Monday and Wednesday faster needed!!

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  • Back on track (kind of) but no weight loss this week. Managed to stop myself buying crisps and chocolate in supermarket today but gave in and bought cheese. Think I may have misjudged my cals during the week as I bought matcha green tea from a cafe near work a few times then realised it was a matcha latte. Bloody lovely but probably high in cals.

    Great that you didn’t gain any holiday weight Elc.

    I need to go shopping today, need to stay away from the snack aisle.

    Well Sunday has got off to a good start. As I have not exercised in 1 year I thought I had better start off slowly. Downloaded couch to 10K and went out bight and early for my day 1 of the programme. Not much to boast about but it is a start, it has reminded me of the great feeling that exercise creates. Really going to try and keep the motivation to continue with this and having 2 fast days.

    Hi all,

    I was a totally greedy girl yesterday, gave in and bought chocolate. However today was different thankfully. I downloaded to couch to 10k and started on the programme. Slightly annoyed was I was previously ably to run 30-40 mins now I an starting from scratch again. Anyway day 1 done and dusted and have eaten just under 1200 cals. Really hope that I can keep this up.

    Elc, good news about not gaining, especially as you were on holiday

    Good luck for tomorrow if your fasting

    I am fasting today, but out for a meal tonight, I’ve been busy making vegetable stew and soup for this week.

    I will make my dinner choice tonight very carefully, and only drink water or diet coke.

    I have been looking at some of our holiday pics, and I must admit that I do look slim, I think I’m beating myself up trying to get to 9 stone, maybe 9 and a half is ok for me, I am 5’6in!!!.

    I will definitely carry on fasting for the health benefits though, and as I’m currently sitting at 9’8lb, would like to get a couple of lbs off.

    Elc, I do think that you have been very hard on yourself, 9 and a half and even 9 stone 8lbs is perfectly fine for your height. Enjoy your meal!

    Hi there,

    Thanks for that lazy.

    Well made good food choices last night, fish and salad, but did drink about a bottle of wine!!!ooppss.

    Today I’ve just had home made vege soup, loads left if I want some later.

    I’m back at work now after a month off, but at least it keeps me busy.

    Didn’t do fast yesterday as was so tired and wanted tea, toast and couple of biscuits. Fasting today and so far so good. May do tomorrow as don’t want to keep postponing fast days as not led to no fast days and weight gain.

    Oh Elc, I bet being back at work after a month off is a sore one!

    I’m doing today and tomorrow, never done 2 together.

    I was dreading starting back to work, but not as bad as I was expecting.

    Today 392 cals but craving toast. I have never done 2 in a row either but will give it a go. Want to try and go out a jog tomorrow after work so hope I survive a 2nd fast.

    Good luck and let me know how you get on.

    Hi there,

    Managed ok yesterday, not sure how well I’ll do today, as already on 300cals.

    I’ve been picking pumpkins this morning, so I’ll have to do some cooking later.

    I’m sooooo craving bread.

    I went over my cals yesterday and caved in as I was at a course today and had cheese toasty. May leave it this week and try and have low cal days then try for next week.

    Elc, let me know if you managed 2 days in a row?

    No I didn’t manage the 2 days!!.

    Caved in the evening when my husband said “do you want a glass of wine with your dinner”. Then I ate peanuts and a magnum!!!.

    I’ve got to give up drinking, it ruins my will power.

    May I join you? My first fast is tomorrow, but I’ll usually be fasting mondays and wednesdays. I’m based in Australia.

    Of course you can Sunshiney.
    More the merrier.

    Have you much weight to lose??

    Hi Sunshiney, it will be lovely to have you join us.Hope that your fast goes okay. Let us know how you get on?

    Elc, booze is a killer. I don’t have that excuse over the past couple of weeks but still struggling to get 2 successful fasts.

    Will have to change my fast on Wed next week as have a work dinner to go to. May try Mon & Tue. Really should wait and see as when I plan it all appears to go wring. Pity that it doesn’t work the same when I think that I will drink and eat too much. However I need to get my fat ass and ever expanding belly getting smaller.

    Hi, thanks Elc and Lazycat πŸ™‚ I have 23kg to lose and 20cm off my waist! It’s the morning of my first fast day, so I’ll let you know how I’m getting on a little later in the day. Fingers crossed I can succeed.

    It’s 7:40am on my first ever fast day and I’m feeling positive about succeeding today. I’ve just done my starting measurements, which are shocking, but I have to believe that they will improve! I hope you don’t mind me recording them here – I want to be accountable, so making my measurements public is part of that, even though it’s scary!

    Weight: 100.3kg
    Bust: 111cm
    Underbust: 93.5cm
    Waist: 96cm
    Bellybutton: 106cm
    Hips: 120cm

    So it’s pretty clear that my lovely hourglass from when I was slim has blown out into a not so lovely stout pear shape! I hope to whittle down my waist and hips, in particular.

    Ok, off to get ready for work. Fingers crossed for success today!

    Hi sunshine,
    Good luck today, plan your meals that’s key, and keep checking in on the forum when your will power drops.

    Hi all, i am a Mon and Wed faster. Started 5:2 again on 1st of september. To date i have lost just over 3kgs. I weigh myself just twice a month. So next weigh in is on the 15th of October next week Thursday. Aiming to lose a total of 11kg to get to my head/goal weight of 70kg. Fasts have been going on pretty well and i also do intermittent fasting almost everyday more of a 14/10 rather than 16/8. Looking forward to encourage and be encouraged as we all continue our respective journeys.

    Goodluck Sunshiney for your fast. Hope it goes well.

    Hello Foomsy! Your 14/10 daily fast sounds excellent! I read some about that and thought, “Not for me!” because my work hours alone are nine hours. But your post reminded me that I could just do the hours that I can each day (in addition to my 5:2 days). At any rate, I did hear (I think it was from Dr. Longo) that the daily fast is very helpful.

    Hi Chuck 14/10 is better than nothing i think and once you are over the 12hrs range your body is benefiting from the fast.

    I once tried a b2b and vowed never to do it again it just did not agree with me the second day was so miserable and i was so cranky and then the next day i totally overate, i had tried on previous occasion to do it and then gave up but i was determined to do it that week but alas it was not for me. Well done for those that can do b2b.

    Hi all and welcome Chuck and Foomsy. It is lovely that you have joined us. It is great to hear how others get on.

    Foomsy B2B does sound tough. I have not done B2B but have considered it.

    Sunshiney, how did you get on with your fast?

    Well 1lb off which is a miracle considering I went over my cals on Monday’s fast the fail my Wednesday fast. Really struggling to get 2 successful fasts done. Never mind I will keep trying.

    Hi all.

    Well done lazy.

    Welcome foomsy and chuck, I agree with b2b fasts, they make you miserable.

    No weight loss for me this week, 1 fast and 2 low calorie days. I think it may be holiday weight catching up with me. I did brag that I hadn’t put ant on while I was away.

    Have a good weekend everyone.x

    I managed my first fast ok, though late afternoon was a struggle. My next fast is tomorrow, so hopefully it is a little easier. It was nice to see the scale drop a little post fasting, as that helps with my motivation!
    Definitely not going to try b2b fasts anytime soon, though I do sometimes do 16:8 fasting on normal eating days.

    Good Afternoon all, hows everyones fast day going today?
    Mine is going great – all planned out lots of green tea and warm water so far. Will be having something soon about 150 cals then dinner/supper around 7-7.30pm.

    Hope you all stay strong and have a nice day πŸ™‚

    I’m joining in, too. I’ll (usually) be a Monday and Wednesday-er, but this week it will likely be Monday and Friday, due to a work dinner on Wednesday. I am starting at 154.4 lbs, which is high for me. I tend to hover around 150 as a rule.

    I really only want to lose about 8 lbs. Seems like that should be easy, right? However, for whatever reason, it isn’t. I’m a strength athlete and it’s very difficult to balance body composition goals with muscular power needs, and add onto that being a 47 year old woman, and therein lies the dilemma.

    I did a daily IF (14:10) a few years back to make weight for an international competition, but fell off of it after that because the daily fasting was messing with my menstrual cycles and making me obsess about food–literally counting the seconds until I could eat breakfast, for example. Not mentally healthy for me to have a constant rigid restriction surrounding food.

    Today is my first fast day and I am starving! I’ll have Panera for lunch, I can eat a salad and a cup of soup for 300 calories, then eat a greek yogurt with peanut butter for dinner tonight.

    So, just wanted to say hello and get on this topic so I can follow along.

    Hello everyone…

    I’m a Newbie, starting today. I hope to be a Monday/Wednesday faster, subject to work/social commitments.

    I feel motivated after reading everyone’s posts and ordering my book on-line at lunchtime…

    Positivity here I come….xx

    Hi all and a very warm welcome to Tkinsley and DragonflyZoe. It is lovely to have you join us.

    I didn’t do a fast today (over tired and wanted comfort food for dinner) and will not be able to do one on Wednesday due to work dinner. However, I am considering Tuesday and Thursday. Will let you know how I get on.

    Those who are fasting I wish you luck.

    Well I’ve been quietly plodding along and I’m pleased to say my weigh in today showed 2lbs lost since last week and therefore now 9lbs down since starting 5 weeks ago! 9lbs more to go. Keep at it people! If I can do this you can too!:)

    Well done Skylander! Halfway there must feel great πŸ™‚

    Lazycat, I’ve ended up having to redo yesterday’s failed fast day today, so I’ll be a Tuesday and Thursday faster this week as well.

    Felt very bloated when I woke up this morning, but hoping to see some measurement reductions by the end of the week! Fasting is going well so far today.

    Hi all,

    How are all your first fasts going??

    Hi Elc,

    I’m on my third fast day today. It’s been going well, apart from having to do-over my second fast day because I blew it!

    Hoping to have good results at my official way in at the end of the week.

    Hi all,

    Sunshiney, I am very impressed. Hope all goes well with the weigh in.

    This was going to be my fast day but it didn’t go to plan. Just going to have it a low cal day and try and do the same over the weekend if I can manage to avoid pizza.

    I hope you all are doing better than me

    I have a feeling that we may have all fallen off the

    Well we will need to get back on the wagon

    Hi All, Get back on that wagon ladies, tomorrow is Monday, first fast day to the week. Good luck.
    Elc & Lazycat I am still willing you on, as you know I have been at target weight for sometime now but have found I still need to fast 2 days to keep the weight from creeping back. Keep posting, we need each other.
    Cheers, (raising a glass of red) well it’s not Monday yet. Goosey xx

    hi all! I am just starting with my first fast day tommorrow, am also on the cfs forum but loved reading all your posts so i will join you and be a mostly mon, wed faster from now on. I am 46, live in New Zealand, 5’4 and 83 kg..i’ve put on 4 kg in 4 months since getting me/cfs, (was already struggling with my weight) and have to do something!I really want to be under 70kg but if i could just get back under 80 and stop putting on weight i would be a lot happier!

    I’m normally a Monday/Wednesdayer (not sure if I can say I’m normally anything, since I’m really new to this, but I am fasting today (Sunday) instead. I traveled home from Tampa today and it seemed like a good day to fast, since I was stuck on a plane and in the airport for many hours.

    I’ll weigh in tomorrow… I absolutely hate weighing the day after flying, but I’ll call it a wash since I’ll have a fast day to offset that.

    Good luck tomorrow, everyone! Get back ON the wagon.

    Hi all and welcome Debbie,

    Lovely to hear from you Goosey. Are you still you still managing to maintain?

    Not fasting today as I am still hungover from Saturday night, well more tired than anything else. Also off on annual leave as I need to study, therefore need to feed the mind and shattered body.

    Hope today is a successful fast for you all

    Hi All,
    Yes Lazycat, I am managing to stay within my wriggle room, but only just. I am afraid of the dreaded creep, So deep breath and fasting today, and wed. Have had a coffee, and I am going to make a big teapot full of lemon and ginger tea which I will drink throughout the day, just to get water down. May help with the dehydration. πŸ™‚ Now I wonder how that happened. πŸ™‚ ! Be a big brave girl and join me eh? Goosey x

    LOVE lemon and ginger tea. I think that I have already eaten my 500 cals in a bid to help me feel some level of normal. What happened to that party girl who could bounce back so easy from a boozey night. These days I am ill for days. it is lovely to hear from you again.

    Well that’s OK, 500 calls. Just don’t have any more, drink tea, water, miso soup. You never regret doing something hard . Love Goosey X

    Hi all,

    welcome Debbi and Tkinsley.

    And hello goosey.

    I’m back on it today, no questions. 9st 10 this morning, this is not happening.

    Just wanted to pop in and say “hello” and that the effects of fasting seem to be lasting…LOL!

    I haven’t fasted in a month and a half but I have not put back on any of the weight. I think I changed my eating habits and even when I’m not actively tracking my food, I am eating less. Certainly have given up the fast food; saving money for a trip to Switzerland. πŸ˜€

    Hi tidurbin, lovely to have you back. Well done on the no weight gain despite not fasting. A trip to Switzerland sounds great and certainly a motivator.

    Ok, so no fast today but I will need to get my fat ass into gear and get 2 fasts done this week even if I am off and studying.

    Hope everyone’s fast is going ok. Elc how did you get on?

    tldurbin, well done on no weight gain.

    Can’t say the same for me,10lb off 6lb back on during the very long summer.

    Had a good fast yesterday, and just having scrambled eggs now, no bread.

    Dinner is home made vege curry, no oil added at all, done in the slow cooker.

    How’s everyone.

    Hi guys,
    4 weeks in and also Monday/ Wed faster. Great to see your results:-) Also, couldn’t be happier with progress to date. I had always been sporty and not overweight.. but clothes were becoming tighter and I do love food! I’ve Just turned 40, 5″7.5 and started at 136lb now 130lb. Other benefits- i only seem to have lost fat not muscle, more energy, dress size down. Also more importantly for my husband there was no’ over emotional side on period! Sorry, for long essay but really see this diet as way of life now! 10 Tips for success: Walk a lot, drink lots of water and tea, nutribullet smoothies, know your calories (i was way off before), keep busy on fast days, low cal mints (breath ok!), spiralise vegetables (with a little balsamic), early night on fast days, choose convenient fast days (mine are Mon and Wed) and last but not least be flexible and don’t beat yourself up if one week does not go according to plan! It just requires mental toughness and positivity:-) Good luck all

    Good day to you all. I just loved reading all your Posts. I joined 1 Nov and lost 2 kg. Saturday was Fast day and went well. So I tried Fasting again Sunday, it was a disaster and I had 855 Calories instead of 500. Now I think I must also make it this Wednesday and maybe Monday following. I thought that the fasting Must be 2 days in a row.
    Something about myself. 64 female 5’9.75 S African. Starting weight 77 KG. That’s about 12 stone plus a bit and I need to go down to 68KG.
    I am a fattist! And HATE beiing overweight and my whole life I had to Watch myself and last December diagnosed with high bad cholestrol had to stop smoking! Knew allways its bad but I enjoyed it. So I gained this 9kg and could not shift it at all until now and I am MOTIVATED!!! Good luck to you all.

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