Monday and Wednesday faster needed!!

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  • DragonMama, well done on your weight loss and great news that you didn’t gain over the holidays. You are very disciplined! Sorry I have no advice on protruding tummy, I think that is the hardest area to shift. I am exactly the same although the protruding has now spread to my thighs, face and bum. Not a good look.

    On a positive note, I had a total of 1179 cals yesterday. To try and keep me on track I have been shopping for fruit and veg. The house is also free from chocolate, cake and the demon cheese (my biggest weakness) so fingers crossed.

    Hi Lazycat, thank you, I hope that I can be of assistance to you, when I was diagnosed with high bad cholestrol I did some research and about fruit I found out that the fructose (sugar in fruit) will be changed into fat in the liver. So I eat not more than 1 fruit a day.

    I discovered Amino acids, its very interesting and you can do some research on that as well as I do not have enough real info. But know there is fat burning AA and most in red meat and fatty fish.

    Any case. I would like to hear from you on a regularbasis. I also just started my own Forum, Africa Fat Challenge – Inspiration & Motivation. if you would like to join and post there, you very Welcome!


    Hi DragonMama,

    I love to check out research especially when food is concerned. I am vegetarian but also have IBS so I limit my fruit intake and need to be careful with what veg I eat. I have gave up wheat and gluten some time ago and more recently gave up lactose, which is of some benefit. However, when I previously did the 5:2 my IBS symptoms had greatly reduced. Another reason why I need to get my ever expanding bum and belly in to gear and get back on track.

    I will check out our Africa Fat Challenge forum.

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone had a great xmas.

    Mine seems to be still going on, I’m away on holiday on the 21st, so really need to get back on it.

    What I’m missing is coming on here the Monday and Wednesday evenings for inspiration, I will start doing that again.

    Hi Elc,

    great to hear from you again. Yeah I had a good Christmas but I am paying the price of all that food and gin. However, I am back on track.

    Enjoy your holiday!

    Hi All, 3rd time for me on the plan and need to get rid of the Xmas eating and drinking. I was thinking of doing a 9 day cleanse before hand. Has anyone tried it? Seems to be all the rage in Europe right now to kick you off to a January start!

    I am going to fast Monday and Wednesdays and try to avoid alcohol during the week.


    Hi all, welcome Ali.

    I’m back on plan, thank god.
    Ali, I could never do a 9 day cleanse, I’d die.

    I’ll be popping in more often now.

    How’s things for you lazy?

    Hi all,

    Elc, glad to hear that you are back on the plan and so pleased that you are posting again.

    Ali, a 9 day cleanse, I am with Elc I would struggle big time, However, good luck and please keep us updated.

    Well back on track and am fasting today. Total weight loss over the past 2 weeks is 4.5lbs. However, I should say that I have put on loads of weight and can’t even blame in on Christmas. So really need to get my ever expanding backside and even more expanding jelly belly back in to the 5:2 frame of mind. I really just need to accept that I can’t eat what I want any more and remind myself that there are consequences to this type of eating.

    Massive well done there lazy.

    I understand where your coming from, This weekend I weighed exactly the same as I did when I started this thread!!!.

    I’ve done a fast day today, but know I’m about 200 cals over, but it’s a start, I’ll be doing another tomorrow.

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I am fasting today and Thursday this week, as we fly back to Vancouver tomorrow and the time difference is challenging with fasting. Had a boiled egg and a black coffee for breakfast. I only fasted once last week, so it’s going to be interesting this week. Didn’t get the detox kit yet, but you are allowed a shake and a 600 calorie meal so don’t think it will be that hard. Drank way too much over the holidays and this weekend so need to kick start January! Good luck everyone!

    Hi there,

    Got up this morning feeling great, think it was the no alcohol yesterday.

    Will be doing my best for another fast today, but would be happy with an under 1000 cal day to be honest.

    Tomorrow I fly to New York for 7 days, there definitely wont be any fasting next week, but plenty of walking, so hopefully no major damage.

    Hi Ali, alcohol is a bit of a theme on this forum so you are in good company.

    Elc, New York, how lovely! Be a difficult place to fast in so don’t blame you for not thinking about it. Hope you have loads of fun!

    Where is everyone based? I live between Vancouver and Holland due to my husbands kids living in 2 countries.

    Hi there,

    I’m back, 3lb heavier, never mind, should really be much more with the amount of pancakes and French toast I ate…..

    Ali, I’m based in Almeria southern Spain.

    Did a fast day yesterday, mushroom and pepper omelette, not bad really.

    Today low cals, then tomorrow another fast, and Thursday low cals as well.

    Well that’s the plan anyway.

    Hi there

    I’m fasting Monday and Wednesday too, in the UK. Yesterday was my first day and I managed to stick to my 500 (just under), albeit going to bed with a rumbling tummy!

    I want to lose 14 pounds, which is how much I weighed when I got married. Can’t believe I’ve put that much on! Post wedding celebratory drinks and meals has resulted in a stone gained in 5 months….

    Urgh – really hoping this is going to work for me. I’m skeptical, but I don’t know why. Weirdly looking forward to tomorrow.


    I am day 8 of my 9 day cleanse – I had a couple of blips but mostly stuck to it, although if I never see another protein shake again I will be happy! I did cheat and have 2 drinks on Saturday but it was the weekend! Going to do the fasting next week to try and keep the weight off. I am at 60 kilo which was my target so just want to stay the same. MrsCox – I promise it works, I did it last year and lost 5 kilo. Also got married 2 years ago and continued travelling/partying a bit too much!

    Good luck everyone! Whats nice about this is its only 2 days and the rest you don’t have to feel too guilty about having a treat now and again!

    Hi all,

    I have failed big time recently. Overly tired and my one of my cats has been quite poorly. Have been worried sick and have been eating a lot of rubbish. Chocolates at work have been a quick fix for me. I know not healthy! Anyway, hope to get back on track next week so I will keep you posted.

    Oh, I am in Scotland. Raining again but at least, the gale force winds have gone fot the time being.

    Hope all your fasts are going well

    Have been reading your posts.Love it. On the 5/2 now for 3 weeks and haven’t lost a gram/oz. Although 2 inches. Love the Monday/Wednesday fast. Any ideas what I can do to loose the weight?


    this does work if you stick to it as you are creating a cal deficit. However, you do need to be at or under your TDEE. It does get easier as time goes on. Good luck!

    Ali, well done on your 9 day cleanse! I would struggle with the shakes, not keen on milk. Just noticed that I was screwing my face up at the thought. Not a good look.

    Yeah Lazycat (love the name by the way!) It was tough doing it, and then had a bit of a blow out weekend drinking and dinner parties! Hopefully I didn’t undo all the good that I did with the cleanse! Back to fasting tomorrow though and Wednesday, so should get myself back on track. When do you weigh yourselves btw – on Thursdays? I am from Scotland also, but haven’t lived there for 22 years.

    Hi all,

    Been a bit quiet lately as holiday weight won’t come off!!!!!.

    Hope you’re all doing better than me, although I did manage it yesterday, 465 cals and no booze!!!!!.

    Ali, tell me about the cleanse?, what’s involved??.

    Lazy, is your cat any better?

    Julliet, inches is what matters.

    Mrs Cox, I’m now back at needing to lose a stone, was only half, but too many holidays and too much booze have crept up on me.

    Well, lets see if I can get back into my 2 days, Monday done, just Wednesday to go, I’ll be looking for support Wednesday evening……

    The cleanse was a 9 day forever young detox. Was really tough and I think I undid all the good already! I weighed myself this morning and I am 61 kilo. My goal was 60 which I reached with the cleanse, so back to fasting again to keep the weight off. I downloaded the 5:2 recipe app and made the Tom Yam soup and veggie chilli yesterday in preparation. So today I am having a sweet potato muffin (90 calories), Tom Yam soup (125 calories) and veggie chilli (136 calories) for dinner. Leaves me enough to have a coffee with skimmed milk etc. This is the first time I have used the recipes and actually planned what I am eating so hopefully it works better! Happy fasting everyone!

    Planning is definitely the key Ali, you’ll do fine.

    Hi all,

    I’m new to this thread but starting my third attempt at 5:2.Lost 13.9 pounds last time i did it seriously but have put half of that back on again. Want to commit to getting rid of the rest of this weight and have 35 pounds to loose so going back to fasting as it’s the only thing that has helped me achieve significant weight loss in the past.

    I’ll be fasting Mondays and Wednesdays… Lets see how week one goes!

    Hi All

    I am starting the plan on Monday and will be fasting Mondays and Wednesdays too so it would be great to have some fasting buddies!

    N4M11S how did week one and week two go?

    Hi Elc72,

    I’m not an expert but it sounds like you are not eating enough on the non-fast days – you may not feel that hungry (we have all got used to dealing with a little mild hunger) but your body (especially your blood sugar) knows what you are up to and if you continue to almost fast until the evening, once you start it’s no wonder you find it hard to stop. I understand because I have done the same thing but exercise/sport has helped me to eat more regularly – enjoy your non fast days – have a great breakfast and lunch – you’ll have plenty of calories left for a hearty supper and that one glass of wine won’t ‘tip the balance’ and lead to you losing control. Good luck and keep going x

    Hi Lazycat,

    I am also on my second attempt due to life taking over. Mad at myself that I gained the few kilo I lost and just didn’t stick with the maintenence plan. I tried 4:3 but found it really hard, especially in the evening when my husband is having an after dinner drink. I fasted Monday successfully but ended up having 2 drinks which resulted in hitting the cheese drawer. Fasting again today, as husband and step daughter are going out for dinner. How does anyone manage this with a family to cook for?

    My step daughter eats like a horse, never sports and is super skinny. I sport 5 times a week and have to do this….sucks!

    Good luck anyone else fasting today. I find 3 meals a day works for me on fast days. Just had 1 egg white and spinach omelette, and will have salad for lunch then courgette pasta for dinner.

    Hi ,

    Maybe try 2:2:3 – 2 day fast:2 days no booze and 3 days party!!!

    If you can sneak some exercise in , I know but it gives you some wriggle room. Walk the dog for an our, get an activity band and try and get closer to your 10k steps a day. I find tonic water Ice and lemon almost fools you to think it’s a G and T.

    Something will work for you good luck ;0)

    I just started this week. I am fasting on monday and wednesdays. So far as long as I plan it is good. not eating breakfast helps. I just keep telling myself if I want something that I can have it tomorrow one day you can do it! I hope I can do this the rest of my life. I hope I lose weight. looks like I lost one pound.. hope it works!

    Hi Pamollygram, no one playing on this thread at the moment.
    I am a Mon /Wed faster who used this thread for support and managed to get to my goal weight. I still fast to maintain, sometimes the weight creeps back on so I have to be very careful. If I can help I will. I am doing the September challenge thread currently, the binger thread is also very good full of good advice and motivation- yes I still need it. Good Luck, you can do it ! It really works. Gooseylucey x

    Hi Pamollygram, welcome to 5:2 and we all here know that 5:2 work and that you CAN do it. You just must WANT to lose the excess weight and you will do. Post comments every day, be honest with yourself and what ever happens you will get support here or any other forums. I am going to see what the September Challenge is all about. I still have 2kg I don’t want any more. Goodluck

    Hi DragonMama, are Elc72and lazycat still around, it would be lovely to catch up. Goosey x

    Hi Gooseylucey, yes thet still around. I had some trouble getting onto the internet so I must catch up. And have to lose some weight again!


    I just started this a week ago. Did 3 36 hour fasts so far. I did lose some, although its not much. Probably about 2 lbs. I would be very happy to lose 15 lbs but for now will be happy to lose 5 and then 5 more to make it 10 lbs lost. Happy to be here. I think my weight crept back up after the first two days last week but I did end up losing after my fast yesterday so am ok with it. Hoping to make this sustainable and do a total of 8 36 hour fasts and if it works, will continue.

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