Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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Nice November – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 17 – USA/GA – NFD

    Had a mostly restful night. Too late for breakfast, so will continue ZBC and break my fast with almonds, pistachios and a banana before lunchtime meal today.

    Weigh-in: 212 lbs. NOVEMBER GOAL MET AND SURPASSED!! A new low, now with 67 total lbs lost! Next FD will be tomorrow, then hoping that Sunday will be the next one to start out the Thanksgiving week.

    Best wishes everyone!

    Day 17 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFDx2

    Yesterday went according to plan and the scale is much lovelier this morning than it has been for a number of days at 140.6 lbs. Hopefully the good behavior I’m resolved to display the rest of this week will result in even lovelier numbers soon. I went to bed hungry but am not this morning–I love that about fasting, that if I can simply get to sleep, the hunger will go away. I also slept well all night, so that feels a blessing!

    @jaifaim So sorry to hear about your mom’s carer; is it a reasonably mild case?

    @lilymartin I can’t imagine still being locked down; you have my sympathy for that as well as your stomach pain!

    @daffodil2010 I’m so impressed at your determination despite your uncooperative scale; your 2″ loss on your waist proves this is working, however, so power on; we’re all cheering for you! And how sad about how sick your DH’s boss is; I’ll lift him up in prayer.

    @emma-taylor I’m also impressed at your determination; I look forward to hearing about lose clothes and baggy waistbands soon!

    @northgeorgia HOLY COW! That is an impressive weigh-in!!!!!!! You must be walking on clouds!! You are most definitely no longer on a plateau!

    Eye doctor appointment today, so I think I’m going to buy the rest of my Thanksgiving groceries afterward (well, except for the baguette and grapes for our brie cheese appetizer), and then I can be done with that part of the preparation. I LOVE Thanksgiving, and I especially LOVE cooking Thanksgiving!

    Oh, and @northgeorgia, I finally have a plan:
    Today: continue WF until a supper of turkey noodle soup and one piece of beer bread–all with water!
    Tomorrow: Leftover Turkey, sauteed spinach, steamed cauliflower with cheddar cheese melted on top
    Friday: Ridiculously Big Salad with shrimp on top and MAYBE the last piece of beer bread
    Saturday: Ridiculously Big Salad with….???….on top
    Sunday: brunch, but not a feast
    Monday: ground beef patty and lots of veggies
    Tuesday: WFD
    Wednesday: WFD
    Thursday: Day off!

    Obviously, including the beer bread isn’t according to plan, but I’ve crashed and burned too many Thursdays in a row, so want to be careful to give treats in a controlled way–I also don’t want the rest of the bread to go to waste! Clearly, I shouldn’t even have made it on Monday, but having done so, I’m choosing to eat it, not throw it out.

    Okay, off to my day, and I’ll just keep returning to look at my plan and remind myself I am WOMAN, I am STRONG, and I can DO THIS. 💪🎶🎵😂

    Pocket list Day 17

    Day 17 USA-Illinois – NFD

    Going to break my fast from yesterday after Silver Sneakers this morning. Have a couple errands in town, so it will be with a healthy lunch. We decided we really need to finish leaf sweeping this afternoon as much colder weather is on its way to northern Illinois.

    @mariaelena – how was the extra beef? Chile itself sounds wonderful, and I do make a fair white chile as well with chicken and white Italian beans. It’s making me hungry for that … might need to buy the ingredients.

    @lilymartin – for your sake, I hope coffee isn’t the culprit of your tummy troubles. Pain is no fun at all, though, so hopefully your food diary will allow you to figure it all out.

    @stitchincarol – your hubby says “wicked backsliding” in your life? You have me chuckling over that! Guess sin comes in all sorts of ways! Your plan of eating for the next week sounds very energetic. Helen Reddy here we go! We are women who ROAR!

    @jaifaim – I am sorry to hear your mum’s carer is ill. You are right in that they are really saints. I’m right with you, too, at 163 but wanting it to be 160. Soon I hope!

    @northgeorgia – wow! Congratulations on the great progress!!

    Onward and downward.

    second post

    @songbirdme Well, I think he simply said “backsliding,” I added my own commentary by including “wicked”! 🤣 And last evening, he apologized for being such a bad influence on me–because I’ve told him I NEED him to help, because otherwise I just do what he does. If I were also 6′ and 151 lbs, I too could eat whatever I wanted…and wouldn’t want much, which is why he’s only six pounds heavier than when we married in 1989! 😂🤣😂

    And I’m so thrilled someone got my reference to Helen Reddy; of course it was YOU! 🥰

    Day 17 – FD 500

    G’day all. Yesterday was not a fast day, but feels successful because the only carbs I ate came from fresh veg (a salad and riced cauliflower) and a few grapes.The ginger ground beef with herbs was a rousing success!

    @emma_taylor I’m with you. Weighing in too often kills my mojo. Once or twice a month MAY disappoint me if I don’t lose as much as I hoped to, but it is my way of insuring it will always be some scale loss to keep me going. I’ll have to rethink my weigh-in schedule when I get to maintenance weight- I will probably need more frequent weigh-ins to keep me honest.

    @lilymartin hope you feel better soon. Do you like decaffeinated coffee at all?

    @daffodil2010 Fantastic going on loss of waist inches!

    @funshipfreddie I’m trying to imagine some more wordji’s but m😀j😀 and wh🤷‍♀️t? are all that come to mind this morning.

    @stitchincarol your holiday prep intimidates me, quite honestly. We never hosted a thanksgiving and I can’t even imagine. But your pleasure is fun to watch. Great going getting back into the swing after some small (not wicked, in my lexicon) indulgence last week. To me this is all about how I will respond to some indulgence, not a foregoing of them forever and you are a good role model!

    @songbirdme I think the new recipe (with small modifications) will become a staple. Lots of delicious leftovers. I have never had a white chili, but we do a chicken tortilla soup with the same flavour profile as my husbands chili so I can imagine the yummy-ness.

    Thanksgiving memory: one year in the early 90’s I was working in London in November over the American thanksgiving day. My college roommate was furthering her education there at the time and had another American friend who was both quite rich and very lonely (he was estranged from his family). He invited us to the restaurant at the Ritz London for a 7 course nouvelle cuisine British reimagined thanksgiving feast. The flavors were like platonic ideals of the American foods and each dish was unique and sumptuous. That was my most unusual holiday.

    Pocket list Day 17

    Second post

    @stitchincarol My husband is also much taller than I (more than 8 inches) but he was a string bean and has gained considerably. His eating habits certainly can influence mine which is why we now rarely eat the same things, except some more elaborate special meals once or twice a week. He grouses, because he loves to cook and wants to share the results with me, but one serving of say his King Ranch Casserole is close to 800 calories and just leaves me hungry hours later. We have reached a new equilibrium- he rarely cooks on weeknights so I do my fast days then. When he cooks his more excessive indulgent meals, I spend time with him in the Kitchen and help him prepare, and take small tastes along the way (and offer the well deserved praise). But ultimately my not eating it means more leftovers for him, so he is getting used to it. This new balance is working for us.

    I guess, that is a long way of saying I sympathize with the difficulties that arise when two people in the same 🏠 have such different metabolisms. It can take an extra strong mindset or some couple’s creativity to navigate that!

    Day 17 – UK – FD

    Just a quick one to say today is a FD for me.

    This week is going well so far…… 2 X FDs under my belt, plus one well-behaved NFD, so I am pleased so far.

    Hoping I can be well-behaved tomorrow on my NFD.

    Friday – I might fast and I might just do a ZBC….. Will see as I have a lunch date – might be hard not to eat anything !!!!!!

    Sorry I haven’t had time to catch up, hope everyone is doing really well.

    Just caught your weigh-in @northgeorgia – woweeeee, well done!!!!!!!!!

    Day 18, FD?, Aus

    hello friends, I’ve missed you all! I’ve just completed B2B2B2. This was not due to RESOLVE or a returned mojo, but to some dreaded (non-COVID) lurgy that had me in bed for days. I still don’t feel like eating, but I suppose I should at some point. Has made me really reconsider food as “just” minimal fuel for the body and nothing more.

    Still catching up on posts, but hope this opens the day for normal 5:2 routines next week. I feel back on track!

    Day 18, U.K. – NFD

    I have been very good this week so far… 2XFD + 1 x CD

    My results are showing on the scales, in that I am maintaining at eight stone eight.
    However my goal weight is eight stone six and those magic numbers are still eluding me!

    My fast day meal last night contained smoked salmon, all good you might think until I discovered that for some reason Waitrose had seen fit to put sugar into it???!! 😵‍💫😡😳🙄
    However I didn’t realise this until I was just literally about to eat the meal so that was that!!! I ate it.
    Oh my God I was so hungry during the night!
    There is no way that I am doing a ZBC this morning! 😄
    Just goes to show how sugar rocks blood sugars.

    Tonight I’m not going to be eating a RBS, but a RBSF!!!
    This is my own modification – a Ridiculously Big Stir Fry!
    All the same concepts, but cooked!

    So sorry to hear about you being ill, but oh wow re you B2B2B2B !!!! Congratulations on your food epiphany too! Wish I could simply think of food as fuel – that’s impressive!

    Day 18 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Ha, two solid ELAB days, two big salads, and still stuck on the same weight pin. I am more bemused than anything…..I would have though all that fibre I take would have helped things get moving, but no.

    @emmataylor, it’s such a habit now to step on the scales that I do t think I could stop. It does keep me a aware and numbers do motivate me. Once I put the scales in one of the spare bedrooms so that I wouldn’t weigh in each day, but I found myself trooping into the room anyway each morning!

    I am not giving up, but I am going back to plain 500 cal FD’s…my body temp is just too cold not eating all day, then going bed full of salad and taking ages to heat up…..something up with my metabolism being menopausal… today it’s an FD with beetroot salad for lunch (oh how I look forward to lunch today!), and Brocolli, cauliflower and spinach soup for dinner. All worked out at exactly 500 cals on MFP.

    Maybe keto is not for me…but this 5:2 WOE is!!

    Well done @northgeorgia…super results. Wow, you have powered through the teens!!!

    @penz hope you feel better soon. Take care.

    @funshipfreddie Y💃Y!!! Love the Worji……mine not looking so great there though 😀

    November goal redrawn…..not going to be a scale victory, but maybe an extra inch on the measuring tape 🤔


    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @northgeorgia – fantastic result! 🥇💪

    @penz – B2B2B?! Silver lining & all that; good to hear you’re feeling better 🤗

    I’m NOT in the mood for fasting today, but, tomorrow I’ll be glad I did.

    “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse” ~ Ryan Blair

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍒

    Day 18 – UK – NFD

    Hi all, checking in to say I’m still here. Still catching up on posts etc, but have spent the last week caught up in work stress which have scuppered many FD plans. This week I’ve been slowly trying to get myself back on track one step at a time!

    @penz sorry you’ve been feeling so rough, I hope you’re out the other side of it now!

    @daffodil2010 – there’s still plenty of time left in November but measuring tapes are also great to see progress. As I said before, I’ve often found the weeks when I don’t lose weight, I’ll see movement on the measuring tape instead and vice versa.

    Have a lovely day all

    Day 18 – USA/GA – WFD

    Good morning. Weigh-in: 215 lbs. I celebrated someone’s birthday yesterday for lunch, and her favorite place was Japanese. Unfortunately, Japanese isn’t one of my favorite unless it’s heavy noodles or tempura. For some reason, I couldn’t resist the heavy sauced noodle dish. I did break the fast with some nuts but didn’t eat my banana before heading to lunch. All day long my stomach was in revolt. Much better this morning. I have to remember to be a lot more careful when breaking a fast.

    Thanks, everyone, for the congratulations. I was really surprised to pass my target for November mid-month. Hoping I stay on track for the holiday next week, and for the Christmas season afterwards.

    Good luck to everyone on the pocket list today!

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍒

    Day 18 – UK – FD800

    Still here despite not posting since Day 13!! Controlled in my eating/wine consumption I’m pleased to report and today will definitely be a FD800

    Aerobics class at 0900 this morning, then met a recently widowed friend for a coffee and chat and 2hrs later we realised the time…….but she obviously needed to talk and have someone there to listen and support 🤗

    Pilates class at 6pm should help to avoid any temptations this evening 🤞

    Meeting up with DD for a dog walking few hours tomorrow – helping out at a craft fair cafe at our local parish centre on Saturday and then a lovely yoga and Mala making workshop on Sunday morning to look forward to – hopefully these will all help to keep me on track with a controlled weekend!!

    @litprof – so sorry to hear about your DH fairly serious traffic accident but great to hear that he is now on the mend
    @brightonbelle – hopefully you are having a fab time in Sicily
    @daffodil2010 – 4.5lb weight loss in the past week 👍 great result! Can totally understand that both you and OH are overwhelmed by all the changes in your lives – sensible to take time out to recharge and regroup 🤗 shame that the weight loss reappeared after your weekend away but I’m sure it will go away sooner than later
    @mariaelena – great result on your mid month weigh in 👏
    @zzzzz45 – great to hear from you – hopefully all going well with you
    @emma-taylor and others doing OMAD on a regular basis – I am so impressed – although I manage 2 meals a day as a norm and often do OMAD on my FDs, I find doing only 1 meal difficult to fit in with socialising…….
    @stitchincarol – must be nice to see an end in sight from being done sewing on the binding to the quilt you finished last June… it will look fab in your guest bedroom! I love that HR song!
    @lilymartin – lovely to see your first post for this challenge – had wondered where you had got to?? sorry to hear about your health issues, hopefully they can pinpoint a diagnosis soon
    @jaifaim – sorry to hear about your mum’s carer and the impact it’s having on you all – hope mum stays covid free – I too love anything with pickles – I have a great recipe for an Achari Tamarind Fish Curry that OH loves
    @northgeorgia – WOW 212lbs……go you!!!
    @penz – great job on completing a B2B2B2, shame it was due to feeling poorly with a lurgy! hope you get back to your normal self and start to feel better soon x

    This week has been a TDEE weekend, followed by Monday TDEE – Tuesday TDEE – Wednesday CD and today a FD800 so not a bad week so far – now to stay in control over the coming weekend too!!!!!

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍒

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 18 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Actually, I’m not certain what I’m planning to eat is only 500 calories…but probably not far from that. And only the carbs that occur in veggies, so it’ll be good. I was down another 14 ounces today, so nearly a pound, and had an easy time of it yesterday. Well, sorta: around one o’clock I realized I had a pounding headache and nearly caved, but instead took some medicine and promised myself I could eat at three o’clock if I still wanted–and I did. Thankfully, my headache was gone by then. So I ate early, but ate only what I was planning on. Whew, but it’s good to have back all my RESOLVE and self-control.

    @mariaelena After how badly I ate last week (I’d say 2 or 3, or even 3 or 4, donut holes qualifies as an indulgence; I’d say 12 or 16–or more?????–qualifies as wicked backsliding …you notice how long it took me to confess to how many I ate?), I was feeling anything but pride over my behavior. Thank you for calling me a role model for how to respond to periods of indulgence; it made me stop, stare at the words, and smile. And I giggled that you said my Thanksgiving prep intimidates you. I have a list typed out of what to cook/prepare/do, and when, minute by minute, and am constantly amazed when I think of my mom making the same number of dishes as I am with no schedule at all except what was in her head, but producing a meal where everything was ready all at once and was lovely. THAT is impressive; I’m simply good at organizing. And you’re right that I adore doing this. Planning, organizing, and cooking are three of my favorite things to do, and to have them all come together on one day is part of what makes me adore Thanksgiving. Plus, five of our dearest friends will be here along with our two sons, so that’s an excellent recipe for a wonderful day. Your Thanksgiving memory is totally amazing; I can imagine what fun that was for you!!

    Oh dear, @penz, I’m so sorry for you! I hope you’re feeling far, far better now! Is the scale down? That’s always what makes me smile after being sick, that at least I got a lower number on the scale!

    @funshipfreddie Wow, what a perfect quote. That quote is the thought behind me coming up with RESOLVE in August. Thanks for finding and sharing that.

    @northgeorgia It makes me giggle that you’re explaining why you’re up to 215 today. Only three weeks ago, you were working hard to get down to 215, and now you’re sad that you’re UP to 215??? 😁👍💪 You’re doing great, my friend.

    @at How lovely you were able to spend such a long stretch with your recently widowed friend; she clearly needed that time with a friend!

    @basyjames I’m guessing WFH is overwhelming you maybe? @northerndawn, we miss you! @snowflake56 I so wish you would check in and assure us you came through last summer’s flooding okay.

    Tomorrow, DH and I have a funeral to go to almost two hours away. Sadly, there will be a lunch afterward. That will make a massive mess of my RBS plans. I’m trying to figure out where to find the RESOLVE not to eat anything, and how to explain it to people so no one blinks. Any suggestions?

    Work at church this morning, then an eye doctor appointment, then a hair coloring, then a Zoom piano lesson with my great-niece in California. I love busy days because they ensure I’m out of the kitchen and away from temptation.

    Have a good one, everyone. And to quote @funshipfreddie: “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse” ~ Ryan Blair

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍒

    Day 18 – 16:8

    Yesterday was FD 500 but dang if it wasn’t one of my most difficult ones. I was so hungry, an all evening wave that just wouldn’t go away. Like many others, so glad that sleep conquers hunger.

    Today is overcast and chilly and it is having an effect on my mood. And the way the cats are running around, I suspect they are looking for the missing sunbeams.

    Long talk with my father yesterday, a man who I remember most from my youth as reticent and silent. He sure has become a talker, and the stories he shares are priceless to me. The good news is my mother’s best friend Margaret who was COVID twice hospitalized and for whom the prognosis from medical professionals two weeks ago was ‘you had best say your goodbyes now’ has slowly but surely moved to on the road to recovery. I hope I’m not crossing any lines here, but please, get vaccinated. They do not think there is anyway she would have survived if she had not had the vaccine.

    @penz I hope you feel so much better soon!

    @at I find OMAD the only way to get through FD 500’s as I need to intake those 500 at one meal or I am just in a dreadful mood all day. But on other days, I’m with you. Socializing and my habits just make it difficult for me. I keep a strict 16:8 or even an 18:6 and that just fits my life much better. I would reconsider if my weight loss stalled or reversed, but I don’t think that would work as a WOL for me.

    What I appreciate so much about this group, is the positive support shown for all types of personal approaches and successes. I do not have many in my ‘real’ life with whom I can feel safe in discussing weight loss or management strategies- even those who are scientifically minded and thoughtful seem to have so many iron-clad knee jerk opinions on how properly to diet. I have learned to keep all such thoughts to myself and derail such discussions as a defense. So, lol, to cut short my rambling- I just want to thank you all for being here and sharing – the successes, the stalls, the temptations and the information… as well and especially the supportive atmosphere.

    My hopes that all are well, happy and successful today!

    Day 18 – Ireland – NFD

    Hello all,

    Checking in so that I am accountable..
    It is a busy day…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd post

    @stitchincarol No advice, especially since I don’t know what type of luncheon but some things I do and keep in mind. I’m gonna assume a sit down lunch.

    1). I don’t introduce the topic of how or what I am eating.
    That only seems to open the door to urging me to eat poorly. Not opening that door sometimes seems to help keep others commentary to a minimum.

    2) if it is a restaurant type meal I order a salad as entree. A buffet I fill my plate with veg or fruit. Meat, maybe but I avoid gravy laden dishes as I don’t usually enjoy others gravy and cannot identify the ingredients.

    3) If asked I keep it positive and generic. ie:” I am in the mood for a salad (smile)” It makes it hard to argue – who are they to say what mood you are in.

    4) Desert – this has always been tricky for me because I am not in the habit of eating deserts and at any weight I generally don’t want them. But, my not ordering when others order desert bothers others – a lot. So I order a cappuccino if available, or an after dinner drink. My experience is ordering “nothing, thanks” causes much commentary and discussion. I may or may not drink it, but having an item served to me when others get served desert helps the issues.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Day 19, OMAD? Aus

    Thought I was right as rain this morning, so did a quick garden tidy up and took the bins out. And when I say “quick” I mean, I picked some young greens, deadheaded a few silverbeet plants, pulled a few out – maybe . Boy, did I feel shattered after that!

    And yes, @stitchincarol, the scales tell me I’m between 2-3 kg down (I’m not exactly sure how much because I did not have an accurate pre-illness weight). And yes, silly how some numbers on a scale can make me so happy! Not that I’d wish illness on anyone, but in my case, it’s been a blessing in disguise! So glad to read your RESOLVE is back.

    Vent away, @mariaelena – that’s what I love about this forum too. We have the 5:2 overarching philosophy in common, but we all embrace it in different ways. Regardless of our individual approaches, this is such a supportive and non-judgemental group.

    @stitchincarol – could you say something as simple (or blunt) as ‘funerals make me too sad to eat”?

    And apologies all, I’ve only lightly skimmed posts, but is it this weekend you have having some downtime with OH @daffodil2010? You both deserve quiet time out with the emotional rollercoaster you’ve been on – sounds like it’s been quite the positive uplifting type of roller coaster, but nonetheless, there’s only so much adrenaline and excitement one body can cope at any one time!

    Keep on keeping on @northgeorgia – cant wait to see where this will take Wesley and Lola next!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day19 country west Australia CD
    It is so good to be back on track.
    Am currently on the dreaded plateau BUT this time I plan to persevere.🤗 Some years ago when I took up residence on a plateau for MONTHS 📺🌃🌅 – I kid you not!!- I ate my way through the rations for a small country 🍷🍕🍟🌮🍣🥪🍫🥐🥦🥖🥒🍰🥃whilst waiting and apart from nearly tipping the plateau completely over, gained the weight that I am now trying to shift – again.😲
    Accountability ( posting daily) and recording ( I loathe plugging in the figures on MFP BUT it is what really helped me keep an eye on consumption way back in 2016/2017).😳😲
    Works for me but not everyone.
    @penz, so sorry to hear of your involuntary B2Bs.😢 Hope you are feeling better soon.💐
    I gather Victoria is finally getting out of lockdown. 👏Wow! What a long time you guys have been restricted. Longest in the world I heard.
    @mariaelena , when I dine out I now often tell people I am doing 5:2 if it is a FD or a CD and sometimes even when it’s a NFD and my order or not becomes the talking point.
    I would much rather have a discussion with people about eating habits than sink my hard won gains ( losses in this case!). More and more people are aware of 5:2 or intermittent fasting.
    Luckily I am not usually a dessert eater anyway and I just tell people if they are having dessert that I. am happy to sit whilst they have dessert as I am more a savoury person.
    @northgeorgia, well done on your 212 – 215 ! Great figures.😇
    @at yes it IS good to be back and posting. 🤗Priorities priorities! At present I really want to make health my priority due to previously stated gut issues. With eating less and exercising more and losing weight my gut slowly seems to be improving. Who knew these things would help…..!!!🙄
    @stitchincarol. In WA we are not actually in lockdown and have had a fairly easy ride through Covid as we are a HUGE state and have been able to live life fairly normally.
    However, we have had VERY strict border control so going interstate has been a no-go and people have not been able to come in to WA without a VERY good reason or exemption so we have not seen our DS for nearly 2 years. The borders will open up when 90% of WA is fully vaccinated.
    Sadly we have too many anti-vaxers and conspiracy theorists so 90% might not happen until well into next year.😔🙄
    I have just got off the phone with a dear friend who is reluctant to get the jab. 😒
    He said that people who get the jab get bad side effects within weeks of getting the jab.
    I told him that I had breakfast last week and hurt my leg this week so obviously having breakfast causes leg injuries!!! He had the grace to laugh and is considering getting vaxxed. And I appreciate everyone has different views.
    Whilst I know some people HAVE indeed had side effects from the vaccines it seems in Australia at least that Covid or the vax is responsible for EVERYTHING since November 2019 !! ( Sorry, rant over).
    Onward and onward.😁

    Day 19, U.K. ….. A 😵‍💫 Day ??!!

    So today is all set to be a very tiring, energetic, full-on and slightly trying type of day

    Hmm I don’t really feel it is ideal fasting conditions!

    I think I will just try for a ZBC!

    Shame as I don’t think I’m going to get to do my 4:3 this week, never mind, maybe I can do a fast day tomorrow???

    Need to zip off and get on with some tedious deadlines /chores now!!

    Happy Friday everyone (I’m focussing on just getting to Saturday morning myself 😄)

    Day 19 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning all. Felt so much warmer yesterday having a salad lunch, then soup for dinner, slept well, nice loss this morning, and my tum definitely looks less (now I am also doing a Pilates core exercise 3 times a day that my physio gave me) so all in all, I feel good.

    I will continue this WOL, but it will be 3:4 Monday to Thursday FD with one of them being an LFD or OMAD, 5 to 6 days a week will be ZBC and 18:6….. No white (or brown) carbs for the foreseeable, yes, the plan is getting tighter.

    @penz, yes, it’s this weekend that is designated Mental Health Weekend. Unfortunately we still don’t have a plan (and I need to have plans) as DH needs to see how work goes, how he feels and how far he wants to drive this evening, do we even go this evening, and where ARE we going? So, it’s left up to him as its his mental health….and by the way, he is an off the cuff person so not having a plan is natural to him….
    So I just have myself packed, food ready to be put in van, keep my mouth shut, and go wherever and whenever DH wants to go 😀

    Have a great weekend everyone. I am at the same weight I was last Friday morning so this is working.

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD done & dusted! It was a toughie in the afternoon. I’m so used to just drowning myself in caffeine if I get hungry, but that’s no longer an option. I’m down to one coffee in the morning, one tea in the afternoon, & feeling much better for it.

    So, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar… this time next year I’ll probably have checked myself into the closest monastery 😳 😇

    Happy Fri-yay y’all!

    Day 19 – NFD 16:8

    The lunar eclipse was beautiful here – a clear cloudless night sky to view it. We don’t have a good camera, but have a 25 yr old telescope that I’m not sure we ever used before. It gave us a fantastic view. Unfortunately it is the middle of the night, so my sleep is suffering.

    Ah well, I may never have a chance to see it so perfectly again.

    Good day to all!

    Day 19 – USA/GA – NFD

    Breaking my fast with almonds and pistachios as we speak; no ZBC today, but I’ll have my banana in a bit and that’ll suffice for breakfast.

    Weigh-in: 212 lbs again. Lovely! My next FD will be on Sunday, then Tuesday and Friday in order to observe Thanksgiving.

    As the Rev. Smith hurriedly slurps his coffee, he wipes his mouth with his sleeve and says, “that’s it. I’m out of here. Good luck with it all. If you see, errr, anyone, tell them I had another appointment. Thanks a lot!”

    He grabs his jacket and heads out the front door.

    “Did he just…” Lola asks.

    “Yes, and disgusting it was,” Wesley says. “Has he never seen a napkin before?”

    “No, I mean, did he just stick us with his bill???”

    I roll my eyes and shake my head. “Yes. Yes, he did. Ughhh.”

    “A price well worth paying,” Wesley says. “I guess John had to find someone last minute and choices are limited.”

    The server nervously walks over and asks if there is anything else.

    “Well, in for a penny, in for a pound,” I say. “Let’s enjoy a milkshake. I’ll have a small chocolate one.”

    Lola orders strawberry and Wesley a vanilla. “How Neapolitan we are,” she giggles. As the server walks away, I notice a small slip of paper left under my plate. I look around, but see no one else who has walked past. Curious, I unfold the note.


    My heart nearly jumps out of my throat and my face grows pale.

    “What’s wrong,” Lola asks. “What is that note?”

    Good luck to the fasters today!

    Day 19 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD/RBS??

    The scales were 138.6 lbs this morning, delighting me. The black and white striped dress (with a black jacket) I’m wearing for the funeral has never been so loose, also delighting me. I love losing weight and being thinner, so I’m going to hold on to that when we go down to the church basement for lunch, and imagine myself saying, “Yup, I’ll eat soon, but I have a couple people I want to visit with first.” Hopefully that works and I have the RESOLVE to get out of there without eating so I can limit my intake to the RBS tonight and perhaps be even an ounce or two lighter tomorrow…greedy for progress, aren’t I? @penz I about spit my water when I read your suggestion as to what to do/say; you are a funny woman!!

    I’ve no makeup on and we need to leave in thirty minutes, so this has to be it for this morning. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 19 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Off to exercise shortly then some errands. Even though our townspeople choir has not been able to rehearse for 18 months, we are singing Sunday afternoon! We’ve been invited to carol at the town “Mistletoe Walk” – going completely informal, walking around town. I have songsheets I am getting run off with lyrics of some fave Christmas songs.

    Friends coming in overnight, and we will do our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. At least I don’t have to cook!

    Wonderful to read about all the great losses for people. @stitchincarol – isn’t it great when clothes fit better or are even loose? I’m with you about funeral lunches. Usually friends bring a delightful dish to share and those are hard to avoid.

    @northgeorgia – your progress is just stellar.

    @penz and @lilymartin — great to see our Aussie contingent back in the fold! 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 20 U.K. – NFD

    So I finished this week on a 5:2 (not my hallowed 4:3 which almost guarantees my 0.2 lb per week weight loss) but I’ve had some really good CDs this week, which is a monumental achievement for me!!!
    So I’m pretty pleased all in all…

    I HAD been toying with the idea of a FD today, but now the weekend is upon us, that’s evaporated!!!! I deserve to relax after such a busy week! 😄😄😄

    2.6 pounds to go until I hit my new/revised/lower goal weight of 8 st 6, but the silver lining is that I’m happily maintaining at my old/higher goal weight!

    @northgeorgia – Cheerleading November with your incredible mojo & weight loss, Thanksgiving next week AND finding time to let Wesley, Lola et al make an appearance! Loved the bit about the napkin too!!

    @funshipfreddie – wowee, so impressive…you’re fast becoming a saint!!!

    Saint StarShip!!!!

    Oh well guess if you became a monk you’d get to try some nice Benedictine Liqueur from time to time!!! 😄😄

    Happy Saturday everyone! Xx

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    Wow, @high5, so glad you posted, otherwise I’d think I was on the wrong site! 😂😂 Everyone must be sleeping in, or already off on an adventure!

    My eating was almost exactly to plan yesterday, AND I managed to avoid eating at the funeral with zero issues! So, my plan was a RBS with perhaps a final piece of beer bread. I allowed myself that beer bread, and my “naughty” was that I had a second piece. Plus, around nine o’clock, I couldn’t resist any longer and had a glass of Patron Citronge. Yummy. But, that glass? Not sure it was a full ounce, LOL. I didn’t want/need much, and those six tiny sips hit the spot.

    But this morning, the scale is up 1lb 2oz to 140.0 lbs. I’m not worried about it (especially since the beer bread is gone, thank goodness, LOL), but I’m fascinated that the bread could immediately reverse some of the loss! So, no bread today, and it’s all good.

    Fun detail from the funeral yesterday. This was DH’s uncle, and DH was ring bearer at his wedding in 1959. And yesterday, he gave the sermon at the funeral. How fun is that thought?

    After the funeral, DH drove me all around the town where both his parents grew up and showed me the farm homesteads of each (about 30 minutes apart, in fact, which is partly why they didn’t meet until their final year of high school). Both places are just farmland now with the houses long gone. Everywhere we went, I took pictures with my phone and texted them plus details to our three kids, so they also got “the tour.” It was a fun time. 🥰

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 20 – USA/GA – NFD

    Post ZBC shopping trip Weigh-in: 215 lbs. Will do a WFD again tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend!

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Just checking in for accountability. Having a very quiet & chillaxed weekend, just me & Boo Boo.

    @high5 – skinny saint star-ship – that’s me! 😜 But, Benedictine liqueur? Knowing my luck my nearest monastery wouldn’t even have communion wine 🙄

    Have a good weekend everyone ⛅️ 🌈

    second post


    On the opening kick-off, Wisconsin ran the ball down field 92 yards for a TD against Nebraska.

    It’s going to be a L.O.N.G. three hours.

    Day 20 – NFD

    We cooked (husband is trying a couple new recipes for him to bring in T-day) and watched Fantasia last night. It was as magical as My vague childhood memory!

    Well wishes to all.

    Day 21 – Ireland – NFD

    Hello all,

    Happy Sunday everybody!
    I am having a lovely weekend which started off with a sea swim yesterday. It was a beautifully sunny crisp day and the water was gorgeous.
    I don’t swim regularly in winter, just from time to time when the weather is good.

    Today I’m getting up soon to head off on my bike… I have not got out on my bike much recently as things have been so busy and my mojo has been missing.. but looking forward to it today. 👍. Then taking my beautiful god daughter shopping as we haven’t been able to do this between lockdowns and busy schedules 💕

    @daffodil2010 I hope you are having a fab weekend… it seems like you have had so much going on recently with your DH’s newly found family etc … it is just fabulous 🤗 but I’m sure it has upended things a little and tired you both out… there must be so many emotions flowing… enjoy your time out of life 🌸

    @litprof I hope your DH is doing well now?

    Reading back on posts I read about your cough @emma-taylor and just wondered about something that is popping up on menopause forums here a lot… as we grow older we produce more histamine and become more intolerant to things we previously enjoyed.. alcohol
    Is high in histamine so that might have been the problem, other foods like fermented foods, smoked meats, tomatoes etc can also cause problems… classic issues would be coughs, sneezing. Itching, cramps, tinnitus and many more…

    An example would be my intolerance to avocados a couple of years ago…. Loved them in the past but I developed an intolerance… so literally couldn’t eat them without feeling I’ll. I cut them out of my diet for more than 6 months and then reintroduced them and all fine now… turns out avocado is also on the list.
    This is one of the reasons I also steer clear of alcohol as much as I can… not this weekend though 🥂.

    Just a thought?

    Have a great day everyone! Be well 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    What a lovely trip down memory lane you had with your DH yesterday @stitchincarol

    Day 21 OMAD London UK

    @jaifaim – that’s interesting. It might be that. In some ways it’s a very good thing, because eating the Eat Like A Bear way does mean cutting out all alcohol. It’s just that a lot of my social life revolves round the pub – my DH loves going there, and our mutual friends ditto. I wish DH had a male buddy to go to the pub with, watch football with etc. but for some reason he hasn’t kept up with those particular friends and I don’t really want to be his pub buddy any more. And what on earth do you drink in a pub if you are cutting alcohol and carbs? Water? Coffee?
    Apart from that, I love the ELAB process. So easy, and you get to eat a HUGE meal every day….

    Day 21 – 16:8

    Was a bit indulgent for lunch yesterday and had a hamburger (without bun) and French fries from local place. Yum. Had a sensible homemade salad for dinner.

    Today will be a silent one, as husband bedridden post booster shot. He had an easy time with his first two (Pfizer) shots but his booster was Moderna. My second shot (Moderna) left me wretched for a week so I’m keeping my fingers crossed he rebounds quickly. My booster scheduled for last week in November.

    Enjoying my morning coffee and cat time. Overcast here and I’m wearing headphones listening to Sir Georg Solti conducting Mozart symphonies 38-41. Breathtaking. I was fortunate to hear him conduct many times in my youth, and got hooked on his emphatic ‘thunder and lightning’ style.

    I have also been preparing and outlining for a talk with my brother-in-law (the one I get on with well). He has a daughter who has some serious physical disabilities, but until a couple of weeks ago he didn’t realize I have some significant difficulties. (I have dyspraxia, which has been called a ‘hidden disability’)

    He is hoping to be able to teach her to be more independent and specificity be able to get healthy meals together in the kitchen. I’m preparing a sort of presentation/demonstration of my kitchen safety hacks and unusual tools I use – since conventional methods and kitchen tools are often unsafe for me. If we think any of these would help her🤞, we will schedule time for me to work with her directly.

    My motor-coordination difficulties led me to find many kitchen gadgets designed for one handed people. Although I have the use of both hands, the use of these gadgets allow me to do so much more in the Kitchen safely and easily. I can accomplish the same or good enough results in the kitchen as normally abled persons, but my methods can be unconventional.

    What I’m trying for mostly is to communicate is how I identify the actual problem and come up with work arounds to try. ie Kitchen tongs. Spring loaded (the worst) or not I can’t work them – but it took a lot of time to realize it is primarily a lack of being able to determine proper grip pressure to use rather than I just didn’t handle the tool properly. So the ACTUAL problem is they are the wrong tool for me to use, not that I should keep trying to learn to use the tool – I don’t have that capability.

    Showing him the tools and methods I use might be a bit helpful, but communicating how I isolate the goal (turning over the chicken pieces in the roasting pan) from the tool (using tongs) is more what I need to explain. I CAN’T use kitchen tongs to turn the chicken. But that doesn’t matter because I CAN find tools I can use to turn the chicken. That is the important distinction I need to describe and demonstrate.

    Ooh, time to give DH more ibuprofen so have a good 🌞day all!

    2nd post

    Wow! I owe you all a huge thank you! The act of writing out what I’m thinking of talking to my bro-in-law about has given me huge insight.

    Too often it is me trying to work out how to use the OBSTACLE to my goal. Because someone said this is what to use/how to do it. But what if we say, ‘OK, Livvie, if you were going to try (ie to slice this cucumber), how would you do that, and work with her ideas and natural instincts instead of starting her off with the ‘right way’ and a failure off the bat.

    That is a huge shift in how I think about things- and all for the better!

    Day 21 – USA/GA – WFD

    I forgot it was my sister-in-law’s birthday this weekend; lots of unexpected carbs. Today’s weigh-in: 218 lbs (nearly 219!). This made me feel a little disappointed.

    Then I stopped and realized:

    * This was a tie with my lowest Sunday weigh-in ever from three weeks ago.
    * Saturday’s 215 was the lowest Saturday weigh-in ever.
    * Friday’s 212 was the lowest Friday weigh-in ever.
    * Thursday’s 215 was a tie from two weeks previous as the lowest Thursday weigh-in ever.
    * Wednesday’s 212 was the lowest Wednesday weigh-in ever.
    * Tuesday’s 215 was the lowest Tuesday weigh-in ever.
    * Monday’s 216 was a tie with the previous week’s lowest Monday weigh-in ever.

    I also thought:

    * Last Sunday I was 220 lbs.
    * On the Sunday I last was 218 lbs, I gained a little more the next day as it was day one of two of back to back NFDs. Today, I’m fasting.
    * I have noticed if I have two or three higher carb NFDs in a row, I tend to gain an average of 5 or 6 lbs (mostly water).

    I recognize:

    * With Thanksgiving on Thursday, it is possible to hit the 220s again this week.
    * With controlled NFDs on Monday and Wednesday, it isn’t likely I’ll hit 220.
    * If I do hit 220, it isn’t the end of the world. It is just a holiday. I’ll be fasting the day after anyway.
    * I am eating a lot less food in general, and feeling fine. No, actually, I’m feeling better than before I started 5:2.
    * I may occasionally crave some sweets and starches, but they just make me feel tired and hungry really fast. I go for more proteins and fats now, also ensuring I get fiber.
    * I really try to be mindful of snacking. I try to put cravings in the context of a meal and eat slowly and to satiety.

    And after all of that, I don’t feel my weigh-in is too terrible after all. Stay strong this week!

    Day 22, FD, Aus

    Feeling back in the groove, yay!

    @mariaelena. I don’t know if this will help but it seems aligned with the trajectory of your thoughts to help your daughter-in-law. Do your remember that Apollo 13 movie? One scene that has really stayed with me is when the NASA team back on earth assembled everything the astronaut team had with them in space to try and solve their problem with the command module. It was not a question of ‘do we have enough things to fix it?’ but more ‘we have everything we need to find the solution – let’s just do it’. They started with the belief they had sufficient tools already available to them; rather than with a negative mindset.

    Oooh exciting, @northgeorgia! What DID happen with Rita, Megan and John!!

    Happy Monday everyone.

    Day 22 AUS FD

    Day 22 already! November has flown by!

    My home state just opened its border for the first time in six months to my current state, and I’ve dashed over for a visit. It’s been lovely, but absolutely impossible to maintain any sort of sensible eating here! Both my parents and the in-laws had champagne waiting on ice for our arrival, with giant cheese boards and special meals, and it seemed much much more important just to enjoy their hospitality with pleasure and gratitude. My liver’s a bit overwhelmed though!

    I have a few quieter days ahead now, so will be lots of water and a RBS tonight. It’s super hot here, so there’ll be lots of swimming ahead too.

    Good luck to everyone starting the week with a FD! A nice healthy kickstart to the week, as December looms.

    Day 22, U.K.- FD

    I have just realised that this week will also have to be a 5:2 again and not my preferred routine of a 4:3.

    This is because it is our wedding anniversary on Friday so we are off on a nice long weekend.

    I am very lucky because our wedding anniversary always coincides with US thanksgiving which means it is very easy for me to take time out of work for our anniversary 🎉🤩

    But it also means that I too will be enjoying three days of EFS at the end of this week!

    The good news is that I was incredibly well-behaved this weekend and that my other NFDs last week were really well-behaved.

    I just realised that the only sugar that I had in the whole of last week was one brownie(and that was my break-fast one late morning last week) And about three pieces of dark chocolate over the whole week. However of course I did have chocolate pudding at the lunch party yesterday!!!! So overall I’m focusing on the positives (rather than lamenting not being able to do 4:3s!)

    @jaifaim – I too have run into histamine issues. But I did not know that it was age related, so thanks for posting that.
    Sadly I have real trouble with fermented foods, which means that my favourite health foods such as kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha are all off the menu. I can’t even have yoghurt! 😳 Alcohol is also tricky 🥺🥺😢😢

    @mariaelena – Thank you for explaining what dyspraxia actually is.
    For some reason I thought it was an inability to do mathematics!
    Sounds like you have to do some real lateral thinking every day of your life!

    @northgeorgia – agreed, you are on an incredible downwards trajectory and your mojo is currently seismic! You are such an inspiration!! 🤩🤩🤩

    Glad the INEVITABLE temporary uptick hasn’t dampened your spirit!

    I believe no weight loss graph is the perfect bell curve! We all have plateaus and upticks when we look at graphs, but these normally precede big downward plunges, so hold onto your hat!!! The next big chute is coming!🎢🎢🎢

    @emma Taylor – Are you missing Sicily?

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @emma-taylor – to answer your question , “And what on earth do you drink in a pub if you are cutting alcohol and carbs? – “The low and no-booze market has never been better, here’s our pick of the lot”
    https:// /uk/food-drink/g34058805/best-non-alcoholic-drinks/ But, I agree, pubs & bars really do lose their appeal when you’re possibly the only one there who isn’t knocking back alcohol & everyone around you gradually becomes louder & more inebriated. Going for a meal is one thing, but otherwise, what’s the point?

    Pocket List – Day 22 🍓

    Day 22 – Ireland – FD

    Hi all, I have blood tests today so starting out fasting anyway and will continue for the day. ✅

    I’ve had a great weekend but I’ve eaten way too much and really felt it yesterday after a delicious meal out 💕. So i am aiming to have a very good week ahead. I can feel it on my waist now and haven’t looked at the scales as I’m a bit frightened to. 😬

    Planning for a good week with reduced sugar, no alcohol and increase in exercise and mindfulness as I’ve been a little bit lazy over the last two weeks.

    Have a great day everybody and here’s to a good week! 💪

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 22 💪

    Second post…sorry @funshipfreddie we posted at same time

    Pocket list day 22 🍓 💪

    Day 22 – UK – CD

    Hello all! I’m still here and starting to get myself back on track after the last 4 weeks, which I can only describe as being ‘foggy’. Over the past week, I have hopped onto my yoga mat most days – I can realistically only do about 15 minutes but I’m starting small and can honestly say I really noticed it on the days I didn’t do it last week. Thank goodness for Yoga With Adriene on YouTube! She’s fantastic. Ironically, I discovered her channel for the first time about 8 years ago and the first video I ever did was ‘Yoga For Digestion’ which, as she is based in the US, she had recorded to coincide with Thanksgiving. It’s a lovely one.

    I’ll be honest and say my eating / food choices haven’t been great. Of course they could always be worse but I’ve not managed a FD in well over a month. Not ideal, but I feel like I’m coming back to it now. The meals this week have been meticulously planned, I just need to stop the sweet tooth after dinner. Has anyone got any tips??

    Yesterday was spent making the Christmas pudding and we also booked an impromptu break away for New Year on the south east coast. I am looking forward to seeing in the new year somewhere different and with some sea air to clear the cobwebs.

    @high5 – it’s mine & DH’s anniversary on Friday too 😄

    Have a great Monday!

    Day 22 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. The inevitable holiday uptick is coming, BUT this is my lowest Monday weigh-in ever! Now last week, I had a stressful event and only had OMAD lunch. Lost a pound by Tuesday. That won’t happen today, although I’ll likely consume fewer calories! That is something I’d like to try again, maybe next week. Having a full, desert included, lunch as an OMAD, and still watch the scales dip the next day haha

    Got to run. Have a fantastic day!

    Second Post

    I just popped back to forum as was feeling a bit hungry/sleepy and wanted some inspiration!

    Oh wow @babs_b! I know two people with birthdays that day, but I have never ever met a fellow anniversary celebrator! Hooray for Autumn weddings, autumn leaves and autumn colours!
    Happy Wedding Anniversary for Friday 🙂

    @babs_b again, re sweet cravings, I find that a spoonful or two of SMOOTH Almond Butter is incredibly satisfying after dinner.
    My top brands are (1) Sainsbury’s own (check it isn’t rancid though as some of them are and then they taste burnt) or (2) Whole Earth smooth almond butter (never had a rancid one).
    Avoid Meridian – too often rancid/burnt tasting.
    • Almond Butter is mega HFLC too 🙂
    • It is so satisfying you really can’t eat too much of it!

    If almond butter isn’t your thing, then the other Go-To for me is 85% dark chocolate.
    Again, is so satisfying you really can’t eat too much of it, 3 squares is about the limit really. Mostly I am satisfied after one square!

    Day 22 – FD 800

    @penz one of my most favourite movies! Yes, that scene is a great analogy. I know my bro-in-law has seen it but I wonder if my niece has? 🤔. You have given it added personal dimension!

    @litprof such happy news to hear your isolation from family has ended! Enjoy the swimming, that is out for me for the foreseeable future and I miss it. Do a couple laps for me! Do you have a favored stroke?

    @high5 Happy upcoming anniversary!! How many? Anything special planned? Are you off to somewhere for the weekend or staying home?

    As for dyspraxia, I do wish I were in England or Ireland where there is a lot of recognition and a community of support for this disability. I was diagnosed quite young, but before the term had been in use and was just told it was a general motor coordination and concentration learning disability, and in my youth the best medical/scientific advice was quite wrong and very bad for me. I like “lateral thinking’ as the term for what I do, in my own mind I think of it as ‘hacking’ to solve problems as I have done ever since first faced with shoelaces. Yes, I can not tie my shoelaces in a proper bow. I faked it with a double knot and pretend bow on top until as an adult I simply stopped buying shoes with shoelaces, lol. Sometimes there is a VERY simple solution 😀

    @jaifaim I empathize with that not wanting to see the scale’s verdict. What I do in that situation is set a date, like, I will weigh myself two weeks from today, and try to build good mojo for that interim period.

    @babs_b “Yoga for digestion”!!! Sounds terrific- I will have to look that one up! The only tip I have is brushing my teeth immediately post dinner seems to help me avoid those evening snacking impulses. Happy upcoming anniversary to you! How long? Any special plans?

    @emma-taylor My socializing drink of choice is diet tonic water. Yes, it has artificial sweeteners, but it sure isn’t sweet and to me, it tastes like an alcoholic drink which helps me have a more festive mood. And because it looks like so many alcoholic beverages, other people assume it is. Dunno if that would be an option in a pub tho.

    I did not eat well this weekend, DH was trying out new recipes and one was a baked mashed potato dish – I just cannot resist potatoes or exert self control and stop when I should. I’m paying for it with unpleasant reflux. Today salad and homemade soup on the menu so hopefully that will help.

    It is sunny today! We have not had rain, but dreary overcast days for a week, and I can feel the difference in my mood! And the cats are wandering from sunbeam to sunbeam so happy!

    Pocket list day 22 🍓 💪

    Day 22 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Yesterday was more of a feast than I’d intended, but I’m back on track today, so the weight that showed up this morning will be gone shortly, I’m sure. I’m having a grand time figuring out all the details of what I’m making for Thursday, and will get the pie doughs out of the freezer today so that I can roll them out, get them into the pie pans, and refrigerate them until Thursday morning when I bake the pies. Fun day!

    @northgeorgia I loved your long thought process about the higher-than-you’d-have-liked weight, and your logic was all spot on.

    @litprof How exciting for you that you got to do some very long-overdue visiting!

    @high5 Happy anniversary this Friday; how many is it? Do explain how the American Thanksgiving holiday helps you take off time in the UK, however?

    @funshipfreddie What a delightful list of alternatives to boozy drinks; I’m thinking I don’t have time to hunt them out here in the states before Thursday, but wish I did!

    @babs_b It’s probably not the healthiest (???) but I find chewing gum to be a delightful salve to my longing for sweets. And happy anniversary to you, also; how many for you?

    Pocket list day 22 🍓 💪

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