Monday and Wednesday faster needed!!

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  • Oh lucky you, I wish I was the same. Didn’t happen first 2 weeks but this week was weird as it happened on the 2 fast nights. Am hoping that it was a one off. I will try the decaf before bedtime. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Morning all – well still morning here

    Uh oh, well I’m only on my second week… so maybe the insomnia has yet to hit 🙁 Hope not, as I’m enjoying the sleepy side effect.

    Hope the tea helps. Wishing you easy, sweet dreams!

    Morning all – well still morning here I am back to pre-Easter weight yay and second fast of the week today .. Have meal planned out .. A recipe from Hairy Bikers book that looked good (good grief I can’t believe cod is $19 a lb) will have a few boiled potatoes pieces with it and I’m good .. I’m working up a notebook of recipes we love that will all fit into fast days so I can just go to it and pick from a category ..

    Doing Friday too this week and Monday Wednesday next week we leave on a mini vacation with friends on Thursday and come back Monday night so will have to adjust next week to either Tuesday Thursday or Tuesday Wednesday and maybe Friday to mitigate any damage done on holiday lol

    My absolute favorite thing about fast day is everything tastes incredible! Has anyone else noticed that?

    I will end the day at 509 calories because I had a little lunch of open faced hard boiled egg sandwich with jalapeño with I tsp of mayo but it was so so so good it’s worth the 9 calories lol.

    I’m afraid to look back and lose my post but someone was beating themself up for come home at 9pm and having a sandwich … My thoughts are … You didn’t fail! I would switch up fast days and consider it a low cal day that doesn’t hurt at all occasionally ….. I’m seriously trying to turn my thought process around with this way of eating …. I want to lose my stress and obsession about food doing this and I’m finding that is making the fast days way easier for me for some strange reason ..

    Sorry didn’t post all earlier

    Hi everyone,

    Thursday weigh in half a lb off.

    Had an easy fast day yesterday, but a really hard evening. Couldn’t settle, up and down all evening. Tried reading, watching a film, and looking on the forum. Not that I was hungry, just very unsettled.

    How did everyone else do??

    Well done Elc72,

    Every bit helps. I also find evenings the most difficult. I think it is due to sitting watching tv. Need to think of a way to combat evening munching.

    Am on my 3rd fast this week, so far so good. Only fluids. Been busy painting the kitchen all morning. Am such a mess painter! Glossing tomorrow.

    Hi All, well done E, going in the right direction. Hats off to LC three days fasting, awesome! I had a rubbish fast day yesterday, usually my best day. So I have eaten v.lightly today, had yogurt & strawberries breakfast, leeks lunch, ham & salad dinner, now going to have my ” one weakness” a not so little glass of wine. Happiness

    Hi all,

    Fasting today didn’t go to plan – 650 cals. Caved in and had a couple of cheesey oat cakes which took me over. Never mind, it still a calorie deficit. Glad to hear you are having a glass of wine GL. I plan to have a couple of lovely G&Ts tomorrow.

    Hi all, I have been trying to work out why o’ why I struggled so much on Wednesday. I was tired after a poor nights sleep. BUT it all started with a jar of nuts ( walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews,) My one weakness!

    Sorry- lost the rest of the post- it happens when I try to use the smiley faces – any way the top and bottom of it is I am a greedy pig who can’t have nuts or any nibbley things in the house. GL x


    I an exactly the same, struggle to limit amount of cheese, crisps and chocolate, Also just pigged out on nice bread with the nice cheese. I never learn, I keep thinking that I will be different this time. May be best not to have those things in the house on a regular basis.

    Also been thinking when I was doing the boring job of glossing that am probably best to have 3 small meals during the day rather that have decent dinner. I think that it may help to limit additional munching. However, more to the point I need to avoid the amount of time that I am sitting watching tv at night. Need to get back to the gym.

    O.K. So we are not perfect- but we are better than before. Yeh! I am still going to have a glass of wine later.
    Enjoy your G&T. G.L x

    Just been having a mooch around the site and came across thread Top Tips – Snacks, olives, gherkins and popcorn are low calorie and good for you -they appealed to me. Nuts out – olives in. G.L x

    yeah but nuts are nicer than olives.xx

    Sad but true. G L x

    Yesterday was a wonderful food day …. I went about 500 calories over my TDEE. But I have it figured at my goal weight not my current weight so I’m still below my current TDEE … Anyway I try to do that one day a week as my purely enjoyable day and to keep my body from figuring it is starving … Today was my 3rd fast day of the week and I will end up a smidge under 500 calories …

    Gonna go look at Top Tips Thanks

    Well yet again I have eaten too many calories over the weekend. I eventually stopped counting the calories and had another packet of crisps. Just like school report cards – easily distracted and could do better. Anyway the house is now free from all of my favourite snacks in preparation for another week. Back at work tomorrow so should make thing easier.

    Me too lazy cat- lots of wine Camembert and baguette for Saturday lunch, and continued for the rest of the day in the same vein. SO BEING GOOD TODAY, I get weighed tomorrow so hope to offset the damage.
    I am definitely better if I abstain totally as I am incapable of moderation. The house definitely must be clear of temptation. Poor OH was looking for the nuts this morning to put on his breakfast, I had the cheek to look totally innocent an suggest we must have run out. I am sure being at work tomorrow will help you big time! Sending you big hugs and a wedge of will power. GL. X

    Think I need a massive wedge of will power. Sending you a big wedge of will power back to you. Good luck for the week ahead.

    Thank you, I promise not to waste any of my wedge. GLX

    1lb ON – gutted… So I’ll be joining you all today. The plan is, fluids only today, dinner tomorrow evening, then see how I feel about doing a third day. Going away next weekend and I have bought a new pair of jeans that I promised myself I would only wear after I had lost this weeks pound ( the pockets gape).
    Sorry, I feel as if I am letting you all down. GL X

    Hi all hope you are going on ok, today I started on 5 2 last week but been back at the gym for 8 wks and on normal diet for four weeks I got weighed on Sat and to my delight I have lost half a stone so pleased need to now stay focussed, keep going every one you will get there only 5-7lbs left for me to loose.

    Hi all

    Congrats to 12lbtoloose, great weight loss.


    I know it’s horrible to see a gain, but 1lb is not a lot. If I’m right your fast days are tues wed, why is weigh day a Monday?. I would have to weigh Friday, too much damage can be done in a weekend, and it’s false weight, as is it’s false weight the day after a fast, something in the middle is more accurate, in my opinion anyway, could be wrong.

    Hi, can I join the ‘Mon/Wed fasters’?

    I need (in an ideal world) to lose about 12kgs to start with. My weigh in day is a Monday.

    Any buddies happy for me to join?


    Course you can join, more the merrier.

    Bought some quorn products this week (thanks for the idea lazycat, I think).

    Today is my third fast and I haven’t eaten today and don’t feel hungry. Admittedly, I have been very busy, but I haven’t felt my usual starving Marvin pangs.

    Remember this diet does attack fat, so the weight may not be a true indication of loss, rather clothes will to some not all.

    Good luck all, the fact you are doing means you should all have a massive pat on the back:-)

    BTW – I am scale shy so cant report weight loss, but a shirt felt looser today as did jeans!

    Hi All, Welcome Belle. Fab loss 12lbtoloose,
    I will get that damn extra lb off, you could be right Elaine, weighing on Mondays is risky and may not be a true reading. My theory behind it is if I indulge on Fri/Sat it reigns me in on Sunday (fear factor). But as I have commented before, I hate counting calories, but tuff, I do know it is something I need to be doing. So I have made a list of some basic foods and calories which I will add to as I go, ballpark has obviously not been good enough! So far so good today, seems natural to fast on Mondays. I hope you are all having a good day. Lovely to hear from you. Gooseylucey.X

    So far so good for me too today, nil by mouth except water.

    I will try and hold off for dinner till 7pm.

    Off for a walk now.

    Hi Belfastbelle
    Welcome to the forum. I am very similar to you – i started 5:2, 13 weeks ago with a target weight loss of 28 lbs. Today I achieved 14 lbs. My husband bought me an orchid in celebration. I am half-way there. I cant believe it. I fast on a Monday and Wednesday and weigh in on a Monday. I have never had a week without a weight loss. You can do it! I have never felt better and can walk up hills no problem at all. Look forward to hearing your progress. x

    Hi all and welcome Belfastbelle,

    GL- I find that I can gain 1lb during the week too and when I weigh myself after 2nd fast day the scales are slightly kinder to me. We can be very hard on ourselves and not sure if it is helpful to me (often eat more).Not sure when is the best time to jump on the scales but do prefer when they tell me good things.

    Monday fast so far so good 430 cals. Plan to go for my usual Wednesday and may be Thursday as I am out of the office all day and not much time for eating. This is week 4 for me with a 4lb loss, not optimistic for this week, crazy munching over the weekend.

    Good luck and keep us all updated


    Hope you enjoy the quorn. Let me know what you think. The quorn turkey and sage slices are only 30 cals per slice. I an eating that to try and stay away from the demon cheese.

    Can I ask if you all have more weight loss with one meal, two meals or three meals over the fast days? Am going to try and work out which creates to greatest weight loss for me.

    Really hope I can limit my munching over this week.

    i have been doing the 5:2 since august, fell off the wagon at xmas eve, and just got bck on the thing after chasing it for 3 and a bit months, i have been on holiday 2 times tho ( not excuses) actually they are ha ha.
    Anyway fasted today and its been ok, i am quitting smoking as well, it’ll be a week on wednesday however i am taking tablets to do that, i noticed i hadnt taken my tablet on sunday took it about 12 ish food had not entered my head…. until about 1 1/2 hours after the tablet and the muchies started actually the gorging!! The tablets do make you retain water weight but today i have been good a yogurt for brekkie tablet taken loads of flavoured water Ive checked the content in calories as some of them are obscene… banana at lunch and an asda 324 meal tonight, am feeling ok. Wednesday is my other fast day. Now 1 questions girlies my tdee is 1600 a day am i best off not eating to that? maybe around 1400 ? also LAZYCAT anser to your question before i found that when i cam e to a bit of a stale mate i switched my eating to 1 meal a day in the vening so from the night before and until i ate the next day i only ate in an 8 hour window so starved for 16 hours my weight loss re booted i lost around 15 lbs and have gained 5 i want to 10lbs to a stone ish by end of june… I like the idea about the quorn intake. Tomorrow i am a normal day and have an instant pot of porridge 245 cals a banana and yogurt for lunch and am having 2 slices of pizza a few oven chip salad and a slice of garlic bread so am sure i will be under my 1600 fast wednesday and reduce my cal intake thursday. Am aiming for lb a week. I havent drunk my tipple of vodka for around 3-4 weeks so alcohol is not my issue its FOOD, CHOCCIE.
    My fear is not losing cos of these tablets and reaching for the fags AGAIN.

    Hi guys thank you for your positive feedback. Fast day for me today, I have breakfast and then eat around 4 as I am starving by then I go to they gym after work and save 40 calls for a.lovely cup of hot chocolate before bed feeling very tired and hungry now though, everyone is doing so well I will weigh myself again on Sat I think just to see if this diet is working for me, this is only my second week

    Hi there,

    Got to say thanks to lazycat for the quorn advise, easiest fast ever.

    Had a ready made meal of qourn lasagne and a massive salad, well under 500 cals and couldn’t eat it all.

    I never eat ready meals, but I’m very limited where I live on the products I can buy, had to go to a special shop and only had a choice of ready made lasagne or cottage pie, or a bag of the mince. I didn’t want to buy the mince in case I didn’t like the taste, I really do though, so will be buying that now and making my own.

    Hi anjpink,

    Thanks for your advice on the fasting on 1 meal/day. If I don’t manage to shift any weight this week I will give it a bash. I am at the stage that I need to take drastic action as my fat jeans are tight. Not good! I am not an expert on tdee but would probably aim for around that or just below. I struggle with that at times. Sounds as if you have lost loads of weight doing what you are doing. Well done!

    Elc72,- Am veggie so quorn a regular item on my shopping list. The quorn mince is ok in a chillie (around 250 cals) with tinned tomatoes and kidney beans. Not a big ready meal girl myself but good for an emergency.

    Good luck for tomorrow all.

    Hi All ,back on the straight and narrow, had fluids only day Mon and another really good fast day today so going for number three tomorrow going to have cal counted veg soup lunch and fish and green beans for dinner,hello little jeans! Away for the weekend going to try the quorne sausages for breakfast and lunch on the way down leaving lots of free cals for dinner. Good luck all. Goosey. X

    I liked your info about top tips. Will check it out.

    Georgina28 Congratulations on your 14lb weight loss!

    Anjpink, thanks for your advice about eating one meal only. I have been at a long standstill with weight loss.

    Well so far so good only fluids but solids for dinner. I took your advice anjpink with only one meal on fast day so fingers crossed. Like Gooseylucey am aiming for another fast day tomorrow.

    Georgina28- Well done on weight loss! You must be delighted.

    Am glad that you found the quorn tip useful although not everyone is a fan. I love the sausages and they smell great!

    Hi All I hope you have all had a successful FD. I am just getting to grips with counting calories again, something I haven’t done for years, have to admit I have been making some daft errors! Made myself some roasted cauliflower soup today, it was fantastic -really creamy, none in honestly. I don’t know if any of you use Pinterest but that is where I picked up the recipe, search under negative calorie recipes. Also found Mason Jar Salads – I think I am going to give that idea a go. Have a look, I would love to know what you think. Goosey x

    Having a very successful fast day here! Ambush audit (ie stress) at work brought donuts, Chicago hot dogs, Italian beef sammiches and fries (ie massive temptation) to my office, in bulk. The latter, I ordered, picked up and transported… none of which happened quickly. Rather torturous. Biceps may be weak, but MY WILLPOWER IS STRONG! Proud of myself. And somehow, I’ve really had no hunger pangs today? (Third week of 4:3)

    gooseylucey – Those mason jar salads are the most adorable things ever, but I wonder if enjoying them would be a challenge? Even after a good shake, is there enough room for the ingredients to mix evenly? Would a fork-full fit through the opening? I dunno – I fear it might smash into the table out of frustration! On the plus side, GLASS CONTAINS ZERO CALORIES. Mmm! 😉

    I’ll be looking up that cauliflower soup recipe! You had me at “creamy”!

    Hi All,
    Tomorrow is my second ‘fast’ day and I intend to do it Monday and Wednesdays so would love to join in if that’s ok?

    Im really good with my food but at weekends if I drink then its all down the pan so Im hearing you 🙂


    Morning All, welcome Randi and emmabarth,
    Randi, looking into the a Mason Jar idea, they are called Kilner Jars in the U.K, I think you would have to empty them out into a bowl. But I am loving the pre-preparedness. You seem to be able to buy 1ltr, 500g anywhere, and a 250ml on line.
    Emma so true, I love wine, restrict it now to Fri/Sat /Sun that’s why I weigh on Mon morning just so it’s at the back of my mind. I know I have benefited from a little bit of dehydration on the odd occasion- naughty.
    Didn’t think I could do a 4:3 ever, but this week did mon/tues/wed counting the calories properly for the first time ( I used to just guess). I can say I enjoyed it – strange. Feeling THIN- wonderful. Will report on my usual weigh day Mon fingers crossed. Enjoy you eat days, I’m thinking quality not quantity, or even gourmet!
    Goosey x

    Hi all,
    Weigh day today!!!!!!
    lost 1 and a half pounds!! yey.

    Now weigh 9stone 6lb with a grand total of 8lb lost.

    My aim was 9stone, but now I’m a very comfortable size 10, so think I’m happy.

    Good luck to everyone else

    When are your weigh days?

    I know goosey is Monday, what about everyone else?

    Hi, I’m doing Mondays and Wednesdays. I’m in week 6 and both last Wednesday and this Wednesday have had a bit of a funny turn during the day, light headed and a ‘swimmy’ feeling, the first time I honestly thought I was going to pass out. I had to eat some fruit to get through, but didn’t really regain my equilibruim until the evenings both days and it really affected my performance at work.
    As I have never been the fainting type, I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience and what strategies you used to get through or alleviate this. As far as I know I have no underlying health issues that could affect this, other than my middle-aged hormones – I am going into menopause.

    I’ve weighed myself this morning and it’s showing 1pound lighter which is amazing after just one days fast. I know it’s water weight etc but it’s the boost I need to carry on. Had a funny burst of energy last night, I hope it continues.
    Second fast day today, it’s 11.30 a.m. and I haven’t eaten anything yet. I’ve had water, green tea and a black coffee and I’m feeling good (it helps that the sun is also shining )
    I never thought I could do this but now I’m sure I really can.

    Not sure which day to weigh in. Is there any advantage to any given day if I fast Mondays and Wednesday’s?


    Are you drinking lots of water?, if not make sure you are.
    Are you having 3 meals or less?, if less, try going back to 3.
    Use your calories wisely, you can have a load of vege and salad for very few calories.
    I would suggest your first meal has eggs. They’re full of protein and fill you up.
    You will weigh less on the Thursday, but like you said, may just be water loss, Friday is a good day for a more realistic weight. Just make sure that it’s the same day every week.
    My weight fluctuates during the week massively, 5lb up or down.

    Thanks for the advice Elc72, I’ve been having loads of water but only two meals, so I will certainly try going to three, and I love eggs and salads, so hopefully this will help!

    Goosey, good tip on the soup, thanks!

    @gooseylucey, Ah, that makes sense. The preparedness would be great!

    I’ve been weighing myself daily and must stop it. Up and down, up and down…

    On the topic of eggs, my boyfriend and I shared this frittata for our FD dinner last evening. Was easy and yummy. We each had a whole half @ 430 cals and an apple. Did the trick!

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