Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 22 North Canton OH FD

    I have been trying to keep up with posts but lately haven’t been able to post. @stitchincarol thank you for thinking about me. Yes WFH is very busy as our team rounds up the year in preparation for our upcoming annual project.
    I used to be a gum chewer as well, but recently I can’t even do that because of a tender TMJ. No gum for me anymore.

    @Norhgeorgia wow, wow, wow. The turning point appears to be your (very smart) decision to follow a basic 5:2 plan, and then to incorporate water fasting into your regimen after getting a refresher from the Obesity Code. Kudos to you and congratulations on your every declining numbers.

    @penz sorry you were ill but woohoo on getting the reset that you needed and your mojo back

    Busy busy times, but we will overcome.

    Happy Thanksgiving prep everyone

    Day 22 USA (Illinois) FD

    Jumping in on the board quickly – been too busy!

    Pocket list day 22 🍓 💪

    Onward and downward.

    Day 23, NFD, Aus

    My FD yesterday, just didn’t. Not sure why. But at least it was a CD.

    I like being the first one to post each morning, but I do need the support / to read inspirational posts at the end of the day, but most of you do not seem to have logged in by then! I might have to ration my posts throughout the day…

    Day 23 AUS FD800

    @penz, I am joining you on an early check in, though a couple of hours behind on this coast.

    Yesterday was a good day, as it included a 2.5 hour hike and a nice swim. I’m sorry you’re not able to swim at the moment, @mariaelena. I’m in a hotel pool, so sticking to a gentle breaststroke for now.

    Tomorrow the round of parties starts up again so going to enjoy another quiet and fasty day here. No scales in my hotel, so no idea what I weigh at the moment, but the tape measure shows a gradual movement downwards, and the dresses are looking a big looser, so that’s encouraging.

    Good luck and good resolve to my fellow fasters today!

    @penz and @litprof – I look forward to your “early morning” posts – I am in Illinois and often post when Europe is already asleep!

    Day 23 – 16:8

    Posting at odd time for me to offer support to @penz

    I was planning to do FD 800 today but kept it to FD 500 so I’m feeling happy about that! If I had given it a bit more thought, I might have realized this afternoon that I could have easily turned today into a WF day. This is nice, as the past two FD 500’s last week were really difficult.

    I know I’m looking better, and clothes are more comfortable but because I lose weight pretty much all over, my measurements are moving at a tortoise pace. Things that were uncomfortably tight are now hanging well, and I will take that success.

    What has become a problem (because of seasonal temperature dropping as well as weight loss) is my wedding ring – currently WAY loose and in danger of it just falling off (happened to me once in winter). In the closet, I found some plastic clip on ring resizers I had purchased years ago. I am surprised to say they work! I had been wearing a rubber ring ( I had them for swimming- I’m not much into socializing in a swimsuit at the pool, and the rubber wedding band meant the fellows who use the pool as a pick-up joint would ignore me) atop my wedding band so it didn’t drop off my finger and now I don’t have to do that!

    So all is still going the right direction and I may even be looking forward to the end of the month weigh-in.

    I won’t fast today so that I can finish up our leftovers and I’ll decide whether my second fast day this week will be Wednesday or Thursday- I’m leaning towards Thursday as I’ll be spending it at home on Zoom most of the day with my family members who live in many directions and quite distant from here.

    Have a great Tuesday!

    Day 23 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Hi everyone. We had a great mental health weekend, headed off Friday evening, drive for just two hours and settled down by the banks of the mighty River Shannon, and just relaxed. I hardly did anything in Saturday but read.

    Back to normality….DH getting more and more invites and phone calls to meet Aunts, Uncles and extended family…video calls overseas….so the break we just had was well needed.

    FD today….lets do this. I will comment properly tomorrow, too much catching up and no time to write.

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I’m relieved yesterday’s FD is over; & pleasantly surprised to discover I’m still under 71kgs, despite a not-too-sensible weekend.

    @babs_b – if I still want something after dinner I usually go for a little cheese & nuts; that can be enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, I think. But I try to stick to raw, unsalted nuts because they’re not so moreish. And, as @mariaelena suggested, brushing your teeth soon after eating works well for me too.

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍋

    Day 23 – Ireland – CD

    Hi all, Well that was a good FD yesterday… I really needed it… I had eaten lots of bread and pastries over the weekend along with some cocktails so my weight went up by many lbs!!! But back down halfway anyway today… quite shocking really!

    Hoping to make good choices today and get out and about for a walk or cycle…

    On the subject of non or low alcohol drinks… I have to say that, without doubt, the best beer option for me is Guinness 0.0… I do enjoy Clean Gin also 👍 otherwise a nice elderflower tonic in a gin glass with lemon or lime works well amd avoids opinions from others 🥂

    @mariaelena my rings are much looser now too… I’m very mindful of them in the water… but no risk of guys picking up people in our beaches 😂 🥶 .
    Also, one of our radio Stations is just about to discuss dyspraxia … I found your post very interesting! Apparently it is dyspraxia awareness week…

    @daffodil2010- so glad you had a restful weekend 🌸

    @penz – always good to see your post first thing 👍.

    @northgeorgia – well done 👏. Fab progress!

    @stitchincarol I also chew sugar free gum as it helps with cravings…

    Have a lovely Tuesday all!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 23 – USA/GA – WFD

    No internet this morning, so my post will be brief (using data hotspot). The road construction crew cut the cable A THIRD TIME!!! Sorry, I just have to shake my head. Thankfully, the company said they’d be out late afternoon to repair *fingers crossed*

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs, matching my low from last week. Doing a water FD today, so I feel confident that I’m doing my best going into the holiday weekend.

    Took my mom to visit her uncle yesterday; he’s had dementia for the past several years, and it’s now nearing his end of life. His sister, my grandmother, died of the same disease in 2014 about this same time of year. Such a heart-wrenching disease. Keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.

    Good luck to everyone on the pocket list today!

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍋

    Day 23 USA – NFD

    Very good FD yesterday. Still want to lose 3 pounds to get at my happy maintenance weight of 160# but expect it might be a week or more to really do that. The poor night’s sleep after a FD is such a pain. But today I look forward to a good massage.

    Yesterday DH and I planned a Chicago weekend getaway. We have a local college Madrigal Dinner on Dec 3, then Chicago the 4th & 5th (with 2 nights at hotel) to see “The Nutcracker” and “A Christmas Carol” at our 2 favorite places, The Lyric Opera House and The Goodman Theater. Really will be festive! Now to figure out what to wear….

    @mariaelena – I had to have my ring re-sized as it also nearly was lost one time it fell off. I waited until I got to my goal weight to do it. Doing that was an added incentive at maintenance! I also meant to mention your love of Mozart symphonies and Solti — amazing men, both of them. I could sing the Mozart “Requiem” any time but have only done it twice in my many years of choral singing. I still think it is his best work.

    @northgeorgia – losing power due to utility cuts is especially annoying! Hope it comes back soon.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 23 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Busy day today, so mustn’t respond back to posts, but I managed to read all, and have one comment: my rings fit me at all weights, but when I’m in the process of losing, they’re too small. However, once I arrive at goal weight and start getting occasionally bloated–as we all do, right, whatever the weight?–they fit just fine again. Am I the only one with that experience?

    Having a grand time getting ready for Thanksgiving, and we’re up to 11 of us now, with a tiny possibility of 15, four of whom are kids 15 and under. 😂🤣😂 The fun never ends!

    2nd post

    Well @stitchincarol It sure sounds like you have your work cut out for you, so return here post T-day with a full accounting! And make sure to have a wonderful holiday.

    I’m feeling a tad guilty watching DH prepare and he’s only bring two side dishes and a desert! Oh, I help – we fulfill the sous chef role for the other in the kitchen, but as he gets more nervous (a particularly difficult relative will be at the in-laws and he does have his differences with his family, just not the outright hostility I face) I am aware I’m safe from the Lion’s den this year. I’m trying to support him yet muffle my own relief at the same time.

    We watched a video last night where they were making homemade cider (“hard cider” to Americans) and we are thinking of giving it a try. I don’t like the taste of beer, any type, but have always enjoyed a good cider. We both were thinking that would be a good taste compliment to the typical T-day meal and I would not be surprised if husband nips into the grocery to pick some up. He rarely drinks beer and does not drink wine, so I have a bet with myself that he’ll pick up some cider for the gathering.

    @songbirdme Did you ever have the opportunity to see Solti conduct? I know he is well respected for his conducting of Operatic works. A good part of my childhood days were spent in Chicago and while we did not have a car or color TV, my parents budgeted in those CSO season tickets. Tho I have family in Chicago it has been decades since I have been to the Goodman theater. They sill put on a Christmas Carol every holiday season, it would appear. I’m sure you will enjoy it! And the Nutcracker! What a festive break you have planned! Enjoy!

    @jaifaim YES! It is dyspraxia awareness week in Ireland. It is great to hear it is getting mainstream coverage on the radio. The dyspraxia support communities in the UK and Ireland are really fantastic. Even tho I’m on a different continent they are the biggest form of support and knowledge I have available.

    As for rings, I can highly recommend these clip on plastic spacers to anyone else who might worry about them falling off. @stitchincarol, can’t say I know anything about your experience but it sounds like maybe 🤔 water retention?

    Lol @jaifaim As for the men at the pool, “pick-up” was probably too harsh. But I go to the pool to swim laps, not socialize and I feel quite vulnerable clad only in a swimsuit. I also hate to be rude to friendly overtures, so I tend to feel trapped. As the pool I attend is at a gym that caters to seniors and those with disabilities (and is comparatively quite inexpensive) there is a more social aspect than one might otherwise expect. The fact that I stand out as younger (lol, I’m mid 50’s) probably accentuates that, friendly curiosity mostly, I imagine. A wedding ring does help significantly in keeping these interactions to a minimum. The pool has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic and I doubt it will reopen 😢.

    We have another cool blustery day here but so sunny 😎! Could not be a lovelier autumn day.

    Time to put on some energetic tunes, get my hula hoop exercising time done and see what the day has to offer! Sending thoughts of resolve and success to today’s fasters!

    Day 23 North Canton OH FD

    A friend of mine keeps bees and she made an amazing Mead which she graciously shared with our bible study group. So far, its the best alcoholic drink I have ever imbibed.

    @mariaelena I feel for your OH but happy for you that you don’t have to deal with all PA stuff this year. I can’t imagine having to manage difficult people after the year (and a half) we have had. Life is just too short.

    @stitchincarol that sounds like quite the gathering. We were planning to spend Thanksgiving either with my sister and her family or with OH’s brother and his family but it did not work out. So it will just be OH, myself and our girls, we are looking forward to sitting together around the table this year.

    @northgeorgia that is so frustrating. Hang in there- this too shall pass.

    Have a happy Tuesday everyone.

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍋

    Day 24, NFD, Aus

    Hello all – posting for accountability and not much else to say!

    Day 24 U.K.- FD

    Hooray, go me! 😄 I am so pleased with myself because yesterday I did a CD and those are what I find really really hard!

    I actually find fasting days so much easier than CDs! I know a few people on here are the same so they will find some resonance with what I am saying!

    I am really pleased because I have managed to string together a few CDs recently instead of succumbing to the joys of cake et cetera on NFDs! 😄🎂🍰🧁🥮

    It’s such good news because it means that I am not undoing all of my good work from the preceding FD! And every little helps at this time of year!!!!!! 🦃🍷🎄

    @northgeorgia – dementia is a cruel disease, I’m so sorry to hear this news

    @mariaelena and @jaifaim – rings and swimming in a cold sea! 😱 I took mine off when I went surfing… but then i worry about them being nicked from my beach bag?!! 😄

    @stitchincarol – I work in the Tech industry and all my clients are American. It’s super fun!

    @mariaelena – it’s our 17th! For the first time ever, we’re not going away, simply because we are moving house in December, so we need to go and buy White Goods etc in the Black Friday sales!
    We’re planning Sushi for Friday lunchtime and then a gorgeous local fish restaurant (we live on the coast) on Saturday night. Yum!!

    Happy fasting everyone!!

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Going for my B2B today….small salad at lunchtime, Brocolli and spinach soup with konjac rice for dinner.

    It’s a pity I could not take to the Eat Like A Bear with one big salad for a meal. I spent the days so coooooold and then stuffing myself with salad before bedtime (I go to bed and rise early) just didn’t suit, and I know From experience that having my one meal at say morning or lunch would have the dragons crying. Such a pity that my weight refused to budge, I had hoped this was the way.

    But onwards we go. Tomorrow will be my OMAD of the week as I have to being DH for an eye appointment….so while most of you in the US will be spending quality family time over the dinner table I will be driving to the hospital.

    Loving to hear how you all plan to get through the day.

    Have a good Wednesday. Pocket list day 24

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Ditto what @penz said – accountability! It’s a lovely, sunny spring day in Kwazulu-Natal, but very windy.

    I was just thinking about our absent fasting friends, esp @flourbaby, @ciren2, @missybear, @i-hate-lettuce & @dykask – hope you’re all doing okay

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Pocket List – Day 24 🍒

    Day 24 – Ireland – FD

    A second FD for me today… hopefully as good as Monday 👍

    Hope everyone is well out there!

    I’m trying to do all the right things this week… it’s tough though…

    @funshipfreddie I have been wondering about absent friends too.. I hope everyone is ok 🤗

    @missybear I’m not sure whether I told how much I loved our Pembrokeshire holiday… so much cycling, walking, swimming, eating good food and drinking great beers 🍻. The cycling was challenging as such undulating beautiful coastline but my goodness the beaches were beautiful. Loved Barrafundle and Broadhaven 💕 . We did the walk from Stackpole – thank you!
    Spent two days in St Davids and surroundings – just gorgeous and we loved Tenby and Calder island! One fab memory is cycling on the road that runs through the dunes at Freshwater West ♥️. I suspect I’ll be back 👍

    Right enough reminiscing about good times 🙄must do some work and… Fast…. 💪

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 24 🍒

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Morning all I’m back from a lovely week away , will take the day to catch up and decide on my strategy for the last week of November See you tomorrow x

    Day 24 – UK – NFD

    @high5 @mariaelena @stitchincarol – it’ll be 5 years for us on Fri. We’ve been together much longer, it was well over a decade before we got married. We were very lucky to have been in a happy relationship that entire time that I didn’t think getting married would change much, but I’m so pleased we tied the knot. We have such brilliant memories of the day.

    Thanks so much for the tips to stop the sweet tooth in the evenings! You reminded me that I have some nut butter in the cupboard and a very small spoon of that can definitely ‘scratch an itch’. I will also be brushing my teeth too. It reminded me that I used to always have a packet of peppermints with me at all times – the really strong, fiery ones. I’d have one of those to try and curb a hunger pang – not least because the mint would stop me from eating other things. So I may try that trick again.

    @northgeorgia, I’m thinking of you and your family at such a difficult time.

    Good luck to all the FDers today x

    Day 24. Already! Where does the time go? OMAD London.

    I’ve been doing Eat like a bear for two weeks now. As I’m not a weigher ( is that a word?) I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost but I look and feel slimmer, and I do like the short window of one hour. It’s a bit of a nightmare eating out – you are used to BIG amounts of food, but feel very bad ordering two large salads. And you get funny looks….The pub is a complete nightmare too. We are going out with two friends tonight who love their food and drink. They both have big ‘beer bellies’ and one is diabetic, and in a pretty poor way. They were very unhelpful when I gave up drinking, trying to pressure me to have ‘just one’. Honestly!! If I tell them I eat in a one hour window, they might drop dead. So, lots of ducking and diving this evening…

    Day 24 – USA/GA – NFD

    My great-uncle passed away last night. I’m so glad we could visit with him and the family one last time before he went. I found the book he signed for his sister, my grandmother, back in 1992. I may read it again.

    My internet is back! They had already repaired it before I got home. I think it’s a temporary fix with a few splices, but until it goes down again, I’m good with it.

    Weigh-in this morning is my lowest ever, and although the scales were bouncing around, they did finally give me a reading of 211 lbs this morning! I always go for the lowest reading as encouragement (the scales at the doctor’s office always seem to add ten pounds anyway).

    I’m now about nine pounds away from no longer being considered clinically obese. What an incredible journey! At least 68 lbs lost so far. Who cares if Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts are approaching? If we are mindful, we can limit the damage before those days get here and after the feasting days are done.

    The final week of Nice November is here. Good luck to all!

    Day 24 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFDx2 until ?

    Yesterday’s WF went fine, compensating for all the days preceding it that did NOT go fine, LOL. Part of me really wants to just buckle down and DO this, and part of me says, “No, we are at the holidays, and there’s no need to be a martyr.” That sounds so weak when I type it out. I guess what’s in my brain is that I’m finally down to just under 25BMI, so I don’t feel the same level of urgency to get DOWN, you know? And I do love a turkey sandwich on rye bread, LOL!! Today, I’ll bake one of my four pies, and I think I’ll be able to find the RESOLVE to not nibble as I prepare it. After our Thanksgiving service at church, however? That’s been a traditional time of treats and nibbles, so I don’t know how long I’ll continue the WF. Time will tell, and I refuse to feel guilty, whatever choice I make; this is, after all, a way of LIFE, and the next few days constitute “life” here in the States. 😁🥰

    @mariaelena The loveliest thing about your awful in-laws? How supportive your DH is. Even as you mention the discord in the extended family, the love and care between the two of you is palpable, and I love it.

    @basyjames DS30 adores mead; the one time I tried it was not much of a success. There’s a bottle waiting to be opened; perhaps I’ll adore it as you do this time. What is it about the taste you so love? And just your immediate family for Thanksgiving can be such a perfect time; enjoy!

    @high5 I think it’s accurate to say that every single one of us finds a FD far easier than a CD, so well, well done you! And the mystery of a Brit being thankful for the American Thanksgiving is solved. Your eating plans for Friday sound divine!

    @daffodil2010 Perhaps next summer, when the temps are warmer, OMAD/ELAB will again appeal and be a good solution for you; in the meantime, you sound back on track!

    @jaifaim “I’m trying to do all the right things this week… it’s tough though…” What you’re doing is showing RESOLVE, and that’s worth feeling deep pride in accomplishing!

    @brightonbelle Welcome back! Hope your time away was absolutely lovely!

    @emma-taylor The answer is in how you described them: big beer bellies and one is diabetic. Too bad they don’t see the contrast between their bodies and yours and grow silent at the realization. So, good luck with finding ways to avoid the pressure, and have a lovely time regardless!

    @northgeorgia I’m so sorry for your loss, and especially that you lost him long ago because of dementia. He was an author? I imagine there’ll be a big funeral in a few days; despite the reason for gathering, that’s always a fun time, seeing people you rarely see otherwise. And your weigh-in this morning??? WOWZA. 🥇🙌🎉🎈🥳💪👍

    @songbirdme What a glorious Christmas celebration weekend you’ll be having! It sounds perfectly delightful. I saw Michael Tilson Thomas direct the CSO one time, back in 1985, and it was pure joy. When I got home, I was demonstrating to my friends just how he directed the entire thing (“And he jumped here, and moved just like this here!”) They were wonderfully indulgent of my excitement. 😉

    Have I said how much fun I’m having this week?? 😂😁🥰 I know, @mariaelena, you think it all sounds intimidating (was that the word you used?), but being organized and living by lists is a joy to me, and combining that with cooking, and with cooking with DS25, and with cooking for friends as well as family…well, I imagine you can see how this is such a lovely holiday for me. I was laughing last night when I pointed out to my husband that this is such a strange holiday: Because of the guests, those who are hosting are busy cleaning and tidying so that the house can be as spotless as possible…at the very same time as they’re buying the most groceries of the entire year, and trying to figure out where to put everything!

    So, in that spirit, I’ve already spent thirty minutes dealing with a pile of mail that had accumulated, and it’s lovely to have it gone. Now to figure out how many leaves to put into the dining room table, and which tablecloth will fit it at that size.

    I wish for all of us a glorious day/evening, with an overflowing abundance of RESOLVE. @penz You are probably close to bedtime at this point; I’ve looked it up in the past, but always forget just how many hours we’re apart. I’ll look forward to your report in the morning!

    Day 24 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Taking it pretty easy today. Won’t make it to Silver Sneakers this morning due to a fall furnace check up man due this morning. I do hope we can go to see the new Gucci movie in the next couple days. But that will mean popcorn… butter…salt – all that means weight gain but generally temporary.

    @mariaelena – I never have really been into symphony music (sad, I know) but opera and choral music have always been more my thing. At University of Illinois I did have to learn more about them in my music classes, but sorry to say I missed Solti conducting completely. I always loved program music more than absolute music anyway. I think I am typical that way.

    Not sure I will make it here tomorrow, so Happy Thanksgiving to all our American family!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 24 – 16:8, maybe FD 500

    I was good yesterday, lunched (reasonably) on the leftovers and supper was a nice salad. I always physically feel better eating more substantially at the lunch meal and salad later, but I find it hard to do mentally and socially.

    @emma-taylor I can certainly relate! Your unexpected ‘they might drop dead’ had me doing a spit-take 😀 I will hope your pub night is enjoyable and non-confrontational. Only advice, remember they don’t have to live in your skin, you do.

    I love hearing the happy wedding/anniversary memories. I am of an age where my DH and I were the first of our friends to marry, but seem to be the last marriage standing. It can be disconcerting.

    @daffodil2010 I know that cold feeling. My DH kids me that I look like a ‘bag lady’ around the house in the winter months as I will have so many layers on, and a knit hat to boot! As a holiday present last year, my outdoorsy brother sent me a usb rechargeable hand warmer – he always takes one when camping. I keep it constantly in my pocket during the day and recharge it every night. It has been a big help. Your broccoli spinach soup sounds yummy.

    @babs_b I remembered another trick – I make a big cup of strong herbal tea to sip on in evenings when the munchies come over me. Lemon/ginger, liquorice spice, hibiscus berry, something like that. Bonus points – helps keep you warm if you are prone to being too cold.

    @jaifaim Your holiday description sounded so fab! Dyspraxic me lol’ed at your cycling description- I find it challenging to cycle (not to mention it is hard work, my legs get so tired) on flat ground!

    @northgeorgia My condolences to you and your family. And I have to say your attitude and weight loss is amazing!

    I’m feeling smug, my holiday shopping for my husband’s female relatives (how did I get the responsibility for getting his relatives gifts, I’ll never figure that out) is completed. A beautiful yet different set of notecards with matching stamps for each. Phew! This is a chore I usually put off and it is a big load lifted. I used to painstakingly pick out a book for each, but after a few years I realized that went over like a lead balloon. (Books are the eagerly enjoyed traditional present in my family.)

    It remains to be seen if I will actually spend xmas day with in-laws or stay home and zoom with my family. The pressure is on but I am not comfortable with the COVID precautions they (don’t) take. And, yes, while true – that is something of an excuse, as I would have a happier day staying home regardless (even tho, DH will certainly join them). The topic WILL be on the agenda at tomorrow’s gathering and my DH and I have been talking about it a lot. Most years since we lived here so close to his mother (who wanted to attend her church’s midnight service), we hosted xmas day. But now that she lives with her daughter, it will be held there, and we expect the particularly unpleasant relatives or even a large group of the in-laws’ out of state in-laws) will be invited. Sigh. Navigating the December holidays will be tricky. Basta to this train of thought!

    My good thoughts for all!

    2nd post

    @songbirdme How enlightening! I never before heard of the distinction between program music and absolute music. I adore both! My DH, however has little interest in absolute music. Oh he doesn’t mind at all when I put on a symphony but he is bored and ignores it. But we both lustily sing along to popular (or show tunes, Irish folk music or German beer hall tunes … … …) music. He has a choir background and is a constant (and excellent) whistler. He is my ‘whistling gypsy’ (Irish folk music reference) and won my ❤️.

    We once, when living in Chicago, attended the ‘do it yourself Messiah’ at the Lyric Opera. We were able to sit together, me in the alto section right next to him in the tenor section. I can’t read music, so my participation was minimal- but it was pure joy and quite revelatory to me to be in the midst of all these (quite excellent if non-professional) singers.

    @stitchincarol Thank you. I must remember to keep in mind, whatever the situation, my Mother-in-law raised the finest man I know, my husband. I try to show her respect and good manners. It is difficult but with my DH’s understanding we will find our way.

    And yes, lol, your organized prep does intimidate me. Holidays I’ve hosted are always chaotic free for all’s. What is important is enjoying oneself- and it seems clear you do!

    Day 25 – cd 🤞- U.K.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our US chums! 🦃🦃🦃

    Today will hopefully be a CD for me…

    I am maintaining at my old goal weight but have 2.5 LBS to go before I hit my new goal weight.

    Oh wow @northgeorgia ! Another great success! 🎉🎉🎉

    Second post

    @northgeorgia – I’m so sorry to read of the sad loss of your great uncle 💜

    @stitchincarol – I vote you eat all the lovely food and enjoy yourself …. It’s only a couple of days out of a year and exactly as you say … the IF WOL is built to cope with this type of feast & famine approach! 😊😊😊

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our American fasters! 🇺🇸 🏡 🍂 🥧

    @northgeorgia – congrats on the new all-time low! 🥇

    Feasting or fasting, I hope y’all have a great day!

    Why more people are saying ‘y’all’

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍏

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – CD

    Too cold for OMAD… going to be good. Lost a couple pounds, waist down another inch, my belly looks slimmer (still aways to go yet ) but all in all, I feel good.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. My sister and family in the US will start their day with a 5k Turkey Trot before settling in for dinner and all the trimmings. Although she and hubby are 100% Irish, they love this tradition for their kids.

    Enjoy the day.

    Day 25 UK NFD

    Gradually getting back to normal but think I’ll take a few days and will get back to fasting next week – I’m really struggling with the cold we had lovely 20-24 in Sicily and it was 2 when I got up this morning 🥶

    Hope everyone celebrating has a fantastic Thanksgiving

    Day 25 – USA/GA – definitely NFD (FEAST DAY)

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. But was proud for not snacking yesterday. Tomorrow will be a WFD, hopefully.

    Tomorrow is the funeral home visitation for my great uncle, and I’ll be a pallbearer in his funeral on Saturday morning.

    @funshipfreddie It’s nice to see we’re having an effect on y’all! And yes, we do say all y’all and y’all’s and even sometimes y’uns, or better yet, your mama’nyms.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!

    Day 25 USA – Happy Thanksgiving! NFD

    Quick check in before getting on with preparations for the day.

    @funshipfreddie – fascinating article on y’all! Our youngest moved to Austin, Texas about 10 years ago and quickly adopted using it. (My Southern mother seemed to only use it when talking with her still Southern relatives even though my father brought her to the North.) Fascinating how it has gone ’round the world!

    Hugs to you all.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25 – FD 800

    A Happy Thanksgiving Day to y’all celebrating. Enjoy!

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍏

    Day 25 – Ireland – CD or maybe FD…

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating! I say : Celebrate and you can revert to the good life when the celebrations are over… 🎉

    I am feeling achey today but think it may be an after effect of the booster… I hope it is that 👍

    Two good FDs this week and am tempted to go for another but will see… I feel I need lots of food today but will have a coffee and see…

    @northgeorgia – i am so sorry for your loss. Dementia is such a terribly sad disease. How lovely that your mum got to see her uncle recently.

    Have a good day everybody. 💪

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 25 – second post

    I thought I’d spin the dial on the old AM Radio tonight. You can hear very distant stations at night, and it used to be a fun hobby of mine. I tuned in to WLAC in Nashville this evening with a great signal and found the Michael Berry show. Who was on? Why Dr. Jason Fung talking about Intermittent Fasting. And on Thanksgiving Day! It’s a sign! LOL

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    1.3 kgs down today from Tuesday’s weigh-in 😇 so it was obviously a good FD; despite imagining everyone all over North America feasting on turkey & pumpkin pie & all that 😅

    News of yet another Covid variant here; very concerning. They’re calling it the Botswana variant right now, but there seem to be more cases of it here. It has 30+ mutations, & spreads quickly. Other than that, they don’t yet know much about it, e.g. if the vaccines offer any protection from it. Our new cases have more than doubled in the last two days. The UK have just cancelled flights to/from South Africa. And today is Black Friday; I doubt there will be much social distancing going on. 😱

    Off to the Jewel of India for lunch; y’all have a great day!

    Day 26 Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    Extremely busy weekend AGAIN. Meeting a friend for lunch today,mt hen straight after work it’s time to put up the Christmas Tree, as tonight is the Irish “Late Late Toy Show” which heralds the start of the season. See the link.

    Tomorrow we visit DH’s uncle and Aunt on his fathers side, first time meeting them, then we pick up Grandaughter for the evening, and then my brothers 23rd anniversary mass is on Saturday evening so go to that. Then Sunday entertain granddaughter and then Sunday lunch out with stepdaughter and Grandaughter. I am tired thinking of it!

    Have a great weekend.

    Day 26 – UK – NFD

    Today is our anniversary so it’s definitely not a FD, though also don’t have any plans for EFS either so hopefully it’ll be fairly controlled. We’re working today then with our friend this evening who is cooking us dinner. DH made a huge batch of tomato & basil soup last night so we both have a hearty portion of that waiting for us for lunch. It’s a new recipe so I’m looking forward to it!

    I really want to get back on the wagon with FDs / 5:2 now though. I feel like something’s switched over the past couple of days where I’ve gone from knowing ‘I’d like to’ to ‘I want to’ get back in the saddle with it, so to speak. I’m going to look into @stitchincarol ‘s suggestion of ELAB and whether the ‘RBS’ could be reworked to being a RBWS (Ridiculously Big (Warm) Salad) to get me through December?! I’m very tempted to hit it hard in the first 2 weeks of Dec to help de-puff myself a bit.

    @funshipfreddie – the news has been breaking here in the UK about the new variant and yes, they’re cancelling flights too. It’s not even officially considered a ‘variant of concern’ yet.

    @high5 – Wishing you a happy anniversary today too! Do you have many plans?

    @daffodil2010 that really does sound busy!! I’ve just put a Christmas tree in our office but yet to decorate it. I’ll put the one up at home next weekend. I’ve never heard of the Late Late Toy Show until now but it sounds so heartwarming!

    @northgeorgia – I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m pleased you managed to get to your great uncle earlier in the week, it must be a hard time for you all. Lovely that you had that time to scan the airwaves yesterday and how funny that Dr Fung was on! Definitely a sign!

    I hope everyone in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I can’t wait to hear all about them. 🦃🍂

    Day 26 – Ireland – NFD

    Hi all, so yesterday was a FD in the end so that’s 3 decent FDs this week and I feel the progress… but it’s the weekend again and my danger zone…but I will be making good choices. I will I will I will 💪 👌

    I hope all of those in the US 🇺🇸 and who celebrate Thanksgiving had a lovely day.

    Happy anniversary @babs_b and to @high5 too 🥂.

    @daffodil2010 – wow that is busy… I hope that you have a great one. I’ll be having a quiet one I think and getting Christmas decorations out and hopefully up as the next two weekends will be busy.

    @funshipfreddie yes news from South Africa and Botswana is worrying! I’m envious of your Indian lunch! My favourite!

    Meeting a pal at lunch – eating outdoors and than a walk – so will wrap up… it’s so cold here! Then I might have the toy show on while organising the decorations later. 🎄

    Have a great day everybody.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 26 OMAD ELAB London

    I really like the OMAD ELAB one hour eating window, but I have a question. I’m not that keen on talking about it, but I’m not going to the loo enough. I know I’m not eating often, but my gut has really stalled. I’ve resorted to psyllium husk this morning, with lots of water, but any advice gratefully received.

    Day 26 – Rural Nebraska, USA – I’ll never eat again

    LOL, okay, that last part of my intro line is perhaps not true, but it sure felt that way last night! Here’s how my day went yesterday:

    I woke up around 7, thought “ugh,” went back to sleep for five minutes, woke up again, thought “<<sigh>> Yeah, I suppose I should get up,” went back to sleep for another few minutes, woke up again, smiled, and thought “Let the fun begin!” That was 7:10 that I was out of bed, still in jammies, and started on my list, even starting some tasks 45 minutes early. Two hours later, I was 45 minutes behind schedule, because I’d seriously underestimated how much time some of the things would take (like getting the pumpkin and pecan pies made and in the oven). DH woke up at 8 and helped some, then I woke up the two sons, and they helped in a serious way, and by 10 I was back on schedule. (I’m laughing, @mariaelena, that you’re not enjoying the thought of my day in any way at all!) From then on, the day went smoothly, our friends arrived shortly after noon, we chattered, we laughed, we ate, we had a grand, grand day, and everyone was gone by about 7pm. I actually didn’t eat all that much, but I think the tiny slice I had of pecan pie didn’t agree with me because I felt SICK; thankfully, I sent home with others every last bit of what was left over, so I won’t eat any more, and it won’t go to waste. And for the record, the recipe I used was from Cook’s Illustrated, and it was as perfect as the name of it claims; the two men who both love pecan pie above all, said it was the best they’d ever had.

    Want our menu? I’d been craving brie cheese, so served that for an appetizer. I actually usually only have olives for anyone who wants a nibble, since we’ll be having such a huge meal, but the small brie, some boursin, thin slices of apple, some grapes, and some olives were a nice touch at noon. Then, the turkey took a full hour longer than we’d expected, so we ate at four–which no one was troubled by, as the appetizers had lasted–and had
    Turkey (wonderfully moist and yummy)
    Dressing (my MIL’s recipe, has raisins)
    Mashed potatoes (with parsnips)
    Roasted cubed butternut squash, tossed in bacon fat, with fresh thyme
    Brussels Sprouts Gratin
    Green Bean Casserole
    Corn (I froze it myself last summer from fresh corn a parishioner brought us)
    Dinner rolls (my mom’s recipe from a 1936 cookbook)
    cranberry sauce
    Pecan, Peach, Pumpkin, Cherry, and Chocolate pies

    It’s certainly a National Day of Excess, LOL, but it was also a day of laughter and love, and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t stop after only two bites of the pecan pie. 😂 As much as I thought it tasted good, I don’t imagine I’ll ever make it again, given how sick it made me.

    Today, we’ll have turkey sandwiches on rye, something I look forward to as much as the meal itself, and by next week, I’ll be back to water fasting.

    Now I’m going to go start on some dishes (we wouldn’t let out friends stay and help with them) and make some coffee, then I’ll be back later to read and respond to everyone else’s chatter.

    second post

    @songbirdme I’m not sure I agree that it’s typical to prefer program music to absolute music. La Mer is generally taught to be the first–popular, at least–example of program music, and I find it pleasant. Bach’s concertos, Handel’s harpsichord pieces, Mozart’s 5th piano sonata, Haydn’s Theme and variation are all infinitely more pleasurable to me. 🤷‍♀️ Good thing there’s so much music to choose from, huh? 🥰💖😁

    @mariaelena I’ve been SO looking forward over the past few weeks to this Sunday’s Voices of Omaha performance of Messiah–only to discover twenty minutes ago that it was LAST Sunday. I’m bitterly disappointed! I’ve sung that many times, have accompanied both rehearsals and performances quite often, and know much of it nearly by heart…that might make it my favorite choral work, you think? I’m hoping there’s a Messiah Sing Along in Lincoln this year as there has been in past years, because I’m really craving it, and it’ll be even better to get to sing the whole thing instead of simply listen to it.

    @funshipfreddie Fun article on “y’all.” And that’s an impressive loss after yesterday’s FD!

    @daffodil2010 One of my piano students and her parents and siblings are all doing the Omaha Turkey Trot–well, they DID it yesterday. It’s a great name, and a great way to burn off in advance some of the calories you’re planning to demolish, LOL. And thanks for the link for the show you’ll watch tonight; if I can, I’ll watch it!

    @northgeorgia I know them all except your mama’nyms. What exactly is that??

    @babs_b and @high5 Happy anniversary to you both!

    @jaifaim Impressive to have pulled off a third FD this week; congratulations!

    @emma-taylor I was encouraged by @songbirdme and @northerndawn to take Magnesium Citrate every day to promote regular function; perhaps that’s worth adding to your arsenal?

    Okay, I got a little less than half the dishes washed before, so now DH and I will go get them put away and tackle some more. It’s so much more pleasant to do them a little at a time!

    Day 26 – 16:8

    A big happy anniversary to @babs_b and @high5 – hoping today is lovely for the celebrating couples!

    A 3 1/2 hour zoom with my father & bro was the day’s highlight yesterday! I ate roast chicken and a salad with just a smidgen taste of my husband’s butterscotch pie. That is my favourite pie, and hard to find, so about 10 years ago my DH decided he was going to learn how to make it. He does so for special occasions and sometimes brings it to the Thanksgiving gathering as one of my nieces is as unexcited about traditional t-day pies as I am. So yummy.

    @stitchincarol your day and menu sounds like it made you and yours very happy! That makes me happy for you! The world would be so dull if we all liked the same things. Mashed potatoes with PARSNIPS? Never even heard of such a thing but I like both so I should like to try that.

    @northgeorgia It has been decades since I played an evening spin of the AM radio dial to see what I might find! Your find does seem like serendipity knocking on your door!

    @funshipfreddie The news does worry me. Be safe. And enjoy lunch, I’m thinking it has been way too long since I’ve had a good curry or Chicken Tikka and naan. Maybe DH and I should plan such a meal soon.

    I wish everyone a great day and weekend. We have no fixed plans except to avoid shopping, watch the finale of the Great British Bake-off and clean the kitchen. Everything else will be whatever suits our fancy.

    Day 26 – USA/GA – WFD

    Thanksgiving damage: a 7 lb weight gain since Wednesday morning (6 lbs heavier over last Thursday). That’s all I can say, because weigh-in is 218 lbs (woo-hoo, I think I’m out of the 220s if not even Thanksgiving can push me back there!) I’m eyeing the 200s for December!

    I’ll be leaving in a couple of hours for the funeral home for visitation hours. It’s a perfect day to fast. No, no Black Friday for us — we actually like to go grocery shopping on Black Friday morning because the stores are empty (no one wants to think about food and cooking the day after Thanksgiving LOL)

    @stitchincarol “We’ll be going over to my mama’nyms after dinner. Y’all coming with us?”

    Day 26 USA – NFD

    Even though I don’t think I overate yesterday, we did enjoy a full Thanksgiving meal with trimmings (including pecan pie … I dislike pumpkin) so need to get down about 5 pounds. Will have to make that effort soon.

    @funshipfreddie – sure do hope you can keep that variant buttoned up far from the USA! But of course, our stock market is on a “November correction” that is blaming it. Sure hope everyone stays healthy.

    @northgeorgia – we’re in this together to stay healthy and get thinner. Hugs to you as you remember your great uncle. May the memories sustain you in grief.

    Happy Anniversary to @high5 and @babs_b – may you enjoy your times!

    @mariaelena – butterscotch pie sounds just delish! I might have to ask for your recipe. I generally can pass up chocolate, but caramel, butterscotch, or even white chocolate is almost impossible to pass by. Oh, and cream cheese frosting.

    @stitchincarol – yes, I would agree that most trained musicians find value in all kinds of music, and the pieces you mention are great ones. It just seems to me that IMHO non-musicians prefer symphonic music especially that are themed or tell a story like program music. Even Disney in “Fantasia” seemed to realize that with cartooning (in the original and 2nd one) helped an audience enjoy the music more.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Well, I never made it to the Jewel of India; my friend Barbara had a tummy upset & so we’ve postponed to next week.

    Omicron – that’s what they’re calling the new variant. Sounds like a fitness tracker?! As in, ‘I just clocked up 11,000 steps on my Omicron!’ Despite all the drama & travel restrictions they still don’t seem to know yet how much worse it could be compared to Delta & co. And it couldn’t come at a worse time. So many Christmas plans ruined. We may even have interprovincial travel restrictions imposed within South Africa. Oh well…

    Have a good weekend everyone ⛅️ 🌈

    Day 27 – Ireland – NFD

    Meeting another friend today for lunch – then will have another attempt to organise the decorations later as I was lazy last night 🎄.

    Have a great Saturday everybody.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

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