May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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May 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • Welcome to the May challenge! If you are new to these challenges please read this post.
    I’ve laid out all the tips from recent hosts for anyone new to the challenge. Lots of text but it’s worth a read if you have any queries.
    The monthly challenges were started by @coda in May 2016 and have been going ever since… I’ll do my best to check in with you all daily but I know that there are so many knowledgeable and helpful people on here that we will be just grand 🤗.

    Many of us have benefited enormously from the generous and invaluable support given each and every month from our global community. Some of us are in maintenance while others are on the path of finding their happy weight.

    Below copied and pasted from previous challenges is the general guidance as to how this works (same as it has always been) and we add to these tips as we go along …

    1. Start your daily post with the day of the month, where you are and if you’re on a fast day (FD); a non-fast day (NFD) or a controlled day (CD) – (e.g. for 1st of February it would go something like “Day 1 – Ireland – FD” for me.)

    2. Provide a quick intro about yourself in the very first post – mostly for the benefit of the newbies and as much or as little as you like…some people like the anonymity of this forum so feel free to share as much as you are comfortable with…A brief blurb about your journey so far and what you aim get from this way of life (WOL). Also if you wish, your starting weight and any other measurements (waist, hip, bust etc) you aim to keep track of throughout the month. I have to admit I’m not great at the measuring..
    You can record this on the spreadsheet which will be available below soon.. you can choose to use the spreadsheet or not.. it’s completely up to you!

    3. You can add any comments/questions/moans/whinges/triumphs… or anything you feel like you want to share with the rest of the forum. We all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon and days when we hang in there for dear life………so if you want to share it – post it.
    Recipes, tips, tricks and questions can also be shared – most of us are logged on at one time or another and can clarify things, offer advise, support etc when needed – this is the great thing about this international forum, there’s always someone online!!!!
    Over the course of these monthly challenges, there have been small groups doing their own mini-challenges – called ‘pocket fasters’ or ‘pocketeers’ – they set a target and support each other through it. Anyone can join one of these groups or start a Pocket List – it’s entirely optional and flexible.

    For those of you who are new, if you are copying the pocket list on FDs on your phone or a tablet these steps might help:

    Copying the pocket list: there is a knack to copying the pocket list on a phone or tablet: You should hold your finger on the first line you want to copy e.g. “day 1 -pocket..” and the select option will display. You should then see a “start” selection marker and an “end” selection marker…drag the “end” selection marker to the end of the list and choose Copy..
    It’s best to start the selection on standard text rather than people’s names/links as they are links and you will automatically be linked to their can be a little frustrating…

    5:2 basics – answers from @simcoeluv who used come on and answer queries newbies had to many FAQs plus top tips:

    Here’s the wonderful list of abbreviations used throughout this challenge and added to on an ongoing basis:
    IF Intermittent Fasting
    WOL Way of Life
    FD Fast Day (500 cals)
    MFD Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    WFD Water Fast Day (Water only)
    CFD Controlled Fast Day (1200 cals)
    NFD Non Fast Day
    EFS Epic Face Stuffing (we’ve all had one of those days!)
    5:2 5 days NFD:2 days IF
    ADF Alternate Day Fast, FD, NFD
    16:8 16 hours fast 8 hours non fast
    B2B Back 2 Back (days of FD or WFD)
    Hunger Dragon – that dreadful psychological beast that sometimes cannot be satisfied
    DD, DS Darling Daughter, Son
    OH, Other Half
    LOL Laughing Out Loud
    Keto, way of eating that generates Ketones
    LC, Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF, Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure (see the ‘how it works’ link on the home page to work out yours)
    TRE: Time Restricted Eating
    OMAD: One Meal a Day
    M/WOAM: Man/Woman on a Mission (courtesy of @i-hate-lettuce)
    PFDS: post FD smugness (courtesy of @penz)

    Also, to those who we have not seen recently I really hope that all is well in these very challenging times and that we see you again soon💕 life does get in the way of this WOL particularly at the moment in these very worrying times and we all have other things going on which take up our time and energy but dropping in/out is absolutely fine 🤔.

    Stay safe and stay well!

    thanks for hosting. see you in May.

    Please count me in for May. And thank you for hosting.

    day -2, Netherlands, MFD for me. Hi, i’m new here and followed/read the april challenge. Now i’m triggered and looking forward to join the may challenge. I’ve started the 800 last week and i’m hoping to loose the incredible amount of 30 kg that i gained after an accident. I’m back on track now but looking ahead this really long, probably very bumpy road. But my motor is already running and al i have to do is coming in on target. Sounds easy….right.

    Day -2, I’m “in” @jaifaim, looking forward to a good May result.

    @springer, welcome to the adventure of 5:2 weight loss on this very international forum.

    @jaifaim, another code I use is MIA – missing in action – when I’ve been away for a few days.

    Hello, and please count me in on the May 2020 challenge as well as the spreadsheet, in which I will still be in “maintenance”. Thank you for hosting, @jaifaim!

    Thank you, @jaifaim — May will be tremendous with you! I’m in! 🙂

    Thanks for hosting May again @jaifaim. I’m in! 🙂

    Thanks for hosting May – please count me in 🙂

    Please enter me for May. I live in VA, USA; I was very successful several years ago losing over 10kg in a 6 mos. period; gained it back when I gradually became less compliant with fasting! Need to start again. Will be 70 this year in July; still working daily in the office as a pediatrician, though life has gotten slower and weirder with the pandemic. Good luck to all!

    @jaifaim – Thank you for hosting May once more – count me in. Do you need me to do a spreadsheet for you or has someone already offered??

    Welcome to the May challenge @springer, @sunflower1 and welcome back @excelsior12309, I remember you 👍
    Hello suki2, @emmataylor, @songbirdme, @betsylee, @metatauta, @michelinme, and @at it’s great to have you all for May!
    Yes @at if you could create the spreadsheet that would be great as I can’t upload from my work laptop to forums/blogs… thank you so much!!!


    Thank you jaifaim for hosting this month’s challenge. Count me in! See you in May!

    @jaifaim, I’m in!!!

    Thanks for herding us cats during what will, no doubt be, another ‘challenging’ month!!

    See Y’all in May

    @jaifaim – I’m in and here for my daily fix!

    Thanks for steering the wagon this month!

    Hi everyone! I’ll be joining this month!

    I’m not new to fasting but come back for a few months every once in a while to get back on track. My goal for May is to lose 2-3kg, and work on treating my NFDs as ‘normal’ days rather than ‘indulgent’, so I’m able to maintain more easily when I’m ready to stop fasting again.


    Count me in please, @jaifaim. And thank you for hosting May!

    Thank you for hosting this …May is the month I rejoin this community of Fast Dieters with determination to regain my mojo after convalescent from an accident.
    Hello to you all …

    Please find below the spreadsheet for our May 2020 Challenge for those who want to use it!
    As you join I’ll change your name to RED and delete any old names that remain on the list that are not part of the challenge after the first week or so – I have made it so you can edit and add your details as you wish – hope it works!!!

    Thanks for the spreadsheet @at – you are a 🌟

    Welcome @endellion and @gylyb! You may find it useful to read the first post in this thread which should help with any queries you may have as we move through the month of May👍
    Hi to all the usual gang returning! @ccco, @flourbaby, @ihatelettuce and @funshipfreddie 👏 it’s great to have you here!

    Hi, I’m a newbie to the forum and would like to join the May challenge. I’ve followed 5:2 previously with success but found I’ve gained weight since lockdown in the UK because I’m not moving as much and have been craving and eating lots of carbs. Hoping to get some tips and support and encouragement and looking forward to reading everyone’s stories.

    I’m a 48 year old woman and live in North West UK.

    Hi Everyone I’m new and I’m joining in from Australia

    Hi Everyone D1 NFD My story is sooooo similar to Annieflc. Covid 19 was the final straw for me to excuse myself and tuck into any carbs I could cook up(Anzac Biscuits!!!! 2 Thin Anzac biscuits with icecream in between!!!..the Anzac sandwich)and so it goes on. O.K. but with no fast days well the weight kept creeping up.

    I have now decided to resurrect the 5:2 again with much needed maintenance plan at the end, which is what I didn’t do last time round.
    I have resisted joining a blog but realise I need the encouragement and challenge to achieve my goal. I am a 64 year old woman who loves to draw, garden, walk and cook.
    I’m looking forward to being part of this ‘community’.

    Day 1 – Japan – WFD #35 in 2020

    Lack of travel has pushed my fasting days ahead of normal

    @jaifaim Thank you for hosting

    thank you for counting me in for May 2020. Looking forward to come back with this wonderful international group !

    Day 1 – Ireland – CD
    167 lbs
    Hi all, I am very happy to host the May challenge as I find it’s this time of year that things derail for me 😢
    The first challenge I joined was October 2017…and I’ve been intermittently fasting in all senses of that phrase 😂 since. Sometimes it’s just hard to do but you fall off and you just climb back on again… 🧗‍♂️ I’m posting my starting weight here so that I can refer back on May 31 although will also use the speed this month – thanks for setting it up @at 🌟 !
    My name is a play on words as I am a french speaker so “J’ai faim” means “I’m hungry” but also stands for Just Another Intermittent Fast And I’ll Maintain… I’ve never actually got to maintenance but one day I will 💪 … and I’m always hungry… it’s my default setting.

    I bob around 12-12.5 stone now and ideally would like to get to 11 1/2 stone this year if I can.. (same goal as last year) I’m very active, very muscular but carry weight in my hips and tummy.. unfortunately weight comes off my face first…
    I love being outdoors even in our lovely Irish weather and cycle, walk, do Joe Wicks and some yoga at the moment.
    I am planking each day too – I can’t remember who started that challenge but I stuck with it as I don’t do much resistance work…I’m at 2 minutes 30 seconds . now… 🤸‍♂️ It’s sore!!
    I’m pretty much staying away from alcohol 🚫 so “on the dry” and have reduced added sugars ✅ as much as I can 😂 I have two auto immune conditions and the above definitely cause flare ups…

    But….. life is for living and like others I tend to have one blowout (EFS) day a week where I eat crisps, a little chocolate etc – it has to be done 😊
    Go gently this month – we all have a lot on our plates right now but remember that one thing YOU can control is how much you eat from that plate!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Second post

    Welcome @aussiejill and welcome back to this WOL @annielfc and @quebecoise! Two familiar names – great to have you back 🤗.
    Can you all read the first post in this thread which outlines how to structure your daily post and also helps with any queries you might have? The list of abbreviations is also provided 👍

    Another abbreviation missing on the list from @betsylee is MIA when she’s left us for a few days 😊.

    Hi @dykask! Starting off with a WFD 👏👏

    Day 1 Melb Aust FD

    Good to be continuing on this journey with everyone.

    @michelinme, is your goal for May really to go UP to 162 lbs?? I may catch up to you really quickly!! 🙂

    About me: 70-yr-old single female whose household is ruled by cat, Wilbur, a ginger tabby. Retired medical lab scientist and ESL teacher (2 separate 20+ year careers – long story 🙂 ). Small, fairly small-boned, desperately needing to be MUCH lighter than I currently am, mainly for health reasons.

    Pocket List Day 1

    Day 1 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @jaifaim thank you for hosting this month. Welcome to newbies to the challenges and hello again to regulars 👋.

    Stepped on the scales this morning for my monthly weigh in and delighted to report in at 129.4 pounds so maintenance is still going well.

    Bit about me, a lifelong yo-yo dieter I embarked on my 5:2 journey in June 2017 weighing 159 pounds taking a gentle route of 800 calories FDs on Mondays and Thursdays, switched to a Mediterranean style of diet every day cutting out processed carbs and sugary foods. Took about a year to reach my target of 133 pounds. To maintain around 130 pounds I still need to do 5:2 and it is just normal for me now and I really appreciate and enjoy the taste of food so much more. I am 61yo, retired, live with DH and our beautiful elderly cat.

    My aim for May is the same as every month…drink more water and less wine.

    Wishing us all success 🤗

    Day 1 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone,

    @jafaim, thanks for steering the wagon along this month.

    How did I get here?
    I’m a 64 year retired old bloke, who needed to sort myself out regarding my weight, having my breakfast coffee and calling in here every morning really helps me along.

    Last month I found a calorie counting APP I last used in September 2014, what an eye opener! On 15/9/14 weight was a somewhat embarrassing 20 stone 5 lbs or 285 lbs. I’d obviously decided to try and do something about it, I tried calorie counting and had some success, but found it hard. A year later 17/10/15 weight was 17 st 9 lb, obviously did well, but, this will no doubt be a familiar tale, I gave up!
    At beginning of last year 19/1/19 my weight was 19 st 1 lb or 267 lb, and on 26/7/19 joined this group on the 5:2 forum, weight 18 st 13 lb or 265 lb

    Since July I’m down to a new low of 16 st 9 lb or 233 lb and feel a whole lot better!
    It’s a slow process, but I have found the help and support from my friends on each ‘Monthly Challenge’ invaluable. Each month feels like a fresh start, the positive comments, successes (and failures) ups and downs, without judgement makes it a fantastic help.

    Strange old game at times this 5:2 WOL. Dropped 3 lbs between weigh in on 3rd April and 10th then since then, no movement! That’s despite some very good FD’s and alcohol restriction, some FD’s (according to Fitbit and My fitness pal APP) I’ve burned off more calories in exercise than I’ve taken in with food, but in the end it’s still a downward trend.

    Take care all.

    Day 1 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    About me:- David, 58. Originally from the UK, living in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. I started fasting in 2014 halfheartedly after seeing the ‘Eat, Fast…’ documentary. I got serious about my weight in March last year, about a year after I retired when my weight started creeping up. I lost about 8 kilos, and I’ve been maintaining, more or less, for about 10 months.

    It’s exactly a year since I joined the Challenges. Like many people I now find the FDs the easier part of this WOL; but my brain still struggles to understand that a NFD does NOT mean I can eat my weight in chocolate, or knock back cans of cider in front of the telly on a Tuesday evening. So I still do mostly 5:2, & 4:3 when I’ve been misbehaving.

    Welcome to the new joiners! If you find yourself struggling at first, it’s worth persevering. Fasting really does get easier with time & effort. And remind yourself of all the other benefits that come with it; it’s not just about weight loss/maintenance.

    Thanks again to @jaifaim for hosting the May Challenge. Best wishes to everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 1 🍒

    Hello, this is my first FD in a few years but I’m excited to be taking control of my eating. Good luck everyone and have a good day.

    2nd Post

    Welcome to the forum @annielfc!

    If you could follow the guideline below…?

    1. Start your daily post with the day of the month, where you are and if you’re on a fast day (FD); a non-fast day (NFD) or a controlled day (CD) – (e.g. for 1st of February it would go something like “Day 1 – Ireland – FD” for me.)

    Day 1 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Hello everyone. I’m a 58 female, retired. 1 DH, 1 DD with partner, 1 DS & 1 cocker spaniel.
    Lost 3 stone with 5:2 2014-15. Gradually put some of that back on. Started the challenges in August 2019. Now within sight of my goal, again. I’m going to write down my numbers for accountability.
    158.5kg weigh in today
    158kg = goal
    So near and yet so far.
    As and when I get to 158kg I’d like to go just a little lower 157kg, because that takes me below 9st.
    Thanks @jaifaim for hosting.
    I won’t fast till Monday but I need a mindful weekend, especially since it’s our WA.

    Hello, I have just started the 5.2 and am hopeful that this will work for me. I’ve tried all the popular weight loss programmes and none of them are sustainable . A family member has kept off his 2 stone loss for 2 years by 1 day a week maintenance so that my encouragement. I’m in the morbidly obese category much to my horror.
    Well here goes one day at a time !!!

    Hello, all. Day 1, FD, VA USA. Was on prednisone for a few days and managed to put on 4# virtually overnight! But it helped the swollen painful joint. Sigh. Well, away we go! As the great Roseanne Roseannadanna (Gilda Radner) used to say, “It’s always something!”.

    Day 1, London, UK, FD

    Mornin’ All!!! It’s lovely to see so many oldies and newbies joining us for another challenge in challenging times!!! Thank you for hosting this month @jaifaim, I truly value the selflessness of our challenge hosts!!.

    A little about me, I’m a late 40’s Londoner, struggling with hormonal changes associated with ‘that time of life’. I’ve been following this 5:2 WOL since November 2016 ……………………. Not religiously, but following IF to some extent every week except holidays! Last year saw the 3 year itch rear its ugly head and half-hearted fasting led to a gain I couldn’t shift which led me to set up home on the dreaded plateau +20lbs above my ATL (All Time Low!)
    The lockdown has led to increased exercise, I discovered Leslie Sansone at the beginning of April and have done at least 1 ‘walk’ daily resulting in ………………………. -2lbs for April!! A bit disappointing, but overall I’ve dispatched 4 inches!!!! This month WILL see the scales reflect this effort, the cashew nuts WILL be eaten mindfully (and in teeny-tiny portions) and the slinky size 12 black dress WILL be tried on every weekend to keep me focussed!!

    The plan for the first 2 weeks is to follow the Fast800 as a kick start to get my butt in gear, I’m not one for egg fasts and as fantastic as 5:2 is, being at home is a bit tricky to manage NFDs when my overeating, binging tendencies come to the fore!!! Although the house has been emptied of wine, chocolate, biscuits and cake, I can still manage to overeat salads, pulses, yoghurt and of course cashews!!!

    Here’s to a successful month of fasting!!!

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) NFD

    “It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May” – I loved singing that as Guinevere in “Camelot” back in the 1986. And now we have May again. Yes, I am a songbird, retired music teacher. Real name is Gwynne, but my namesake was a family cousin, Guinevere, so adored playing that part. Tomorrow I turn 72 (yikes!) but still active and fairly fit thanks to 5:2 and this forum. I do Silver Sneakers 3x a week and try to walk my 5000 steps a day.

    I began these challenges with @coda in May 2016, so it’s my 4 year anniversary. When I was pushing 200# (90 kg) with no loss in sight, I decided to bite the bullet and try this WOL. I bought the book and appreciated the science of it all. I began fasting in March, and over the next 10 months lost about 35-38 pounds. Especially loved all the new clothes I had to buy and amazed friends wanting to know what I had done. Maintenance of 6:1 has mostly worked for me, but wow… it can be a judicious task, and I’m so thankful for this forum to keep me honest. For me 160# is right, BMI at 25, and some fat to keep the wrinkles away.

    Welcome back @quebecoise – good to see you. This month will certainly have a French flair! Thanks @jaifaim for leading us.

    @aussiejill @annielfc @gylyb @endellion @excelsior12309 @sunflower1 @springer @dee22 — Welcome to you all! Be judicious about posting every day, look back here when you’re fading or tempted, and you’ll have success too!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1. NFD London

    Just posting to say hello. FD went fine yesterday, except I got quite grumpy around midnight. We are going to bed very late these days. Note to self : get to bed earlier on FD. Might help….

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    After a successful and controlled week my weight this morning was 55.8kg/123lbs really happy to see that – first time in a while since I got below 56kg!! Now to keep it there!

    Thank you @jaifaim for hosting this May 2020 Monthly Challenge 🤗 Lovely to see so many regulars signing in
    @endellion and @gylyb I think you might have been in a challenge previously ??
    @quebecoise – Bon retour au défi mensuelle 🤗

    Welcome to those new or returning to these challenges @springer @sunflower1 @annielfc @aussiejill @dee22

    Everyone is added to the spreadsheet in case you might want to use it – it is a good motivator to track your FD/NFD/CD….etc

    For those new to these challenges a little bit about myself:-
    I am a 61y.o. female, married, with a married daughter who has 3 fur babies – 2 cats and an adorable beagle called Archie.
    Height = 163cm/5ft 4in and I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 – joined the challenges in November 2016 as I had plateaued for around 3 months and then reached maintenance in early December 2016 and have been in maintenance range of 54-56kg/119-123.5lbs and a BMI of just over 20 since then! Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs
    I retired in December 2013 and moved to the Lake District and in my retirement discovered a love for exercise, currently doing yoga 🙏 which I discovered over 4 years ago and it has just been the best thing for me, both physically and mentally. I also do Broga, pilates, aerobics and hiking on the fells in my beloved Lake District ⛰ and in my spare time do some volunteering in my local community

    Best advice I can give to anyone new to this WOL/WOE is to:-
    *Stick to the basics for the first month or two and see how you get on, then if you want to you can start tweaking things around but the basic diet works and is sustainable as a permanent way of eating
    *A good trick is to calculate your TDEE for the weight you want to be and not the weight you are and you should therefore lose weight a bit quicker and get used to eating less calories when you reach maintenance!
    *Don’t overestimate your exercise level!!!
    *Don’t add the calories lost due to exercise into your daily calorie allowance as it is already taken into account when you work out your TDEE!
    *Increase your water intake to a minimum of 2L/day.
    *Regarding when to weigh I personally usually weigh after my 2nd FD, for consistency, as I assume that this will be my lowest weight and it is motivating!
    *Some people who have a lot to lose have tried the 800cal diet – Link :-
    then switched to 5:2, but the 5:2 way of eating does work!

    My motto for this journey remains
    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 1 North Canton OH NFD

    I am in! Spam filter blocked me yesterday 🙁 but not today because nobody puts baby in the corner!!!

    Feeling super stoked as I always do on the first day of a new challenge because it always feel fresh and new and full of exciting possibilities.

    My goal for May is to keep on keeping on, taking one day at a time.

    I plan a day of rest today; no workouts, couch, movies, and coffee with hot chocolate. I will post a little more about my journey on the morrow.

    Happy May Day y’all

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Hi all I’m 58,retired and married ,I have 2 sons 22 &25 and both are living elsewhere whilst we are in lockdown so for the first time in a while it’s just the 2 of us and that’s been lovely. I haven’t left the house in over 6 weeks and to my surprise it really hasn’t bothered me My exercise habits have changed considerably so for May I’m concentrating on health and I feel a pound or 2 will drop off as a result – Looking forward to it 💪

    Day 1, Bavaria (Germany), FD

    Hello everyone, wishing you all good luck for this month.
    About me—I’m a 19-year-old university student. I’ve always been very sporty and spent most of my childhood and teenage years very lean, but over the last two years or so my weight has slowly been creeping up (due to an unhealthy lifestyle). When I reached 90 kg (198 lbs) in February I was shocked and vowed to get back down to 60 kg (132 lbs). I’m about halfway done, currently weighing 76.1 kg (168 lbs). My goal for this month is BMI 25.
    Normally, I’d be doing lots of sport, especially bouldering (about five times a week) and skiing (I’m a ski instructor for little children), but neither are possible at the moment. Instead I’m doing daily workouts and go swimming (I’m staying with my family, they live right next to a lake).
    This is my second month in this forum. I’ve been MIA for the last two weeks, though, on account of my professors drowning me in work. But I’m back now and will be trying to check in at least two times a week.

    @jaifaim, thanks for hosting!

    USA Day 1 FD

    New month new chance! I don’t know why I didn’t get any May messages today, even though I ticked the box allowing notifications but I re-checked the box.

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    A new month, a new start, I have to get back in gear for this month, this “Fattening the Curve” must stop, and I look forward to a new month’s resolutions.

    About me:
    I am 52, 5’2, Female, live with DH and our cat in a small village in a county just outside Dublin. I work in Financial Services and in these terrible times I am deemed an essential worker who can’t work from home so am allowed to commute to work! So apart from not seeing my family, friends and the kids….life not really much changed 😱

    I found 5:2 in July 2017, lost 30lbs, maintained for a year, but slowly and surely I have got complacent and I have watched as 20lb has crept back….despite me weighing every day and attempting to FD. I am only fooling myself.

    Hello to all, it’s a bank holiday weekend in Ireland, so I start in earnest from Tuesday.

    Day 1- Netherlands- MFD
    I’m really looking forward to the next month….I’m a 48 year old woman, with a grown up daughter, who lives in the Netherlands. I’ve always been active and skinny. After a bad accident a few years ago i gained a ridiculous amount of kg’s. I went from 56 kg to 103 kg. I’ve been supported by nutritionists but ending up gaining instead of loosing. I was convinced that eating less is the way. After watching “trust me i’m a doctor”on the BBC i bought the book and was in love with the idea. Now i have to proof that fasting is the way for me. Today is my 5th day of 800 cal and i already lost some weight. happy dance

    Thanks a lot.
    Day 1 FD, UK. Managed to have 499 calories, challenge will be this evening as I didn’t eat until 7pm and am hoping that will keep me satisfied until tomorrow.

    Can someone please explain to me the pocket list? I don’t get it 🤔

    @springer ….. It’s a list of those who are on a Fast Day, encouraging those all on a FD together.

    Day 1 UK FD

    Hi count me in for May challenge please. Lost the momentum … again… at the end of April but raring to go in May and determined to make a solid effort this month ! Started with a FD and so far so good. Have only – small amount to lose to reach my target but this has proved to be an elusive goal! So it’s onwards and hopefully downwards in May.
    Good luck to all the fasters today and I hope you are all staying safe

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