Monday and Wednesday faster needed!!

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  • Hannah,
    Just go and have a good time. Holiday weight isn’t permanent, if it goes on quickly, it comes off quickly from my experience.

    To be honest after 7 weeks of fasting, you’ll probably find that you make healthier choices without even realising.

    I did notice while I was in England that nearly ever restaurant has a healthy option, with a well under 500 cal meal. I think that’s a fantastic idea.
    I could have eaten a 3 course meal in Frankie and Benny’s for under 600cals.I didn’t of course.


    Hannah, I totally agree with Elc72 about having fun when you are on holiday. I am sre that very little damage will be done when you are away and you can always get back on track when you return.

    Elc72, great news about Frankie and Benny’s healthy options. Will need to keep that in mind.

    Hi lazycat.
    I know like me you like gin. (I don’t like tea I like gin, old aldi advert).

    It’s not actually that bad if you have it with slimline tonic 55 cals.

    But if your anything like me, it’s never just the one, and has to be accompanied with nuts, crisps etc….

    Hi Elc72,

    double Caorunn and slimline for most of Saturday night. It’s my favourite gin. Unfortunately, the cals I saved on tonic I drank in gin. No food when drinking but made up for it Sunday and Monday. Resulted in a 2 day hangover and not fasting on Monday. I can’t bounce back like I used to do in my 20s. Think the older that I get the worse I get. Am a greedy girl for gin!

    I remember the advert and it always made me laugh, smiling at the thought of it now.

    Todays menu is quorn Bolognese and bare naked noodles 229 cals. Will have 100 cals in coffee. Coffee during the day and dinner at around 7pm.

    Whats everyone else having today??

    Hi All, today for me it’s leek Soup for Lunch, Smoked Haddock in creme fresh with chives and green beans, for dinner O.H gets mash with it, if I don’t stray this afternoon I am going to have a spoonful of mash just to soak up the sauce, mmmm!
    I have been using the Myfitnesspal, I’m sure even though I am not particularly good at it yet, it is helpful.
    Copious amounts of tea and coffee, I drink it black so free, – I think! Happy fasting. Goosey x

    Hi all,

    Elc72- glad to hear that your are enjoying quorn. It good for fast and non fast days.

    Only fluids so far but plan to have spicey lentil soup for dinner and couple of oat cakes before bed. All going well today.

    Gooseylucey- I love myfitnesspal. I am sure fine with it. Better than the old pen and paper.

    Good morning All
    Hope you all had a fab fast day, what’s on the menu today? Something nice?
    I look after my grandson on my own today so I should get extra calories for exercise (at least 2000). He is three 🙂
    I am going to have 3 meals today, Greek yogurt and blueberries, leek soup, chicken stir fry, O.H gets that with noodles or rice. Goosey x
    I’d love a glass of wine with that, but I am trying to hold off until the weekend.

    Hi everyone…stepped on the scale this morning after 2 weeks of 5:2 lost 5 lbs. I know this is probably alot of water weight but it sure makes me feel good to know it is going in the right direction. Just one question for anyone…I am so so tired and lethargic on my day after the fast. Can’t seem to get any energy. Any suggestions?

    Hi all,

    MIDWESTGIRL, what a great loss, you must be delighted. I weigh myself on a Friday but not optimistic due to girlie night out. I live in hope!

    Well, me and my big mouth “I don’t put weight on while on holiday”. 3lb on!!!

    Hi All – well done Midwestgirl great result.
    Elc – you can get back on top of that 3 lb, you know you can/will!
    Lazycat- Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow.
    I didn’t hold off until the weekend, just had a lovely glass of wine, was a little picky this afternoon, kept getting a handful of shreddies out of the box, added in the calories on the Myfitnesspal and still had enough left for a Large Red, OMG I hope I am remembering to put everything in I seem to have had quite a lot of food today. My scales are fixed so if tomorrow is big I think I will do a mini fast – quorne sausages 2×2, b’fast & lunch hardly seems like a hardship they are so nice. Good luck all Goosey x

    Hi all,

    Elc- you will have lost those 3lbs in a few days. I know it is rubbish when the scales tell you nasty things but think about how well you have been doing. We all need a holiday and naturally we want to have fun during these times, but it waas not a normal week.

    Goosey- I had a large gin last night too and munched on oat cakes and cheese. Well, I weighed myself and lost 1/2lb. Part of me is fine as I had a gin fuelled Saturday and munched through a 2 day hangover, but the other part thinks that I have been quite good the rest of the week so deserved to have had a bigger weight loss. Think my problem is that I am very impatient.

    Enjoy the weekend

    Hi all
    It’s great to hear everyone is doing so well
    ELC – you have all the tools you need to lose the 3lb – you’ve put in loads of hard work to have a holiday you deserve and the main thing is that you had a nice time, surely that’s more important that a few pounds which you’ll easily lose. This is a new way of life and with that will be ups and downs.

    Another pound off for this week’s weigh in, really pleased with that.
    Had quite a lot of alcohol last night and the same is planned for this evening. I go on holiday Monday for 2 weeks but thankfully its a walking holiday so it should all be ok. I plan on continuing with the fast while Im away too so fingers crossed the fat won’t come back 🙂
    Good luck everyone on the week ahead.

    Whoops done it again! Too much wine = cheese and oat cakes+ nuts. I think my wine tolerance has gone right down since starting 5:2 I have a rotten hangover, but didn’t think I had had that much! I am getting cheaper to keep by the week! How are you all doing? Well done Emma, Goosey x

    Morning all,

    Emma- well done on your weight loss. It sounds quite consistant.

    Goosey- Again I am in your camp with oat cakes and cheese but did ok with the gin last night as only had a couple. Think the 2 day hangover last week has put me off.

    Been up and been shopping for this week. Picked up miso soup 42cals. Has anyone tasted this? Plan to take it to work in case I am needing something to eat.

    Good luck for the week

    Hi Lazycat, I like Miso soup it’s very savoury, I like the one with tofu, it is apparently v.v.good for you. Goosey x

    Hi Goosey, I don’t think the one that I bought has tofu in it but I will look out for it. I do like savoury hence my oat cake and cheese binge over the weekend. I have not really been buying crisps, biscuits or chocolate but am loathed to also give up on my cheese. Think that I just need to try and control how much cheese that I eat. Easier said than done.

    Morning All, I didn’t lose any weight this week, sad as I am going to a big party on the 30th an had hoped to lose 1lb a week until then. I don’t think I am able to make it up, 2lb is a big ask at this point. Fast day today, made soup yesterday so I am prepared. Good luck to all, Goosey. X

    Hi all,
    Thanks for your support.
    I’ve been very mindful of food this weekend, my gins have had more tonic, and my wine has had more soda.
    Goosey, I’ve had plenty of standstill weeks, 3 on the trot once, then a bigger loss. Have you got much more weight to loose?.

    Menu for today is either smoked salmon salad or home made healthy curry and cous cous. My new low cal friend is turkey bacon, it’s lovely.

    Hi Elc72, I am not sure what weight I should be aiming for, the range on the NHS site is quite wide, I thought I would be happy at 120lb but that left my waist measurement still at 32″ as I am only 5′ tall it needs to be lower than 30″ so I thought I would continue until 114 lb or 30″waist whichever comes first. This morning I was 118lb, so I am close, but I think the fat that is left is truly stuck to my bones. would love to know what you think. Goosey x

    Sorry meant to say I’m surprised no weight recommendations on this site , or have I just missed it. G x

    Hi goosey,

    I think your weight for height is bang on now. Where do you measure the waist?. I measure where the waist goes in, in my case 2 inches above belly button.

    I measure at the smallest point, that was about 5″ above my belly button but as the weight came off the narrowest point lowered to the same as yours, about 2″ above, I am an apple shape but from what I have read in 5:2 they don’t think belly fat is healthy, a compromise between weight and measurements may be the answer. I know for a grown woman not to be able to make this decision is pathetic, I just wish there was a RULE! I want someone to say,” there that’s right stay put”! Thanks Goosey x

    I’m an upside down pair shape, if that exists. Wide back, very narrow hips and skinny legs. And I always lose weight off my legs and bum first, where not needed.

    Now I picture you like Crystal from Dallas she was that shape – fab in shoulder pads! I’v looked again on line at ideal weights and 112 lb is the middle of the range for my height, but I think too small for me. I am going to continue trying to lose until the end of the month and then reassess. Sorry for the rant but thanks for listening, Goosey x

    No problem, so we are both on our last few pounds then. I think they will be the hardest to come off.

    Hi all,

    You all are very inspirational! I would like to lose at least 1 stone. Currently 5 foot 2 and weighing 9 stone 12lbs so quite a bit to go. Plan to focus on 1/2 stone at a time as it doesn’t appear such a unachievable target. Just had a lovely dinner of home made lentil soup and cals left for a sandwich later. On a positive I had a sneaky jump on the scales and they remained the same as on Friday so the weekend damage is not as bad as I thought.

    Goosey- you sound very petite. Can’t wait until I am that weight.

    Elc- you also sound slim.Bit of the green eyed monster popping out of me.

    Well done to you both

    Enjoy the rest of the week

    Hey, Monday-Wednesday Fasters,
    I can relate to all you have posted. The wine at dinner cannot be a part of my fasting days. I like Monday to fast because I have enjoyed the weekend with cocktails and wine and it actually feels good to eat light…a bit of atonement, perhaps.
    Yoga helps me with my stress on fasting days (any day, really). Lots of water and green tea. With Spring in the air, it helps to be outside, too. My partner fasts, too, which helps most of the time. He needs to be busy in the evenings after our light dinners. We work to keep each other on track we’re 58 & 65, so health is a big motivator, along with managing weight. He’s lost 10 lbs. since January with some lost weeks to vacation travel. I’ve lost 8 and am thrilled to do so without a sense of deprivation.
    We also have a three-day detox at least once a month with blended smoothies, totaling about 1,000 calories per day. It is easy to see that any day without alcohol helps to keep my calories down. I like to keep celery and carrot sticks in the frig at all times. Crunching is satisfying.
    Stay true, Fasters! You can do this. Find engaging books and videos. TV has too many food commercials.

    Hi ZeeHay and welcome,

    As you have probably read we Monday and Wednesday fasters appear to like wine and gin.

    You sound as if that you are doing well on the 5:2. I totally agree about the commercials advertising food. On a fast day I notice them more. However, I cope better after 8.00pm on a fast day (not sure why that is?) on a fast.

    Anyway please keep us updated on how you are doing.


    I’m the same as you..back on the plan after a long break. Restarted today! Going to fast Monday and Weds..possibly Thurs.

    Wine is the killer for me too.

    Good luck xx

    Hi and welcome ZeeKay and Amsi, so right about books and videos ZeeKay , fast day evenings often include an early bath and bed with a good book or film for me. I am new to Monday fasting I used to do Tues /Wed but found that Monday’s do feel like a natural day to fast.
    Amsi – great to have you along, it’s nice to look forward to some wine at the weekend which of course you can on this diet.
    Lazycat – glad you have had a good day, no weight gain over the weekend is a fantastic start to the week, well done.
    Good luck all Goosey x

    Hello, can I join in?
    I did the 5:2 for 18 months, lost over a stone and kept it off until last christmas when I went back to all my old habits, and my body was less forgiving suddenly. Piled on 7lbs. Turned 40 and Can’t shift it! Been back on 5:2 since January, with the occasional relapse. Have trained and run a half marathon, and now taken up cycling to try and boost, but every week, the scales say same….
    I think I eat way too much on non fast days. I think I need some extra support. I only want to shift those 7lbs!
    Looking forward some helpful advice.

    well i came on my period last thursday and i was 9 stone 2 and i have got to 9 stone 4 pounds and im not even on my period now. whats going on? ive been fasting and doing everything the exact same.

    Hi everyone,

    Great to have new people.

    Zee, wine has to go on a fast day. it’s not the wine so much as the lack of will power that goes with it.

    Lazycat, I also seem to get to around 9pm, and think, well that’s done then, I would never go and mess up everything that late in the day. If I was starving I would just go to bed.

    Daisy and Amsie, like me returners to the plan, it’s so hard to get remotivated when you’ve had a long break.

    Daisy, like me and goosey you just have the last few pounds to get off, definitely the hardest.

    I’m trying super hard this week, as you all know 3lb gain for me last week, holiday weight and time of the month, so I’m hoping that’s gone this week, we’ll see Thursday.
    Don’t forget everyone to post your weigh days and results.

    Hi everyone good to see how you are all getting on I have been reading g all your comments, I Love wine my big down fall so I am trying to drink just on Saturdays at present I weighed last week and have lost another pound so down to 9st 8lb from 10st 2lb only four to go now but as I am goo g to the gym I seem to have lost more in inches as clothes feel a lot better now. Does anyone exercise on fast days? I do and like to believe I am tapping into my stored fat haha happy fast day tomorrow Lee x

    well done lee, you are also on the dreaded last few pounds.

    Yes I am elc72 hopefully they will come off easy for us all lol Lee x

    Hi All welcome Lee and Daisy, I am in awe of both of you, running,cycling and the gym phew! Well done! I clean like a dervish and look after our 3 year old grandson on fast days and thankfully that keeps my day busy, but I really should do something that breaks a sweat ZeeKay does yoga I would love to try that.

    Hannah – have you checked your fast day and non-fast day calorie allowance, you like me are quite short
    and my F.D. allowance is only 350 cals,and non fast days 1400 its amazing how quickly they can disappear. Now I only have about 5 pounds to lose. I am trying to shave a few more calories off that during the week just to give a little more at the weekend. Good luck to all Goosey x

    Hi all,

    Welcome Amsi and Daistnook,

    It would appear that us fasters are getting a bad reputation for our love of wine and gin. However, I can assure you that you will be in good company.

    Last year I did 4 classes per week (kettlebells, circuits and 2 metamax plus out running once or twice during the week. Currently struggling to get motivated to do one class or running. Unfortunately, I didn’t reduce my eating as I drastically reduced my exercise. Dark winter night totally zapped my motivation. Any motivational tips will be greatly appreciated.

    Good luck if your fasting tomorrow!

    Managed a proper fast day proud of myself! Joining this last night was the best thing…as i was tempted to have a glass of wine…but went to the gym instead! Hope you all did ok yesterday! X

    Wednesday again!.

    I walk an hour and a half in the morning then an hour in the afternoon. I’m now doing a full body workout on my home gym most days.
    As it’s now officially summer here (30 degrees most days), I will be swimming most days as well.

    I have been reading many threads about people who have stopped 5.2 for various reasons, and always regained weight. I tries 6.1 for a while when I stopped last year but it didn’t work for me, I think I will do this forever, apart from holidays etc.

    Hannah, some peoples water retention is the week after their period, not during. Mine is the 2 days before.

    Give it another week, you’ll be fine.

    Hopefully all your posts about weight loss and exercise will motivated or shame me into getting back into exercise. Loved it once I am in a routine but struggling to get back into a routine.

    Hello all,

    I am now in fifth week of this, with one week being completely sabotaged as we moved and quite frankly, we did it fuelled with snacks, take away’s and wine! Oh, and Gin. Fasting was not an option:-)

    Five weeks on, with little exercise and just two days a week at 500 cals a piece, and I am wearing jeans and shirts which I used to shy away from in my wardrobe. Sleeves are tons loser, and the muffin top is disappearing slowly.

    At the time of starting I made the decision not to hop on the scales as I was too scared as I knew I had piled it on, due to hideous photos of me with unsightly bulges, couldn’t face it. I am going to stick with it, and weigh in at 10 weeks and use my clothes as my benchmark, as they really do tell the truth.

    I love this way of living, the fasts, not always easy, are normal now. I can indulge in the things I love at weekends so don’t feel deprived. Stick with it, it works, and my husband commented this morning that I looked trimmer, gives you a spring in your step! 🙂

    gooseylucey- im just eating the same amount of calories when i first started, but i do the 4.3 diet and i exercise twice a day,but i could be eating too much now im getting smaller.

    Whats on the menu today everyone??

    Hello everyone. I’m a Monday and Wednesday faster too. Just restarted it after falling off the wagon and regaining a bit. I don’t have anything all morning and tend to have a cup’ a’soup around 3pm and then a meal of fish/chicken with fresh veg around 6pm, I struggle from about 7pm onwards. I have a fairly physical job and try and walk around our local lake (4km)at least 3 times a week. I try not to overdo the calories on non fast days but I do like a dessert and this is the reason I do the fast diet so you can eat what you want on non fast days. I’m trying to lose about a stone. I did it last year and felt fab for it. Hoping I can keep motivated by reading your comments.

    Hi All, Yeh Lazycat, all this exercise talk, even I picked up a leaflet at our sports hall when I took my grandson to football today.
    Zacindie- your O.H gets a gold star from me, it is so nice to get a compliment, it does give you such a lift. A few weeks ago my best friend was so unkind about my weight loss I was in shock!
    Hannah- Doing what your doing 4:3 it’s just got to go – hang on in there.
    Elc72- Today the menu has been An Apple, One egg omelette with peppers n’ onions n’ loads o’herbs n’ a pile of leaves (I was cleaning out the fridge). Cod with a tomato sauce, green beans and cauliflower. No dressings or butter, One teaspoon oil in the omelette pan,and one in the Tom sauce. Sounds like a lot of food! I had better go check the calories.
    Michelleg22- great to have you with us, we all seem to struggle in the evenings, as you have been successful before any tips you gleaned along the way will be gratefully received.
    O.K. 8.20 I reckon I am safe now. Good luck all Goosey x

    Hi all and welcome Michelleg22,

    Never done a fast today as was in Edinburgh for work and really fancied a nice dinner so fasting tomorrow. Managed to stick to 880cals today which I think is ok. All prepared for my fast tomorrow and going to try and get back to exercising this week.

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