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  • Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another NFD today. My Fitbit accused me of being an ‘overachiever’ yesterday, after I clocked up over 15,000 steps, so I think I can relax a bit. I may do a MFD tomorrow. 4 NFDs in a row seems like a lot, especially during a ‘challenge’! I just don’t want to undo my achievement so far.

    @rabbette – my Dad too was very pushy with food when I was a kid. His nightly command to ‘get some bread with it’ (white, sliced, buttered!) during our evening meal became a running joke! Oddly enough, I don’t remember any overweight kids when I was growing up in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Certainly not in England at primary school age.

    @ciren2 – I’m a huge fan of chocolate too! I could live on it. But I try to stick to the dark stuff too, usually the 78%, and just a couple of squares on NFDs. Somehow it’s not as addictive as regular milk chocolate.

    “I’m not losing weight, I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again.”

    Day 10 -Ireland – NFD

    Good morning all and welcome back @debster251! Sounds like you had a fab holiday!
    I hope all the fasters got through their day ok yesterday?
    Already we have reached our second weekend…
    I hope you are all doing ok, particularly those new to this WOL… @funshipfreddie, @yvette-hamilton, @faceache, @tnicci hope all’s going well with this new WOL for you..

    And those regulars who we have not heard from for a little while – I hope all is good and if you are there reading in the wings that’s great… 👌@ccco, @penz, @coda, @glowworm, @lew , @emmataylor, @mia139, @shinything, @wacm, @biddiev, @excelsior12309, @stephsie, @alisa253 and others .. forgive me if I don’t have you all here..

    @dj757575 it’s great to have you here… and well done to you 👍👍👍along with all those who started with us for May! @at it’s great to have you back! I don’t know what it is about this time of year but knew coming into it that it might be a struggle.. but… we can do this….💕
    @rabbette don’t ever apologise for your long post (which I loved) and equally to others posting short posts (@rafiki44 love them too) or not posting… each to their own style… I’m not consistent generally when I’m not hosting… and it depends very much on what is going on in my life… trying to be more consistent this month and not to forget anyone along the way but even then there are days when I don’t get it right but we get there 👍👍
    Good on you @gretta, i can never stop at 2 🤪 and@brightonbelle and @songbirdme – such deteemination 👍
    Good luck to @ Betsylee and @arelkade and any others fasting today 👍
    @annemarilyn – I like your commitment to self and it’s so true! Thanks for posting @ats quote which is THE BEST
    @dingping at the risk of popping the craving back into your head 🤣… did you have the FF sandwiches? 🐠 🍞 – I have never had one….
    Have a great Friday everyone!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 Wales NFD
    Day 9 NFD

    Off to walk up Pen Y Fan, highest peak in Wales. Weather looks good so hopefully I can do it.
    Have a good day all x

    Hey @russetfox: lucky you having a handy mountain nearby to exercise on…and isn’t it a lovely day today too?

    Day 10 UK, NFD

    66.7kg (so happy with this, as it means my BMI is no longer classed as overweight yay)

    @rabbette thank you for the recipe, will definitely try it x

    Will catch up with everyones posts later as stuck at work all day today.

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 10 Herefordshire U.K. FD

    Going again today, yesterday was not a good FD but not a disaster either, will keep practicing! Hope my fellow yesterday fasters did better than me especially @jaifaim (yes I managed to swerve the FF sandwich, phew!) and @at who are also struggling.

    Good luck @russetfox climbing your mountain, I can if the weather is good see the outline of Pen Y Fan in the distance on my drive to Hay to do my shopping. Not attempted the climb yet but building up to it.

    Good luck and joy to everyone with what ever you’re getting up to.

    Ta x

    Day 10 Pocket List

    Hi @jaifaim and thanks for remembering me! I’m here all the time. Just had a long holiday in Basque country, France then Spain, ending in Madrid. Not been fasting but not eating much either, but Spain is almost as bad as Italy for carb based food. Been eating bread (why?) so know I’ve put on weight, but have finally decided to cut myself some slack. If I’m on holiday, chances are I’ll put on a bit of weight, but I can deal with it when I get home. I hope…!
    Hello to lots of new and newish fasters. Hope everybody has a good day. H

    Day 10 UK NFD

    @georgia83: Congratulations on leaving the overweight BMI zone! What a boost.

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick check in before Silver Sneakers and work at the museum. Going to a friend’s church with her this evening for a dinner and musical program. It will be good to spend time with her.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 10 Third post (around midnight) – made it today as a FD, not just a FD800. Weigh-in tomorrow, then I’ll be relaxing with a NFD.

    @georgia83, wonderful for you to officially be in the normal weight range. I’ll be happy when I reach the overweight rather than obese range (another couple of kgs, en route to normality, which will be about another 14 kg). But, any move downwards is a blessing.

    Day 10, VA, USA, WFD B2B

    Kneeling for strength, this weekend is Mamaw’s Mean Cobbler release, This is a beer from Hardwood “A Belgian-style Peach Tripel Ale with vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, and milk sugar additions delivering the classic flavors of a southern-style peach cobbler baked fresh in grandma’s kitchen.” THIS was my FAVORITE beer they made last year and YES it does taste like peach cobbler. I’m soooooooo not fasting on Saturday! Or maybe I’ll just do a Beer Fast! Prayers for not drinking myself into oblivion this weekend.

    This morning very breezy and pretty. Birds are singing their butts off! I’m going to do house chores & take on a challenge set by my SO – 15 minutes with my hoop! Usually I do about 10 min. Interesting info is that my Fitbit says that anytime I’m doing the hoop it counts those minutes as Cardio. Yet I teach AND do yoga about 4 times a day and those minutes don’t show up on mines any kind of workout, it counts yoga as walking. *I have the most basic Fitbit that does not calculate heart beat, it only knows when I move fast or of course walk.

    Today I will mess around with my glow gloves. I need to order some faux fur fabric to make plush light up scarves, but so far my search on the inter-webs has proven to be a bit scarce (sp).

    Extra NOTE on the Keto Waffle
    – I halved the recipe, totally forgot to say that. AND it said that they freeze well, which is good b/c I had to save the other 1/2 of my waffle. (Which I put in the freezer for a future date.) I would say just pop it out the freezer when you get to Breakfast duties/coffee making and all that, pre-heat your waffle iron and pop it back into the iron. (When I do this – I’ll try and give an update as to how that process went.)

    @rafiki44 – lol 😂, I’m glad.

    @gretta – WOW I’m impressed. I would just have to steer away, maybe just drink black coffee. The control it takes to do what you did, you win the (willpower) W award on your shirt!

    @ciren2 – ooooo what kind of books (if you don’t mind me inquiring.) I’m all about mental preparation as well as processing. I write ceremonies and help folks with transitions/changes/challenges.

    @georgia83 – yes let me know when you make it and what you think of it. AND HECK yeah on the BMI I was excited just not to be considered obese. You must be close to your goal weight!

    @daffodil2010 – ooooooo kitchen in the VAN! I’m super excited.

    @betsylee – I think we are getting all of your rain. We have had a VERY rainy season. And I LOVE the rain, but dang my plants are going to drown if it keeps up. I’ll try and mentally send the rain your way 😉 and I was super excited not to be considered obese too! You’ll get there, mine only happened I think last month!

    @funshipfreddie – ha love it when my Fitbit calls me an ‘overachiever’! It usually happens when I go dancing! I’ll dance for hours and not hardly even rest. Oh My – I think our Dads are bothers! My dad LOVES a slice of white bread covered in margarine, I always like real butter, but my Dad wasn’t much on being patient so he loved how he could take his margarine from the fridge in that 1/2 gallon tub and just spread it on! Oh Childhood memories. PS love your quote “I’m not losing weight, I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again.”

    @jaifaim – Yay! I had to make up for not posting for 4 days 😉 when I was on vacation. You’re doing great at checkin in with us! Thanks again being our host.

    @emma – oh vacation there, I would eat ALLLLL the bread!

    Day 10 Pocket List
    @rabbette B2B

    Slow and steady wins the race!

    Day 10 UK NFD

    Friday weigh-day tho I’m not fasting yet this month – As in, I’m not 5:2ing, But still mostly sticking to 16:8 bc it works for me. Thus far in May I’ve somehow lost a whole lb while gaining 0.5″ on bust, waist & hips… And finally, FINALLY BMI down to 22.8 – after being 23.x since July 2018! Just goes to show the scales aren’t everything… tho i’m also now only a 1lb from the top of my weight range goal 🙂

    I’m feeling pretty puffy, guessing it’s bc not fasted and had a few more carbs than usual. And a fair few cashew nuts. Today is about a barking cough & pretty rough, but also delighting in a bit more energy after my best night’s sleep in a while. Thank you for the top tips of MO on SOLES of feet (not just feet!!!)@flourbaby – and cashew nuts at bed time 🙂

    Yesterday was a good one. Encouraged by DD who was WFH round at hers, I decided to WFBed 😀 Gently tackled the niggly project stuff with v overdue deadlines and got it done in steps, in between eating, resting etc. Amazing the difference it makes being more comfortable and feeling less cluttered too.

    Today has been a day of rest, in a topsy-turvey sort of way. Not yet made it to the garden to sit in the sun, or done gentle stretches or meditation, but done some good thinking and research. Time spent diving like this feels a gift, and sets up my brain to be in a better place. Chores & laundry done, clothes for tomorrow hung up and bag packed. Now to bake a gentle loaf for community breakfast, shower and wash my hair and enjoy some planning and reading time.

    @rabbette thank you. Glad you are now recovered 🙂
    @matpi sounds as tho you are overdue for a day’s breathing space 🙂
    @rafiki44 i like your posts too – like a haiku 🙂
    @ciren2 glad DH is slowly mending… look after yourself too!
    @jaifaim thank you for gentle steering us through the first 1/3 of this challenge! Not a straightforward month for many, but always stronger together 🙂

    @rabbette: You Can Think Yourself Thin (Ursula James) which includes a CD, and The Every Other Day Diet, (Krista Varaldi). Maybe I can be inspired and motivated to get back on the wagon,eh? Worth trying anyway.

    @ciren2 – I think I almost practice the Every other Day Diet (my weight wont move on just 5:2). Its good to get new inspiration, I looked at the You Can Think Yourself Thin book and I’m intrigued. I love affirmations and hypnosis! Heck yeah its worth trying, I like getting inspired or new tips and tricks. Sometimes just one little thing can change one’s whole perspective/life.

    Day 10 – Rochester, NY – FD

    Greetings from Rochester, NY! It’s 3:30pm where I am and I’m well into my fasting day. It hasn’t been hard today, probably because I significantly overate yesterday. (I’m still burning through all those extra calories – ugh!) I’ve been playing around with intermittent fasting for years, but now I’d like to be more structured and thoughtful (and accountable!) with my plan.

    I’m going to fast on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with the goal of eating my 500 calories at dinnertime. On non-fasting days, I will eat at or slightly under my calorie requirement. (The controlled eating day goal of 1200 calories is a good one for me, since at only 5’1″ tall, eating 1200 calories/day is not too much of a deficit.)

    I like this method of controlling my food intake because it’s so darn easy in the sense that I don’t have to weigh, measure, or track every bite that goes into my mouth. (I find I burn out on doing that after awhile.) All I have to do when I’m fasting is not eat! Easier said than done – I know. 😉

    I have a wicked sweet tooth and I know that after a week or two without sweets my cravings significantly dissapate. So in addition to the fasting regimen above, I commit to ditching processed, sugary foods.

    I hope everyone has had a lovely Friday!

    Day 10, 2nd post

    @ciren2 @betsylee @rabbette thank you so much for your support, sending digital hugs your way. I can say in all honesty that this group keeps me going, reading all your posts and knowing you’re out there going through the same is an amazing help. Still have a few more kilos to go, lets do this together xx

    Going on holiday for a few days so NFDs all the way. Worried that I will lose the momentum with this break, May is going well for me so far and I don’t want to ruin it all. Tempted to pull off an FD or a 800cal day tomorrow as I will be spending the morning on a plane and will have a late lunch. Sounds doable but I know I will be dehydrated, which for me equals hungry…

    Will definitely try to post daily.

    Wishing you all a good weekend!

    Day 10- Eastern WA USA- NFD

    It’s an eating day. Just closing out my eating window with some cauliflower chicken mac ‘n cheese and a yummy salad.

    @georgia83 – enjoy your vacation

    @michelinme- I do hope you move towards good health & don’t take as long as your friend to get well

    Enjoy the weekend, including Mother’s Day for some of us 🙂

    Day 10 – UK – FD600

    I can’t believe that I have just done B2B FDs!!!! Yesterday was only 150cals and today just under 600cals so hoping that this presses my RESET button for May!

    Keeping busy today – went for a great 5mile hike with my walking group this morning, it was a bit drizzly but very enjoyable scenery and company. Dental hygienist appointment this afternoon and then home to a bit of house tidy and cooking dinner. Then out this evening with my film group to see Longshot with Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen – a romantic comedy spiked with political parody. O’Shea Jackson Jr. proves a crackling comic actor as Flarsky’s best friend

    @debster251 – lovely to have you back – your 7days in Spain sound fabulous
    @betsylee – great job on dropping those 3.5kg in 8 weeks 👍
    @dj757575 – good to hear that you are not throwing in the towel and how can you when being mindful even when socialising resulted in a 1.5lb loss!!
    @songbirdme – definitely resetting is the way to go instead of giving up!!!!
    @matpi – how lovely to have been able to take a breather and catch up with yourself!
    @gretta – great willpower when faced with lots of biscuits, chocolate, chips, and muffins 💪
    @ciren2 – 🤗 stay positive – hopefully the house sale will go through sooner than later – I so wish that you can find your mojo and hop back onto the 5:2 bandwagon – we will be here waiting for you xx
    @funshipfreddie – love your finishing mantra!
    @jaifaim – thank you for the support – it certainly helped knowing that you and @kaywesterman @brightonbelle @shelliz and @dingping were there with me
    @russetfox – hopefully you conquered Pen Y Fan and enjoyed it too
    @georgia83 – great milestone in getting your BMI low enough so that it no longer is classed as overweight 👏
    @dingping – hope your FD today went better x

    Let’s see what the weekend brings – hoping to stay in control this weekend if only to prove to myself that I can do this……..and the weatherman promises us a sunshiny week from tomorrow ☀️

    “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope.” —Helen Keller

    Day 11 -Ireland – NFD

    Up early to take part in Darkness into Light ☀️ all wrapped up and ready to go…
    Hoping you all have a lovely day – catch up later.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CFD

    Getting my acronyms mixed up,; doing a CFD today, not an MFD. I’ve got another busy weekend lugging boxes, packing and unpacking, so I’ll be burning plenty of calories.

    Someone mentioned Krista Varady’s book, ‘The Every Other Day Diet, 4 Weeks, 12 lbs, 2 Sizes’? @ciren2, I think? A very good book, though a bit more technical than Dr Mosley’s. And very doable! It’s basically 5:3 though, I think? That’s more or less what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months. It’s a great way to kick-start the weight loss anyway. I think a lot of people do Mon, Wed and Friday, & then take a break over the weekend. But 5:2 is a lot more sustainable, something that can become a lifestyle.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    “A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit”

    Day 11, Emden Germany, NFD

    on day 7 of the new diet, it’s a real challenge. I have to keep my blood suger level stable, potassium intake >4000 mg, carbs at ~130 g, sodium low (no problem, sodium is mostly too low in blood serum). I’m supposed to have 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. It’s not easy, every meal or snack should include protein, which make me feel overly full all the time. Yesterday I managed to eat 2 meals and 2 snacks and ended at ~90 g carbs, 3500 mg potassium and 2000 mg sodium. Had to take 600 mg potassium extra. Total calories ~1750, that’s too much. It’s difficult but it seems to help, my hand seems to improve but it may be wishful thinking. Next bloodtest will be on Monday.

    @annemarilyn, @rabbette, @gretta and @at the athmosphere at the Australian Masterchef is totally different, not only the contestants are nicer but the judges also. I realy dislike the way this Joe looks at people trying to do their best. They are home cooks not professionals.

    @rabbette thanks for the brain games, they are all so difficult to do, I’ll have to practice. Thanks for the waffle recipe also.

    @michelinme I hope your health will improve and the cough will be gone soon. Do you have to go back to work with a full schedule next week? Can you manage that?

    @gretta, @betsylee, @flourbaby I wonder if you can get out of the tube on your own? Perhaps better not to think about that!

    @georgia83 well done on getting back to a normal BMI and enjoy your holiday!

    @funshipfreddie I can’t remember overweight classmates either, I grew up in the Netherlands. At home only my mother was chubby, my dad and my 3 siblings all had normal weights, I was normal too. My sibling are still slim. I’m realy thankful my parents never forced us to eat, we all put our own food on the plate. In restaurants we were allowed to leave food on our plate because often portion were to large.

    @jaifaim I had to look up the Darkness to Daylight walk, being aware of mental illnesses is so important.

    @russetfox had to look up Pen y Fan also, that must have been a climb. I looked at the webcam, it seemed to be a cloudy, rainy day. Hope you enjoyed it.

    @daffodil2010 you always sounded so happy working in the greenhouse (apart from the chef). I’m wondering how @cornish-jane and her greens and B&B plans are doing?

    @flourbaby the doctors that order the MRI get the results next day or when needed the same day. My DH ordered the MRI (I don’t have a GP) so the neuroradiologist decided to go through the result with both of us.

    @ciren2 good news on your OH, but how are you doing, any improvement yet? I hope the books will be helpful, I read the Every other day one but decided it was something I didn’t want to do, it would change my life too much.

    @at well done on the B2B, seems you’re back on track again.

    @debster251 and @emma-taylor welcome back again!

    @dj757575 never give up, this WOL works as you see! We all have our not so good days.

    @songbirdme you’re such a busy bee!

    @betsylee my Wilbur is called Tamme, his favourite place to be is my lap!

    @dingping so you have a large house and an annexe also, not bad. Do you plan to do it as a B&B or have the ones that rent it have to take care of themselves, does it have a kitchen? Do you have to renovate it? So many questions but it’s so interesting to hear. I’m missing my Saturday’s fast, I got so used to it, this morning I had breakfast at 7:30 am.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 11 UK NFD

    Day 11 (already!!!) Herefordshire U.K. FD

    Just lost my post so copy and pasting again, apology if it appears twice!

    I’m a slow learner but not giving up and practicing again! That will be three tepid FD’s in a row where did my restart resolve go? I’m also being very naughty at bed time, I’m taking niacin and using MO but deliberately seem to be keeping myself awake fiddling on my phone. The last two nights I’ve been awake during the niacin flush and it’s not a pleasant experience when trying to get to sleep! Note to self don’t take phone to bed and keep to a reasonable sleep time as I’m all out of kilter due to self sabotage! No wonder my FD’s are so tepid!!

    @at – well done

    @russetfox – we had so many on and off heavy showers yesterday I fear you must have got drenched. How was the climb?

    @georgia83 – congratulations.

    @jaifaim – good luck and well done, what a perfect title for such a great cause.

    @snowflake56 – wow what a challenge you have, it sounds tough but if anyone can do it you can and what a perfect team you and OH must make. Your dietary changes seem the opposite of fasting, big changes as you know take a while to sink in but must be a helpful focus. Is OH eating likewise? Good luck with the continuing challenge and all my fingers and toes are crossed for a positive change, well done x
    Re – annexe it’s one bed and in good condition, we will let it as self catering, I’m not up to the serious hard work of a BnB! I’ve also wondered how @cornish-jane is getting on with her BnB ideas.
    How do you pronounce Tamme, I’ve been reading it as Tammy like the country singer Tammy Wynette but notice your little chap is a chap! Our Wilbur and Tamme is called Millie (she’s a she)
    @snowflake56 – love your love of people and interest in all, especially whilst going through tough times yourself, I feel very self obsessed compared to the great communicators on here but love reading yours and others gentle exploration into all our lives.

    @michelinme (another great communicator) hope your feeling brighter and shaking off those bugs. Take care x

    To everyone have a good day and be brilliant at least in one thing you do today.

    Ta x

    Pocket List Day 11

    Day 11: Gloucestershire UK: NFD

    The motivational books won’t come for a week or so, as I refuse to join Amazon Prime, and always go for the slower, but free delivery. It’s not always that slow either. Meanwhile I’m due back to work next week after most of the last two weeks off. DH took a short drive round the block yesterday to see if he could drive, and he CAN! Took his last dressing off today and the wound looks fine, just a bit scabby but no redness. He has a check-up appointment for early June. I expect he’ll have to do some physio after that.
    I’m still hurting rather a lot. It’s probably not sciatica, but “High Hamstring Tendinopathy” usually associated with runners, hurdlers and sprinters….I am certainly NONE of them…ha…ha! It’s because I have spinal fusion and therefore no give in my lower spine, my tendons at the top of the leg have to stretch more to compensate and they can’t! Anyway, still a pain in the butt!
    @at: I’m hoping, maybe, I can get back on the wagon next week. Maybe that wretched flat-sale will go through?! It’s been over six months of legal problems.
    @snowflake56: Oh poor you, having to be so precise with your eating. I’d hate that…but if it works, you’ll do it. Good luck, as always and ((hugs)).

    Day 11 Wales FD

    Pocket List Day 11
    just double trouble so far, lol x

    @snowflake your diet sounds like a lot to get your head around, but if anyone can do it, you can!! Hope your blood tests show a change x

    At 49 I have just learnt something about myself, I don’t do altitude, lol. I can walk 15 miles on normal terrain, but got 2/3rds of the way up Pen Y Fan and got very sick. Nausea,dizzyness, earache, headache and apparently white as a sheet so OH made us come back down. I don’t know if it was the altitude or down to my ears as had lots of problems with them when I was younger. We will try again in a few weeks and see what happens. I will conquer the mountain, if it is safe for me to do so,lol

    Hope you are all having a good weekend x

    Day 11, London, UK, NFD,

    Well, the final 2 packs of Wotsits are gone ………….. it took some serious willpower to wait for yesterdays’ NFD!!! They’re no longer welcome in my house, I don’t need the level of stress required to say NO, best just not to have them near me ………………. Simple!!!
    @at, I hope your mojo shows up soon, the key is to realise that you’re ON that slippery slope and work hard to get off of it, you’re half way there, a couple of successful FDs and you’ll have dodged that bullet!!!

    Welcome back @debster251, I feel your pain ………………….. wine, glorious med diet, 23 degrees ……………. Now, back to reality!!!!

    @dj757575, that big old reset button is there for just this moment in time, no throwing in of towels, just ……………… Press it!!!! Days off work mean difficult food choices for me, for you it seems good weather has that effect ……………… are we really hoping for more work days & bad weather???!!!!

    @songbirdme, one glass of merlot, I’ll try that one of these days, LOL!!! I’m determined just to drink socially, I think I have good enough manners to NOT swipe the entire bottle of wine when I’m in company!!!!

    @dingping, for me, sometimes the niacin flush is a mild warming around the neck, other times it’s all over & I want to scratch EVERYWHERE!!! Apparently as we top our levels of B3 up the flush lessens, I suppose we just need to keep ourselves at a constant level, I forget sometimes, then the anxiety returns & I have to start all over again!!

    Have a great weekend everyone, stay mindful, controlled and focussed on the prize of better health!!!

    Day 11 California. FD

    Got to get out of the house so the workers can do more kitchen stuff – perhaps that’s a good thing on a fast day! This will be my last fast day until I come back from vacation so I want to do a good job.

    Pocket List Day 11

    @Russettfox: Better give Everest a miss then!

    Had a nice chat with DD on Skype earlier. She’s working in Australia, so appointments have to be made! She tells me she has to have a vaccination for Q-fever (how exotic!) as she works closely with cattle at the research centre. Her workplace also gave her a flu vaccine and she has to get her tetanus up to date. As she and her dear young man (still in the UK) are meeting up in Thailand later in the year, she also needs Yellow Fever and some others. She’ll have an arm like a pin-cushion!
    @rafiki44: Not good having workmen in the house….still, you’ll soon have a lovely kitchen. We’ve got a house being built just across the road from us….endless noise and mess…glad when they’re finished! They’re up to roof-level now, so hopefully over the worst.

    Day 10, VA, USA, NFD

    Today I started off with Shrimp and Grits (I did not grow up on southern food, I have northern parents and we didn’t know what a ‘grit’ was *think of the movie ‘my cousin vinny’ and you have us pegged pretty good. Haha) I saw this dish on a cooking show in my mid 20’s and had to try and make it! I have been making it ever since – or some variation of it such as when I was vegetarian I swapped out the bacon & shrimp for seitan or thinly peeled carrots marinated in liquid smoke and braggs aminos. I know these were not the same, but I still liked the process and challenge of making this dish.

    Well, I have encounter yet another way to challenge myself with this dish, since I have slowly transitioned to a LCHF(low carb high fat) kind of diet. I need to re-invent my grits! I did not try and do it today, but it is on my list for possibly next week (I only make this dish once a week, usually Sat or Sun) I see there is a cauliflower version out there – has anyone tried it? OR any recommendations for a LC kind of “grits”

    @at – way to go – B2B can be (for me) a stress reliever, b/c then I don’t need to think about food. *I do lightly plan out if I am going to have a small dinner, but I do it mostly in advance so that I don’t suddenly fall off the wagon b/c hunger has just blown my brain out of my head.

    @snowflake56 – practice the brain games slowly and try different ones, there are many more on that site with videos how to do them. Different folks will find some of them easier to do than others. Its important to build the neuron strength but also not wear yourself out that you hate the brain game. So only try for a few moments and give yourself a break. These “Brain Games/ Brain Breaks” help refocus your mind and also strengthen your neurons that are working to move your hands. Please feel free to contact me in some way that you could have my e-mail or something if you would like more detail and help with these gentle practices.

    @dingping – I also take my phone to bed ;-( I need to find an alternative way to read my books… but I’m dyslexic so all of my books are digital and I read them on my phone. I do have my phone brightness ALLLLLL the way down and use the built in assist to make everything black and white at night AND use the night shift.

    @ciren2 – dang the pain in the butt. Do you have any topical anti-inflammatory you could rub on. I find they are very helpful in at least easing some of my pain that I have in my legs.

    @russetfox – Ah yes altitude CAN have those terrible effects. It can take the body 2-5 days to adjust to altitude. So if you are sensitive, I would say maybe just try and visit a place that has only a little bit of the higher altitude and let yourself adjust to that. I’m sorry you felt like that, I had altitude sickness in Peru when I got to Cusco at 3,400 m and it is tough. Drink lots of water and rest.

    @flourbaby – yes get rid of those things! Cheese Puffs are dangerous around me too. I just don’t buy them anymore.

    @rafiki44 – Yay vacation – have fun!

    Cheers! Hopefully I don’t get tooooooo done-in from the Peach cobbler beer, but if I do I will enjoy EVERY LAST DROP and not feel bad, it is a limited release so taking time to enjoy the temporary.

    There is only this moment, to be present in this moment!

    Day 11 -Ireland – NFD – second post

    Lovely Darkness into Light ☀️walk this morning which started at 4.15 – 5km starting out in the dark and walking into the light.. there was a beautiful sunrise this morning and it has been a long but gorgeous day.
    Darkness into light hopes to raise awareness awareness of mental health, self-harm and suicide 💕

    @dingping i have started to leave my phone downstairs in the evening now.. so as to try stay off the screen and I use my tablet in airplane mode to read if I wake… small steps along with the M.O. and cashews seem to be working a little…
    @snowflake56 – it great to see you posting and thanks so much for caring for others while you deal with your own worries. 🤗
    @ciren2 I’m so sorry to hear that you are still suffering … you have had so much going on – good luck with the return to work! I hope you had a lovely catch up with your daughter 💕
    @russetfox – I used to suffer with altitude sickness… staying off caffeine, alcohol and taking ginger ahead of an ascent can help if you do head up the mountains again…it sounds like a beautiful part of the world – lucky you!
    @raffiki44 – it will be with it when you get back into your home … and staying out of the house can be a great excuse to fast…
    @flourbaby I’ve just had two bags of hula hoops and I’m not going to mention what else has passed my mouth today… I’m forgiving myself ….
    Tomorrow is a new day which will start with a big long cycle… thank his for “ tomorrows “
    Hoping you all have had a lovely day too and well done to anyone who has fasted today!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd post

    Well another tepid FD but I’m hoping for better next week at least I’m eating well below my TDEE.
    Lovely to have some fasting company today even if I did let the side down a bit for seasoned pros @russetfox and @rafiki44 but ta for being here.

    @ciren2 – You’ve a lot going on with the worst house sell in history, OH’s recovery, your back problems and still adjusting to DD going to Oz so don’t be too hard on yourself, your time is coming and you’ll know when its right to get back on the wagon.

    @russetfox – shame about the altitude sickness but at least you gave it a go and can build up to it next time.

    @flourbaby – the niacin flush is full on, shivering and itching all over and for a prolonged time, I must be empty of of Vit B3!

    @rabbette & @jaifaim – re phone, I’m going to keep my sticky fingers off it tonight!

    @jaifaim – well done, sounded a beautiful way to start the day and all for a good cause, well deserved Hula Hoops!

    @rabbette – enjoy you beer.

    Off to bed, up early to drive to London tomorrow morning, goodnight all.
    Ta x

    Day 11 – USA – NFD

    Keeping below maintenance this month so far: 136-139 lbs. @rabbette, I am not from the south either, but I’ve lived here since 2012 (Tn) and am LCHF…I remember a great recipe for low carb “oatmeal” which actually used flax meal and/or psyllium husk. You left it overnight and dang, it was good in the morning! Don’t have the recipe in front of me, but YouTube will.

    Day 11 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing my best to move a lot as well as keep under TDEE.

    Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday to all you who are mothers!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 12 – South Africa🇿🇦 – NFD

    I could get used to the CFDs! So much easier than a regular FD.
    Busy Busy…
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there.


    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Not doing great on food choices this weekend and feel puffy. What is it about this month?

    Have a great Sunday all. Back to the FD grindstone for sure tomorrow for me

    Day 12, London, UK, NFD

    Another CD today I hope, yesterday was ok, although after the ham & cheese sourdough toastie, I’m glad there’s no more bread in the freezer!!

    The scales are doing their bouncy-bouncy thing again, there have been a few ‘treats’ so it’s to be expected. I’m with you @daffodil2010, back to the FD grindstone; I may have to throw one in tomorrow depending on how controlled this evening ends up!!!!

    Happy fasting folks, stay strong!!!

    Day 12 UK NFD

    Hear what you’re saying ladies @daffodil2010 & @flourbaby
    My week started disastrously on bank holiday Monday and went downhill from there but I’m getting back to normal fasting tomorrow and I’m really going to give it a go next week x

    Day 12: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    @daffodil2010: Me too, I hope.
    It’s going to be a hard week back at work for me after most of the last two weeks off (for DHs back op and also a planned week-off). In at the deep end, just when my tendons and back are playing me up too. A selection of different deliveries to cover during the week, including the hardest rural round, one day. I thought I’d seen the last of that one a year ago! The boss more or less promised me I would have my “own” round by now…..but people away and can’t be helped this week. Sigh…we are a small office.

    Seems many in the world have Mothers’ Day today…so have a good one, mums xx
    In the UK it’s on the 4th Sunday of Lent, so a movable feast like Easter.
    @jaifaim: Darkness into Light….what a lovely idea, and such as good cause too. You had great weather for it.

    Day 12 Melb Aust NFD
    Day 11 NFD

    Weighed in yesterday morning half a kg lighter, but have enjoyed some indulgences since then. Don’t seem to have fully recovered from my cold, and just so tired all the time. It doesn’t help the self-control. Still, one positive, I had an Easter chocolate rabbit still in the fridge, and I just crushed it into the garbage bin, about half an hour ago. That’s one thing at least which won’t be a temptation any more.

    @russetfox, I also have problems with altitude, which I didn’t realise until one summer when I was in China. I was part of a medical team (I was the lab person) that went up to work on the Tibetan plateau. I was most ineffective because for the first several days I had abnormal heart beats and had to not carry anything and only move very slowly. I was just starting to adjust when our week there finished. My doctor back home here in Australia basically told me I shouldn’t ever go to that height again, unless I lost a significant amount of weight, and even then it might not be safe. Mind you, we were at about 3700 metres, which is around 12,000 feet, I think, so more like the height that @rabbette was at.

    @snowflake56, what kind of cat is your Tamme? Yes, Wilbur loves my lap, but he’s a real tomcat, very independent. If I lift him onto my lap, he immediately jumps down again. He has to decide for himself that he wants to be on my lap, and that’s regardless of whether it’s convenient for me! I’ve spent many evenings (including now 🙂 ) twisted towards my laptop sitting on the arm of the couch as he doesn’t want to shift from my lap!!! Okay, I’m soft; I could make him move if I really wanted to!
    By the way, how are you fitting your new diet into 5:2? It sounds like the old dietary recommendations which just encouraged weight gain because the body has no chance to rest from food. You have to try it, because your hand situation needs to improve, but …… I’ll be praying for your hand to improve!

    Too tired to write more comments, sorry, but keep on keeping on everyone.

    Day 12 – Ireland – NFD

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there! We celebrate it earlier in the year here …
    Hope the day is going well for you all.
    Just in from a long spin 120 km in beautiful weather… coffee and good food had along the way and like many of you I am planning a major reset tomorrow. 💪

    We have many more May days where we can make a difference. I have to get on track before a big event in two weeks time where being lighter will really stand to me 🚲

    I don’t think anyone is fasting today BUT if you are good luck and you can do it!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 13 – Melbourne Aus – FD/CD/800cal?

    Spent the weekend with the family over in Adelaide to visit my grandma, did a working bee in the garden for her for mothers day. I think she loved it. She’s not very well, but enjoyed having everyone there – especially watching us do plenty of manual labour.

    Was an EFS day yesterday, first one like that in a while. It’s all been pretty sad watching her health deteriorate so quickly, and as a result I stuffed my face with bread and a bit of chocolate!

    Meant to be going out for dinner tonight with the DH and inlaws, so had planned to move my FD to tomorrow, but honestly just think I need a night in, so might just do a FD, might go for 800cal or a CD, I’ll just see how I go.

    @ciren2 glad to hear your DH is on the mend. And back on the road! Woo! How frustrating regarding the sale, hope it resolves soon so you can move on! Good luck getting back to work, the first few days after a break I always find challenging.
    @emmataylor sounds like a great trip. I have that exact mentality to travel – plus enjoying new and interesting foods is something about travel that I absolutely love.
    @georgia83 congrats on the healthy BMI! What a great achievement!
    @rabbette that beer sounds delicious! I’m off to the Great Australian Beer Spectapular this Friday, hoping to try some yummy ones there (180 beers and ciders on tap…). Thanks re: the willpower!! I think it really helps that I tell people that I’m trying to avoid sugar – I think saying it out loud also reminds me haha.
    @michelinme too many carbs always make me puffy (especially bread, probably helped by the sodium in bread…). Luckily it seems to go away after I cut back on carbs in a day or so. Hope you feel better soon – rest up!
    @at that sounds like a strong reset! Good work!
    @snowflake glad to hear you’re finding some improvement, even if the prescribed diet is not totally ideal.

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Seems like forever since my last FD, but it’s only been four days. I’ve managed to eat sensibly though. But it really is a minefield out there. Yesterday afternoon, as I was unloading the car, one of my new neighbours brought me a chocolate cupcake, ‘for energy’😳. A lovely gesture, & fortunately it wasn’t a FD. It would have been rude not to eat it.

    We’re almost halfway through the challenge! For me, half the battle is just getting my head in the right place, and planning what I will/won’t eat; one day at a time. We can do this!

    ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’

    Day 13 – Ireland – FD

    Hi all, so a serious reset as things gut completely out of hand yesterday… fancied an ice-cream so bought a three pack of almond magnum… proceeded to eat 2 of the 3 and then binned the third as knew it would call to me from the freezer today…
    Felt really annoyed with myself… but that’s actually what I am… a binger! And a whinger 😂
    This is why staying off sugar in the main is so important for me… no problem with alcohol but once I get the craving fir sugar I’m undone…
    Anyway.. enough whingeing…. I will have a good fast day today! Who is with me and @fundhipfreddie and @gretta?
    Hope you all have a good day whatever your plans are 💕

    Pocket list for today:

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    I really lost the run of myself over the weekend, no sensible food choices at all, and even had two breakfasts yesterday.. For Petes sake, what am I doing?

    Today I am very tired even though I was in bed at 10. Tad hungover which will explain the tiredness. Do not want to go to work today, but have to. Boo.

    The sun is shining however, so I plan to go for a long walk at lunchtime and have my simple Oatbran bread lunch by the banks of the River Boyne, I might get to see the otters. So I am determined to make this a good day though feeling sluggish now.

    I have a veg soup for evening meal, then I plan to drive to Dublin to visit Dad, so that’s the whole evening busy. He is going well, even driving his car again, but still on crutches.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 13 UK FD

    Aim to take it a day at a time Fasting today want a 500 ish cals and then start to plan the rest of the week . Onwards……

    Day 13 – FD – Reading

    Good morning everyone! I’ve added myself to the spreadsheet – and am totally determined to stick to at least two FDs every week. I was doing quite well with the fast diet a year or two ago, and then I let it slip. Of course my weight has gone up, so I’m back! And it’s a fast day today!!!! Yeah! (I think ….) Caroline

    Day 13, Emden Germany, NFD

    My hand is getting better, the new diet is going well, weight stayed the same despite 6 meals a day. But I’m disappointed about the results of the blood test this morning, potassium went up from 3.5 to 3.7, we hoped I would be over 4.0 after having >4000 mg daily. I’ll have to go over that it seems. I’ll get there.

    @dingping I don’t think you’re self obsessed, not everyone likes to post much and not everyone is interested in the lives of others, but you are. I just want everyone to feel well and I’m fascinated by the different life every one of us leads. My DH doesn’t eat what I eat, he mostly has 2 white buns with quark and a thick layer of mayonnaise for breakfast, I always have my vegatables steamed, he prefers to cook his in the oven with olive oil. But he hardly eats any sweets or ice cream. I couldn’t find the IPA symbols for “Tamme”, the “a” is like barn, the “e” is like rush. I think your annexe will be great for a book lover after brousing the book shops, you’ll need a good reading chair and footstool them to curl up in. And a good light, difficult to find good ones. Is it also painted in Purbeck stone?

    @ciren2 good news on your DH, I hope your tendon problems are getting better. Is the house you want to sell off the market during the time of the negociations?

    @russetfox what a pity. Is it possible to train altitude sickness? I never climbed a high mountain, I’m a flatlander, I always lived at low altitude, I need space and wide views.

    @rafiki44 when will your kitchen be finished? Holiday sounds good, any plans?

    @rabbette thanks for your kind offer, I will get back to it if I’m stuck. The thumb/pink one is difficult but I can do the ear/nose one without any effort. I’ll practice the other ones, I want to be able to do them all. I love Belgian beer, esp. Lambic Kriek, a cherry one, and Trappist, a darker beer with more alcohol. I’m not a fan of German beers.

    @jaifaim I’m doing well and feel good, it’s just the hand.

    @betsylee our cat is a ordinary house cat, no special breed. I can’t pick Tamme up, he’s afraid of hands but as soon as I’m sitting down, he’ll jump on my lap. He’s the most talkative cat we had so far, he has a lot to say. He has to stay inside, he gets beaten up by the cats living around us but he likes to be on the balcony. He has a girlfriend who comes by almost every day. They have a chat through the window so he’s always informed what’s going on the neighbourhood. The diet I’m on is not compatible with 5:2 but if it works I’ll try to extend the time between evening snack and breakfast.

    @daffodil2010 lovely to hear your Dad is doing so well!

    @ktcaroline welcome back!!!

    Long post, feel free to skip it!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 13 Wales FD

    Pocket list for today:
    @ktcaroline welcome back x

    Added a few more I noticed on this page. Hope that’s ok xx

    Day 13. London UK. FD ( first for ages…)

    Our Basque country trip involved Bordeaux, Biarritz, San Sebastián, Bilbao and then onto Madrid. Mostly travelling by bus because it seems to be the preferred option – easier than by train. We absolutely loved it. If you’ve never been, go! Everybody was met was just lovely, the seafood was fantastic, and cheap, the places were just delightful, amazing beaches, lush scenery. We had a blast. Weather round there is affected by the Atlantic, obviously, so very unpredictable, not unlike UK weather but more changeable. So, back to the fasting grindstone ( not really. I like fasting). Let’s hope it’s easy on, easy off…

    Sorry to be a pain. Please can someone add me to the pocket list? H

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