Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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  • Welcome to Nice November!

    We all know how tough this month can be, leading into the holidays, but we can strategize ahead of time and make lots of progress before the end of the year! You may recall that @coda started this series of monthly challenges way back in May 2016 and so many of us have had amazing support to start and continue on our 5:2 journey.

    So, here’s how this works (same as it has always been):

    1. Start your daily post with the day of the month, where you are from, and if you’re on a fast day (FD); a non-fast day (NFD) or a controlled day (CD) (e.g. for 1st of December it would go something like “Day 1 – UK – FD”).

    2. Give a quick intro about yourself in the very first post – mostly for the benefit of the newbies. A brief blurb about your journey so far and what you aim get from this way of life (WOL). Also if you wish, your starting weight and any other measurements (waist, hip, bust etc) you aim to keep track of throughout the month. You can record this on the spread sheet or if you are unable to I’m happy to fill it in for you!

    3. You can add any comments/questions/moans/whinges/triumphs… or anything you feel like you want to share with the rest of the forum. We all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon and days when we hang in there for dear life………so if you want to share it – post it.

    Recipes, tips, tricks and questions can also be shared – most of us are logged on at one time or another and can clarify things, offer advise, support etc when needed – this is the great thing about this international forum, there’s always someone online!!!!

    Over the course of these monthly challenges, there have been small groups doing their own mini-challenges – called ‘pocket fasters’ or ‘pocketeers’ – they set a target and support each other through it. Anyone can join one of these groups or start a mini pocket fast – it’s entirely optional and flexible.

    5:2 basics – answers to many FAQs plus top tips:

    ABBREVIATION LIST – useful for those new to the challenges

    Common abbreviations used throughout this challenge and added to on an ongoing basis:
    16:8 – 16 hours fast 8 hours non fast
    5:2 – 5 days NFD:2 days IF
    ADF – Alternate Day Fasting (FD – NFD – FD – etc. etc. etc.…….)
    B2B – Back to Back (consecutive FDs)
    BMR – Basal metabolic Rate
    CFD – Controlled Fast Day (a FD below your goal weight TDEE, whatever that is!!!)
    DH,DD, DS – Darling Husband Daughter, Son
    DTF – Dry ‘Til Fri (for those limiting the booze to weekend only ………….. & aiming for sainthood!!!!)
    EE – Emotional Eating (reflex grazing out of a need for instant comfort instead of satisfying hunger)
    EFS – Epic Face Stuffing (we’ve all had one of those days……………. Definitely due to a faulty OFF button!)
    FD – Fast Day (500 cals)
    HUNGER DRAGON – that dreadful psychological beast that sometimes cannot be satisfied. Some people even name theirs (e.g. @i-hate-lettuce has an inner warthog!)
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    Keto – way of eating that generates Ketones
    K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid!!!………………or Sexy!!!
    LC – Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF – Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    LFD – Liquid Fast Day (incl. tea, coffee, miso, bone broth & water)
    LOL – Laughing Out Loud
    M/WOAM – Man/Woman on a Mission (courtesy of @i-hate-lettuce)
    MFD – Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    NFD – Non Fast Day
    OH – Other Half (eg spouse/partner)
    OMAD – One Meal A Day
    PFDS – Post FD Smugness (courtesy of @penz)
    TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure (see the ‘how it works’ link on the home page to work out yours)
    TRE – Time Restricted Eating
    WFD – Water Fast Day (Water only)
    WFH – Working From Home ……………….. Covid-19 enforced!!!
    WOL – Way of Life
    WOCA – Women Of a Certain Age
    ZBC – Zero Breakfast Club

    I’m definitely in for November @northgeorgia – thanks for stepping up and taking over the hosting baton from @high5 🤗

    Here is the link for the November spreadsheet for those who want to use it – hopefully I have given access to all to input as they wish

    I’m also in for November; thanks, @northgeorgia, for hosting!

    I’m coming back to the waggon for the November challenge. Thank you @northgeorgia for hosting

    Day -1 Melb Aust

    I’m definitely in for this month @northgeorgia and thanks for being our host for the month. Maybe I can double my 1.4 kg loss from October!? 🙂

    Thank you @northgeorgia for hosting !! 😍

    Please count me in!

    Welcome back! How are you feeling? Are you over your long Covid yet?

    3 x FDs planned for me this coming week – I need to lose final 3.6 pounds before holiday season 🤞🤞🤞🤞

    INTRODUCE YOURSELF! Follow my lead below 🙂

    Day 0 – USA/GA – I’m in for November! (I better be, I’m the host!!)

    I am a 47 y/o male in northeast Georgia in the US, and have lost 63 lbs since January 2020. My goal is to lose an additional 62 lbs to get to a mid-range healthy weight (although truthfully, if I get to the high end of “healthy”, I’ll be thrilled). I am also hoping to no longer be categorized as “obese” before the end of winter next March. This month, encouraged by my “moving off the plateau” over the past few months, my month’s target will drop reasonably to 213 lbs. I plan to do this, and hopefully surpass this goal, by sticking to a basic 5:2 WOL with a few occasional 4:3’s, converting most if not all of those FDs from 500 kCal to WFDs, exhibiting mindful eating on most NFDs, AND by considering the factors mentioned by Jason Fung in his book “The Obesity Code.”

    Tell me more about you and your goals!

    Day 0 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @northgeorgia – thank you for hosting ‘Nice November’!

    About me:- David, 59. Originally from Manchester in the UK, living in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, on the east coast of South Africa. I started fasting in 2014 after seeing Michael Mosley’s ‘Eat, Fast & Live Longer’ documentary & reading his ‘Fast Diet’ book. I follow TRE, seldom eating before noon. I do mostly 5:2, I don’t eat before 6 pm on fast days & I’m currently maintaining at around 71 kgs/BMI 22.

    Day 1, FD, Aus

    Isn’t a FD the best way to start off a new month?! Thanks for hosting @northgeorgia – you are certainly an inspiration to all.

    Day 1 U.K. FD

    About me first of all briefly

    Female, aged 51 living in the UK.
    Anglaise/Irelandaise 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇪

    Been fasting since my mid 40s but only found the forum in last 3-4 years. Used to be known as FiveTwoFan5252 😊

    Health fanatic that likes chocolAte too much!

    Tend to put on (the same) half a stone when on holiday / not paying attention etc! Also a passionate cook.

    Noticed a big slowdown in metabolism in last few years due to being a WOCA.
    However, Current BMI is 20.4, so IF definitely works!

    This month’s goal is to lose 3.6 pounds (my goal/maintenance weight) ahead of Christmas frolics!

    Day 1 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Yet another public holiday here today; municipal, ie local elections. The less said about that the better. Got plenty to do to keep myself busy and NOT think about food 😅

    Wishing RESOLVE to today’s fasters 💪

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍏

    Day 1 – UK – FD

    Good morning from a still rather damp Lake District ☔️ but sunshine is heading our way towards the middle of this week apparently 🤞

    Unfortunately I did not manage my FD yesterday 😢 but such is life – Weight this morning is 58kg, right at the top of my maintenance range!!! But today is a new day and the start of the Nice November Challenge so ready for a fresh start!

    41st Wedding Anniversary for DH and I today but as we are not celebrating until the weekend I have decided to start the challenge with a FD as I agree with @penz “Isn’t a FD the best way to start off a new month?!”

    About me: I am a 63y.o. female living with my DH in the beautiful Lake District ⛰ since we both retired, we have a married daughter who has 4 fur babies – 3 black 🐈‍⬛ and an adorable beagle called Archie.

    I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 as I had gained weight during my last couple of years at work and was fed up with being overweight and wanted to enjoy my early retirement and get fitter!
    I discovered and decided to join the challenge in November 2016 as I had plateaued for around 3 months and managed to reach maintenance in early December 2016 – Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs. Height = 165cm

    After a few years of staying in maintenance effortlessly, I have had a few wobbles during this past year but with this WOL and by sticking to the monthly challenges I have so far managed to stop any permanent unwanted upward trend getting out of control – Maintenance now takes some effort but it is so worth it!!!

    My personal motto since reaching maintenance has been “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now” and it has stood me in good stead as a motivator

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍏

    Day 1 – USA/GA – FD

    Weekend bloat results in a weigh-in of 222.0 lbs. I suspect this will be my “highpoint” for the month. Out of curiosity, I went back through January to calculate my “highpoint” and “lowpoint” for each month. For the months of my plateau or a slight increase, I averaged a five pound range. For the months with greater weight loss, I averaged up to eight pounds. Last month was an eight pound range month. So, my goal of 213 is reasonable, if I stay on track and mitigate the Thanksgiving holiday!

    Hoping to make today a WFD! Good luck to all.

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍏

    Day 1 UK FD

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍏

    Good Morning all, thank you @northgeorgia for guiding us this month

    A little about me – 60 yo ( argh that’s the first time I’ve not be able to get away with late 50s) F living on the south coast of England

    Repeat offender- I’ve been putting on and losing the same 20lbs most of my adult life I’m currently mid way – about 10lbs over where I’d like to be – was very close to my goal in May and gone a bit crazy since then , but I’ve had birthdays weddings etc which haven’t helped but I’m aware the truth is I’m eating/drinking too much so big reset for me this month , Christmas is looming and I want this extra baggage gone !

    Onwards and Downwards – looking forward to our challenge 💪

    Day 1 – UK – TDEE

    Hi all. Thanks again to @northgeorgia for hosting this month and thank you to @high5 for hosting us through October.

    A little intro: I’m mid 30s F, from just outside London in the UK. I successfully lost weight with the 5:2 back in 2016 when over a stone went within a couple of months of starting this WOE. Sadly I let it slip very quickly and it piled back on with nearly another stone on top and since 2018 I’ve been at my highest ever weight. It was so smooth the first time but things haven’t been so plain sailing this time around when I seem to lose and gain the same few lbs, always hovering dangerously close to the next stone bracket and then shooting back up again.

    I know a lot of it is mindset, but I feel like I’m making some progress in that department thanks to checking in on these challenges.

    I started October with gusto but a week away followed by the rapid decline and loss of my one & only fur baby (substitute child, some might say) on Friday just gone took all focus away. The grief has taken quite a bit of my appetite away, though when I have wanted / needed to eat the only thing I’ve fancied is beige food.

    I’m not doing a FD today because I’m still trying to reset my eating patterns a bit this end from 2-3 weeks of being rather scrambled. However. I’m back in the office today for the first time in 10 days and getting back into my usual routine so hopefully will be back on track with a FD later this week.

    One day at a time!

    Have a great day all x

    Day 1 – Australia – NFD

    Also benefited from 5:2 in 2016 and got as close as ever to my healthiest size and shape. Have managed it again a few times since then but never for long enough to feel the mental and physical benefits I did in 2016.
    A sporting injury in May has left me unable to exercise anywhere near the level I enjoy however, I am now two weeks post surgery and need to be patient but am hopeful I can start activities around Christmas and strengthen from there. In the mean time the only way to move the weight is to reduce my intake.

    Day 1 — FD800

    I’m a late 50’s woman who successfully got her weight into the healthy range via 5:2 and exercise in the late aughts but life happened. I restarted 5:2 combined with some water fasts and a lot of 16:8 on NFD. Lifelong ZBC b/c I just have no appetite or hunger in the mornings. I am losing slowly but steadily. I’m about a stone above healthy weight, my current
    goal weight is about 20 lb away at the high end of healthy weight. I’ll reassess when I accomplish it.

    I weigh myself once or twice a month as a way to keep myself honest, but not obsessed. I ended October at 159.2 which is about 1.5 lb more than my October goal so YAY! But October included about 8 water fast days, so my weight loss is quite a slow long road.

    My November goals are to shed 5 more pounds, and be more consistent in exercise as October was a bit hit or miss in the exercise department. My plan is to start November strong, but shake up the norm and do 4 or 5 FD 800’s in a row this week. My body seems to quickly adapt to my weight loss strategies so I do like to mix them up.

    Added sugar and processed carbs are almost entirely out of my diet since August, but I know I will allow myself to indulge in the December holiday season so I’m trying to plan for that.

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s summaries!

    Talk of the ridiculously big salad is on point for me. My FD 500/800 are often built around a huge Greek salad, homemade dressing, romaine lettuce and baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red onion, feta cheese and almond slices and walnut pieces. Well balanced macronutrients and I think in line with the Mediterranean Diet. It hits several of my cravings (protein, I always crave protein, and a spicy/savory taste) and leaves me full enough to stop eating.

    And @babs_b I am so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourselves.

    Was a crazy weekend, got MIL moved out, had a whopper of a migraine afterwards and on the heels of the power loss, little good food to eat left in the house. So my intention of a strong November start is important!

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍏

    2nd post

    I forgot: Thanks to @northgeorgia for being host!

    And hello to the folks with whom I’m not yet acquainted: @facek, @betseylee, @michelleinme – I look forward to getting to know you!

    I am Carol, 62 yo, married, and maintained 132 for many years. Two huge moves and a dramatic change of life (DH became a pastor), and my weight shot up, landing at 165 twice. I lost 28 lbs with 5:2 in 2015, but quit paying attention after the new year, and it all crept back on over the ensuing years. This time, I started 5:2 again in February 2020 and found it was a lovely focus during those bleak lockdown months. I’m not making fast progress, but I love that when I’m not actively losing, I’m not gaining. This year I’ve stumbled onto water fasts and love them for how lovely I feel when absolutely empty. And I’ve just recently discovered and the RBS–ridiculously big salad, which is a HFLC approach to losing weight combined with IF. With that, I am making steady downward progress. My goal used to be to return to 132, but since I’m now 2″ shorter (I’m now 5’2″) I’m thinking a better goal will be 125. I figure I’ll know when I get there.

    Day 1 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    I lasted with complete obedience to my plan until about 4:30, and then lost the plot, LOL. But after something like ten days of model behavior, I am okay with my one-day slip…and it sure all tasted yummy!!! The number on the scales this morning was 142.4, so it wasn’t even awful. Today is a plain ol’ FD (hamburger patty and steamed broccoli) and then the WF/Ridiculously Big Salad routine starts again tomorrow.

    @high5 Wowza, BMI of 20.4?????? VERY impressive!!!

    @at Happy anniversary! Wow…41 years makes you sound old, but as I know you and I are the same age, I know for a certainty that is NOT true! 😂🤣😂 Congratulations on another lovely milestone!

    @michelinme So good to have you back, and I look forward to hearing how you’re doing.

    Welcome, @facek I’m sure I speak for us all when I say we’re glad you’re here and look forward to getting to know you. This is a friendly group, and we chatter about many things other than 5:2, which makes sense when you consider that weight loss doesn’t take place in a vacuum but in the middle of LIFE. May you have wonderful success and treasure your connection to this group.

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍏

    Day 1 USA – NFD

    @northgeorgia – thank you so much for continuing the tradition that @coda began in May 2016. And I am one of the ones who began 5:2 right before that then joined the challenges. I’ve been able to continue since then. YEAH for this group of terrific fasters who have been ever so supportive!

    I am Gwynne, 73 y.o. Retired school music teacher, and I still do some community, church, and private music. When I began my journey I was pushing 200 pounds (@90 kg) and gaining. I had done South Beach Diet in the late 90’s but it didn’t seem to be working. I read the Dr.’s book and saw it was a sound and reasoned approach to eating. I lost about 40 pounds in 10 months and have been able to maintain with this forum support. My BMI is right at 25, but the added ‘fat’ is fine to smooth out wrinkles. I am fortunate to not take any medicines at my age, the envy of my doctor and his staff. I take my vitamins, do controlled eating ZBC most days. For a while I did 6:1 in maintenance, but this is working now.

    DH and I have been traveling this weekend, but we will be home tomorrow back to northern Illinois, and hopefully my scale won’t show too much damage. Retirement is nice that way, we are fairly free to do as we wish. Yeah!

    I look forward to getting to know the newbies here (this is an amazingly friendly group) and keeping up with our stalwarts.

    Onward and downward.

    Day North canton OH FD

    Thank you for hosting @northgeorgia. I was MIA in October due to travel, family and work obligations. Everything was such a flurry but the storm finally settled in the last week of October and I decide to get back into my routine and posting in November; so here I am.

    A little about me: 46 year old female, two kids (19 &17)and one hubby. I work from home now full time which has taken some adjusting; activity wise. Working from home is a blessing, however it means I have to be intentional about being active. I exercise every day and I recently added yoga to my strength training routine. Fasting has been a blessed for wellness.

    I missed everyone and I am glad to be back, now I need to settle in and get caught with what you all have been up to 😀😅

    second post!

    Oops can’t forget the pocket list

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍏

    Day 1 – US – FD

    Hi all – I’m new! I had a lot of success with this program when I turned 40. I lost about 15 lbs over the course of a year from a starting weight of 142 lbs and felt great. Now I am 2 years from turning 50 and weight has slowly creeped up and then some to 148. Hoping to get back into the 130s at least. I’ve tried literally everything and the scale doesn’t budge so I’m hoping this does the trick, along with being more consistent with exercise.

    My typical routine is to fast M/W. On a FD, I don’t eat all day and then just stick to a dinner of less than 400 calories. Tonight we’re having black cod with a bit of sticky rice and a cucumber salad. I always get through the fast day just fine once I start it. The most difficult for me is working – I have a fairly demanding job and sometimes it’s hard to focus when I’m hungry all day. So, it becomes easy to justify dropping my fast days during particularly busy weeks. My solution this time is to try to load up on meetings on M/W. The constant meetings keep me distracted and engaged, and I can save the intense concentration work for the NFDs.

    For exercise today, I’m just doing a quick 20 min pilates video in the afternoon. On my Wed fast day, will just do stretching. And I try to get 10k steps on fast days. On NFDs I do an hour of exercise before work – alternating between strength and cardio/spinning.

    I like to weigh myself only the morning after my Wed fast so I’m extra light!

    Anyway, nice to meet you all! I feel like a have a pretty good plan and am hoping to see it on the scale. But let me know if you have any suggestions!

    Second post

    @songbirdme Welcome back from your trip over the weekend!

    @basyjames So good to have you back; I missed your chatter in October, but hope you had a grand time in Cancun with your sister. What brought the change of working from home? Is it the same job?

    @technicole WELCOME! You’ll soon notice that some of us are succinct, and others of us…are not, LOL! You seem to be a chatterer as I am, and it’s lovely to have lots of that. And I do actually have a suggestion for you: many in this group often said this, but I was slow to learn its truth: when you have carbs (even healthy carbs like rice and potatoes) it’s WAY harder to fast the next day because you’re hungry–like, growling stomach hungry. I noticed you’re having sticky rice tonight, and that caught my attention because I used to eat lots of rice and potatoes both. My tip is to start paying attention to what you eat the day before you fast and see if what you’ve eaten the day before you feel particularly hungry was carb-heavy; if so, you’ll know to go very light on carbs the day before you fast for ease on FDs. Good luck!

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I am back and here for November. I went AWOL the last weeks of October due to lots of family commitments and to say I am shattered is an understatement. Fantastic times though.

    Back on the wagon tomorrow. I did not lose weight but I did not gain so that’s a bonus!

    Day 1 UK CD

    Posting briefly for accountability -I’m determined to post every day this challenge I’ll introduce myself, goal for the month etc tomorrow. Lovely to be here again x

    Day 2, NFD, Aus

    I didn’t do my LFD yesterday and had some leftovers for dinner. I think I’m safe in calling it an under 500 cal day. I hadn’t previously twigged to that, @stitchincarol but dinner on Sunday night did involve rice, and some lovely fresh bread for lunch. Wonder if that’s what threw me yesterday as usually my Monday LFD is no challenge for me at all.

    Feeling very tired this morning and about to start a new job at short notice which is adding to stress levels. Grumble. But at least the sun is shining and the weather is promising a beautiful spring day.

    Nice to some new newbies, and another Aussie! Where are you @facek? I’m in Canberra.

    Day 2, U.K. – NFD (in a 4:3 week)

    Successful FD yesterday, phew 😅
    Planning fast days for Wednesday and Friday.

    Good to see you both back again and @daffodil2010 – congratulations on NOT gaining whilst off on your adventures! That’s a big deal!!!!

    @emma Taylor – I think you are landing back in dark rainy U.K. today after your epic Sicilian adventure! Happy landings!

    @technicole- WELCOME!
    I second @stitchincarol’s thoughts on carbs!
    If you’re struggling due to hunger then (at least for my body) it’s as a result of needing to drink more water, take in more salt and eat less carbs the day before.
    Even complex/healthy carbs rock my blood sugar levels too much! So I, like @stitchincarol, avoid carbs the day before a fast.
    Worth reading Dr Jason Fung if you haven’t already ? He explains it really well ….

    @facek – WELCOME! Sorry to hear about your surgery and I hope you can get back to doing what you used to do soon!

    @stitchincarol – Thanks re BMI! As only the people on the forum can appreciate, a lot of hard work goes into these things!
    I actually only calculated it yesterday after I saw @funshipfreddie’s post and wondered what my own BMI was!
    Anyway congratulations on YOUR marathon adherence to your regime! So impressive…

    @northgeorgia – I loved your scientific approach and hope you smash 213 this month!!

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Easy FD yesterday, & almost a kilo lighter this morning.

    @facek & @technicole – welcome to the forum! And welcome back to the members who’ve been absent for a while.

    Sober October done & dusted. But that didn’t even occur to me until just now?! So…no booze November…? I’m still reading Annie Grace’s book, ‘This Naked Mind’, & feeling quite evangelical about the subject 😇

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Inspired by the great success of @stitchincarol and @northgeorgia today will be an LFD. Have not had one in ages, but now that the family things have settled I have time to get back into a routine and I want to get stuck into losing that weight.

    Lots of water to bring to work, some oxo cubes if I need a warm, salty pick up, and Bovril for the evening and see how we go. It’s been ages since I had that empty feeling and I want to get back into it again.

    @high5 I did have more carbs than usual yesterday before my FD so I will see how it goes….you would think I would know by now !!!!!

    I have my physio after work. It seems to be working though my foot still twinges to let me know who is boss, it’s nothing like it was. She has me doing a core exercise for my inner corset muscles and it’s made a difference already. Fingers crossed I am on the road to recovery.

    The past week and a bit was spent meeting DH’s new (birth) family and it was such a good time. They are ALL lovely people, they welcomed him (and me and the kids) with open arms, in no time we felt like real family. His mum. Oh she is a wonderful, kind, witty and funny woman, you can’t help but like her. We visited the old town, the farm, got stories on his mums past, how she met his father, what happened…..sadly, we found out that his Dad passed in Australia in 2016, but there is a sister there in Aus too……he wants to find her …….from not knowing birth family three months ago, DH has gone to having two sisters, a brother, loads of aunts and uncles, a living grandmother (she is a dote), cousins, connections, a big family that welcome him ☺️

    This week will be spent resting after the week that was, which was a great week.

    Have a good Tuesday.

    Day 2 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. WFD was successful. Plan on keeping the fast until at least lunchtime. ZBC! I was sooo hungry yesterday and this morning? I feel fine LOL. That’s right body — get used to snacking on what I put on you years ago in the fat store pantry haha!!

    My plan for breaking the fast is per normal: healthy fats (handful of almonds, today) and a small banana. Wait 10-30 minutes and then attempt the meal. Helps settle the digestive tract 🙂 Of course, I might not break it until mid to late afternoon instead… it’s happened before!

    Good luck to our pocket listers today!

    Day 2 – FD 800

    Was successful FD 800 yesterday and plan the same for today.

    We have managed to trap 3 of the feral kittens (now small cat size) that live in our backyard and will be taking them to vet today to get shots, and fixed. We will have to trap Mama and other kitten and do this in another day. I hope they are not too traumatized but it is necessary. I wish we could have trapped mama cat but she is a smart one.

    Actually, I wish a shelter had availability for the kittens when they were tiny, but our local animal shelters are overflowing. 😢 we would actually prefer our backyard NOT be a feral colony central, but it seems our wishes were not consulted lol. We will continue to do what we can to be helpful and good neighbors to these beauties.

    Oops, we gotta get moving

    Happy thoughts to all!

    Dy 2 – UK – NFD

    Welcome @facek & @technicole!

    Great result @northgeorgia and congratulations @funshipfreddie for your sober October. I participated in that a few years ago (for two years running) and found it a lot easier than I anticipated. I certainly wasn’t desperate to have a drink after it so I’d say keep it going if it feels good! I do drink but can safely say doing Sober October twice definitely was a turning point and I don’t reach for a glass of wine anywhere near as much anymore. Not that I was a huge drinker but it was very woven into my lifestyle, very habitual and Sober Oct definitely broke that habit.

    Yesterday was pretty good as it goes. During the day I had a chicken soup for lunch, some salted popcorn as a snack, an oat milk flat white as a little treat and a banana. Dinner yesterday evening was an aubergine and tomato ‘al forno’ dish.

    Today I’ve had a little protein pot of prawns and edamame beans, a smaller portion of chicken soup and another oat milk flat white. Tonight is another veggie based dish. So, obviously I’m having meat with the chicken soup but we’re both making a huge effort to focus less on meat being the main ‘star’ of the meals we cook this week.

    I think I’ll be on track to have a FD very soon and get back into the 5:2 swing.

    @Daffodiil2010 – hearing about your DH and his birth family is lovely. So much has changed in these past few months! I’m so pleased for you all. 🙂

    Have a great day all x

    Day 2 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    I’m rather slack-jawed: despite a FD yesterday that went according to plan, I’m not down AT ALL this morning. First FD ever that I didn’t lose a pound or two, and it’s telling me just how badly I ate on Halloween! I’m still saying “Oh well” but not quite as convincingly this morning. 😂🤣😂

    @daffodil2010 So glad to see you back! Even better to hear what a wonderful time it was with DH’s birth family. The euphoric joy must be overwhelming!

    @penz I hope this new job goes smoothly and easily for you!

    @northgeorgia I’ve consistently found that to be true also: I go to bed starving (sometimes) and wake up not in the least hungry (always). Lovely magic trick, eh?

    I’m all out of chatter now, so I’ll simply wish you all the best day/evening!

    Day 2 North canton OH WFD2

    @technicole welcome to the group. I love your plan and I wish you great success with it.

    @stitchincarol thank you. I had the best time with my sister and it was so wonderful that we have decided to make it an annual tradition. Yes, it is the same job, but the director amended the policy to allow everyone on the team to work from home. I missed your chatter too and I am so glad to see that you are doing so well. I also read the Obesity Code and now I am reading the Circadian Code.

    @daffodil2010 that is indeed a bonus, welcome back and I am so happy for your hubby and his reconnection to his birth family

    @high5 I also have the same issue, too many carbs the day before leads to a very difficult fast day for me.

    @northgeorgia how exciting that you are off the plateau. Very well done! Same here, hungry the night before and wake up not at all hungry. It’s all in the mind. Once we conquer the mind, we have won the battle.

    @mariaelena are you planning to keep the kittens after they are fixed?

    I got my Covid booster shot yesterday and had a rough night. My eyeballs felt like they were on fire and there was this awful headache localized to my forehead. I was advised to take acetaminophen and no ibuprofen at about 6pm, which I did with minimal relief. I really thought that I would have to take today off but I woke up at 7:30am feeling great! So weird. Anyways I am glad that is done.
    Have a great day everyone

    Pocket list Day 2
    @stitchincarol WFD
    @basyjames WFD2

    Day 2 – US – NFD

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! Regular day – I ate pretty well and did a barre class this afternoon.

    Day 3 U.K. – FD

    Well done me for having a CD yesterday. I find it difficult not to treat myself on NFD/s but yesterday I was successful in making my NFD into a CD. Although I still had my 3 x squares dark chocolate in the afternoon!! 😀🍫

    My latest strategy (that I have been doing since getting back from holiday in October) is to be very serious about doing ZBCs at least six days a week. So now any breakfast, even my scrupulously hair-shirted health freak breakfast, is becoming a mega treat!

    I think that for me, the routine ZBC is a really good Anti Weight Gain strategy, particularly as I don’t apply any other rules to myself at weekends.

    But yesterday morning after previous day’s FD I was VERY hungry and it was a real struggle…. Managed to wait until 1230 before eating 😅

    @daffodil2010 – how exciting getting to know your DH’s ‘new’ family. Emotional and exhilarating.

    @northgeorgia – Go You! Soo weird about the hunger waves isn’t it? Stranger still that we actually don’t want to stuff ourselves when we come out of a fast … I always remember a line from Dr Michael Mosley book: “And after I have finished my fast, no I do not feel the need to run amok in a cake shop!” 😄😄

    @babs_b – I hope you are slowly coming to terms with your loss of your furry best friend 💙. Don’t rush it …. these things take time 🤗

    @basyjames – A new book by Dr Jason Fung! Please tell us all about it…


    Day 3 U.K. – FD

    Well done me for having a CD yesterday. I find it difficult not to treat myself on NFD/s but yesterday I was successful in making my NFD into a CD. Although I still had my 3 x squares dark chocolate in the afternoon!! 😀🍫

    My latest strategy (that I have been doing since getting back from holiday in October) is to be very serious about doing ZBCs at least six days a week. So now any breakfast, even my scrupulously hair-shirted health freak breakfast, is becoming a mega treat!

    I think that for me, the routine ZBC is a really good Anti Weight Gain strategy, particularly as I don’t apply any other rules to myself at weekends.

    But yesterday morning after previous day’s FD I was VERY hungry and it was a real struggle…. Managed to wait until 1230 before eating 😅

    @daffodil2010 – how exciting getting to know your DH’s ‘new’ family. Emotional and exhilarating.

    @northgeorgia – Go You! Soo weird about the hunger waves isn’t it? Stranger still that we actually don’t want to stuff ourselves when we come out of a fast … I always remember a line from Dr Michael Mosley book: “And after I have finished my fast, no I do not feel the need to run amok in a cake shop!” 😄😄

    @babs_b – I hope you are slowly coming to terms with your loss of your furry best friend 💙. Don’t rush it …. these things take time 🤗

    @basyjames – A new book by Dr Jason Fung! Please tell us all about it…


    Second post

    How did your second day of the water first ago? Super impressive… I’m so in awe of you guys that do water fasts!!

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪- FD

    Successful LFD yesterday, like @northgeorgia I went to bed hungry and cold ( drat the cold on an FD) but woke up not hungry at all. Starting work early now as WFH today, I have to head into town for my doctors appointment so WFH gives me 40 mins less of a commute.

    Have a great Hump Day. Plan not to break the fast until this afternoon and maybe see how long I go.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    I was sure I posted yesterday- must have forgotten to press submit ? Any way welcome newbies and good to have some regulars back , although still a few to show up ?

    @babs_b so sorry 💕
    @daffodil2010 the emotional journey continues ….it could be made into a film

    Inspired by @stitchincarol I’m giving low carbs another go , maybe just for a couple of weeks but we’ll see

    Happy 🐫 day all

    Day 3 – UK – NFD

    Morning all. Brrr, it was a chilly one this morning!

    Thank you so much @brightonbelle and @high5 – I’m doing ok, though the emotions are getting me every morning… also taking me quite by surprise when they do too. Home just doesn’t feel like home at the moment, it’s horrid. I also feel a bit silly for feeling sad, which I know is silly in itself!

    Food-wise, it’s been two veggie dinners in a row so far this week and I am feeling good for it. I’m also snacking far less than I was last week / week before, so that’s another bonus. It’s not the same feeling as after a FD, but I definitely don’t feel anywhere near as ‘heavy’ the morning after a vegetarian dinner even if I’ve consumed a similar number of cals.

    My DH planned out a week’s worth of dinner recipes at the weekend and we’ve been taking it in turns to cook each night. Last night was my turn and I enjoyed the focus! I’ve always been a foodie, but sometimes the thought of cooking after a stressful day is too much – thankfully that’s not the case this week.

    @high5 – another mention to say a huge well done on having a CD yesterday!! I know how hard that is!!

    @basyjames – I’m pleased the side effects from the booster disappeared quickly! I also had a headache after mine a few months back. Thankfully it was short lived and I was happy to pay that price for having the vaccine, but still not nice when you’re in the thick of it.

    @daffodil2010 – are you still following a highly plant based diet? I was thinking of that the other day when DH & I were planning out our meals and decided to go for mainly veggie ones.

    Have a good day all 🐿

    Day 3 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 219 lbs. Yesterday was a bit of a disaster. I took my typical “break my fast” foods and then an assortment of lunch items. Well of course, I ate them ALL! Cucumbers, pickle, Salisbury steak, whipped potatoes, macaroni cheese, grapes, mozarella, and a Kit Kat. THEN, around four or five hours later, I forgot we had a special event on site with FREE food — more macaroni cheese, potato chips, sweet tea, coleslaw, pulled pork barbecue sandwich with smoked chicken barbecue on the side. I tried not to eat at home but with the World Series on, I ended up doing a final meal of cereal and a few pork rinds with ranch dip. OH THE HUMANITY. But, YAY Atlanta Braves!!

    Anyway, I thought about my schedule today, and think another WFD is very appropriate.


    Day 3 – UK – FD
    Day 2 – TDEE

    Weather has cleared up here – so nice to see some sunshine even though the temperatures are a bit cooler.

    A good TDEE yesterday with a 12km walk with a good friend, was lovely to walk and chat, enjoying the autumn scenery around us 🍂🍂 a sit out in the sunshine enjoying a cake and coffee ☕️🍰 halfway through!

    Lovely yoga class this morning with a volunteering afternoon ahead and planning on another FD800 as aiming for 3 this week. We have ordered a special meal from Simon Rogan for Saturday as a belated wedding anniversary celebration and it comes with paired wines so a controlled week is required 😉

    Welcome to @facek and @technicole – we are a small but great international community ranging from newbies to experienced 5:2 fasters, some in maintenance for a number of years already but finding the support on here essential 🤗

    @daffodil2010 – lovely to hear that your DH meeting with his birth mother’s family has gone so well and
    that you have both discovered a whole new family that welcome you both x
    @babs_b – I hope you are slowly coming to terms with your loss of your furry best friend 🤗



    Day 3 – FD 800

    Yesterday FD 800 a success, today will be the third in a row.

    @stitchincarol et al re: carbs — I would be a grumpy binge eater if I gave up my potatoes. You can take my bread, rice, and pasta, but woe is the one to get between me and my potatoes. But, I agree, eat a carby or starch heavy meal and wow am I hungry later. So I save my potatoes for my lunch time meals on non FD 500 or WF days. That seems to work for me, I get the post carb hungries around dinner time but If I’ve had dinner planned (soup and/or salad usually) I can stick to it. At least NOW I can, now that I’ve included more good fats into my meals. I’m not pre-diabetic so I’m going to cling to my potatoes as long as I can, and earlier in the day is the lowest impact for me.

    @basyjames OH I WANT to keep the kitties! But our home is full. Our indoor household is 2 people, 2 Manx cats adopted from the shelter as kittens. One Maine Coon Cat we rescued from dumpster diving life at my husband’s place of work (he is missing an eye so he is our pirate cat. And an accidental adoption when my husband bonded to a shelter kitty two years ago. And my four are 1 more than the limit I set so lol!

    The three we took in yesterday are all black and white, and even at a vet who fixes ferals they needed names- so on the spot they became Oreo, Hydrox and Cameo. The weather here got cold, rainy and ugly yesterday so we have to keep them in our garage until Thursday as the cold & wet is VERY risky post surgical procedure the vet said. We set up a heater and soft enclosed dens, but the three of them decided to make their own place behind some lumber! But they got the hang of the litter box, smart boys!

    @basyjames I’d love to hear anything you learn from the Circadian Code! My web research into sleep/weight loss was a lot of hearsay articles making much of the correlation without delving into causal links and left me dissatisfied.

    @babs_b Grief and feeling sad are are honest and nothing to feel silly about. I wish I could help. Or say the right things- I just hope you be kind to yourself right now.

    @high5 I’m with you on ZBC – overall I think it makes me less, not more hungry!

    @penz New Job! I hope it is a great change for you!

    I made my roasted tomato and Basil soup on Monday (no dairy or extra sugar added) and today will use the extra celery and leeks in a vegetable soup. It is about time (getting cold) to start thinking of a huge pot of stew (leftovers like the soup to be frozen for easy meals).


    Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD2

    Yesterday was probably the toughest day I’ve had since I started this routine. Why? Because I kept thinking of food I’d enjoy eating, and feeling sorry for myself. By the time I got home, I was ready to throw in the towel. Notice that my issue was not hunger, it was my own thoughts. I’m certain part of the reason that’s so is that I was still grumpy that I didn’t lose even an ounce from Monday’s FD, and that was overwhelmingly disappointing to me. Thankfully, I had enough resolve left in my that I didn’t cave, but that was such a huge lesson to me that, to succeed at this weight loss thing, the most important thing is to control my thoughts.

    And the scale rewarded me this morning for behaving all day and evening: 139.6 That motivates me plenty to continue the WF as planned until supper tomorrow. I’m a very happy and content woman this morning!

    @basyjames I just read that you said to @northgeorgia, “It’s all in the mind. Once we conquer the mind, we have won the battle.” So very true. And, so bizarre about your misery from the booster only to wake up fine, but I’m pleased for you that you did!

    @high5 So odd that, after a successful FD, you were so hungry. Did you have any carbs on the FD? As so many of us have said, even when I go to sleep with a grumbling tummy from hunger, I wake up as if my appetite were satiated the day before–except ONCE IN A WHILE. And I’ve never put my finger on just why I occasionally wake up so hungry. Well done you for lasting until 12:30!!

    @daffodil2010 Your mentioning being cold reminded me how surprised I’ve been that, even with our weather changing and hitting around freezing every night and not much higher in the day, I’ve not been particularly cold in the afternoon of my WFDs. How is that even possible? I have, however, taken to drinking mugs of hot water; they’re amazingly soothing.

    @brightonbelle I hope low/no carbs works as well for you as for me!

    (((((((@babs_b))))))))) The sorrow isn’t silly at all 💞


    Unfortunately, today isn’t busy at all, so I’m going to have to manufacture some busy so the WF is easy. That lovely scale number should keep my steadfast most of the day, however!

    2nd post

    I popped back to the forum as I needed some RESOLVE for my FD only to find that I had been dropped off by mistake 🤣🤣 so I’m putting myself firmly back on as I need the support!!!

    @stitchincarol WF2


    Day 3 North Canton OH WFD3

    It feels so good to post again! I have missed you my friends

    @high5 ZBC is a great strategy, I love breakfast food but realized that I am never hungry in the morning, so why eat? Great job stretching your self control muscles. The Circadian Code is actually not written by Dr. Fung but it has been quite an eye opener. It is written by a researcher who has spend a good portion of his life investigating how our circadian code impacts wellness, productivity, weight loss and longevity. Michael Mosley used some of his research to write the Fast Diet. So far I am really finding it helpful and I’ve already incorporated some of the findings to my practice. And day 2 of my water fast went very well, thank you for asking. I was very cold but still not hungry so I am going for a third day to get the immune system reset benefits.

    @brightonbelle I wish you good success with your low carb venture.

    @babs_b I also used to plan out the family’s meals on the weekends but have moved away from that lately, I would love to get back into it even though I only eat a few days a week. Problem is hubby prefers leftovers, oldest is off to college, youngest likes to prepare her own meals; so I stopped cooking. I guess I could still plan a couple meals for the week and stick it in the fridge. It is uninspiring though, because for me the joy of cooking is seeing others enjoy what I cooked. And yes, so thankful the effects of the booster was very brief.

    @northgeorgia yay Atlanta Braves!

    @at I am having so much fun developing my yoga practice. Funny how things change because I was not a fan when I was younger.

    @stitchincarol success begets success! Great job being steadfast

    @marieElena those are precious names! I am happy to share what I learn from Dr. Panda. I will share a little bit each day.

    Today’s lesson: We aren’t programmed to sleep less as we get older however as we age we become more sensitive to different factors that wake us and interfere with quality of sleep

    Circadian Code tips for the best night’s sleep
    •Melatonin production drops as we age, boost melatonin with a supplement 2-3 hours
    before bedtime but 1-2 hours after a meal because it will interfere with reducing
    your blood glucose levels. Example; If you plan to sleep at 10pm, eat dinner no later than 6pm and take melatonin (if needed) at 8pm

    •Minimize bright/overhead lights in the evening, use dimmers or table lamps instead

    •Avoid your watch/ clock/phone when you can’t sleep or if you wake up at night
    because the light from those devices will trigger melapsonin production

    •Don’t use your bedroom for anything other than sleep

    •Get some bright light immediately after waking up, open curtains or turn on an
    overhead light

    •Go outside as soon as you can, once you wake up in the morning

    •Try to be consistent with your feed time, bedtime and wake times. The human body
    really does not like too much variation and even small shifts can mess up your
    biological rhythm and create stressors for your system

    second post

    I forgot to add myself to the pocket list

    @stitchincarol WF2
    @basyjames WFD3


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