Monday and Wednesday faster needed!!

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  • Hi,
    Second time for me on this plan, 18 months ago I did it for 6 months, stopped for xmas, and never restarted until 6 weeks ago.

    Need to lose a stone, lost 4lb, but stayed the same for 3 weeks now.

    I always come and have a look on this forum on my fastdays (mon, wed), as need extra will power in the evenings.

    I’m good at the food management, it’s the booze that takes me over the edge, don’t drink anything fast days, and that’s fine, but the other days I always fancy a glass of wine with dinner, that always ends up as more then I crave the sweet stuff!!!.
    I am so good in the day, take today for an example, none fast day, only had a bowl of 150 cal soup, not in the slightest bit hungry, the minute I start making dinner and open the wine, game over, but I don’t want to deprive myself as tomorrow is a fast day. Obviously KP salted peanuts go hand in hand with wine, you get my drift here.
    I need a buddy.xx
    any volunteers??

    Hiya Elc72,

    I’ve got exactly the same prob… Fine all day but wine with dinner and game over on the calorie front.
    I’d love a buddy so we can support each other.

    I am a Tuesday, Wednesday faster. New to this plan, – started mid Feb. Have lost 8lb so far. It would be great to have someone to talk diets with as I live with skinnies who say ” your just fine, are you sure you don’t want a glass of wine”. X

    Hi, beeps, gooseylucey,

    I’m not alone thank god!!

    8lb in a month!!fab!, how much weight do you guys want to lose?, or are you in it for the health benefits?.

    Well a bit about myself, 42 female 5.6ins 9.10lb, wants the 10lb to go away.
    Generally very healthy eater, just very bad in the evenings!!.

    I will be posting in the evenings, saying “Help”.

    Ps, my husband does the beer and burger diet and has lost a stone!!. How???????????

    I’ve made a cauldron of vegetable soup, whole pan only 400cals, I will be sipping on that all day!!

    I’m just starting and intend to be a Mon & Wed faster. Bit nervous about it all, to be honest!

    Hi blue1, im on my second fast day ever, monday was first. I really enjoyed monday and have been out all morning today, so the challenge for me is really from now til bedtime 🙂

    Hi tickledpink, sending non-hungry vibes your way! how do you plan your fast day meals? Are you going for a few snacks or one or two ‘meals’?

    I can’t say I enjoy my fast days, but I do enjoy the feeling the next morning. Never hungry, as I expected to be, and feel really healthy and well rested.

    But this time of day is the hardest, for me anyway.

    Glad to find other Monday and Wednesdayers.

    I too am a Monday and Wednesday faster. I have lost 8lbs in 8 weeks – very tidy. Hope it continues. I am still struggling with hunger on fast days but i am determined to keep going. Looking for another 20lbs loss so i will be doing it until at least September! Sounds a lifetime away but ….. Would love any advice from experienced losers ! Also buddies that i can perhaps help also.

    Hi everyone

    Elc, sorry been quiet today as rushed around packing and generally getting things together as I’m off on holiday until Monday.

    Bit about me…. Up until a year ago I was as slim as they come but put on a stone just from being lazy about food and exercise

    Need it gone as I’m bored with it now!!

    I’ll be posting in the evenings too as that’s when I’ll need support the most.

    Probably won’t get to post from tomorrow until my return on Monday but good luck until then

    Hi there.

    Hey beeps, hardest part of the day has arrived!!

    It’s my weigh day tomorrow, really hoping something has gone, been the same for 3 weeks now.

    When does everyone else weigh??

    God my mint choc chip ice cream is calling from the freezer right now, but I will be strong. That’s the good thing about no booze tonight, the will power is there.

    and really well done georgina, that’s excellent going

    Hi All
    Lovely to read your posts. A bit about me- 58yrs 5’0″ built like a Shetland pony – short and wide! Have dieted all my life. I have tried every diet going over the years. Recently I was 148lb so tried Atkins and went down to 135lb. Have hovered around this for a while. My target should be 114lb, but I don’t think I have been that since I was 12. Would be over the moon to reach 120lb. I fast totally on Tuesday’s all day Wednesday until dinner when I have a light meal of fish and veg. Then try to eat 3 light meals a day for the rest of the week. My bad habits are, picking whilst cooking, eating my grandsons left overs and oh! I suppose I have to admit to the wine. Well they are the main ones, plenty of others come and go. X

    P.s Elc72
    I can’t resist getting weighed every day, in fact it’s my waking thought. Nor could I resist anything delicious in the fridge, so the cupboards are bare of all but essentials and hubby’s stuff. X

    I only weigh myself once each week as i dont want to get too stressed about weight loss. I am doing the fast diet for health reasons also so losing weight is a big plus !

    How often do other people weigh themselves ?

    I must admit to being a sneaky weigher!. I weigh most days, but only record Thursdays weight.

    Which reminds me. It’s Thursday!, I’ll be back in a bit……

    Hi Elc72
    I hope you get a good reading! Fingers crossed for you ! So far I havent had a week that I havent lost 1lb but dreading the week it happens! I still have 20lbs to lose so I’m fasting until at least August! eeeeekkkkkk ! I live in Scotland and the weather is improving although today is not great ! At least it is becoming more of a pleasure to go out and take my mind off food ! Hope to hear of that weight loss!

    Hi All
    More fingers crossed for you Elc72. Hi Georgina28, I live in Scotland too, we have snow today yuk!!!
    I have decided to make my weigh day Monday’s so will report back then, can’t promise not have a look between times though. Happy fasting.x

    So Elc72…. How did you get on yesterday evening ??

    I’m resisting the urge to snack and have a wine by on the beach but will have some with dinner….. It’s actually working out being a positive thing being away with a non drinker

    Stayed the same, yet again!. That’s 4 weeks now.

    Was so good as well.

    Never mind, no gain is a bonus.

    Beeps, was very good last night, nil by mouth from 7pm, slept really well, not hungry yet, think it’s because I know that I can have whatever I want.

    @Elc, there are studies show that our bodies do stick in weight loss when we eat the same foods over and over and the same exercises using the same muscles.

    Also are you reviewing your calories properly. I know I tend to stop ‘counting’ and start guessing after a while.

    As you said, it’s not a gain which is in itself is brilliant but you obviously want a loss now to keep your mind in the game. Do you ever have any naughty treats? Again, sometimes feeding your body different calories and sugars can give it another kick start when you go right back to eating well. Obviously I would hate you to gain but read up on this and if you try it perhaps a bit more exercise and fewer calories spent the rest of the day.

    Good luck, let us know if something different helps to kick start it.


    Hi Jaye,
    I do tend to eat the same foods, but I am very good at calorie control, measure out milk for coffees, weigh food etc, hand on heart I do not go over the 500cals on fast days. tdee is 1900ish and am in and around that. I personally think it’s because I’m around my target weight, it’s just harder. I hate gym’s, but I do walk a lot 1.5 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the evening.

    On a good note, took the dog’s for a long walk, went to take a shower and thought I’ll just have a quick weigh, 1lb down so I’m taking that as this weeks weigh in!!!

    Beeps, hope your having a nice mini break.

    Glad you got your 1lb loss, Elc72
    Where abouts in Scotland do you live Lucy ? I live in Skelmorlie in Ayrshire. We have snow on the hills.
    Was in Glasgow today and it was freezing ! Very icy wind !

    Hi Georgina I live in Kippen near Stirling. Small world eh! X

    Well, the weekend is practically here, and it’s going to be a sunny and hot one!. A good walk with the dogs, then sunbathing for me I think.

    How about everyone elses plans

    Hi gooseylucey
    Oh my goodness it is a small world! My daughter used to live in Bonnybridge.

    Happy Weekend All
    Where do you live Elc72? SUNBATHING!!! Enjoy!
    I am hoping to get into the garden this week-end for a while if the cold permits.
    A non-fast day today, just had a delicious dinner and am feeling quite plumtious- is that a word?
    We do eat early 5.00 p.m I think it helps. I have a nice bottle of red warming for later.
    My eating plan for the week-end is b’fast fruit & yog, lunch salad & protein, dinner veg& protein, plus a couple of glasses of very nice wine- happiness! Weigh day Monday, so that thought may help to keep me from over indulgence.

    Hi Goosey,

    I live in Almeria.

    I have no fasting days till Monday! yey.

    Haven’t eaten too much today yet, but am going out for dinner in a bit.

    So far since starting on monday i have lost 6lbs! I have fasted mon,weds and friday and have to say I enjoy it give or take the odd moment when i think the day has got longer!! I try to eat as late on a fast day as i can having started at around 7pm the night before…I want to start earlier…gradually…also i have around 300 cals which is weighed muisilli and measured milk.The only side effect i am having which i dont like is being unable to sleep and to sleep deeply so i am going to try a hot drink before bed from my budget. Surprisingly I am not overly stuffing on eat days…looking forward to my nxt fast on Monday. Hope u are all having a great weekend 🙂

    Good Morning All of you Monday fasters,
    I fast Tuesday/Wednesday but for my official weigh day I have chosen Monday, So here to report (roll of drums) lost 1lb . V happy.
    I thought I would share some observations I have made during this diet, I would be interested to hear yours.
    I find keeping busy is the best thing to do on fast days otherwise I think to much about – everything.
    One of the things I like the most about the fast diet is just not thinking about food or cooking at all.
    I just find it less of a torment to not eat at all on fast days.
    If I eat something and throughly enjoy it happiness and contentment ensues, it doesn’t even have to be a large portion.
    If I eat something and don’t particularly enjoy, ( like my curry on Saturday night ) I get the wanders that’s to the fridge and back the cupboard, the wine bottle, looking for something to hit the spot. So add cheese and biscuits, chocolate,wine to the night baaaad! Should have just left the nasty curry.
    Be Good, love from snowy Scotland

    How did you Monday fasters do yesterday?
    Have you felt well and in control today?
    Looking forward to tomorrow? X

    Hi Everyone.

    Not a good week for me I’m afraid, didn’t do my fast days!. I’m on holiday from work, and the weathers been great, just couldn’t face it.

    Not lost any weight, but haven’t gained either so no damage done, will restart Monday.

    Back on plan today.

    I am a monday Wednesday faster have lost 2 stone 4 oz in just over 9 mnths (& still feel hungry on those days)hoping to lose another stone luckily I don’t drink wine etc so I don’t have your problem mine is I just love/enjoy food but try not to over eat on my non fast days

    Hi All.
    Stay strong elc72, no gain that’s great. I came across a site called London Unattached, some really good recipes for 5-2 dieters. I made the celery, leek and spinach soup, tastes better than it sounds, quite substantial and comforting. My fast day tomorrow will try,try,try x
    P.S. Have to admit to- chocolate egg, red wine, white wine, sparkly wine and Delia’s lasagne. Am I sorry? Should I be sorry? It was all really really nice!

    I must admit to living on soups on fast days, I make them myself, weigh and measure everything so know exactly how many calories are in each portion and that there is no fat or sugar added.

    Today I’ve had soup and a mushroom omelette with salad. I’m full and will be ok until tomorrow, although I’ll probably have an early night.

    Good luck everyone.

    Hi All, It’s the end of my second fast day today (I fast tues/wed ). I struggled yesterday, probably because of the overindulgence on Mon, so prepared some leeks and celery to have today, it helped. Once it gets to this time, a nice bath and early night with my book not to far off I know I can make it to the end of the day. I didn’t report my loss last week it was so small – 1/2 lb – was a bit downhearted. Now on a more positive note I am thinking if I lose another 1/2 this week well that’s o.k. OH and I and the family are going away for a long weekend tomorrow. Will try,try,try, while away not to eat anything undeserving. Will report on weigh day- Mon.
    Happy fasting. X

    Hi there Goosey,

    I too am fasting today, I can see me having a very early night. I must admit I’m fine at the moment, just had chicken and mushroom omelette. Having a break from my soup. I planned out the calories in four different meals for tea, just to have a choice.

    Why did you choose to do your fast days together?, I need a break in mine, gives me something to look forward to when I go to bed.

    Hi Elc72,
    I honestly haven’t ever tried splitting the days. When I first started doing this it wasn’t the 5:2 Fast diet I was doing, it was a tip from the book “Why French women don’t get Fat” 2 days on leeks only (great for getting rid of water retentition). I found the second day was always so much easier than the first. I don’t know why I’m just not as hungry. I now fit my household menu’s around this -nothing on offer or in the house that I particularly like, and feed OH all the things he likes that I don’t . X

    so do you just eat leeks?

    Yes I just eat leeks, it’s a good job I like them, you slice and simmer the leeks, then you can strain off the leek and have as b’fast lunch and dinner, the liquid you drink as you like. I had some celery left in the fridge yesterday I didn’t think that would spoil anything so chucked it in, I used about 4 leeks. But most often I don’t have anything at all until dinner on second day when I have a small piece of fish baked and some veg.

    mm might give that a try.

    Hi there,

    Weigh day today 1lb off!!.

    Really happy with that, another 1lb and that’s half a stone. Originally I wanted to lose a stone, but after some thought, maybe it isn’t an ideal weight for me.

    I’m 5.6in and now weigh 9.8lb, I’m thinking now that 9.7 is a more healthy weight for me, not the original 9st I was aiming for.

    I started the plan at 10st.

    I was wondering about my tdee, I’m not sure what activity level is, I don’t work out or do typical exercise, but I walk 1.5 hours in the morning and another hour in the evening with my 3 dogs, I’m not running, but I’m not walking slowly either. so Is that moderate or very active???

    Makes a difference of about 300 cals a day, so quite important really, can anyone help.

    Well done Elc72!! Sorry can’t help with the tdee thing. There seems to be a few experts on the Mid Fifties thread, I think you may get some good advice from there. I’m just back from a weekend away, and have tried v.v.hard to get it right- enjoy but not over indulge. I have no regrets-that’s always a good thing!
    Had a bit of a bumpy ride from a “friend” who I think preferred me to be fat- she has left me a little disconcerted /hurt/disappointed. Weigh day tomorrow. Will report GL X

    Hi goosey,

    TDEE sorted now, thanks anyway.

    Hope you had a good weekend, don’t take to much notice of your friend, some people don’t do change.

    Let me know what happens tomorrow.


    Hi everyone,

    I am a Monday and Wednesday faster and would love to join the forum. This is my second attempt at the 52 so plan to doing it correctly and use the support of others to make it a long term way of life. The weight loss is what I am aiming for at the moment, 3lbs in 2 weeks. However, a boozey weekend and lots of food has not left me feeling to optimistic for this week. Should I do 4 3 to try and make amends???

    All suggestions welcome.

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