May 2019 Challenge

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  • forgot to add myself to the pocket list, but now I see @basyjames did it for me — thanks! 🙂

    Day 15 – Rochester, NY, USA – FD

    I’m 13 hours into my fast and I’m feeling a bit hungry. Checking in here for a little motivation. (Thanks everyone for being here!) Reading your posts always helps. 🙂

    This is my 3rd FD as I’ve recently committed to adding fasting back into my life, so I feel like I’m still adjusting a bit. I just need to be patient and give myself time to adjust.

    I have a nice chickpea vegetable curry planned for dinner tonight that I’m looking forward to! Right now I’m finishing up my first cup of coffee and will dive deep into some work projects. Hope you all are having a wonderful day #15! (Halfway through the month….how did that happen?!)

    Day 15 Herefordshire U.K. NFD
    Day 14 NFD
    Day 13 NFD
    Day 12 NFD

    Gosh doesn’t time fly, I hadn’t realised I had missed so many days posting, been busy with OH catching up on jobs and pottering around the local countryside. Glorious weather at the mo so making the most of getting outside with gardening (though I’ve injured my thumb from too much weed pulling!), walks and just lazing in the warm sunshine.
    Busy today cleaning roof windows and finishing mini upholstery projects.
    My post reading had been very poor and only managed to skim across most. Will try harder through the rest of the week as I know I’m missing out on helpful inputs and lively chats.
    @snowflake56 – glad to hear your hand has improved and hopefully once your potassium levels are up even more you should see even bigger improvements, huge motivation to stick with the challenging new diet – continued good luck.
    The annexe isn’t painted with the grey Purbeck Stone it’s white washed through out with a lot of exposed warm honey coloured oak timber and flooring and is quite modern. Most of the fabrics used are neutral linen colours, it’s calm, spacious and uncluttered, the previous owners described it Scandi Style with some retro 60’s pieces of furniture and we’ve continued with that theme. I’m going to cover a small single bed and turn it into a day bed and there is a comfy sofa and arm chair perfect for curling up with a book. A book lamp is a good idea too, ta.

    Tamme sounds a lovely chap, Shame he’s been bullied by the neighbourhood cats. We’ve always had cats so a home without a cat doesn’t seem to be home and we are enjoying Millie who is very loving, comes when she’s called and potters around the garden with us. She has recently attracted a lot of attention from a black Tom cat so I’m trusting the cat charity we got her from that she had been neutered otherwise we are going to be in for a surprise!

    Best wishes to all and those still feeling under the weather I really hope you shake of your bugs ASAP.


    Day 15 Maui. NFD

    Managed to stick to two meals yesterday and two drinks. Delicious and I’m happy I managed to stay away from snacking!

    @songbirdme thanks for the suggestion I have lots of time to read here!

    @dingping I know what you mean about weed pulling. I did some this weekend as the garden was so overgrown from all the rain we had this year and I injured myself on a bougainvillea with 1/2 inch thorns all over. It was gorgeous but by the end I was so frustrated with all the thorns I cut it down 😢

    After yesterday, another hard day at work. This time it was the garden bin licences (almost everyone has one of these), the National Trust magazines and the Cotswold Life magazines….so a heavy load. More overtime…IF they pay us….not guaranteed.
    @michelinme: So it hurts YOU to sit as well? You have my sympathy. I think the acupuncture will help me…in time.
    @basyjames: Are you doing three WFDs in a row? If so….WOW!
    @ktcaroline: You’re from Reading? We used to live not far from there…worked in Crowthorne, then Bracknell….used to live in Farley Hill years ago. My DD was at Reading uni doing her PhD and then worked at The Dairy research Centre at Arborfield.

    Day 15 – Ireland – NFD – second post

    @flourbaby, @michelinme, @gretta Ihope you are feeling better… I’m lazy tonight – feeling tired and going to do …. nothing!! Can’t wait 😊
    Fab willpower @basyjames!
    @annemarilyn your mothers day with your daughter sounds delightful! Good times 💕
    @ktcaroline – good for you! Sounds like you have a good plan 👍@rabbette it’s interesting how your body reacts to the MO! Sounds like you need it though.. based on the reaction you have?
    @emmataylor thanks for the pointer to the videos… I watched a little and it makes a lot of sense to me… must now apply myself to using more MO daily!
    Go @missybear!
    Happy hols @raffiki! 🏖
    Welcome back @georgia83 and wishing you well with your first day back on track..
    @funshipfreddie, I also try just to stick to two meals a day… if I skip breakfast I find my day goes much better… sometimes though I need good food first thing… it’s rare but when I know when I need it 👍
    Thanks @snowflake56 for looking after the spreadsheet 😇
    @at Sending you hugs 🤗 at such a difficult time.
    Fair play @daffodill2010 you are very good at turning your hand to new challenges!! I could learn a thing or two from you… I’m also not very craftsy… wish I was!
    Hi @vegangirl – good to have you here!
    @dingping – don’t the days just zoom by….. nearly halfway through this month already..
    @catch87 – sorry to hear your mum is unwell but great that you can get over to the UK to see her…

    Hope you’re all having a good day everybody particularly those fasting! @russetfox,@ basyjames, @songbirdme, @daffodil2010, @flourbaby (yoga in the park sounds like fun 🌱 🐜 🦌 😂).
    It’s still sunny here ☀️hurrah!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 15- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Day 15 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    Going for another WFD today. I’m on my phone & haven’t mastered adding myself to the pocket list on it.
    So far so good as I sip on water as my daughter and I are at a Sound wave therapy session. I learned about it at the Senior Expo last week. It has helped a lot of people especially with their pain due to various health issues. My daughter has several chronic health issues and is so tired of prescription meds. This has no side effects and just involves sitting in a room while the sound wave machine is on.

    Okay we’re done.

    Gotta go.

    Day 15, VA, USA, FD B2Bx3

    Oh My gosh, My legs must have heard me talking about them – they have been “tight/achy” today and all last night. My SO said wow I didn’t know that you kept moving your feel ALLLL night but last night I noticed that you basically moved your feet every thirty seconds, like a machine.

    Funny enough last night’s sleep felt better than the night before where I was soooooo friggin HOT I could not stay asleep at all.

    I’ve been Egg Fasting (as an egg-spirment) ha I would say I like WF better as I feel more thirsty on the egg fast, but can’t see to feel like I ever drink enough water.

    @michelinme, @gretta, @flourbaby – the itchy part does stop but my legs just feel salty/dry-ish. But the soles of the feet, sounds good. I WILL try that tonight. Then I will try that body butter. I am seriously losing sleep and finding that I just want to fall asleep in the daytime, b/c my legs hurt less. They still hurt, but its soooooo much less.
    Wow on the MO itch info! Oddly enough I use a magnesium deodorant every single day!
    Oh and I did make my own, I think only 1/2 cup to 2 cups of water. I even filtered it through a coffee filter. It does feel silky when I put it on, but it was so itchy/dry/salt water feeling once it dried, I couldn’t take it, I had to wash it off… This is VERY interesting about being deficient. I will keep trying, I sooooo need this!

    PS – I also decided to take a little Natural Calm (Magnesium supplement) internally this after noon. Legs have already let me know they are not happy and it’s not even night fall!

    Enjoy day 15 everyone!
    @betsylee F800
    @basyjames WFD3
    @rabbette B2Bx3

    second post

    I still feel really good. I had some spicy broth this evening and it really hit the spot; if I did not have the dinner tomorrow evening, I would have probably extended the fast to 5 days.

    I believe I will try for a 5 day WF next month. Super excited!

    @Rabette the restless leg issue just sounds … I have no words.

    @annemarilyn did the sound wave therapy help?

    Day 16 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Had a sensible NFD yesterday, and going for a 600-650cal FD (I really miss a bit of skim milk in my tea, and so have decided to just incorporate it into my calories, rather than missing out). Figure it’s fine with the extra CD added this week. Very pleased with my fasting effort this week, hopefully it inches me closer to goal! The challenge will be this weekend with lots of social stuff on.

    @daffodil2010 what lovely lunch plans.

    @ciren2 hope the acupuncture gives you some relief. Sounds like tough going at work, hope your body feels ok afterwards.

    @basyjames well done on the water fasting! Sounds like you’re powering through it!

    @vegangirl nice work getting back on the fasting wagon! I always find it takes me a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of fasting.

    @rabbette I also get that salty feeling on my skin after it’s absorbed (kind of like you were swimming in the ocean?!) – I just assumed that’s what it felt like. Am trying a new brand today so will see if that’s any different.

    Day 16 Pocket List

    Day 16 Florida USA CD Is anyone else having trouble with the May spreadsheet? The last couple of days, when I open it there’s no info on it. I was filling it in just fine the first two weeks of the month.

    2nd post

    @mogaman check the second sheet in the document (second tab down the bottom) – all the info should be there 🙂

    Day 16 – Ireland – NFD

    Busy day today again so up and out earlier than usual… at a client event for most of the day so who knows what my food options will be…
    @therealwil78 – seems like you have a good FD routine going 👍
    @mogaman – I noticed this too but don’t worry all the info is there just on Tabbellenblatt tab at the end of the screenI suspect it may just be that the spreadsheet was saved with the form responses tab selected. Hope all’s going well with you…
    @gretta it sounds like you are going well! At least you have banked some good FDs ahead of the weekend.
    @ciren2 I’ve realised recently that I like acupuncture… hope it’s working well for you!
    Well done on your WFD @basyjames! I hope that your daughter continues to improve 💕
    @songbirdme – even reading “Oahu” makes me imagine dancing on a beach with a lei to lovely Hawaiian music 😂… I wish! @raffiki I’m sure you’ll be doing that 😁✔️

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 16: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD….but hoping to keep control!

    We’ve had a string of beautiful sunny days here, perfect for delivering the mail, I might add….as long as it doesn’t get too hot.
    @gretta: I’ve felt an improvement in the last 12 hours or so, so I’m hoping the acupuncture is having some effect now. I’ve booked another sports massage for later this afternoon, which I hope will help and not hinder! More acupuncture next Tuesday.

    @basyjames and @rabbette doing three in a row…I’m full of admiration for you.

    Right, off to work now. See you later. xx

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another successful FD completed. I was disappointed when there was no change on the scales though. I’ve been half-expecting the weight loss to slow down eventually. So I’m still 1kg off my goal for May. I’m going to enjoy my NFD today, and remind myself that losing weight is only one of several benefits of fasting.

    We’re over the halfway mark; good luck if you’re fasting today!

    “Through fasting…I have found a perfect health, a new state of existence, a feeling of purity and happiness, something unknown to humans.” Upton Sinclair

    Day 16 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Something funny afoot with me. I am struggling through the days, although keeping to FD’s, but it’s increasingly harder. For example, by 10am yesterday I was so hungry, despite lots of water, though I managed to keep to my 18:6 until lunchtime.

    This morning, hungry again. I rarely now eat anything on a work day before lunchtime but I had to have something so a tiny bowl of oat bran porridge just consumed with my coffee breakfast. I hope it does not open the blood sugar floodgates later, I will report tomorrow.

    It’s probably hormones? I have had so many weird things happening the past year, family health issues, job issues, and now things might be going menopausal on me too….keep on keeping on 👍

    This group keeps me sane. Have a great day everyone.

    Day 16 Herefordshire U.K. FD

    @rafiki44 – I if only it was hot enough here for a rambling bougainvillea in the garden but at least I’m saved from wrestling with it! Happy hols.

    Well done the water fasters!

    Day 16 Pocket List


    Day 16, Emden Germany, NFD

    Hi everyone!

    I have no idea what’s wrong with the spreadsheet, when I enter I have the sheet “Form responses 1” comes up for a few seconds and then goes to “Tabellenblatt 1”, our spreadsheet. I don’t even know how “Form responses 1” got there. This morning I also had a copy of the March spreadsheet, I was able to delete. I don’t know how to delete “Form responses 1”. As I want to delete it, it says to go to the contact, but what contact??? Does anybody know how to delete this one?

    Was anyone able to get on the spreadsheet today?

    Day 16, London, UK, FD

    Feeling distinctly under the weather this morning, I went to bed with a dry sore throat, I didn’t want to guzzle too much water otherwise I would have been up to the loo all night, so laziness won really!! The throat feels ok this morning, but my head is soooo heavy and I’m moving at 70% of my usual …………………….. early night tonight I think!!

    @daffodil2010, sewing seat covers by hand sounds just as difficult as @emma Taylor making her own swimsuit or was it a bikini? The hormone rollercoaster (Peri-menopause is a REAL thing doctor) is driving me slightly bonkers too!!! I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, my schedule is no longer a schedule, just random and ravenous doesn’t describe how I felt on Sunday morning ………………… the pillow was in serious danger, yet ½ hour later after showering & dressing, zero hunger and broke my fast at 3pm!!! …………. Don’t ask me, I have no clue what’s happening!!!!

    @catch87, I hope your mum feels better soon, nothing like a visit from you to help with recovery!!

    @basyjames, so true, the bad food choices are not only “A moment on the lips ……… A lifetime on the hips” but they take a hammer & chisel to my self-esteem!!! Slowly chipping away, making me feel bad, then I end up soothing the hurt with …………….. more crap food choices!!!
    This isn’t a revelation to anyone here, THAT’S why we’re all here!! I’m soooo grateful to have a place where I can say I can’t have crisps in the house without some idiot saying, ‘you just need some self-control or willpower’ or I can admit to buying a pack of 5 doughnuts, eating 3 and patting myself on the back because I know it would have/ could have been all 5!!!! So really, we need to be confident in our 5:2 tools, use them effectively, no scolding ourselves when we step off of the wagon ……………… and practice some serious self-love!!!!

    Stay strong everyone, just take one day at a time whether a FD or NFD, they require the same focus!!!

    “Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available.” Jim Beggs

    2nd post

    My hand is realy getting better, I’m able to use the tweezers again to keep my eyebrows in shape.

    @mogaman I’m so sorry for the difficulties you’re having with the spreadsheet. I hope you’re able to add something now.

    @vegangirl hi! You can add your name to he spreadsheet in case you want to use it. The link is on page one of this thread. I hope it works.

    @rafiki44 enjoy Hawaii!

    @betsylee is Wilbur a special breed and does he go outside? I’m getting used to the new diet, it’s not as hard as it sounds. The problems with bananas is that it has too much carbs to eat lots of them. But I can eat broccoli, mushrooms, apricots, tomatoes, chicken, lean ground beef, nuts and other things I like.

    @gretta yes, sugarfree! I’m not supposed to eat sugary things but with the amount of protein I eat it’s not that hard.

    @jaifaim I don’t know exactly how it works, it has to do with the interaction between potassium, sodium and blood sugar level and getting the ions of those three into the muscle cells. It seems to be important to keep the blood sugar level stable. I had to smile reading you ate 2 Magnums and binned the third one. Ice cream is so easy to eat, it just fills up every corner of the stomach (I know the stomach doesn’t have any corners, but we say it like this).

    @daffodil2010 making your own seat covers sounds like a challenge. Why does it has to be done by hand, wouldn’t it be possible to make a kind of pillow case?

    @rabbette restless-legs sounds awful, I hope you can do something against it.

    @dingping how is the thumb doing, weeds are sometimes realy pretty but annoying to get them out. We have to do the driveway one of these days, we both don’t like doing it so the weeds are growing and growing. We kind of share the driveway with the neighbours, they burn the weeds away on their part, we don’t want to do that so we pluck the weeds out by hand. The interior of the annexe sounds lovely, honey colored wood makes it so warm. I’m sure it will be no problem to get visitors for it. Does Millie get along with her boyfriend? I’m sure you can trust the charity you got Millie from. We always had male cats (Tamme is #4) so never had kittens.

    Time to get something done today. Have to clear out bookcases because my DH wants to lay parquet in the room.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 16- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD.

    Had a decent workout this morning. Yesterday was a total bust! Planned a FD, but went overboard at dinner. Then a snack of garlic bread after dinner. There weren’t any snacks in the fridge. That’s very
    intentional by the way. Well, today is another chance to stick with it. I definitely need some stick withitness right now! Onward and downward!

    Day 16 – Reading, UK – FD

    Morning lovelies! Well, now, yesterday turned into a PD instead of a FD. Easily mixed up – be good all day and then say yes when OH says “shall we go out for a pizza”! I was SOOOOO hungry! So back to it today with lots of positive self talk.

    @ciren2 – I come from Yorkshire but now live in Streatley on Thames, just north of Reading. Weren’t Dell in Farley Hall years ago … It’s great that everyone shows where they are located – and I love that this is so international!

    @basyjames – I had to look up what a WFD was, and was SO impressesd. 3 x WFD in a row – WOW. I struggle with 3 x FDs in row. I will have to build up to one WFD. So inspirational.

    So enjoy reading everyone’s posts – even if I don’t have time to reply to all!

    Onwards and downwards!!!

    Day 16, FD – Amsterdam

    Going well so far! Went for a v nice walk at lunchtime and bought myself a gorgeous red dress from this little Dutch boutique… Oops. That totally was not supposed to happen but I got carried away! Ah well.

    Onwards and downwards…!

    C x

    Day 16, UK, NFD


    Came back from holiday a bit heavier than I wanted, but I’m still on track to achieve my target for this month (66.5kg).
    Struggling a bit today as office full of crisps and cake and I couldn’t say no. Will also go out tomorrow night with friends so trying to eat sensibly until then.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today!

    Day 16 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Having a good week, today is my 3rd FD, NFDs have been controlled and no booze since Saturday 😇. Now to keep on track for the rest of the month and I might even manage to get closer to last years summer weight by June 🤞

    Stay strong fellow Thursday fasters 🤗

    Day 16 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good FD yesterday at 620 calories. Now to manage today….

    Interesting article for those of us who like our wine:

    Onward and downward.

    Day 16 …and it’s time to end my fast so CD for me today

    It was really empowering for me to realize that I can do this and I plan to do more of it going forward.

    @daffodil2010 I can relate; I have really struggled with fasting over the last several months. I had a great, effortless routine and then I just could not seem to keep up with it– hormones, menopause, age related changes? I don’t know, and I could not understand it. But I see I am in great company @flourbaby you are speaking my language right now. So one day at a time for me from here on out and I can’t take anything for granted anymore.

    @ciren2 I was only able to do it by drawing strength from this group – and that’s a fact.

    @ktcaroline the waterfasts were actually easier than regular FD once I got past day 1. I would place a cup of black coffee on my desk and I really could not bring myself to drink it – it’s an acquired taste; but it helped mentally to have it sitting there. And when I got home, I did not wander around the kitchen like I usually do. Very freeing actually, hopefully I am doing my body some good – the research suggests it.

    @catch87 love gorgeous red dresses, nuff said!

    Stay strong team!!!

    Day 16. FD. London

    I’m in the V&A garden having a coffee at the mo. I’m starving and freezing. But I’ve been so slack recently I’ve got to make it work today. I DID make a bikini, which was about 100 times harder than I thought, bearing in mind it’s quite small ( even given my slightly oversize body…). Anyway, I made a couple of very labour intensive dresses since then. Nearly all hand sewing, around 100 hours of work in each. Maybe I should get a life… but I loved making them, and my friends seem to like them when they see all the bloomin’ hard work involved. You get on a kind of roll, and while DH is watching football ( need I comment?…) I can see away. Keeps me sane…

    Sew. Not see….🙄🙄🙄

    Day 16 UK NFD

    Ill last night s listened to my body & crashed without finishing big report. Made it into town this morning to give big presentation, Now home, I have to finish the big report and send it out this evening… and then I’ve just about caught up with the viral backlog! Phew

    It went down much better than I’d expected. I’d got to the stage i was sick of it, but people were v interested in the ideas and want to replicate it all over the place. Who knew?! The advantage of being on the edge of things is you have a freedom to say what you see.

    Bought myself some celebratory icecream on the way home – resisting the multipack of vegan magnums in favour of a tub bc fewer total calories. And managed to eat Proper Food before having a portion. Tempted by the rest that’s whisphering from the freezer but not seriously – I MUST be ill!!

    @flourbaby @jaifaim @daffodil2010 i’m with you on the struggling… So important to listen to our bodies and check out whether their needs have changed – tho often we won’t know the why or only understand it afterwards. Paying attention is the thing, learning as we go and doing better next time

    Not resisting temptation, making choices we later regret, having cravings – they are all a part of being human. Responding gently and compassionately, reminding ourselves of bigger goals, understanding when it’s need and when it’s greed- that’s all part of learning. And so wonderful to be able to do it here together.

    Back to the report….

    USA Day 16 FD

    I’ve been out of touch for a few days but am checking in! Despite celebrating Mother’s Day with a luncheon and drinking wine, I’ve lost 2 pounds! Yay! I’ll be reading the posts to check in and be accountable but my grandson has just been born, so I am keeping busy with that! Have a great day, everyone!

    3rd post

    @ccco Congratulations, your first grandchild has arrived! I hope mother and son are doing well. Hugs x

    Day 16, VA, USA, FD B2Bx4 (Egg Fasting Day)

    As I said I’m eggs-perimenting with an egg fast. Its 4 days and I finally made it to ketotosis. I think with water fasting, I’m there WAY faster and its more enjoyable to me.

    Most folks whom do this type of fast see a big weight-loss like -7 or -10lbs – HA I laugh in their face. I have seen a -2.5 lbs. Which in a way is better than something rapid considering what the Egg Fast entails. If you are super interested I’ll just let you guys look up “Egg Fasts”

    There has been some interesting research as to why this can be a good fast for the body (once in a while) it is to basically re-set your LIVER! There is an article published on the importance of Choline in liver function over on The Daily Lipid.

    I will say that I like my WFDs and regular FDs better, I will probably not do this again, unless I feel like I need to re-set my liver. However, I did learn some totally new ways to make eggs tho, so I’m not in a breakfast rut anymore. Now I have cloud eggs, egg danishes, crepes, sautéed hard boiled eggs. So it was not all for nothing.

    Now on to the LEGGGs (ha legs and eggs!)
    Spraying on the MO to the bottom of the feet was MUCH better. I even did the tops of my feet (that was still a little itchy, but not nearly as bad as the legs. I can continue with this. It did not help much yet, but it could be that I’m so deficient that It may take a while to get to my proper level.

    @gretta – exactly what its like dry salty legs like after a swim in the ocean (and I have swam in the ocean and it’s true that is what it feels like.)

    @jaifaim – I know its quite interesting with the MO!

    @basyjames – Its ok my only words are now a (grimace face :-/ ) I would love to know about this spicy broth you speak of…. What did you do or how did you make it! I’m ALWAYS interested in broth and new ways to hahah spice it up. AND GOOD for YOU!!!!! You did your fasting! I’m so proud of you. My transition days from WFDs I had to start with broth and veggies in it, b/c otherwise I was in the loo (a lot)

    @daffodil2010 – my vote is hormones, even if you don’t have a cycle that you see every month, look at the moon and make a note in your calendar how you are feeling with your fasting days and then see if it changes next week. Then compare next month with the moon.

    @snowflake56 – yay about your hand.
    Try this neuron finger exercise if you like –
    Palms facing you:
    RH(Right Hand) touch Thumb to index finger
    LH(Left hand) touch thumb to pinky

    RH touch thumb to middle finger
    LH touch thumb to ring finger

    Keep going until you end at
    RH touch pinky finger
    LH touch index finger
    (A tip is that the thumb is moving from right side to left side across the fingers) then of course you can go the other way.

    @therealwil78 – some days are like that, I’m with ya, I have WAY less snacks in the house now (SO is underweight and likes snacks, so not complete empty of them, but empty Mostly of the ones I enjoy the most.)

    @ktcaroline – PD! I almost had one of those, because my OH said the same thing – I was determined tho, so I said “tomorrow we can have Pizza, today lets see what we can use up in the fridge.” And I always keep broth in my back pocket (well not literally or my pockets would be wet) but I keep it on deck. I’ll heat up broth and drink a cup while I’m figuring out what to make for a low calorie dinner *if I didn’t already come up with an idea (I do weekly meal planning *most weeks sometimes I don’t b/c lack of time or forget) hope that helps. Other wise I also like just throwing in the towel and having a re-set the next day. Oh and I find FD easier if I start out as a WFD (If I add almond milk to my coffee in the morning, I am soooooooo hungry, If I have gum, I’m hungry, If I have a flavored seltzer (no sugar, no artificial sweetener ) just a flavor like Lime Seltzer – I’m hungry. Could be just me, but anything except black coffee, water and Plain seltzer and I get hungry. Otherwise I’m good to go, even food shopping. Smells will still get me for a little bit, so avoid that if possible.

    @georgia83 – its ok you can get on the fasting train when you are ready! A control day is a good way to prepare for riding the train too! Toot toot!

    @emma – wow you made a bikini! I have made dresses and my favorite thing to make are PANTS! Big flowy palazzo pants. Making a bikini always looked hard to me, even watching others make them on Project Runway looked hard.

    Lets get on down!

    Day 16 Pocket List
    @rabbette B2Bx4

    2nd post

    @songbirdme thanks for the 🍷 article. No chance of me sticking with one glass a day, once the bottle is open it has to be drunk. Good job I have DH to share 😉. The best I can do is limit the number of days a week I indulge to 3. I have tried going completely dry but it just doesn’t go well as I end up feeling deprived and go completely off the rails. I need my favourite indulgence to look forward to…..keeps me motivated on FDs.

    @ccco congratulations! 👶

    Day 16 – Eastern WA USA – ?

    Still haven’t broken my fast that I started Tuesday evening. May go for one meal before the day is done. Taking it a step at a time!

    @basyjames – yes, about the sound therapy, my daughter noticed that her wrist/hand had greater mobility even after the short 1/2 hour. It felt less taut and more relaxed. She had surgery right at her wrist about a month ago and is still healing. She has so many issues that involve pain, so she’s excited to have this option with no bad side effects. We’ll see what all happens. I paid for a series of visits for her. I don’t really deal with chronic pain… so won’t be using the therapy for myself at this time.

    @ccco – I was wondering how you were doing. You’ve been busy with good stuff. Congratulations Grandma!

    Day 17 – Japan – WFD (working #35)

    Back from my trip. After 10 days of eating more than I should have, I expect this fast to be on the harder side.

    I did skip supper once … Not a great job.

    Day 16 -Ireland – nfd – second post

    Such a busy day – so tired… Just checking in to say Congratulations to @ccco on the safe arrival of your grandson! I hope you have great fun getting to know each other 😍🚼💞

    Day 16 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 14 — NFD(85 bites)
    Day 15 — NFD(67 bites)

    Just checking in. Still in recovery mode with very low energy. Fortunately the MFD has gone well.

    Hope everyone has a great end of the work week!

    Day 17 – Melbourne Aus – NFD

    Good FD yesterday at 530cal (though probably closer to 600 after a few sips of DH’s red wine…! Couldn’t help myself!!)

    Weight jumped up last week and has stayed there despite a strong fasting effort this week – I imagine it will come down, but it’s frustrating when the results on the scale aren’t immediate!

    Finally had a good sleep last night, first in a few days, so feeling much more myself. Just in time for the weekend!

    @jaifaim work events can be tricky to navigate food wise, good luck!

    @funshipfreddie I hear ya! I reckon sometimes it just takes a bit of time for the scales to catch up to what good work you’ve been doing!

    @ciren2 that’s great news! Soft tissue injuries can be very frustratingly slow to recover

    @flourbaby hope that pesky sore throat goes away! I also opt for a dry mouth over getting up during the night, glad to hear I’m not the only one!!

    @snowflake56 I was able to get onto the spreadsheet today, but like you said, it was on a different tab (but otherwise looked ok). And what progress wit the tweezers!! Excellent news!!

    @emmataylor they sound like great projects. I can imagine the bikinis being especially challenging given the fabric.

    @ccco great work on the loss, and congratulations on grandson!! Exciting news all round!!

    @basyjames I second comment from @rabbette – spicy broth sounds great for a FD!

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Day 17, Emden Germany, NFD

    @gretta thanks for the response on the spreadsheet, it got changed somehow but at least we can use it. Being able to use the tweezers is a real progress and I need them otherwise I’ll have caterpillars above my eyes!

    @rabbette I hope the magnesium will help against the restless legs. The egg diet would be the one for me, I love eggs. I remember when my Dad thought he was a too heavy (he never was, always had a normal weight) he always did a few WFDs, then started eating eggs and then switched to steaks. He knew how to do it. The neuron exercise was no problem, I play the piano so I’m used to doing different things with both hands. I still can’t do the thumb-pinky one though, I don’t know why.

    @basyjames, @rabbette and @annemarilyn I realy admire you all, I only once did a WFD but it was too hard to repeat it again. Perhaps one day ….

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 17 Herefordshire U.K. FD

    I’m back on the FF sandwiches! Finished my FD with one yesterday and it hit the sweet spot and not feeling guilty!

    @ccco – how wonderful your little one has arrived, congratulations on becoming and grandma and a slimmer one at that! Happy days

    @emma-taylor & @daffodil2010 – Wow hand sewing your projects!

    @snowflake56 – great news the diet is working and you have improved dexterity, eyebrow tweaking is very satisfying at the best of times so can imagine your delight!

    Millie seems on very friendly terms with the Tom cat!

    My thumb is better, I’ve bought a thumb splint to wear when doing such jobs in the garden. So thankful we have a country garden as some un tidiness is accepted but stinging nettles and stickyweeds aren’t! I love pretty weeds and allow them along the hedgerow borders. The previous owners turned the grass along the front drive into a small meadow which we’ve allowed to grow long as well, sadly no meadow flowers popping up. I think we will need to thin out the grass somehow and maybe sow a wildflower seed mix.

    Good luck with the floor laying

    @rabbette – a Keto egg fast, I’m not sure which is more challenging that or @basyjames & @annemarilyn WF, well done and huge admiration to you all.

    @michelinme – sorry to hear you’re still struggling hope you can put your feet up once the ‘viral backlog’ is cleared.

    Great day to all.

    Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Day 17 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Friday, yay!!! Looking forward to the weekend and finalising (hopefully) the last bit of the camper van build before we get engineers report etc etc to get her vehicle licence changed from van to camper! DH finishing the wiring as we speak, and we will install the bed tomorrow.

    As for my sewing project….erm, after fiddling about with material and scratching my head (plan was to make simple slip covers) we have contacted a local upholstery guy who is going to drop by material swatches and if the price is right, he gets the job. Ooops. But better have something done right than shoddy.

    So @emmataylor, I am impressed at your sewing, hand sewing too, I used to knit a lot and enjoyed the peace of the clicking needles….but I have already backed out on the sewing…😨….or maybe not….if the price is crazy I will rethink.

    @flourbaby, @basyjames, @michelinme, I am so glad that you guys know where I am coming from on the general topsi-turviness of life recently. I think it’s quite freeing to realise that yes, it’s hormones and peri or pre or whatever menopause, it’s the natural cycle of things, and no, I am not getting lazy or going nuts……..even admitting that makes me feel better about the struggle of FD recently.

    I will keep on keeping on, even if there are days when I just can’t, because, as @at always says…..”If I stop now, I will end up back where I started. And when I started, I would have given anything to be where I am now” …or words to that affect.

    I find the support here great. Over the past two years I have discovered homemade kefir and Bulgarian yoghurt, Magnesium Oil, being able to complete an LFD and not die of hunger, various yoga moves and stretches to help creaking body parts, the 30 Day Shred, wonderful recipes………and tales from all over this planet of a bunch of people from completely different walks of life all doing the same thing…this WOL.

    I love it!!! Getting soppy here, so will say bye for now. Have a great Friday ☺️

    Day 17 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CFD

    @gretta yes, I’m sure you’re right re the stubborn scales catching up. And I certainly shouldn’t get discouraged after seeing no change after only one FD. I’m sure I’ll experience longer plateaus as I get closer to my overall target. But there is something addictive about watching that number go down?!

    Decided to squeeze in a CFD today, before my next FD on Monday. I’ve got another busy day moving stuff to my new place. My last trip before the large items get moved by the professionals next week.

    Best wishes to today’s fasters!

    “Fasting is truly a secret source of power ”
    Jentezen Franklin

    Day 17, London, UK, NFD

    It’s a quick check-in from me today, I’ll catch-up on posts later, however …………….

    @ccco, Congratulations 1st time grandma!!! I’m sure you’re more excited than the parents!!!

    @daffodil2010, I had that ‘I love you guys’ moment yesterday, it highlights just how much I value my cyber friends and the support we give each other. To be honest, there aren’t any people in my life who’ve actually walked a day ‘in my shoes’ so they have no clue what being overweight, yo-yo dieting and being ‘that’ person means in the way everyone here does!!! Soppy is good sometimes, it means we don’t take things for granted.

    @dykask …………… back on the wagon my friend!! A break away from fasting always seems good at the time, then reality (and the scales!!) hits and we think ‘What the ……..????’

    I’m off to Pilates, so enjoy that Friday feeling everyone!!!

    Day 17 UK NFD

    Quick check in on my way back to bed. Pulled an all-nighter to get wretched report finished and miraculously did. 11000 words out of my head and onto someone else’s pile…

    Sustained thru the night by strange food – cough sweets, clementines cheese, tomatoes and vegan fish fingers…I felt hungry for protein with a fridge full of fruit & veg!

    Hoping a weekend of serious rest will get this virus moving as it’s settled into wheezing and chesty cough. I must be drinking 3l a day but still feeling dry – time for steam inhalations, sleep and lots of soothing liquids.

    @ccco congratulations on your new grandson – hope you have plenty of time to enjoy each other


    Day 17 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    The scales are not my friend! After the most disciplined week I’ve had in ages they show no change…..the exact same weight as last week. Now I remember why I only weighed in once a month before maintenance. Its just so discouraging when you feel you deserve a loss. I won’t weigh in again until the end of May….. and will keep on keeping on.

    Its Friday so I’m going to enjoy some 🍷this evening, planning a relaxed healthy eating weekend, next FD will be Monday.

    Have a good weekend everyone 🤗

    Day 17 – Ireland – NFD

    Another busy day but this time at home with a few dramas….have yet to get to work and am out tonight 🥂

    it’s just one of those weeks but I will check in later! Hope everyone is doing ok!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 17 Canton OH FD

    The good thing about doing 3WFD in a row; regular FD seems like a no brainer. It’s all about perspective.

    Hmm egg fasting day, I like eggs a lot – I think I will look into that

    @ccco Congrats first time grandma!!!! I am looking forward to the day that I can celebrate that too

    @Rabette spicy broth is really easy, I dissolved a bouillon cube in water over the stove and spiced it up; with ginger paste, garlic powder, onion powder and red pepper flakes. It tasted great and felt really good going down; I think I made indecent noises when I took my first sip; Ha!

    With regards to the loo issue, I have learned my lesson, the food was really good, I was restrained and stuck to lower carb options but there was a free bar; and although I wasn’t planning to drink alcohol, I gave in and ordered a brandy sour. Huge mistake! I barely made it to the bathroom. Learned my lesson – never again

    @annemarilyn that’s so interesting. That’s wonderful that they offer something like that where you are, I will see if I can find something like that around here and if it would help OH. He suffers from neck and shoulder cramps, as well as numbness and tingling in his arms. He had surgery last year but he is still in pain and getting frustrated

    @dykask welcome back! I know you will hop back on the train in no time. You willpower is legendary!

    @daffodil2010 and @flourbaby we can be soppy together, I caught myself smiling at your posts because I feel the exact same way and I am so thankful that this safe zone exists for us all

    Have a great weekend everyone, it will be a busy one for me and I will check in but may not have time to post

    Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Day 17 Melb Aust FD800 (more like a FD1000, but oh well) (11:45 p.m.)
    Day 16 CD

    Too late to write much, but @snowflake56, Wilbur is a ginger tabby shorthaired house cat – ginger tabby means striped like a tiger, ginger colours – and he’s an indoor/ outdoor cat, which means I’m often up opening and closing the front door both day and early evening. He stays in overnight, but generally wants out around dawn. Fortunately, I can usually get back to sleep again fairly easily.

    @ccco, congrats on the new grandson.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

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