May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 FD

    @erikaa67 – ladies…& gents! There are plenty of guys on the forum; not too many on the May Challenge, but, we’re here! 😉

    @basyjames – You’ve never had a Jaffa Cake?! It’s a biscuit, or ‘cookie’, as they’re called in the USA. “It’s a delicious structure consisting of a small sponge with a chocolate cap covering a veneer of orange jelly. It is arguably Britain’s greatest invention after the steam engine and the light bulb.” True story!! There was a bit of controversy back in the ’90s re Jaffa Cakes. In the UK, VAT is charged on chocolate-covered biscuits, but not on cakes. The Jaffa Cake makers, McVities had always categorized them as cakes, but the tax authorities wanted them re-categorised as biscuits. This resulted in a big legal case &, long story short, they were declared to be ‘cakes’. But, you’ll find them in the biscuit aisle…🤔

    @shinything, @penz – I know? Madness! Under our initial Level 4 lockdown rules, we were permitted to buy ‘winter clothes’ only, & so ‘underwear’ didn’t count?! I guess I’ve been dressing incorrectly for the past 58 winters?!

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍋
    @dykask WFD

    Day 15 Oxfordshire, UK – CD
    Lovely sunny day here. Will head to the garden centre later. Hopefully it won’t be too busy.
    Weigh in today saw me back at the start of the month, which is ok ish, I had hoped for more but I think I had seriously derailed. So today I’m aiming for a CD which allows me 1100 cals. Could be lower if I don’t have any wine.
    Need to be careful today as we have ordered a meal from a local restaurant for tomorrow.
    Off to do a Leslie Sansone walk while DH goes for a run. This will be the most impact I have given my hip over the last week, so I’ll see how it feels.
    Enjoy your day, whatever it brings.

    Day 15, UK, NFD

    Its been an ok day so far, but I decided to let myself have a glass of wine or two this weekend, so it might not end that great, but hey, I don’t want to make myself feel deprived and give up. Remember, this is to be a WOL, and not a diet!

    @funshipfreddie you made me laugh so much 🤣

    I hope everyone has a great weekend 🌞

    Stay safe and be kind to yourselves 🤗

    Day 15 UK West Yorkshire – NFD watching a programme on Prime called Muscle & Medals, I wonder how many of these guys are on the 5:2? I keep thinking if I should just do a water fast next time. Though the thought of no food and just water is very daunting. But in for a penny in for a pound.

    Day 15, London, UK, FD,

    @songbirdme, I couldn’t open the link, but I do try to fill up on healthy carbs …………………………… i.e. vegetables, although if I could spread them with butter and marmalade and enjoy them as much as a slice of hot toast …………………………… I wouldn’t be on this forum!!! 😂

    Are we really halfway through May?? ………………………….. my brain has turned to mush during lockdown!!!

    @basyjames, you really DO NOT need to know what a jaffa cake is!!! ………………………. One bit of useless info …………. Jaffa cakes, named after the jaffa orange ……………………………………. Is actually made with apricot jam with tangerine flavouring!!! True!!!!

    @daffodil2010, glad to see you’re back on the wagon!! I remember how sick you were back then: my boss and brother swear they’ve had it as they both had some weird and debilitating symptoms earlier this year which they both described at the time as “the worst flu they’ve ever suffered”, of course, I just rolled my eyes, muttering ‘man-flu’ under my breath!!! 😂

    @beck100, I love a full bodied red wine or an occasional good rum, on the rocks, but I also enjoy a summer cider in the sun!!! Although, as an all or nothing kind of gal, the best thing to do is abstain when trying to lose weight, for me, alcohol always stops me losing fat in it’s tracks!!!

    @aidan64, I’ve done a couple of liquid fasts having only herbal teas, coffee or water. As they were purely accidental, I shocked myself once they were done, but think I scared myself into not actually having a planned one!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!!

    Day 14/15 UK FD

    So fasted every day this week till dinner so 5 in a row. Feeling very virtuous but the weekend beckons! Seems there’s a few new “faces” joined the forum.. Welcome all and it’s one of the best things you’ve done! A really helpful and supportive group hauling us back up onto the wagon when falling off threatens!

    I’m really hoping to reach my target by the end of May but have recently thought that I might revise that downwards! There’s a fair bit of excess still clinging to these bones. Anyway, need to get there first.

    Hoping to keep to my resolve to keep to the plan for the whole month!

    Day 15 Canton OH FD
    I have been missing out! I will have to avail myself of some Jaffa cakes to sample this delightful sounding treat.
    My internet has been spotty all morning, and I can barely string 2 words together before I get cut off
    @funshipfreddie no underwear in winter?!!! Mind boggling stuff, obviously someone was not thinking
    @beck100 I love sophisticated sounding words for mundane things. I am adopting that lingo asap!
    @flourbaby you are right I probably need to run far far away from the jaffa cakes but they sound like they are right up my alley …..
    Another busy day of audits for me, I started this post at 9am and just realized that I never sent it.
    So here we go, so far it looks like I am fasting with the boys 😉

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍋
    @dykask WFD

    Here is the article about healthy carbs – looks like anyone outside the USA could not open it:
    4 Best Carbs for Weight Loss
    By K. Aleisha Fetters | April 8, 2019
    Yes, carbohydrates can help you reach your weight loss goals—as long as you choose them wisely. Add these to your grocery list.

    Carbs make you fat.
    It must be true. Every story about “how to lose weight fast” says so. And with all the trendy low-carb diets—from Atkins to paleo to keto—they’ve got to be bad, right? Not exactly.
    Carbohydrates are incredibly important to your health. In fact, as your body’s main source of energy, they’re an essential part of an overall healthy diet. And when you eat the right kind of carbs (more on that later), they can actually help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
    “In my experience, many people look, feel, and perform better when they increase their carb intake,” says Caroline Juster, C.P.T., an elite trainer at Fitness Formula Clubs Union Station in Chicago. “My clients often find they have more energy throughout the day, and they can train harder during their workouts.”
    Research backs it up. A 2018 study in Nutrients found overweight people who increased their intake of both carbohydrates and fiber from whole, complex sources, lost weight and improved body composition.
    “A lot of fad diets focus on making carbs the bad guy, but it’s important to know that all of the macronutrients—carbs, protein, and fat—play an important role in a healthy diet,” says Tara Gidus Collingwood, R.D.N.
    The key is knowing how much you’re eating overall and which foods within each macronutrient category will help you reach your goals, she says.
    An easy way to make sure you’re getting enough but not too many carbs is to check portions using your hand. One serving of carbohydrates is about one cupped handful, Gidus Collingwood says.
    Most women need one serving at each meal, while men need closer to two. Of course, the exact amount of carbs you need every day depends on your body and goals. You can also talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian for guidance, especially if you have a chronic condition like heart disease or diabetes.
    As for what kind of carbs to eat, the less processed, the better. Limit crave-inducing carbs that are high in sugar and low in fiber, like candy, cookies, crackers, and chips. Instead, turn to these nutrient-rich options for superior weight loss and health.
    Healthy Carb #1: Whole Grains
    Grains come in two varieties: whole and refined. Whole grains are those that come packaged largely as nature designed. They contain all of their original parts, including the bran, germ, and endosperm.
    This means the grain is packed with fiber, antioxidants, B vitamins, and even some protein and healthy fats, Gidus Collingwood says.
    “All of these nutrients are linked to better health and body composition,” she says.
    Refined grains, however, do not contain at least one of these three parts. Generally, the refining process removes the bran and germ—along with the bulk of the grain’s nutrients. Fiber, in particular, helps the digestive system work well.
    That may help explain why a 2017 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found your body uses up more calories for basic functions when you consume whole grains in place of refined ones.
    To find whole grains, don’t just read the front of the package. Look for the word “whole” on the ingredients label, Gidus Collingwood says. Examples of whole grains include:
    Whole wheat bread
    Whole grain pasta
    Brown rice
    And remember to always keep portions in check. If you consume more calories than your body needs every day—whether or not carbohydrates are involved—you can gain weight.
    Healthy Carb #2: Fruit
    Fruit is packed with a type of natural sugar called fructose, which can make anyone who’s heard of high fructose corn syrup cringe. But they’re different: High fructose corn syrup is an added sugar that’s used in sodas and processed foods. It adds calories but doesn’t add any nutrients.
    Research actually shows fruit reduces excess weight and promotes healthier body compositions, according to one comprehensive Nutrients review.
    This is likely because even if bananas and candy both have sugar, bananas still have a lot less, Gidus Collingwood explains. For example, a medium banana has 14 grams of natural sugar, but a regular bag (2.17 ounces) of Skittles has 46 grams of added sugar.
    Plus, the banana comes with vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber that helps stabilize blood sugar, Gidus Collingwood says.
    “I recommend everyone get at least a couple servings of fruit every day,” says Juster, who chooses fruit as an energizing pre-workout snack.
    If you’re concerned about blood sugar—or just want to stock up on lower-carb fruits—great options include strawberries, peaches, pears, apricots, and kiwi. All are low in carbohydrates and sugar, and they also contain soluble fiber, which slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream so you avoid spikes.
    Healthy Carb #3: Pulses
    Beans, peas, and lentils—part of a group of foods called pulses—are not only rich in complex carbohydrates like fiber, but they’re also a great source of protein. Together, fiber and protein help you feel fuller longer to prevent blood sugar crashes and overeating, Gidus Collingwood says.
    A 2016 analysis found people who added a single serving of pulses to their daily meal plan lost an average of 0.75 pounds over the course of six weeks—without even trying to change anything else. It’s subtraction by addition!
    Stock your pantry with:
    Plus, check out these delicious pulse-based recipes:
    Savory Mashed Chickpea Scramble
    Baked Chickpea Cakes Over Sesame Mixed Greens
    White Bean and Kale Soup
    Healthy Carb #4: Dairy
    “A lot of people don’t think of dairy as a carb, but both milk and yogurt are great sources of whole carbohydrates,” Gidus Collingwood says. And, yes, research suggests they can help you lose weight.
    Case in point: An International Journal of Obesity review of 12 studies found people who increased their dairy intake while also cutting back on total calories lost about 1.6 more pounds from fat than people who stuck to low-dairy diets. It also found eating or drinking more dairy without scaling back on total calories doesn’t help with weight loss.
    What that means: You can’t rely on dairy alone to lose weight—but you also don’t have to cut out dairy when you’re trying to slim down.
    And you may not want to. Milk and yogurt are rich in calcium and protein, as well as vitamins B6, B12, and D, Gidus Collingwood says.
    If you’re turned off by dairy for any reason, be sure to include nondairy sources of calcium in your diet, such as broccoli, canned sardines with soft bones, or calcium-fortified cereals.

    Day 15 – Ireland – NFD
    @songbirdme you are a ⭐️ ! Thanks for posting the text re Carbs I’ll read that now before I get up to face the day!
    I hope @basyjames and the boys had a good day yesterday 😊
    Have a good day everybody – particularly those fasting 💪. we are half way through now… amazing how the time flies by.
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 16-Lake District UK- NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @daffodil2010 – glad to hear you’re getting out and on the wagon again, I can’t manage without my daily fix, even if it’s a quick MOAM walk!

    @flourbaby@beck100 – The ‘demon drink’- most of us like a drink or two, but it really doesn’t help with weight loss. Quite a few on here have started limiting alcohol intake, me being one of them, only one or two evenings a week and even then, not as much! Looking back through my diary notes (unsurprisingly) holidays, where good food and alcohol consumption are not ‘regulated’ the Inner Warthog is out of the cage and the weight gain is incredibly quick! Luckily I’ve found that straight back on the wagon will get rid of it reasonably quickly. But it still takes 3 weeks to ‘recover’ from a 2 week holiday!

    @basyjames – Nooooooooo, don’t do it, Jaffa cakes, you won’t stop at one! Easier to avoid altogether, although I quite like @JudyJules way of serving them!?! Well us boys would 😉

    We’re very lucky living here, not very far from us is an excellent plant nursery, plants grown ‘on the premises’ top quality stuff and they specialise in hardy herbaceous plants. They’re re opening soon and I’ve dug up a few very old shrubs during lockdown, so I’ve some gaps in the garden need filling.
    Funny how I’m looking forward the the nursery opening but not the clothes shops…

    Warmer morning today, off for a walk, then BBQ and lazy afternoon in the garden.

    Take care all

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Halfway through May already?! Half a kilo down this week. Not much, but heading in the right direction. I really need to move more. And I will, just as soon as they relax the outdoor exercise restrictions beyond 6am – 9am.

    Anyone else checked out ‘Yoga with Adriene’ on You Tube? She’s all the rage right now, with millions of subscribers. One of her videos – Yoga for Complete Beginners’ – has had over 30 million views!

    Have a good weekend everyone 🌈🌤

    Day 16 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Garden centre was very civilised. Everyone keeping their distance etc. bBought some plants which will be planted today.
    Leslie Sansone is great. I really enjoyed her 3 mile fat busting walk. I think I’m smiling the whole time, especially when she quacks.
    Other than collecting out meal from our local restaurant today will be a quiet day , enjoying our garden and reading. Hay fever seems to have come out of nowhere this morning too.
    @songbirdme – thanks for the article.
    Enjoy your day

    Hi there
    New to the forum. I lost about a stone doing 5:2 before having my baby but since the pregnancy put it all back on and more so here I am again. I’ve completed 2 fast days. Yesterdays fast day was really hard towards bed time, I was grumpy and hungry. Non fast day today so have to try not to overeat. Dont think theres been much movement of weight so far unlike the first time I did this when I lost about 5 pounds immediately. Got to keep going and not give up.
    Have a lovely day. I’m in Scotland so still just walks in the park for us here.

    Day 16 UK NFD

    Morning all Feeling chilled , had a lovely evening sat in the garden having a few beers yesterday I agree @i-hate-lettuce & @flourbaby Drinking should be avoided when trying to loose weight but I’m fine with a sloooow loss Its all about finding what works for you

    @funshipfreddie Love Adriene I’m doing the 30 days during May

    Day 16 UK NFD
    Day 15 EFS

    Full day yesterday and seem to be turning a corner after a Really Long Time… well, at least 6 weeks. Antibiotics have kicked in – I feel a sense of wellness coming back, feeling more like myself at last. My brain is beginning to work, I could suddenly write emails & short reports, speak in meetings without using wrong word or becoming non-verbal. Hints of some oomph and mojo are reappearing, with one more day of meds to go 🙂

    Forgot to weigh myself first thing yesterday and again today. I’ll get back to daily weighing and weekly recording. Overate yesterday evening, but reminding myself that each week I have in one packet of rice cakes and one tub of low cal icecream, and when they are gone they are gone! Everything else is fruit & veg & rice & red lentil pasta, plus eggs & cheese. As long as I don’t start doubling up on my cheese intake…

    A couple of weeks ago I gathered every seed I could find in the house, from back of drawers & cupboards, and planted them all. Lots are now growing and need potting on or planting out. So that’s the job that starts today.

    I’m not a great gardener – I need help with much of the physcal stuff, and mostly have a back garden that’s rewilded and grows sparrows, insects, blackberries & elderflower/berries, while the front has huge patches of lavender and rosehip along with tits and grasshoppers.

    But there are also going to be tomatoes, peas, courgettes, chillis, sunflowers etc in pots and growbags all along my front ramp. What greater sign of hope and groundedness than to plant and tend what we have?

    Whatever the day brings, go gently x

    Day 16, London, UK, NFD

    Not a great start to the weekend, I didn’t sleep at all last night due to a dreadful toothache!! My dentist is closed of course, but I’ve started a round of antibiotics (Luckily, I had these for my mum when her crown fell off in March) and taking anti-inflammatory drugs at will!!

    Fasting would probably be a good idea, but I’m feeling too sorry for myself for that level of discipline …………………. I’m currently considering deadening the pain with a bottle of vino!!!

    Have a great weekend folks!!!

    Day 16 UK West Yorkshire CFD first for me today a CFD. We also ventured to the garden centre, well I went as far as the car park, while Mrs C went inside. Seems like a popular place judging by the numbers of people there. They even do a click and collect service. I’ve done a bit of digging and tidying and now sitting basking in the sun. Have a great day

    Day 16 Fleetwood NFD
    Hi everyone, quiet day today, trying to stay within calories.
    SongBirdMe Thanks for the info on carbs,I couldn’t open the link so it was very interesting, I knew about fruit but not dairy.
    @flourbaby Nothing worse than toothache you have my sympathy. Neat whisky held on the tooth helps me.
    Louiselou02 welcome to the forum, you’ll find it very supportive.
    Stay safe.

    Second post

    @flourbaby it sounds like you are in the wars with your tooth I hope the drugs are working….
    welcome @louiselou02! Great to have you here!
    We have a birthday zoom for a pal tonight so I’ll be coming off the dry and having a few G&Ts… I always have a moment where I debate whether it’s worth it as drink does really make my weight go up and generally doesn’t do me any favours but it is nice to celebrate with my friends so will go with it tonight… 🍸 🥂 🎈 🎉
    Lovely day here and feeling relaxed and a little less achey.. all good..
    Is Suki2 on her own today? Go Suki2 💪

    Pocket list Day 16

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes I’ve had to resist opening a bottle of wine tonight after a tiring day with baby. Also know that if I drink wine my eating will be crap tomorrow. G and T doesnt seem to be quite so bad tho 😉

    But a zoom party sounds like a good excuse 🙂

    Day 17 Aus CD so far
    Was meant to have a FD today, but already over any sensible limits. But – it happens and will now aim for a CD. That would be an achievement for my usual “black/white”, “oh, lets just finish the whole bag of chips then” mindset!
    Have a good weekend everyone
    Really appreciate the article re whole carbs – been slightly obsessed with whole grains and pulses lately – its amazing how many excellent recipes you can find online.

    Day 17 Melb Aust TDEE
    Day 16 TDEE
    Day 15 FD800
    Day 14 CD

    Doing okay this month so far – have lost 2.6 kg already, so may actually make my monthly weight loss goal.

    @michelinme, so glad to read that you’ve really turned a corner and are starting to feel better. I now weigh 157.1 lbs, so have I caught up with you yet? Not sure who is snapping at whose heels 🙂 .

    @flourbaby, hope the antibiotics have kicked in so the toothache is less. That’s a nasty pain.

    Interesting reading of everyone’s comments re others who’ve probably had Covid-19 but not been tested. It’s hard to know now, as the antibody tests are not very reliable. Testing for active infection is very accurate, but not the tests which check if you’ve HAD the virus and recovered.

    Here in Australia, testing for active cases is ongoing and prolific, as the various States want to safely begin easing restrictions. I can finally visit friends, yay! Up to 5 people can visit someone’s house now, and 10 people can meet outside, but always maintaining social distancing. Not sure my neighbours got that message though – think they had a party last night, as the music started at 7 p.m. and didn’t stop till 3:30 a.m. (volume lower after midnight, but still audible). I’m somewhat sleep-deprived as a result. Oh well, can only hope that no-one present had the virus.

    Okay, back to weight loss – we’re just over halfway through the month, so let’s keep the feet on the accelerator and go for it.

    Day 16 – Ireland – NFD
    Morning everybody!
    Not a bad NFD yesterday… off out now for an early spin before everyone wakes up… not great weather but I’m awake so seizing the day…
    Zoom Party was lots of fun and had only two drinks so feeling good…
    weight is stubborn at the moment… will have to work harder (as my school report used to say 😃) in the second half of May..
    @betsylee well done! Sounds like you are on track… yes I’m convinced I’ve had C19 and was speaking to my pharmacist yesterday who also believes it was in the country from late October… maybe we’ll never really know 🤔
    Have a lovely Sunday all!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 17 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    What a day yesterday, plan was walk, once home BBQ and loaf around in garden.
    The walk turned out to be a long one, one we got to the top of the village we were pretty much off road. Mrs IHL suggested a new walk I’d had my eye on for a while, a mixture of woodland, open pastures, an old Pele Tower, moorland and disused quarry. Ended up wandering for just over 4 hours and covering eight and a half miles! The calories burned according to Fitbit ware brilliant, all done on a cup of coffee and a banana!
    However when we got home, after a late light lunch, didn’t stir very far and postponed the BBQ until today!

    @funshipfreddie – They seem to have been incredibly restrictive in SA, hope it works and they ease things soon!

    @brightonbelle – Totally agree, I’ve settled on losing weight slowly, making the 5:2 WOL work for me, I think my one day a week off helps, but how things change. Never been one for ‘sweet’, much prefer savoury, but even on my ‘day off’ I’m no longer ‘face down in the trough and swimming in a vat of wine’…..

    Take care all

    Day 17 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @louiselou02 – welcome!

    @flourbaby – urgh?! Toothache?! Few things are worse! I would have thought dentistry was an essential service; at least for emergencies? Hope you get it sorted soon!

    @i-hate-lettuce – yes, our lockdown has been one of the most restrictive in the world, I’m sure. We do seem to be faring better than most countries as far as infection rates go. But we don’t have so much government assistance like other countries, eg furlough programmes, and people are desperate to return to work.

    Have a good S🌞nday everyone!

    Day 17 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD Oops, typo, yesterday wasNFD. Sorry to let you all down. But last night we ate our meal from a local restaurant. It was delicious, indulgent and way too much. Will definitely do it again but just not that often.
    So today will be NFD but hopefully not over TDEE.
    Off to walk the dog then finish the gardening from yesterday. So will catch up with posts later.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

    Day 17 UK NFD

    @flourbaby 🦷 ouch I know no dentists open Thank goodness you had some antibiotics in Hope they provide some relief
    Steady day for me today and fasting tomorrow
    Been upping my exercise during May – thought I’d give the plank challenge a go ,up to 3 mins very please with myself – wonder if @rabbette is still around ?

    Day 17, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD for me, I don’t have the energy for a FD. Maybe tomorrow?

    Thanks for the well-wishes regarding my tooth, last night I slept well and pain free having started the antibiotics and after 2 Ibuprofen. I actually thought I had cured it!!! LOL ………………… just wishful thinking, ’cause it’s back with a vengeance this morning, so still popping tablets & hoping they kick in soon.

    Stay well everyone!!

    Day 17, UK NFD

    Last week turned out to be very stressful as our little dog suddenly became very ill and had to be put to sleep on Friday. I know in the middle of these times it’s a really insignificant loss but he was 15 and a lovely friendly chap who could always make me smile. So eating and drinking have been a bit out of control lately.

    @flourbaby, nothing worse than toothache, hope the painkillers are working ok both pharmaceutical and alcohol based. Last time I had it, the dentist recommended ibuprofen and paracetamol, alternate them every 2 hours, helped a lot.

    @jaifaim, it’s interesting your pharmacist thinks Covid has been around since October. Just before Christmas I had a really bad bout of cough/cold/flu. I’ve never had anything like it, I was coughing and wheezing for days and my OH was so worried one night as I couldn’t breathe. I was off work for the first time in years and missed my leaving party because of it. I’ve often wondered as the symptoms were so similar.

    Today we’re off for another long walk. We’re trying to avoid the regular dog walkers at the minute so the past couple of days we’ve been going further afield. If our other dog could talk I’m sure she’d be saying “not another 6 mile hike please”. She did look a bit worried yesterday when we were on the path that goes around the zoo. It gets close to the lion enclosure and it sounded like they were having a massive argument in there and that they were very close.

    Today we’re having a light dinner, salmon, new potatoes and asparagus. We’ll share a bottle of wine then I’m hoping for a FD tomorrow . As Peter Kay would say “diet starts Monday”

    Hope Sunday is a good day for everyone.

    Second post

    Oh no @flourbaby….wishing you well – it’s a terrible pain so hope the meds work …
    so after my social night I got up early and went for a long cycle… just didn’t really have anything to get back for so stayed out for 80km … caught up with some friends along the way (at a distance of course and all in my 5km radius).

    It’s strange… although I’m generally really achey at the moment it doesn’t impact my cycling or exercise… so also did my 3 min plank when I got back… it’s tough though!!!
    Good to see I’ve a planking partner @brightonbelle 👏💪👏
    Hope the day is treating everyone well! 👍

    Day 17, UK, NFD

    I feel productive today, and I actually haven’t done that much, how odd lol
    I’m mindful, or trying to be, on my NFD so I haven’t overeaten, which is good.
    Nice long walk in this pleasant weather is a plus 🌞

    @michelinme good to hear that you are feeling better 😀

    @flourbaby I feel for you with your tooth trouble, I have a dodgy tooth at the moment too and praying that it doesn’t get worse 😰

    Just a quick post before I go and make myself a light dinner …

    Have a good rest of the weekend everyone 🌼

    Hi Day 6 NFD – approx 2000 cals, Day 7 NFD – treat day but not gone too crazy, now I’m on Day 8 FD 500 cals, stuck too, though can’t wait for the morning – starving!! Will weigh too so fingers crossed!

    DAY 17 UK West Yorkshire – NFD. Had a good NFD so far today. Went out on the Bike with Mrs C, sat in the garden and we played scrabble. 3 of us Wife, youngest son and Einstein myself…Needless to say I’m off to read the Oxford dictionary before our next round? Have a lovely rest of the evening everyone.

    Day 17 UK NFD

    Better day after recent EFS. Somehow I’d forgotten that in the midst of my yuckness I *may* have been shopping in the Hotel Chocolat sale, and it *may* have arrived on Saturday….

    Enjoyed pottering in the garden today again – nothing huge bc I’m still easily wiped. But staked the tomatoes I planted out yesterday, and cleared some containers to plant cosmos. Small signs of progress in the jungle of the garden & chaos of my life. Tomorrow – the desk 🙁 I don’t even know what there is to do so that would be a good start!

    @betsylee It’s not my usual weighday but this morning I was 158lb – so yes, you’ve nudged ahead!! Well done on your amazing 2.6kg already this month 🙂

    @shinything thank you. Lovely to see you here again 🙂

    @flourbaby poor you! I hope the anti-inflammatories are working, the antibiotics help & tooth settles down asap. Maybe worth ringing to get some dental advice? xxx

    (I was due to have a broken tooth extracted & a bridge fitted in March. Bridge made but extraction delayed bc I had what GP thinks was coronavirus.. and then we went into lockdown. Luckily it doesn’t hurt v much at all)

    Early start tomorrow and unexpectedly full day… I’ve finished my antibiotics so aiming for a FD as long as I’m feeling well. There’s still half the month left to use well 🙂

    Whatever the day brings, go gently x

    Day 18 – Japan – WFD #40

    My #39 fast was fine, maybe a bit edgy. This one I feeling okay, about 23 hours to go though. My supper was on the very light side and I felt it a bit last night. Oh well …

    It was a very busy weekend and I was fixing bicycles. It is a way to get round when you are restricted from using mass transit due to corona virus restrictions. Actually it can be faster to use a bicycle in some cases.

    @jaifaim thanks for the feedback. I sorry that you have some issue but it is always good to follow a doctor’s advice. I have to find a new doctor the one I was using retired.

    I have a lot of family in the US, I’m really worried about what is going on there. It may be only a small minority being stupid, but it only takes a few to spread a lot. I hope everyone here is being safe.

    Day 18 Australia FD
    Hi Everyone, It is Monday morning here in Australia. A very sunny Autumn day , having said that the radio weather forecaster announced today that this is likely to be our last sunny day for a while. I didn’t like that. I’ve been away for a few days at Phillip Island, a beautiful spot that looks as though it is waking from a long sleep with people arriving to take advantage of lighter covid 19 restrictions.

    I have managed to stay on the 5:2 but the loss of weight for me is slow and steady to almost stopping even though I am sticking to the diet on FD and mindfully eating on NFDays!

    I say to myself…….the great thing is I am not putting on weight, I’m walking regularly and am about to start riding my bike. My neighbour who is 70 learned to ride her bike as part of rehab following a stroke! Can you believe that???
    Anyway I’m still on board and want encourage you all to hang in together.

    Day 18 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Busy day yesterday, finishing with an excellent BBQ!

    During lockdown and amongst the gardening jobs, I dug out an old straggly rhododendron and cleared another corner that needed a fresh start!
    Garden centres have starting to open so headed out with purpose, got there as they opened, first in and out before anyone else arrived!

    Got three beautiful Acers, golden ones, they are magnificent and will fit in really nicely. Already have one which has a large red Acer alongside it so will make a nice backdrop for the a one. The other two will go in the rockery (the rocks are huge) between the other darker Acers, completing the backdrop!

    Take care all

    Day 18 pocket list

    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Here we go into May – Part 2! I’m going to try regular 5:2 this week. Life’s too short to do 4:3 indefinitely, & I’m pretty much at my goal weight anyway. If I can just behave myself on NFDs…. 🤔

    @i-hate-lettuce – I had to Google ‘Acer’; my Chromebook is an Acer, & I didn’t know there was another kind. My Acer would look really silly in a rockery 😁

    @daffodil2010 – you’re conspicuous by your absence! Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

    Happy fasting, fellow 5:2ers!

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Day 18 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Lovely sunny day here, will go for long walk later along the Ridgeway. Until then its Yoga and housework. Real FD today. So need to keep busy. Bad night’s sleep so I’m intending to make sensible choices.
    I hope all the tooth aches and feeling under the weather are on the mend.
    @ihatelettuce – hearing about your garden makes me want to come and visit when we’re allowed out properly.
    @michelinme – really love cosmos. When I first grew some they were a tall variety and looked beautiful swaying in the breeze.
    @funshipfreddie & @Brighton Belle – I too enjoy yoga with Adriene. I’m currently trying the 30 day Home playlist. I haven’t managed every day because I also have Zoom classes with one of my regular teachers twice a week. I’m hoping to start the June program next month.

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Day 18, UK, FD

    Really looking forward to today! Didn’t have a loss on the scales last week which was a little bit demoralising, considering I’m pretty certain I didn’t overeat on my NFDs. So, I’m picking myself up this week, being kind to myself, sticking out the fast today, and being extra aware on my NFDs. And fingers crossed by the end of the week there’ll be some movement (down!) on the scales.

    Good luck to all today’s fasters, we can do it!

    Day 18 UK FD

    Happy Monday all, no the scales aren’t being nice to me either @endellion I’m hoping for one of those whooshes that I know some of our fellow fasters experience 🤞

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Day 18 Fleetwood FD
    Cold miserable day in Lancashire, walked the dog as usual but not pleasant. Good luck to all other fasters.

    Day 18 USA (Illinois) FD

    Off to have some car work done, so going to fast today while finding some places to shop that are open. Happy Monday, one and all.

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Onward and downward.

    Second post day 18

    @funshipfreddie – The Acers (now planted) are a Japanese Maple, the variety Orange Dream. They’re just stunning, already have a mature one, really bright in spring and summer, but in Autumn, they really are bright orange.

    @suki2 – The garden is not particularly big, but plenty to see, we invested in an elevated decking area a few years ago, it really is the place to sit having a bbq and a glass of two.

    Day 18 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Need a good FD today as I enjoyed a lockdown feast and a lot of booze over the weekend 😳. Hope I’m still in maintenance at the end of May 🤞.

    @saffy420 so sorry to hear about your pup. Fur babies are family and no loss is ever insignificant. Take care as you grieve 🤗.

    @flourbaby ouch! Horrible timing for the tooth pain, hope the pain killers help till you’re able to get to a dentist.

    Had a productive morning of online shopping, been for a brisk walk now planning a soak in the bath. Still surprised how quickly the days are passing doing nothing much.

    Keep safe everyone 🙂

    Day 18 Canton OH FD
    Saturday and Sunday were over indulgent unfortunately. I had made really good progress by Friday and then kaput with 2 giant chocolate chip cookies that my daughter made and at last 3 glasses of sweet red
    And here I am on Monday…feeling regretful about my poor choices and determined to do better
    @i hate lettuce I love the idea of your garden
    @flourbaby feel better! Toothaches are the worst!
    @louiselou02 welcome! Everyone has a slower time dropping the weight the second go around. Hang in there, if you are consistent with your efforts, the weight will come off
    @michelinme so glad that you are felling better
    @saffy420 that is not an insignificant loss! Condolences and virtual hugs
    @jaifam and @brightonbelle, I am planking as well with a group pf friends for the next 30 days starting today
    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Day 16 – NFD
    Day 17 – NFD
    Day 18 – FD

    On my first FD of my second week 5:2, so far it has gone without any problems. I had about 200 cal which would mean, that I have about 600 left for dinner… but maybe I’ll try and aim a little lower. I’m not sure yet.

    I missed a lot of posts, it’s not easy to keep up. But it’s very nice to see that there are always other people fasting and it keeps me on track.

    I noticed, that I move a lot less when working from home (which shouldn’t be a surprise…). I do the same amounts of sports as before (2-4 times a week, different things like HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, weights, jogging, and so on), but maybe right now it’s just not enough. I’ll try and go jogging 2-3 times a week, instead of just once and try to keep up the rest. We’ll see if it works out… so far I’ve been good, but it was the weekend, it’s harder during the week.

    Keep care everybody!

    Day 18 UK FD

    There – I’ve said it now so it much be a FD! Not eaten yet & feeling a bit yuck but planning on plodding on. Overtired and an an overfull day – pacing could be improved as well as fasting.

    Going to have a cuppa in the front garden before prepping supper. Don’t want to waste the relative warmth that’s not yet hot – a ocuple of days are going to be 22C which can get a bit toasty out front. (Back garden not as accessible – not least bc neighbour is doing a roof extension!)

    Got some lovely cajun-spiced tomato & spinach sauce left over from Saturday to have with red lentil pasta and fresh salad. What’s not to love?

    Hold fast, fellow fasters. We’ve got this 🙂

    Day 18 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Very late on parade today, I am on the 8am start in work this week and didn’t give myself enough time this morning to do my daily log in. Or my Leslie Sansone walk! And although I read posts at the weekend I never posted!!!

    But thank you @funshipfreddie for noting my absence……I haven’t jumped ship!!

    I did have treats this weekend however only a pound up this morning so hoping today’s FD will sort that out.

    Tomorrow will be a B2B then see how it goes.

    Hope everyone is getting through this Monday FD as well as they can.

    Ahh ok @basyjames good to know thanks!

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