May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • USA Day 29 FD

    I can’t find who said it but it is much easier to fast when you keep busy. My FD yesterday came in over my expected calorie count, so I will call it a CD. Today, I will fast again and be more careful.

    I hope everyone has a lovely day! 🙂

    USA FD

    Yesterday was my first 800 cal day in a while. Overall, it was fine (much easier than 500 cal), but I seem to have a hard time falling asleep. I ate a few crackers last night in order to relax, it seemed to work.

    I’m going to stick to my plan to do 800 cal most days for the next 2 weeks (rapid weight loss plan). I’ve seen a 10-15 lb. gain this year and need a shift in my eating and thinking.

    Thanks for the welcome, I much appreciate the support. @funshipfreddie @jaifaim @shinything
    I’m looking forward to joining you all in June & going to check out the recommended thread.

    Have a good one!

    Day 29 Canton OH FD

    @shinything you are right, I was referring to @daffodil2010 this is what happens when I post in a hurry
    @daffodil2010 thankful hubby is doing better, and you are right weight loss at this stage of life is a real challenge, fasting really helps though. Actually IF is the only plan I have engaged in that works for me. So very thankful for this WOL!
    @songbirdme a pool! Oh joy! I miss swimming so much, I used to swim at our local YMCA which is barely 5 minutes away from my home, but that’s kaput now. Even though the gym is opening up next week, I still intend to stay away for the next little while
    @flourbaby, your posts always make me smile 😁

    No pocket list today? I will compile one

    Pocket list Day 29😎
    @dykask WFD

    Let the good times roll

    Day 29 UK CD

    Sorry to be AWOL. Been a mix of illness, mh struggle leading to evening bingeing and inability to get any sort of handle on things.

    Now more informed about coronavirus longtail symptoms and have a bit more of a plan. Been doing gentle meditation each morning which has transformed my will power – much easier to make good choices. And taking a week off next week for rest, reading and reflection and catching up with myself.

    This week had one binge day, 1xFD & 3xCD – inc todayBack to basics of drinking lots of water, doing things mindfully and listing everything I eat. Today has been about accepting where I am and making a plan. So weighing in at 157lb and measuring up at 2-3″ bigger all over than September when first I fell off waggon.

    I’m tring to reduce online time overall bc it was becoming really hard to connect. I struggled to read all the posts so ended up not posting or fasting. So I’m sending loveand will post daily for accountability but maybe not jumping in for chatting just now.

    Whatever the day brings, go gently x

    Day 29- Atlanta,GA-USA- FD

    Day 29, UK, NFD

    I am happy with yesterday’s FD, and even happier to feel my clothes just that little bit looser, or maybe its better to say not as tight. Always a nice and encouraging feeling 😀

    @michelinme don’t worry about not posting/chatting much, you know that this forum is flexible and accepting. Even if you just lurk in the background for a while its fine, as long as you are taking a good care of yourself and your health 🤗

    I hope everyone has a lovely evening 🌞

    Day 29 – UK – FD600

    Yesterday’s FD just did not happen, in fact it was the exact opposite……..but woke up today determined to do one and at the moment I’m just under 600cals for the day – that kitchen door is now firmly closed 🤞

    Started the day with a strong yoga class and was certainly “glowing” at the end of the hour!!! A brisk 3km late afternoon was enough to get the heart pounding and was certainly a good distraction when food was calling. Planning on a Dry and FD800 maximum over the weekend as I need to undo the damage caused by an indulgent last few days……

    @emma-taylor – Babaganoush is definitely delicious
    @songbirdme – your use of ripe bananas sounds much better than my BBBB recipe!
    @flourbaby – Re that BBBB I had 1 slice – gave 2 to DD when I met her for our walk on Wednesday and luckily my OH ate the rest!
    @breakfromcookies – welcome on board – be great to have you with us for the June challenge
    @jaifaim – thank you 🤗
    @funshipfreddie – thank you for that link – amazing relationship between the magpie and that man and even more so with the cat!!
    @michelinme – take care of yourself 🤗

    Joining today’s pocket list and definitely staying on it!

    Pocket list Day 29😎
    @dykask WFD

    A lovely hot weekend ahead – planning on keeping busy and distracted from food and alcohol!! I have a 2 hr Pilates online workshop tomorrow morning and a 5mile walk planned for the afternoon with a OMAD FD800 planned – I can do this!


    @jaifaim – thank you so much for managing our gang oh so well this month!

    USA Day 29
    Dykask, I just wanted to say I am very glad your Princeton student son was able to safely return to Japan. I am sure the journey was arduous but I hope he will be able to return. It is such a fine institution that my family has attended since the school first opened its doors!

    USA Day 29

    FUNSHIPFREDDIE, I just wanted to say that I thought that video is so cute that I sent it off to my son. He has a black cat like that, too, and watching that bird cuddling with that cat is incredibly adorable!

    Day 30 – Japan – NFD 🙂

    Water fast was pretty easy this time, but I just prefer eating. 42 water fasts done in 2020. This year I just have to take whatever little joys I can find. I sure most of us are in that same boat.

    Day 30, NFD, Aus

    Thanks for posting that clip of the man and his magpie, @funshipfreddie. My young dog loves to chase magpies. He has a black spot on his back which will serve as an excellent target come swooping season. Magpies have great memories and I am sure they will seek their revenge come spring.

    Absolutely beautiful day here today. The sort of gorgeous crisp early winter weather Canberra puts on so well – blue skies, no wind and cool temps (perfect for outdoor exercise). I’m just back from a long walk in the nearby nature reserve with the pooch.

    Happy weekend everyone. The June forum will be created soon.

    Day 30 -Ireland – NFD

    Hello all!!

    I had a lovely day yesterday but a few not-so-wise choices but I had fun… saw a dear friend for coffee and cake on the green in the village at lunchtime and it was so lovely to catch up after nearly three months… we generally see each other all the time 💕

    Then my brother and sister came for a drink in my lovely garden – it was special because I’ve been working hard in it for the past three months so it was fabulous to show it off.. 🌱 💐 . I’m very proud of it now and can’t wait to have more people over but all in small groups and not for too long and of course socially distanced 👍

    I can’t believe it’s our penultimate day for May! it’s been my pleasure to keep a gentle eye on the posts and try motivate where I can… this has kept me very focused on my own goal too so it’s a win win really although the scales seem to be having a laugh at my expense… we’ll see tomorrow when I weigh in for end May. I’ve definitely shrunk a little although the weight has been bobbing for the past two weeks and just keeps tipping off my May goal…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 29 (#13), UK, NFD
    Day 30 (#14), UK, NFD

    Had a really nice day yesterday although VERY food indulgent. Will try to keep it controlled and healthy this weekend and looking forward to my first June FD on Monday.

    Thank you @jaifaim for hosting this month and letting me join halfway, I had forgotten how good and inspiring being part of this group is.

    Have a good weekend everyone x

    Day 30 Australia NFD
    Well the day is fading and so am I. It’s down time(stop all activities and relax) Hubby and I are live streaming the Melbourne International Jazz Festival subtitled ‘These Digital Times’ the music sounds
    cool and sophisticated….something hard to imagine as we sit in our very casual covid 19 day clothes.
    It was a classical concert last evening!

    Today wasBotanical Gardens Day in Melbourne, we visited Cloudehill our favourite Garden. It is in Mount Dandenong Victoria. It’s worth looking up. I’m sure the garden designer was very inspired by the many beautiful gardens in England.

    Well everyone I actually reached my goal to lose just over 1Kg this month…..more than that I really just wanted to firm up a pattern of not increasing in weight.
    I’ve had trouble with myself and the scales going up and down, I like to think I’m building a little muscle as I increase in activity therefore fitness and that is what might be slowing down the process….not my over interest in chocolate!.I think it’s a bit of everything.

    Thank you everyone for being sooooo supportive and encouraging!!! Thank you @jaifaim for your guidance and warm support. I’ve loved hearing about your garden too!

    Day 30 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Just checking in for accountability.

    @aussiejill – congratulations on reaching your goal! I hope you’ll stick around for the June Challenge.

    Have a good weekend everyone! 🌈 🌤

    Day 28 Oxfordshire, UK – CD
    Day 29 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Day 30 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Another sunny day.
    Scales are bobbing around all over the place and I end the month where I started. Briefly lost 300g but then on it went. I’m grateful I’ve not gained, but it is so frustrating.
    See you all in June

    Day 30. NFD. London UK

    @funshipfreddie – loved the magpie video.
    Actually managed dry till Fri. Apparently our local bar had around 100 people social distantly drinking in the streets around it last night. Wonder what the next few weeks will bring. Keep safe all.

    Day 30, London, UK, FD

    I had a lovely OMAD NFD yesterday in the garden with my mum, drinking wine, listening to the birds and admiring the beautiful blue, blue sky!!!

    @daffodil2010, I can guess what ‘that’ word means down under …………………….naughty, naughty 😂😳😏

    @songbirdme, there was a news report here on the dentists still being closed & how many people had resorted to pulling their own teeth or self-medicating or just begging for relief!!! One lady mentioned how ridiculous it was that you could get a McDonalds or how she’d had a plumber in her house but couldn’t get dental treatment when she was in severe pain!!! I’m glad things are opening up for you guys, I would give anything to visit a dentist, hairdresser, restaurant or masseuse ………………………. In that order!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, I’m amazed at how that cat can supress EVERY one of its natural instincts!!!! Lovely!!

    So I may have to chuck in another FD tomorrow to end this challenge on a high note, I’m happy with any loss, but the bigger the better just to protect my mojo!!!

    Keep the faith folks!!

    Day 30, UK, NFD

    Yesterday’s plans went haywire so it turned into an EFS. I’m blaming DH, for suggesting we had a glass of wine in the garden when it had got cooler. So the two glasses of wine I’d factored into my daily allowance were gone and it was still lovely so what’s a girl to do😀. In my case it was another couple of wines and the mini cheddars that have been in the kitchen for weeks were broken out.

    So today I’ll try to be more restrained than my normal Saturday and we have a nice long walk planned.
    @jaifaim, thanks for hosting May. I’ll be in the June challenge.

    Happy Saturday everyone, enjoy your weekend.

    Day 30 USA (Illinois) NFD

    It’s been an interesting month, eh? I’m looking forward to being able to do more activities (safely) in June. Eating dinner this evening at a local restaurant with outdoor seating! Yeah!

    @funshipfreddie – that magpie video and story were oh so delightful! Thank you for sharing with us.

    @breakfromcookies – welcome, and happy to have you join us into June.

    @flourbaby – pulling their own teeth? Whew… don’t think I could ever resort to that at all! DH had more dental work done this week, so we haven’t eaten all we might have.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30 – UK – FD800

    Managed to stay at a FD600 yesterday and aiming for FD800 x 4 now🤞

    Did a 2hr Healthy Hip Pilates Workshop this morning via Zoom with my regular teacher – she kept the group small (10) so she could check our movements and give advice individually!

    We are having another hot hot day – too hot except to sit in the shade in the garden and enjoying all the beautiful roses that are blooming at the moment – if only I was not fasting……but I want to enjoy a splurge next week on my birthday so fasting will be so worthwhile…………..

    @dykask – must be such a relief to have your son back home safe
    @funshipfreddie – my DD has 2 black cats so I have shared your video with her
    @jaifaim – you saying “I had a lovely day yesterday but a few not-so-wise choices but I had fun” reminded me as to why I love this WOL – we know that with an extra FD or two we can negate the odd feast days 😇 BTW a big THANK YOU for looking after us during the May Challenge 🤗💐
    @georgia83 – hopefully we will see you in June too
    @aussiejill – sounds like you had a fab day and congratulations on reaching your May Challenge GOAL!!!
    @flourbaby – bet your mum was so happy to have your company even if you could not have a 🤗
    @saffy420 – when I overindulge with the 🍷🥂 I have no one to blame as my OH does not drink 🤣🤣
    @songbirdme – let us keep keeping on in maintenance next month too….

    Planning on a low level walk later this afternoon when the sun is not feeling so hot followed by a healthy dinner and sticking to my FD800

    Pocket List for Day 30 – just the two of us so far!!!!

    My motto since finding this WOL has kept me on the straight and narrow many a times since finding maintenance “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 30 – US (Wisconsin) – FD800

    It’s a beautiful day in the Midwest. I went out and had a nice morning walk with the dog today.

    I had a bit of a slip up last night. I kept to my FD800, then had some nuts and popcorn at night. On the bright side, it wasn’t a binge, and I stopped after having a few bites. I also didn’t tell myself “this isn’t working, I will try a different weight loss plan” and give up. I weighed in this morning and still had a little weight loss. I have lost 2.5 pounds since starting Thursday. I also have to say waking up and reading all of the new messages on this topic helped me as well. Thanks to all that are sharing. I hope to get to know you a little better next month.

    I struggled yesterday afternoon with fatigue and hunger. I’ve been eating some carbs, but mostly protein for my 800 calories. Should I be cutting out all the carbs?

    Pocket List for Day 30:

    Have a good one 🌷

    USA Day 30 FD

    Another FD, so putting myself on the pocket list.

    Pocket List for Day 30:

    Yesterday’s FD went well and I am down 3 lbs. I was glad that where I am is partially reopening, so I could get out to play golf. We’ve been open for golf only for about two weeks. Unfortunately, we were just informed that one of the club’s golfers has tested positive for Covid. I don’t know who it is, so I don’t know if I’ve been in contact. Currently, I am reevaluating what I will do!

    At least walking is pretty safe, although I’ve noticed people are becoming too lax!

    Have a lovely day, everyone

    Day 31, NFD, Aus

    Last day of the month! It’s been such an odd year so far but it’s going quickly.

    Feeling very sluggish this morning. Why can’t dogs understand the concept of a sleep in? They were up early playing or annoying each other.

    Thanks @jaifaim for hosting May. See you next month!

    Day 31 Melb Aust TDEE
    Day 30 TDEE
    Day 29 FD700 (just went over the 500, sigh!).

    Finishing the month 3.1 kg below where I started, which is a positive; didn’t lose any on the past week, which isn’t so good, except the measurements went down slightly.

    @michelinme, sorry you’re still not doing so great, and also sorry (not really! 🙂 ) to say that I have passed you in the straight. I’m now on 70.9 kg, so 156 lb. Come on, you can do this! I fully expect to hear next month that you’ve passed me again on our downward journey.

    @jaifaim, thanks for being our host this month. @penz, see you in next month’s forum.

    Keep on keeping on everyone!

    day minus 1

    Welcome all! Thanks for the spreadsheet @at And happy birthday to you and @breakfromcookies in advance.

    Hi @ccco – yes, it’s me! I had offered to Aussiejill (who may host July) that she could shadow host me this month.

    Day 31 -Ireland – CD I hope 🤞 BH weekends are not good 🍦

    Well we made it through another month in these strange times and I’m hoping all those who were not with us this month are doing ok! @ciren2, @snowflake56 @coda and others… I hope you are safe.
    Well done to everyone who has been here with us whether posting or not 👍. In these times of uncertainty it’s good to have some control over the things we can change/maintain. Particularly kudos to those who successfully manage maintenance 👏. You are our inspiration so thank you!!

    I had another lovely day, a very early spin and a few more sociable chats with dear pals .. we have been asked to keep a list of those we have been in contact with, which is what we should always do now I figure…so that if contacts need to be traced it’s an easier task. 👍

    So here we are on the last day of May – as I said yesterday it really has been my pleasure to host this month and thanks @penz for taking over for June. I look forward to next month! I always love a new start ♥️.

    Like others at this time of life and with my body I find it so hard to actually drop weight – it’s very frustrating but I am shrinking a little… I’ll measure later/tomorrow and start June with those stats…

    Off for a sunny spin ☀️

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 31 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Big thank you for @jaifaim for steering the wagon this month, success for me, down by 4 lbs, very happy indeed!

    Where did yesterday go?

    I missed my morning coffee log in and catch up, we had a plan! With the weather being so good, it has been silly busy round here, so as we fancied a long walk we were off early. Brilliant, the lanes and bridleways were very quiet, hardly saw a soul from start to finish, not as much birdsong, they’re busy feeding their youngsters, lots of hungry fledgelings about.
    Our wine guy has opened up the shop and stopped delivery, he’s done well trying to keep everyone stocked, but we went in the afternoon to collect, ready for a busy June, end of lockdown, a couple of birthdays, lots of bbq’s planned! Going to be a tough month….

    Take care all, see you in next months challenge.

    Day 31 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    What a fabulous bank holiday weekend it is. Sun is guaranteed, temperatures in to 20’s, so good.

    I visited my Dad yesterday!!!! I have not seen him since Christmas (or any of my family for that matter and I have 7 other siblings!). Yes, I went outside my 5km limit as Dad lives 50km away, BUT, I had a webcam I wanted to give him for the PC to enable video calls…plus his carer only works Mon to Fri…so if there was a police checkpoint I was all sorted.

    But no Gardai out yesterday. It was so great to see Dad and my brother who lives with him. Dad sat in the hall and I sat in the porch and my bro made us coffee and we had Cadburys Fingers and chatted for two hours. I was careful and wore a mask when I had to pop into the house but I didn’t linger inside the old homestead.

    Felt so happy. It was @jaifaim that inspired me…..she had looked after her parents last week and had said about giving anything to have 5 more minutes with them when they are not here, so having those minutes now while you can….that really made me realise that I needed to see my Dad..

    I haven’t weighed in for May, I have not had a great month, but I am here and look forward to June with @penz at the helm. Thank you @jaifaim for your gracious hosting in May.

    Day 31 United Kingdom West Yorkshire, where has May gone? Just done my last weigh in and I’m happy as I’ve lost 8lbs. I’ve enjoyed this forum it’s a very supportive and inclusive group. I’ll definitely be joining for June. Have a great day 😃


    Hi, Cant believe the month is up. Where did it go? I’m very happy with 9pounds down and will be joining you for June. I had a lovely evening Fri at BBQ with friends , too much wine and suffered yesterday so ate very little . I’m out of practice , this Covid has a lot to answer for! We are allowed travel 20km from 8th June and I cant wait to see my sister I miss her so much. The phone is just not the same .
    Next month I aim to up my exercise and maybe try yoga. I have a huge amount of weight to lose and find the exercise very difficult but even the bit of walking I’m doing has made a big difference.
    Thanks for all your support and lovely company.
    Dee 😁

    Day 31 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    The last day of May already?! Thank you for hosting, @jaifaim.

    I’m down 1.5 kgs for the month, & BMI is 22, so more than happy with that; especially as I haven’t done nearly as much exercise as I should have.

    I’m glad so many people enjoyed the magpie video. I can’t help thinking, if a cat & a magpie can get along so well, then maybe there’s hope for the human race after all?

    Good to see so many success stories for the month! Especially @dee22, @aidan64, @betsylee & @i-hate-lettuce! 🥇🥈🥉

    Have a great S🌞nday everyone; ‘see you’ next month!

    Day 31, London, UK, NFD

    Well it’s the final day of this challenge, weigh-in tomorrow may not be a spectacularly successful one!!! I’m shredding inches with Leslie’s walking & I thought the bouncy bouncy scales were just a bad memory, but they seem to have returned this month with NO consideration for all the exercise and fasting and minimal booze!!!!………………………… It’s almost enough to make me crack open a bottle today, just for the heck of it!!!! 😳

    @jaifaim, thanks for hosting this month, these challenges are the only thing keeping me on the path or should I say the plateau????

    Well done @i-hate-lettuce, @funshipfreddie & @aidan64……………………. The men on this forum are making me soooooo jealous!!!! I know we’re not created equal, but still………………………….I want -8lbs too!!!!! Not really forgetting the successful ladies, congrats @dee22 & @betsylee!!!

    June will be more disciplined, as I truly believe I just have to keep on keeping on since there’s no alternative apart from ‘sleepwalking into obesity’ like the majority of the country!!! Kindness to myself will also be on the daily reminder list ……………… stay mindful, stay kind, stick to your plan ………………….. simple!!!

    “Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.” – Charles Glassman

    @jaifaim thank you so much for thinking of me, it’s much appreciated. After my MIL passed away in April and having to deal with other things as well I lost my way. I haven’t been here for a while but will join the June Challenge. x

    Day 31, UK, NFD

    With the ups and downs this month today’s weigh in shows a total loss of 4lbs and I’m really pleased. There’s been a few pitfalls such as almost a whole week devoted to my DH birthday so any loss is good.

    I’ve just finished a book “World without end”, by Ken Follett. It was televised a few years ago along with its predecessor “Pillars of the earth”. A large part of the book deals with the plague that ravaged Europe in the 14th century. The heroine of the book develops a novel way of dealing with it that includes isolating households, friends and neighbours delivering food, quarantining the hospital with no one allowed in and out etc. So here we are, 700 years later trying to do the same. Looks like in some things we haven’t moved on much at all…..

    …..Then last night we watched the SpaceX launch on TV, later we went outside to see the capsule going over and we marvelled at how far we have come!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Day 31 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing fine – online church shortly. We actually ate outside at a local eatery last evening. Nice to be served and not have carry out dishes! I had some good baked cod.

    @saffy420 – I have brought up “World Without End” many times during this new pandemic. If you enjoyed Follett, I heartily recommend his Century Trilogy (also substantial tomes each). It seemed to start a bit slowly for me, but captivating characters and circumstances of world history.

    Hope to see you over in June.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 31UK NFD

    Well done on being so restrained @flourbaby Your month sounds similar to mine but I’m afraid I did open a bottle yesterday to drown my sorrows but feeling a bit more positive today I can SEE a difference and I feel as though I’m on the right track so that’s something – right ? Hope June will be better Thanks @jaifaim for guiding us through a very strange May Seeyou all in June

    USA Day 31 CD

    Hurray! I am down 3 lbs.! Thank you for hosting May, Jaifaim! Onwards to June and success! Have a lovely Sunday, everyone

    Day 31 USA (WI) FD800

    Yesterday was my 3rd day of the Rapid 800 and a much better day than my 2nd. I didn’t have the cravings I experienced on Day 2. Down 3.5 lbs. this morning, it is motivating enough to continue. I plan to go through until June 11, then modify to 5:2. It’s helped that I don’t have the many social gatherings we usually have. I am very much a social eater and drinker.

    I was glued to the news too much yesterday, planning to get outside more today, it’s lovely. Already had my morning walk with our golden retriever.

    Thanks to our leaders @jaifaim and @penz. And congrats to everyone else for making it through the month. Keeping your head in the game is half the battle 🙂

    I will start the pocket list – hoping to have company.

    Have a good one.

    Day 31 – UK – FD800

    First of all THANK YOU @jaifaim for herding us over the May 2020 Challenge 🤗💐 and to @penz for taking up the reins for June 🤗

    Another scorcher of a day so an early start to hike up to Wansfell Pike but a different way from my normal route, as suggested by OH – went up through Bluehill Wood then up the grassy climb to the top and came down via the front steps and through to Stock Ghyll Force waterfalls before heading back home – 6.9km – 449m – 1hr 34mins. ( @i-hate-lettuce – another great hike with so many variations!) So glad I went up early as when heading back to Ambleside came across so many people heading to the waterfalls laden with picnic stuff – here’s hoping they took all their rubbish home!!!!

    Today is Day 3 of B2B FDs hoping to do 5 in order to give me some wriggle room for my birthday celebrations – although muted this year, I am planning on cooking a delicious meal with either a birthday cake or a pavlova for OH and I with some lovely English Sparkling Rose (I love Chapel Down’s version) for me! And OH has his birthday at the end of the month……another cause to celebrate so in between had better stay fairly well controlled!!!

    @ccco – what a shame – I suppose in theory you should self isolate for 7 days?? just in case……well done on dropping those 3lbs!
    @betsylee – congratulations on dispatching those 3.1kg
    @aidan64 – WOW 8lbs gone 👏
    @dee22 – my goodness 9lbs lost – great job! I highly recommend Yoga or Pilates
    @funshipfreddie – Well done on dropping 1.5 kgs for the month, & BMI is 22 👍
    @snowflake56 – 🤗 so lovely to see you back with us – sorry to hear about your MIL – thinking of you and your OH – we will help you find your way back in June x
    @saffy420 – another one with a great loss of 4lbs 👏 I looked up “World without end”, by Ken Follett and I might see if I can tap into the eight-episode 2012 television miniseries….
    @breakfromcookies – Great job on dropping 3.5lbs and such a positive approach on completing your 2 weeks of FD800 – I know you will find the will power to keep it going – I’ll join you on the Pocket List today and I see you too have a birthday towards the end of June – my OH also has his on the 23rd so we have 2 celebrations in June in our household!!

    I’ll do my end of the month weigh-in tomorrow and staying in maintenance range is my aim!

    Last Pocket List for the month

    For anyone struggling at the moment – this is for you 🤗
    Don’t let frustration knock you down.
    Don’t let time get in your head.
    Your only competition is yourself.

    Day 31, UK, NFD

    I finish the month with my clothes feeling just a bit more lose, which is ok 🙂
    June here I come! 😀

    Thank you for hosting May @jaifaim, really appreciate it 💐

    Congrats to all who lost weight in May, well done! 💪😀

    See you all in June 🌞

    Day 31 Oxfordshire, UK NFD
    Apologies for late check in. Regular Sunday NFD. Thanks to our host @jaifaim, this month. Looking forward to June. See you all on the other side

    Day 31 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 30 — NFD
    Day 29 — NFD

    The end of the week weigh-in showed that there was no weight change from the week before, so that was good. It looks as though the plus and minus signs cancelled each other out.

    @jaifaim Thanks for doing a wonderful job this month!

    Final Post,

    Feeling decidedly frustrated this morning!!! I’m -3inches all over (Abs & buns of steel ARE appearing!!) but the scales are driving me mad with a gain of 2lbs just in the last 3 days!!! That could be the wine I shared in the sunshine with my mum. 🥂
    Anyway, I know the plateau is real and the key is to just keep keeping on, so I’ll sign out and see y’all over in June!!

    Thanks @jaifaim for hosting this month, it’s been a good one since despite the ‘gain’ I’m still here!!!

    “When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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