May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 18, UK, NFD

    Posting for accountability.
    It was supposed to be a FD for me but its just not happening. I woke up with this slight tooth ache and that got me feeling down immediately, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to see my dentist ☹️ . I did speak to him and he tried to give me instructions on how to manage the problem until they are allowed to open ! However, that didn’t do anything for my mojo ☹️ . Oh well …

    I hope you are all having a better day 🌞

    Day 13- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Just thought about it. I actually didn’t start this month’s challenge until the 5th, so today is actually day 13 for me. Still hanging in there though. Trying to stay strong and not snack during this difficult time.

    day 19, FD, Aus

    Hello all.

    Yesterday should have been my usual Monday FD but instead I ate cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And because I’d done that, I also drank wine. I am trying not to beat myself up about it and just get back on that wagon today. I know myself too well to berate myself for not throwing the cake out – I cannot bear the waste, so instead I eat it (another ‘waist’!) I didn’t even do my (what has now become a regular) Leslie quack walk.

    Thinking of you Saffy420. Pooches are such a beloved part of the family.

    So true, @beck100. I was in the office for a day last week and moved so much more than I do at home – up and down to the printer, the shredder, the kitchenette, colleagues’ offices etc. Everything seemed to much further apart than at home.

    Day 19 – Japan – NFD

    I made it through my water fast, but I wouldn’t say it was easy. This morning I was fine and could have easily continued fasting, but for now 38 hours is more than enough. These days it seems every fast is a bit different. This one might have been harder because I entered it after a very light (for me) meal. Not sure, just happy to be still healthy though.

    Next week Monday I may change my plans. Basically I have 66km of bicycle and a lot of walking/standing. My son is returning from the states and we will be banned from using mass transit for two weeks. Free workouts but I may have to adjust what I do.

    Day 18 Ohio, US — FD
    Day 15 — NFD
    Day 16 — NFD
    Day 17 — NFD

    The long weekend (Friday-Sunday) found my system still upset, so I kept a low profile most of the time. I did get a chance to watch the ITV version of “Murder on the Orient Express” with David Suchet. IMHO it’s the very best interpretation of Christie’s novel that I’ve seen.

    A little bit of excitement this evening: the tornado warning sirens went off and the area was under a tornado warning (i.e. a tornado had been seen in the vicinity) for about 40 minutes. All that time I was in my “safe” place, a downstairs half-bath. I didn’t know if that level of stress would throw the FD off, but fortunately, I was able to carry it through.

    @dykask I bet you’re looking forward to having your son home!

    @shinything My dentist has started seeing patients again and I have a “regular” dental cleaning scheduled for August. Even then, I’m not sure how I can stay safe while in the dentist’s chair with my mouth wide open for a while. It seems that there is nothing routine now about going to the dentist!

    Day 19 Melb Aust TDEE
    Day 18 FD720

    Plodding along here, but managing okay.

    @michelinme, hope the FD went well, but oh, no! You may pass me on the downward track again. Good for you, if so! 🙂

    @saffy420, it’s always very sad to lose a beloved pet. My sympathies.

    Re dentists, just received news that mine is opening for full services. Temperature check on entry, social distancing in the waiting room, hand sanitising before and after treatement, and we’ll be required to rinse our mouths with 1% hydrogen peroxide for 20 seconds before treatment. That all seems very reasonable to me, and it’s great that they’re being so careful.
    We’re fortunate here that our Covid-19 numbers are so low, but we still need to take care. As someone wrote on the last page, it only takes a few people doing the wrong thing, for this to spread again.

    @penz, oh no, the dreaded cake, and the “can’t throw it out – think of the poor starving children in….”. I grew up with that, too, and it’s so hard to re-program!

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 19 – Ireland – FD
    Day18 – CD
    Hi all, busy day yesterday but not busy enough to fast…. it was the first day of loosened restrictions so had a spin with a good friend – always staying 2 metres apart and then had a socially distanced coffee. It’s been 10 weeks since I’ve cycled with any other person so it was a novelty and really lovely although you can’t talk as you can’t hear each other but it’s nice to know someone else is there with you… my tennis club is opening up too but tbh it seems like so much hard work to have a game I’m not sure I can be bothered and I can see myself accidentally picking up the wrong ball etc… so that can wait for another while…

    So I’m With you today @penz! We’ve got this 💪

    @aussiejill your elderly neighbour sounds amazing and what great rehabilitation 👏. Have fun on your bike and just make sure it’s set up correctly for you so that your legs and bum don’t get sore… I’ve a lot of friends taking to their bikes now too and saddle height is the most important setting on your bike… enjoy! It’s my happy place for sure ♥️
    @saffy420 I am so sorry to hear about your loss 🐶 and I think any loss is so sad at this time when we are all struggling to keep our lives on as even a keel as possible… don’t underestimate how much this can affect you… the company and loyalty of pets is a wonderful thing 💕.
    @shinything i hope your tooth is feeling better now… it’s terrible not to be able to just go get it sorted… out dentists are open for emergency work 🚨 but it is a risk to be weighed up. Hope @flourbsaby is out of the wars too.
    @missybear it sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday… I can’t my believe how fast the time is going either!! It’s a bit mad 🤔
    Good to have you with us on the planking @basyjames! I’m at 3minutes but find it excruciating 🤮… I’m also thinking of building back in squats… I think it was @flaquita who had a great idea for introducing 10 squats before any loo visit…. we’ll see…. I’m doing so much now really I should be wasting away 😂 but, quelle surprise, I’m not 🥴
    @therealwil78 if you use the date of the month in your intro (Day 19 today) rather than the number of days you’ve been fasting it is easier to keep track with all the different time zones here … obviously it’s no problem to add your own tracker date below also… I hope that makes sense… I hope your FD went well 👍
    @matpi – wow a tornado 🌪 … not something we experience much over here… fair play to you sitting it out in the bath 🛀 😂😂
    Off out now for a beach walk before work.
    Have a good day everybody – there is great energy here even if we are all having good and bad days… the most important is that we are here and together in this 🥰💪🥰💪🥰
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list


    Day 19 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Although a square of dark chocolate and some cashews snuck themselves into my gob yesterday evening making my successful FD rather less so.

    However, slept well, up at 5.30am to do a fat burning quack quack walk, then out for my WOAM walk around the village (and it was heartening to see some of my neighbours who are in building and outdoor work leaving for work in their vans…after nearly 8 weeks at home)… yeah, ready for the day.

    Lunch delivery today is a spiced salmon salad bowl, then depending on that it will be a light egg supper. I will do a longer Leslie Sansone walk when I get home.

    Great to see the mojo in here this month…’s like we have turned a corner …and in more ways than one I suppose we have, the world we used to know,
    , although cautious, is coming back. Things to look forward to!!!

    @saffy420 so sorry for your loss 😔
    @flourbaby and @shinything hope the toothaches get sorted

    Have a great day – Pocket list Day 19

    Day 19 – Lake District UK – CFD

    Good morning everyone

    Gloomy and wet outside this morning, oh well will have to do some ‘indoor jobs’ I’ve been putting off!
    Catch up with a few bits of paperwork that needs doing as well.

    Take care all

    Day 18 – NFD (day 1)
    Day 19 – FD (day 2), UK, 70kg

    Hi everyone, I hope you dont mind if I crash the party halfway through! I have been working at home for the last 2 months (courtesy of some virus thats is going around) and finally went back to the workplace, which means I am mentally prepared to go back on 5:2 as I place as much distance as possible from my fridge and cupboards! Having spent most of my last weeks in sweatpants it was a shock to wear my usual jeans and find them so very tight. It was the kick I needed to sort myself out. Ideally need to lose 12kg to get back to my past weight so you will see me around for a few months 🙂

    I am not a newbie when it comes to 5:2, been doing it on and off and know how well it works.

    No FD yesterday as it was date night with partner but no excuses today. Have a healthy chicken salad for lunch and yogurt with fruit for dinner along with some gentle exercises.

    Best of luck everyone, and stay safe x

    Day 19-Netherlands 🇳🇱-MFD800
    I’m struggling with everything, I’m just tired. There is so much work and long hours at the office. Very, very noisy neighbours who things covid 19 means extra party time. I don’t get enough sleep and the scale even went up. And then today, all in a sudden it is down, way down, in just one day? I mean how? Well fasting is coming along well I even had two not planned OMAD. Which helped. Because of all the work my body hurts 😞. Thank god for Leslie S. her walks really lift my spirit. Good luck to all the fastest outside

    @saffy420 I could cry with you. My dog( best buddy ever) died in 2014 and I still cry sometimes for his lost. He is well missed in my live. A Treasured family member is a treasured family member regardless the amount of hair he has 💖🐾

    I decided to avoid everything that’s making me fat, like selfies, mirrors , windows and scales 😎😇

    Dee22 IRE FD

    Hello everyone,

    Another fast day . They come around very quick. Had a visit with a friend yesterday, outdoor of course who I hadn’t seen since the lockdown and the first thing she noticed was my weight loss, then my long hair of a different colour and all the work done in the garden 😊 It is encouraging because we are in a bit of a cocoon even though getting out for walks etc. Taking of walks , it’s still a bit hit and miss , some days I just can’t get out the door but do my garden. At least I’m moving I tell myself.
    The fasting is getting easier I must say and that’s definitely down to the support. Thanks again.

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Easy peasy FD yesterday. I did what I think of as my no-nonsense ‘Fasting for Dummies’ day; just coffee, water, & for ‘dinner’, porridge + chopped apple and a sprinkling of raisins & sunflower seeds. Now for two very sensible NFDs.

    It’s so encouraging to hear of other countries slowly but surely getting back to normal; even if it’s a new ‘normal’. And even if we still can’t even buy wine yet 😕

    I just saw a report on CNN re dogs being trained to sniff out Covid-19?! It’s just a trial, but the scientists think it may be possible.

    Welcome back, @georgia83!

    Best of luck, Tuesday fasters! 🏆

    Pocket List – Day 19 🍒

    Day 19 Australia NFD
    Hi Everyone! I Spent today in the garden feeling very grateful to have a garden to weed! I am exhausted
    but this was my substitute for a walk today.

    It was a challenge to stop myself from overgrazing! Is that a word? My mind was certainly into the idea…However, self-talked myself into sticking to the mindful eating idea.

    @jaifaim Thanks for the advice re the bike seat height.
    @saffy420 So sorry to hear of your dog loss. The unconditional love our pets give us is such a loss.
    @springer and @georgia83 Be encouraged we are all here for each other.

    Day 19 UK NFD

    You must have sent the sun down here @i-hate-lettuce ☀️ Plan to spend an afternoon out reading in the garden whilst hubby potters around

    Day 19, London, UK, NFD

    Yesterday turned into an unplanned FD, I’ve been using the toothache as an excuse NOT to fast, but actually it’s made it easier since I can only truly handle liquids (unless I suck something solid to death!! 😂), so although it was 25 degrees yesterday, I had a lovely bowl of Lentil & bacon soup for dinner and that was that ………………… FD done!!! The antibiotics & painkillers are working, so it’s one day at a time for me!! I spoke to my dentist who ticked me off for self-diagnosing & using antibiotics, then proceeded to tell me it probably was an infection and to call back on day 5 of the antibiotic course!!! I mean it wasn’t like I was necking bleach or anything!!! I made an informed decision, based on past experience (& Google 😂 😂!!) for my own health and didn’t fancy 2 days of excruciating pain only to be told to do what I did anyway!!!!!

    @saffy420, thanks for the painkiller advise, I’ve been rotating ibuprofen and co codamol, but I’ve reduced it to the ibuprofen only as it has more effect. So sorry to hear about your dog, losing a pet can be so very hard to deal with and non-pet owners struggle to fully understand.

    @lin48, @therealwil78 & @dee22 as this is a monthly challenge we use the day of the month to keep everyone on the same road, even if you start your challenge at a different time. This gives us all the same reference point and we can relate to each other despite being spread all over the globe!!

    @penz, I know from personal experience that it doesn’t really help when wastefulness has been avoided for a lifetime, but ………………….. YOU ARE NOT A BIN!!!!………………………….. Throwing it out or eating it ends in the same result, it’s gone, BUT one of those options adds an unwanted inch to your bum!!! ……………………. Think bin, think freezer, think buying less!!!!

    @dykask, you’re going to have a great time having your son back, it seems like he only just left!!! Do you think you’ll forego WFDs for bog standard 600cal days? Sometimes I regret ever stepping off of the 5:2 road I was successfully travelling!!!! B2B2Bs, ADFs, Liquid fasts and Fast800 have made my system a bit muddled ………………… basic 5:2 worked like a dream …………………….. If it ain’t broke, and all that!!!!

    I tried to walk with Leslie on Saturday morning, but the blood pounding in my head made my tooth throb soooo much I was on my knees, buckled with the pain ………………………… I think Leslie can wait for a few days, although I’m missing my walks like crazy!!! I NEVER said that about the 30 day shred!!!!!

    Welcome @georgia83, I call that ‘Lockdown Leggings Syndrome’ 😂 I too used to think that the only reason I went to work was so that I could successfully fast, distance from my kitchen was the only thing that worked. Lockdown has forced my hand and now, although not perfect, I CAN fast at home, the relief (& belief!!) is immense!!!

    @springer, stay strong!! The added exercise means the scales can be unkind, but the tape measure never lies!! Also, the big weight drop is what I call a whoosh, I usually get one after drinking lots & lots of water, so my body doesn’t think there’s a drought and can release some ………………………. Empty fat cells fill with water as a safety measure, drinking more gives the signal to release ……………………apparently!!

    Ok, that’s enough gabbing, off to do some work (at home!!) Stay strong everyone ………………….. Northern hemisphere, we’re entering salad weather ……………………….. we just need to step away from the mayo & we’ll nail this fasting malarkey!!!!!!

    Day 19, UK, FD

    I decided to have a FD today since I didn’t manage it yesterday. So far so good, I even did some exercises 🙂 . My tooth feels a bit better too, so lets hope it stays that way 👍

    @saffy420 I missed your post, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your little dog 😔 , pets are part of our families Sending you virtual hug 🤗

    Adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket List – Day 19 🍒

    Have a good day everyone 🌞

    Day 19 Oxfordshire, UK – FD800
    Yesterday’s FD went well & today I’m aiming for FD800. No loss on the scales but I think was too carb heavy. So added some eggs today. Will also keep to TRE of 9:15 today.
    @saffy420 – thinking of you.
    @penz – I was worried I wasn’t moving enough during the day so I decided to do more short walks around the house, e.g instead of going straight to the bathroom or kitchen I took a little wander first. It upped my steps.
    @dykask – how lovely to have your son home.
    @matpi – thankfully we don’t tend to get tornados here. Are they very common?
    @georgia83 – welcome
    @springer – good news on the loss, but you do need sleep.
    Joining the pocket list
    Pocket List – Day 19 🍒

    Day 19 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD went awry in the vening with choclate, then icecream then popcorn thrown in for good measure 🙁 @betsylee I think you are safe for a while yet – I weighed in this morning at 159lb!

    @saffy420 I’m so sorry about the loss of your dog. They are family members, so no wonder you are grieving 🙁

    I read up on the wider symptoms of covid19 yesterday then rejoined the symptom tracker app. It’s so clear that what I’ve had fits many of the symptoms of coronavirus, just not the ‘higher temperature’ or the cough. As I also found out, not everyone gets a persistent dry cough and the govt ‘high temp’ guide of 37.8 is based on average ‘normal’ temp of 37.2, while my usual is 36.2!

    I’ve been pushing myself to do better/more bc i keep hearing ‘can’t be CV19 bc not got temp/cough’ and ‘everyone gets exhausted during this transition time’ w implication it’s MH issue/not adjusting well to lockdown.

    I’ve had years of being at home w ill-health and should listen to my body rather than government, esp when they have not been offering tests more widely until now! It seems likely I’ve simply had the virus and am now somewhere in the longtail version of symptoms 🙁

    I’m posting this here to encourage you to be aware of the wider symptoms of CV and a reminder we need to listento our bodies and practice good self-care – whatever the cause of how we feel!

    Day 19 – Switzerland – NFD

    I managed yesterdays fast with about 700cal… it went really well, and managed to go to bed not being hungry. Saving most calories for dinner worked out really well. Let‘s hope the next FDs are similar!

    I weighed myself this morning and happy to report a 500g loss compared to my lowest weight last week. Motivation was way up after that.

    My decision to move more while working from home was followed by action, went for a jog at 6.15am, back home and showered, woke up children, fed them and sent them to school before starting work at 8. wow. I‘m not a morning person 😂

    But it feels good! @penz: your description of work in the office is absolutely accurate! I always thought about my job as really sedentiary, but it seems more is always possible… 🙈

    Will probably move up my second FD of the week to tomorrow, don’t want to fast during the upcoming long weekend 😊

    Keep care!

    Day 19 FD London

    @michelinme – I understand what you say about the symptoms. Neither me not DH has had a dry persistent cough, nor high temperature, but both of us have been wheezy and ( sorry about this) coughing up crap for weeks, and we both lost our sense of taste and smell ages ago, but they have returned. No tiredness, no aching, but certainly some symptoms that seem convincing, and we’ve never had them before. I’d love to know if I’ve had it, especially since we were in Italy for a long spell in January and February, but a reliable and affordable test seems a long way off for us. I’m just going to carry on being super cautious for the foreseeable.

    Day 18 FD
    Day 19 NFD – USA

    Had a very successful FD yesterday – easiest one yet, probably because I’m working on the computer most of the day and stayed away from kitchen. Managed just morning coffee, lots of water and salad with no dressing and grilled chicken on top for dinner.

    I’m still sleeping poorly on FD, even with melatonin, but I think it’s worth it as I’m seeing some bone structure in my face and on top. I will sing to the heavens when there is a dent made in my middle. Something tells me it’s dairy as most of my weight is in the belly..I’m skimming everywhere else🥴

    Good luck everyone! As the weather gets nicer, think how fabulous we’ll look in our lighter clothes.

    Day 20, NFD, AUs

    PFDS! Great FD, two dog walks and one quack quack quack session. Just goes to show that one day of cake does not a WOL make! (And thanks for the quick up the rear, @flourbaby. I know you’re right.)

    How did you go @jaifaim? And thanks for the reminder re the toilet squats. That one’s dropped off my daily routine but so easy to re-incorporate. I’m in awe of your 3 minute planks. Go you!

    @Betyslee – the other one I need to re-program my thinking about is the ‘always leave a clean plate’ mentality!

    Hang in there, @springer. You’re still here with us and therefore you’re doing well.

    I read a funny meme the other day: I’ve just washed a load of pyjamas so I have a week’s worth of clean work clothes to wear.

    USA Day 19 NFD

    Overdid it today!! Ugh! I was planning on a FD today and it went well until after lunch when everything went south. Tomorrow I will try to do better on another FD. Hope everyone is safe and well!

    Day 19 Ohio, US — NFD

    Everything went fine today, much quieter than yesterday.

    @suki2 This area can get tornados, although they are nothing like the super-tornados they get in the Great Plains area west of the Mississippi River. This tornado was formed by an unusual weather pattern that had a series of intense storms travelling almost due north through the state. We’ve also had record breaking amounts of rain, so that the river down at the bottom of the hill where I live is now at least a foot over flood stage. They have started to put up flood walls. With any luck we won’t be getting any further heavy rains after this weather system passes.

    Patient endurance attains to all things!

    Day 20 Melb Aust FD

    Going okay so far. It may not be the best way to do them, but for me to stay under 500 cals on FDs, the only effective method has proved to be to stay on liquids. Otherwise I end up with OMAD and a FD800 instead. Is that similar to your “Fasting for dummies”, @funshipfreddie?

    @penz, yes, I remember the having to clean the plate, as well – that was also with “think of the poor starving children in.. “. Had to unlearn that quickly in China. If a guest eats everything on their plate in China, the host thinks they’ve done a poor job and haven’t cooked enough. I soon learned to leave a little on my plate and say how full I felt 🙂 . Otherwise they go and cook some more.

    @michelinme, what a drama you’ve been having with your health, and it does sound as if both you and @emma Taylor have had undiagnosed Covid-19. Do be kind to yourself. You know your body best, and you’ll catch up to me soon enough (or should I write, catch down? 🙂 ).

    2/3rds of the way through May, so let’s make the last third count!

    Second post, Day 20 – forgot

    Day 20 Pocket List

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Good FD yesterday and a bit of a loss, I am not so puffy in the face, the Leslie Sansone walks are really helping my muscles work out, yup, all good.

    I am committed to Dry till Fri and DH, although coming off night shift this morning with two days off, has said he will remain dry with me……SO I hope that stays. But with glorious sunshine and evening temperatures in the 20’s forecast ……we get so little of it in Ireland that an evening tipple in the sunshine ……..well, let’s not go there…it’s only 7am 😱

    I do believe Covid has been around a lot longer and perhaps many of us gave already had it, but like @emma-taylor said, still need to be super-cautious because even if you did have it you might not be immune. I would love to have an antibody test, they are rolling out random sampling here in June…

    Some of the WFH staff came into work in the office yesterday due to lifting of some restrictions. Oh my, they have been 8 weeks WFH but at least three of them have not got with the social distance programe…..hugging each other hello, standing around chatting in close groups in the corridor, and sitting at a tiny coffee table on the canteen catching up! Those of us who have been there since this started were a bit annoyed. Luckily an email went out giving the back to work crew some reminders of social distancing and work practices and desk cleaning etc.

    I didn’t think I would feel so resentful for the WFH guys to be in and about the office delighted with themselves to be out, chatting and having the craic…..but I did, and others too!, has this C-19 now brought in two types of workers….those who had to go into work and those who we feel were lucky to be able to work from home and avoid the initial terror of having to leave your house 🤔 Ponder ponder 🤔

    Have a great hump day (sorry for the rant 😀)

    Day 20 – Ireland – NFD
    Well I had probably the best FD in a long time yesterday and I’m going to go for a standard NFD today…. back to basics …. let’s see…

    Will check in properly later as off now for beach walk… still achey when I wake but getting moving helps… I’m just soooo tired at the moment… keep falling asleep around 10pm and last night managed to fall asleep on my bed after a phone call – in my jeans etc – and just woke a while ago… 😳
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 20 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    After 2 days of grey, wet and cold, bright sunshine and rather warm when I went to open up the greenhouse first thing! This morning, yup, long walk, then late BBQ lunch and afternoon in the garden, sorry those of you working or stuck indoors, not rubbing it in, just the joys of retirement! Don’t miss the work bit at all….

    @funshipfriddie – Fasting for dummies, love it, sounds what I do occasionally and end up with an ‘accidental, FD. Starts with a coffee and banana breakfast, lunch is a bowl of oats, then a few bits of whatever fruit there is chopped up and stirred in, pour a yoghurt over it and instant meal.
    Training dogs to detect C19, yes can be done, in my past life that’s what I did, dog handler/trainer, amazing what they can detect ! but that’s another story.

    @betsylee@penz – I’m another who does not like waste, to be fair we’re nowhere near as bad as we used to be, portion control is much better these days. Seemed the worse time was when the ‘kids’ left home, struggled to only cook for 2. Tried half quantities but forgot the ‘kids’ ate the bigger half!

    @dee22 – Funny the same thing happened to us yesterday, out for a late walk, bumped into a friend of the wife’s who we haven’t seen for ages, she was amazed at how much we’d changed! most people on lockdown have put weight on, we have both lost quite a bit! Feel good factor when other notice, especially when it’s someone really skinny who is a fitness fanatic!

    Take care all

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    So far so good with the NFDs. Using the MFP app really keeps me on my toes. I’ve started logging what I will eat the evening before, or most of it anyway. That way I’m more likely to stick to it, & so far I’ve been staying under TDEE.

    @betsylee – I stay on liquids until around 6 or 7pm on a FD. Otherwise I find, like many people, that eating earlier just makes me hungry throughout the day. It would be easier for me to eat nothing than to have a couple of small meals. I allow myself up to 700 calories, so somewhere between a FD & a MFD I guess?

    @daffodil2010 – ‘Covidiots’; they’re everywhere. It’s a real word now! 😟

    @i-hate-lettuce – a dog handler/trainer?! That must have been very rewarding. I enjoyed my job too, but I must admit I don’t miss it. I can spend an entire afternoon reading on my balcony, or just gazing at the sea.

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫🐪

    It’s nice seeing so many people from around the world posting here.

    NFD today. Made some oat cookies but only had 1 and froze the mixture. FD yesterday was sooo hard, almost gave up on it, but somehow stuck it out. I think an increase to 800 cals but doing 3 x FD a week is going to be how I’ll manage this with running after a baby all day.

    I’ve never heard of Leslie Sansone walks till now but as they seem to be popular here I will have a look.

    Second Post

    @penz – good for you! 👏I had a good one too and noticed a drop on the scales this morning but will see how we go Friday which is my weekly weigh in day.. and who knows what the body will do between now and then … I don’t ever feel the PFDS as it always seems to come back and bite me in the bum 😳

    I had a really active day yesterday around work.. 6km walk in the morning.. Joe Wicks, Plank challenge 3 minutes, Quack Quack walk – 20 minutes and a hilly 15 km bike ride.. so with little food intake it was probably inevitable that I’d weigh less today but did drink lots and lots and lots of water..

    Felt good though and am setting today up similarly as have done a 7km beach walk and Joe Wicks..

    @ccco – good to see you back 👍

    @daffodil2010 I can understand your annoyance.. I would probably react the same way.. while you guys have had to take the risks and learn new ways of working and the others just swan in like long lost family 😖
    I feel that although everyone says that we are In This Together, we are but then again we are not.. there are so many different existences now as I’d add to your list of workers, the workers who are not working at all.. which is difficult for those of us who are run ragged with work to cope with too.
    Then there are the people with others in their house/alone, working/not working, cocooning/not cocooning.. so no one person’s experience will be the same as any other person’s but I suppose that’s life isn’t it? I do find myself getting very annoyed with people who just feel the need to pushthe boundaries and feel that they should do just what they are not supposed to? What is it that about human nature??? 🤔
    Sorry.. my rant over now……

    Have a great day all, I’m off to plank 🥴 then back to work meeting..

    Day 20 Oxfordshire, UK – CD
    Yesterday turned into a CD. Today will hopefully be a CD too. Small loss today which puts me back to where I started. That ‘restaurant’ meal really packed the calories. Managed the TRE yesterday so will aim to do the same today.
    Beautiful day here so out for a long walk this afternoon after yoga.

    Day 20 CD UK

    For those who asked, no I didn’t eat the Jaffa Cake that I found melted to my boob 😬. No point, all the chocolate had come off 😅 On a serious note I need to try to rebalance my blood sugars as cravings are sabotaging my efforts. I know once I’ve gone through withdrawal the rest will follow.

    I seem to do great until early evening. Then I just want SUGAR. I’ve had more nights than not that I’ve managed to cage the Snack Dragon 🐉, so that’s an improvement. I’m also down a lb since my last log in.

    Sorry I’ve been missing in action, I’ve been busy replanting the plants etc I’ve grown plus other gardening jobs. It’s been lovely pottering in the garden whilst the sun is shining.

    I’ll read up on the thread and catch up on what you’ve all been up too.

    Take care & stay safe.

    Day 20 UK CD

    Yesterday was not a CD but aiming to do better today. Felt weird in the unexpected 26C heat, inflammatory arthritis flare & cognition simply stopped – mid zoom I couldn’t think of any words, at all. I ended up having supper in bed and falling asleep around 9pm – here’s hoping for a gentler today.

    Due to be 27C here this afternoon & I’m set to chair a conference planning meeting via zoom… must make sure I’m cooler and better hydrated than yesterday – which may mean working from bedroom!

    The combination of illness, flare in my regular health conditions & shielding have meant I’mfar less active than usual but have also lost good grounding habits. Adding in some stretching and restarting meditation, super early nights and hoping for a better time ahead.

    @emma-taylor hope you feel better? I’ve also had productive cough, aching all over, exhausted, breathless, headache and pins & needles – but only called doctor when weird blisters appeared on my toes!
    @betsylee hope you have a good FD – sounds like you are on a roll!
    @daffodil2010 not surprised you felt invaded by your colleagues coming in and not taking care! Hope things settle down
    @jaifaim sounds as tho you are having a wodnerfully active time around the working day 🙂

    @michelinme – I forgot the weird blisters on my feet. They appeared too. What a lot of strange symptoms. I’ve felt ok all the time, except the intermittent productive cough ( I knew there had to be a proper word for it!). I just don’t want to call the doctor because it’ll just be hassle. In fact, I’ve got zero patience with a lot of things at the moment. I start articles in the newspaper which I would once have finished, and now I think ‘ I don’t give a stuff about this’. I never watch the news, skip the first dozen pages of the newspaper to avoid all the nonsense, and just try to carry on. Things will change eventually.

    Day 20 – Switzerland – FD800

    This FD is definitively harder than the last – feel just a little bit hungry all the time. After dinner I‘m just under 800cal, but already slightly hungry again. Will just have to power through, after that there‘s a long weekend ahead and no FD left, yay!

    I hope weigh in tomorrow maybe shows another small liss, uf not, that‘s ok too.

    Onward and downward!

    Day 20 (day 3 for me) – UK, NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went a bit off road, but managed to stick to 500cals. Had my chicken salad with a few drops of dressing as well as a large bowl of strawberries for lunch. Then was offered an ice lollie (peer pressure broke me gahhhh) which meant I had to skip dinner entirety. Kept busy doing housework so went to bed with a clean house and proud of myself for sticking to the FD.

    Today skipped brekkie and enjoyed an early chicken salad and grapes. Dinner was roasted salmon with veggies, olive oil and a small potato. Earl grey finished it off well. Will keep busy with some meal preping tonight and no tv – I found out that is my trigger for binging.

    Stay safe everyone xx

    Day 18-20 – UK – FD800
    Day 14-17 – NFD

    I’m not sure where the time has gone and I have not posted for the past week………After my FD800 on Day 13 things went downhill in a big way…..too much food and drink so going for FD800 x 5 (Dry too!) this week Monday to Friday inclusive to retrain my mind and stomach – definitely need more control on NFDs at the moment 🤞I can make it!

    Managing to keep up with my on line exercise classes and some walks on the fells though so happy with that!
    Met up with DD and her beagle Archie today for a socially distanced walk for the first time in 10 weeks!!! so hard not being able to give her a big hug but so lovely to see her and enjoyed our sunny walk and chat 🤗

    @i-hate-lettuce – we seem to have been rather lucky with no big increase in numbers in the village, slightly busier and nice to see that on the main social distancing has been adhered to…..🤞it stays like that! Your walk on Day 17 sounds fab!
    @jaifaim @michelinme @emma-taylor – do hope that you are all starting to feel better
    @saffy420 – so sorry to read of the loss of your little dog 😢 he was with you a long time 🤗
    @songbirdme – thank you for posting that article about healthy carbs – I could not open it either so enjoyed reading your post on Day 15
    @louiselou02 – welcome on board – never too late to join and you know it works so just stick to the basics so as not to put too much stress on you especially with a new baby to look after too
    @flourbaby – hope the toothache settles with the antibiotics and now I read that poor @shinything has started with one too……Ouch
    @georgia83 – lovely to “see” you joining us once more

    Only a short Pocket List today so far but together we can stay strong 💪

    Pocket List for Day 20
    @beck100 – FD800
    @at – FD800 x 3

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    @at: you just helped me a lot, putting me on the pocket list – my inner resolve to see this FD through was fading a little… now I saw my name, no way I‘m getting weak 😅

    Day 21 Australia FD

    Hi Everyone!,
    it’s early (7.30am)Thursday morning in Oz . We’ve had a lot of rain over the last 24hrs.
    I’m feeling a bit down regarding the very slow retreat of my weight, I do wish I could say it ‘drops’ off easily. But I guess anything worthwhile in life takes effort.
    Last time on 5:2 there was a point it got easier.
    A couple of my friends are critical of my efforts/5:2ers, suggesting it is unhealthy to fast, citing low blood sugar etc. seeing it as ‘depriving’ yourself. I’m not looking forward to ‘catch ups’ post covid 19 restrictions.
    Do any of you come up against this???

    Anyway, here I go for the day. I feel weak but I am determined to stick with this for my health and wellbeing.

    Day 21 Australia FD

    Hi Everyone!,
    it’s early (7.30am)Thursday morning in Oz . We’ve had a lot of rain over the last 24hrs.
    I’m feeling a bit down regarding the very slow retreat of my weight, I do wish I could say it ‘drops’ off easily. But I guess anything worthwhile in life takes effort.
    Last time on 5:2 there was a point it got easier.
    A couple of my friends are critical of my efforts/5:2ers, suggesting it is unhealthy to fast, citing low blood sugar etc. seeing it as ‘depriving’ yourself. I’m not looking forward to ‘catch ups’ post covid -19 restrictions.
    Do any of you come up against this???

    Anyway, here I go for the day. I feel weak but I am determined to stick with this for my health and wellbeing.

    Day 21 Australia FD
    Pocket List

    Day 21, FD, Aus

    I have to go into the office this morning so I’m in “work” clothes. My young dog is still wanting to jump up on me and is confused why I won’t let him.

    Yes, @aussiejill, I think all of us have come across the doubters at one time or another. Various options to tackle it are: don’t tell them you’re doing 5:2; tell them that it works for you, even if might be something that they don’t agree with; point them to the scientific literature; ignore them. I had a colleague begin to berate me for not eating breakfast (I didn’t even tell him I fasted!). I bit back and said that I didn’t need to eat breakfast and he said “So my years of medical training means nothing?” And I said “Yes!!” He shut up after that.

    But just remember, a slow retreat is still movement in the right direction!

    How did you go @beck100?

    And to help me and others: Pocket list day 21

    Day 20 Ohio, US — NFD

    Another good NFD. I had a big surprise when I went out for a walk and saw the debris the little brook had left on the narrow road in front of the house. Apparently we had enough rain yesterday that the brook overflowed its banks and flooded the road just down the hill a little bit from my place. A few people were cleaning out their garages which had been flooded. I wanted to walk down the hill and see what the river looked like today, but I couldn’t find a time slot between rain showers long enough to do so. I must admit I’m not much of a rainy day walker!

    @aussiejill I used to have difficulties with weakness on FD’s until I changed how I distributed my calories during the day. I now eat 5 small “meals” of about 100 calories each and that keeps my energy on an even keel during the day. Everyone is a little different, so experimenting might help you out with the fasts.

    And to continue the Pocket list day 21

    Day 21 Australia FD
    So far so good. @penz Thanks for encouraging words and ideas. It really does help me in my quest!

    I put a bright light coat over my cords and jumper, went out to a favourite shop to pick up new tea towels….I figured it is a contribution to the kitchen without it being food. I stayed away from others but really enjoyed my time out before visiting the supermarket, until I spotted a new Lindt Chocolate store outlet! I darted out as soon as I felt the pull!!! …..Off to pick up The Age newspaper with it’s Thursday Greenguide for television viewing and reviews, distracted and safe again!!!

    I’ve been varying the clear fluids today I think that may help. @matpi I think I may be too undisciplined to do the 5 small meals as at present I couldn’t trust myself so maybe a few walnuts here and there but a good idea to experiment with if or when needed.

    Pocket List of FDers

    Day 21 – Ireland – NFD
    Hi all, yesterday was mentally tough…. Covidwise…. just had one of those days…. feeling far away from everyone and particularly my man…. we will come through this but just hit me.

    Like the UK we had lots of people descending on our beaches here due to the good weather.. the Garda were busy … as if they do not already have enough to do!! 😖

    I had a good NFD though so hopefully I’ll be on track for my May target – we’ll see… I’m looking after mum and dad this weekend and that’s always a challenge as they eat very different foods to me.. 🍰 🥧 🥘

    @aussiejill i just don’t get into it with people…. even the most educated can sometimes just not get it… and dare I say it… sometimes it’s envy… that you can actually do a 24 hour fast 💪
    One of the best things about this WOL for me is that I always thought I needed to have food somewhere near me/have breakfast etc because of the risk of low blood sugar etc but it has been so liberating to know that I don’t NEED food the way I thought I did when I was younger.
    I just don’t tell people except my dear man and I just manage my fast days around social events (well I did back in the day 😂😂).

    It seems to me that a huge number of people are doing time related fasting so you just tell them that’s what your doing if they do need an answer?
    Be strong everyone – and be kind to yourself – we will come through this 🥰
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List of FDers

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪- NFD

    Quick hello as starting work now. Tonight is Spanish night in our house, paella!!!!

    Tomorrow will hopefully be my first Friday FD.

    Day 21 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Had a superb day yesterday, Monday and Tuesday we had a couple of ‘slower’ days, been very busy up to then and feeling the need to just rest a bit!
    However, yesterday, after a good sleep we were both raring to go. Glorious sunny morning, off out for a nice long walk, then back and set up the BBQ, awning, chairs etc ready for a garden afternoon!
    Just brilliant, we love a BBQ and somebody on the forum here mentioned how healthy BBQ food is. Just have to remember not to over consume any alcohol!

    So the exercise and BBQ made for a good day, fitbit and MFP app combined seem to agree. My Basic Metabolic Rate is 1844, so even yesterday, including a couple of wines, calorie intake 1771 – calories burned exercise 901 – FD today should see some movement on tomorrows weekly weigh-in, or at least no gain, (although I haven’t gained any weight since our last holiday/break hmmmm, holidays good for the soul, bad for the weight!)

    Take care all

    Pocket List day 21

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