Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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  • Just heading off to bed. The film was very disturbing. 130,000 children were deported from the UK to Australia between the 1940’s and 70’s. Many were told their parents were dead but in fact they were alive. So many lives ruined.

    Happy-gardening and circuit training off the agenda for a week at least, probably bowls too, just walking and swimming allowed.

    One Indian meal uses up 4 days of my Syn points. It will be plain food for s few days, no treats, not even butter and oil. It was a very good meal though.

    Fasting tomorrow and looking forward to it

    The frightening thing, I feel, Jo is that the stolen children (the Aboriginal kids) and the child migrant scheme (UK kids) didn’t take place in the past. We were kids ourselves when it was happening. And then there is all the institutional abuse on children taking place then, and still today. What’s wrong with people? It’s unimaginable. P

    I watched that debate last night and was very disturbed by it. I never watch horror movies or violence anymore because it doesn’t do good to me. So I couldn’t sleep, slept at some point worried about my pop smear. What could it be? Is it cancer? Is this HPV? Is there a cure? Well is this STD? How do I approach my husband? And when on and on and the day was slow.

    Jo I loved that cake! I do eat fruits but for dessert I’ll trade in dinner for anything
    chocolate. I am glad you are feeling better and in good spirits with you activities.

    Purple abuse of children goes way back! My own country was big news the other day with online sex weather it’s called. That innocence attracts prayers. Can you believe a little girl marrying an old guy? I can’t.

    FD was okay and managed to get through. I need to come up with a nice soup.

    Talk to you soon again 🌺

    Belated birthday wishes, young Jojo πŸ™‚ If there’s one day of the year you can relax your fasting, that was it! xx

    Surely two days Barata? Or is Jo not allowed Christmas day this year?! πŸ™‚

    Jo, sensible to lay off gardening and circuits. And I know you’re impatient so, when you think your back is better, wait another couple of days before resuming full activity!!

    I’m fasting today too. Hungry already! Hoping my first coffee of the day knocks that on the head.

    Amazon, I did the lamb and aubergine dish last night. Very nice but I think next time I’ll add a little bit of chilli. I can’t think of much (in a savoury meal way before anyone shouts out ‘porridge’ ‘tea’ etc!) that isn’t improved by a bit of chilli.

    Happy fasting or mindful eating all.

    I am in full agreement, chilli is essential, I love spicey food.

    PVE- I caught part of a documentary the other day where Syrian children are working in Turkish factories for Β£45 per week to support their families, no idea what hours they are doing for that or if they are benefitting from any access to education. It’s a crime. I don’t even approve of 16 year olds working when they are supposed to be studying for exams yet both of my kids got jobs at that time because they wanted more spending money. I suppose they learned the value of work early and neither have scrounged off us or ever asked for a loan. They are both bogged down paying their University loans still. At least we didn’t have that burden. I started work at 15 and studied in the evenings to get further qualifications. I didn’t get a degree until I was in my late forties, when I was working 4 days per week, running my preschool and looking after my two stropy teenagers, hell but I survived it.

    My back is less painful today and I plan on restricting stressing it out until it is completely healed. It’s the end of the outdoor bowls season now so no more six games per week. Indoor bowls doesn’t reall get off the ground until late October so ?I am going to concentrate on yoga, swimming and walking. The sun is shining and it’s quite warm so I am off to make the most of it.

    Fasting today, burning off that delightful Indian meal. It was worth every calorie consumed. Happy Hump Day fellow Fasters.

    Good morning all . Cold here this morning and off to get out flu jab . I will be back later to catch up on the posts . I made the yogurt last night and it is cooling in the kitchen before going in the fridge . It tastes so creamy . Ross loves it but he likes flavoured ( I like adding a wee drop frozen fruit . I thought on adding some nesquick ) banana ) to his . at what stage would you think I should add it . I am going to get some different makes for starters today to see which one I like best . Guess what I will be eating the next few days ? lol . Have a good day everyone see you all later ….PS I am still managing to maintain with the odd 4 pounds on then back off again

    Wee xx

    Glad your back is improving Jo. Take Happy’s advice re resuming excessive activity.
    Think of our South Australian contibutors tonight..their whole state has a black out as the result of a huge storm. Hope they are all safe. P

    Our posts crossed Wee. Instead of adding flavour, serve it with various fruits and nuts. Berries with almonds or grated apple with walnuts, both with cinnamon on top…delicious!

    Good morning,
    I woke up toooo early today πŸ™„
    Wee keep posting about your yogurt experiment! I only use store bought Greek plain yogurt for salad dressings. My husband only like the evil sweet colorful ones. Maybe I can produce a home-made type a show him what goes in it. I’ve pointed out the amount of sugar from his favorite but he doesn’t get it.

    Hi everyone,

    Wee, I only add things to yoghurt when I’m about to eat it. I use it in savoury dishes and in baking so prefer to store it in it’s natural state, and it probably keeps better that way.

    Any fruit is good and frozen is a good alternative if fresh isn’t available/too expensive. Maybe you could add fruit and a small amount of honey for Ross.

    You can use your own yoghurt as a starter, I use the last couple of tablespoons of mine.

    Back from shopping and Ross was desperate to try the yogurt . It was on the wortop but hadn’t been in the fridge . I put in some nesquick and a wee drop honey and frozen raspberries . I told him to put it in the frige for a wee while before he ate it . I put some in a container for myself just to taste . It was lovely . We went to Asda and I got some more full fat milk and I bought Onken natural and it says on it that it has live cultures . The last one didn’t and it worked but I wanted to see it actually written on the tub . I have put 3 wee containers in the freezer with enough to start off new batches . Only comes in at around 500cals for a litre .That was before adding anything but frozen rasps are only around 30 cals per 100G I have a new lot made and in the easiyo maker . I have it wrapped in a shower wrap ( a lovely new white one ) and it looks fine on the worktop . I just can’t wait to experiment . I am going to buy frozen cherries tomorrow . Thanks guys

    Wee xx

    Let me know how the yogurt making goes. Maybe I should buy a yogurt maker, I eat lots of yogurt. I also prefer it natural with berries. I add 1 tablespoon of crushed linseed and nuts, yummy.

    The weather has been sunny and warm today and more good weather expected. It’s so good to swim outside when it’s warm. I am working on improving my crawl stroke.

    PVE – yes I am taking it easy, fed up with back pain. That’s awful about the storms causing blackouts in SA, hope electricity restored soon.

    I had a treat tonight, salmon en croute with mediterranean veg, delicious. Probably more than 500 cals but I really fancied something different.

    My Lakeland yoghurt maker is one of my best investments, only Β£20 and I’ve saved much more than that by making my own for the past couple of years.I wish I’d done it sooner. I bought a spare container too which makes life easier.

    My garden stairs are being replaced and it was supposed to happen yesterday, I was then informed that it couldn’t be done until today so reorganised my busy week to accordingly. To cut a very long story short, after hanging around all morning I got a call at 2pm to say they aren’t coming until tomorrow. We are not amused…… 😠😀😫

    @happynow i dont see how its possible, having read the 5,2 calculations in michael’s book?

    It is possible to lose 2lbs per week by eating below TDEE on non fast days and/or fasting more than twice per week. I know because I lost 28lbs in 14 weeks by doing just that.

    You need to get used to 5:2 first which takes a few weeks before thinking about anything else.

    For those of us who were eating over TDEE on most if not every day before 5:2, the reduction in calories to TDEE (let alone under) on non-fast dats plus two fast days adds up! And the switch to low carb also makes a difference in fat burning too.

    Whyam, for the first 10 weeks on 5:2, both my husband and I consistently lost 1kg (2.2lbs) per week. It slowed down after that, to an average of about 1lb per week, taking a further 40 weeks to lose the rest of the 30kg each.
    The lighter you are, the harder it is to shift, but as Happy says, low carb, 2 fasts, and at or less than your TDEE on other days, you must lose weight.

    Wee, the yoghurt will set with fewer cultures in it, but not nearly as good for you. That’s why I now make kefir, instead of yoghurt, every day, as it contains many more cultures. And much easier to make. P

    HOW very interesting, i must say!
    thank you.

    home now and starting on monday x

    @amazon yes, thats why i specified i didn’t see how one could do that on the 5,2.
    specifically. the 5,2.

    @amazon ” You need to get used to 5:2 first which takes a few weeks before thinking about anything else.”

    is it going to be that big of a deal, then? i ate 450 calories a day for 6 months and did fine on it. i wonder if i can manage it ten years later for 2 days a week!

    Anything worth doing does take effort, but as Amazon says, it can be learned. Lots of us here are living proof. Just jump in and do it. 😊

    does one have to be low carb? i found it constipating. and one of the things i liked about htis was that michael says one can eat ‘normally’ in the 5 days. cos hate eating differently from everyone else all the time. its not just ‘no bead for me thanks’ a lot of dishes are wrapped in choux pastry or wrapped in bread crumbs or its a pasta dish or a pie or risotto and its just so awkward saying no, i am doing this for my health, but thanks anyhow (cos its so offensive, like and so should YOU be doing it for yours). i dont mind cutting back on sugar (which is practically all i eat) but i do mind being rude to people and feeling awkward. it will just make me stay in which will make me depressed.
    i do want to do this but i as looking for a catch cos it looked so wonderful and here it is. it doesnt say in teh book about having to do atkins in the 5 days, does it? i may be wrong. it has been known.

    oh i can put the effort in, don’t you worry. i am a grafter. πŸ™‚ i lost 4 stone and didnt put a pound back on. i now need to lose 3 because of flipping meds. grrrrrrrr. but i will do it.

    Avoiding eating the heavily carb based food does not need to be a drama or draw attention. Just quietly choose the non starchy vegetables and salads and don’t eat the bread, chips, rice, pasta whenever possible, or just a little. Nobody notices and, if they do, it is good modelling. There are always healthy options. I often choose the burger on a cafe menu, eat the protein and salad out of the middle and leave the buns. Plenty of food, why fill up on carbs?


    You don’t have to be low carb, I was just giving an example of something that could contribute to more rapid weight loss.

    I’m not following a proper LCHF diet, but I have drastically reduced my consumption of bread, pasta and added sugar because I realised they were what was causing me to put the weight on.

    PVE you spoke about Kefir when we met . What is it ? is it like a yogurt ? . I will look it up on U Tube tomorrow . Thanks pal xxxxx

    Wee xx

    Wee you have the best humor and up-lighting posts (FB)! It must be the weather there 😍
    Correct me if I am wrong wrong gang – each fermented food have their own individual set strains of good bacteria (yougurt, kimchi, kefir, saukrait, kombucha, miso-soup).
    My favorite is chocolate. In order to have that delicious healthy item Cacau goes through a fermentation process as well.
    Femented wine, beer and sauerdought bread are something else .. Someone please take over for me now lol.
    My little bacteria comunity resumes now of saurkraut, Kefir and my first batch of kombucha coming up Saturday.

    Wee, kefir is another type of fermented milk, tastes like drinking yoghurt. I originally got the kefir grains online.

    You are quite right, HBC. Every fermented food has different bacteria and we should eat a wide range.

    Good luck with the kombucha. I banned it from the house when Mr P was growing it. Dreadful looking thing and I don’t particularly like drinking it either. He never mastered it, so that fermenting experiment was canned ☺☺

    Kefir grains and sourdough starters to feed are enough. …oh, and the cat!

    I will be taking a break from the forum fast friends I got a call from my Sister in Adelaide last night to say Mum had very unexpectedly and suddenly passed away she is 79.
    Take care of and be good to yourself.

    Big hugs RT. Remember the happy times.
    See you back here later. P πŸ™…

    Oh RT I am terribly, terribly sorry to read of your mother’s sudden death. So hard for your family when it was sudden, but what a blessing for her. Nothing makes the pain easier though, you only have one Mum!
    Take care of yourself xx

    My sympathies, RT. Take care of yourself. All the very best to you and your family. Bay 🌺🌺🌺

    RT my sincere condolences it’s never easy losing a family member but more so when it’s a parent or sibling.

    Stay safe on the road traveling to Adelaide as the weather is still very wet and wild.


    I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum’s sudden passing. Condolences to you and your family.

    RT – there are no words.

    May God bless her soul.

    RT, so sorry to hear your sad news. Don’t forget to look after yourself.

    So sorry to hear of your loss, RT. My thoughts are with you.

    RT my thoughts are with you pal . Sudden is best for the one who has passed but makes you feel a lot has been unsaid . I am a great believer though that the ones who have passed are always with you in spirit and KNOW you loved them so much

    Wee xx

    I love that this group is not just a diet/healthy eating group . Love that we are all such good friends even if some have never met. I love looking at all the pictures/stories on FB. My second yogurt has turned out well too (smug smile) I am going to keep trying different ones though just to see if there is a difference in flavour . Jim and I are off to see my lovely Dad . he is gradually getting further away from us in his mind BUT I can still see his lovely shining smile whenever his eyes meet mine . Have a lovely day all and be good ( if you can ) πŸ™‚ xxxx

    RT – Sorry to hear about your loss! Sending light and prayers πŸ™ To you and you family. Take care yourself.

    Condolences on your bereavement. We will be here when you return and always remeber that your cyber friends have you and your family in their thoughts. We will miss you terribly.

    Bad news is always a reminder that fasting or dieting is a minor problem in life compared to the many problems that some people are dealing with in their lives.

    I am going to focus on not making ‘food’ such a priority. Currently I seem to be on top of things, it’s a good feeling. Eating sensibly, taking lots of exercise, socialising via several clubs and seeing my family whenever possible. I even took my bike to the repair shop today, it’s getting a service because the gears were not working properly. It will take one week and lots of pennies, then I will discover if I can still ride a bike. They say you never forget, I hope that is true. A friend of mine has just started roller skating, now that is either brave or foolish, they are the four wheel type but even so!

    Wonder how Sam is doing? (He contributed to the thread when it started)Anyone hear from him?

    Just to finish on a good note, another pound off today, let’s hope it stays off this weekend. Lots of socialising planned.

    @rogue trader i am really really sorry. i will pray. 79b is no age these days. god bless you all.

    @happynow thanks, yeah, i get it now (she says with a mouth full of cake. but i dont start till monday. weirdly i lost three pounds this week and what i was doing was eating as much carb and chocolate etc as i could to say farewell for good. weird weird weird.

    @purple vegie eater

    ”Avoiding eating the heavily carb based food does not need to be a drama or draw attention. Just quietly choose the non starchy vegetables and salads and don’t eat the bread, chips, rice, pasta whenever possible, or just a little. Nobody notices and, if they do, it is good modelling. There are always healthy options. I often choose the burger on a cafe menu, eat the protein and salad out of the middle and leave the buns. Plenty of food, why fill up on carbs?”

    that proves you didnt understand my post and that our social cir cles are wide different. so i will leave it there! nobody is having a drama. even your user name makes me realize we come from very different places!

    “Why” you will find that most of us who have lost significant amounts of weight with 5:2 have naturally reduced our carbs as our food tastes have changed. We no longer desire the rich, sugary or starchy stuff. And if we forget and overindulge, we usually feel yuk afterwards. This is after a year or two of fasting, it does not happen overnight.
    A non-food word of advice, don’t judge people by their ‘handles’. An easy thing to do of course, but until I met Purple in person, I may have thought she was a bead-jangling hippie with a name like that! On the contrary, she is an extremely sophisticated woman, who we all have great respect for. Purple is one of our fasting gurus, extremely knowledgeable concerning nutrition and fasting and always happy to give good advice. You could learn a lot from her.

    Hi everyone,

    The stair guys arrived just after 7.30am and were done by the time I needed to go out. They’ve done a great job and I’m very pleased. I can now go down into the garden without worrying that my foot might go through a tread. They need to have preservative etc applied which will be done on Monday, but I can use them if I wish.

    I went for a haircut this afternoon and I swear my hairdresser cuts a bit more off every time! Having said that I’m very pleased with it 😎

    I inadvertently drifted onto the see food diet for a couple of days, but I’ve got it back together again today and have just had some sushi and sashimi which was delicious and very healthy. I didn’t eat all day which was very tough but serves me right for eating all those carbs.

    Purple, I wish I could be as strong willed as you but if it is on the plate I want to eat it. The exception to that is rice which I have no problem ignoring.
    I occasionally ask for salad instead of rice/bread/potato but my request is often greeted as if I had asked for the moon………

    Tomorrow is a FD, and it is written in stone πŸ˜‰



    Purple I agree very much that that ugly Kombucha starter is a bit gross lol. Apparently I only need to deal with it once a week.
    Jo good news about the weight loss! Whatever you are doing there seems to be agreeing with you.
    Yes! Whatever happened to Samm. Let’s hope for the best there.
    Since Monday I started doing a very good cleaning on our house. Later you’ll on treadmill and some arm work.
    Right now making a beef barley mushroom soup!! A very good girlfriend is on the area so instead of meeting for somewhere we chat and eat here.
    My hubby woke up with a stiff neck and is behaving like a baby. I gave him Tylenol, the nurse told me to put ice and he is quiet downstairs.
    Hope the rest of you are all right, healthy and happy.
    Good Fasting πŸ’‹

    Why- all I can say is listen, listen to everyone and remember that the advice you are getting is from Fasters with a great deal of experience, knowledge and success. Some of us have been on this journey a very long time and our food choices are changing beyond recognition. I prefer not to eat products with ‘added sugar’ because these foods are not good for our bodies. It’s not just about being slim it’s about living long and healthy lives. I have swapped complex carbs for vegetables and my body responds favourably. During my bread eating days I woke with a stomach cramp everyday.
    I still eat potato and parsnip and have no issues with these vegetables. As a Pescatarian it was difficult to give up another food group but I have no regrets now. I use ‘zero’ noodles in stir fry’s. There are many veg that can be spiralised to replace pasta and rice, such as corgette, sweet potato, squash. Cauliflower can be grated to replace rice. Just give them a try, you have nothing to lose.

    Well having met Whyami on another thread, it came as no surprise that she found P’s comments offensive, although I must admit I thought it would be ‘2 fasts, and at or less than your TDEE on other days, you must lose weight’…instead of which it was the sound advice about how to eat a moderate amount of processed carbohydrate without drawing attention to it… Just goes to show I’m not right 100% of the time πŸ™‚


    Just about everyone on this forum tries to be helpful and supportive. None of us know you or your backstory, so while advice may not be appropriate to you, it is nevertheless well-intentioned.

    1. i am not judging anyone, everyone can do as they please. purple misunderstood my post, because she didn’t read it, she read her take, over it.

    2. i do listen. i didn’t realize this was a low carb no sugar site i thought it was a weight loss diet site.

    3. i don’t want to grate cauliflower. i hate cauliflower. and the idea of making a food pretend to be another is just like using aspartame for sugar. i dont like these laws! acceptable foods, not acceptable ones. i do have a spiralizer and use it a lot, mostly for zucchini, which i adore.

    4. people become very militant about food. diets have become political.people on here have been on here for years, as you say. why???? they do the diet, succeed, maintain then get on with their own lives, surely. i understand that you have to do 6,1 or whatever for the rest of your life, but you’ve learned how to do that after a few months at goal surely.

    5. if 5,2 is so easy and painless why do so many people take ‘time out’ or ‘hi i am back!’ or ‘i had a crisis ad gained it all back then some’… surely if its that easy and makes you so vibrant and happy and well and slender nothing would make you change anything… IF it IS that easy. i would so love to get a straight answer to that question from a normal nice intelligent person. it is asked with an open heart. its a real honest question. i don’t understand the phenomenon of there ex 5,2-ers still overweight if they have tried this diet/ way of eating/ way of life.

    6. new people have questions. thats what new, in this context, means!

    7. i didn’t want to join a movement or cult, i want to lose weight and continue my normal life. normally. i also don’t want to try and convert others. let them find their own way. when the student is ready, the teacher arrives!

    best to you all! x

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