Monday and Wednesday faster needed!!

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  • Do any of you use miso soup on your fast days? I had it for the first time today and although it didn’t smell very appetising, it was actually quite nice and made me feel like I’d had something nice and savoury. It’s only 43 calories per sachet. X

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately no weight loss this week for me. Think I need to be more careful with calories over the weekend or have a couple of low calorie days during the week. Weight has been fluctuating during the week but when I weighed myself today (usual weigh in day) it still remained the same. with dinner tonight it will be around 585 cals so may try and stick to that or a few cheeky more. Thinking of a gin in the garden.

    Congratulations to everyone on their weight loss.

    Hi All, congratulations Elc72 great loss! Nice to get to somewhere your comfortable with, size 10 F.A.B!!
    Don’t be to hard on yourself lazycat, I had to have a disappointing result to kick start myself and re-assess, what I was doing. I am aiming for 120 lb not the recommended 114lb although I am only 5ft I have size 6 feet so I reckon I’m chunky.
    Had a glass of wine in the garden this afternoon weather was so beautiful, but counted the calories, so o.k. – As always, I would really like another.
    Good thinking Emma I love miso soup I’ll get some in stock.
    Good luck to all Goosey x

    I used beef Oxo cubes as a drink- one makes a full mug and is only 16 calories and really tadtyy. Only good if you’re not a veggie though.

    Sorry, that should have read ‘tasty’

    Can I ask what day you all weigh yourselves? Am looking to jump on the scales on a day that gives me a true picture of my weight. Have been doing it on a Thursday morning which I was getting a weight loss of around 1lb-2lbs. However, today weighed myself when I returned from work and no weight loss. Although I did munch loads of rubbish over the weekend.

    Lazycat I think I will weigh on a Friday having fasted on a Monday and Wednesday. I’m hoping that will give a realistic figure and if it’s not what I’d hoped it will make me be (mainly) good over the weekend.

    How many of you are counting calories on non fasting days? And are you measuring as well as weighing as this will give you a better indication of how you’re doing. Weight can fluctuate so much for so many reasons xx

    Well done everyone on their losses and good luck to those weighing over the next few days x

    Joj62 I have bouillon powder as well and believe that’s suitable for vegetarians x

    Hi lazycat, I was a lazy goose and didn’t count calories at all, I thought I could approximate, WRONG, this is the first week I have weighed, measured and counted, both F.D and None what a difference it has made! I weigh myself on Mondays, but today I am 4 lb down on my last Monday weigh we will see what happens next Mon. Good luck to you all. Goosey x

    im 4 foot 11 and want to get to around 105 pounds, so thats 7 and a half stone and i need to lose 29 pounds. so far i have lost 8 pounds but i weighed myself today and im a pound heavier, but i was guessing it was because it was a feast day yesterday and i did consume quite a bit of sodium.

    im doing the 4.3 diet and was thinking about changing it to mon,tue, thu and fri fast. what do u guys think about this? will i lose weight quicker? i go on holiday in 3 weeks and i want to fit back into my pre pregnancy clothes.

    also i exercise a lot, i do 30 minutes hiit workout,1hr and 30 mnutes on the bike and then 30 minutes of weights a day and sometimes i go for a walk at the night. is this too much?could too much exercise cause weight gain?

    Hi Hannah, You are doing very well on 4:3 and I worry that you won’t be able to sustain a fourth day.

    The most important aspect of any diet is sustainability. Only go for another day if 4:3 is dead easy for you.

    I am also petite and therefore have a low TDEE so when I was losing weight (now maintaining) I did 4:3 which is pretty tough long term. I could not have done another fast day for any length of time (maybe a week or so). People say that there is not much difference of weight loss between 5:2 and 4:3. I think this might be true for people with higher TDEE. My TDEE is only around 1400 and if I only do 2 fasts I save 2000 cals provided I am strict on feast days. So doing another day helped me as it allowed me to go a bit over at the weekend and relax from counting. It is important to enjoy life a little because it is a WOL.

    What I am saying is, Hannah, be kind and patient with yourself. 😉 or you might give up.

    i know im not sure if i can do that many days, but i might give it a go. how much weight did u lose? and how long did it take u? im hoping i can lose 8 pounds in 4 weeks.

    Hi all,

    Thanks Emmabarth for the suggestion on weighing on a Friday, I may do the same.

    Gooselucey- I have been counting calories on non fast days but really only this week. I do not weigh food I just approximate the calories in home made food.

    Like many of you I am quite short (bit like a donkey with my short stumpy legs) so my TDEE is just under 1400 cals. I have been usually a bit under on some non fast days but weekends are my tricky time to control my calorie intake. Once the gin goes down my throat my will power goes.

    Good luck over the weekend folks!

    @hannah, I lost a stone in 3-4 months but the last 5 lbs were the hardest and dragged on a bit, probably because as we get closer to the goal we become less strict (we are almost there) and the discipline starts wavering. I definitely needed 3 fast days or those last pounds.

    2 lb/week is very ambitious and may be doable if your TDEE is 2,000+cals.

    My TDEE is 1500cals (with light exercise) giving me a weekly calorie allowance of around of 10,500. To lose two lbs I would have to cut out 7,000cals leaving me with 3,500 cals. That is 500cals per day – not an option for me.

    For me it is important to keep fasting 2 days a week even though I have been maintaining since last autumn. Having such a low TDEE fasting allows me the occasional treat or overindulgence. Fasting or IF does become a habit over time. Monday fasts are always easy as we counteract a more indulgent weekend but he second fast often ends up at 600-700 cals i.e. a snack (fruit) late aftenoon and a normal evening meal with family. During the week I don’t do breakfast anymore and at the weekend it is brunch and an early evening meal. It takes time to establish new habits but I think I can now truly say that fasting will stay part of my life.

    Hi all,

    Lichtle- well done on your weight loss and maintaining it. Can’t wait until I have reached my target weight of 9stone. However, would love to get down below that but that appears to far away to consider at present.

    Wishing all you Monday fasters luck.

    Hi all , lost this week 2 lb down to 11st1 lb so here’s hoping 2 lb this week so I’m into the 10 bracket. Good luck everyone this week xx

    @lazycat – you will get there, no worries.
    @anjpink – well done – what great motivation for the week ahead.
    Good luck everybody.

    Morning all, I hope you have had a lovely weekend . Well done anjpink- keep going.
    I have lost 3 lb this week, so last weeks gain has been made up for, thankfully.
    I am going to fast on Mondays and Tuesday’s from now, so good luck to us all, downward and downward!
    Lazycat Your Quorn sausage trick worked a treat, I love them, thanks.
    Goosey x

    Hi all.
    Congrats to everyone I think, all loses by the looks of things.

    I too am a quorn convert.

    Wow that good weight loses everyone I have not weighed myself this week but will do next, had quorn sausages yesterday yummy…. I am doing a 4:3 this week Mon Wed and Fri, just to hopefully kick fats butt… have a good fasting day everyone

    What’s everyone eating today?

    I’m waiting till this evening and having home made Bolognese, made with quorn and cous cous. 213 cals for the Bolognese and 178 the cous cous.

    Well done to all those who have lost weight!It keeps me motivated to hear about your weight loss. I had a sneaky jump on the scales (usually weigh nearer the end of week) and lost 2lb. However, plan to do actual weigh in on Friday. Fingers crossed.

    I am so glad that quorn is a bit of a hit. I am having home made soup and couple of quorn sausage if I fancy another munch before bed. Only lemon and ginger tea and water so far today. I think sometimes eating small meals just triggers the want for more food.

    Good luck folks

    Hi everyone
    I too am aiming for a Monday Wednesday fast. Those seem to be my busy days so hopefully that will help. Tried this once before but on that one you couldn’t eat any calories on your fast day. Have a son getting married in a couple months and would like to loose some for the wedding this is my last ditch effort since it seems nothing is working. Looking for support from people going thru the same thing. Seems so hard to loose anything after the age of 50..I am 53 and going down hill since 50.

    Hi all.
    Did anyone have any problems getting on the forum last night?
    Welcome midwestgirl.

    Hi All, did a liquid only day yesterday so had a warming bath and an early night, having a low calorie day today- cauliflower soup for dinner, feeling great so far. I am now down to 120lb , recommended weight for my hight 5ft and age 58 is 114lb, I always thought I would stop at 120lb, ( nice round number) but now I am thinking shall I try to go all the way? I have no memory of being that small before, it’s a case of the strange unknown and a bit unnerving. I would love to know what you think or what your plans are.. Goosey x

    P.S. Hi Midwestgirl, great diet, great forum, loads of advice and encouragement. Good luck, Goosey x

    Thanks for the welcome! Had my first fast day yesterday and it went pretty well not even too hungry today. I even went to the gym and for a walk last night my calories came from a protein shake after the gym. Does anyone know it that is ok to do on an empty stomach. Not too up on those things. Just hoping I don’t over do it today now. The first week or so of a diet always goes well and then I seem to loose track of what I am trying to accomplish. Hoping that being on this forum will help me keep on that track.

    Hi all and welcome MIDWESTGIRL,

    MIDWESTGIRL-glad that your first fast went well. I am not sure about your qustion about going to the gym on empty stomach. I did it last year when I did 5:2 and was ok it was a weights class so not high impact.

    Goosey- well done, what an achievement! I think that I will probably be the same as you and move the weight goal when I reach my original goal of 9 stone and change it to 8 1/2 stone as I am only 5 foot 2. However, that sounds way too far in the future.Last week was 10 stone 1lb. Hope the scales will be kinder this week. Sneaky jump on the scales on Monday was kinder but plan to weigh on Friday.

    Elc72- Yeah I had problems with the site last night too.

    Good luck to all fasting tomorrow

    Well done everyone on their losses 🙂

    I weighed on Friday and have lost 4lb since I started last week. I’m ecstatic about it because I had reached a plateu before giving this a go, despite feeling like I was constantly munching on leaves! 🙂 I am only 5 foot 1 and currently weigh 124lbs (8 stone 12lb) and am aiming for about another half a stone loss, although I too will see how I feel as the pounds melt away!

    EXERCISE – Someone asked about exercise (I cant find the post) and if it helps my nutritionist has advised me that cardio is fine on fast days but not resistance/weight training. This is her quote “DO NOT FAST ON THE DAYS YOU DO WEIGHT TRAINING! When you lift weights, your body needs food to repair. However, I think it’s fine to do cardio/spin on your fast days. But as always, listen to your body. If you feel too weak or tired, don’t do it!”

    I have certainly been exercising and was initially worried about feeling faint but I felt great in fact. Also exercise helps keep hunger at bay a bit longer. Remain extra hydrated if you’re exercising though.

    Good luck if you’re fasting tomorrow.
    Onwards and downwards!
    Emma x

    Hi Emma,

    Well done! That’s a great loss this week.Sounds like that 5:2 is really working for you. No weight loss last week but hopefully this week when I jump on the scales on Friday.

    had a sneaky weigh today, my official weigh day is tomorrow. I have put 4 pounds on!!, I hope to god this disappears overnight!!!

    Hi Guys…

    You all sound like your doing great 🙂

    I’m on my second ever fast day.. I find myself doing pretty good however I was a bit reluctant to if it actually worked or not.. It seems like it does.

    Any tips for a newbie?


    Elc72 – How have your non fasting days been? Have you been counting calories and sticking to your limits? If so then I really wouldn’t worry about it and just try to only weigh once a week at the same time. There will always be some fluctuations throughout and if you keep weighing yourself you will either become obsessed or get disheartened. Are you measuring yourself as well as weighing as a way to measure your success?

    Lazycat – Im sure you’ll do great on Friday 🙂

    Hi AJAY and welcome:

    Here are some tips for newbies:

    Good Luck!

    Hi AJAY and welcome, am glad that your fast is going well today. It does get alot easier. I am on week 5 although this this my second time on the 5:2. Did it last year and to be honest I just played at it.

    Elc72- I am sure that the scales will tell you great things on your actual weigh in day. I did the same last week and had a sneaky jump on the scales a couple of time since. My weight fluctuated over the course of the week so going to try and stick to a friday (if I can).

    Girlie night out on Saturday so I expect to have one gin too many and eat rubbish on the Sunday so trying hard to be reasonable good during this week. May have to be very very good next week to make up for my indulgence.

    Hi all.
    Official weigh day and I’ve stayed the same. I’m over the moon!. After the sneaky weigh yesterday, and being 4lb up I was expecting a gain, but thank god no, and 1 inch off the waist. I do think that’s amazing though, 4lb difference in a day.

    Hi Elc72- so glad for you, I think your very brave to only weigh once a week, I weigh everyday and respond to my fluctuating weight by eating more or less, it scares me the damage I could do in a week! Saying that my scales are broken so didn’t weigh this morning- hope it’s just the batteries. I don’t want a new set- they might tell me something I don’t like. Had a lovely dinner last night, fish and veg night, having steak and broccoli stir fry tonight, Delia’s chicken with whole spices tomorrow, Not that I have given it a lot of thought!
    Goosey x

    Goosey, sounds tasty.

    I’m away this weekend so no idea what I’ll be eating, but I do find that I actually eat more at home. I nearly always loose weight on a holiday.

    Hi all,

    just had my weigh in and lost 2 1/2lbs. Over the moon! Here is hoping that it continues in that direction.

    Hi All, I hope you all have a great weekend – don’ t eat anything that makes you feel miserable.
    Well done lazycat, that doesn’t happen by accident, you have worked at it, got the reward and deserve a BIG WELL DONE !! Fantastic result! Have a great night out with the girls.
    Elc72 Enjoy your weekend. Goosey x

    How are you doing? Saturday’s are proving to be my downfall. Ate too much,drank too much,- wine is definitely my undoing, but it was all lovely. A bit of a headache this morning. Back to being mindful today.
    Gooseylucey. X

    Hi all,

    Am in the same boat as Gooseylucey. I drank my weight in gin on the girlie night out and paid the price the price for it today. Fasting tomorrow as usual and looking forward to it.

    Good luck to everyone for the week ahead.

    Morning Girls, Fast day today. I am quite looking forward to it hope you are all too. My weigh day and I have lost 1 lb, very happy with that. Having a little trouble with ‘goods in transit’ and am feeling sluggish, I took a fibrogel yesterday so I hope that does the trick, it surprises me as on feed days I do eat lots of fibre.

    Reading one of the other threads they were talking about something called Myfitnesspal, have any of you used it? I had a look, if you are like me and not keen on counting calories it could be good, I am going to give it a go. Love to know if you have, and what you think. Good luck Goosey. X

    Hi all,

    Goosey- I use myfitnesspal and find it very useful. It counts cals and also gives you the nutritional breakdown of the food that you are eating. You enter your weight, height, age and the amount of weight that you would like to lose per week. It then gives you the amount of cals that you should be eating daily.

    Good luck for today

    Over my cals for a fast day as off work today. Have decided to fast tomorrow and Wednesday to make up for today.

    As my old Dad used to say- me belly thinks me throats cut! Almost completed my fluid only day today, going to have a cup of coffee then brush my teeth. I have been finding things to do all day to try and distract myself, the house is clean, I’v moved the furniture around, now I am wishing I had some knitting. Will be joining you again tomorrow lazycat. Onward and downward, Good luck to all. Goosey x


    I couldn’t get motivated today as was still tired from the indulgence of gin at the weekend. Back on track tomorrow as busy day at work. Considering doing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to try and make up for the weekend.

    Goosey, it sounds as if your doing great! I think that your right about keeping busy on fast days. Think that is where I went wrong today as I just pottered about the house cooking. Not the best plan.

    Hi all,
    Back from my weekend away, I went to England to visit my children. Had a great time and ate out every day.

    I do eat nice things while I’m away, but only seem to eat once a day so no major damage is ever done.

    Most of my calories are taken in the liquid form!!!.

    Not managed my fast today for obvious reasons, so will just do Wednesday.

    Last time I did a 6.1 I actually lost weight, (can’t see it happening this week).
    Good luck everyone.xx

    Morning All, Glad you had a nice visit to England Elc72Second F.D for me today, and being joined by Lazycat- great to have your company. Celery and spinage soup for me today. What are you having? Goosey x

    im going on holiday in two weeks and im really worried about the weight gain. at the moment im on the 7th week now of the 4.3 diet and lost 12 pounds,but im worried about going abroad with gaining weight.should i do the 6.1 diet or 5.2, i also plan to do one hour of exercise everyday as well.

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