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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Better the cases are returning travellers, P, than community transmission! And ditto here with isolation, and testing. I think we are looking over eachother’s shoulders for policy ideas. We have a couple of hundred people returning each day, and I am surprised that we haven’t had any for over a month. I feel your pain with the carbs. I am currently following a nutritional optimising regime, and need to up my protein. Without upping calories and fat!

    We just had bbq’d barramundi with lemon myrtle and salad for lunch. Beautiful sunny winter’s day. Sydney in winter is lovely.
    Yesterday, I sewed for most of the day to keep busy while fasting. It always staggers me how hunger doesn’t get a hold when I’m busy. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Interesting. I (almost) never feel hunger, and never cravings (I think dark chocolate and red wine are not cravings, more like essential food groups πŸ™‚ )

    Dank and drizzly here, with a wet week ahead. At least I have had plenty of time for gardening recently.


    I’m embarking on my second fast day of the week, out and about this morning so I won’t be near the kitchen and temptation…


    I read you had new cases in NZ, and from the UK too ☹🀬 While its great that you have it firmly under control, it does raise interesting questions about what happens down the line particularly if no effective vaccine is developed. What a mess we’re in! So much for our big brains and opposable thumbs 🀣

    Anyway, the sun is shining and its warm! I get a few hours out to forget about it.

    Have a great day/ evening all!

    You’re kidding! I dream recipes! 😁😁

    Hi everyone,

    I’m also on my second FD of the week.

    The weather here is glorious and I’m not sure how I’d be coping if it wasn’t.
    I went to Kew again yesterday, numbers are restricted but the vast majority of people I saw were having a picnic lunch and most of it appeared to be huge packets of crisps!

    I spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden with my nose in a book and the first time I thought of food was 3.30pm.
    I roasted some veggies and a handful of frozen chickpeas and served them on green salad.
    The chickpeas were amazing as they crisped up and charred a little giving them a completely different flavour.

    Tine to get moving 😜

    So we have fallen off the Covid wagon, and spoiled our 24-day run of no new cases. It was quite amazing that there had been no imported cases during that time of Kiwis returning home. And our dire testing regime has been shown to have been more good luck than anything else. Shoddy work, indeed! πŸ™

    Morning/evening all,

    Our (according to politicians) world beating track and trace doesn’t work. The government awarded the contract to a private company who had previously been fined Β£19m for fraud over an electronic tagging scandal. I guess they must be efficinet and reliable and the fraud was a freak incident πŸ€”
    No idea why they didn’t ask Public Health and NHS to set it up or use a model proven to work in other countries…………..

    It stands to reason unless the whole world has efficient testing and track and trace in situ we’ll all be importing and exporting Covid 19 for some time

    The good news is the numbers of deaths continue to decrease as do the number of cases which is even better as the number of tests has increased.

    More easing of lockdown restrictions are expected and as half of the population appear to have dropped the 2m social distancing rule already they won’t notice when it’s decreased.
    Pubs,restaurants etc are due to open on 5th July and hopefully businesses such as hairdressers will also be able to open and boy will they be busy. 50% of customers will resemble old English sheepdogs and the others will resemble a sheep who has been sheared by someone wearing a blindfold 🀣

    DIY hair isn’t good without practice.

    I’ve managed 3 decent FDs this week and am slowly but surely settling into an old familiar routine proven towork. Fingers crossed it’s notyet another false dawn because quite frankly I’m rather annoyed with myself for not being able to stick to the plan 🀬

    We’ve had a week of changeable weather including a fair amount of nmuch needed rain and next week is set to be hot and dry soI guess I’ll be out the the garden every day.
    The veg is all growing well. I’ve already had a few strawberries and I expect to be eating a courgette by the end of next week.

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    Well, I decided to celebrate the Winter Solstice with a glass of bubbly and nibbles on the deck with cockatoos screeching, watching the (a bit disappointing due to clouds) sunset. Roll on Spring!
    Mind you, we’ve had a glorious winter day (18 deg and sunny) and did 3 bushwalks, totalling neatly 10km. I can’t believe how fit we are these days!
    Fasts are not resulting in weight loss, just maintenance. Have to be satisfied with that.
    Cheers, P πŸ₯‚

    18 degrees and sunny here means it’s time to unearth the shorts 🀣🀣🀣

    πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Not here! Merino Thermal under a heavy woollen jumper! I did strip the jumper off, but certainly didn’t get very hot. Over here, this is the time for outdoor activities…hiking, bike riding, running. Summer is for water activities, not for long hikes. πŸ™‚

    The threatened (promised) thunderstorms didn’t eventuate today, but we have had 18mm of rain in bursts, and 15 degrees. We also are considering celebrating the solstice with bubbles, P, so when we raise our glasses to longer days and warmer weather we will think of you both πŸ™‚

    You may have seen the sad news of our first police officer killed on duty in over a decade. So sad and unnecessary. Of course the killer was on some sort of drug – such a scourge in our lovely land.

    Terrible tragedy, B.

    We rose early to greet the sun …raining! Watched the live stream of the cloudy sunrise over Sydney Harbour, viewed through the doors of an historic colonial house that was built to perfectly capture the first rays on the Winter Solstice. They lost transmission, so I watched the video of the Summer Solstice sunset at Stonehenge. Also cloudy!! Amazing world, isn’t it?

    I marvel at the instant transmissions we can receive from around the world! Was awake from 4.15am, cloud and showers. Washing out now, though afternoon rain predicted. We have no water! I gather the repairers are on the job, but we were about to have a cup of tea!

    [ed] Aha! Have just remembered the sun-kissed water I keep for making sourdough. Jug (kettle) is on. πŸ™‚

    B, we lived in the bush for years, so we still always have a 20L water container full, matches and torches ready. πŸ™‚P

    We’ve got a 25,000l tank from the roof, plus several other smaller tanks as the previous owners didn’t like to see any go to waste. They are for irrigation, not sure how potable it would be. We left a 200l tank at the last house. After a couple of power outages since we have been here, there’s a new lantern in the cupboard, and romantic lighting is only a moment away πŸ™‚

    Oh, yes. I forgot the 5000l water tank. 🀭


    Its dry here now and the sun is threatening to appear, but it was wet and cloudy earlier so no sunrise! Never mind, we needed the rain more 😁

    My 2 successful fast days at the start of the week have not translated into a good Saturday weigh in…not sure what has disagreed with me, but something has and I ended the week weighing more than at the start. Hmmm. I don’t normally fast at the weekends, but I’m thinking that resting my digestive system today might be a plan.

    On the subject of lockdown hair, my hair salon rang yesterday to ask if I wanted to make an appointment! They are planning on reopening at the start of July and are getting booked up fast. Hardly surprising as they will be operating at only half capacity to maintain physical distancing and with 15 minutes between appointments to deep clean sinks and cutting stations. The staff will be in plastic aprons, visors and gloves and they are asking clients to wear masks and gloves. That won’t be at all weird…!

    While I am quite hesitant, we can’t keep everything shut down until a vaccine is found or we are covid-free.


    Unless you have water purification tablets, I don’t know that you’d want to drink your tank water. Lucky you remembered your sourdough water!

    Bad luck, Happy. Weight is such a fickle friend!
    Our hairdressers have been open for quite a while, without the gloves, masks situation. Nobody has been infected in a hairdressers, but I’d rather not risk it. I’ll stick to home hairdressing. πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°
    I watched sunrise at Stonehenge online. Also very disappointing with cloud! However, this afternoon’s bushwalk took us along a riverside scramble, with the red setting sun shining on the water. Stunning! So many bushwalks within cooee of our place. We are very lucky.
    Make the most of your summer UK folk. P

    Happy, I grew up on a farm, and our water from the house roof was stored in a large concrete tank. I remember one hot summer it was cleaned out, and my brothers removing the rodents from the bottom. When the tank water was low we used the well that was usually just for the troughs for the cattle. I think I am pretty tough after that upbringing, including raw milk straight from the cowshed.

    Fortunately the water here was reconnected before we had to go without our next hot drink!

    I had my hair cut three weeks ago when we moved to level 2. No community transmission, so all good – except the price! Will try another salon next time.

    We toasted, with our last! bottle of bubbly, the solstice, Mr & Mrs P, and all our friends from 5:2. May the blessings of the season be with you πŸ™‚

    As you say though Barata, fortunate that the water was reconnected so you didn’t have to find out whether or not drinking dirty water as a child still confers any immunity now against water-borne nasties!

    I can’t remember the last time I had my hair cut but undoubtedly i will have saved quite a bit of money in the last few months. Luckily I don’t really have a style to worry about so theoretically I could carry on until I’m (an aging and brunette) Rapunzel 🀣 I’ll have to mull it over I think.

    I can just see you hanging your hair out of an upstairs window, waiting for a young farmer to come past on a tractor, Happy!!

    Young farmer, P?! Although that reminds me, I did get beeped at by a bloke in a van the other day (I was crossing a road bridge that he was driving under). I haven’t laughed so much in ages, imagining how mortified he would have been and how much grief he’d have got off his mates if they’d realised I was a middle aged woman πŸ˜‚

    You massively underestimate yourself Happy!! Young men love ‘an older woman”. πŸ˜„

    I’ve been growing my hair for a while and it’s not been trimeed since January. My hairdresser said, don’t come back for 3 months and it’s more likely to be 6 or 7.

    I’m contemplating leaving it until September so I can have it cut the way I want it. The only issue will be persuading my hairdresser what I want is how he wants to cut it…….

    I weighed myself yesterday and I weigh less than last time I got on the scales. I’ll continue with my efforts to stick to at least 3 FDs in every week and no over eating on non FDs. The weather is forecast to go from low 20s tomorrow to low 30s by the end of the week with wall to wall sunshine so I’m thinking BBQs and salads…..

    …..and maybe the odd glass of chilled vino πŸ˜‰

    Oh Amazon, the thought that you would know better what you want than the person you pay to style your hair… 🀣 Good luck with that!

    Its early on fast day 2, I woke with a start at 4am and am now wide awake. Whatever caused my weight to balloon at the end of last week seems to have passed, as has the associated tiredness and elevated heart rate. Fingers crossed for a better date with the scales next weekend! I still weigh myself daily, but only record Saturday’s weight to look at the long-term trend.

    It’s the second of my online pilates classes this evening. I’ve had to buy several pieces of equipment, bands and various balls, but the virtual classes are cheaper than the physical ones so it isn’t much additional cost to be fully set up at home. My triceps were killing me for 2 days after last week’s class so it must be doing me some good!??

    Even the north is forecast a mini heatwave this week with temperatures in the high 20s, thankfully only for 3 days though! No bbq here, but maybe a glass of something with ice towards the end of the week…

    Morning Happy! It’s only lunchtime here. We’ve gone for a long walk along a beach, keeping an eye out for whales. It was 4drg this morning, but now a glorious sunny 18. Love winter here. πŸ™‚

    Morning (again!) P,

    Luckily I managed to drop off again and got another 1.5 hours so I’m not completely the walking dead this morning!

    Well except for your overnight low, your winter daytime temperature sounds like a perfectly adequate summer day in Cumbria. Ideal walking weather.

    Did you see any whales?

    It IS perfect walking weather. Lots of whales swimming past, but they are much further out than where we used to watch them from our holiday house further north. Still, a wonderful sight in a brilliant blue sea. πŸ™‚
    Hope you survive the day. 😐P


    Hairdressers speak a different language to us! I spent 2 years while my hair was very short explaining the hair above my ears either needed to be either really short or at least 2 cms long or as soon as I put my glasses on it sticks out at right angles to my scalp as it’s not long enough to sit over the glasses which I need to wear all the time and my eyes are unsuitable for contact lenses.
    So he listened, nodded his head in agreement and continued to cut it at the perfect length to stick out.

    I decided to grow it a bit longer but keep the layers and have it similar to the way he cut it 4 or 5years ago but apparently he can no longer remember how to do that.
    He is a really good hairdresser, does a great job with my fine and not very thick hair…………

    Anyways it’s now more or less a bob but the sides and the fringe still have some growing to do. I’m considering leaving it until September before allowing him anywhere near it πŸ˜†

    I had intended to fast yesterday but I soon realised it wasn’t going to happen so today is my first FD of the week and I’ve got lots of lovely fresh veggies as I went shopping yesterday!

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    I’m lucky, Amazon. I found a hairdresser who lead my hair gradually from a terrible layered cut to all one length, years ago. During lockdown it has been very easy to maintain…wet it and cut off about 1″. Easy and saving $35 a cut. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    $35?! I paid $69 for my latest – post lockdown, and she works from home! I expect to pay about $60.

    We have a severe weather warning out, heavy rain and, hopefully, some thunder and lightning entertainment! πŸ™‚ So no gardening today. It’s still very mild, though, for the middle of winter – 16 – 18 degrees.

    I found this brilliant young cutter a few years ago, within walking distance of home…and a good price. I only get a cut, no more, I hate wasting time in hairdressers. πŸ™‚

    Cut is all I get, no washing or styling for me! But Kerikeri is a bit up-market, lots of retirees and really a bit too white for me – I like my mixed cultures.

    So Australia and New Zealand won the right to host the Woman’s World Cup (soccer/football) and England voted against us getting it! Gosh, that says a lot. 😧

    Did they?! There could well be repercussions from this. All the countries are clamouring for our bumper kiwifruit harvest – there might not be any left for Old Blighty!

    P, As I understand it, the vote was by one man and certainly not by the whole of England or the UK… Given that the NZ/Aus bid was successful, not really worth getting upset about or reading too much into the actions or self-interested motives of one individual…?

    Barata, thanks for the early morning laugh! Love the thought that NZ would ‘retaliate’ against the whole UK for the vote by refusing to sell them kiwifruit 🀣

    As you can see, I’m awake early…again ☹ Very warm overnight this week, which doesn’t help my already fragmented sleep patterns. Today should be not quite as hot as yesterday (we got to a most unpleasant 28 degrees) and then temperatures are due to take a tumble over the weekend with more unsettled weather. We could do with a few weeks of cool and rain to keep the covidiots at home…they’ve been flocking to the coast and outdoor spaces in huge numbers causing chaos, not observing distances, littering… grrr.

    You ARE awake early! Just like any vote, Happy, it is always a minority of voters that decide. Still can’t believe, even one Englishman/woman would think Colombia was better capable of running a World Cup!

    It’s great to wake up and join the conversation.
    Britain could get kiwifruit elsewhere. Sorry Barata. I got some the other day and could have used them as bullets.

    Good about the WWC in NZ/Oz.

    Sorry about my lurking. I have been trying to reset my body. Too many BBQs and my body unused to pig really objected, so I gave up animal proteins for 5 days and feel better. I am also less and less able to stand milk in tea. It’s very hot here at present, though rain looks likely today as I can see the whole length of the French Alps today. At this time of year they are only visible before rain.

    It was lovely to escape to Italy, though there is an increase of Covid cases here and I am staying home mainly. Even though I mow, the grass grows again. Curious that.

    I leave France on 15 September all being well. I see that NZ may ballot places in Isolation Units, but I hope I can get in. I go into Wellington which isn’t the most popular destination.

    I must mow while it remains cool and then watering the garden.

    Hi P,

    No indeed! It was clearly a political and strategic vote, not based on the relative merits of the BIDS… Hopefully he will have questions to answer in this country on that score…

    Goid news, Wi. September WILL come πŸ™‚

    Hi everyone,

    Barata and Purple,

    Old Blighty actually refers to Britain rather than England and it’s not a phrase still in common usage over here πŸ™‚

    The votes for Columbia (who certainly love their football) were a recognition of the need to grow womens football and acknowledging in order to do so more tournaments need to be staged in South America and Africa (no bids from that part of the world). So yes, it does say a lot, it says those who voted for Colombia think they need it more than Australia/NZ in terms of growing the game and giving more women the opportunity to play a sport.
    There is also the fact South American football fans might be able to travel to Colombia but the majority won’t be able to afford to travel overseas. It’s not a rejection of Australia and NZ but as Happy said political and strategic.

    It was 32C here yesterday and I had a day indoors in the relative cool. For my sins I did the ironing early in the morning, not my favourite chore at the best of times…..
    We had some rain overnight with a few showers forecast this morning and it’s going to be slightly cooler at 28C. Somehow I think I’ll still have to wield the hosepipe tomorrow as it’s very dry.

    My little garden is thriving and I’ve had a lot of winged visitors. I’ve counted 6 or 7 different kinds of bee and there have been other pollinators including an elusive fritillary butterfly which evaded all attempts at photography. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one anywhere before let alone in my tiny garden. The huge drop in pollution due to lockdown has been a boost for wildlife which has returned to cities in many guises.
    The veggie patch is coming along nicely. I have enough rocket for salad at the weekend and a couple of courgettes that should be on my plate by the end of next week πŸ˜ƒ

    I’m struggling again this week and have only managed one FD.
    I’m visiting a friend this evening for socially distanced drinks in the garden and am considering fasting tomorrow if I can gather up the fragments of my willpower which appears to be melting away in the heat unlike my spare tyre 😬


    I’ve been craving and eating meat in the last couple of weeks and have really enjoyed it. I’ve not suffered any unpleasant effects.
    Great news you’ve got a date to fly home.


    I’m finding I wake up more often in the night when it is so warm but getting back to sleep isn’t an issue. I do however have a problem with next door’s small and rather noisy children being allowed to play in the garden before 7am every morning.
    Who needs an alarm clock……

    Have a good one everybody 😜


    I hope you enjoyed your socially distanced drinks. We had a zoom party with several sets of friends, my face hurt by the end as I’ve not laughed that much in ages. We’re tentatively talking about when we might get together face to face and indoors, but as several are sort of in bubbles helping elderly neighbours we’re not in a hurry.


    If I eat too much meat over consecutive days, my digestive system has been known to go on strike (literally!), although the barbecues do sound good…!

    Fingers crossed for September! People are obviously returning to NZ already, is that the earliest flight you could get?

    It’s been really encouraging to read about how quickly nature can recover without human disturbance and pollution. Such a shame we can’t find a lasting balance for the benefit of wildlife.

    Our little heatwave has ended in time for the weekend! It’s raining this morning, and the forecast for tomorrow and Monday is heavy rain. We do need more rain, but it puts a downer on my outdoor activities… running in the rain later won’t be fun…if I go at all 🀣

    I know what you mean about the smiling, Happy! Cold and wet here, so we had a family catchup via video. It saves us catching little kids germs too πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    I think I’m going to miss the many Webinars we take part in. Keeps us up to date with all sorts of issues and community groups without travelling anywhere. I like it!

    Hi everyone,

    As I left home yesterday evening the heavens opened. It was only a 20 minute shower but sufficiently heavy to soak my friend’s wooden garden furniture so we sat in the kitchen.
    It was a lovely evening enlivened by her sons who are 13 and 10. Dad was watching tennis on tv so they joined us for a while. The younger one made me 🀣 with his antics and silly jokes. He has a very enquiring mind and he was asking me various things concerning travel including asking me about the mountains between India and China. I told him I’d been to Nepal last year and seen them.
    He fetched his globe and I found myself giving a quick geography lesson/ Amazon’s travelogue πŸ˜†

    He was supposed to play something for me on his guitar (I bought him his first, a 3/4 size when he was 5) but he was so busy wisecracking and being silly between firing off questions at me he never got round to it.

    I was complaining about my irritation caused by one of my neighbour’s playing an out of tune ukelele very badly in the garden EVERY DAY and the elder boy produced his, tuned it and played a tune. I suggested he gave my neighbour lessons πŸ˜†

    The younger one is going back to school next week for 3 hours per day, 4 days a week which he is looking forward to and my friend who is a school counsellor is back one day per week.
    When I got home I sent him some photos I took of the Himalayas πŸ™‚

    Things are slowly creeping towards some kind of normality but I fear the social side of things such as people crowding onto beaches, going to pubs etc will be our undoing and there will be a second spike so I’m taking things very carefully.

    I was contacted by my hair dresser yesterday and I have made an appointment for a couple of weeks time πŸ˜ƒ

    We’ve had heavy rain overnight which means I won’t need to water my garden. It’s now brightening up and there are a few isolated showers forecast which should mean a nice quiet day. And with it being so much cooler there is no excuse for not doing my workout…. 😜


    Sounds like an entertaining evening and a welcome break. I think we’ll be sticking with zoom for a while longer though.

    I’ve got a hair appointment booked in a few weeks time, hopefully by then we’ll have more idea what’s happening as a result of lockdown easing and it gives me time to cancel if I get twitchy…

    We’ve had several days of heavy rain, and now having a showery few days which is infinitely preferable, although it does mean our water reserves are fully recharged again. And suddenly the garden is a jungle.

    I fasted yesterday, just wondering if I can a) force myself out for a run before work and/or b) fast again today (my hormones are conspiring against me this week!). Hmmm….

    I’ve just breezed through the 2nd fast this week, and yet I woke up feeling I really didn’t want to faat. Funny how that can happen. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ We’ve even just done grocery shopping in the late afternoon! 😁😁

    Well I’ve achieved my first goal, the run/walk. Coffee next! Then work. And then we’ll see fasting-wise 😁

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