Monday and Wednesday faster needed!!

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  • Hi all and welcome DragonMama,

    I have lost my way recently but my clothes are getting tighter AGAIN so need to get back on track. So far only tea totalling around 55 cals with soup for dinner 350 cals. However I am absolutely starving.

    How is everyone doing? That also includes you Elc???

    Hi Lazycat,
    Thanks. Sorry weight is a terrible when it over-sits in ons body. I am a fatist and hate to be overweight and cannot Bear to look at myself in the mirror. So I have to lose the excess.
    How are you planning to do this? Fast every other day? Just be careful not to overdo.

    I believe that is one starves the body Too drastic, it thinks its in a desert so holds fast to all in the body.

    Good luck. I hope this works for you.

    Hi DragonMama,

    Plan to try and do two days, usually Monday and Wednesday. Tiredness from excess gin over the weekend,2 day hangover and long day had me running for crackers and cheese today. I have had 860 cals so will need to change my days. Hope that you did better than me.

    I was very fortunate for a change as I started last Sunday,(Fast) whole week normal but kept Calories as low as possible. Was Very good with the Wine had only 2 glasses Red thursday evening.

    Saturday Fast Very good. Sunday Fast disaster and today Fast Just happened. Feel bit hungry now but on my way to bed and look forward tomorrow’s Breakfast!!

    I hope tomorrow will be Very Good for you.

    Hello everyone,

    I’m being very quiet cause I’m not doing very well!!!!

    It’s like my very first post, everything goes to pot in the evening.

    I have been so motivated lately, then the evening just seems so long.

    I need help.


    I am much the same as you, all good intentions at work then evening comes and it all goes wrong. Why don’t we try for a few low cal days until we get back into the swing of fasting?? Better than nothing and will still be a cal deficit.

    Hi Elc72. So sorry you don’t do good. Come on tell why you can’t be good to youself?? What is the Real reason?

    Even if you do not want to say here, write it down. You will have to come to terms with the fact that you need and want to lose the weight. Why otherwise are you on this blog?

    Some questions that I think you have to answer to yourself.

    I would like to hear anything from you. Never give up on yourself!!!


    Lazycat I think that is a brilliant Idea.

    Hi DragonMama,

    Thank you for your support. It is a bit of a compromise but I am being realistic and it is doable so there is no reason that I can’t manage this. I have some course work to get through and I always munch my way through. Pity that I don’t much carrot sticks!

    Good morning ELC72 and Lazycat. I hope that you have a Good day today.

    Hi all, I am in week 3 of my first time on the fast diet and so far so good. I’ve been inspired by a few friends who have been on this and done really well. It suits my mentality as I love snacking & therefore feel I can eat what I want on non fast days! For me the key to not overdoing it is to try & keep occupied – that said I did have a huge Sunday lunch with a bottle of wine BUT didn’t feel guilty as I knew I would fast the next day – although didn’t as felt too hungover! But I just fasted yesterday instead. You do still need willpower, but it has to become a way of life. Use the old adage ‘ everything in moderation’. Good luck everyone.

    I’m back on it, my house has been emptied of alcohol and snacks.
    Scrambled eggs for lunch, cauliflower mash for tea.

    Weigh day will be Thursday again.

    I’m sitting at 9.10 today. Lets see what happens.

    good luck everyone
    Welcome Sarajo, and well done.

    If anyone else requires their house to be emptied of alcohol and snacks I’m willing to provide that service.

    Haha, pot bellied Heron.

    It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

    Hi you guys are so funny!! But I can see that you are enthusiastic and that is a Good sign.

    Yesterday was Day 15 and weigh day. I lost 3 Kg altogether and clothes is a Little bit looser and I feel so much better. Not so bloated anymore, I walk a lot easier can stand up without so much effort and my knees don’t ache so much. I sleep better and get out of bed easier.

    This alltogether makes me Want to lose the rest 7Kg.

    Good luck to you all.

    Good day to you all! Why are you so quiet? Hope everything is Ok and that you all are doig Fine! Sunday is weight day and I am not looking forward to it.

    Today is Fast day and I am doing well but I do not feel any thinner! But no matter what, I’ll survive!

    Strongs to you all!!


    This is looking very sad……

    Hi all,

    Sorry that I haven’t been posting much but I just can’t get motivated to get back in to fasting of even healthy eating. Clothes are getting tighter and tighter and at this rate I will be wearing my jim jams to my Christmas nights out. Part of me thinks right get your ever expanding backside and belly back in to some sort of calorie restricting or even better fast diet. However, the other part thinks what’s the point, I will start in the new year. What’s your thoughts?

    How are you all doing?

    December is a very hard month, I agree totally, but it’s only 2 days a week that we have to restrict ourselves!!!.

    I’m a big one to talk, but I’ve been trying very hard for the last couple of weeks and have lost a couple of pounds.

    We’re very lucky this year as xmas falls on a Friday, so we can do the Monday and Wednesday all through December and not really miss out.

    It was last xmas that I fell off the wagon and gained everything back, it’s not happening this year!.

    I’m a firm believer that whatever you put on in a week, you can lose in a week, but whatever you put on over a couple of months, could take a lot longer to get off!!.

    Today I am sitting at 1lb over my revised target weight, with a fast day ahead of me. with a bit of luck tomorrow I should get there, I just hope this time next month I stay the same.

    Come on lazy, get your mojo back, I don’t doubt for a second that you can do this.xx

    Hi every body, I started @ 77Kg and came down to 73 (22nd Nov) then on 29th I was again 74 and still sitting on that weight.

    I use less calories than my TDEE daily and on fast days stay under 500. I walk at least 2Km per day and sometimes double the distance. I shall not lose heart and preservere and one time or the other it WIlL go down!!!

    Elc72 you nearly there!!! Congrats and good luck!! You inspire me!!

    Lazycat, don’t give up!! Please hang on. If we can do it through christmas and new year season, it is going to be so much easier through the rest of January, I am sure!!!

    Good luck to everybody!!

    Hi Dragon:

    Why lose heart? The average weight loss for women on 5:2 is a little less than a pound a week. You have been at it for four weeks and lost over 6 pounds.

    You are doing great!

    Here are some tips – you might read the ‘Really – No Weight Loss’ link:

    Good Luck!

    Good Morning
    Thanks I take note.

    Good luck to all

    Morning all, well I have jumped on the scales. I am now a shocking 10 stone 9lbs. Over a stone heavier than this time last year. Therefore, I need to get back on track as my body now resembles that of a very big Santa. I am going to fast Monday and Wednesday with a couple of low cal days during the week. No wonder my fat clothes are tight. I will try and post daily to keep me motivated or publicly shame myself (I hope it is the former).

    I hope that you are all doing well!

    Elc, how are you doing? You must be doing better than I am!

    Hi Lazycat I have weight day today and standing on 73Kg and today were So good as 500 cal with breakfast and lunch and tonight totally overindulged. But yesterday Fast day and did good under 500. So don’t feel bad about anything. Totally I am 4 Kg down and feeling good.
    Suffering from back spasm and today 3rd day that I could not do my Km walks but know that tomorrow will be good.

    Please post regular and I shall help if u want


    Hi again today I feel much better, nearly no back pain and could walk 2Km. I cannot believe that in a few days I can get so unfit, it was a slow walk but I enjoyed it and know that tomorrow it will go better.

    I really hope that you all will post again, I miss you!!

    Good luck to all!

    Hi all,

    DragonMama, thank you for your support.I am pleased to hear that your back is a bit better. Yes fitness levels appear to take ages to build up and go in a blink of an eye. I wish weight was the same.

    So far today has went okay with 55 cals of fluids.Managed to refrain from munching chocolates at work. Of course it was the tallest skinniest girl that brought them in to stop her and her husband eating them.I am convinced that she is a feeder and we will see her on some trashy reality TV programme in the future. Anyway rice for dinner and I think it will be a very early night to stop me munching.

    Elc are you still about???

    Good luck for the rest of the day!

    Hi all,

    DragonMama, thank you for your support.I am pleased to hear that your back is a bit better. Yes fitness levels appear to take ages to build up and go in a blink of an eye. I wish weight was the same.

    So far today has went okay with 55 cals of fluids.Managed to refrain from munching chocolates at work. Of course it was the tallest skinniest girl that brought them in to stop her and her husband eating them.I am convinced that she is a feeder and we will see her on some trashy reality TV programme in the future. Anyway rice for dinner and I think it will be a very early night to stop me munching.

    Elc are you still about???

    Good luck for the rest of the day!

    Good morning Lazycat, you know I made a plate of salad with 76g green leaves, 84g small tomato, 16g Feta cheese, 30g onion, 54g apple, 15ml olive oil. On the side Added 60g coleslaw and 64g Gammon (smoked Pork)
    It all added up to 269 Calories,Its a Huge plate, and I was totally Full and as I had it 7pm I had no problems wiTh hungerpangs or headache and watched TV until 11pm and slept like a log. My total intake for that Fast day was 433 Calories.

    Today will attempt a Fast day.

    I hope that you all have a great 5:2 day. Good luck!

    I started 5 2ing at the end of January, and have just been weighed at the doctors – I have not weighed myself at all from start to finish as I may have quit over a no loss/gain week. I took a month off for holidays and do not count calories on the other 5 days, but have generally found myself making healthier choices (have definitely not given up wine, and do have much more of this than I should). I have managed to lose just under 5 stone and am back to my single girl weight (marriage fab but has been bad for my waistline and the rest.
    This is the only diet I have ever found that does not interfere with somewhat hedonistic and foodie tendancies, I have lots of meals that work for me if anyone wants some ideas.

    I am carrying on, to see where I can get to, and see how I look at lower weights than I am used to – getting loads of compliments but still feel I could be better.

    Hi jec:


    So many people quit the diet at their first ‘plateau’ or when they gain or if they don’t lose as much as they think they should. But your idea of simply sticking to the diet and not even knowing what the scales show works for very many people.


    Hi all

    welcome Jec, well done on your weight loss!

    I had a low cal day yesterday (895 cals).l Had rice for dinner which didn’t satisfy me. Therefore, fasting today but not making the fatal mistake of a carb only diet. Tonight am having veggie fajitas with quorn as I have successfully used this as a dinner previously and was not nibbling after. May try for two in a row!!!

    Hi Jec, congrats on your weighloss, and never weighing is the tops! Good heavens how do you do that?

    I weigh every day and weigh and write down everything that I eat and measure that I drink every day.

    I do admire that you can trust yourself like that! Wish I can do so!

    Hi lazycat glad to see you here again I keep my fingers crossed for you to succeed. I had fast day today with 400 cal. Not hungry at all, just miss the wine as other half threw toys out of cot this afternoon and I would love to have a glass.

    Hope the best for you all. Good luck!


    DragonMama, today has went far better than yesterday, total of 475 cals and I am full. For me I think the problem is once I start nibbling I continue. NO nibbles tonight. I used to record everything I had eaten in that day and 90% of the time it worked. However on the other 10% once I went over my allocated daily cals I stopped counting. Denial is not good for me. Anyway I have a few boozy gin fuelled Christmas events so I really need to try and be good on the other days. I am fat enough without gaining any more weight.

    Good luck for tomorrow if you are fasting!

    Good Morning LaZycat I am so glad yesterday went so well. Today regular day but low cal and as its so hot I tend to stay on saLads but with chIcken and Gammon. TemPerature goes up to 40 during the day!

    I also stopped nibbling once I started I could not stop now I just don’t!

    Good luck for today to all.

    Hi all.

    Been away to Barcelona for a few days, a bit of extra eating but loads and loads of walking so no damage done.

    Lazy, glad to see you going for it again.

    Dragon, are you in Australia??

    And a really well done to Jec.

    I’ve changed my eating pattern around a bit, eating more at lunch time and less in the evening. seems to make me snack less.

    Hi Elc72 glad To hear from you good to hear you are doing well and glad you enjoyed your walk filled trip!! Good for you.

    No live in South Africa about half an hour from the south Coast small town in the mountains. My 2km walk take me around the half of it!! We get rain right through the year but its very dry and can get extremely hot and wintertime extremely cold.

    Good luck to you all.

    Hi all,

    Nice to hear from you Elc and I hope that you a lovely break. No damage is good especially when your away.

    DragonMama, I was wondering where you lived when you were posting about the weather.

    Yesterday didn’t go to plan. I found 2 days in a row tough going. However, it was less than 900 cals so I am not complaining.

    Hi Lazycat I also could not yet do 2 fast days in a row and then I go totally overboard! Good. For you keeping it under 1000!

    ElC we hope to hear from you often!

    I hope that you all have lovely evening.

    Friend of mine has just come back from England and bought me a load of bare naked noodles, I’m all set!!!!

    Hi Elc72 what IS. That??? Never heard of that before. Please tell!!

    Enjoy you friend visit!


    I have tried the slim noodles which I think are much the same. They are ok although smell of fish. Once you give them a good rinse the smell goes. Low fat, low carbs and about 20-30 cals per packet.

    Hi LazyCat and Elc. Never heard of those noodles. What are they?

    JEc would love to hear your ideas!

    Yesterday was a good low calory day but tha aged grape juice pushed me over the edge!!

    We’ll is was a good day anyway! Hope you all have a fantastic day today!

    Well it’s Monday again!!!, how are we all doing.

    I’ve been very good food wise, and very naughty booze wise!!!.

    I was very good all of last week and lost 3lbs. Saturday had a girls day out (way too much gin) and munched my way through the hangover on Sunday and the extreme tiredness on Monday. So to sum it up all my good work has probably been wasted. Has work Christmas night out on Friday so I expect Saturday will be lost (the only thing that will be lost) and I will munch my way through the never ending hangover.

    Good morning I hope that today will be very good to you!

    Weigh day on Sunday revealed nothing new and I cannot grumble about it as long as I do not gain, I am happy.

    I have some pointers regarding hangovers. If you mix drinks, its 100% possitive that a hangover shall follow. If you eat fatty fish (eg salmon) before the party and drink about 500ml of water just before bed, you might be lucky to wake up feeling OK. Do you use diet drinks as mix? That is a BIG No-No.

    A Very Merry Christmas to you.

    Very interesting info dragon.

    When I am out drinking, I’ve started alternating between my alcoholic drink and a glass of water, it seems to work very well, no hangover, and not falling over drunk by 9pm.

    Hi Elc72 thank you!! I am So glad you tried the advice! You see Alcohol starves the brain of fluids an thus of the flow of oxigin so the more water you take the better and alternating is Best !!! Congrats!! And I found a long time ago that its much more interesting to be the ‘more sober’ one at a party than to pass out early and miss out on all the fun! Have a Wonderful time!!

    Hi all and Happy New Year!

    Well a new year and a new start. I have been eating and drinking way too much and it certainly shows both in the mirror and with my clothes. Therefore, I am all set to get back on track. I am trying for 3 low cal days, the usual Monday and Wednesday fast days and 2 days eating sensibly.

    Good Morning and a Happy and Glorious 2016 to you all. Glad you back lazycat, I hope that this year you shall reach your goals sooner than you think.

    I have been Good and even Overindulged With Christmas lunch but last Sunday was 71Kg and that is 6Kg down altogether. I walked every day at least 2km. So if tomorrow I am still on 71, I shall be extatic!!

    If anybody has advice for my other half, who is not fat, just a big protruding tummy. What can he do to loose that? Stop alcohol intake? Will that do the trick??

    Strongs to all!

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