At the next week (my 5:2 week) was a regular weigh-in and the scale dropped pleasingly. For me, at least, the scale seems to respond to whatever happened at least a week earlier. Or something. While in weight loss, I look at the trend, and try to put that scale out of my mind or it will drive me crazy and might scare away my mojo.

    @songbirdme spaghetti squash is a great one! I wish I also found cauliflower a reasonable potato substitute but it just doesn’t taste right to me. I like cauliflower roasted if I don’t try to pretend it should be potatoes tho.

    @penz Yup, home haircuts for 18 months. Hairdressers in particular have been at the forefront of the anti-vax/anti-mask movement locally and I won’t risk it. Luckily my hair long and straight, so my husband trims the long ends and I do the fringe/bangs and soften the sides at the face. I definitely look like I could use a professional haircut but not shockingly. Every few months I do a henna treatment to keep the greys from becoming too prominent. I like the money saved, so I probably only get professional cuts once or twice a year going forward once it is safer to do so here.

    @stitchincarol I wonder about weight set-points. So much is unclear, and anecdotal evidence is all over the place! Your discipline and common sense approach boost my mojo- so I for one think you are on the right track!

    @daffodil2010 I’m an inch taller than you, and the shortest in my family by far. It certainly makes things more challenging. I’m going to guess your scale just needs some time to catch up with your good weight loss work.

    @brightonbelle great going! and weekends sure can be difficult but your great attitude will make the difference I’m sure!

    So, I’m a stone above healthy BMI. Knowing December celebrations, events and goodies are on the horizon I’m hoping to have lost that by the end of March. But the ‘I really want to be there by then’ date is end of May on my anniversary. I don’t actually know the final weight I wish to reach as my waist-height ratio and waist-hip ratio are already solidly in the healthy zone. So my goal is to get into healthy zone BMI and assess how I look/ feel. Yes, I’d be thrilled with a flat tummy and slim(er)hips, but that is not at all the way I’m shaped so I won’t let my imagination run away from me. Lol

    So I wish everybody a happy and successful weekend and log off now!

    Day 5 USA – OMAD

    I played piano this afternoon for our local Church Women United gathering. It was hard to pass up, but I didn’t have any of their lovely smelling soup or desserts. Did drink a glass of apple cider, but saving calories for dinner out at our fave Italian restaurant.

    @basyjames – my WalMart didn’t have Banza brand, but they did have lentil or chick pea made pasta called “Lensi” – label says it is a product of Italy! Different shapes. I got the “spaghetti” version that says it also can include soy. Hope it tastes good. I like to add Italian sausage to a jar of sauce. I used to make my own red sauce when the kids were home, but with just the 2 of us, a jar of Prego is just fine.

    @stitchincarol – *15* new organ books?! Wow. Enjoy yourself! I am happy if I get one or two new piano books. I have most of a collection “What can I play on Sunday?” books, 2-month books arranged by Carol Tournquist. It comes in a complete year that I wish I had seen first. They take minimal practice which is nice for me!

    @mariaelena – I have roasted a head of cauliflower too in a crock pot and find it quite good as a ‘normal’ vegetable. No, hardly a good potato.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5. London. UK

    @stitchincarol. I am going to try the Eatlikeabear regime. My favourite kind of food. I like OMAD but my window was too long. So thank you! I’ll let you know how I get on. Very good advice. H

    Day 6, U.K. – NFD

    ME: “Right Scales, I’ve been exceptionally well behaved this week, including 3xFDs, 1xZBC, no sugar (except 6 squares of 85% dark choc), mostly keto, no alcohol etc etc etc…..”

    SCALES: “Meh…”

    @daffodil2010 – Think I can identify with your scales situation!!!!!!!

    @funshipfreddie – You’re seeing the underside of the same coin! Congratulations!

    Guess the scales aren’t as ‘elastic’ as we expect them to be, huh?!

    @brightonbelle – YAY for your mojo!

    @emma Taylor – welcome back! 🤗
    We’ve had some nice frosty mornings and beautiful blue skies recently but suspect nothing compares with the beauty and climate of Sicily!

    @northgeorgia – Go you! You’re really on fire right now, great stuff!!!

    Re recipes for carb substitutes, I don’t know whether we have Spaghetti Squash in the U.K.?! (Does anyone know?)

    But I’ve recently discovered that oven-baked-then-cooled ordinary squash is an absolutely DELICIOUS addition to a salad! Goes really well in particular with bitter veg like chicory.

    For years I’ve always skipped over savoury recipes calling for a teaspoon of sugar or honey, but I plan to start experimenting with substituting baked squash! Does anyone have any experience of this???

    Happy weekend everyone and see you on Monday 😘

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Just checking in to keep myself in line before my next FD.

    Have a good weekend everyone ⛅️ 🌈

    Day 6 UK NFD

    @high5 I occasionally see spaghetti squash at waitrose but not on a regular basis on the few occasions I’ve cooked it I thought it was ok but I think it’s mainly the novelty of the cooked squash vaguely resembling spaghetti , I tend to spiralise courgette if I need an alternative

    Anyway all going fairly well in my attempts for a controlled weekend , just need to stay on track until Monday FD 🤞

    Have a good Saturday all

    Day 6 – NFD

    We released the kitten visitors into the wild (lol our backyard) again. Watching them romp free across the patio in to the bushes was lovely. Lots on our to-do list this weekend so I’m looking forward to sitting down tonight with the great British baking show.

    Margaret is doing much better, and I scoured my mama’s hard drive and found a beautiful letter she wrote to Margaret celebrating her 70th birthday. My sister who lives in Margaret’s vicinity will print it up on some beautiful stationary and get it to Margaret when she is released from the hospital.

    It is my sister’s birthday next week, my sister has been irked at me for about a month, (long story and not important) so I’m taking extra care putting a birthday package together for her. Knowing my sister as I do, that will probably smooth things over. Since mama passed away, I have become the family peace-maker, and sometimes my siblings seem to see me as a mama substitute. It can be uncomfortable but I do understand, my looks and personality are so like her. My sister and I were both exceptionally close to mama and sometimes like now that complicates our relationship. All is good tho, we’ll eventually get back to even keel.

    Lol, @stitchincarol I’m sure one of those people who ramble on here. I find it helps settle me for the day to see what is up in the group and to put some thoughts down while I have my morning coffee. But that to-do list is calling!

    My warm wishes that everyone has a lovely weekend!

    Day 6 USA – NFD

    College football Saturday is me today. Might eat leftovers brought home from last night’s dinner or might cook something to eat while watching TV. Between games, we need to do some fall yard work. Hopefully can get most of it done today.

    @mariaelena – Kittens are really so fun! I bet you enjoy watching them.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 219 lbs. I fully expect to hit the 220s again by tomorrow’s FD. This afternoon, I am attending a co-worker’s daughter’s wedding, so… you know.

    Anyway, I did trend down a pound over last week. Happy Saturday!

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    @stitchincarol going to look now at that eat like a bear link……my weekend plans of OMAD have not happened, I was out for dinner with DH and wine last night……so today I am going to gear up and plan for the week ahead

    @high5 yes, our scales must be syncing with each other n

    @mariaelena love the kittens romping free in the wild ☺️

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I’ll definitely be on that pocket list tomorrow! 😳

    Have a pleasant S🌞nday everyone.

    Day 7 – NFD

    I ate well yesterday, not too much, but I did not eat my requisite veggies. Some days I just don’t want to. A big green salad is on the menu for dinner, so I don’t do that two days in a row.

    We tackled the to do list with gusto, but lots more to do. Isn’t that always the case. Lol

    Enjoying a ‘quiet’ morning with my coffee and my sunbeam seaking cats. Quiet is in quotes because lots of neighborhood noise for early on a Sunday: train horns, barking dogs, workers on the neighbors home milling about and yelling. Somehow all that outdoor activity and noise makes my living room feel cozier.

    The weather right now is my favourite, sunny and cool enough that long pants and a sweater are necessary, a hat is welcome, but gloves and an overcoat are not yet needed. I have not yet smelled the wood burning in neighborhood fireplaces, but that won’t be too long in coming.

    Well the filters on the heater won’t change themselves and DH is calling for my assistance, so I wish you all a great day!

    Day 7 – US/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs (so close to 219). Wedding event was nice last night. Planning for a WFD today, then another on Tuesday.

    With my strange schedule coming up, it appears that a 4:3 of sorts may be in order for the next few weeks. One of those each week may be a standard FD500, or perhaps just OMAD. We shall see.

    For those Americans trying to figure out their Thanksgiving week, best of luck! Here is my plan for that week:

    * Sunday: WFD. Nothing spectacular happening on that day, so why not?
    * Monday: NFD. I plan to work that day. I’ll likely break my fast around lunch with some nuts and a banana.
    * Tuesday: WFD or FD500. Should be pretty easy to do at work, unless lunch crowds circle!
    * Wednesday: NFD. I’m taking off work. Let’s be honest — some Thanksgiving goodies have to be cooked the day before. And you know tasting will be involved, so I surrender!
    * Thursday (Thanksgiving Day): NFD (obviously). A real feast day. Most people skip breakfast or eat very light this day because they know the meal will be a feast. Enjoy and celebrate.
    * Friday: WFD. Yeah, my body will be confused and hungry, but a perfect time to let my tummy rest and recuperate.
    * Saturday: NFD. Plan to break the fast around lunch with good healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, etc., and perhaps a small piece of fruit.

    Pocket list – Day 7

    Day 7 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD/OMAD

    I caved on Friday night, eating the salad I was supposed to eat, but also a dozen Ritz crackers each loaded with a chile fig jam. sigh I think there were other naughties that went into my mouth, but I don’t remember. Yesterday was nearly perfect, but the damage on Friday was enough to put me a full four pounds up this morning, so I did the unthinkable and skipped brunch after church, just sitting with DH and DS25 while they ate. Tonight we’re doing a supper together and it’ll be reasonably low-carb, so I’m saving all my calories/carbs for it and tomorrow I’ll start fresh.

    @songbirdme Yeah, I’m having serious second thoughts about getting so many new books. Suffice it to say, I have an addiction: Over the almost fifty years I’ve been an organist, I’ve collected ten feet of books, if I were to simply pile them on top of each other, LOL! One of the new books, however, had the perfect prelude AND the perfect postlude for today, so one of them is already “broken in” and that’s why I continue to buy more music because there are always new nuggets to find. Well done you on swerving the soup and dessert the other day! That’s serious “sticking to your guns”!

    @northgeorgia Nice plan for Thanksgiving week, and excellent work to be planning ahead like that. I’ll do my WF on Tuesday as I have piano lessons that day, but I’m not sure what else I’ll do–I haven’t yet thought it through, so thanks for the nudge you’ve given me!

    Okay, that’s all my chatter for now; see you all tomorrow!

    2nd post

    Since I won’t be celebrating American Thanksgiving day this year, I’ll just keep on that week the way I have been. But @northgeorgia, you plan looks very reasonable and sensible and I plan to remember your approach when the December holidays are nigh!

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    ZBC for the working week, very light lunch of a green salad, sprouts and turnip with a slice of chicken for dinner, then tomorrow I will start the Eat Like ABear regime which is essentially an OMAD. This week WILL work.

    Oh what a day yesterday was. After my post, DH and I were doing Sunday pottering stuff, me transplanting my spring cabbage, him fixing the community ride on mower….when he gets a phone call from somebody who is a friend of a friend of his on Facebook. This chap has the same surname as DH’s late father, so he had reached out to him a week ago. This guy is actually DH’s first cousin!

    Well, suffice to say, we now know about DH’s Dad, he went to New Zealand, not Aus, there is a daughter over there, he died tragically in 1990 in NZ, his ashes were brought home by his friend and scattered into the family plot, and myself and DH went out yesterday afternoon to that grave and laid flowers, lit a candle, said a prayer.

    Later that evening DH was speaking to his uncle, his late fathers older brother, and it was such a sweet poignancy call for both men. They had known about DH being adopted, and wondered where he was. Plans to meet up for a cup of tea and a chat.

    Long lost families. It’s such an emotional time, but wonderful times too.

    Day 8 – UK – FD/CD

    Wow, @daffodil2010 I cannot believe how many connections & family members your DH has discovered in just a few months. So sad to hear of his dad’s passing but how lovely that you went to the family plot and that he spoke with his uncle. What a day!

    I finally feel ok to get back on my two low cal days a week pattern. I weighed myself this morning and I’ve not gained any weight at all, which is good. It definitely seems my body has found its set point. My only issue is that this set point is 1 stone higher than my previous set point! So today is going to be low cal and I’m aiming to land somewhere between 500 & 1000cals for the day, so it’ll be anywhere between a FD500, 800 or CD.

    I started the day with a short Yoga with Adriene sequence (Yoga for Digestion – it was the first ever video I found of hers years ago, which she posted after Thanksgiving about 7 years ago) and I am definitely going out for a walk at lunchtime. I’m in the ZBC til then and plan on breaking it with the trusty chicken and veg soup. Not sure on this evening’s dinner yet as we need to restock the kitchen.

    @northgeorgia your planning for Thanksgiving looks great. I’ll be looking to do the same over Christmas week here in the UK. I already have 2 x Christmas dinners to factor in.

    @mariaelena – Your morning yesterday sounded lovely. I live near a river and we have canal boats moored up near our house. They all use wood burning stoves as their main heat source and I just love the smell of wood burning through the cold months. It’s especially atmospheric on frosty mornings when there’s mist over the water combined with the smoke. Beautiful!

    Have a wonderful Monday all, we’ve got this.

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    Day 8 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. ZBC today and then breaking fast late morning/midday with some almonds, pistachios and a banana. Mom is cooking a pot of white soup beans for supper! A stressful week awaits me, but I just have to breathe, not panic, and carry on. It’ll all work out nicely by the time the holidays arrive.

    Many of you have Christmas meals to think about in a month. What are your strategies to enjoy the feasting, but control the overall monthly effect? 🙂

    Have a great week!

    Day 8 – 2nd post

    @northgeorgia – is that a new low?? Congratulations!! Good prompt on planning for Christmas, that’s something I need to work out!

    Updating the pocket list to include @daffodil2010

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    Day 8 UK FD

    First time in ages I can feel happy about my weekend consumption- not totally without treats but definitely a move in the right direction, Good FD today then move forward

    Wow @daffodil2010 The story continues 💕

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Oh dear; is this the shortest Monday pocket list ever?

    I don’t think I lost the plot completely over the weekend; but no doubt the scales will let me know in the morning.

    Here’s hoping anyone with missing mojo finds it again soon

    “Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.” ~ Julia Child

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    Day 8 – AU (I’m in the Top End for those who were curious) – FD

    Hi all,

    I’ve not made it back to this space for over a week. This is the first time I’ve ever been part of an online forum/group. I’m not very good at it! 😬
    It’s lovely see see how friendly and supportive this space is. Wonderful. Good people. What an inspiration in itself.
    I am feeling good. I managed 4:3 last week (better than I hoped) and have had another good fast day today. Fingers crossed it keeps going. My experience tells me if I can manage it for three weeks it becomes less of an issue from there. And, if I do have a tough day, I can give myself a break because I know that the pattern is there and I’ll be fine on the following FD again.

    Have any of you watched Michael Mosley’s ‘Australia’s Health Revolution’? It’s on SBS. That’s motivational too.

    I’m continuing to improve since surgery and am being a good, compliant physio patient. It’s the only exercise I can do for now! Gotta make the best of it!

    Wishing you all strength and resolve for this week.

    Day 8 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend, and the scales had their own role in the excitement. After Friday’s misbehavior over Ritz crackers and chile fig jam, the scale was up to 141.0; after nearly perfect behavior on Saturday, the scales were up to 143.4 on Sunday!! Yesterday was another day of enjoying carbs (a baguette with more of that jam [which is now GONE] and also with cheese and then toasted butternut squash with our dinner) but the scales are down to 141.3. So now I’m ready to be disciplined and well-behaved again this week. My next challenge is that our church’s annual Turkey Supper (the one where people come from as much as an hour away and we serve well over 500 people) is this Saturday. I haven’t yet thought through what I intend to be “okay” to eat, so I’ll figure that out today or tomorrow; the rest of the week should be easy to stick to plan, and even Friday will be okay because we’ll be too busy doing things to feel like dinner needs to be “special,” my typical downfall for Friday.

    Aww, @daffodil2010, emotional and poignant times indeed!! My heart is full for you. 💞 What about your husband’s adoptive family; how much are they involved with this journey? Enjoy the ELAB (Eat Like A Bear) regime; I bought her two cookbooks (digital versions) and have made two recipes that were delightful because they were so unexpected. Like her, I love the salads the most, but with cold weather on us, I know I’m going to need hot food if I’m to stay on track. Good luck with the plan!

    @babs_b Very well done on not gaining any weight during your grieving time!

    @northgeorgia Well done on today’s weigh-in, and what a great question about Christmas strategies…except that I still haven’t even figured out this Saturday’s strategy, so you’re way ahead of me, LOL! I know I’ve mentioned before that I do a lot of my self-pep-talks on Tuesdays when I’m driving in to teach piano lessons, so I’ll spend my time tomorrow not only on pep-talk but also on strategizing this Saturday, Thanksgiving, and December stuff. We’re flying to California on the evening of 12/25 to spend time with my gathered family (20+ of us where I’m the cook) and then we’ll go to our daughter’s in Colorado (she’ll be 35 weeks by then so is sadly not allowed to fly to California) and we’ll get home 1/6, so that will be an extended challenge to enjoy life but not go overboard so that I gain. In other words, I have lots and lots and lots of planning and strategizing to do!

    @brightonbelle Well done on a well-behaved weekend!

    @funshipfreddie I like that Julia Child quote. It makes me think of my behavior yesterday: we had lovely foods between the appetizer and the dinner, but I only sampled small bits of each…well, except for the roasted butternut squash, which I ate with abandon, LOL. We even had a lovely bottle of wine planned for the meal, and I didn’t manage more than half a glass–that’s not at all my norm. If only that kind of moderation could be the usual for all of us, eh? (Although, keep in mind, it wasn’t self-control that prompted that but some sort of weird preference, LOL!)

    @facek Good to hear from you again, and well done on such a successful week last week and a good FD today!

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    Today is DH’s day off and today is the day we tackle the fallen leaves in the yard. We have five huge trees and a small lot, so that tells you how many leaves we rake every fall. But the weather is going to be decent (61/16) although the wind will be working against us at 13mph/21km/h. But it will be a nice time of working together with DH, which we do well and love, so I’m almost looking forward to it, LOL!

    So, have a grand one, everyone, whatever your day holds for you!

    Day 8 – FD 500

    @babs_b the canal atmosphere sounds so soothing! How lovely! The subtle smells of autumn always bring me a quiet happiness. Do you take your walks along the canal?

    @daffodil2010 How beautiful for your husband! My brother’s wife was adopted and she also sought out and has had a wonderful experience (and wrote a book about it) with her birth relatives. I love to hear it! One of my adopted brothers chose to reach out to his birth mother, unfortunately that did not go so well, so I am very aware that a good experience is not guaranteed in these cases, so it is wonderful how well it is going for your DH!

    @brightonbelle Great going on the weekend! It sounds like everything will fall into place for the week. And, yes, treats are sensible, imo because lifelong abstinence from treats is neither sustainable or enjoyable – IMO. My goal is to get to a maintenance plan (when I lose this extra stone of weight) that includes partaking of and enjoying treats sensibly. So, some type of fasting will probably be a lifetime course for me.

    @northgeorgia I’ve been considering making the month of December a maintenance month – to allow for the extra celebratory nature of the month and fine baked goods that accompany that month for me. My ‘scheduled’ 500 fast days are Monday’s and Wednesdays and the Calendar this year should make that doable in December without missing out. My exercise component has been a bit hit and miss in October and Nov (due to an illness and right now, pulled knotted shoulder/arm muscles) so I’m hoping to clear that up and keep regular workout regime in December. I’m at roughly 1/2 way to goal weight since I started in August, so a maintenance month might be a sensible decision and good learning experience.

    @stitchincarol I admire your talents so much! Piano and needlework are out of my ability range and I think both are so wonderful. As the song goes ‘If I had a million dollars 🎶’ … well, *I* would buy a player piano and loads of scrolls for it and sit with my morning coffee under a beautiful quilt and watch and listen to it play! 😀

    I’m hoping everyone is doing fantastic today, I awoke with my arm/shoulder feeling so much better than it has in a week and a happy but somewhat restless mood so I think I have to figure out something active to do today, I’m (unusually, lol) not in the mood for sloth.

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    2nd post

    @stitchincarol, I bet myself a nickel that your post would be up when I submitted my own. Have you noticed how you and I often post at exactly the same time?

    Anyway – updated pocket list

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    2nd Post – Day 8

    Pocket list for day 8 🪴

    second post

    @mariaelena I have indeed noticed that, and it makes me grin how often our posts overlap. And @funshipfreddie, great catch that you noticed @facek wasn’t on the pocket list!

    All this talk of fall pleasures, and the smell of wood fires reminds me of the final piano lesson I teach on Tuesdays at 7pm. It’s an adult, living on her own, and the first lesson, she was in normal clothes. The second, she was in gym clothes. The third, she had on her pajamas (!!!!!!) and had a wood fire going. I walked in and just about swooned from the wonderful aroma of that fire in the same room as the piano, and nearly blurted out, “If you promise to have a fire every single week, I’ll teach your lesson for free!!” 😂 Thankfully, I restrained myself…but, golly, it smelled glorious! I grew up with a fireplace and have only had one for a mere three years in the four houses DH and I have lived in our 32 years of marriage. You can bet a fireplace is high on my list for our retirement house in three years!

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