Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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  • Why,

    I’ve stuck around here for over two years now, partly because I’ve made friends online, but partly because I believe it’s important that newbies can see intermittent fasting is sustainable and you can maintain your new lower healthy weight.

    There is no cult here. People share what works for them, and many find (no surprises here!) that reducing processed/refined carbs and added sugars is the intelligent choice going forward. If you want to carry on eating sugar and choux pastry and pasta and bread, that’s your choice. You have to find what works for you.

    You obviously don’t like what you’re hearing here, so my advice is stop pfaffing around and just start doing 5:2. Find out what works for you and what is sustainable for you.

    I agree entirely with your last sentence, you aren’t finding a teacher here because you (the student) clearly aren’t ready yet.

    Good luck.

    Getting your carbs from veggies instead of processed grains and sugar does not mean you are “low carb” or Atkins. Just means youre opting for a more healthy option. Can we have an agreement on that? Or is that concept still up for debate? To my way of thinking it makes more sense to seek advice from people that have successfully achieved their goal rather than seeking advice from someone that isn’t achieving their goal. This applies to everything in life and not just weight loss. It doesn’t mean you have to take that advice on board but at least listen to it and see if its suitable for you.

    No argument from me BB πŸ™‚

    Hi Happy,

    Can I please have an argument with you…..

    Albert Einstein was quoted as saying β€œThe definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

    I will make the assumption that most of the forum members here either want to lose weight or want to improve their health, or both!! However if you continue to eat the same foods (both food types and quantity) and exercise (or lack thereof) in the same manner why do you then expect the outcome to be any different?

    Listen to the advice of those that have been successful, try it, if it works great. If not, try another version of 5:2. Eventually, hopefully you’ll find a version that works for you. Once you do hang onto it, and go for it.

    Hi happy,

    I wasn’t actually being serious, I was being mischievous. πŸ™‚ I do not need to preach to the converted.

    Ha ha Big Booty, when you get to know Happy more, you will find she is extremely cheeky. And loves a good argument. Methinks you two are well matched with logic and common sense!

    WhyamI I was determined to ignore you, but reading your last post about people being militant about diets, plus using the word cult, I cant do that. If you bothered to read more of this thread, you would find a fun, friendly group of people with a common goal, supporting each other and sharing ideas and knowledge. We all realize that different things suit different people and are very tolerant of each other.

    Re point 5: I dont recall anyone saying 5:2 was easy!! I have yoyo dieted for 40 years, losing substantial amounts of weight then slowly regaining it. However, once I started 5:2, I found I could still lose weight without feeling I had to ‘diet’ ALL the time. Its mind games. Then once the weight started coming off and gradually my sweet tooth was tamed (due to lack of sweet stuff) I finally discovered a way I could actually stay in control without feeling deprived all the time. Hopefully as a ‘nice, normal, intelligent person’ I can say to you that clearly 5:2 does not work for everyone. Probably people are not in the right head space when they attempt it, or they don’t really commit properly. Fasting, once mastered properly, gets easier as your liver gets used to converting fat for energy. But people who want instant results wont get them. You might find that if you are substantially overweight you will have to change some of your habits and eat mindfully for the rest of your life. All of us on here have a real love of food and eating, or have used food as a comfort or substitute. But those of us who have managed to keep our weight off, have consciously decided that we prefer to be slim and healthy and accept that it is an on going journey. We use this forum for mutual support, plus many of us have made good friends along the way! Please don’t judge us so harshly, we are not members of a cult, thats pretty rude to say that.

    WhyamI, I have read your other posts now and see where you are coming from with your meds etc. I totally understand that you are very frustrated with the weight gain that these meds cause. So your TDEE will probably be substantially lower than what is recommended on the ‘Resources’ tab here, BUT if you want a plan to lose weight that is not obsessive or too restrictive, please just give 5:2 a chance. Sugar is addictive and the less you eat, the less you will want. And it can have big effects on mood – I am a paediatric nurse and have seen this first hand. Carbs are just complex sugars, they just take a bit longer to hit your blood stream. The carbs in veggies are the best as they are absorbed more slowly and the fibre is good for our gut bacteria too. Not many doctors or drug companies will encourage you to fast as there is no ‘product’ to sell. Just please don’t come on this happy thread and put out negative vibes, we really do want to help. Good Luck!


    I’m sorry, it’s all very well coming on here with your wise words and sensible advice. But I AM going to take issue with you! I’m not sure if you’re trying to deliberately mislead people…I guess I should give you the benefit of the doubt…but…

    “Albert Einstein was quoted as saying”.. I’ve done some reading and there appears to be some doubt as to whether Einstein did in fact say that. But attributing it to him rather than oh I don’t know Taylor Swift lends it a certain gravitas and weight.

    And I really think if you’re coming on here making these outrageous claims, that I can’t keep on eating the same and exercising the same and expect different results, then I really think you’re going to have to produce the evidence!! Have there been peer reviewed research studies of this alleged truth? Or is this just something that ‘everyone knows’?


    OK you got me. It was actually Albert Smith, my next door neighbour who said it, but that doesn’t sound anywhere near as impressive as Alby Einstein πŸ™ I’ll have to do some research and find some papers to back up my outrageous claims.

    Everyone’s a clown today 😁😁

    Morning/evening all,

    A chilly but sunny morning with a beautiful blue sky πŸ™‚

    Only 8 days until my holiday and I’m getting very excited 😎

    Have a good one everybody 😜


    Albert Smith’s middle name wouldn’t happen to be Einstein would it?! If not, you could always suggest he changes his name by deed poll…


    It’s a squally morning here, and tomorrow looks wet too… Boo hiss. On a bright note, I think my cold may have gone. But I can’t get out for a walk or run because the roads are flooded in both directions…

    And Nama!

    ‘Loves a good argument’?! ‘Enjoys healthy and robust debate’ please!

    Happy, if I could send you a slice of this sky I would do so as it is so beautiful πŸ˜„ I’ve just been out in the garden to hang out the washing and there is definitely an autumnal nip in the air which should disappear when the sun gets into top gear! There is rain forecast here tomorrow and then back to sunshine from Sunday throughout most of next week.

    Glad to hear your cold has gone. They can be very tenacious even in the healthiest of bodies. You’ll have to run round the garden πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been sneezing a lot this week and had a sore throat and swollen glands but it hasn’t developed into anything. Fingers crossed it goes soon as I don’t need to take a cold virus to Myanmar πŸ˜–

    Power of a positive mental attitude, Amazon! You are NOT going down with anything until your holiday is over! And hopefully not even then!

    Hi Happy

    We have met before a few weeks ago when you encouraged me along in my first week. I do read this thread but haven’t posted before. So amused by recent posts I just had to say so!! My aversion to scales is still there but I do get on weekly. Just over 7lbs down now, but almost 40 to go. The journey is still in its early stages, but I feel so much better than that 7lbs would seem to indicate, more energy, less tired, much more in control. It does work; i just need to keep doing it.

    Bigbooty, I have taken a leaf out of your book. For the first time ever both my FDs this week were liquid only, well under 50 cals. A couple of weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed that was possible without somehow imploding at some point through the day, but weirdly I don’t think I was any more hungry than on a 500 cal. I do FDs on work days, would find it much more difficult to do at home I think.

    Thanks for the info (and amusement!) even though I am a lurker rather than poster here generally.


    My positive attitude is working overtime for several reasons including telling myself that everything I want to pack is going to fit perfectly πŸ˜‰

    I’d been ignoring the tender lump under my jaw until my throat became sore so I prescribed myself paracetemol. Not sure if they are working or the improvment is coincidental but I’ll keep taking them for another 24 hours. As for the sneezing I reckon it’s pollen/seeds/sawdust…….

    Hi Sarah, well done on your loss. I’m in the process of converting to food free fast days and I think they are easier to manage as I don’t spend the day clock watching and thinking about what I’m going to eat. Non FDs are an issue for me but I’m working on it πŸ™‚

    Good morning All,

    Fast day today but I am going to a Macmillan Charity Coffee morning which no doubt will be full of cake and my nemesis ‘bread pudding’. I am taking fruit and my wallet, no doubt both will be necessary. HELP!

    I am thrilled with my Nordic Poles which I now use while doing my dog walk, it has helped me increase my speed and of course gets those upper arms and shoulders working hard. My bingo wings certainly need a work out.

    Nama- my heroine- at goal and beaten yo- yo dieting after 40 years.

    I think I finally have my head in the right space going from ‘denying myself’ to ‘making good choices’. The stupid thing is it took joining a SW group for it to finally ‘click’. Listening to ‘sugar addicted slimmers’ was like being in a ‘AA’ group. The most many will achieve is limiting their sugar input or even choosing to use their main food calories entirely with sugar. They are still losing weight which is great (8 stones in one case) but their health and longevity is not their priority. I didn’t really consider healthy eating until my late 50’s, so I guess priorities can change as time passes. When you start losing your friends to early death and see others with severe long term medical conditions it’s a bit of a ‘wake up’ call. After all I want to be a healthy active Granny like Nama. I not only ‘can’ live without much added sugar but I really, really want to because eating it give you an insuline spike which then tells your body to store fat. You don’t have to be a rude guest, there are always exceptions- small sice of birthday cake or Christmas pudding.

    Amazon – only one week to your next holiday? Great. I hope you have an amazing time. My next trip is a british seaside town, bit of a contrast but if this weather continues it won’t be half bad. If not, there is an indoor pool and lots of activities including Segways, Archery, Table tennis, bowls, dancing and lots of meals. Checked the menus, lots of fish and salads availble. Hoorah!

    Thanks Amazon. Yes – i almost find non FDs almost more challenging. My target for over the weekend is to eat and drink normally but sensibly and with more restraint….

    Greetings to all my lovely cyber friends. I now believe spring might be possible – we have just had a lovely sunny day, housework done, then gardening (love my Fridays off). I resorted to SPF moisturiser and sunhat – you would have been proud of me, P! Then the first barbeque of the season – bring on the salad days!! It’s not going to last, of course. We are in line for some used South Australian storm weather over the weekend πŸ™

    WhyamI, I have been following the 5:2 lifestyle for three years, didn’t find this website until I had reached my goal weight. If I hadn’t found it full of great support, friendly folks and encouragement I would not have taken the time to read all the earlier posts (possible in the early days!) before joining in. Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting several of our contributors (including Jojo herself!!), and anything further from a cult would be hard to find. Take what you can from what we offer, which is offered in the best possible spirit.


    Great to hear that it’s working for you. While you have got a bit more to lose, it quickly starts to make a difference (as you’re already finding out) and I almost think it’s a good thing that it’s not quicker! It gives the fasting time to work it’s magic, and enables those of us that stick with it time to form new healthier habits for life.

    On that subject, there’s a piece on the BBC today about the fast food eating habits of young people in particular. The article lists the food we need to eat every day to stay healthy. Apparently a third of what we eat should be bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, and we should eat one portion of foods containing fat and sugar such as two biscuits or a small chocolate bar.

    We ‘need’ to eat two biscuits or a bar of chocolate every day! Really?!


    I read that article and was disappointed to see that people are still being told to eat so much starchy food and that sugar laden are not termed as optional treats. It is correct that everyone needs a certain amount of fat in their diet, especially those who are still growing, but it wasn’t emphasised nd bearing in mind that so many teenagers and yound adults don’t drink tea or coffee (or school milk…), I wonder where the fat soluble vitamins are in their diets.
    It is horrifying to see how much cr*p teenagers eat and I just hope that many of them grow out of it.

    One of the two young men who came yesterday to replace the garden stairs ate a giant size packet of crisps for breakfast and another two packets the same size of crisps/processed snacks for his lunch. The other one drank several cans of sugary fizz to keep him going. I couldn’t resist commenting by saying that I had observed they were indulging in healthy eating……..


    Woooo Whooooo way to go. That liver of your will be cranking over now!! A fat burning machine!!

    @bigbooty ha ha. I certainly hope so! Especially as I am treating it so well what with my alcohol consumption through the floor!

    FOR NEWBIES) Most of you know I am 74 and I lost 6 stone . 4 stone of that was over 1 year on 5.2 . I have managed to maintain that for around 2 years . I go up and down about 4 or 5 pounds . I LOVE this group and I will always be on here because I feel you are very good friends . I love how it’s not only diet ( healthy eating) we share but that we help each other through so many hard times in our lives because we can share things and trust each other ..xxxxx

    Jojo a wee message for you pal . As you know I LOVE to try new things .Last night I tried another yogurt experiment . I had a ltr empty ice cream container and I sterilized it with boiling water then let it cool . I then filled it almost to the top with full cream milk . Then I emptied the milk into a big plastic bowl ( like a baking bowl size)and I added 2 tablespoons dried milk . I then put it in the microwave and watched it through the glass door until it started to rise . I left it to cool until it was just warm . Then I added 2 big teaspoons of natural yogurt with live cultures in it . I mixed it really well ,put the lid on then wrapped it in 2 thick towels . That was 10 oclock last night . At 10 this morning it WAS PERFECT. I have a yogurt maker but Just wanted to try this . SOOOO go for it pal xxxxxx

    I just noticed I wrote GOOD MORNONG I sound like the policeman in Allo Allo lol xx

    HELLOOO> Have I frightened everyone away? xxxx

    Hi Wee! I’m still here, been busy today though…

    Hi Wee
    Sleeping in. ..dreaming about your yoghurt 😊P

    Hiya … I was worried I was wearing the wrong deodorant lol xx

    i am not doing the same hing and exciting different results. i am rather bright as it goes. i am fasting 3 times a week.
    that is a new departure πŸ™‚

    did my first one today. no big deal. 24 hours. sorted.

    πŸ™‚ x thanks for all your kind replies

    What a busy thread that was 😱
    Where did everyone go?
    Wee I am sure was not your deodorant! Perhaps mine. It is called crystal … A natural one.
    Happy weekend everyone 😘

    Morning/evening all,

    Where did the week go?

    I visited my niece and my great nephew yesterday. He is walking 😎 We took him to the park and spent most of our time chasing him to keep him out of mischief. It is amazing how within a few days they go from tottering unsteadliy holding on tightly to everything to running around. He is also carving out a career as a mountaineer and using the furniture for practice. My niece has her hands full πŸ˜…

    I also made my Christmas cake yesterday and it is now wrapped up and stowed away πŸ™‚

    It’s a fast weekend to make up for going off piste earlier in the week. I’m still hoping to reach that low by next weekend.

    This time next week I’ll be on my way to the airport πŸ˜ƒ

    Have a good weekend everybody 😜

    Good Morning Everyone,
    Well Done Sarah and WhyamIsoshy,
    Great work and satisfying results,

    I survived the cakes at the Charity event yesterday but discovered they were having another event today, give me strength! I may need to stay home. I even dreamt about bread pudding last night. Addicted! No question about it.

    Wee- that yogurt sounds great, I will give it a go tomorrow.

    We have had very heavy rain and even thunder here today so my dog walk has been delayed. I am game to walk in rain but not a storm.

    I can’t believe that I am reporting another pound off today, so bearing in mind it will be an evening weigh in Monday it could be 10 lbs in three weeks. This is phenominal for me as I haven’t had a trend like this since I started 5:2. Putting my progress mostly down to swimming and nordic walking daily for an hour plus 2 days food free fasting per week. Sticking to 90% avoidance of complex carbs and ‘added sugar’. My willpower working overtime. Switched to roast meditteranean veg instead of salad now the colder weather arriving albeit intermittently. However no point counting my chickens as I need to get through the weekend.

    Feeling full of vitality and good health and wishing all my cyber pals the same.

    I am going out for a birthday meal and theatre before weigh in but I know the menu is sensible portions and I will only have one glass of red wine.

    Ok so I managed without the wine but had an ice cream instead. Loved it. The play was great too, very 70’s, innocent farce.

    Hi all,

    Its been a long weekend here in Victoria, very social weekend for us and way too much eating, so I am looking forward to fasting tomorrow! Our (State) government decided a few years ago that we should have a Public Holiday for the Grand Final of our football code, controversial decision!

    Jo well done with your recent massive losses….I guess it proves that willpower is just another muscle that improves with use! I think Wee would agree that the ice cream was probably a better choice than the wine! At least by having it away from home, the serving size would have been sensible and controlled. I could not have ice cream in the house, too hard to stop once started!

    I have been baking this weekend, a birthday cake for my S-I-L, and remember now why I try not to bake too often – nice cake really is my downfall! Hopefully it’s out of my system for now!!

    We had beautiful sunshine here today after 3 days of rain, but now (11pm) its raining again. We have a tin roof at Jamieson and it does sound lovely listening to it in bed….. The river is very full and flowing very fast with the local reservoir filling rapidly. Hard to believe it will be summer in a few months.

    Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

    Hi everyone,

    It is a beautiful autumn day here. I went to Kew Gardens this morning for a long walk. The conkers, beech nuts, acorns etc are all coming off the trees, the leaves are changing colour, the holly berries ripening and the autumn crocii are in full bloom.
    The salvia collection is along an old wall that divides the extensive rock garden from the kitchen garden/plant nursery and many of the salvias which are among my favourite flowering perennials are still in full flower and looking wonderful. There are also many formal flower beds full of colour and perfume.
    I noticed lots of busy bees working hard collecting pollen, they have hives at Kew.
    It was also nice to see so many people out and about early on a Sunday morning making the most of the glorious weather we are having in this part of the country.

    Nama, you don’t need to worry about eating nice cake from time to time even if you overdo it as you know very well that the rest of the time you are eating a healthy diet and that any over indulgence can easily be cure by an extra FD.

    I would take a glass of wine with a meal over ice cream for dessert every time πŸ˜‰

    RT, thinking of you and your family.

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    Hi Amazon,
    It’s been a lovely day in Cumbria too! After a chilly start (3 degrees at 7am), the sun has been out all day and I’ve been outside in a t-shirt watching bees too.
    I went for a run this afternoon, my first for three weeks. I put long running tights on, because it’s October, but quickly wished I’d worn shorts.. I’m expecting to have sore legs tomorrow….

    You certainly seem to be on a roll (low carb, low cal πŸ˜€) at the moment. Good for you! You’ll be a shadow of your former self before you know it!

    I expect, like me, if you think back to pre 5:2 days you’ll realise your cake transgressions these days are pretty inconsequential and can easily be remediated!

    I wore my denim jacket when I went out and soon wished I hadn’t bothered. I wanted to laugh out loud at the number of people I saw in big puffa style jackets, hats, scarves, gloves and fur lined boots. They must have been sweltering πŸ˜†
    Then there was the girl in a vest top and the briefest shorts πŸ˜„

    I was really annoyed with myself a couple of days ago because I felt I had eaten too much this week but when I looked at my food diary it was only one day where I overdid it, and compared to pre 5:2 that would have been a normal day.
    I seem to have mastered maintenance, the only problem is that I’m not at goal yet although my weight has moved in the right direction in the past couple of weeks.

    My swollen glands and sore throat have gone which makes me very happy 😎

    It’s been really cold here the last 3 days that even myself added more more blsnkets. My husbands wants to start the heater … I am not ready for that 😱
    Today was my turn to sponsor breakfast at our church. I brought blueberry sour cream cake, cinnamon buns and grilled on the spot ham and cheese on wheat bread. It doesn’t sound “that” healthy but you would be shocked to know what others bring. Well what counts are the good intentions. We have vary few members.

    My Fast will be the day I’ll do my colonoscopy Wednesday. Otherwise trying to be within my tdee.
    Tonight we are going for dinner at my girlfriend’s house down the road. They are leaving the area… I’ll miss them. Bad financial decisions put them on a very delicate spot. She is very bitter with her husband reason why she drinks to much for the last couple years.

    Glad to now, Jo is getting lighter, Amazon dwells better and Happy back to her running.

    Nama what kind of cake did you make? Happy and Amazon talk about Chtistmas fruit cake. I really don’t know what that is. Stollen and panettone yes 🍰.

    Wishing you a very good week πŸ™

    Morning/evening all,

    Sunshine and blue sky but jackets needed. Autumn has arrived in London.
    The workers are here to finish the garden stairs which will take a couple of days so the good weather is very welcome.

    HCB, rich fruit cakes using dried fruits, candied peel, spices such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and alcohol usually brandy are a tradition in this part of the world and a few other places. The cakes keep for a long time and often taste better after being stored for a couple of months. They can be fed regularly during the storage time with small amounts of alcohol dribbled in via holes made with a cocktail stick or similar and are often covered with marzipan and icing before being eaten.
    Stollen and panettone are enriched breads rather than cake but are definitely under the heading of traditional Christmas treats. I’ve made Stollen a few times but panettone is a lengthy process and it is so much easier to go out and buy a good one πŸ˜‰

    I’m going to the ballet this evening which I’m reallt looking forward to.

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    Hiya everyone

    .Amazon have a great night at the ballet pal .

    Well I guess the 3 days we had sunshine were our summer lol . Just been to the council tip with our old gate . The sun IS shining but it is cold but used to that lol . I am off in a minute to stain the front of he new garden shed . Got 3 sides done before but had to stop . yesterday we got the last of the bulbs in the tubs and some winter pansies in too .
    I have put on 3 pounds but that will be gone again quickly . I have been trying so many different things in the yogurt. I tried almond milk to make it with and it was YUCK lol . I am sticking to normal and greek . I have found a great alternative for my ice cream . I used the greek and a tablespoon of Morrison’s own make hot chocolate in a big tub of yogurt . IT was dreamy . I like it with raspberries too .
    I have given up on the yogurt maker and just wrap them in towels . When I start a thing I just have to try all the different ways and flavours . I am sticking with full fat milk and a couple tablespoons dried milk in it . Really thick and delicious .

    Well almost one oclock and the sun is now shining on the shed so off I go with my brush and stain . have a good one everybody

    Wee xxxx

    Good evening All,
    Just weighed in at SW, I 1/2 lbs off so 7 lbs in total, not bad considering it was my birthday week. The conversation tonight was about Christmas and how we will cope with the festivities. This seemed a bit odd to me since we have over two months to go. At least the conversation tonight wasn’t just about people’s inability to stop eating chocolate and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.
    I have been comitted to my exercise program. Collecting my bike on Thurday, that will be interesting. I plan to start using it daily for 30 mins. My trousers are getting too loose so I need to dig out a belt. Yoga is getting easier too, managed 90% of the class tonight. Avoided the shoulder stand as I am aware that I need to be careful of my back muscles.
    I have agreed to try to lose 2 lb next week so I am going to do my best this next week. I bought their vegetarian cook book tonight because it has lots of spicy recipes. I will let you know if any turn out well. Salad season is coming to an end.
    Wee- I haven’t made the yogurt yet but am looking forward to it.

    Well done Jo. Great feeling when the pants need hitching up and in.
    Keep it up.
    I think it’s wise planning sensible Christmas food early. Too much of the traditional “English style” Xmas food is carb heavy. Time to get creative. Festivities can still mean fabulous food, without weightgain. I’ll be interested what they suggest.
    We’ve had a fabulous long weekend away. We’ve eaten very well, but brought a lot home again. It’s surprising how little food we actually eat these days. 😊P

    PVE- well done on your restraint. You really have a great attitude to ‘control’ on eating. As you often say it’s a mindset we all need to learn. I am finally accepting that ‘treating’ myself is usually ‘cheating’ myself and sabotaging my plans. SW has a contract to open 52 weeks a year so they are actually open for a weigh in on Boxing Day morningm now that is dedication. I wonder how many slimmers will be there?

    I was chatting to a very quiet lady that has lost 41/2 stones (64 lbs) in three months. She was 19 stones at the beginning. She never says a word in class (very, very shy) so I was interested in her technique. She said she hasn’t had one treat (sweet foods) since she started whereas before joining SW she lived on home baked cakes and pastries. She is a very good cook apparently and now uses this skill to cook healthy alternatives, ensuring she has 3 meals a day. She has never drunk alcohol so that temptation is removed. She rarely goes out due to financial restraints and has four children under 14 so would need a babysitter, no funds to pay for one. Her husband does two jobs so he isn’t home much. I asked her about exercise, she said she spends most of her time shopping, cooking and doing housework but she does walk the younger children to school and pick them up which takes 20 minutes each way. She is in bed by 9 pm so avoids evening snacking. She regularly loses 2-3 lbs per week, rarely 1 only, yet she still eats pasta rice or bread in small limited amounts daily. She records everything daily- we all know that seems to work. She doesn’t even own scales and is dieting purely for health reasons, diagnoses pre diabetic which is why she started dieting. I told her about fasting and the effects on blood sugar, she promised to look into Dr Fungs u tube video. I asked about sugar withdrawal symptoms but she reported none because she uses replacement products. Her Doctor is very pleased with her dedication. I told her my worries about the groups lack of interest in sugar reduction and lack of focus on healthy alternatives. She agreed that their interests are commercial and that their own diet meals and ‘bars’ were a waste of money and nutritionally poor. She felt that they ‘play to their audience’ , in the main ‘non cooks and poorly educated or interested in healthy eating’. When I suggested that most of the slimmers will find it very difficult to maintain their weightloss or I improve their health, she agreed.
    I will try to stick out going to the club until I reach goal even though I ignore their so called advice and commercial products. It helps that there are others there that understand my frustration with the lack of nutritional advice.

    Your new, shy, successful weightloss friend has nailed it with a total change of her eating habits, Jo, taking control herself and enjoying making her own delicious, healthy food. Good on her. Her children are lucky kids. ..a new mum and an excellent role model. ☺ P

    Morning/evening all,

    Jo, it’s nice to meet someone like that at slimming club. She is the one who’ll keep the weight off because she has already changed her habits in order to lose weight. It is a fabulous result for her so far, especially with a family to feed who she is cooking for every day. Hopefully she can pick some healthy tips up from you and will be able to ensure that none of her children are ever in need of a slimming club.
    You are doing really well and I hope you can keep it up, it would seem that the accountability of being weighed is working for you.

    I’m still struggling despite all my good intentions but I’ll keep going. I’ve got a friend coming round tonight so will be drinking wine but I’ll fast today and have a small meal so should be able to limit my calories to around 600, and I’ll probably aim to fast again tomorrow.

    The ballet was wonderful. It was the first night of Carlos Acosta’s farewell concerts. He picked all his favourite pieces from different ballets and asked his favourite dancers to perform. There is an American dancer called Sarah Lamb who is a Principal at the Royal Ballet and she danced the Dying Swan. I’ve seen her do it before and it is the most beautiful piece of ballet I’ve ever seen so I was thrilled that it was included in the programme.
    There were a couple of pieces that involved a chamber choir and soprano and baritone singers. It was incredible to see ballet performed to the sound of such beautiful voices as well as musical instruments. Because it was at the Albert Hall, the orchestra were on the stage and the dancers on a platform in front and below them so it was easy to watch the musicians who are usually hidden in a pit!
    We had front row seats in a four person box almost directly opposite the stage so had a perfect view. I hadn’t realised when I purchased the tickets back in March that they were box tickets so it was a pleasant surprise and very nice to sit watching ballet whilst sipping a G&T πŸ™‚
    When the dancers took their bows at the end, Acosta was completely overwhelmed and in tears. It must be very emotional for him to be giving up ballet after spending so many years eating, living and breathing it.

    The painter has arrived, time to go and make his coffee πŸ˜‰

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    Hello all,

    We are just in from a delightful “grand parenting day” – the little one slept most of the time, so we had a peaceful lunch with her parents! Apparently she still has “Day/Night confusion” so her poor parents are exhausted! At least they are tag teaming, so not too bad…

    Amazon reading about your ballet made my spine tingle, esp the Dying Swan! What a fabulous night you had. Sorry to hear your willpower has gone AWOL, probably the excitement of your imminent trip is not helping. I find that such big events put me off my game. All we can do is our best!!

    Jo I am so pleased you have regained belief in yourself. Thats what it is really isn’t it? Just a bit of success over more than a couple of days, we start to remember that we can do this! As Amazon says, if being accountable helps, thats great!

    Welcome home from your dirty weekend Purple -hope it was fun! Mr. P is a lucky man!
    Healthcoach, good luck with the scope. As you say, a good day to fast!
    Wee I hope your shed is finished. Lucky you, sunshine!! We have a gale blowing again at present and it has rained most of the day….its getting ridiculous now! The few roses that have dared to bloom have been wrecked with all the rain.
    Cheers all x

    Hi Nama,

    Sounds like a lovely day with your new niece and her parents.

    I usually find that an upcoming holiday helps me to focus but that hasn’t been the case this time and I think some of it is due to the fact that the clothes already fit. I’ll continue to work at it this week and am going to make a plan for when I get home. I’ve not been exercising as much as usual over the past few weeks for various reasons, so need to ensure that I get back into my exercise routine as soon as I get home.

    Purple, welcome back, hope you had a fab few days πŸ’•

    HCB, hope all goes well today.

    Beautiful day again today. I might try to get out for a walk this afternoon.

    Thanks girls 😊😊

    Hi Nama, Amazon, PVE,
    Thanks for your interest in my current progress. It’s weird that sometimes we can have a will of iron yet another time it’s just all too hard. I am definitely eating more now and keen to exercise. Feeling great and younger every day.

    Nama – both my babies were good sleepers so I was a very lucky mum, early risers but once fed we all went back to bed. I really feel for your son and DIL, lack of sleep is horrible. Amazon – The ballet sounds amazing. One day I will go to the ballet, it’s on my bucket list, possibly on a trip to Moscow.

    Started my new voluntary job today as membership secretary of a very robust local retirement club. We have 140 members and a very long waiting list. We have trips, meals, fitness clubs and holidays. The current encumbent has health issues and is retiring after having started the club 30 years ago. She knows every member by name, incredible memory, ‘big boots’ to fill. She is not very friendly or welcoming though so I think a change will be good. It will only take up one afternoon per month plus a few meetings so not too onerous on my limited time. I will need to miss bowls once per month but I am sure I’ll survive.
    If it makes you feel better I noticed that there are lots of dieters almost at goal finding it hard to get the last few pounds off. At least you are still at lowest point, I am not even close yet.

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