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  • Day 13 UK CD
    Day 12 NFD

    Thank you for get well wishes, it’s wonderful to feel connected while treading water alongside you all.

    Tempted to have a FD today but I’ll aim for a good CD to get me back on the path. I don’t feel I really left it but rather adapted it for a week or so. And staying connected by reading posts has been wonderfully helpful in making good choices.

    Yesterday i was rolling round the local supermarket and thinking in terms of Sunday treat. I pondered the box of non-dairy choc ices (v like Magnum but smaller) Instead of thinking “oooo 110 calories each, i can do that” I actualy thought “there are 5 in the box & i’ll eat them all – total 550 calories”!! Used the calories for a pot of baba ganoush instead…poured over a big spinach, watercress avocado & tomoato salad. Yum! Not sure if this is a breakthrough or if my sensible side is louder when sick!

    Halfway through week 3 of this virus but & I’m heading in the right direction! Laryngitis, nasty cough, very tired but beginning to get a sense of this is a bug rather than this is all of me, if you know what i mean. I’m into a good pattern of self-care especially my v early supper, long relaxing epsom salt bath & v early nights. Tried v gentle yoga stretches yesterday and taking everything v slowly.

    I’ve given myself the last few days completely away from even thinking about project work but need to get a big report done & out today. Starting with gentle stretches and meditation, then a bit of planning with coffee in the sunshine. The rest of the day will be working from bed – focused but comfortable!

    Wishing you all a good Monday – with you in sprit x

    Pocket List Day 13:
    @ktcaroline welcome back x

    Day 13- Atlanta, GA- USA- FD

    It’s great to post again.

    Day 13 Canton OH WFD 1

    so I am back from my imposed break and I feel quite refreshed and ready to git “er done.

    I started reading posts but I still have a whole lot catching up to do.
    But like @ Emma Taylor it’s great to get back on the fasting grindstone. I am due for my annual 3 day WFD. I am anticipating a challenge but I plan to take this one day at a time, OH is gone for the week and kids know they have to fix their own meals.

    Pocket list for today:
    @ktcaroline welcome back x
    @basyjames WFD 1

    Day 13 Melb Aust TDEE

    My FD800 became a TDEE as I’d bought and then ate most of some chocolates. All gone now, so just won’t buy any more. Still very tired, but also trying to do research at the same time. Well, that’s all right, it will happen.

    @michelinme, I think I feel a bit like you (but for a shorter period), as I am slowly recovering from a nasty cold, plus some asthma, plus a sinus infection. But, nowhere near as sick as you’ve been, so I hope you also recover sooner rather than later!

    @snowflake56, your Tamme sounds really sweet, and as an indoor cat is likely to live longer. Have you been eating lots of bananas to help your potassium? It’s one fruit which helps. Hope that overall the diet becomes helpful for your health.

    @basyjames, good luck with the 3 days of WFDs – once a year? why not more often?

    Let’s keep going downwards everyone! 🙂

    Day 13. California.➡️Hawaii NFD

    Off on vacation so no FD’s for a while! I’m hungry sitting at the airport but I’m guessing it’s boredom.

    @snowflake56 the kitchen is not done. 2-3 week estimate and a 4-5 timeline written on contract. We are in week 6! I guess this is pretty typical of construction. Hopefully when we get back next week it is almost done.

    Day 13, London, UK, FD

    It’s been a busy day so far today, hence the FD. I’ve had a coffee and bowl of soup and like @daffodil2010, I’ve vegetable soup planned for dinner before the kitchen gets closed at 7pm. So this should set the week off to a good start, particularly if I get surprised by a Thai lunch on Wednesday …………………….. here’s hoping anyhow, I’m still dropping hints!!!!

    I’m off to prep the veg for tomorrows’ salad which I’ll take to work for lunch, the weather seems like it’ll be too warm for soup, I agree @funshipfreddie ……………….. ‘half the battle is just getting my head in the right place, and planning what I will/won’t eat’ ………………………….. I have to plan my weeks’ FDs in advance and they tend to be similar in content; it’s not soup or salad EVERY day, just FDs!! I would like to have a similar routine for NFDs but, variety really IS the spice of life and I have to allow for a cheeky chocolate or glass of vino …………………. Perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong???!!!!

    I hope everyone is remaining positive as we hurtle towards the midpoint of this challenge, plenty of time to meet targets or get back on track, or continue with our successes!!! Keep the faith folks!!!

    Day 13: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:
    Horrendously busy first day back at work. Lots of election leaflets, plus two lots of flyers on top of the mail!

    Day 13, VA, USA, FD

    I did 2 NFD Sat and Sun – Had THREE Peach Cobbler Beers on Saturday (and don’t feel bad about it one bit) because they were SOOOOOOOOOO good!

    I did hit an ultimate low weight so far which was 159.4! Yay! It did sneak up to 161.8 after this weekend, but I’m ok with that, today is a fasting day so I should be on track to widdle that number back down.

    @michelinme – YES you did it. The thought of “there are 5 in the box & i’ll eat them all – total 550 calories”!! Good job. That’s how I calculate!

    @besyjames – I’m rooting for ya on your 3 day WF – I like the 3day WF, I usually find by the 3rd day it is easier and have extended it to a 4th day.

    @betsylee – mmmmm the vice of chocolate – I too find that I just don’t need to buy potato chips (those are my vice) because I’ll eat them and then wish I had not. So now I just walk by them and don’t even give them a second look.

    @rafiki44 – I found that I had nervous energy or feeling tired while at the airport recently and both of those things cause stress, which guess what? Your body wants energy/food to deal with stress. Try drinking some more water or having a protein box or a small bag of nuts.

    @flourbaby – I like planning out my meals too. I have my meals and recipes on a google calendar for mostly the whole week. It’s helpful and NFD that I have planned something a little lighter, its super easy to pencil in a glass of wine and/or chocolate.

    Pocket list Day 13:
    @ktcaroline welcome back x
    @basyjames WFD 1

    Day 13 – Ireland – FD – second post
    @ktcaroline – good to have you back 👍
    @daffodil2010 it seems like a lot of us were doing things in twos yesterday… even as I’m eating I know I will regret it but couldn’t stop🛑 . I hope you have had a better sunny day today!
    With you @brightonbelle – one day at a time 🎶

    Oh @snowflake56 I’m so glad to hear that all is well with your hand and that the new diet is going well for you… could the potassium levels be delayed a little from intake to bloods? I’m afraid I know nothing about this but do send you every good wish for getting above the 4000!!

    @dingping i fell back onto bad habits with my phone over the weekend but tonight is reset time again 📱
    @ciren2 I hope your return to work is going ok and that you are minding yourself and your back 💕
    @russetfox thanks for scooping up the fasters – hope yours is going well!
    @emma-taylor I love Bordeaux and have the Basque Country on my list of places to get to… sound really lovely and great that you could use public transport to see the countryside 👍
    Good work @rabbette and lots of very wise words there for us all! Impressed by your willpower @michelinme and @betsylee and good luck @basyjames.
    For those of you who plan your meals ahead I wish I could be more like that… maybe that is my downfall… I never know what I will feel like on a particular day and we have very good food in work so it’s very much decided on the day for me…I eat little at night …
    absolutely glorious here so going to put my shorts on and get out to see the ☀️.
    Let this be a great week!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd post

    I guess my body isn’t joking about whittling down – already 1/2 day into fasting and I am -1 lb down, maybe water release or whatever, but I’ll take it, yay!

    @jaifaim – awe thanks <blush> i make the food planning flexible. Even if I schedule something I’m open to move it to another day. I somewhat plan it out, and I really like making meals that have leftovers. That is always good If I do a water fast then I know my SO has a meal all ready for them when they get home from work. OR I can move the leftovers to another night if something comes up or maybe we are feeling like ordering take out. (I never schedule take out because it will easily schedule itself due to getting home later than planned or didn’t have time to pre-chop veggies and/or no time to pre prep for a meal.)

    The first couple times you plan for the week is the hardest. My best tips would be, just plan a meal or two. Don’t try and plan the whole week. Or just plan your FDs and feel free to NOT eat what is planned, but know that if you are lost or hungry you will have a better idea of what to make. AND you can look at the previous weeks for ideas or having a handy QUICK meal thats easy and fast to make.

    Cheers! Keep hydrated with lots of courage, love and water.

    Second post

    I think checking in on this forum may be the key to staying on track. I stopped doing so about 6 months ago and guess what, my diet got derailed within that same time frame.

    @betsylee my initial plan was to water fast for one week at least twice a year, but I would do well all day and self sabotage once I got home. Im trying to build up my will power and self confidence to do this more often.

    I agree meal planning for the week makes a huge difference in compliance. That’s another good habit I need to get back to. One day at a time. For now im happy to report that I am home and i didn’t self sabotage, lying in bed right now, checking on posts after which its lights out

    Thank you for all the well wishes, I need it!

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well this week. I’m loving my holidays but have had a feast day everyday so far and I’m definitely feeling it on my waist.

    Day 11, NFD
    Day 12, NFD
    Day 13, NFD
    Day 14, NFD (until 4pm; I will be fasting then for 28h to get back on track)

    Will catch up with the posts when I get back. Keep going everyone! xx

    Day 13 – Eastern WA USA – WFD

    So far so good and I’m almost to 24 hours with this WFD. Taking it a small step at a time. It’s already after 6 PM. I might try a longer fast, but my daughter and I are doing our Mother’s Day activity tomorrrow – going to a Lilac garden followed by a picnic she’s providing. So I’m planning to have that break my fast for a total of about 41 or so hours.

    @jaifaim – a couple of days ago you spoke about a Night into the Light, or something. Can you describe it a little more? It sounded like a great idea.

    Pocket list Day 13:
    @ktcaroline welcome back x
    @basyjames WFD 1

    Day 13 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 10 NFD (66 bites)
    Day 11 NFD (?? bites)
    Day 12 NFD (?? bites)

    Just checking in . . . definitely one bedraggled puppy today. I’m so low on executive function right now that I didn’t know if I could make it through a MFD, but have done so. A very tired hurrah!

    Hope everyone has had a good start of the work week!

    Day 14 – Melbourne Aus – CD

    Yesterday ended up being a reasonable FD at 640cals, which included a cardio circuit class. Going for a solid CD of 1000cals or so, and with one more FD on Thursday. With everything else going on, weight gain is the last thing I want, so a solid reset will put in me in good stead to hit this months goal.

    @jaifaim yes I’m with you!! Managed a reasonable FD yesterday, and solidifying that with a solid CD today. Curbing the urge to binge DAFD is the name of the game! (and on a side note, magnums are my absolute fabourite, the third one wouldn’t have been safe in my house either…!!!)

    @daffodil2010 that was me yesterday – though mine was a carb hangover, hope you got through the Mondayitis!

    @ktcaroline welcome!

    @snowflake56 I just noticed all the ticks against your name on the spreadsheet – is that sugar free? I find abstaining from sugar harder than fasting, so well done!! Glad to hear the hand is getting better.

    @emmataylor that sounds like an absolutely wonderful trip.

    @rafiki44 enjoy Hawaii! I was there a couple of years ago and loved it. Lots of great hiking and snorkelling!!

    Wow… I’ve done it! Today reached my goal and very, VERY happy about it too.
    I have been on the 500 calorie Fast Diet since mid January 2019 so it is now 12 weeks, with two weeks off for Easter. I have lost my goal of 10kg in effectively 10 weeks by sticking to the way of life with this with two 500 calorie days on Mondays and Thursdays and I have consistently lost 1kg a week except for the 2 week Easter break when I didn’t gain or lose. I have pretty well maintained a delicious Mediterranean diet with lots of fish and (unlimited and copious amounts)fresh vegetables – nothing fried, mostly steamed or raw. I eat lots as I have a very healthy appetite but as long as I stick to the routine on Monday and Thursday I have consistently lost 1 kg per week.
    My best tip for anyone is to eat great big portabella mushrooms which are 20 calories per 100gm. I microwave a big one in a lidded container for 2 minutes with loads of tomato, broccoli and other fresh dark green veg seasoned with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil… great meal and feels like you’re eating steak. Then I have poached (microwaved) fish and dark green veg at night. Works for me very well.
    I will continue for another one and half kg so that I have a little ‘wriggle’ room. I am so happy that now I can fit into my clothes that I haven’t worn for several years now.
    Just for the record, on other days I continue to have a glass of wine or two and eat normal food without too much angst.
    Good luck everybody… I am proof that if you stick to it you can easily lose 1kg a week. Cheers Linda.b

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another FD done, & another half a kilo down. So I’m only 1 kg off my target for this month! I’m giving myself a pat on the back today.

    To be honest, although I can’t claim to enjoy FDs, as some people do, I find them easier to navigate than NFDs. I don’t know if that makes any sense? I guess it’s the lack of structure on NFDs, & maybe that voice in my head telling me I can ‘reward’ myself, especially the day after a FD. And I just don’t have the patience to count every calorie every day. So I guess I just need to be more vigilant, & remind myself that the ‘F’ = feed, not feast!

    ‘This month’s choices are next month’s body.’

    PS well done @linda.b!! That’s awesome – 10kgs in 10 weeks!😃

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Reasonable FD yesterday, pulled myself out of my MOndayitis (@gretta, got though it, thanks ☺️), had a lovely post evening meal walk in the sunshine and slept so well last night.

    Not fasting today but it will be controlled.

    Well done all who are doing well, especially @linda.b and @funshipfreddie.

    Day 14 – UK – NFD
    Day 11 – 13 NFD

    I’m currently down in Suffolk to attend the funeral of the son of a dear friend – such sad times 😢 but as my friend just said at least we will have a bright sunny day to help remember him at his best with his great big grin…….

    Unfortunately definitely no fasting since my B2B last week but planning on B2B when driving back home on tomorrow and Thursday as have a darling niece who is on holidays from Australia visiting me over the long weekend then back to my normal routine of fasting next Monday I hope!!!!

    No time to read posts but hoping that everyone is doing OK and enjoying the lovely weather we are experiencing.

    Day 14 – Ireland – CD (maybe FD 🤔)
    Hi everybody, I hope you are all keeping well.
    Sounds like many people are back on track this week … small steps guys…. it just takes one good FD to set us back in the right direction… 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️
    Yesterday worked out well for me as I was very busy in work and then caught up with a good friend in the sun with some nice herbal tea. So a good FD – hurrah!
    Well done @funshipfreddie – that’s a great achievement and many of us in here feel the same way about FDs…. when you’re in the right frame of mind… much easier than a NFD!
    Wow @lindab that is fantastic and your post is very inspiring… great tip re: the mushroom!! I’m going to try that soon – i love 🍄s!
    @gretta – well done on a good FD and all the best for DAFD! I am toying with a B2B day but will see how it goes…
    @raffiki I am very envious and can’t wait to hear about your trip… Hawaii is one place I’ve always wanted to go…
    Mind yourself @matpi… you have had a very busy stressful time lately. Good to hear you are coming out of it now…,
    @basyjames it’s great great to have you here! I feel the very same… even if I’m not doing so well, seeing others succeed, hearing other people struggle both helps and reassures us that it’s not an easy path but one that we can jump off/hop on as it suits and we will get there in the long run…we all have times where checking in might be tough and we may not be doing so well with our choices but coming back here even to read the posts is such a support 💪
    @daffodil2010- go you!!! Getting over Mondayitis 🤮 it’s the worst!! Well done!
    @anne-Marilyn – great for you getting through your WFD! Not something I’ve ever done… but one day maybe 🤔
    Darkness into Light is an initiative started about 10 years ago by a charity in Ireland called Pieta House, the aim is to raise awareness and remove the stigma around suicide and self-harm and spread the power of hope 💕. The funds raised support counselling, therapy and bereavement services…I know so many young people at the moment particularly who are struggling that it is important to me. so on Saturday morning at 4.15 we started a 5km walk and finished an hour later in the light. We have organised walks which people register on but there are more and more non official walks at the same time set up in communities where a bar or café will open and provide warm drinks and a little food. People just donate whatever they can. It’s a great start to your weekend and particularly if the weather is as fabulous as it was this Saturday morning when you could see the candles on the reflective silent kilometre, mist on the fields as we walked and then the sun coming up over the sea as we finished HOPE for a new and bright day!💕
    I’ve attached a link so you can read more if you like:

    Have a great day everybody!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12 UK NFD

    Day 14 – Reading, UK B2B FD

    Good morning everyone! It’s so nice to be back – I’d forgotten what a lovely, warm and supportive place this is. I had a good FD yesterday so completely agree it only takes one good FD to reset a lot of bad habits. I’m going for as good a FD today as I can manage. I’m trying to get off to a good start after a winter of eating for England …

    So I’m starting the pocket list (can I do that? and put myself in my own pocket? not sure, but doing it anyway)

    Pocket List

    Day 14, London, UK, FD

    So it’s the start of my working week (well 3 days anyway!!) and it’ll be a busy one, hence the short but sweet post.

    I hope everyone is doing well, the weather here is lovely which has put a spring in my step and I’m looking forward to my lunch salad.

    If my knees can hold up I’ll try the 30DS tonight. I need to get bikini body ready (?) ………….. as if!!!!

    Happy fasting folks.

    Day 14, Amsterdam NL, FD
    Ditto @ktcaroline, I have no idea how long you were away but coming back to this community feels great 🙂 trying to read everyone’s posts but my job is hectic these days so I’ll see what I can do!
    Today is a FD. I work Mon-Thurs in a design studio here, and we eat lunches together (sandiwches – we’re Dutch!) so my FDs actually offer me some respite from my team where I can sit in a cafe and have my Americano alone 😀 I love it. Just came back from doing just that! The team are still eating so I’m going to browse the thread ha.
    @jaifaim that sounds really, really lovely – the morning walk must be wonderful and the cause is great.

    Adding myself to the pocket list!

    Pocket List

    Good luck today everyone 🙂 xx

    Day 14, Canton OH WFD 2

    Yay! And Woohoo! I successfully completed my first WFD in a year and a half

    @lind.b congratulations on meeting your goal! That is awesome!!!

    @funshipfreddie way to go and I love your quote :)

    @jaifam thank you for sharing about the darkness into light initiative. It is so needed right now, I have been aware of the challenges surrounding mental health issues but my recent struggles with my daughter have made it personal; I would like to be involved – thanks for the link

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    Day 14 pocket list
    @jaifam (maybe 🙂 )
    @basyjames WFD2

    Day 14, Stoke, Uk, NFD

    6lbs so far and still in the zone..

    Day 15 Melb Aust (1:30 a.m.) FD800
    Day 14 CD

    Well, managed a CD okay, but am back on track today (later today! 🙂 ) after a rather indulgent few days. Feeling a bit chuffed! Briefly met a friend today I’ve not seen for a while, and then she texted me to say she’d noticed I’d lost weight, and was hoping it was intentional and not because I was ill – very happy to tell her I’d been losing weight deliberately. She’s the first person who’s actually commented, apart from my closest friend, who has been encouraging me on this journey.

    Lots of good comments. Congrats are due to @linda.b for her diligence and successful weight loss.

    @flourbaby, glad you’ve lovely spring weather there to enjoy!

    @ktcaroline, welcome back!

    @basyjames & @jaifaim, we learn by encouraging one another, and what’s great for me with this WOL, though I’m not losing as fast as I could have, I’m enjoying the journey, and being able to pick myself up and get going again, which I tended to fail with when losing weight before. Very interesting initiative with the Darkness into Light walk – a very positive way to raise money and get the message of hope across.

    @gretta, sounds like you’re doing well with your reset. Keep it up!

    @funshipfreddie, good progress, and well done to be nearly at your target for this month.

    To all – onwards and downwards!

    Day 15 Pocket List

    Day 14. Napili Bay, Maui. NFD

    Lost my first post 😔

    We have an older place here which we pick because it’s right on the beach 🏝 and so can get quite loud but it’s worth it to hear the waves all night. In an hour we are walking down the beach to a breakfast place that serves the best ever macadamia nut and pineapple pancakes 🥞 with cream plus we bring home fried rice (heavy Japanese influence here) to eat for breakfast tomorrow. There is always a line for breakfast there!

    Napili Bay is known for sea turtles so when you go snorkeling you can run into them and under water they look a little like sea monsters when you sea them – very large.

    My goal is to minimize snacking!

    Day 14 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Throwing in an extra FD this week in an attempt to gain some wriggle room in maintenance 🤞

    Day 14. London. NFD ( following quite a good FD yesterday. Yay!)

    Just FYI – maybe people have posted this before. There is a doctor called Sanjay Gupta on YouTube with a video about the importance of magnesium. I keep forgetting it helps me sleep, then I rub some into the soles of my feet and it’s like knock out drops! But Dr Gupta says it’s got lots of other benefits as well, including helping sort out leg cramping and slow guts ( you know what I’m saying…). Thought it was worth passing on.

    Day 14, VA, USA FD B2B

    Been researching RLS (Restless leg syndrome) which I’ve had since my 20’s but now it’s happening nearly every night *except if I have been WF for several days in a row, the RLS does calm down a bit. I have noticed tho the my RLS is happening sooner than just when I lay down to sleep.

    The magnesium oil is a love hate. I can really only spray it on before a shower and leave it soak in for about 5 minutes. Otherwise I feel like I have just swam in the ocean and I’m all salty/itchy legs and could never go to bed like that.

    Update on the Keto Waffle (frozen)
    It worked very well. My SO said they wanted waffles and while I preped everything for their waffle, I just got mine out took it out of the baggie and set it on a little rack (one that you might use to cool cookies) and by the time I finished with my SO. I just popped mine into the waffle iron to re-heat and it turned out just dandy!

    @annemarilyn, @matpi – good going on your fast, you got this!

    @gretta – Nice job with cardio to boot!

    @linda.b – wow good job. That sounds about right I am -24ish lbs down which is about 10kg and I started almost the last day of January. I’d be shouting from the rooftops!

    @funshipfreddie – Totally know what you mean about counting calories. I was excited to try out WFD just so I didn’t have to count ANY calories. It was an eye opener tho to count my calories for a week. It did show me what to WATCH out for (there is a bagel sandwich I love to have) I don’t have it often, like maybe 4 times a year, but this last time I went to get it, they have the calories listed beside it!!!!!! 980! And that was just suppose to be for breakfast! I decided if I wanted it, I would eat 1/2 and see how I feel *and I did I ONLY ate 1/2 and then saved the other for lunch!

    @daffodil2010 – lol “Mondayitis” that is great, I will have to use that one.

    @at – awe, hugs.

    @jaifaim – this Darkness into light charity is very much needed. We need more things in our lives to lift up our spirits!

    @basyjames – Yay completed WFD! Good Job!

    @rafiki44 – save me some of those pancakes and rice 😉 YUM!


    Day 14 pocket list
    @jaifam (maybe 🙂 )
    @basyjames WFD2
    @rabbette FD B2B

    Day 14 UK NFD

    Still sick, still here, still not fasting… yet!

    Bogged down in project – still working on the Short version! (I’m hoping the long version will be much more straightforward- tho both V LATE INDEED now bc sick). Going to go back to final revision of short version after posting here, then mail it out & get to bed!

    Glad to read posts and find so much wonderful progress! I can’t do it myself just now but I can root for you…
    @lindab congrats on reaching goal
    @andyrou well done on weight loss
    @basyjames fab job with the B2B WFD
    @daffodil2010 @annemarilyn @rabbette @emma-taylor @missybear @ktcaroline @gretta @flourbaby @jaifaim – and anyone else i’ve missed – congratulations on successful fasting!
    @betsylee @catch87 @flourbaby @matpi @flourbaby @ktcaroline hope you had a good one today
    Thanks for keeping the flame burning, waggon rolling, plate spinning…

    @rabbette Magnesium oil does itch when you first put it on. Rather than the legs, start with the soles of the feet – it doesn’t itch so much and you can keep it on all night. Works like a dream for restless legs, muscle cramps and improving quality of sleep. It has genuinely revolutionised my life – first refereshing sleep in 22 years, lowered pain levels, reduced tics spasms and cramps… Once your body has adjusted it won’t sting any more. And if you don’t tolerate the oil, try the cream – you can make your own via link below – DD didn’t cope with the oil but loves the cream – and softens her feet! Hope it works for you 🙂

    Back to report….

    Day 14 – Eastern WA USA- NFD

    Enjoyed a mother-daughter time today with my daughter. She’s a mother herself and had other plans on Sunday. We enjoyed exploring the Lilac Gardens and the Japanese Garden at a local park. So gorgeous! Then we enjoyed the picnic she prepared for us.

    @jaifaim – so glad for that support of the walk you were on. It is sad that there are so many suicides among young people. I really appreciated the initiative in the community I was living in called Hope is greater than despair. It involved many different parts of the community trying to educate in schools, churches, parents… developing peer supports at middle schools and more.

    @basyjames – yay for your successful 1st WFD! I think I’ll go for another one tomorrow. I find the warmer weather makes it a little easier.

    Glad we’re on this journey together!

    Second post – evening check in

    Thank you all for the encouragement. I sat at the kitchen table while my kids ate their dinner and although I was tempted to break my fast, I’m happy to report I held fast 🙂

    After all the love and support I couldn’t imagine letting you guys down. Thank you for the virtual hand holding.

    Now onto day 3 when I usually get a burst of energy, gym should be fun tomorrow – can’t wait. Night night

    Day 15 – Melbourne Aus – NFD

    Kitchen closed at 980cal on my CD yesterday, which I’m very pleased about. Slept terribly last night though, have a very stiff neck which was keeping me up, so the challenge will be to not gorge on food to keep the energy levels up! Have a hair dressers appointment straight after work which will likely take 2-3h, so at least that will keep me out of the kitchen!!

    It’s just past lunch and the sugar cravings due to tiredness are starting to hit. Must. Stay. Strong.

    @linda.b congrats on hitting goal! What a great achievement!

    @funshipfreddie you’re not alone in struggling to navigate NFD’s – I would say finding a balance outside of the FD’s is one of the bigger challenges in this WOL. Great work on the May goal progress! Keep up the good work!

    @at that’s so sad, big hugs

    @jaifaim how did the B2B go? I got through the CD and feeling great for it (though rather peckish, need to resist the face stuffing…!!!) – honestly I think sometimes thinking fasting makes it harder than it is.

    @betsylee what a fabulous comment from your friend – isn’t that just the best motivator!?

    @rabbette isn’t it the worst when you realise you’ve been drastically under-estimating calories on a favourite food?! At least you know, and were able to savour it over two meals! Nice work. Regarding the MO itch, it apparently happens the more deficient you are (the capillaries in the skin expands to better absorb it or something along those lines – don’t quote me on that!) but over time I find that stops happening.

    @michelinme hope you feel better soon!!

    @basyjames awesome work on the willpower!! Well done!
    Great to hear that lots of people here are going strong mid-month, keep up the good work!

    Day 15 Wales FD

    Off to work!!

    Day 15 Pocket List

    Day 15: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD
    Sorry, I didn’t post here yesterday, very, very busy at work and then acupuncture afterwards. Hoping it will help my upper-hamstring tendonitis/buttock pain…ugh! Spent yesterday having to cover the large rural round which I thought I’d seen the last of eleven months ago! the whole job from prep to finishing the delivery took eight hours! Today, I’m back on a town-round….not the easiest but better, of course. More walking and less driving, which is better for my aches and pains.
    @basyjames: Well done on the water fast. Are you doing B2Bs? Sorry I haven’t kept up….
    @michelinme: Hurry up and get well xx
    Got to go… time beckons!

    Day 15, Emden Germany, NFD

    just a quick check in to copy the spreadsheet, will come back later after bringing books to the charity shops (and get other ones) in the Netherlands.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 15 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Quick check in before my 2nd FD of the week. Nothing until my salad at lunch(and it will be a picnic lunch as I am going to take it with me for a walk at lunchtime and sit on “my spot” on a wall by the banks of the River Boyne near work…..glorious weather).

    Veg soup for dinner. DH is off work so I have to negotiate the food schedule as he would likely have something more than FD prepared otherwise 🙄

    I am not a crafty person ar all, but I have set myself a project to make my own seat covers for the comfortable seats in the camper. Learning how to measure and will soon be ordering batting and upholstery material. Hand sew only. Yikes. Wish me luck.

    Have a great day.

    Pocket list Day 15

    Day 15 – Ireland – NFD
    So it’s great to hear that some of you are back on track with your FDs… for those of you still struggling don’t worry… this will happen for you…. it just takes one good day 🤞
    @ciren2 that sounds like one very long days physical work – I hope today is easier for you!
    Today I hope to make good choices on my NFD it’s very tempting to keep eating as little as possible but my body needs fuel and I felt it last night on my bike.
    @andyrou fabulous news! Well done
    @basyjames you are doing so well along with others – you all inspire us so much – well done!
    @betsylee isn’t it just so lovely when someone comments on the loss… i have not lost much – it really is frustratingly slow – but a friend who I cycle with recently commented on my svelter shape and like you I was so so chuffed… I can feel it now so look forward to keeping things at least stable so that I can enjoy the summer in a slightly svelter body.
    Unlike a lot of you though I find this time of year hardest! Ice-creams, summer drinks and people coming back from hols with new and interesting goodies are my weaknesses. It’s funny as I would never have ice cream in the freezer and if I did I could go without for weeks but out in the nice weather if I see someone eating an ice lolly or cone it’s a disaster 😂
    Sorry, very busy morning so no time to write more..🙄

    Have a great day everybody! It’s another lovely sunny one here ☀️

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD
    Here we go again!

    Thanks to @gretta and @rabbette for the advice re navigating NFDs. Sticking to a TRE window is also a game-changer for me. And even on NFDs I only have two meals now, and maybe a snack of fruit and yogurt in between. It’s enough!

    Best wishes to today’s fasters!

    “To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

    Day 15, London, UK, FD

    A quick check-in today as I’ve a full plate …………………. Not food wise thankfully!! I wish people wouldn’t keep putting stuff on my desk, the weather’s too good for working behind a desk.

    Anyway, another FD today followed by yoga this evening, I’m guessing my teacher may try to get me to have the class outdoors, in Bushy Park. I think the deer, hayfever and possibility of Lyme disease from ticks will be a suitable excuse!!!

    @basyjames ……………………. Back on the wagon & loving it!!! Well done you!!!

    @rabbette, the itching is because you’re deficient, if you can spray a little and gradually build up the dosage the itch will lessen. Once your levels are topped up, there’s NO itching, just deep, deep sleep, no water retention or cramps!!! Also, it shouldn’t feel salty (it does taste that way though!!) it should feel silky or slightly oily on the skin, if you’ve made your own, maybe the flakes aren’t completely dissolved & it may be too strong, a 50:50 ratio flakes:water suits me, try diluting it a bit more. Perseverance is key!!!

    @michelinme, this virus we’ve had is still lingering, I woke up last night, coughing & spluttering and today I’ve a sore throat!!! I hope you feel better soon, I’ve NEVER been this ill before, I hate it!!!

    @funshipfreddie, how weird is it that we’re only just realising we can survive without eating continuously throughout the day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, afternoon tea, snack, dinner, pre-bedtime snack!!!)……………….. and they say there’s an obesity problem!!!!

    I’ll catch-up on posts later or tomorrow, I hope everyone is sticking to the path and any detours are just temporary diversions!!!

    “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

    Day 15 – Reading, UK – FD

    Good morning/afternoon everyone. A lovely sunny day here in Berkshire. I’m doing quite well on my FDs. This is day three of being pretty strict – I suspect my total is quite a lot more than 500 calories, probably more like 800, but that’s OK on the new regime. Lovely reading everyone’s posts and trying to get back into the groove of this.

    Onwards and downwards everyone!

    Pocket list Day 15

    Day 15, UK, FD

    Back from holiday, struggling a bit with today’s FD as been feasting the last few days.

    Hoping to leave all my calories for the evening. Coffee and tea are my friends.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today!

    Day 15 UK NFD

    Day 15 UK CD

    So tired after super-late night, but got short report out. Just the one more to go today (and present tomorrow am) and I’m done with this project, and back on track – yay.

    V tempted indeed to E A T bc tired… posting for accountability. My brain has been whispering in my ear about oats, carbs, pasta, rice…flapjacks just take a few moments to put together… a quick mug cake won’t do any harm… ALthough i don’t have junk in the house i DO have the wherewithal to make cakes, biscuits, bread…

    Going to segue that temptation into healthier thing… a brunch of soya yogurt with cacao, apple and nuts with sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and perhaps some frozen blackberries or blueberries. Eaten in the sunshine while i read through last night’s report material and the stuff that needs corraling today. After i’ve done some gentle stretching and meditation. Now that sounds like a better plan.

    @basyjames good luck with your 3rd WFD – and thank you for inspiring me to think about planning ahead for something similar – when I’m well!
    @jaifaim thanks for reminder – all it takes is one good day to put us back on track 🙂
    @flourbaby – o no! Still ill?!!!hope you feel better today xx
    @daffodil2010 way to go with FD alongside DH. Good luck with sewing project – as another non-sewer I’ll be glad to follow your progress 🙂
    @snowflake56 what a perfect day among books 🙂
    @betsylee way to go with visible progress – you’ve got this 🙂
    @ciren2 hope you are feeling better after the acupuncture? x (I also have bum pain – pitiformis, hip flexor and something else.. been doing gentle yoga & physio and feeling gentle progress)

    Have a lovely day y’all xx

    Day 15 USA (Illinois) FD

    Going to join the fasters today – often easier than NFD’s for sure.

    @funshipfreddie – congratulations on your great progress! Only 1 kilo to go?

    @lindab – yeah for your goal! I also love portabello mushrooms…I add them to lots of my dishes as the smaller sliced ones. Great as a side with any meat, in my omelettes or veggies. Usually I do fry them, just figuring in the calories of the olive oil.

    @at – so good of you to support your friend’s family at the loss of the son.

    @jaifaim – mental illness and “darkness into light” suicide support are oh so important. That sounds like such a wonderful program and charity.

    @ktcaroline – nice to see you!

    @rafiki44 – enjoy Maui! We did Oahu, Big Island, and Kauai a few years ago. You might enjoy reading James Michener’s “Hawaii” as it so wonderfully delineates all the Japanese and American influences on the islands. I read his “Hawaii” and “Alaska” after visiting each of those states! (Should have read them before!)They are both excellent but really tomes.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 15 second post FD800

    Managed my fast day okay. Maybe a bit over, but not too much. I started an early Day 15 Pocket list, but it seems to have been lost somewhere, and not on the later ones. Guess it’s the problem of being so much further ahead in time to the U.K. and U.S.A.

    @michelinme, thanks for the encouragement. Actually I’m struggling quite a lot this week, maybe post-infection exhaustion. How are you feeling now? I hope you’re feeling in generally much better health.

    @funshipfreddie, liked the Benjamin Franklin quote – so true!

    Enjoy day 15 everyone!

    Day 15 NFD, Amsterdam

    Good FD yesterday ( – 1.1kg)
    Less lunch than usual today but find it hard to change routine when we all eat together a subsidised sandwich meal at lunch. Little by little.
    Mum v sick so am off to London again on weekend, hope to keep being good but my parents do like a Chinese takeaway… Hmm.
    Good luck today to those fasting 🙂 Back on it tomorrow!
    C x

    Day 15 Canton OH WFD 3

    So far, day 3 has had squirts of energy, not the full burst I was anticipating. I held my own on the elliptical but I had to put some effort into it. My HR was up and I got lightheaded a couple times and had to dial back accordingly, but I was able to complete the 30-minute cardio and 10 minutes of strength training.

    Thank you again for all the support and words of encouragement, you gave me what I needed to push through. I believe I can go another 24 hours, so will WF tomorrow as well; I have a swanky dinner to attend in the evening so I will break my fast there because I will not be tempted to stuff myself.

    What’s with the nasty virus? @betsylee @michelinme, @flourbaby @ciren2 @gretta feel better guys!

    @ktcaroline you go with the self-control!

    @jaifam thanks for the reminder. I was in a bad place over the last 2 weeks with my diet; I was so out of control and not very happy with myself. Then I decided that instead of scolding, I was just going to love myself, even the bits I did not like and take one day at a time.

    We will all get there, all we have is today and we can make the best of it if we choose.

    Enjoy day 15 everyone!
    @betsylee F800
    @basyjames WFD3

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