Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 27 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Breaking the fast this morning with almonds and a banana as I know it’ll be a stressful day. Have a pot of chili ready for after the burial today.

    Despite the plateau week, I think with the stress and Thanksgiving holiday, it’s been pretty successful. I hit my new low of 211 right before Thanksgiving, and I’m a pound lighter over last Saturday, too.

    Have a great weekend!

    Day 27 – 16:8

    Ate well within calorie amounts, tho not at all the best foods. Must have a big salad today and be better.

    Well wishes to all.

    Day 27 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD, aiming for 500

    I’m planning on leftovers for supper tonight; the two turkey sandwiches on rye I had yesterday were absolutely lovely, but the scale is reflecting all the carbs I’ve had, and I’m ready to see it go down again. I’m reluctant to give up on the turkey sandwiches already, so I’ll have another for lunch on Sunday (no brunch for once!), and then the loaf of rye will be gone. I tried hard to send home lots of leftovers with our friends, but still have lots remaining. Dealing with leftovers is always the toughest when no kids are still living at home, LOL!

    @songbirdme You make a good point. I guess the real issue is that I’m seldom a fan of symphonic music, preferring small ensemble music, choral music, and jazz…I adore jazz.

    @funshipfreddie I’m so sorry for the mess of Christmas plans. Did you have plans to go somewhere?

    @jaifaim I’m with you; I was thinking I should put away all my fall decorations yesterday so I could start on Christmas today…but my antique china is still sitting on the dining room table waiting to be put away, and that requires help from DH because some of it goes in boxes on the top shelf of a cupboard. So perhaps by noon today we’ll do that and then I’ll be ready for the next step! Good luck on finding your own motivation!

    @northgeorgia I hope you have a lovely and stress-free day today at the funeral for your great-uncle.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 28, UK, NFD

    @babs_b – happy anniversary for 26th!

    We had a great time – shopping & sushi lunch on 26th and then out to amazing fish restaurant last night.
    Six course tasting menu – incredible-tasting and succulent local Mackerel and halibut were two of the most notable courses.
    Local smoked trout to start with a wonderful aroma of autumn fires as they lifted the dome & smoke came swirling out!!!
    The “pre-pudding” was wonderful – a sort of sherbet dib-dab ice cream! If any Brits remember Sherbet Dib-Dabs?! 🇬🇧

    The lovely thing is about eating multiple courses of small amounts of absolutely delicious food is that you don’t get over-full.

    @funshipfreddie – oh my god omicron!!!
    Definitely does sound like some kind of tech gadget!!!
    Good luck – so sorry to hear about all your plans being scuppered 🥺

    I like y’all – though I also use You Guys, but less often than I used to!

    Gender Neutral language is a lot more difficult in French & Spanish however as they don’t have the gender-neutral “they” that we have in English. (Ils/elles; ellos/ellas; and so on…)

    @songbirdme – I had somehow missed that you live in Illinois !
    Sounds that you are a reasonable distance away from Chicago though, given that you stayed overnight there on a weekend break. Hope you had a great time!

    @EVERYONE / @at
    Where is @at? She’s normally a great cheerleader but she’s absent 😢

    @emma Taylor
    Probiotics AND prebiotics ought to help!

    Probiotics – go to a DECENT health food shop (not Holland & Barrett) and get advice, but the OPTIBAC range is good.

    PREBIOTICS – loads of veg, in particular parsnips and leeks should really help. Also artichokes, asparagus and onions

    Give up wheat & gluten for a while if you haven’t already.

    If you’re already doing this you can add:
    – Acacia fibre powder
    – Inulin powder

    Hope this helps!

    Second Post

    @emmataylor – have you thought of adapting RBS to RBSF?? Just a thought …. Ridiculously Big Stir Fry…! 😘

    Day 28 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @stitchincarol – fortunately I didn’t make any major plans. The 4th wave we’re approaching was predicted ages ago, so I didn’t think it was wise. I’ve got a week away planned for February so hopefully that will still happen. But lots of people do have plans. As well as Christmas, most people take their summer hols in December & many people in the leisure/travel industry have already been knocked every which way this year as it is.

    @high5 – Sherbet Dib-Dabs?! Loved them! 😋 Re gender neutral language – I’m surprised no-one has tried to ‘cancel’ or rewrite Romance languages yet, with all the woke/political correctness sweeping the globe?! Or maybe they have…🤔

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 28. OMAD RBS. London

    @high5 – thank you for your good advice. I’ll try anything!!! I’m going to get the Optibac supplement today. I’ve found the one I think will help. And I’ll have a go at a big fry up. Much appreciated.
    We are in Rome for Christmas. ( all being well….) Three weeks from mid November. Two friends are coming out for Christmas week, so I’m cooking hunters stew ( pollo alla cacciatori – sounds better in Italian..) for Christmas Day which should be good. I imagine we will be looking at some of the many churches in Rome. We’ve pinpointed 45 ancient churches for starters…

    Day 28 UK NFD

    I know it sounds pathetic but I’ve been struggling with the cold and the hour time difference since our return from Sicily on Tuesday- going to pull myself together and go for a FD tomorrow and try and get back to normal in preparation for December, @emma-taylor how fabulous!

    @funshipfreddie oh no when will this all end ? Stay safe

    See you on the lists tomorrow x

    Second post!

    @brightonbelle – did you have a good time in Sicily? Where did you go? We are struggling with the cold as well. I’m making myself a padded skirt, which I found on Folkwear ( traditional clothing patterns, if that’s your thang…). Not entirely sure how it’ll look, but hoping it’ll keep me warm. Room for a hot water bottle underneath it..

    Day 28 – 16:8

    Long talks and shared time with DH this weekend. Been lovely. Not eating the best, but will make this priority starting tomorrow. (Not eating horribly, but being somewhat indulgent).

    The cats always love having extra time with him on days off and weekends so they are happy too. The weather is quite cool, lovely walking weather.

    My hot flashes have shifted into overdrive, which is very uncomfortable and sometimes hilariously inconvenient. I make sure to dress in layers, but stripping them off to my sleeveless dress, then within minutes needing redress in the leggings and two sweaters and shawl is an irritant. Luckily, tho extreme temperature shifts accompanied me all day, I got a break during the night and had only a couple smaller night sweats.

    As for the cold- I have these usb charged hand warmer gadgets my brother gifted to me. They sit in my pockets and allow us to keep the house comfortable for DH and keep me warm enough in combo with layers. I recharge them every night before bedtime. Our drafty house generally feels coldest to me in autumn weather. I actually need less layers typically in the winter temperatures, maybe I just adjust.

    Enjoy your day!

    Day 28 – USA/GA – WFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. Made a delicious pot of chili for after the funeral yesterday. Not a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers, thankfully, but I did have a couple of slices of chocolate pie yesterday (tsk tsk).

    After today, my next and last FD for November will be on Tuesday, which should give me a nice number with which to start off December.

    Yes, the holiday created an averaged flat plateau for the week, but as stated earlier, I somehow still hit a new low the day before Thanksgiving, and both yesterday and today are record low weigh-ins for Saturday and Sunday, respectively. My “high range” weigh-ins are my former “low range” weigh-ins from the end of October. I’m going for the 200s in December! Because of my odd schedule, I’ll continue the 4:3 pattern for the next three weeks, and then revert to 5:2 during the last two holiday weeks of the year.

    Pocket list – day 28

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) MFD

    Need to make today at least a MFD – already have skipped breakfast, as I do most days.

    @high5 – yes, we live about 2 hours west of O’Hare, 2 1/2 hours west of downtown Chicago. Our weekend there is next Saturday/Sunday for “culture” of ballet and play with the Christmas theme. It will hopefully not be too cold that we could enjoy some of the downtown store windows. Macy’s always decorates so wonderfully.

    @mariaelena – hot flashes are just NO fun at all. Hope they won’t linger on too long and that your body can keep at a reasonable temp this winter.

    @stitchincarol – DH and I got to the Illinois game yesterday to see our ILLINI beat Northwestern for the “Land of Lincoln Trophy.” I love the Big 10 rivalry premiums like Nebraska/Iowa and their pig, the Old Oaken Bucket for Purdue/Indiana, and Paul Bunyan’s Axe for Wisconsin/Minnesota. It had been 6 years since Illinois won! Of course, I am old fashioned that I remember the Tomahawk that IL/NU used to do. I think it sad that old Native American traditions have been pushed out of fashion. My Chief Illiniwek is still in my heart. (We have a SIL who portrayed him back in the early 90’s.) I know… there are people who think I am wrong.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 29, FD, Aus

    Checking in. Happy Monday everyone, staring down the barrel at oncoming December…

    Day 28 – Ireland – NFD

    A quiet weekend turned into a super busy one… soooo tired now…

    Lots of catch-ups, activity and food but decent choices….
    A few FDs this week planned to finish the month…

    Hope all are well!

    Happy Monday @penz

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 29 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Much needed FD today, after an almost EFS weekend. Last one for November.

    We had our ‘family meeting’ with President Cyril last night. It’s starting to look like the whole Omicron drama may be a storm in at teacup. We’re staying at lockdown level 1, with no added restrictions. And I hear a couple of airlines will be resuming flights to & from South Africa this week?!

    Have a good week y’all!

    Pocket List – Day 29 🍇

    Day 29 UK FD

    Once more hitting that trusty reset button, being realistic with my 2021 goals and starting planning for next year💪

    Oh @funshipfreddie I really hope your right , I’m getting a horrible deja vu from last year when everything was starting to look better then wham! couple of days before Christmas another lockdown was announced I suppose at least we are used to it now 🤔

    @emma-taylor we just stayed in Catania, we managed a day out to Ortigia but actually there’s lots to see in Catania itself and it was lovely just having a bit of nice weather and a change of scenery and a lot of my favourite hobby – people watching – I’m sure Christmas in Rome will be magical

    Pocket List – Day 29 🍇

    Day 29 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Matches last week’s all time Monday low. Trend may be showing less wild swings and more stabilization at around 215 lbs. Or it could just be a post-Thanksgiving glut. I didn’t hydrate as much as I should have yesterday, so it may just be water, too. Meh. Weight. I should be back on track this week.

    As we wrap up November, I encourage everyone to stay positive through that really trying month of December. Enjoy your feast days, but also plan and be sensible on non-feast days! Think about where you’d like to be at mid-December, because we know the holiday period itself may exert heavy influences haha! Slight weight gain is temporary, if you just see it that way. See the big picture and don’t throw away an entire month because of a couple of days. You’re going to do great!

    By the way, who is hosting for December? 🙂

    Day 29 – UK – FD

    Good morning all – yes I’m still here, been filling in the spreadsheet daily but unfortunately not posting since Day 18

    I am ending the challenge with B2B FDs as the long weekend was a bit of an EFS one so if I can end the month at the same weight as I started it will be a win for me!

    @high5 – thanks for thinking of me 🤗

    I’ll be feeding my xmas cake today as it’s around 2 weeks since it was baked 🤞it will be OK – I’m not making a pudding but will buy a medium size 400gms one once I catch up with “Which” or “Good Housekeeping” recommendations and OH and I love the leftovers mixed with a softened good quality vanilla ice cream with some alcohol mixed then refrozen and saved for another day 😋

    No time to catch up with all the posts……has anyone volunteered to host December yet? If not I’m happy to put my hand up and set up the challenge…..who knows it might help keep me motivated and focused over this most challenging month 🤣🤣

    I’ll check in later for motivation on this much needed FD

    Pocket List – Day 29 🍇

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 29 – FD 500

    Present and accounted for 😀

    Pocket List – Day 29 🍇

    Day 29 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    It’s time to be honest with you all. The woman I’ve been over the last week is not the woman who has lost twelve pounds since August 1. I ate too much yesterday. I ate too much Saturday. And Friday. And Thursday–obviously, but still. And Wednesday was NOT the success I’d intended. And beer? That carb-loaded drink that I’d given up? Oh, it’s been my constant companion!

    So I decided it was time to go back to my August posts and read again what I said that worked so well to teach me to behave. There were three posts on each of the first three pages that were little “essays” of logic. I copied and pasted them into a Word document, then took the important phrases and edited them to be relevant to me now. Here it is:


    We none of us aspire to over-eating, to letting down our guard, to being indifferent to our goals. So why do we sometimes fall so abysmally short of reaching them? I believe it centers on our mindset. I believe that we all think we resolve to do well each day…but we’re actually stating a wish, not a true resolve. “Resolve: to firmly settle on a course of action.” There’s no “hoping” involved in “resolve.” For many months, I seldom actually resolved to eat correctly on any given day, I HOPED to eat correctly…and when I gave in to temptation, I was simply resigned because, in the back of my mind, I knew I’d merely been hoping and wasn’t truly resolved.

    A huge element of the success I’ve had over the last three months is that I became fed up with behavior that was out of control, and that I kept excusing with a weak, “I couldn’t help myself.” There is nothing else in my life that I fail to do if I decide to take it on, so what is this passive acceptance of ongoing failure to follow through on my part?

    That’s when I decided to be about weight loss–-and in particular, about eating mindfully and appropriately–-the responsible, disciplined woman I am with all my other projects. I’m strong and capable not because I only do easy things, but because I follow through on my commitments. So saying I’m going to do 5:2 the way it’s meant to be done, means I’m going to do just that. Period. When I make decisions, they’re generally not open to vacillation, and this decision is set in stone.


    So my decision for today is that I WILL do a true FD500. I’ll cook the bison that’s in the fridge, I’ll heat up the remaining roasted butternut squash from Thanksgiving, and if there’s a plain veggie in the fridge, I’ll steam it, and that is what I’ll eat. That is ALL I’ll eat. No more of this indulgent behavior that got me to this weight in the first place.


    @high5 Your anniversary dinner sounds amazing!

    @funshipfreddie I’m glad you personally are not having to cancel your plans, but sure am sad for all those who do have to cancel them. The new variant has been all over the news here in the states, but DS25 said yesterday he’s actually heard that those who get the Omicron variant don’t get very sick most of the time. Is that what you’re hearing about the cases around you? OH! Just read this morning’s post. Yup, DS25 tends to give us accurate news reports; so glad it’s not as awful as was first thought.

    @emmataylor Rome for Christmas? Glorious! And I have several Folkwear patterns!

    @brightonbelle As you struggle with the cold, don’t forget how helpful a mug of hot water is!

    @mariaelena I managed to escape the extreme hot flashes you describe, but came close enough to extreme that I have deep sympathy for you. They will eventually pass, thankfully!

    @northgeorgia I love reading your details, partly because I’m geeky about numbers, and partly because your details are about the wonderful success you’re experiencing now. Congratulations!

    @songbirdme How wonderful that you got to go to the game AND see it won! My Cornhuskers, on the hand, having started out so wonderfully (for the rest of this list, they were ahead by 15 points when we started the third quarter), it was so painful to watch them turn into a mediocre high school team and lose the game. If only we could learn to play well the ENTIRE game, LOL!

    @at Lovely to hear from you, and delightful tip on leftover Christmas pudding! I ended up gone most of yesterday, so didn’t make mine, but hoping to get the details sorted out so I can bake it today. The actually recipe I’m using is still up in the air, and I want a reasonably different taste than the Tropical Christmas Cake @i-hate-lettuce shared last year and I baked again in September this year, so that’s my challenge for today.

    @mariaelena I found the sing-along Messiah performance in Lincoln and it was yesterday, and was absolutely delightful, although far, far too short, LOL! The tenor who starts has an absolutely gorgeous voice, and all the rest of the soloists were very good with the exception of one who sounded far less polished and on-pitch than the others. And the organist is breathtakingly amazing, even if he did set tempos that are too fast in my not-so-humble opinion. 😂🤣😂

    Anyone want to listen along? Here’s the link:

    Pocket List – Day 29 🍇

    Okay, it’s time to tackle my to-do list. I WILL do a successful FD today, RESOLVE, RESOLVE, RESOLVE.


    @at Forgot to say, yes, it would be lovely to have you host December and no one else has volunteered, so you’re now it. Thank you!

    Day 29 – Ireland – FD

    Hi everyone!

    Just checking in to say hi…
    Another busy day today but with work not play today…
    Feeling good after the weekend although tired. Grateful for my health and strength.

    Have a great day all!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 29 🍇

    2nd post

    @stitchincarol As a comrade who also over indulged this past weekend, I found your thoughts very useful! So I thought I’d share mine.

    I need the self-kindnesses I allow myself – my husband made some delicious items I rarely get, and am particularly fond of. So I indulged. This is why I feel 5:2 works so well for me. I do not have to go without. Resolve does not have to be a 24/7/365 thing, and indeed, for me that would be unsustainable. But fast days, [be they my water fast, a 500 or an 800 (and 8 limit my 800 days to only the most healthy foods)] are my dedicated RESOLVE days. Extreme circumstances or rare celebratory days may intervene, but my resolve is to keep 2 fast days. Eating well the rest of the week is a healthy and happy thing for my body, but if I give into an indulgent time I am kind to myself but let myself know I will not let it effect my resolve on my two fast days.

    What I’m saying is being occasionally indulgent helps me have resolve on my fast days. I don’t have to completely go without, on fast days, I can tell myself ‘no, not today – it will still be here tomorrow.’

    Might not speak to everyone, but it gives me balance. So today I’m looking at the last piece of butterscotch pie in the fridge, and knowing it will be there for me to enjoy tomorrow. That makes me feel good about both my healthy fast day today and the delicious but less healthy choice I know I will make tomorrow. I’m not perfect, and 5:2 woe is my road to healthy success, a winding road for sure.

    Well, at least that is my mindset at the moment. LOL I can be mercurial which is why the shared thoughts, successes and struggles shared here give me support!

    Day 29 USA (Illinois) FD

    Managed a fairly good MFD yesterday and just back from Silver Sneakers. Excellent exercise – missed last Wednesday due to the heating man coming for the fall check-up then no classes on Friday. I did walk at least 2 miles on Saturday going to and from our football game, so that was something. But I do plan to make today a real FD.

    @at – glad you will be able to take on December. Thanks! I will be around all month and can assist you if needed. 🙂

    @stitchincarol – you sound like “True Confessions” personified! Whew … don’t run into self-flagellating! We are in this together indeed. Sorry your Cornhuskers disappoint. All of them do at times. We were especially glad for our two Michigan alum children jumping up and down for joy at beating Ohio State (finally! after years…) – funny how we get up and down with sports.

    @funshipfreddie – glad you’re not inconvenienced due to COVID Omicron. These virus variants are making me remember my Greek alphabet training from sorority days. This would be #15 variant. Wow.

    @mariaelena and @stitchincarol – I have sung in lots of “Do-It-Yourself Messiahs” in my days, even directed the choral numbers in both Christmas and Lenten programs. Now I am off to listen to your link to bring back memories.

    Onward and downward.

    Third post

    I’m struggling with my RESOLVE so am back for some mental energy. And I’m not struggling because I want something so badly, or even at all, but because nibbling and snacking and indulging have become a habit in these past seven days. I don’t much like the determination I’m required to use today, but at the same time, I’ve learned a lot in these seven days about what it takes to succeed at weight loss. It’s truly not so much discipline in what I DO but in what I THINK, and what attitude I hold front and center. Who knew??

    My challenge this week is our church’s annual Cookie and Candy Boutique this Saturday. Every woman of the congregation is asked to make 6 dozen of her fanciest/loveliest cookies. I seriously made 80 dozen the very first year we were here in 2006…I mean, seriously, bake all the fancy cookies that fascinate me and then get them out of the house so that I’m not tempted?? DUH! 😂😂 Each year, I’ve made fewer and fewer and this year am only planning on three double-batches, however many that will be. But there’s the problem, because I’m a cookie dough nibbler, and take nibbles without even thinking about it. Perhaps I should make my cookie dough wearing a mask so that I’m reminded to keep that dough out of my mouth!

    The rest of the month will have a few challenging days, but I count them as life (and truly am not indulging in self-flagellation, @songbirdme 🤣😂🤣) so am not worried about them; the real issue will be the 12 days we spend in California and then in Colorado. I need to have some experience with controlling my mind by then so that I don’t come home five pounds heavier in real pounds, and who knows how much higher in carb-bloating. So, even as I’m muttering “RESOLVE!” over and over, I’m thinking about what sort of guidance I’ll hold to on our trip. Challenging times, and certainly worth some indulging, but not abandoning decent behavior. @songbirdme You were a model of good behavior when you were in Utah earlier this year and came back without having gained; any tips you can give about what rules you set for yourself?

    Okay, I don’t want to continue on my to-do list, but I truly must, and that’s the kind of woman I want to be–one who actually finishes the goals she sets for herself–so that’s what I’m off to do!

    @stitchincarol – yes, the mask during cookie making is a terrific idea! I don’t envy you one bit doing all that work, though, without wanting any, dough or baked!

    I can’t honestly come up with great hints of how to handle time away without gaining. One thing I noticed, if I was out for dinner or with family, I was more likely to indulge myself. But then times when I could, I really did fast or OMAD to offset. Hope that plan helps?!

    FOURTH post, LOL!

    Quick question. I missed the traditional day for making Christmas pudding, and am wondering just how long it truly needs to age. If I don’t make it until this coming weekend, will it still be fine on December 27, or does it truly need that extra week??

    (I LOVE having a bunch of Brits and others experienced with Christmas puddings who actually simply know such answers! 🥰)

    Oh, and, good morning, @penz!

    @stitchincarol – really enjoyed hearing the Lincoln “Messiah” and agree with you about the opening tenor soloist. Every one of the solo portions has variations that are acceptable ornaments, and your troupe did some different and unusual ones. Some difficult too! That “Rejoice” soprano solo is a killer – did it IN MY YOUTH and even then, it was hard. I so admire you organists who can play with hands and feet both! Yes, his tempos were plenty “presto” enough!

    Day 30, NFD, Aus

    Last day of the month!??

    @stitchincarol: you made 80 dozen cookies! 930 of them?? Wow! I am in awe. I was in awe of your planning prowess and organisation ability for Thanksgiving, and even more in awe now at the sheer scale of your baking output. Good thing I’m typing this because I think I’m actually speechless! [I don’t want to encourage you – so before you keep reading – PUT ON THAT MASK – but I wouldn’t blame you at all for a little cookie dough nibbling!!)

    Thanks @at!!

    Day 30 – UK – B2B FD

    Really pleased to have managed a FD500 yesterday, first one for a while as most of my FDs recently have been FD800!!!
    Aiming for another FD today but this one will most likely end up being a FD800 – we will see what the day brings!!!

    I have set up the December Challenge and posted it so ready for all to join for this most challenging of months 💪

    @stitchincarol – I’m amazed at your baking prowess…..I thought 6 dozen cookies was a bit of a cooking marathon then you mentioned doing 80 dozen!!!!!! I’d definitely wear that mask to avoid any incidental nibbling 🤣

    Gave my Christmas cake a good feed of some rum last night and wrapped it up tight once more until Christmas week when it will be cut into for that first slice, usually with a cup of tea once home from a cold winter’s hike on the fells…..somewhat of a tradition with OH and I

    The plumber arrived as promised at 0830 – he’s here to replace the mixer tap in the kitchen that seems to have developed a very annoying leak – Making good use of the time by logging on here whilst he’s at work in the kitchen!

    OH escaped the house early to go for a longer fell run, now that the weather has warmed up and the snow has disappeared already but it’s drizzly and grey out there – not inviting for me but he doesn’t seem to mind the weather as he has all his waterproof running gear 🏃‍♂️

    Pocket list Day 30 – anyone joining?

    “Weight Loss is like driving: If you ever veer off the road, just make a U-turn and head back in the right direction”

    Day 30 – UK – CD

    @stitchincarol – I’ve made my Christmas pud anywhere from the beginning of November to the 2nd week in December before and there really isn’t too much of a difference. Of course this could be down to the recipe, but every one has tasted great. (I use this recipe which has never let me down. Sometimes I swap the glacé cherries for dried cranberries, though this year I’ve done a mix of both: ).

    In fact, I made mine the Sunday before last (‘stir up Sunday’) and have made an extra one this year to give as a gift. I steamed that one in a plastic basin whereas I used my trusty stoneware basin for our one. I must admit, the one I’ve made as a gift doesn’t look as a good as our one and I’ve been considering making another this weekend in a proper ceramic basin. I deliberately used plastic because I thought it’d be easier to gift but I’m not so sure that was a good idea now!

    I am with you on struggling with my resolve – this has been a common theme for too long now and I’m at the point where I’m so annoyed with myself. Yesterday was going so well: home made spiced pumpkin soup for lunch with a very small slice of sourdough. Then I felt horrid by late afternoon (not related to food / eating) and ended up having to rest up in bed all of yesterday evening and then started snacking on lots of sweet stuff while I was there. I’ve woken up feeling pretty nauseous as a result, so going to be gentle today, eat good nourishing things and start again!

    Tomorrow is a new month and I’m ready for the fresh start effect to kick in!

    @at – I definitely taking today’s quote with me today. A huge handbrake turn is happening this end!! 🙂

    Day 30 – USA/GA – WFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. A two lb gain over last week, but have to be kind the week after the holidays. I am rethinking my 4:3 strategy as I enter December. I find it works for a short spurt, and it’s sooo easy to adopt it. However, I think it just subconsciously makes me think I’m hungrier than normal (especially if you mention, “I’m hungry” to people, you know you have a problem), which might be making me make slightly worse choices on NFDs. What I really enjoyed was a mid-day OMAD on certain NFDs, but unless I’m super busy in the evening, I’m not sure how successful that will be for me. I may need to be kinder to myself during December and return to 5:2 for most of the month.

    Pocket list – day 30

    Day 30 – Ireland – CD

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you @northgeorgia for hosting November and @at for offering to host next month!

    I am well here… I have 2lbs to go to reach my target 160lbs so doubt I’ll be there by tomorrow when I weigh…but am in my comfortable range so am grateful for that… I’ve been bobbing a bit recently.. but I think I’m in the zone and hopefully by Christmas I’ll be in a good place to deal with that inevitable excess 👍🎄👍

    Have a good day everyone..

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 30 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Successfully maintained this month. Starting weight 71.3 kgs, end of Nov. 70.6 kgs.

    @stitchincarol – re Omnicron, yes, that’s what we’re being told here too. People aren’t displaying serious symptoms & they quickly recover. But we’re still weeks away from getting any concrete answers.

    @songbirdme – I read that Omnicron was actually supposed to be named ‘Xi’, but the WHO didn’t want to offend the Chinese president Xi Jinping! 😅

    @northgeorgia – thanks so much for hosting 🤝

    See y’all in December

    Day 30 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Turns out what I was planning to eat yesterday was way more calories than 500. When did I get so bad at mentally counting calories? But it all needed eating so that nothing went to waste, so I ate probably 1200 calories–which was still less than I’ve been eating over the last week. I had to chomp through several pieces of gum to persuade myself I was done eating, but I managed, so I’m calling it good despite the unplanned number of calories.

    Yesterday was as gorgeous a day as it could have been. The temp was about 70, and Thursday is supposed to be 73/23!!! If it actually gets above 67 (I think) that will be the warmest December 2 since the 1880s! We cleaned up leaves yesterday, and put up outside lights, and DH was wearing shorts and a t-shirt; THAT’S how lovely it was. When winter weather actually starts, it will be a serious shock to all our systems!

    @songbirdme I was startled to read that you actually fasted while gone. I’ll have to think through if I can pull that off while with family. Perhaps. Glad you enjoyed the sing-along Messiah performance; pretty impressive sound for a choir that simply “showed up,” eh? There are an amazing number of people who actually know the choruses.

    @penz I did, and my family thought I was nuts. All three kids were still at home then, and they thought I was even more nuts when I insisted only the ugly cookies could stay home…and not many were ugly! 😂😂 Here’s my tip for anyone who wants to bake loads of cookies: choose the kind that get rolled into balls. Get those balls made a week or more ahead of time and FREEZE them. Then it’s simply a matter of pulling them all out of the freezer, letting them sit on the counter until thawed, and then baking them. It takes me about an hour to mix up and scoop out a double batch of cookies, so if I have five double batches I’m doing, you can see how that would save a boatload of time on baking day(s). But I do NOT bake that many anymore, lol.

    @at What’s a mixer tap? Never heard that term related to a faucet. And you’ve had snow already? Wow. And we’ve had unseasonably warm weather. Bit of a contrast!

    @babs_b Thanks for the details and the recipe also! As an American, I know about Christmas Puddings only from what I read, and you seem to be saying you made yours on 11/21, right? And just yesterday I read that it’s traditionally made on the Sunday BEFORE Advent, which would indeed be 11/21. But I’ve also read that it’s called Stir-up Sunday not because everyone stirs, but because the Collect of the Day (the prayer right before the readings) begins, “Stir up our hearts, O Lord…” I’d actually never absorbed that the Collects for Advent begin that way, but as soon as I read that, I remembered hearing that every year of my life, LOL. So, when this year would the tradition be to have made it: 11/21 (the Sunday BEFORE Advent) or 11/28 (the first Sunday OF Advent)?? I have my Tropical Christmas Cake made, and, like @at, I’ve been giving it a regular tipple, but I’m struggling to get the Christmas Pudding made, partly because I really want to use suet, and that’s simply not found in grocery stores in the states. We’ll see what I pull off.

    Have a grand one, everyone! Thanks, @northgeorgia, for hosting Nice November; you did a terrific job. I’m still trying to figure out how it turned into the last day of the month already!!!

    Pocket list – day 30

    Day 30 – 2nd post

    @stitchincarol – This year it was ‘tradition’ to make the puddings on 21st, the Sunday before advent. I always thought it was ‘stir up’ because of stirring the mix together but the religious explanation makes a lot of sense! It doesn’t tend to make too much of a difference for the outcome of the pudding. I didn’t realise suet was hard to come by in the US! It’s not really as much of a staple over here in the UK anymore either but you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it in a baking aisle of a supermarket. The brand ‘Atora’ probably holds 99.9% of the market lol!

    If you are struggling to find suet, you might be ok with freezing a block of butter and grating it into the mix with a cheese grater. That’s what I do with mine instead of using suet – that’s all part of that particular recipe. Ironically, I almost always have a box of Suet in the cupboard too.

    @northgeorgia – I posted this morning thinking we still had another day of November to go! D’oh! I echo @stitchincarol‘s comments; thank you so much for hosting this month. Seeing your progress this month has been incredibly motivating!!

    Day 30 – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD successfully completed, tho it was probably closer to 600 than 500.

    My vaccination booster is scheduled for this afternoon, and I was pretty flu-like sick after my second shot so I’m nervous. Very glad the booster is available for me, understand, but nervous about my reaction. I’ve prepared a bed tray with Tylenol and water, extra covers, a knit cap and heating pads at bedside. Let’s hope the preparations will be unnecessary.

    (I thought it was called omicron because they decided to use Greek Alphabet letters to name the mutations for clarity? Ah, I just looked it up, they skipped Nu and Xi and went from Mu to Omicron – the official reason is Nu sounds like the English NEW and they were worried it would sound like a “new” virus. And they skipped “Xi” because that is a very common surname.)

    Because I’m uncertain what shape I’ll be in tomorrow post booster, I did my end of month weigh-in this morning 153 lb. that makes me quite happy. That leaves me 10lb to lose until I am officially a healthy BMI. These last ten will (if experience is still a guide) make the most significant change to my clothing sizes.

    @stitchincarol that is a lot of cookies!! I believe mother made a similar amount, but she baked cookies for the entire month between thanksgiving and the end of December and every day we would return home to the delightful smells of freshly baked cookies. And the delightful sounds of whatever FM classical music station was in the area. I make her homemade fudge and sugar cookies for the holidays as well as a rosemary shortbread. But she went all out and we had piles of pretty winter scene tins filled with any and all sorts of cookies. She did the fruitcake (the closest thing to christmas pudding I’ve tried) each year but she started in July and would ‘hooch’ it (her term) every couple of weeks.

    Football season has never engaged me, tho when I was a Chicagoan I followed professional sports with my father. He still is passionate about football and golf, but I was always more engaged by baseball and basketball. A great childhood regret is getting very sick and missing the Harlem Globetrotter’s game for which we had tickets. I do try to follow sports news to discuss with my father, but otherwise am pretty removed from the scene. I guess living in other countries with different (and confusing to me) sports is part of the reason I drifted away.

    As my DH is not engaged by sports either, we just never watch. Besides saving $$ that was the primary reason we cut out cable – we were paying for (lots of) sports channels we never watched unless a guest would ask. My siblings, however, represent alums of many big 10 schools (U of M, Northwestern, U of I) and there is lively good natured rivalry on our text chats. One of my brother’s and I are U of Illinois alums and welcome the change away from the former mascot for the Illinois teams.

    @jaifaim 2lb to go! You are doing fantastically! The talk of sports reminded me of the hurling match I attended when I lived in Ireland. My usual confusion was mitigated with my awe at the skill displayed balancing the ball on that stick! I never asked where in Ireland you live? I spent time at summer school at Gormanston College and lived for a time with a family in Athlone. The exquisite manicured lawns and grounds and the beautiful castle at Gormanston were the birth of my love of photography. Your country has a special beauty and place in my heart.

    I have to stop procrastinating if I’m to get my exercise in before I head out for my booster.

    Well wishes and support to today’s fasters!

    Second post

    I had to look up Suet – it is available on my local grocery stores apps, but only as bird feed.

    There were alternatives suggested for cooking recipes that called for suet – a common one was:

    “If you can’t find suet then we have found that grated vegetable shortening (such as Trex, Crisco or Copha) is a good substitute. To grate the shortening firstly freeze a stick or block of it until firm but not solid (this usually takes about 30 minutes).“

    I’m intrigued

    Day 30 North Canton OH FD

    I am sorry I have been MIA. I was off work last week and stayed away from my laptop just to destress. I also ate (for me)too many sweets on the day after thanksgiving and it made me feel very ill. I could not face food after that, so I have been sipping on bone-broth and kombucha to nurse my gut back to health.

    Thank you so much @northgeorgia for shepherding us through November, I can’t believe that it has come and gone! and congratulations on your ever decreasing numbers.

    Congrats @jaifam for being 2 pounds away from goal

    @stitchincarol I read your resolve paragraph and I quite agree with you you have got this. The last 2 months of the year revolve so heavily around food and family traditions which can make it fairly difficult to stick with established routine, and that is why it is so helpful to have a plan to navigate all the minefields.

    I have never made pudding or fruit cake and truthfully I am not much of a baker. I can follow a recipe but I prefer not to and I could not wrap my head around baking that many cookies!! even a dozen is a heavy lift for me. Thankfully I birthed a daughter who likes to bake and married a certified baker – so I am truly blessed

    Thanks AT for taking the reins for December. I will see you all over there; Lord Willing.

    Pocket list – day 30

    Day 30 USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went well at about 250 calories (baked tilapia with garlic & lemon, broccoli and salad). This WOL is the way to live.

    Just home from town and my Moderna booster jab (hard to believe it’s been 6 months since my 2nd shot). Hopefully today will just go easily. Have one more quick errand to put on the snow tires. Planning ahead.

    @northgeorgia – thank you so much for your great work this month! And congrats on your wonderful loss.

    @mariaelena — hope your booster goes smoothly. So far (1 hour post jab) I am starting to get a little headache. Hope that is all that happens.

    @at – looking forward to December. Going over there shortly.

    Onward and downward.

    2nd post

    Logging on here to strengthen my RESOLVE to keep to the FD I had planned – looking like a FD800 but I’ll take that ☺️ after yesterday’s FD500!

    @babs_b – glad that the quote resonated with you 🤗 I’m with you with a fresh start tomorrow aiming for some control 🤞
    @jaifaim – only 2lbs from target! 👍
    @stitchincarol – Kitchen mixer taps combine hot and cold water, providing the required water temperature to perfectly suit your needs. Amazing how easy it is to underestimate calories 😱 I regularly go back to using MFP to help keep me on track….
    @basyjames – I too was MIA for a lot of November – I have volunteered to host December with the idea of regaining control 😉 See you in that challenge!

    Thank you @northgeorgia for looking after us through November 🥇 I can’t believe that we are about to start the last challenge for 2022!!!! Many congratulations on your ever decreasing numbers and wishing you a good December – Remember that TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Thank you for being a very inspirational host @northgeorgia👏

    November has been a bit up and down for me , but weight wise even or maybe even a lb down ,trying to get my act together for December, see you tomorrow

    Day 30. OMAD London

    Thanks to @northgeorgia for hosting November. Looking forward to a good December. It’s very hard to do ELAB when everybody is socialising. Lots of critical comments coming my way, from people who clearly know nothing about fasting. Ho hum.

    Please count me in for December. Not sure if I can sign up yet.

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