May 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 4 – Japan – NFD

    I echo the happy anniversary to @jaifaim. That is the best thing about fasting, it is also flexible so a person can have a nice day once in while without any guilt.

    I found a Yamasaki style push up that will help me build the strength I need. Only problem with is I can’t even do one of them yet! It looks so easy but it isn’t.

    For me, it is like on working on a four legged stool. Fasting, nutrition, exercise and flexibility. My flexibility leg is a little short.

    On the plus size I’m weaning pants I haven’t been able to wear for a few months. My smaller sized. So even though my weight is running a few kilos higher my mid section is back to size.

    Day3 – virginia,usa (NF)

    today i ate all day, no excuses, but i had boring tasks at work and tried to find ‘answers in my fridge’ – it was a good phrase!
    Happy anniversary to @jaifaim – all the best for many years, good job!
    dykask – thanks for the push up video. I started this week Tracy Anderson arm routine, the push ups will be good addition (yes!) i am not going to do Ninja bonus, will let you know how many i do tomorrow.
    I plan Fday tomorrow after today’s all day buffet
    good night

    Day 4 – UK – NFD

    Had a successful FD yesterday but ended up only sleeping 4hours – happens quite frequently to me after a FD. Maybe I will try a warm drink or some carbs in the FD evening instead of cold salad next time.
    Managed to catch up on several episodes of my netflix series though 😂

    Looking forward to some overnight oats and some cheese for breakfast and then off to work (not feeling productive at all!😵). Maybe I will grab some strong black coffee too😊

    Will try the scales today, wish me luck!

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Beautiful sunrise right now. Busy day ahead with DH out in the camper. It’s getting exciting now as things are starting to come together, now we have storage with doors and a comfy seating area. Yay. A whole year into this project and still going.

    Not doing too well on the food choices but will press reset button on Monday.
    Happy anniversary @jaifaim

    Day 4: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    Happy Anniversary @jaifaim….how many years is it?
    Hospital visit went well yesterday. Hectic day. First day back at work since he had his op. and it happened to be a busy one on a harder delivery than I was on previously….groan.
    Anyway, good news is that the hospital are still happy that DH’s wound is not infected and the leakage is “normal”…even after eight days! He’s got to go back again next Wednesday is it’s still leaking. I noticed he got in and out of my small car much easier too.
    Anyway, another day at work today, followed by my scheduled week off. I could do with it, as being a “carer” and DH not being able to do things like shopping and stuff while I’m at work is hard.
    We must all appreciate our other-halfs!!
    Bye for now, will try to catch up later xx

    Day 4 – 2nd post

    I was surprised when I weighed myself, 79.3kg, only about 1 kg increase over 40 hours and I’ve been drinking a lot more than when I was fasting. I think digestion takes a lot of water.

    @georgia83 – After my 100 hour fast I found that I was really tried, I don’t think I actually sleep that well when fasting. I often wake up. I don’t really notice it over my standard two nights of fasting, but I sure did this time over 4 nights of fasting.

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    A whole kilo down after my two FDs! A good start to the challenge. I just need to behave myself over the weekend. I’ll do another FD Monday; if I’m still down a kg after the first week, then I’ll be on track to lose 3 – 4 over the month. 

    Just loaded my car with junk that I’m taking to the local dump. It’s horrifying how much stuff one can accumulate over a couple of decades?! Then taking another car-load of boxes to my new place tomorrow. I’m going to try to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle; as someone wise once said, “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. Easier said than done, but I can only try! 

    Good luck if you’re on a FD today!


    Day 4, Emden Germany, NFD

    dear @daffodil2010, @dingping, @aglowworm, @jaifaim, @michelinme, @at, @ciren2, @annemarilyn and @bluesqueak thank you so much for your caring words. A few days ago I suddenly went into panic mode about the brain/hand issue. I don’t want to see the neurologist and I don’t want to do the usual tests but agreed to have another brain MRI, my DH will make an appointement next Monday. From there we’ll decide what to do. The reason not wanting to be here anymore is this is a site for people fasting which is something I’m just not able to atm.

    @jaifaim Happy Anniversary weekend!

    @russetfox Happy Birthday!

    @ciren2 glad to hear the leaking is normal but good to have it checked.

    @daffodil2010 does your DH have to work until the surgery will be done? Glad you feel better now.

    @michelinme hope you’re feeling better, good to hear you have someone to help you.

    @annemarilyn it must be hard seeing your daughter going to this, i’m sure she’s so happy to have you around.

    @jaifaim I tried to see the Dementia Choir. The BBC wanted me to register and after the registration they told me I’m not allowed to watch it because it’s only for the UK. Perhaps it will be on youtube some day.

    @dingping we can only dream of a kitchen island, our kitchen is too small to have one. In our last house we had a large dining table in the kitchen, it was the most used room in the house. I had to look up F&B’s Purbeck stone, it’s a grey. My cousin in Canada had grey combined with yellow, it looked great but we never had grey in one of the houses we lived in. We’re more for yellow, red and blue. What lovely plans you have for the near future, we can brouse through bookshops all day long. Books are so calming.

    @funshipfreddie I know what you mean, when I look around in my house I often wonder how everything I see came in there! Minimalism doesn’t sound appealing to us.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    Day 4 – post #3

    I just had an interesting experience. I probably overdid my push-ups this morning, plus when I was done I felt like running but due to some royal event I was detoured and had to run wide of large crowds of people around Hibaya konen (park). So a short run turned in a 7k run. (About 4.34 miles) However I felt fine and even was putting in good times. Much different that my last run while fasting.

    Later I started have muscle cramps. Mostly in my pecks which I never before. It was getting worse and as I went out for food I was hit with a cramp on both sides of the chest and while trying to stretch it out a cramp started in my right triceps. It was bad enough I was having a hard time walking. However I saw a nearby display of vitamin drinks in a 7-11 and decided to try one. I was in pain and it is hard to read the labels in Japanese so I just went with an Oronami-C because my kids like the taste of it. (Normally I avoid it because it has around 50 calories from added sugar and it is a tiny amount.) I was lucky and with-in a minute after starting to slip it the cramps started fading. A couple minutes later I just had the cramp memory of pain. (shadow pain?) It is amazing how quickly it worked. I guess it had enough of something to get my body back on track. <== Just FYI

    Probably a lot of different drinks would have work. However some of them taste horrible. Most of them just taste bad. Anyway I’m surprised that it work and how quickly it worked.

    Day 4 Herefordshire UK FD

    Wasn’t going to fast today (Saturday) as it’s likely to be a hectic day in and out of other peoples houses and staying at DD. However when doing this WOL before it was my normal default setting and I need to stop making excuses to not do this.
    Life here in the country is so different to our previous existence in London and one I’m enjoying but I’m still finding a balance in all I do hard to achieve. We moved to do more than do up a house and sort out a garden. I need to start setting boundaries in my daily life so I can achieve all I want out of being here in this beautiful landscape.

    @jaifaim – happy anniversary.

    @snowflake56 – Oops naming a colour doesn’t help especially as Purbeck probably means nothing to you! Yes it’s grey and the whole house is painted in it! Not a colour I’d embrace as it’s quite drab and seems to suck the light out of a room. Thankfully in the kitchen it’s just the units painted in it so we are putting brighter warmer colours with it. One day we’ll revamp the whole room but going for little fixes at the mo and will embrace more colour in other rooms bit by bit.

    The whole world is in a bookshop and you’d be great to walk around one with, I’m sure you’d be introducing me to marvels I have yet to discover beyond the dust covers! DD is doing a lot of disappearing into books when here I’ve yet to find that balance between doing it all!

    I can’t go without saying I have also felt fraudulent being here at times when my fasting has gone awry despite knowing this is a non judgemental group but you know you’re welcome here fasting or not. Your past fasting credentials, warm open heart, love and interest in people means you have a lot to give us all. I’ve also dipped out when life has got stressful but thankfully I keep finding my way back. Life sounds very tough at the moment and you need to focus on things that help you and if being here helps then please stay but if you need to dip out then we’d understand. You are so brilliant at supporting so many including me getting through tough times and now we are here for you if it’s where you want to be. Take care, love and hugs for now. Xx

    Day 4 Pocket List

    Have a joyful day to all.

    Day 4 Wales NFD
    Day 3 NFD

    This weekend will be total write off diet wise, birthday today and out for afternoon tea with my daughter.
    Yesterday out with hubby celebrating Anniversary (22 years now).
    So a weekend of eating drinking and being merry. Will press reset Monday!!

    Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

    @jaifaim – happy anniversary to you too xx

    Day 4 Wales NFD

    Beautiful sunny day here in Pembrokeshire.

    @russetfox Happy Birthday, sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned, enjoy 🥳

    @snowflake56 I hope you soon find out what is causing your hand problem. Take care xx

    Enjoy the weekend everyone 🤗

    Day 4 UK NFD

    Day 4, London, UK, NFD

    Quick check-in from me today, I’m patting myself on the back for making the healthy choice for lunch, rather than something quick from the snack box calling my name!!!

    Now to focus on hydration, I’ll have a peppermint tea to qualify me for some serious halo polishing!!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!!

    Day 4 Canada NFD
    Had a good first FD back on the wagon. I was worried about how it would go after such a long break and constant snacking.
    Being part of this wonderful group makes such a difference for me. Thanks so much 🙏

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) NFD

    May the Fourth be with you! 🙂 It’s wonderful to see the sun for the 2nd day in a row. Won’t last, the weather reporters say though. Got some yard word done yesterday and will do some more today. It was a pretty good CD as well.

    @georgia83 – I also never sleep well after a FD. I just chalk it up to my body losing more weight!

    @dykask – interesting choice of beverage to help relieve muscle cramps. I have a dear friend who gets them so badly, he might order some of that from Japan!

    @russetfox – what a marvelous celebration time for you with anniversary and birthday. Enjoy!

    @snowflake56 – wow, hope your hand troubles get resolved for you.

    @funshipfreddie – congrats on your 2 kg loss! We plan to do some serious house purging in this next year as well. It’s hard at our age to part with some things of family history!

    Onward and downward.

    @songbirdme thank you, but that’s half a kilo for each FD; so only 1kg down. But more than happy with that!

    Day 4 California. FD

    Happy birthday and anniversary Russetfox and happy anniversary Jaifaim 🎈🎈

    Today is a cleaning day which will both be made more and less challenging by lack of a kitchen/dining room. It’s an overcast day this morning so I’ve lost my mojo but hopefully when the sun come out it will return.

    2nd post

    Missybear my sister is also in Pembrokeshire this weekend for her anniversary. That’s where they got married three years ago (near Little Haven) and want to move to eventually – they almost bought a house there already but it needed too many repairs. When I was there for the wedding I loved it.

    Day 4 – Ireland – NFD

    Happy birthday @russetfox!🎈 I hope you have a lovely day!
    We are busy helping my dad out with his garden so have not caught up on posts but i hope everyone is doing ok 👍
    I’ll check in later …

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 4 – NFD, UK – 2nd post

    @at thank you for welcoming me back!

    @songbirdme @dykask so happy to know I’m not the only one sleepless here lol. I read somewhere that its our body keeping us alert and nudging us to go hunt for food. Our internal mechanisms are weird and awesome at the same time 😋

    Scales were nice to me today, 67.4kg. Really pleased about it. Lets keep it going!

    Not an FD today, but (even though I had a good breakfast) skipped lunch as there was not enough food for all the team. Planning on a big yummy dinner tonight and a brisk 5km walk.

    Have seen all sorts of weather today!

    Day 4 – USA – NFD

    Where are my manners? Mom always told me to say please and thank you….I don’t think I thanked you, @ciren2, for deftly hosting April for us! And thank you, @jaifaim, for hosting us now in May.

    Happy birthday, @songbirdme, and @russetfox…Happy Anniversary, Jaifaim!

    I hope I didn’t leave anyone out…if so, happy whatever you are celebrating!

    Day 4 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)
    Day 3 — NFD (66 bites)

    The NFD’s went well as far as staying on target with food. The stress, though, continues. Yesterday and today have been just big stress days and not Mega-Stress days. Pretty wiped out right now, so will get caught up with everyone when in a day or so.

    Enjoy the dark of the moon!

    Day 5 NSW Australia FD
    (3pm Sunday)
    Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

    Thank you @jaifaim for hosting this month – looking forward to it all!

    Today I have reset my intentions – the last 10 months have been pure laziness, with a 4.2kg gain that needs to go, and then some.

    I started 5:2 in October 2017, and have really appreciated all the good educational advice, encouragement and support this forum has offered – thank you all so much 😊

    I tend to be a tortoise – happy with same! I may not report in everyday, but I’ll be thinking of you all and wishing you well every day. I find it difficult to go back to previous pages, so won’t be able to comment on every post – I’ve lost long posts on previous occasions whilst trying to do this!! Just so happy to be back!

    It looks like our weather is changing at the moment, no bright sunshine, all cloudy, and I’d love to take the dogs for a walk before it rains!

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now xx

    Day 5: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    I ache all over, especially my sciatica has returned since I mowed the lawn the other day, followed by back at work delivering mail (on a tougher round) the last two days. DH wound on his back has nearly stopped seeping…10 days after his operation! Hooray!

    @snowflake56: Sorry to hear you are getting a bit panicy about your hand and general health trouble. Please don’t leave us just because you can’t fast at the moment…I’m here and I can’t either (for different reasons). I think it would help you a lot if you could get a firm diagnosis, which, unfortunately means doing tests. I’m sorry it’s so hard for you. Good luck with the appointment.
    @funshipfreddie: David, I too would be very happy with losing a kilo per two fast days! I think they say, over the long term you lose an average of 1 pound per two FDs (so each week on 5:2) but more at the beginning.
    @metatauta: It was a pleasure, thank YOU!

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Bank holiday Sunday. Going to pot on my tomatoes today, they are growing nice and big so time to move them to final position. Lots of garden related jobs to do yay.

    There will be wine this evening too. 🍷

    Have a great Sunday.

    Day 5 Herefordshire U.K. NFD

    Good FD yesterday, note to self, must drink more water.


    Day 5, UK, NFD

    Ended yesterday’s NFD with a chicken salad (good), 3 choc ices (bad) and a massive bag of crips (very bad). Was home alone and too tired to go for a walk so ended up on the sofa binging. Typical me *sigh*

    Another NFD today, will make healthy choices (eggs for breakfast yum) and go for a walk after dinner – it’s the only thing that stops me from attacking the crisp cabinet in the evenings.

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 5 – Ireland -NFD

    Hi all, I will check in later I promise.. keeping busy here but wishing you all a lovely day whether you are fasting or not 💕

    Day 5 – South Africa🇿🇦 – NFD

    Keeping busy today with my house move, so I know I won’t be over-indulging on my NFD.

    @ciren2 I hope you’re feeling better soon! Few things are worse than back pain.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday.


    Day 5, London, UK, NFD

    I’m aiming for another CD today, knowing I can eat without being too restrictive, providing it’s all healthy filling choices, makes ALL the difference. I had an amazing salad yesterday for dinner for the same calories as a bar of chocolate & a pack of crisps …………………….. It really is a no-brainer!!! I just need to guzzle water when temptation comes calling!!!

    Sea bass, cauliflower mash & a huge side salad for dinner today should keep me on track, this months’ aim is to avoid the bouncy-bouncy scales …………………… I aim to see the numbers go in one direction only!!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!!!

    Day 3-5 – UK – NFD

    What a wonderful Early May Bank Holiday weekend we are having – beautiful sunny days if a bit chilly and breezy on the fell tops around here – the bluebells look wonderful!

    Been out and about enjoying the wonderful weather hence my absence so as I woke up early for me today I thought I would check in before I get out for the day.

    @mia139 – that was a good swerve on Day 2 with those cupcakes 👍
    @alisa253 – I too find that keeping busy on a FD makes it so much easier – your Day 2 sounded busy but lovely x
    @rabbette – Thai food and cocktails – what else could a girl want on her birthday – Hope you enjoyed it all and had a fabulous birthday – Thai is one of my favourite too and we are lucky to have a great Thai restaurant locally
    @gretta – hope your belated degustation birthday dinner with wine obviously was 😋
    @funshipfreddie – good luck with getting the impending house move organised – try not to worry too much – these things have a way of working out on the day 🤞When I moved house some 5 years ago – I did a major clear out and promised not to let this new house get cluttered – we are succeeding in a way but “stuff” just seems to accumulate despite our best efforts 🤣🤣
    @songbirdme – good to hear that your birthday was a very nice day that included some indulgences!!
    @dj757575 – I would take 691cals as a FD – it is well below your TDEE – so as others have said take that as a good one x
    @jaifaim – Happy Anniversary 💑 hope you both have a fab weekend of it
    @annemarilyn – I’m sure your DD appreciates having you nearby and hugs from your mum are always welcomed and certainly helps us feel better!
    @michelinme – 🤗
    @dykask – Thanks for that link to the Yamasaki style push up – a harder version of the yoga chatarunga – what do you think @rabbette and great job @alisa253 for being able to do it!
    @daffodil2010 – that camper van conversion is a labour of love which will give you great pleasure for years
    @ciren2 – good to hear that your DH hospital check up went well – slow but steady recovery is the aim
    @snowflake56 – you are such a strong and positive person so I know you will make the right decisions for your health. Please stay with us even if you are not fasting – we are your cyber friends and want to give you any support we can – @dingping said it all so well xx
    @russetfox – what a wonderful weekend celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversary – enjoy it all with no guilt and start a fresh week on Monday/Tuesday – that’s the beauty of this WOL
    @bellyblast – great job on your first FD back on the 5:2 bandwagon x
    @matpi – sounds like you need one of these 🤗
    @arelkade – stay with us and you will shift those 4.2kg – slow and steady does it and you do know that the tortoise won the race 😉

    Right off to have a shower – get dressed and get outdoors now………..

    Fennel Hudson

    Day 5 – Japan – NFD

    Latter yesterday a few hours after the vitamin drink another cramp started. Since I was at home I drank a cup of black coffee. It was slower but it still helped. I expected it too because black coffee is a reasonable source of potassium. It held to supper and I had another huge salad of dark greens and no cramps since then. That is a much better source of minerals. I have no idea why the vitamin drink helped me yesterday. But I’m not complaining, the cramps can be very painful.

    Day 5 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good day yesterday working at our children’s museum then lots of yard work. Even fired up the grill for the first time this spring!

    Today is Cinco de Mayo so church is doing a ‘potluck’ taco bar with everyone bringing in the various fixings. It ought to be good, and I will do my best not to overeat.

    More yard work this afternoon then as today may be our last nice day for a while.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5 Wales NFD

    @dingping and @flourbaby thanks for the reminders to drink more water, since winter I have just got out of the habit.

    @rafiki44 there are so many beautiful places in Pembrokeshire and Little Haven is one of my favourites. Hope your sister finds a new home there. We moved from central England 3 years ago and I love being close to the gorgeous coastline.

    @arelkade welcome back fellow tortoise….5:2 is a very doable WOL not a frantic dash to the finish line. In maintenance I’m learning that this journey has no end 😉

    Healthy eating and my weekend treat of red wine today….but not too much, FD tomorrow and I don’t do well with a hangover!

    Day 5 Melb Aust CD
    Day 4 NFD
    Day 3 CD
    Day 2 CD

    Haven’t checked in for a few days, and so much has been happening with everyone. From my weigh-in yesterday morning, 3 days has brought a 0.2 kg weight decrease, but I have to be more controlled with my eating. That’s okay, will be from tomorrow.

    @snowflake56, I echo @at‘s and others’ words – you’ve been a real support to others here. Even if you’re not fasting at the moment, allow us to support you at this time. I’ll be praying for a clear diagnosis of the hand situation.

    @flourbaby, sorry to read of how sick you were during April – hope you’re on the real improve!

    @dingping, welcome back!

    @ciren2, yep, we all eventually shrink. Glad OH’s wound has finally reduced its weeping. Be careful of your own back, though.

    @missybear, glad you found the reset button! 🙂

    @songbirdme, hope you had a lovely birthday, and I see you’re also one of the shrinking height brigade – and to think how my brother and I used to tease our mother when she hated to admit she’d lost a inch or two. Glad you’ve had the joy of buying new clothes as well as finding old favourites now fit. Hoping for the same soon.

    @stephsie, yes, much better finally, thanks, now I’m on antibiotics. It’s good that you’re still on the downward trail, even if sometimes it’s more, sometimes less.

    @ccco, welcome, fellow retiree – has the grandson made his appearance yet? Maybe wear the new blouse anyway??

    @jaifaim, isn’t it nice to clean out clothes because they don’t fit “right” any more
    – in a positive way

    @rabbette, great loss for April, and hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Also @russetfox, hope your birthday on the 4th was a lovely day for you

    @aglowworm, good to see you back on the weight loss trail. As someone else wrote (@AT?), trying to keep to your final TDEE on your NFDs may help, ensuring you have some healthy fats and good quality protein.

    @yvette Hamilton, re WFDs, the only issue for those of us that are older is the kind of meds we happen to be on. If any of them need to be taken with food, you really can’t do a WFD. Also, if your blood pressure is low – it will go lower on a water fast day, so again, not a good idea for you. Otherwise, there should be no issue for someone older. I’m 69 and actually do an occasional WFD, and just skip my meds on that day (as I can’t swallow them without food).

    @michelinme, your weight journey is inspiring! So sorry another wretched something or other has caught you again. Hope you’re better soon.

    @hieiren, welcome back, and @mia139, good luck as you lose again

    @annemarilyn, another height shrinker! The main problem I see with that is that it lowers the weight I need to reach to be within the recommended BMI range.

    @daffodil2010, hope there has been a good strategy developed to treat OH’s shoulder

    @dykask, have you tried magnesium to stop the cramping?

    @matpi, hope the stress eases soon

    @dingping, definitely freeze leftovers ASAP, but enjoy the visitors!

    @metatauta, I admire you for your hula-hooping!

    @bluesqueak, I’ve found FD800 much easier to do, even if it slows the weight loss journey a bit. What does that matter?! So, DJ757575, FD800 does work too, as @missybear said.

    Too much, too long, but missed the first 4 days of posts. Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 5 second post

    @yvette Hamilton, just to clarify, re skipping meds, I only have two oral meds to take, Nexium which I don’t need if not eating, and the lowest dose possible of BP meds, again not a problem to skip when on a WFD, as your BP tends to drop a bit on WFDs. If you have any serious health issues needing daily medication, doing water fasts is not for you.

    Day 5-Atlanta, GA. USA FD

    Day 5 UK NFD

    @russetfox: Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. You got married on your birthday?
    @dykask: I wonder, were your muscle cramps caused by dehydration? seeing as a drink (maybe any drink) cured it? Also magnesium, mentioned by @betsylee, has helped me a lot. I used to get plagued by agonising thigh and calf cramps in the night, especially if I get too hot (and thirsty).Much less now I take magnesium.
    Sciatica really bothering me today. A definite pain in the “butt”…lawn-mowing did it, for sure.

    Day 5 UK NFD

    Not fasting tomorrow but checking in to keep me accountable – so easy to go off the rails when not posting daily!.

    I’ve had more carbs than usual and feeling a bit puffy but generally a pretty healthy balanced diet. I baked very seedy loaf yesterday and managed to freeze almost all of it – and chilled my piece before toasting!

    Still sick, but feeling a bit less awful. Thank you for good wishes.

    @betsylee thank you! I remember how closely i read others’ numbers and journeys when I began 5:2; so glad to be able to pass it forward 🙂
    @russetfox happy birthday and happy anniversary!

    Hope the first weekend of the challenge hasn’t been too challenging! Remember, every day can be a reset day

    Day 5- Ohio nfd
    Spent the weekend down with a stomach bug, so had a very unintentional b2b fd weekend. Now down to headache as I’m going back to work. Planning on light meals again tonight. Hopefully will catch up later tonight. Not thinkibg tomorrow will be good to do a fd, so need to look at calendar to figure good days.

    Day 5 -Ireland – second post

    Hi all, hope you are all well and have had a good weekend.
    We have a bank holiday tomorrow so we are hoping to get out on the bikes again..we have managed to get some cycling done in the sun this weekend…
    Lovely weekend celebrating 11 years 💕 good to be with my parents and just generally helping out..
    Gave a lot of my “vintage” clothes to my niece 👍 love that they will be re-loved!
    Hope those of you who are not feeling well will be on the mend soon.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 6 – Japan – WFD

    Not sure I’ll be able to fast all of today, some social conflicts. Still I won’t be fasting for full days for over a week after this as I’ll be on a business trip.

    When I was having the cramping I was well hydrated, I’m pretty sure it was related to mineral issues. I say potassium but magnesium is important too and could also lead to cramping. It isn’t completely clear which shortage is most critical and there is a good amount of debate about what really causes muscle cramping. However good sources of potassium are typically reasonable sources of magnesium. Dark greens being among the best. I also have some dark bitter chocolate with my oatmeal … hard to say.

    I ran three times last week. Not a lot by runners standards, but a lot for me. Sweating is a good way to loss minerals. Also I did four days of water fasting last week. I was probably too close to the edge on something. It wasn’t water though as I was drinking plenty throughout the day. I tend to sweat a lot when I workout.

    I think that with fasting, it is more important to eat nutritionally. It is really best to get our nutrition through food if possible. However if I continue to have problems I’ll start taking a supplement.

    Day 5 (FD) Virginia, USA
    i did the second Fday – fruit and vegetables. there are a lot of vegetables in 500 cal!
    No bird watching today due to rain ;-( so, i went to cycling class, then set a feeder for hummingbirds. Now i want them to discover my feeder as soon as possible.
    thank you AT for support, the last two Fdays were not hard at all.
    Dykask – i am taking magnesium gel capsule with ashwagandha in the evening, my doctor recommended
    jaifaim – enjoy your day off
    HIEiren – hope you recovered and feel good now
    I am eating tomorrow
    good night

    Day 6 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Finally weighed in on Saturday at 69.6kg which I’m happy about, inching ever closer to maintenance. Big of an EFS day yesterday, but otherwise the weekend was somewhat controlled in the food department (even if a tad boozy).

    Dinner on Friday night was just lovely, and spent the rest of the weekend catching up with friends, resting, and doing some housework – the time flew by way too quickly!

    @jaifaim happy anniversary!
    @dj757575 like with what others said, don’t stress too much by going over the 500. Some days I don’t feel like I have the mental resolve to fast, so instead give myself permission to eat 700cal (which is the amount that tends to satisfy me, we’re all different). Some days I eat the extra cals, some days I don’t, and I’ve still lost weight that way. Do what you can stick to!
    @georgia83 I found I slept terribly if I went to bed hungry, so I eat a majority of my FD cals in the evening at dinner time, fixed the problem for me. I also had a bit of a Sunday binge on the couch (cookies and cream icecream **Sigh**)
    @snowflake56 good luck for the MRI, hopefully it gives you the answers you’re after. Tests are never fun. And you are always welcome here, this WOL is about the NFD’s, as much as it is the FD (even MM attests that eating med style diet all the time with no fasting is a great thing to do!), as well as embracing and supporting positive lifestyle choices, so don’t feel like you don’t belong here, you are always welcome xx
    @dykask glad you could find a quick solution! Was there much sodium in the drink? Lack of salt can often be a cause of muscle cramps when exercising, and water along cannot replace the salt.
    @russetfox hope you had a great birthday and anniversary celebration!
    @arelkade welcome back!!
    @ciren2 take care of yourself, hope the sciatica resolves quickly, it’s very uncomfortable.
    @michelinme glad to hear you’re on the mend.

    Day 6 Pocket List:

    Day 5 California NFD

    Just checking in.

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Would love to say FD but it’s bank holiday Monday and it doesn’t feel right to fast 😀 Will throw in a B2B tomorrow. I know I have put on a few pounds, but hey ho.

    Tad boozy this weekend (like yourself @gretta 🍷) but enjoyable nonetheless. No much work done in the van (@at yes it’s a labour of love but we can see and end finally in sight), then spent yesterday sorting the garden, potting on tomatoes and chill is, kale greens…..

    Today I am putting beeswax on our wooden cupboards in the camper, then some more garden tidying up, then relax.

    Have a lovely Monday everyone

    Day 6 Herefordshire U.K. NFD

    Sensible eating day yesterday.

    Welcome back @arelkade

    Hope those of you under the weather or those nursing aches and pains feel better soon. For fellow Brits enjoy the Bank Holiday and wishing all of you a positive happy day.

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Another FD today. I don’t think I did too much damage over the weekend. I was exhausted by the time I’d arrived at my new place yesterday and got the car unloaded. The boxes got dumped in a corner and still need unpacking. That will keep me occupied until this evening.

    @georgia83 – your Day 5 post made me laugh. That was quite a feast day you had?! Not to worry; we’ve barely started the month. Plenty of time to catch up. That’s why I don’t have a ‘crisp cabinet’. Or in my case, a peanut jar. I can resist crisps, but I’m a salted peanut junkie. So if I buy them, it’s only in very small quantities. The rest of the time I stick to the raw, unsalted variety. They’re not so addictive. It must be tough to keep the snacks out of sight though, if you have kids or don’t live alone.

    I noticed some people talking about CDs? Is that the same as a CFD, ie controlled fast day?


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