Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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Lose 2 lb per week – join Jojo in this quest

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  • Hi Jo,

    I’m still a couple of pounds away from my lowest but I keep trying!
    If it doesn’t happen I’m not going to worry about it.
    You’ll get there soon enough now you are back on track and have found a way that works for you. Remember I lost 42 lbs and regained 18 of them before I found this website and I’m now 66 lbs less than my original start weight.

    There will be many tasty and healthy food options in Myanmar and as I’m a great fan of eating what the locals live on and not searching out Western food I’m hoping not to bring any extra pounds home with me although I’ve no intention of abstaining from alcohol or saying no to the occasional sweet treat if it looks good πŸ™‚
    Most of the hotels we are staying in have pools and some have fitness centres so I’ll be able to swim or use a treadmill or bike if I feel the need. The pool might be an excellent alternative to going into breakfast for a hot drink and being lectured by a well intentioned person who thinks I’ll die if I don’t eat anything πŸ˜‰
    The holiday is fairly active with lots of walking, a whole day trek and a day on bikes cycling the back roads and villages, so I won’t be spending too much time sitting around.

    Sounds like a plan. I too am off on holiday soon but already planning to only have one meal per day. Like you I will keep busy and active. My Nordic Poles are telescopic so will travel everywhere with me from now on. Have you tried them yet. Strongly recommend them. 0nly 42 lbs total down for me, I was over 65 lbs down as at last March, regained same weight three times in the last year, crazy isn’t it? I know I can make it, but I know I need support.


    66lbs down is an amazing achievement, a life changing amount of weight to lose for sure. As long as you’re not regaining, you’re a maintainer.


    Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! And next time you get to 65lbs down, please don’t relax and put 2 stone back on! You don’t belyeve in making it easy for yourself do you?! …or us πŸ™‚

    I’m fasting today. Pre 5:2 I thought I’d die if I missed a meal, and I never embarked upon a journey without an emergency supply of food. Now it’s just liberating to leave the house knowing I won’t have to think about food again until this evening.

    I went for another run last night, having not been crippled by Sunday’s run. The nights are closing in now though so I’ll soon have to get my exercise at lunchtime πŸ™

    Hi everyone.

    Thanks Happy πŸ™‚ I know it’s a fantastic achievement but the journey isn’t over yet and I’m irritated with my ability to keep falling off the wagon.
    The good thing is it hasn’t stopped me from climbing back on.

    I’ve just had a great morning at the gym. I’ve not managed to get there since last Tuesday and I really enjoyed working hard and trying to push myself. I’m very conscious of the bike ride near the end of my holiday and although I know I’m fit enough I feel I need to keep using the exercise bike as much as possible.

    By the time I got to the pool it was deserted and I had a really nice 20 minute swim without having to deal with tidal waves or human traffic πŸ˜‰

    It is a lovely day but very windy which is perfect as the bed linen is now out in the fresh air drying soon to be followed by the summer quilt. Yes it’s that time of year and the 66lbs less version of me feels the cold much more than previously.

    I’ve put all my stuff back in the storage area under my new stairs and made the very pleasing discovery that my very expensive Weber picnic BBQ fits into my dustbin which was looking for employment after being made redundant and replaced by a monstrous wheelie bin 😲

    I am now watching tennis with my feet up and a mug of coffee to help me through my FD πŸ˜ƒ 🎾 β˜•

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    Gorgeous day here!
    Right now taking it easy after that procedure.
    All went well and I am very impressed with the service of excellence from the nurses.
    The doctor later announced that the polyps were removed. He’ll send it to the lab… I am not really concerned.
    The worst part was when the nurse asked me what of the following snacks a wanted: English muffin, cinnamon bun of crackers with tea or coffee. After almost 2 days without nearly any food I had to decline “their” food. My barley soup was waiting for me.
    I am glad to know everyone some way or the other is trying to have a healthy and happy life.

    Hi Guys,
    Just when you think you have fasting cracked you get a fast day like today. It’s been hell, starving hungry all day but kept in control. It’s weird because I have been finding fast days easy the last few weeks, wish I knew what caused the changes.
    Happy-All I can do is keep sticking with fasting and doing my best. I am trying to deal with a long term problem of yoyoing with my weight. Many obese people have this issue, change doesn’t come easily. Glad you are enjoying your running. I pick up my bike tomorrow. I am sticking to daily Nordic walking and swimming. It’s not like I am or have ever been a couch potato. I met two other SW dieters tonight at my bridge lessons. They attend a different class which sounds much better than my group so I might transfer. It seems their consultant has a better control of the discussion topics.

    Hi Jo,

    Well a true yoyo is regaining all the lost weight and more, which you didn’t do. So long as any future regains keep getting proportionally smaller then you’ll get there, on a damped sine wave…

    Sorry to hear you had a hard fast day. Well done for sticking with it though. You’re certainly exercising your will power muscle at the moment.

    I’m not enjoying my running! But I do enjoy the benefits.

    It’s probably a good idea to jump groups if you can. You sound disillusioned with your current group, but the weigh ins and support do seem to be working for you, Better to jump ship than fall overboard!


    I’m glad to hear your procedure is over and wasn’t too awful…except for the aftersnacks! Shocking really that health care providers don’t offer healthy food!

    Glad to hear that your surgery went well. All the best for a fast painless recovery. I had a day out on Tuesday where only starch and sugary foods were available. I had a prawn and whole meal sandwich and refused the cakes. It has been a long time since I ate a sandwich. I sat on a bench in the sun and enjoyed every mouthful, it had low fat mayo so it wasn’t too high in calories either.
    Planning soup for late lunch and then mushroom omelette with salad for dinner today. It’s Rock Choir today, I love it!
    Enjoy your fast or non fast day cyber pals. Weather here is turning so it’s windy and quite chilly. Hope the outdoor pool is warmer today I didn’t really enjoy it much yesterday, even fast strokes didn’t warm me up much.

    Morning/evening all,

    FD turned into a non FD yeaterday so I’m trying again today…..
    Well done for sticking with it yesterday Jo. Maybe your struggling and feeling hungry contributed to being cold when swimminng and you body will cope with the cooler conditions better today.
    It felt very cold here due to the strong wind which has dropped considerably today although it is cool and overcast.

    I’ve got a really sore throat and swollen glands again today. I had a dental check-up on Monday including xrays so I know it’s not an abscess brewing so probably a throat infection so I guess it’ll be paracetemol and lots of hot water with lemon today.

    Happy I would love to be able to run but my knee isn’t able to cope with it.

    HCB, pleased to hear all went smoothly in Tuesday and hope you don’t have to wait too long for the lab results. I know you aren’t concerned but it’s nice to know that all is well.

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    Hello everyone,
    Please can I join you all? I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t read all 16, 460 posts but I will do my best to keep up from now on! Jojo – I read your first post when you had 5 stone to lose – that is how much I have to lose now. How are you getting on?
    I’m planning on doing a 4:3 to start with.

    Take care everyone.

    Good morning my Cyber Friends,

    Another gorgeous day here! One of those autumn days that you fall in love with yourself.
    Happy I’ll agree with you there with that yoyo situation. If we re gain a little it isn’t considered a big deal. So long we gain control of another FD. And we all know here or there something goes wrong.
    Amazon yeah! Have to wait again for another lab result. I bet you are all excited about your upcoming vacation. What’s the highlight in Myanmar?
    RT missing the Friday’s jokes. Hope you are well.
    Franz welcome to the group! Our more experienced peers will jump in with advice for you. From my side I’ll say read the book, start slow and give yourself some time. It probably took you years to accumulate those pounds.
    Heading to the gym for a treadmill run and Pilates.

    Welcome Fonz,
    This thread has been going a while, I think it would be a bit of a marathon to read it all. Just start with today and move forward, much like fasting. Look back only when you need to check out what gave you a sucess. Don’t repeat the same mistakes twice. I make ano ugh new ones for all of us. I have gone from a size 22 to a 16, last year it was 14 on occasion. Comfortable size 14 is where I want to be, too busty to really consider smaller. My progress is one step forward and two back most of the time but I press on. At least I never give up any more. I know I like the healthy active lifestyle I lead and that can only improve with a slimmer body. Good Luck!

    I briefly called in to a ‘wake’ today, just to pay my respects to the family of a bowler from my club who died last week. He was active up until his last three months but Cancer finally got him. He had battled through 6 different cancers in the last 10 years, poor man. Never smoked in his life but he liked a drink.

    I wasn’t feeling strong enough to refuse all the food so I just popped in claiming I had toothache, so as not to offend anyone. Incredible spread but very cake laden.

    I am giving a preview to a film club tomorrow’s comparing a book and film. Large audience so it’s a bit daunting. Apparently last months speaker was terrible so that makes me feel a bit better. Hopefully I will do a reasonable job. I read the book twice and saw the film twice so I have made an effort. Sorry but I can’t recommend it. ‘Love in the time of Cholera’ was not ‘my cup of tea’ but I appreciated that the book was well written.
    Not fasting tomorrow or Saturday as I have social engagements galore but I will fast on Sunday and Monday. I haven’t done a back to back fast for a while.
    Have a great Friday and weekend everyone. Chat next week

    Wow, starting to think I had been inadvertently ‘logged out’, but maybe everyone is busy! Maybe Amazon is packing her final bits, or maybe she has already left? If you are still reading Amazon, I hope your trip is wonderful.

    Jojo you have had a rocky ride, but don’t give up will you? I think that is the secret to success with weight loss, just never give up! We all know if we do that then the weight will sneak back on and we will hate ourselves. Thats what I love about fasting. I can have a wobble and lose focus for a few days, but the habits I have formed over the last couple of years keep bringing me back on track. Never managed this before in 40 years – one serious wobble and I would fall off the wagon. Now I know there is a simple solution.

    RT thinking of you and hoping you are OK. I hope the sun is shining in South Australia for you.
    Have a great weekend all. I am making sausage rolls for a family gathering next week, luckily not tempted by raw meat or pastry – so much easier than baking!

    I will be off for a while but just swinging in quickly to say thank you personally to each and every one of you you will know who you are who sent their best wishes condolences and prayers very much appreciated. A beautiful day in Adelaide yesterday and Mums short last trip was being carried from the Church to the hearse for cremation by her grandsons my 5 sons and my sister’s only child her son. Very special and significant moment in time for me !! My sister and I settled on the tune of Jackie Wilson β€œReet Petite” a catchy little number and yes She is so fine πŸ˜‰ for her final exit. I wrote the Funeral sheet.
    To celebrate the life that was Mum.
    Borrowing from Dr Seuss
    β€œDon’t Cry Because It’s Over Smile Because It Happened”
    Peace RT

    Beautiful RT πŸ’•

    I am sure you mother was eternally grateful to have such a loving son. Glad the day went well. Be good to yourself and give yourself time. We will always be thinking of you and missing your cheerful and constructive comments. πŸ’š

    Yes I am my own worst enemy but it’s going well at the moment. Socialising is one of my downfalls, meals out etc. I do try to order sensibly and avoid alcohol. I went out yesterday after giving my film/ book review ( over 100 people in the audience, pretty scary stuff). I chose seabass with veg and mashed potato, olives as a starter and 1/2 ltr of sparking water. No breakfast and an omelete for tea. In the afternoon I joined my 100 word writing group, it was great fun. We are planning to get entries published, good to have an aim.
    I did have 2 Gin and Slimline tonics last night at a 60’s concert and enjoyed them. I will be swimming, cycling and nordic walking today and tomorrow. Bit worried about lunch at a neighbours tomorrow because she is a fine cook but she was on holiday for my birthday and wants to treat me. She has promised a seafood starter, lamb or chicken( sadly no veg option but I will have a very small portion) I will definitely be expected to eat some pudding which is likely to be rich. It will be the only meal of the day and I am fasting today. But concerned about weigh in Monday, suspect no loss.
    Keep fighting the fight.

    Well done on a successful speech Jo. I’m sure you were great.
    When out, push the carbs (eg the mash) to one side, eat half of everything else. When your body says “I’ve had enough “, push your plate away from you immediately. And drink at least 3 glasses of water during the meal. If you taste everything you are not insulting the cook, but by eating less, you are modelling that the portions were too big for normal healthy people. We need to spread that message.
    Enjoy your late birthday treat, but leave most of it. You’ve worked too hard to undermine your efforts now. Cheers P

    Hi PVE,
    Actually I need the potato as it was a tiny portion of fish and veg, I was very hungry, nervous energy I think. I drink sparkling water virtually all the time especially when out for meals. I am still not the side plate size version eater that I would like to become but I am working on it. I will have just a taster of the pudding tomorrow and fruit in preference if on offer. Actually my hostess is a very small water herself as she suffers from allergies and irritable bowel but she loves to feed people. The husbands adore her.
    Cycling plans are forestalled by some serious rain. My walk missed the worst thankfully. I may increase my swim time just in case the rain persists.

    I keep getting logged out of the system, anyone else having problems?

    Hi Guys,
    Fasting has gone very well today, only one bowl of soup. I swam even in the rain, had the pool to myself so I made the most of it. I then bought and fitted lights to my bike so I can get out and about without any worries. I even fitted a rack so I can take a healthy picnic and drink with me.
    Just watching Stictly Come Dancing- some brilliant dances on movie night. Loved the Flash Dance number in particular.
    Hope everyone else is having a good weekend

    Morning All,
    Where is everyone? Busy I guess. Good for you.
    After all that rain yesterday it’s very still and peaceful today, a perfect Sunday.

    Sucessful fast yesterday and resisted offer of chocolate last night but weight off on the scales today so I need to be very strict today and tomorrow.
    At least when you are being weighed by someone else you try harder even if only to get 1/2 a pound off. I am going to be very strong at lunch out today, no pudding no matter what and no wine. Off to walk,swim and cycle now, fingers crossed it makes a difference today.

    Keep strong fellow Fasters and maintainers.

    Good Morning from Melbourne, wet and cold again!!
    We are just about to watch the second US debate – hopefully its over for Trump! Don’t usually have the TV on in the daytime, but this is history….

    I need to focus on something other than food today, time to get serious and ‘undo’ all the over eating since the wedding/baby celebrations etc. Have had a good chat to myself, now just do it!!

    Good move on the bike riding Jo, great exercise, easy on the knees like swimming. My husband rides frequently, esp since he treated himself to an electric bike. I think he gets more exercise now despite the assistance, as he rides much more. Loves it when there is a head wind! He wants me to get one too, but I much prefer the pool. I like to forget about my surroundings when I get my exercise!

    The debate is starting……

    Bad luck Nama. 30 deg here with the pool calling at last. The debate is history I don’t want to be part of.
    Sitting at a good low weight despite 2 weeks of celebration eating. Amazing how much more mindfully we indulge these days. Thanks again Dr M ☺

    good morning everyone . Sunny here but cold but I don’t mind that .

    Not been online as much as I am having PC problems . Ross is going to check it for me . We had a bad couple of days when we couldn’t get in touch with Rebecca in Australia . she is in the outback now and working in a motel for 2 or 3 months to earn some money . She has been all over Australia been sky diving and surfing and snorkelling and sand surfing . She is having a ball . her phone broke and she couldn’t let us know .
    I am off out shortly to take Ross out for some quality time . I am taking him shopping then to a new fish and chip restaurant/carry out for fish and chips . It is spotless clean and we get it take out and then go to a park near buy so he can eat it in the sunshine . The smell of it is awesome but it is a FD for me and I am being strong :).
    Jim is a lot stronger and put most of his lost weight back on . I keep joking with him that it must be great trying to put weight on lol.

    I anted to spend time with him today as when we went to see dad yesterday he didn’t acknowledge us this is the first time this has happened and I was really upset . I knew it would happen but it doesn’t make it any easier .

    Please tell the people you love that you love them NOW and don’t put it off . You might never get the chance to do it later .

    Have a lovely day/ night all . take care and try to be good

    Wee xxxx

    oh HI everyone!

    I hope you are all doing well – Jojo, it’s great to hear the highs and lows of your journey as it reminds me that it happens to all of us. Inspired by your determination and refocusing. Keep it going!

    RT – so very sorry for your loss! really tough times, but it sounds like you have a loving support network around you. I’m thinking of you.

    Purple Veggie Eater – Some great tips there for eating out – I will put them into action next time I’m out with friends!

    Wee- welcome back. Hope you and Ross enjoyed the sunshine – gosh I don’t know how you resisted that but well done for staying strong.

    I must admit you guys, the last week or two has not been good for me. After loosing a kilo and a half the few weeks of fasting, but instead of pushing me forward, I think I grew complacent.

    Lately I have found the fast days very difficult, but even worse is that I find myself over compensating for my fasting on my normal days. Justifying bad food choices with “I’ll fast tomorrow”.

    I’m not sure why I do this – one half of brain tell me no – that I’ll undo my hard work. While the other half of my brain justifies it.

    It’s very frustrating and I’m sure I’m not alone, although I felt alone and out of control the last few weeks.

    I’m trying to refocus to today sop I prepped some healthy meals for my non-fasting days, I’m hoping that it will keep me on track.

    I’m also re-researching the benefits of 5:2, to remind myself that it’s for more than just weight loss!

    Would love to hear your thoughts, or perhaps some coping strategies which you guys have found helpful when you feel yourself starting to stray.

    I’m so inspired by those of you who have been doing 5:2 for many years now – I’m sure it isn’t always easy, so if you have any advice I’d love to hear!

    Good luck everyone – thanks for the inspiration and support!

    xxx Faith

    Hi Faith,
    I think most of the experienced fasters here would agree that fasting can be very hard at first. Its something you need to keep persisting at until you find what works best for you. Once you start to see results you will be inspired to keep going, but you do need patience at first. Great idea to pop in here for support, we have all been there!

    Preparing healthy food in advance for non fast days (and fast days) is a great idea too. I love cooking and still tend to cook in bulk, even though we are ’empty nesters’ now. There is always something healthy in the freezer, so no excuse to grab something unhealthy when famished.. Lots of soups, healthy casseroles etc. Today I cooked 3kg of lean mince, with loads of veggies and passata sauce and spices – made 30 serves of bolognaise sauce at about 250 cals/serve. Husband loves it on spaghetti, I use spiralized zucchini to keep cals down. I wont need to make it for another 4 months or so! I do this with lots of favourites and even though its an effort at the time, it saves lots of time in the long run and I know its healthy food if I make it from scratch.

    Just be patient with yourself and don’t give up. It will get easier.

    Great to hear from you Wee. So very sorry to hear about your dear Dad’s decline. Even though you expect it, it must still be so hard. Hopefully he will be having a ‘better’ day next time. Try to take comfort in the fact that he is not unhappy. How wonderful that you are in so much contact with Rebecca! I remember posting “Air Mail” letters home on my first overseas trips!! Let me know if she needs anything if she is in Melbourne.

    Jo, I hope you have not fallen off your bike!!!

    Forgot to mention, nailed a good fast day today, now off to bed before the kitchen beckons!

    Hi Nama,
    No I haven’t fallen off my bike but lunch did not go as planned yesterday. It was all just too delicious. My neighbour made me a special main course, salmon en croute, yummy. Starter was prawns, crab and smoked salmon. Pudding was a berry crumble, using nuts for the topping. I had a very small slice with custard, gorgeous. I didn’t eat before or after lunch but I did break my no alcohol promise, two gin and tonics and half a glass of NZ Red.

    Today I fasted until 4 pm, then soup. Salmon and veg later, no carbs, no sugar.

    Faith- record what you eat on Fitness Pal, it makes you more accountable for your actions. Also drink loads of water and walk as much as possible. If you are feeling tempted to binge and can’t overcome it have a hot drink first, it may help. I think the health benefits of fasting are actually more important than the diet to be honest. My health is really good, I feel full of life and can’t even remember my last cold. Hope I haven’t tempted fate now. I can honestly say that I feel younger everyday, if only I looked it!
    Weeman- Sorry about Dad, I know it was hard with my mum in her final years. Altziemers is a real curse. We need to protect ourselves from it by eating well and keeping our brains active. It’s ni guarantee but it is a positive step in the right direction.
    PVE- maintaining only this morning so an extra fast this week. Another sociable week ahead then my holiday. I think it would be better if I was on lock in, ha ha!

    Guys I love reading all the posts but I was on a very funny mood to post anything lately.
    To be honest with you Faith I haven’t reached my goal because I get easily distracted. I love Fasting and it makes me so energized. The secret in my case is to have a very busy day so you don’t think about it. A day goes by quick.
    Sending hugs and kisses to my Fasting friends and supporters ❀️
    It’s cold here this week.

    Morning All,
    Couldn’t get to sleep last night, just not tired so ended up a making another cuppa and reading lots of 100 word stories. I am in a new writing group so am trying to learn the skill of writing these. They often have a twist in the tail on the last line.
    Scales still stuck but I am not giving up. Non fast day today but still doing 19/5. I definitely eat less with a smaller eating window. Making a big batch of Goan squash curry later, new recipe I am trying out.
    I start my new indoor bowls league today, not high expectations as there are some excellent players in the league. Not really had enough practise indoors yet, can only get better, I hope?
    My hair and nails are feeling the effects of daily swimming so I am planning to do an hour in the gym instead today, bike, cross trainer and treadmill. Must dig out some headphones to cancel out the music played in the gym, can’t stand rap.
    HCB- just stay with us, we will get there eventually, at least you are active. Set a short term weekly goal even if it’s only 1/2 pound. I do lots of activities to distract myself from eating but we all need support from a friend or relative. It’s very hard to change our way of life and long term bad eating habits. I find evenings especially hard so I try to keep my hands busy, playing cards, writing ‘to do’ lists, shopping lists, I even tried knitting. Good Luck!

    Morning all,

    Another cold and sunny autumn day, suddenly the days are getting very short. Ah well, it will be spring again in the blink of an eye!

    I had an odd weekend. I found I didn’t actually want my usual weekend treats (a sandwich for Saturday lunch, some homemade biscuits). I spent a while umming and ahhing, half determined to still make some cookies, then I visualized them (mmm, tasty coconut, very sweet though…) and realized I really didn’t want them, I’d just fallen into a habit. And the result of not eating the usual sandwich or added sugar at the weekend is, well nothing! No weekend weight to be fasted off this week. I will however miss the fast, so may have to make a bit more effort to overeat next weekend!


    Have faith! Stick with it. The long lasting benefits and effects continue to surprise me.


    No weight loss is called maintenance, and after losing half a stone so quickly I’m not surprised your body is having a regroup this week!


    I wonder whether your emphasis on goal setting might be sometimes unhealthy (and perhaps rooted in dieters ideology?). If you aim for 2lbs per week and succeed, great. But if you don’t lose, what then? Do you review what you did and assess what you could have done differently (if anything)? Or do you think you’ve failed and become disincentivised to continue?

    When I started 5:2 (not a diet, a way of life!), I had no expectations of how much weight I could expect to lose each week. I just did my two fast days, and cut down/out refined carbs and sugars on the non-fast days, and then enjoyed the journey. Some weeks I lost more than others, but no week was a failure because I hadn’t set a weekly goal. My overall goal of course was to implement new healthy habits for life, lose some weight (I had an overall goal in mind, but set no timescale for getting there) and hopefully get some health benefits.

    Intermittent fasting is a way of life and not just a diet, so perhaps we need to change our way of thinking and forget those old diet habits?

    Same experience in our household, Happy. We started this way of life with no expectations but soon discovered our weight dropped and Mr P’s diabetes improved to the point of total reversal.
    We set no goals, until we realised that a return to healthy weight was within our grasp. We both ended up changing how and what we ate. 3 1/2 years down the track, we cannot believe the changes that have happened.
    Concentrate on the changes, Jo, not the detail of each week’s “success” or “failure”. Real success is when you have managed to change your eating habits into a lifelong, sustainable, healthy regime. Then you don’t need to worry about overweight. Healthy weight will just happen. You CAN do it! ☺☺P

    Hi Fters
    Here I am back again. I got locked out of my email account and have had to reregister on this site. We are on the move at present-Spain France, Italy and now the UK.
    Fasting going well, non-fasting less so.
    I have pages to read to catch up.
    BUT so happy to be back-
    xx Wiwi

    Yay, Wiwi, great to see you.

    Happy, I had the same approach to 5:2 when I began. I had no expectations of weight loss. I just wanted to be healthier and I minimised carbs and sugar to help along the way. I lost weight in steps and stairs. I never once thought of it as a plateau. I thought that my body was readjusting to the weight loss each time. I was just very happy not to gain any weight.

    Cheers, Bay 🌺🌺🌺🌺

    Well done on your weekend sucessful control.
    I am not dissapointed if I don’t lose ( those self destructive attitudes are not helpful) and I don’t see it as a failure (only gains come into that mode). I understand that my body is adjusting to its new weight. I do ‘need’ a goal because without one I am lazy about non fast days. I always eat healthily at home but have the occasional lapse when out and about with friends. Nothing too serious, no binges but they do prevent weight loss. I defy anyone to be in control 24/7 seven days per week, 52 weeks a year, it’s just too hard especially when socialising.
    You and I have different approaches because we are very different people.You have a scientific nature, always analysing, whereas I do not enjoy this process. Your logic is strong wheras mine is virtually non existent. I realise you get frustrated with my yoyo performance but I am always trying to do my best based on my personal skill set. I love to be active and am currently building up my strength and flexibility with a daily programme of exercise. This proves I am not a lazy person and that I have a strong committment to becoming a healthier and fitter version of myself. When I worked I spent very limited time on personal exercise because I was too busy or too tired.
    I don’t really look back at the 3 stone I have lost but I am very glad it has gone. I am looking forward to losing 3 stones more and determined to succeed. It may take awhile but I know I will get there eventually.
    Wiwi- it’s so good to hear from you. I think of you everyday when I swim, it’s still sunny most afternoons. You will be pleased to hear that my crawl stroke is quite transformed now. I can do lots more lengths now in my 30 minute session. I hope you are having fun travelling around Europe.
    Bay- Good to hear from you too, are you still in maintenance mode or losing?

    I tried a new game today, Kurling. It’s a ball bearing version played on a wooded floor with targets at each end. Most people used pushers but ?I preferred to bowl the stone as it was better for control. It was great fun.

    My first Christmas meal tomorrow, one of mant booked with several of my clubs. Luckily all have good vegetarian options and healthy starters. Avoiding pudding and alcohol as I have vounteered to be designated driver.
    Michael Moseley on TV now talking about the brain should be interesting.

    Hi Jo,

    I do appreciate we’re all different, but sometimes the language you use suggests you still view it as a weight loss diet and not a way of life, most recently that the scales are still stuck but you’re not giving up. It just seemed odd that you would even think about or need to say you weren’t giving up…

    And as for not being disappointed when you don’t lose…Well you’ve told us previously that you need to see movement on the scales to stay motivated, so you can hardly blame me for assuming you were disappointed by not losing! Great to hear that you’ve changed your mind set on that though!

    And my post was more a conversation piece than a direct criticism of you, as you had suggested HCB should set weekly targets. I was just pointing out that targets may not help everyone…

    Yes, we are all different and we need to find our own path to health and stick to it.
    Mr P and I are completely different, but, like everybody, the one thing we have in common is that too much food of any sort, combined with high gi carbs, will store fat. Reduce carbs, reduce eating occassions, reduce portion sizes. Eat low carb, moderate fat and fasting twice a week is utterly sustainable and has worked for people all around the world.
    The exercise we can all do as a result of fitter bodies is a wonderful healthy spinoff. P 😊

    Our posts crossed Happy! I guess what I’m trying to say is that many of we early adopters of 5:2, and that is most of the maintainers, tended to go into intermittent fasting, not for weight loss, but for the many health benefits prompted by Dr M’s doco. We used basic 5:2 and trial and error to find the way that worked for us. Losing weight was the bonus.
    Most of us didn’t come to the forum until after we had reached a healthy goal weight. It was then, through discussions on this forum that we discovered the commonalities we shared. Low carb, high fat, small portions, regular fasts, fewer eating opportunities, more home cooked and fresh produce, monitoring weight, not obsessionally, but as a guide, seem to be some of the lessons learned. We then shared them, hoping to shortcut the experiments newer fasters were going through.
    Tinker at the edges, but the system seems pretty universal. What do others think? P

    I note your comments but fasting is definitely a weight loss priority method for me, good health is the bonus. Obesity was giving me health problems which are now decreasing. I am fairly sure I say inconsistent things as I have the mind of a flea, jumping about all over the shop with alarming speed. I have always been fairly scatty but my strange mind does usually lead to some lightbulb moments. I am not taking your comments as critism just curiosity but if it is addressed to me I assume you require a response.
    PVE- wise words and great food choices. Hopefully I will join you in Nirvana some day. I have made a lot of progress over the last two years.

    I had a discussion with my SW consultant last night. I queried how the group justify the use of processed foods and the encouragement of ‘sweet treats’. He replied that although he felt the same as me regarding healthy fresh food and no sugary treats he needs to work with slimmers who are not educated or interested in nutrition. His job is to get them to lose weight by eating low fat diets and limiting sugar, not cutting it out completely. Many slimmers simply would ‘not’ entertain cutting out sugar, alcohol or convenience meals. From what I have seen and heard I think he is correct. I admit that there are some foods I would like to retain as a treat – bread pudding, but I understand that it needs to be monthly, not weekly and a very small portion.

    Michaels programme was interesting, his brain was examined under the scanner whilst he had ‘magic mushroom’ drug. The programme was focussed on mind control research. One scientist is controlling flies by coloured lights after altering their brains. He thought there was a future for appetite control in the very distant future.

    Not Nirvana, Jo 😊😊 Just a total rethink on how I live my life. It seems to be pretty well habituated now, but I will always have to be mindful. I don’t divide food into treats and normal. I just think through my total day or week’s consumption and make sure it is not excessive. I never eat unless I am truely hungry and I stop as soon as I’ve had enough. This was definitely not the case in my larger days. πŸ™„
    Keep up the challenge. You already know the massive benefits of a lighter body.

    That Dr M sure does some crazy things to his body. His wife must worry about him ☺

    Hi Purple and Happy and Nama

    I agree that we are different to the people who see themselves as dieters first and health gainers last. I also think that we think of ourselves as slim people who basically over indulged and let ourselves become fat. Correct me if I’m wrong. Whereas perpetual dieters seem to think of themselves as fat people, who can become slim only through sheer hard grind. It is a very different mindset. As we know, maintaining weight loss is all about mind games.

    Initially, I chose 5:2 because of the health benefits, and the weight loss was a huge side benefit. This meant that although I weighed and recorded weight and food intake every day, I used this information as a guide to what certain foods were doing to my body. I reinforced that if I have a goal of weight loss, then I have to cut out all processed food, and minimise carbs and sugars. And have no starchy foods. I simplified it into no white foods for the duration. And I trained my brain not to think of sweet things as treats. I am still a sugar addict, but now use my two fast days to keep myself under control. Note. I do use full fat products.

    I love fast days as I am at my most productive and energetic and sleep better on fast days. 🌺🌺🌺🌺

    As a result of the focus on the health benefits of intermittent fasting, I didn’t stress when my weight sat on a step, so long as eventually the step went down again. In my first 3 months I had 3 steps which if I had focused on weight loss would have been very frustrating. They each lasted up to three weeks long. What I observed during the steps where no weight was lost, was that my body was rearranging itself into a new shape. At the end of three months, I had to buy new clothes, which was totally reinforcing.

    I agree with all of Purple’s words of wisdom. She has distilled what I have discovered. Best wishes to all, and especially to RT. Thinking of you, mate. Cheers, Bay 🌺🌺

    Hi Jo

    I’ve only just looked at all the posts. Thank you for asking. Unlike others doing 5:2 I maintain by gains and losing the same amount. I am trying to reduce the weight fluctuations from 4 kg to 1-2 kg but am having trouble saying no to sweet things on non fast days.

    However, focussing on the health benefits, and reading various threads keeps me going. Thank you for all your support of others. Like Happy, I don’t have goal weights, because if I didn’t meet a particular target, I would most likely become frustrated. I just keep saying the mantra to myself, You can have this tomorrow, and then I spin out the tomorrows. Some weeks I succeed all week, and other weeks I don’t.

    The fact hat I love my fast days best, keeps me on the general straight and narrow.

    Cheers, Bay 🌺🌺🌺

    It is certainly mind games Bay.
    I have the added advantage of Mr P doing daily bloodsuger tests. We get instant feedback on which foods/combinations of foods/quantities of foods raise bloodsugar and are therefore poor for good health outcomes, even for people, like me, who have never been insulin resistant. He’s my canary in the mine!
    Pleasant sunny day for gardening. Have a good one. P


    You Girls are so good! All this back and fourth makes me think and ask myself many questions.
    Of course we are all different but sharing experiences can be very encouraging. I want to believe we all have weaknesses. For sure food is a great reward for frustration and boredom.

    I will be fasting tomorrow and Friday! I need to come up with a great tasty soup with lots of broth, cabbage, cauliflower and a protein or I just use legumes.

    I’ve been trying to be off vino this week! Yes I tend to indulge on extras but I know too many isn’t healthy… Let it be a weekend dessert.

    Gorgeous weather here. Crisp, colorful and dry.

    Take care ❀️

    Morning All,
    Bay- my wardrobe is looking forward to me dropping a size, it really is time for a clear out, still holds sizes 14 to 20. I am determined that by Christmas I will not need anything bigger than 14 so I am really focussed. Carbs are definitely the issue for me not sugar. Bread is a very rare incident for me these days, still love it far too much. Sugary foods and alcohol are not the that tempting, certainly not on a daily or weekly basis, usually happy with sparkling water when I go out for meals. I do have certain friends who drink heavily and are offended by ‘non drinking’ but mostly I try to ignore this attitude. If it’s a really good red I have half a small glass just to taste. I prefer full fat butter to cook fish or eggs. I like natural yogurt with berries for desert. So basically I am happy with the types of food I have retrained myself to eat but I still need to control portion size. On this note I am going to use a tea plate when at home and start leaving at least a third of my food when at a restaurant. Leaving food when full is a mindset I have to overcome. It’s probably the final barrier as I rarely eat until hungry now because of my daily 19/5 eating window. That has probably been the best change for me and certainly the best step towards better health. Of course drinking lots of water is a heathy change too.
    Dull day here, very grey but at least it is still and dry at the moment. Not looking forward to winter. Thank goodness I have NZ to look forward to in January.

    Good plans Jo. It is important to recognise and verbalise the skills you learn. Small portion size really does become a habit, but needs to be always kept in mind. It is very easy to have incremental size increases again. I know! ! πŸ˜‘

    Oh yes, portion creep is something that needs eternal vigilance!

    Jo, a flea?! Surely a beautiful butterfly, flitting here and there!

    Interesting feedback from your SW group, but no real surprise. What is surprising to me is that some people still seem to equate merely being thin with being healthy. Complete sugar/carb/ junk food addicts turn up here occasionally, wanting to lose weight but unwilling or unable to give up their unhealthy dietary choices. You don’t have to be overweight to have diabetes! And a thin person with a rubbish diet is probably just malnourished. In my mind you can’t separate weight/ diet/ exercise/ health into separate boxes, they’re all jigsaw pieces in the same puzzle.

    Ok maybe not a flea, probably more like a moth than a butterfly, real nighttime creature. Yes I am learning to conquer one problem at a time.

    I was bowling against a lady yesterday, she was constantly sucking dextrose sweets for energy. I suggested that a banana might be a healthier boost. She said she can’t eat them because she is a diabetic. Seriously! She was none too slim or healthy ( very grey skin colour)but maintained her weekly game of bowls keeps her fit. I told her that the steps in a game of bowls lasting 2.5 hours is less than that of a 20 minute walk. She was staggered, she hadn’t even considered the standing around time. Hopefully she will give a little more thought to a daily walk. Fantastic bowler though, wiped the floor with me 29/6, her team were the champions last year.

    PVE- I have noticed that most slim people leave food on their plate whilst chubbies have second helpings. PMA ( positive mental attitude), mindfulness, essential to step forward in the battle of the bulge and prolonging a healthy long life.

    At least my dogs got a ‘star health’ sticker today for health, weight and muscle tone. She said they were equivalent to 8 year old dogs, not bad for 14/15 year olds. She said more owners should give their dogs ‘carrots’ only for treats, my two love them.

    Well spotted Jo. It’s worth noticing what and how much the thin people with you choose to eat. It is often something that flies under the radar. Start noticing the overweight and obese walking around, eating. It’s almost as if they think they’ll starve if they don’t top up. Very, very sad. P

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