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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Hi everyone,

    I’ve managed a 500 calorie FD today. Not without difficulty but I’ve even avoided the emergency spoonful of peanut butter.
    It’ll be an early night tonight and see how I feel tomorrow before decidng whether to make it B2B.

    The weather has been lovely and it’s been very quiet so I spent the whole day outside. I’m aiming to get out for a walk tomorrow to test out my hip and knee after a week of physio.

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Well done on pushing through the fast day Amazon! I’ve just done a B2B. It’ll be interesting to see if it has any effect on my weight or appetite!

    It’s been lovely here too today. I’ve been going for at least a 6km walk every day since lockdown began, but have a weird sensation at the back of my knee so now I’m wondering if I’ve overused it as I haven’t twisted it or fallen. So that might knock long walks / couch to 5k on the head!

    I’m off for an early night with my kindle. I’m enjoying a good book at bedtime far more than a snoring twitching duvet thief πŸ˜‚

    Well done girls on successful fasts.
    I had a shocker of a night after Monday’s fast and had to lie low yesterday. With the cold and rain it was too hard to walk far. We have the added difficulty that the thousands of school kids are walking the streets to and from school, and their parents are blocking up all our quiet suburban streets with cars! Schools returned this week and they have been advised not to use buses and trains!
    I have changed back to lighter shoes for walking after wearing my heavier boots and ending up with hip and knee pain. The extra weight definitely exacerbates joint problems.P

    Hi P,

    It doesn’t augur well for climate change that people are going to end up driving more to avoid cramped public transport. And people like you near schools will be trapped in their houses and potentially suffering poorer air quality as a result…

    Well after 2 consecutive fast days, I am not physically hungry this morning. Mentally though I am thinking about how nice food tastes! I’m tempted to fast for a third day…and I’m tempted to have breakfast…! Arrgghhh.

    It’s a lovely day again today, and we are forecast a run of sunny warm days. Ha ha, it’s a shame I’m working normally again now 🀣

    I am keeping an eye on the news of course at the moment…and the farce at the centre of government…

    Beautiful sunny day here so I made a couple of mini quiches and salads, tossed in a bottle of wine and a thermos of coffee and we headed up the road to picnic at the riverfront. We walked for nearly an hour, then enjoyed our picnic watching the boats. Peaceful, away from the madness, except for the seagulls and brush turkeys!! Luckily our seagulls are small and pretty nervous compared to the herron gulls in the UK!!!

    Hi everyone,


    If you’re not hungry you don’t need breakfast……. πŸ˜†

    I slept well last night and am considering another fast today. I’ve got a few things in mind to keep me occupied and if I can get to 2pm without thinking about eating I should be OK.

    It’s another fine morning here and perfect for a walk.


    Would you benefit from using orthotics in your boots? I bought some off the shelf for my trainers and they’ve really helped

    Amazon, I have orthoses…from my marvellous podiatrist who got me walking again in 2013. I just think they are too heavy.
    Happy, I plan sumptuous breakfasts, while lying in bed, but almost never make them. Virtual gluttony 😁😁

    Hi again after a bit of a break.
    I’m back on fasting again and feeling more even tempered. I really got agrophobic about going out, but have mastered that now.
    So I’m back on ADF and there is no reason not to maintain it during the next 3 months (except my head) I have surrounded myself with nice salad food, so my meal today will be that.
    The thread is positive and that’s great. Of course we are all focused on Cummings and Goings as the Guardian calls it. It’s a level of privilege and stupidity that is almost unbelievable.
    So my isolation in France is halfway through.
    There are issues in the village with land being commandeered by the local farmer, and there are vested interests at stake for others. I may have lost my top field, though there is no way I can easily find out. In fact because I was working for a lot of years here in the agricultural sector ( as a tutor in an agricultural uni) I have also got privileges for land ownership here.
    The other bugbear is that the local councillor won’t supply me with masks as I am not eligible to vote whereas I am eligible to pay tax, rates and poll tax. Funny that. In fact I’m in the mood for biting off someone’s head, so the mayor will be my target. It’s a good language exercise anyway.
    I wrote a poem to express my malaise which is on FB. I thought that was better than comfort eating. There’d be a few offended people here if they understood English. The only one who has good English skills loves his (positive)verses.
    I am waiting for the bubble between NZ and Oz to open and I will buy my ticket home. I’ve warned OH, that I will never let him out of my sight again. I think I will become a dependent supine OH. Dubai is now passable, I just need Melbourne or Sydney to be.
    I am going to get a tooth implant which will make 3 more months here necessary.
    Happy Fasting.

    Good to hear you again, Wi. πŸ™‚
    The land situation sounds very complex. No land titles to fall back on?
    Unfortunately for you,I can’t see our airports allowing too much transiting in a hurry. A case has just arisen in Adelaide where a woman travelled from the UK to Melbourne, only spent 1 of her 2 weeks in isolation and flew to Adelaide. The SA authorities are understandably very upset.
    I’m pleased to hear you are taking control of your health again. On this thread, we all KNOW you are what you eat, but it is sometimes hard to practise it. 😏
    All strength to you. P

    Hi everyone,

    Another sunny day in lockdown.

    I didn’t fast yesterday but am doing so today.

    What is it with people who see fit to ignore the rules by not complying with self isolation. This country doesn’t have a hope of getting people to comply as it has become apparent the rules are only for us ordinary folk 🀬

    And they vote and breed, Amazon.πŸ€”
    I had a good fast yesterday, kept busy with several lovely bushwalks on a sunny day. We are so lucky to have our wonderful National Park in our local district. Easy to exercise AND keep away from people. I had need to pop into our local village shops around lunchtime to pick up some medication. I was horrified to have to dodge through the crowds milling around “safely” (ha, ha!) outside trendy takeaway food shops. I couldn’t even step onto the road as there was so much traffic. Viral clusters will inevitably crop up if this is what is happening in built up areas. πŸ˜’ P

    Morning all,

    My niece sent me a link yesterday and it was an announcement from the management of Kew Gardens to say they’re reopening on Monday with restrictions and by ticket only. None of the glasshouses, museums or retail outlets will be open, the childrens garden will remain closed as will the treetop walkway, the cafes and restaurants and in order to limit numbers they have set up advance booking and entry will not be permitted without doing so,
    The outdoor plant shop, most of the toilets will open and they’ll be using some of their mobile takeaway drinks outlets.

    I would think the limited facilities especially the closed childrens garden will limit numbers considerably and it’ll probably be mostly members but I’ll soon find out as I’ve a ticket for next week and one for the following week 😁

    The weather remains fine here 😜

    You’ll be pleased to go back to Kew, A. Little bits of normal. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Great news on Kew, Amazon. How lovely to get back and see it in spring!

    There’s a lot of mumbling from key scientists to the effect that the R rate is still too high to ease lockdown to the extent BoJo is going to (he’s got to distract from Dominic Cummings somehow though…), particularly since considerably less than 100% of people with symptoms actually self isolate, and the test track and trace programme is being rushed out too soon… I am not in a rush to get out there shoulder to shoulder with the masses! This morning I watched the supermarket checkout lady take a reward card and cash from the customer in front and hand him his change. She then reached for my shopping, at which point I reminded her that the bottle of hand sanitizer was next to the scanner for a reason….

    The back to back fasts I did earlier in the week appears to have been more successful than my usual 2 separate fast days and I am actually a little lighter! Fanfare…trumpets… πŸ˜‚ Anyhow, I am possibly fasting today, will see how it goes. But I will definitely do another B2B on Monday/ Tuesday next week. After a few weeks of seeing zero progress, I feel a bit more upbeat about it this weekend.

    The attitude of the UK Govt is unbelievable! People are dying as a result. Your infection rates are FAR too high to consider easing off…stay isolated.
    Interesting behaviour of the shop assistant, Happy. Shops here have not used cash,only credit cards since March. No contact, the machine is placed a bit away from the assistant and you simply wave over it. To help, credit card companies raised the level of pay wave to $200 from $100 so that we normally don’t have to add our PIN. It’s easy. It is vital for all businesses to rethink their behaviours as this distancing is going to have to continue well onto 2021, at least.


    Well done you’re doing better than me but I’m not beating myself up merely accepting that if the head’s not in the right place I cannot comply and trying to find a better space to occupy mentally speaking.

    Our government are only interested in lining their own pockets and staying in power. The Prime Minister couldn’t as the saying goes organise a piss-up in a brewery and as each day passes he further demonstrates how ill equipped he is for the job of PM as do his Ministers.

    I am staying in lockdown, only going out for food and fresh air and possibly meeting one friend at a distance in order to stay sane.
    Fortunately I can shop and pay at unmanned checkouts in all the supermarkets I use.

    As for Kew Gardens, there will be far less people than usual at this time of year as I touched on yesterday, and of course there will be no hordes of schoolchildren on outings or coaches full of (mainly) Japanese/US tourists and elderly garden club/horticultural society members from around the country or large groups on a guided tour.

    If there are too many people for my liking I’ll be straight out of the gate and on my way home.

    In the past week there has been an increase in the number of sirens and I’ve been wondering why. Yesterday I read the number of hospital admissions has gone up when previously it was decreasing. Too soon to be the Cummings effect more likely due to doing the conga/having a street party/going to the seaside on VE Day weekend.

    I am so angry…..

    The rain is falling down, and the wind forecast to reach gale strength later, so I am not tempted to go out to the Sunday market. I spent all day in the garden yesterday, working on the maintenance and weeding before OH mowed, so now in recovery mode.

    We are still being very cautious, maintaining distances when we are out. Our supermarket payment system is similar to yours, P – no surprise, as most of our banks are Aussie-owned πŸ™ Cash at the market, though. Sanitiser provided!

    We have had a week of no new cases, and there is only one person who hasn’t recovered. It’s surprising that even folks who are returning to the country and going into managed isolation are not carrying the virus back with them. And another three months, Wi? I am sure we will have a trans-Tasman bubble in place by then. Will OH be the one on a leash, or yourself? πŸ™‚

    I see the UK has had as many deaths in the last 24 hours per head of population as we have had during the whole period of the pandemic! But the seven-day rolling average is trending downwards, so that’s all right!


    The shops here mostly want card payment and contactless preferably. This was the first time I had seen anyone pay by cash and i was not impressed!


    Interesting to hear you’ve heard an increase in sirens. The scientists are pointing out that relaxing lockdown in too many ways simultaneously will make it difficult to know what caused the likely second wave. Of course BoJo’s timing of easing lockdown is just coincidental with the story of Cummings, but it will be convenient that no one will be able to say for sure that increased infections was the Cummings effect!


    I wish you could send the rain our way! Its lovely to have some summer weather, but everywhere is desperately dry.

    You have been very fortunate in NZ to have escaped the worst of the pandemic. It just goes to show what good leadership and acting early can achieve! I despair of the useless self-serving idiots we have here….

    It’s a lovely sunny warm morning. I’m just having a coffee before spending another day in the garden. Thinking about breakfast already…!

    Hi everyone,


    The increase in hospital admissions appear to suggest caught the virus around the time of the VE Day weekend as from what I understand it takes 7-14 days for the virus to take hold and in those who suffer symptoms/effects breathing difficulties appear after 9-10 days which is when they are admitted to hospital.

    I was horrifed to read what happened yesterday in parts of the country. People jumping off a cliff into the sea in Dorset resulted in serious injuries and a crowded beach being evacuated to allow 2 emercency helicopters to land. In Brighton beach bars were selling takeaway alcohol to hordes of people some of whom were getting so drunk/affected by the heat the police were forced into assisting them as they had abandoned trying to enforce distancing because everyone was ignoring them and there were so many people it was impossible.
    And the M3 was at a standstill πŸ˜–πŸ˜©

    But it’s OK because horseracing and football are returning.

    I am waiting for either the CSO and/or CMO to tell us what is really happening. There has already been an articel from one of the members of SAGE stating the government have not been following the science right from the start (no surprise there) merely cherry picking the few things they simply could not ignore.

    Despite all this, the majority are still abiding by the original lockdown rules and have no intention of doing oherwise any time soon.

    I suppose it could be worse as we could all be living in the USA…..

    It remains dry here and I had to wield the hosepipe yesterday as some of the well established shrubs were wilting. Rain is forecast on Wednesday, the day I have a ticket for Kew Gardens.
    You couldn’t make it up πŸ˜‚

    Did someone say breakfast? Bacon roll anyone πŸ˜†

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Happy, dealing with Covid-19 in NZ is another of our blessings we count daily, especially as we have now gone nine days without new cases. The rain has eased off for a day or two, but the headline in the local paper is – thanks, but we need more to fully deal with the summer’s shortages.

    Well our run of glorious sunny days is over. This morning I woke to the sound of rain, enough to perk the garden up hopefully but not enough to top up private water supplies that are running low.

    I have just completed another B2B fast. Last week’s appears to have been just the mix up of routine needed to kickstart weight loss, after several weeks of seeing no results with 2 separate fast days. Fingers crossed for next weekend’s weigh in!

    I’m struggling at the moment to focus on work, hardly surprising given recent events. As if the pandemic wasn’t awful enough, Trump shows on a daily basis what a narcissistic empathy-vacuum bully he is (although that could equally describe our own esteemed leader…☹).

    Anyway, there is no warm sunshine to distract me from my work today so maybe I will manage to achieve something!

    Happy fasting and mindful eating, all.

    Well done Happy…bith on your fasting success and description of that US moron!P

    Hi everyone,

    As most of you who’ve looked on FB know I went to Kew Gardens today.

    I’ve been feeling quite low for the last week, mostly due to the terrible handling of everything by our government and compounded by the president of the US seemingly declaring war on his own citizens.
    I cannot put into words how much benefit I gained from 2 hours in the gardens and I’ll admit tears were shed while sitting on a bench by the lake. It has always been a special place for me as for many others, somewhere to find peace of mind no matter what is happening in my life or the world. I feel calmer happier and more positive although my left knee is complaining as I’ve not walked so far for many weeks πŸ˜†

    All I need to do now is nail this FD albeit courtesy of having eaten nothing other than a cheese and chutney sarnie πŸ˜‚

    We’ve had some rain today and fortunately it remained dry while I was out. It wasn’t enough to turn the grass from brown to green and fill all the reservoirs but it does mean I don’t need to water my mini veg plot this evening πŸ™‚


    Beautiful FB pictures, Amazon. It must be moving to visit those beautiful gardens for the first time in some months, and the spring is especially beautiful with all that new life. This Covid time has played havoc with my emotions too.

    Wonderful description of the idiot in the US, Happy.

    I have found myself drawn to the Al Jazeera reports from the US this week.

    My ADF is going along with a few bumps.
    I have decided to go to Italy next week for my daughter’s birthday. The Italian border opened today and the French border opens on 15th. I will cross back that day. Any plans must remain fluid as times of uncertainty are not over. I don’t really want to get blocked in Italy.
    It’s bedtime.
    A bientot

    Wi is right. COVID has played havoc with emotions. Thank goodness nature (Amazon) and relationships (Wi) give us release. I’m doing a combination of both today…catching up with my daughter and baby granddaughter in a beautiful natural river park. I’ve been battling vision issues, meaning I haven’t been able to read or do close work.πŸ˜’ Hopefully it is a short term issue.
    I hope your knee eases up Amazon and you get that trip to Italy, and back (!), Wi. Cheers P

    It’s so good that you have a special place to find peace, Amazon, and that you found it πŸ™‚ . The pictures were lovely, could almost smell the roses!

    What is happening in the US belies belief. We can only hope a majority of the people see him for what he really is in November. There was a really good article in the Irish Times a couple of weeks ago about him and what he is doing, and that was before the latest horrors.

    We have now gone 12 days with no new cases. It is almost certain we will drop to level 1 next week, which will mean all restrictions gone except for border control, testing and tracing. So social life and internal travel will be back to normal, albeit a new and slightly wary normal.

    I have bought a yoga mat, so off to try it out in front of YouTube. Showery today, so nothing urgent in the garden. I have cleaned out the shrubs and self-sown natives from below the citrus trees, so now have been able to get access to toss the rotten windfalls and given away the rest. The solution is to gather daily. πŸ™‚

    Sorry about your vision, Purple. That’s most annoying.
    I hope it improves soon.
    Good to hear about your rain Barata.I saw some pictures recently of Hawkes Bay and the situation is or was dire.
    We haven’t had the perfect spring here that other parts of Europe have had, and it’s rained a lot.Great for growing the tomatoes but not ripening them.
    I plant exclusively yellow roses and my garden is full of them. The irises are just about finished but I still have apricot, yellow and black ones flowering.
    Tomorrow I am having an implant in my mouth so that could upset my weekend gardening plans.
    I wonder if this Covid will influence relationships in the long run.
    I don’t want to social distance from my grandsons, but will.
    I did a dance with a neighbour a few days ago, like a waltz, neighbour steps forward, me back, 1 2 3 1 2 3. No instinct to distance. This is especially difficult in southern European culture. Hence the toll.
    Fast day for me. I made champignons Γ  la grecque which I love. This will be my food for today.
    Off to pick up my car which broke down the other day.
    Motorways in Italy are not a good place to break down, so good it happened before.

    Morning/evening all,


    Sorry to hear about your eyes, fingers crossed it’ll be nothing to worry about.

    The knee is a bit stiff but otherwise the body is holding up this morning. Did you all notice the bee in the bright pink rose? I was about to stick my noise into it when I noticed it. If I hadn’t the knee might have been the least of my worries:lol:

    I’m so lucky to live near Kew Gardens and very much looking forward to my visit next week.


    Great news you can travel again. I’m not sure I’ll be doing so any time soon (I should have been off to Tanzania tomorrow) as other countries don’treally want our plague ridden population invading their borders and I don’t blame them.

    As for our “government” At PMs question time yesterday the first question from the opposition leader was along the lines of I read this morning you are going to take direct control of the fight against Covid 19 which begs the question who has been in control up till now….


    Well done on the B2B. It’s a huge boost to the willpower when one sees a result for the effort.
    I completed my unorthodox FD yesterday and will try to fast again today. I have a huge variety of veggies and today I’m thinking roasted feta with tomato salad and green salad with broad beans and roasted radishes, which will mke a very colouful and appetising looking plate of food πŸ™‚

    It is cool and cloudy today so I guess it’s a day to knuckle down and do some housework 😬

    I can hardly wait 😜

    All the best with the implant, Wi. I know exactly what you mean about the dance! Amazing how slow some people are to take the hint. 😏

    I fasted yesterday (second time in the week) – so my weight went up πŸ™

    Good luck with your implant, Wi. And travel safely to Italy.

    And I hope your eyes turn out to be a short-term problem, P. How are they now, and are you having them checked?

    I definitely noticed your bee in the rose, Amazon πŸ™‚ . Just as well you could social distance from it in time!

    Hawkes Bay has had a little rain, Wi, but like us they need weeks of steady precipitation to make much difference. Rivers and storage are empty, and winter food has already be fed out. I just hope that any rain comes with warmer weather so there can be a bit of grass growth, but there is a southerly change in the offing, snow to low levels in the southern mountains, and single digits over-night for the next few days.

    I’ve gained weight again, despite fasting.
    I have a cataract that has really changed one eye. We are putting off operating, but even new lenses won’t help a lot. Hopefully my poor old brain gets used to the new, double, normal vision!πŸ€ͺ😜


    Sorry to hear about your double vision/ cataract. At least you’ve still got one good eye…? (She says, trying to find a positive…). And the weight, something I suspect a lot of us are struggling with at the moment!!

    Weight- (fasting-, mindful eating-) wise, I have 3.5 good weeks per month followed by a bl@@dy awful few days when I’m bloated yet can’t stuff enough food down to feel satiated and I crave carbs. As a result, this weekend I have eaten several fields’-worth of oats (which is better than flour based products…even when formed into flapjacks…or so I tell myself 🀣).

    Anyway, I’m out the other side today, so embarking on the first of an at least B2B fast this week, and wondering vaguely if I could stretch it to 3 days. It would be easier if I wasn’t still having to feed the xOH. To be fair to him he has said he will cook twice this week, but most nights he’s like a oversized baby bird on the sofa waiting to be fed.

    I’ve taken a few days off this week, not going anywhere (even if everything was fully open again, thanks!), but spending time outside (my favourite place) listening to nothing but bird song.

    Hope everyone is coping still. Given NZ’s virus-free status, and reopening of borders to nationals, does this mean you’ll be able to get home any time soon Wi?

    Thanks Happy (she types with one eye closed!!😏). I choose oats to satiate instead of wheat, too (mostly 🀫). I too am constrained in my food choices by having to feed an overgrown baby bird! Unless I’ve made a huge pot of soup, so he can feed himself and I can eat MY food, it becomes a compromise. At least being over my optimal weight means I’m not quite as cold this winter. πŸ™„πŸ™„
    Another good fast yesterday, paired with 9km hiking can’t hurt.
    I’m hoping you can get back into NZ, too, Wi. Fingers crossed it won’t be long. 🀞 P

    Morning/evening all,

    Hope everyone is OK.
    After my last post it was complete meltdown of everything, wanting to eat anything I could get my hands on, feeling miserable, lonely and sorry for myself etc. Counting my blessing wasn’t helping and I needed something to get me out of my current mood.

    On Thursday evening I saw a post by my local MP on Twitter mentioning she had just picked up an Indian food takeaway from a restaurant round the corner to where I live. The restaurant opened 4 years ago and ever since I’d been promising myself I would try it. I’ve been really missing not being able to go out to eat so decided I was going to order a takeaway on Friday evening. I loOked at the menu and I wanted EVERYTHING! There were a fair number of Bangladeshi dishes I’d never heard of along with many familiar dishes and old favourites. I managed to whittle it down but it was far too much for one person. I ordered anyway deciding I could eat the leftovers the following day.

    I ordered by phone and when I arrived to collect my meal the staff I encountered were lovely and I walked back home with a spring in my step.
    The food was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I did the leftovers on Saturday and despite the fact I love cooking it was great not to need to do so for a couple of days.

    By Sunday morning I was feeling much better about the world. Who’d have thought a takeaway (something I rarely have) would make such a difference πŸ˜€

    I visited Kew again yesterday and despite a few issues in the queue to get in with people who haven’t grasped metric and think a metre is equivalent to a foot….. I had a lovely walk, sat by the lake for 15 minutes contemplating and watching the waterfowl and all was well.

    I had a few things to do when I got home and before I knew it 4pm had arrived and I’d not eaten anything and the result was a plain sailing FD.

    Small victories πŸ™‚

    Another FD is planned today so I guess it’s time to do the ironing and continue with the lateish spring clean I began on Sunday.


    Your description of your housemate made me πŸ˜†
    Maybe you should stick a couple of worms in his mouth 🀣

    It appears we’ve turned a corner regarding Covid 19 with the number of deaths now lower than when we went into lockdown and no deaths at all over the past couple of days in some areas.
    There was a small increase in hospital admissions in London a week ago but things seem to have settled again.

    Fingers crossed we are getting to the end of this.

    On another good note, I have buds on my chilli plants which are in the greenhouse (also known as my living room πŸ˜† ) flowers on the peas and buds on one of the courgette plants. The tomato plant, rocket and chard are all growing well and the cooler weather is set to return to plus 20C temperatures by the end of the week.

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    The restorative power of a takeaway! Who knew 🀣 I vaguely remember them from the dim and distant past, more recently I have been making a sort of thali on occasion, with chilli paneer, dhal, bhajis, sag aloo and chapatis. Best not think about that too much on a fast day…

    Some of your veg sound well advanced of mine Amazon, although I already have courgettes forming and have had a cucumber already. Peas plants are tiny, but beans and tomatoes are well in flower. I had a very disappointing germination of leeks and chard though – 1 plant of each and no more seed!

    Time will tell re: covid. They reckon that R is pretty close to 1 in parts of the UK, including here in the NW, so we may see an increase even if you don’t in London. Hmmm…

    Anyway, the sun is shining and its pleasantly warm so I can forget about that shower of…running the country for a while at least!

    I totally get it, Amazon. A few weeks ago, when I realised our local pub was doing takeaways, I ordered a chicken schnitty and chips and took it home for lunch, poured a wine and turned on the telly (no football on though) to pretend we were eating at the pub. We all need to lash out sometimes. Excellent for the spirit. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Well, my B2B fast didn’t go quite to plan! I’m rubbish πŸ˜‚ Anyway, fasting again today and not going to be derailed by anything!!

    It’s windy here today, but warmer than yesterday, and dry. I’d like to be able to say I’m packing a lot in to my week’s leave, but I’d be lying! Instead I’m mostly taking it easy and relaxing 😊

    Although Boris says I can, I’m not inclined to drive anywhere, or start socialising, and I’ve no intention of going shopping except for essentials and infrequently. I’ve just read a scary article about the potential long-term effects of covid-19 infection which, unsurprisingly, include lung scarring and impaired lung function. Given that I enjoy physical exertion, the thought of the rest of my life not even being able to run upstairs without gasping for air, let alone walk up a mountain, terrifies me. Not that heart damage, neurological effects and CFS would be anything to look forward to either…. So if it’s all the same to Bozo, I’d rather not be part of the great easing of lockdown and herd immunity experiment.

    Yes, Happy, the potential long term health problems from this dreadful virus are significant. Better to stay clear of it.
    Of course, you are meant to do NOTHING, that’s what a week “off” means! 🀣🀣
    You’ll make it with the fast. We’ve just hit to the end of our Thursday 24 hour fasts. Lots of keeping busy…I even cleaned the house!!! P

    God, no! That’s pretty desperate, resorting to cleaning 🀣 I’m going to need a lie down at the very thought of it….

    Hi Everyone,

    I gave up on the idea of B2B on Tuesday and have been following ADF this week and it’s a case of so far so good.

    I went to Osterley Park this morning. The National Trust have opened up the formal garden so I booked a ticket.
    I had a lovely walk and until 10 minutes before I left I had the garden all to myself apart from a gardener πŸ™‚

    My physio seems to be helping my hip and knee and I’m very keen to get out and about more often so the opening of Kew, Osterley and Syon Park Garden have come at a perfect time for me. I’m already booked for Kew and Syon next week and am planning a trip to Richmond Park soon to coincide with collecting some wool for my next knitting project and the shop is near Richmond Gate entrance.

    I have no desire whatsover to go shopping for anything other than food. I decided not to buy any clothes this year (knitting doesn’t count πŸ˜† ) and I’m not in need of anything I cannot get in the supermarket or on-line.

    I popped into my local suprmarket this morning on my way home from Osterley and there were a lot of people confusing 2 metres with 2 inches 😳
    I was talking to one of the staff and she said some people’s behaviour was ridiculous and they were taking no notice of any instructions. I said the staff were all doing such a great job and showing a lot of patience and that if I were in her shoes I would probably want to give some of them a slap.
    She laughed so much she nearly lost her balance πŸ˜†


    Taking leave does not mean one has to rush off on holiday (I know…) or paint the kitchen, it means not doing paid work. I am a huge fan of doing nothing and have no guilt whatsoever when it gets to 7pm and I’ve no idea what I’ve done all day 😁

    The after effects of a serious case of Covid 19 do not bear thinking about and the best thing we can all do is look after ourselves and be cautious. I think most of us on here are good at looking after ourselves and we are all disciples of good nutrition (90% of the time πŸ˜‰ ) and regular exercise and my understanding is good nutrition, fitness and a healthy body weight make a huge difference.

    I read an interesting article last week regarding the effects the virus can have on blood clotting and the theory at the moment is those who are low in vitamin K which is a necessary ingredient in blood clotting and preventing haemorrhages can suffer from internal bleeding and a trial is being carried out giving some of those in hospital suffering with clotting issues doses of vitamin K to see if it helps.
    The article included a list of foods containing vitamin K and I was very pleased to read the majority of them are on my list of regular foods.


    Thank you for the reminder! You are of course right, my annual leave is my time off work to use as appropriate for relaxation and recharge. My Dad and xOH are (not really surprisingly) similar in many ways, one of which is the belief that sitting around doing β€˜nothing’ is a waste of time especially when there are practical things that you could be doing…

    It’s great to hear that physio is helping, hopefully that together with opening up of those wonderful parks will give you a boost after a difficult few weeks.

    On the subject of shopping, just before lockdown I had bought a new work jacket for formal events (all of which were then promptly postponed!) and also a summer skirt and dress with birthday money. I’m not a consumer of cheap throwaway fashion, so I’ll get the wear out of them…eventually!!

    I had a really good fast day yesterday, breezed through until my one meal which was a filling bowl of spicy squash and lentil soup. The scales are lighter this morning, I just need to make it stick by not overeating today.

    I also went for a 6km run (/walk). I’m doing a sort of couch to 5km to try and get back into running. I’ve been finding it very difficult to pace myself so I can keep running, particularly with my local hills. Recently, the Guardian had a very helpful article that said to run really really slowly to begin with in order to get your body used to sustained running and elevated heart rate. I’ve implemented that advice, dropping to snail’s pace running uphill (rather than trying to get them done as fast as possible!) and funnily enough it works. Luckily I live in a sparsely populated area so it’s only livestock and wildlife that see me practically running on the spot 🀣

    My Pilates classes are now restarting on zoom so I’ve signed up to a course of 6. They have been posting videos on Facebook during lockdown, but I find I need the motivation of having paid for them to make me do them!

    Morning/evening all,


    When I first retired I did very little for a couple of months then felt I was wasting my time and should be doing more and ended up doing too much. Nowadays I do as much or as little as I want and it’s fine. Being content to stay home alone with no plan has helped me through this lockdown (although it’s not all been plain sailing).

    When we are working we often don’t give ourselves sufficient time to wind down and relax and are so often hoodwinked into thinking we should be “doing” something, walking, running, DIY etc and sitting down relaxing is seen as not doing anything which of course is nonsense. Every weekend newspaper supplement has an articel extolling the virtue of some pastime or another. Even journeys to and from work are filled with what needs to be done when we reach our destination, or on the way home. We’ve been made to feel guilty if we spend time idling.

    I saw a female runner yesterday and she was running very slowly but judging by the way she moved and what she was wearing I would say she runs regularly. The first time I saw her was from behind and later I saw her on her way out of the park. She was at least 70 and looked to be really enjoying her run!
    There are lots of older walkers and runners in Osterley and it was good to see so many of them out yesterday.

    This the the third morning in a row I’ve been able to get out of bed and start walking around without severe pain in my hip. It was a bit sore yesterday when I first started to walk in the park but once it eased off it was fine for the rest of the day and I’ve not taken any pain medication since Tuesday.
    The exercises are becoming easier so I’m going to do more repeats of each one. I was going to do them twice a day but I decided I’m more likely to stick to a sinlge lengthier workout.

    It’s my 3rd FD of the week. I’m trying ADF as I’m finding consecutive non FDs are condusive to overeating so I thought mixing things up a bit might help.
    Not being miserable due to pain will be an asset.

    Have a good weekend everyone 😜

    Oi! I’m 69, and love running! ☺
    Well done girls…Happy with the fast and Amazon with the physio success.
    I’m really enjoying the little normalities that are opening up. We had a visit from some old friends INSIDE THE HOUSE (!) for a cuppa and natter today. We chatted with some other friends on their verandah during the week. I get to see grandkids, only cuddling the tiniest. Every real social contact is SO appreciated. 😊
    I still won’t shop in shopping malls and actively avoid the general public, despite the risk here being extremely low. Any reported infections now are returning overseas travellers already in isolation.
    The weather here is cold and drizzly, but we still get out to do our long walks, brolly in hand, wearing hooded jackets. 😊
    Keep SAFE my UK and French mates. P


    I rarely see women over 70 running in the park and my mention was a response to Happy talking about running slowly and admiration of the woman in question’s smooth running style.

    As for going out, there have been over 700 deaths reported in the UK since Monday so going out and migling closely with lots of people is not on my to-do list.

    And our government are still cr*p!

    I understand totally Amazon. As I’ve said before, your Govt has blood on its hands. I was saying, even with our extremely low rates, we are being hyper cautious. There is no vaccine, so there is no choice.
    Keep safe. P

    Sorry about my silence.
    Last week I plucked up courage to come to Italy for my older daughter’s 40th birthday. Once I was on the road, I was okay, but didn’t sleep the night before.
    There’s almost no one travelling as the European borders are not generally open. Italy is open, but still here in Lucca very few people are visiting. People wear masks, but you can tell people are not really relaxed.
    I go back to France on Sunday as it’s a no truck day and hope they let me back in.
    I will be in touch next week.
    xx Wiwi

    hello All, Im back in the fasting saddle again so I’m looking through the posts and trying to reacquaint myself with the process. Ive been away for over a year and have forgotten what b2b,ADF and some of the other acronyms mean.
    any suggestions for the best topic to follow for the stubborn plateaus?

    Jumping right back in with honest fasting and sensible, restrained eating on other days. In my experience, flour based foods and red meats cause weight gain and overeating. High fibre foods and seafood do the opposite.
    Good luck, AB.
    Wi..glad you made it safely to lovely Lucca and your girl’s special birthday. More tiny steps. πŸ™‚P

    Oh, no, after 24 days without any Covid cases we have two new ones πŸ™ . They are both from travellers recently returned from the UK. I see there is a petition over there to declare war on NZ, and then immediately surrender, thereby requiring our government to take over running Britain. Thanks anyway, folks.

    I hope you are safely returned to your mountainous spot, Wi, after your family visit. Are hugs permitted in Italy? Lots of virtual ones from around the world, anyway. Great that we are able to hug here. So good that all is normal.

    Processed grains turn to sugar as soon as they hit the stomach, P. To be avoided.

    Welcome back, AB, and what P says. Take care all.

    It’s frightening how basically all our COVID cases are returned travellers, here too, B. Luckily, we pay for them to isolate in hotels for 2 weeks!
    Considering how few people are actually flying in, I’m surprised how many are carrying the virus! No borders open for the forseeable future. 🀨
    My issue is, Mr P has to eat carbs, there’s very little else he can! So, I end up eating more than I want. P

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