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  • Day1/2- Ohio mfd

    Happy belated birthday @songbirdme and @rabbette. Hope it went well and you got to enjoy all of it.

    @aglowworm I didn’t have the dieting background, but I think I get the not eating enough on nfd’s. I started keeping track when I started and found out what I considered normal amounts a lot of time were not big enough calorie wise. I figure it is from my mother always being on and off a diet in some way. Even still if I don’t track a few days, if it’s not a fd, I can easily not eat enough at one time but over overall. I mean, it’s only a can of twisted tea; it shouldn’t do much damage (said after the third one that night chuckles). Then I notice a week where I either gain or do nothing.
    First post-con fd went well. Everything tasted soooo nice after those days. I had been craving salads the past few days and can’t wait to have another tomorrow. And it will be with spinach again! I have learned a lesson also: even the chocolate almond milk in my coffee on nfd’s seriously makes me want chocolate constantly. I must go completely back to black coffee. I don’t know why it seems to be just with liquidy chocolate? Finishing a decaf coffee before laundry finishes, get a new bag of spinach, then home to bed.

    Day 2 – second post..
    Just a quick one rondat thank you @snowflake56 for sticking with us even though you are not on top form…. I really really appreciate your help with the spreadsheet but if it feels like too much pressure please do what is right for you 💕
    Having said that I am so very glad you are still with us as we can support you from here as you have helped us all in the past.
    Hugs 💕💕💕

    Day 2 – second post..
    Just a quick one to say thank you @snowflake56 for sticking with us even though you are not on top form…. I really really appreciate your help with the spreadsheet but if it feels like too much pressure please do what is right for you 💕
    Having said that I am so very glad you are still with us as we can support you from here as you have helped us all in the past.
    Hugs 💕💕💕

    Day 2 – post #5

    I ended my fast with a ketogenic meal. I was checking and my choices weren’t that bad. I only used about 1/4 cup of onion and a dozen olives so actually well within a low carb range. ~10 to 15 net carbs for the meal. (And for today)

    My blood glucose was in the low sixties 62 mg/dl.

    1. I start eating …. within 15 minutes I start feeling much better. It isn’t that I felt bad when I started, but I was surprised how much better I felt while eating.

    2) Right after eating blood glucose is 80 mg/dl … still low but up.

    3) About 1/2 hour after eating I feel too full.

    4) 1 hour later … 113 mg/dl. <– SHOCKED, eating oatmeal with a large amount of fruit only pushes me up slightly higher than that.

    5) 2 hours later … 86 mg/dl. Okay that is a reasonable result.

    6) I feel fine now, no longer too full just comfortable.

    Glucose was produced. Probably from the carbs and protein. So this line constantly being pushed that eating ketogenic doesn’t produce glucose just isn’t true. It seems to produce less and the spike was lower but it was there. My meal was on the order of 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% carbs. (Not counting net carbs.)

    I went search for people that measure blood glucose after a keto mail and didn’t find one yet! Everyone is referring to fasting glucose. I think that is basically cheating because fasting glucose is poorly correlated to type 2 diabetes development. I can find dozens of cases of people eating an outrages amount of fruit and then measuring blood glucose. I stumbled across something many must know but choose not to talk about. That is kind of ugly. The blood glucose response was better than normal for me, but after fasting I get a similar response to high carb meals packed with fruit. I’m not worried about ketones right now.

    Today when I was running I was fine, just breathing hard. Still I didn’t have the desire to sprint. I think I could sort of sprint but I really would have to push myself. Endurance great, bursts not so good.

    Finally I never feel better in ketosis, I don’t feel bad either. Many claim they do and they have some sort of improved mental focus. It never happens to me. I don’t feel dull, but sometimes slightly light headed and often a bit edgy. I have a theory though. Many people tend to drink some alcohol and I think the clarity people claim may come from being detoxed. Since I don’t drink I don’t see it. In fact that is one of the reasons I don’t drink is because I find the longer term impact so negative. By long term I mean like over a day, but less than 3 days. I don’t like what it does to my mental clarity. That is just my personal viewpoint on it.

    Whoa, I guess I was on a soup box. I just expected better results by how people talk about low carb.

    Day 2 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I’m looking forward to 71 and as many more years as God gives me on this earth! May today be healthy and happy for all of us.

    @rabbette – hope your day is just fabulous!

    @yvette-hamilton — I started 5:2 (or 6:1 in maintenance) in March 2016, and I have only done two days of complete WF’s, so honestly I don’t know about them, but I didn’t starve myself. Just got so I wasn’t hungry. If I were you, I would send that weighted hula hoop back. Try just a normal plastic one?

    Onward and downward.

    Day 2, Canton OH FD

    I missed day 1, and I am a bit bummed but it’s May and I am so glad!

    @dykask thanks for sharing your results with us. I have been eating low carb (for the most part) lately. When I was strictly low carb, I liked the way I felt. Every once in a while I would get a rush of energy, plus I never felt overheated. I love refined carbs but alas they do not love me back, I feel sweaty, and hot and bloated when I partake – probably because I have a hard time partaking in moderation.

    @flourbaby I missed you, sorry to hear about the virus. Feel better

    Life gets busy and I am hoping for a manageable schedule this May, also I would like to be mindful and take one day at a time.

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Not fasting today bc sick & fine with it – fasting’s one way to look after my body but ATM my body needs other things!

    Awful neuropathic pain overnight affecting whole body- tingling, burning, pins & needles, numbness and odd shooting lightning pian. Slept v deeply but kept waking up with pain and after initially feeling better suddenly really faint this morning. Managed to get an emergency GP appt – he thinks it’s prob a virus but took bloods to check for inflammation, deficiencies & imbalances. Results by Tues and meanwhile I drink lots, take my temperature and go back if I get worse.

    Had lovely lunch of leftover red lentil pasta with tomato & spinach sauce, tofu and vegan red leicester followed by clementines. Water consumption today already at 1.5litres and climbing. None of the pain meds are touching this so it’s all about the rest. Time to get back into PJs and work out who I can pass my various projects to… FD will be resumed when I’m back to my usual bounce.

    @snowflake56 so sorry your hand is still a problem; have you got to the bottom of what might be causing it? Nil desperandum re 5:2- you are looking after your body in the way it needs you to right now xx
    @rabette & @songbirdme wishing you a very happy birthday! 🙂
    @daffodil2010 ouch re DH shoulder…. he has really been in the wars. I hope the waiting list isn’t too long to see the surgeon/have treatment x
    @ciren2 good luck with DH at the hospital this PM x
    @dingping i love hearing about your projects and new life settling into your new home x

    Time to get into comfy clothes and onto sofa or into bed… lovely friend is doing my grocery shopping and will be back any minute. I said I’d rest til she got here!

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Making an extra effort to not splurge on my NFDs this month

    Happy Birthday @songbirdme & @rabbette 🎉🎉

    @Busyjames I think there is a huge difference between carbs and refined carbs. However in Japan I do eat a lot of noodles. I think the difference is that the food here is mostly low in sugar and typically served is a lot more vegetables than in the states. People here really love baked goods too. However the obesity rate here is low and often it is clear that the people eating the fast food burger and fries very often are the ones getting fat.

    Personally I never liked breads and cakes. It caused me lots of trouble when I was a kid. Now it turns out I was right for hating things like wonder bread. Hard to believe. However I still got fat. I loved the chips and fries.

    Anyway we really need some carb heavy foods to easily get the nutrition. I think the newer low carb approaches tend to be a bit more open minded about vegetables than when I first heard about low carb. However they are still anti fruit and frankly I do a lot better with fruit than without it. So I never be a good low carb person.

    Day 1 + 2 – UK – NFD

    Very busy day yesterday so no time for posting but definitely in for this May Challenge – starting weight is 55.3kg – just above the top of my maintenance range but OK with that as I will make sure it drops below that mark sooner than later 🤞

    So lovely to see some new faces to the challenge – Welcome to you all @dj757575 @funshipfreddie @andyrou @faceache1 @tnicci

    Nice to see @penz @lew @yvette-hamilton @mia139 @georgia83 @dingping @alisa253 back with us, I remember you all from previous challenges – some have been absent longer than others but so lovely to hear from you all again!

    Still missing some “old” friends – do pop in and say hello if you are still checking the posts 🤗

    @songbirdme and @rabbette – Wishing you both a very Happy Birthday, if somewhat belated!!!
    @ciren2 and @daffodil2010 – here’s hoping that things improve for your OH’s sooner than later
    @flourbaby – great to have you back posting – I have missed your wonderful sense of humour x
    @dingping – lovely to have you back active on the form
    @snowflake56 – stick with the challenges – we are all here to offer support and a shoulder whenever you need it – you are such an inspiration to many of us xx

    Just got back home from a busy morning of volunteering and then lunch out with a friend – will pop back in later today to introduce myself properly to those new to the challenge


    Day 2 California FD

    I’m glad to be back to a ‘proper’ fast day today.

    Day 2, Montreal Canada, FD

    Yesterday was a bit of a bust as I ate well over TDEE. I did take a 2.5 hours brisk walk which incorporated climbing 400 stairs and running 100 stairs, so not a total loss. We live right by the mountain (Mont Royal, more of a pimple than a mountain) here so I have easy access to great walking and large numbers of stairs to climb. I am planning to only weigh myself weekly – I used to get discouraged when I was weighing daily – so no weight to report until May 7th. Have a great day all, and onwards and downwards for us all.

    Day 2 Wales FD

    @songbirdme and @rabbette Happy Birthday to you both 🎂🥂🎉💐 have a wonderful day however you choose to celebrate.

    No wine since Sunday and keeping NFDs controlled. Aiming to shift 2 pounds this month.

    Hope my fellow Thursday fasters are staying strong 😊

    Day 2 Canada FD
    I would love to join the May challenge and am looking forward to being back on the forum for a month.
    I have been fasting on and off for the last couple of years and love it.
    Lately I have been eating too much and drinking wine again, it leaves me feeling sluggish and bloated so am ready to change my ways 🙂
    Hoping to lose around 4 lbs but my main goal is to feel healthier about my eating.

    Day 2 – Second post

    Have scrolled through other posts and just wanted to add Happy Birthday @songbirdme and @rabbette

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @rabbette and to @songbirdme enjoy your day, both of you xx
    @snowflake56: Please stay… don’t have to be perfect to be here xx
    Everyone else who is unwell…Get Well Soon.
    @michelinme: It’s actually tomorrow afternoon I take DH to the hospital after work, not today. I’ve now had so many days away from work I forget where we are!!
    So, tomorrow and Saturday I’m back delivering mail, then I have a normal, scheduled week off next week….ah what a life of leisure (except foe the nursing duties)!

    Day 2 – USA – NFD

    I was wondering why I wasn’t getting posts from the beloved forum – doh – gotta check the box for May!

    I’m reading everyone’s posts daily (or nightly, depending on work schedule). For those in ill health, or relatives in ill health mentally or physically, know that you have a group here that will shoulder the burden with you even if it’s virtual! And that goes for our four-legged children as well!

    Welcome to this life-giving forum, which I have been a participant since 2/2017, having shed 53 lbs. and countless inches all over, due to much research about regulating and maintaining my health via a low carb-healthy fat-moderate protein routine. I am the lowest weight since young adulthood and the health benefits, like renewed energy and that feeling of food satisfaction are even more valuable at my age of 65! I’m now a hula-hooping fool, and will probably never put it down again, lol!

    USA Day 2 FD800

    Happy Birthday, @songbirdme and @rabbette, and many more! 🙂

    It’s good to see many of the old members return!

    I shouldn’t be making this a goal but I am hoping I will whittle my waist down sometime this month! Now that I am about to have a grandson, I expect to be taking him to the pool! That means I can’t avoid wearing a bathing suit. Enough said!! LOL

    I exercised yesterday and my calories came in at 799. Unfortunately, after meeting up with a friend, I had wine ,,,, a no no for me! Alas, today is another day and I am planning a 500 calorie day without the wine!

    For all those feeling unwell today, I wish you the best!

    Have a great day!

    Oh what a stressful day in work…
    Glad to be heading home and although it’s raining, I’ll try get out on my bike…
    Welcome @bellyblast and @metatauta

    Watching Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure on BBC tonight…. I’m not sure if it will be sad or uplifting but I love Vicky in Line of Duty and many of us have parents and relatives with Dementia so thought it might be of interest to some.
    I hope you all had good day 2 as we roll towards the first weekend of May and for some of us a bank holiday.

    See you all tomorrow 👍

    Day 2 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Going for a 6 hour eating window with 2 meals & no snacks, so a 18:6. Food is LCHFMP. Broke the 18 hours of fasting with a yummy smoothie and some bacon 🙂 . Soon off to do errands and briefly visit my daughter who has complex health issue with a recent flare up. Being mom is #1 for me even if they’re adults. Glad to be living in the same city.

    @snowflake56 – yes, do stick with us our dutch friend in Germany! Wishing you health and wisdom in taking care of yourself.

    @dyask – I am also working on choosing a healthy way of eating along with the fasting. I appreciate Dr. Jason Fung as he uses therapeutic fasting along with low carb, whole food recommendations. That includes some rice for him on occasions for example. He says fasting can work along with any “diet” actually.

    @michelinme – glad you’re getting checked out. May you recover from whatever is plaguing you quicly.

    Would love to respond to more but need to get off to check in with my daughter.


    @jaifaim – read with interest comment about “Dementia Choir” partly because I am a choir director (and love the benefits of all music, especially choir) but also sure want to stave off dementia! (Now that I am 71 of course…) Not sure I can get it to play here in the USA, but hope to find it!

    2nd Post

    Well I had better share a bit about me for those new to these challenges
    I am a 60 y.o. (soon to be 61!) female, married, with a grown up daughter. Height = 163cm/5ft 4in and I started this WOL on my own in January 2016 – joined the challenges in November 2016 as I had plateaued for around 3 months and then reached maintenance in early December 2016 and have been in maintenance range of 53-55kg/116.8-121.2lbs and a BMI of just over 20 since then!
    I love a range of exercise, currently doing yoga 🙏 which I discovered about 3 years ago and it has just been the best thing for me, both physically and mentally. I also do Broga, Pilates, Aerobics and hiking on the fells in my beloved Lake District ⛰ (I moved here when I retired in 2013) and also do some volunteering in my local community

    Health improvement markers since starting this WOL:-
    1. Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs
    2. Full of energy!
    3. Mental health changes = sleeping well, waking up feeling good in myself and happy with my life☺
    4. My Asthma is controlled to the extent that I no longer use any inhalers either treatment or preventative!
    5. My blood cholesterol has improved so much that currently it is just above normal range, which is brilliant for
    6. I am very lucky not to have any health issues and require no medications!

    Best advice I can give to anyone new to this WOL/WOE is to:-
    *Stick to the basic plan for the first couple of months – it works!!
    *On NFD eat to the TDEE for the weight you want to be and not your current weight and you will lose weight faster!
    *Don’t overestimate your exercise level!!!
    *Don’t add the calories lost due to exercise into your daily calorie allowance as it is already taken into account when you work out your TDEE!
    *Try to drink at least 2L of water daily

    @bellyblast – welcome back
    @jaifaim – sorry to hear that your workday was so stressful – hope you had a relaxing evening

    The support, camaraderie and friendship offered on these challenges is wonderful – no one judges!
    Remember that “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” Robert Collier

    Day 2 London UK NFD

    Wasn’t able to post yesterday, so my introduction is as follows. I’m in my mid fifies. I originally tried 5:2 some years ago but while it worked in terms of losing weight, I fell off the wagon because the 500 cal days were almost impossible for me, very ‘hangry’.

    Having got the new 800 calorie Fast Diet book, I re-started fasting days and found that I can manage 800 calories much better. I did the ‘quick start’ by doing 1:6 for about eight weeks, and have lost about 20lbs (9kg) since February. I’ve now moved onto the 5:2, but keeping with 800 calories for a fast day. This will be my third Challenge.

    Happy Birthday to @songbirdme & @rabbette – hope you enjoy what’s left of it! 🙂

    @snowflake56 – sorry to hear you’re having a tough time with your health right now. You were so supportive when I did my first challenge and it really helped me. Look after yourself and take care.

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Managed a very controlled day today so 2 days in and all well so far! Someone brought in 12 heavily iced, 300 calorie cupcakes to work today and I managed to body swerve them ! Hope this motivation continues! Good luck to all for a good day tomorrow.

    Day 3 – Japan – NFD

    My weight was still below 80kg. Sort of surprised but that is likely due to the low carb meal. I did have a bout of the runs a few hours after eating. However all in all my experiment was successful. This morning my blood glucose is back up to 96mg/dl, while normal is actually low for me in the morning. I tend to have high fasting blood glucose but normal to low HbA1c levels. Not sure if I’m really still in ketosis or not.

    However I’ll soon enjoy a breakfast, first one in 5 days!

    Day 2 (FD). Virginia, USA
    Today was a very good day!
    I managed to get many things done: car inspection, attended opening ceremony of exhibition in the museum, pedicure, lecture in the museum and fasting – WOW!
    Fasting was easy today, I ate a lot of steamed vegetables with kraut, it really was a lot food, no hunger and actually less than 500 cal. I think, i’ll Do the same next Tuesday.
    It is a perfect evening today – warm, no humidity…
    I read posts about low carb meals – I want to eat carbs these days, not processed like breads, pastas but broccoli, green peas, sweet potatoes – vegetables and fruit looked so good today at Whole Foods
    Good evening to all

    Day 2, CO, USA, WTFD?

    Thank you for all the Birthday wishes! And Shoutout to my birthday buddy @snowflake56

    I did really well (mmmmm so far) I make no promises tho for the weekend.
    Today I water fasted till 7ish pm and I said I wanted the tiramisu slice before my dinner just in case I didn’t have room to eat my dinner. Which was Thai take out. Love Thai food.

    Now I’m sure there will be cocktails later as I do enjoy a cocktail or two.

    But so far I’m enjoying the minimal approach to this day.

    Thinking of just positive choices. And even eating cake is a positive choice to appreciate and enjoy it.

    Day 2 Ohio, US — FD (#79)

    The FD has gone amazingly well, even with Mega-Stress Day #4. Again, pretty wiped out so heading right off to bed.

    Keep up the good life in the fast(ing) lane!

    Day 3 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Still yet to weigh in, DH has been sick so wanted a bit of a sleep in so I didnt want to clang around with the scales. Will do my May weightin someday soon (though it’s kind of nice just tuning into my body not stressing about numbers).

    Quick checkin today as it’s a bit of a busy one, have read posts but no time to reply.

    Belated dinner out with DH for my birthday, looks like it’s a degustation, with no doubt some wine!

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. And happy birthday @rabbette!!

    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    Back to work (delivering mail) after a week off for nursing DH after his back operation. So, changed his dressings, and put everything (I can think of) within reach before I leave him to fend for himself. It’s only for two days as I have a scheduled week off next week anyway. I must say I’ve hurt my back (had spinal fusion in 2011) since mowing the lawn a few days ago, and putting on his socks and shoes every day. His legs are heavy to lift up onto my knees for this! The socks are the worst, actually. Anyone tried putting socks on an adult?
    Maybe delivering the mail will offer some light relief, who knows? Got to take him to the hospital for another wound-check later this afternoon (during the rush-hour, unfortunately)….busy day.
    Maybe see you later x

    Day 3 – Ireland – CD

    Well it is the end of the first short week and it seems to have been a busy and stressful time for many… breathe deep, eat well and look after yourself so that you can care for others 💕👏

    @michelinme I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling sick again… you seem to have good friends who look out for you though which is great to hear. Rest up and do what’s right for your body…
    @annemarilyn I hope that your daughter is ok… it’s great that you have her close to you do you can be there for her 💕
    @songbirdme of course this is of interest to you 🎶 . so the program focussed on people with different types of dementia who were not necessarily singers but Were invited to join the choir. It was really interesting but also quite sad to see how their lives have changed since their diagnosis… including some very young people…They will be monitored over a three year period to see how singing and music generally affects their brain. Part 2 is next week…
    @at – thank you! Yes I had a lovely evening… I left the bike at home and went for a beach walk with friends 😊 thank you for posting your tips which are so useful to all of us, not just newbies as it’s easy to lose sight of the basics.
    @bluesqueak – great to see that that the 800 format works for you! Good luck to you on this third challenge 💪
    @mia139 – well done to you on resisting the temptation 🍰 and two good FDs to start tte month.
    @alisa253 – I also like to eat a little of everything and it really is whatever works for you…fair play to you on having such a productive day 👏
    @rabbette – so glad you had a lovely day 🎈
    @ matpi – you are nearly there… last day of your very busy week today?
    @gretta have a lovely birthday celebration with your DH!
    @ciren2 i hope you have a good day at work… it might be a nice change? You have such a busy time…mind yourself and your back 💕
    @ccco how exciting to have a little grandson in the way. I hope you have fun times getting to know each other!

    Onward and downward
    We rise by lifting others

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Felt very very blue all day yesterday. For no reason at all, so have to surmise it’s those darn hormones and menopausal. I already recognise the sleeplessness and the occasional anxiety, so I guess the sadness is just another symptom.

    So I did not complete my FD after all. I sat out the back with glass of red wine and watched the antics of the birds on the feeder as the sun went down.

    Feel 100% back to normal today 👍

    I have lunch with my work friends then dinner out tonight with DH, so looking forward to the weekend and pressing RESET on Monday.

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    I’ve decided to get another fast day out of the way, so I can go easy over the weekend.

    I woke up way too early this morning; my mind is working overtime with my impending house move. So I’m giving the gym a miss, but will do plenty of walking instead.

    So, just tea, coffee and sparkling water until 6/6:30pm. Then I usually have a bowl of chopped apple + raw carrot. Very few calories there, but all that fibre is quite filling. Then fish or chicken + veggies. That’s my modus operandi for a fast day. I don’t feel the need to count every calorie this way.

    Best wishes for everyone for day 3!

    Day 3 – UK – NFD

    Yesterday’s NFD went well with counting and having more substantial, satisfying meals. I was out of the house, so bought things from the supermarket that I knew the cals of. I still ended up under my TDEE (for my goal weight) of 1600, but I did have a couple of drinkypoos in the evening. The good news is that I did feel satisfied after I had eaten. The scales were kind this morning after 2 successful FDs on Monday and Wednesday.

    For info, because I know some people ask about this, my weight doesn’t go down usually the day after a FD, but normally, for me, it’s 2 days after that I notice a change.

    Because this method worked yesterday, I’m going to continue focusing on eating more substantial meals on my NFD which will hopefully stop my snacking from spiralling out of control.

    @ciren2 – thinking of you and your hubby. I hope his wound improves really soon and he can do more.

    @hieiren – “I can easily not eat enough at one time but over overall”: this is exactly what happens! Yesterday went much better, so I think that’s what I need to focus on.

    @basyjames – “Life gets busy and I am hoping for a manageable schedule this May, also I would like to be mindful and take one day at a time.”: I am with you!

    @michelinme – sorry to hear you’re not well. I hope you get better soon.

    Day 3_ NFD_ Atlanta, GA. -USA

    Day 3 – UK – FD

    2nd FD of the week, going okay so far. Skipped breakfast and had a salad with lettuce, tomato and a small chunk of feta to keep me going.

    Sticking to green tea, black coffee and lots of water to keep hunger pangs at bay.

    Will have a small meal later, before going to the gym for a light workout.

    Good luck to all fasting people today!

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Off to Silver Sneakers shortly, a little shopping, then singing at Church Women United this afternoon. Finally the sun is shining after far too many days of rain and dreary weather.

    Thank you to all of you for my kind birthday greetings. It was a very nice day that included some indulgences. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 3, London, Uk, NFD

    I’m aiming to eat healthily and stick with @basyjames and @aglowworm ……………. ‘I would like to be mindful and take one day at a time’. For me, it’s really a case of keeping busy, when I’m too busy to eat or think about food the days go by quickly & painlessly ……………….. idle hands & all that!!!

    @basyjames, my fellow refined carb dodger!! I finally caught up with last months’ posts …………….. Hopefully without bringing things back to the surface, I’m sending healing vibes, prayers and positive, positive thoughts to you & yours xxxx

    Short & sweet today, keep the faith and remember ……………………….. Whatever the problem is, the answer is NOT in the fridge!!!!

    Day 3 UK NFD

    USA Day 3 FD

    I happily lost 1/2 lb. this week. I’ll take that. I decided another FD800 would be good, so here I go. I didn’t see a pocket list, so I will start one in case anyone wants to join!

    Day 3 Pocket List


    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 3 Montreal Canada, NFD

    I struggled again with my FD yesterday, it ended up being a 691 calorie meal. I am seriously thinking that I should switch to the 800 calorie plan. it will end up being a longer time to get to goal, but I will feel much better in the end. I intend to work extremely hard today to stay within TDEE.

    I have all sorts of paperwork to do today for my immigration application for the US, so will be desk bound for a good part of the day. Because of that, despite the lousy weather I will force myself out for my walk.

    Have a great and successful day everyone – onwards and downwards!

    Day 3 – second post
    Hi all, to all those posting and to this that may just be reading the updates…
    I had a chance to read over posts so picking up on a few:
    @dykask I like your thoughts on low carb! I too would not be able to manage without fruit in my diet but could do with getting better at cutting bread, chips and crisps..👍
    @dj757575 – well done you are keeping very active and we all have days where we derail… I have never been to Montreal but would like to get there some day… your home area sounds lovely..
    @daffodil2010 I’m sorry to hear you were feeling sad yesterday – it’s awful when it hits but the most important thing to remember is that these times pass… and you will come out of the tough times. You have had a lot going on…. Enjoy your day!
    @funshipfreddie – good for you!!! Sounds like you have a great plan 👍
    @flourbaby you’re so right – the answer is not in the fridge!! I’ve been bad today… cakes everywhere 👀.

    It’s our anniversary this weekend so I imagine we’ll be out somewhere nice along with looking after my parents 💕
    I hope I get to check in each day but will be thinking if you all anyway 👍👍

    USA Day 3 FD
    Second Post

    So far, my FD is going well! DJ757575, don’t fret if you make it to 800 calories. You are still doing well on your diet. 500 – 800 calories isn’t much, so you will certainly still lose weight! Good luck on your US immigration application!

    Happy anniversary in advance, jaifaim!

    Day 3 Wales NFD

    @dj757575 I struggled with keeping to 500 calories every FD so I do 2 FDs a week of up to 800 calories…..weight loss a bit slower but it got me successfully to my goal and is sustainable for maintenance.

    @jaifaim wishing you a wonderful weekend of celebration for your anniversary.

    DH and I have enjoyed a lovely day, I used my concessionary bus pass for the first time to go to the local town/beach so we could have a couple of 🍷 sitting outside looking out to sea….very relaxing start to the weekend 😎. Had a late breakfast and skipped lunch and planning a healthy veg heavy dinner so will be close to TDEE.

    Keep on keeping on everyone 🤗

    Day 3 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    Looks like there are a few of us fasting today.

    Pocket list for Day 3 –

    @jaifaim – Happy Anniversary weekend! Enjoy! I’m appreciating your support this month as you host. My daughter was glad for the visit, especially the hugs. She said she needed some. She is 48 and we adopted her at 9 almost 10 but considers me her “real” mom. As an adult she has experienced seizure issues as one of her health challenges. I learned that she had had a bad grand mal Tuesday after Easter followed by a fall a few days later as she fainted in the bathroom. Bouncing back from the seizures is taking a lot longer than it used to. She does have a good care giver who is also her good friend who comes in weekdays for quite a while daily. My daughter is one of the reasons I chose to live in Spokane after retiring from full time teaching.
    About the music and Dementia, I’m going to look to watch that if possible. My mom, who has vascular dementia, really enjoys singing. For example, she was totally present and singing the lyrics of Christmas carols as we sang as a family in December.
    I’m with you and @dykask, about fruit. Different keto folks have different guidelines. Quite a few say low carb berries are included. I just bought some wonderful organic strawberries yesterday to include in my scrumptious suppertime salad, along with a variety of greens (including some from the 1st day of a local farmers’ market), smoked wild salmon and some feta.

    @dj757575 – interesting that you’re working on your immigration status for the USA. I’m a Canadian living in the USA most of the time since 1982. I was married to an American who I first sponsored to Canada; so he was a Landed Immigrant up there. Then he sponsored me to the USA and I became a Registered Alien down here with a “forever green card” that doesn’t expire. I do have it on my list to become a citizen. I don’t like tests… but I would like to be a dual citizen. I wish you well on your paperwork.

    @flourbaby – glad you’re doing better. Have a wonderful May! I’m appreciating having your humour back 🙂 .

    Glad we’re on this journey together!

    Day 3 UK FD

    Thanks to @at and @gretta for the “welcome back” wishes and @jaifaim for encouraging words and best wishes for your anniversary weekend!
    Didn’t really intend to fast today but ended up probably around 700 calories for the day. Feeling very motivated at present but let’s see what the weekend brings!

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Thank you for good wishes – really cheers me up 🙂 Still sick & feeling v strange indeed at times. No blood results today, i guess that’ll be Tues now as bank holiday weekend in UK. Enjoyed reading posts and keeping up with news. It helps to keep me motivated & not running off the rail – tho not even thinking about fasting until I’m better

    Yesterday was most carbtastic in a while with both gf crackers and porridge oats. Woke up v bloated & still off my regular food; gastric inflammation & can’t seem to face vegetables. Today full of nursery food – tinned tomato soup, vegan cheese and tomatoes, chocolate rice pudding, coconut yogurt and stewed apple – i didn’t really need teeth 😀 Drinking lots – 2 litres water and copious amounts of ginger tea; hydration always helps!

    @dj757575 my father grew up in Montreal-i’ve always felt an affinity 🙂
    @ciren2 hope DH got on OK at hospital
    @daffodil2010 well done on the self-care; glad your mood has lifted x
    @annemarilyn @dykask I’m also with you all on the low carb/fruit thing
    @jaifaim happy anniversary for tomorrow x

    Good luck with the first weekend of this challenge; wishing you fun mixed with moderation and wise choices x

    Day 3 California NFD

    Got out of work early today and went for a walk. It felt like being a kid again and getting out of school early!

    @jaifaim – happy anniversary to you! May it be a terrific weekend

    @annemarilyn – let me know if you are able to find a link to the show in singing with dementia. None of the pages I looked at showed it. I wonder if PBS will show it sometime as they often do BBC shows. Have you read “Musicophilia?” It’s a fascinating study by one of the leading experts in music and the mind, Dr. Oliver Sacks. It says this link has some “listen to” options:

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