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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Amazon,

    You can say ah well, some days are like that, and this week would probably have been hard enough without covid lockdown.

    Practice makes perfect… although that’s not strictly true, sometimes practice is trying but just not hitting the right notes, getting frustrated and stopping by the fridge to see what needs eating….

    “and stopping by the fridge to see what needs eating”

    If anyone needs a tutorial on how to do that I can help.

    I’m also an expert on fast defrosting and store cupboard snacks……

    No need for such a tutorial at my end.

    I have just been watching Have I got news for You?. OH shows me on Skype by sharing his screen. Good to have a laugh.

    It’s supposed to warm here but in fact is not. My knee has seized up.
    Must go to GDN. These are the airport abbreviations for garden, then to TFM = top field needing mowing.
    It’s 10 30am and I haven’t broken my fast yet! Yeah!


    Glad to hear you are managing to spend some quality time with OH. Laughter is something that is missing from this house, except when I’m engaging with friends and family remotely!

    I had a reasonably good non-fast day yesterday, and have decided to fast again today. I am likely to be out and about for work in the very near future… hope my work clothes fit after 2 months of slobbing at home 😟

    Its another beautiful morning here, in a long line of sunny dry days. With the imminent easing of lockdown I expect it will start raining again soon though…!

    Morning/evening all,

    I struggled through a FD yesterday.

    The forecast today says sit in the garden with a good book and a cold drink so that is my intention and I’m aiming to fast again, hopefully it’ll be easier.

    I have spent a lot time on the phone during lockdown and it has made me and those I’ve been talking to realise we should get in touch more frequently. Whether it happens or not when all this is over is anyone’s guess but I’m aiming to try.

    There have been plenty of laughs, in conversation, through reading (I’m on my 8th booksince lockdown) and I’ve found myself seeking out comedy on TV.
    I’m also following the fan page of the late Victoria Wood and every day a line from one of her sketches with an accompanying photo (which often leads to a laugh without the text) and along with making me smile it reminds me how lucky I am to be alvie and healthy.

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Happy, I know about living without humour. Ex OH only got amusement by laughing behind peoples’ backs. Current OH is funny and never has a nasty thing to say about anyone( except me when I push him too hard!)
    Lovely day here too. I have been cutting back vegetation. Will be back at that later. The wild irises are in flower as is the lilac and the cultivated irises are coming into flower.
    OH is 75 today, and we are having drinks soon on a Zoom meeting. Spread over 3 European countries and NZ, it’s hard to find a compatible time for the 5 children and me.
    I hope I am with him within the year to celebrate the next with him.
    It’s hard to feel pessimistic with this beautiful weather, so I won’t try.

    Hi Wi, let your OH know we are wishing him many happy returns of his special day. You will definitely be with him before next year. And we expect to see you both before then too.

    Although my brother, who has spent almost all his adult life (since leaving university here) in the US, will be unable to return as his wife is not a resident. He doesn’t know when he will be able to get back.

    We have today had the details of our move to level 2, which with any luck will be Wednesday night. After that – travelling (domestically), eating out, shopping – and for OH to get his wayward locks cut!

    The weather continues fine, with the odd shower. The whole of the North Island is still in the grip of the worst drought ever. Farmers are running out of winter food, before winter even arrives πŸ™ . And Auckland (largest city) is talking of introducing severe water restrictions.

    Stay well and safe, everyone.

    Happy birthday Mr Wi. Very tough to be apart.
    We have had another very successful fast day today. Seem to have jumped back in the saddle easily and, who would have thought you lose weight fasting twice a week! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Barata, Purple and I are experts on cutting own hair.

    Yes, NZ immigration are getting tougher and tougher about who will get into NZ.
    Being married to a Kiwi is not enough.For my OH because he is in NZ without being able to move out, he will easily qualify for NZ nationality in 4 years.

    It does look good that NZ and Oz may soon be in the same bubble and I understand Singapore may join the bubble later. Nice holiday options with all that and the islands in the Pacific. Mind you, I went to Singapore before it got sanitized, and I preferred it then.

    Yes, we are hairdresser extraordinaire, Wi. πŸ™‚
    Apparently 1.4M tourists cross “the ditch” (Tasman Sea), both ways, every year. It is the obvious first opening of borders for us.
    We have Mothers’ Day here on Sunday. We are allowed 2 adult visitors, with their children, at a time, but no close contact. Better than nothing, though. P

    The nice weather continues…yawn… However, although I will be in T-shirt and shorts today, it will be thermals tomorrow! The forecast is for it to be properly cold here on Sunday – top temp 7 degrees, brrrr.

    Today I am going to erect climbing bean and pea supports, and sow peas, beans, carrots, beetroot, greens, spinach, etc.
    My tomato and chilli plants have loved the warm weather and constant sunshine, and are now far larger than I expected which is going to give me a headache on Sunday and Monday nights when we are due subzero temperatures. I will also have to tuck things up in the polytunnel and it means I can’t yet plant my onion sets. Fingers crossed these will be the last of the very cold nights. Ah, the joys of vegetable gardening!

    I am fasting today, my third this week, as the 2 so far have just resulted in maintenance ☹️ Partly due to hormones this week, but partly due to non-fast days… I did have an early wobble (as my yoghurt with nuts, seeds, oats and blueberries is my favourite meal of the day) but I have myself a good talking to about how I’ll never lose these extra 2-3kg if I don’t find a backbone.

    Hope everyone is coping, wherever you are and whatever you’re up to.

    Interesting, Happy. We have also had warm sunny weather that is due to plummet tonight…top temp tomorrow will be in the teens. Pity, as it is Mothers’ Day and we are allowed 2 adult visitors and their kids. Exciting! We plan a bbq outside, so we will be rugging up. Makes little sense to have visitors inside after 8 weeks of isolation.
    I’m impressed with your determination re the fasts! I’m happy with the steady loss from 2 x 24 hour fasts a week, so I’ll stick to that regemin at present.
    I was thrilled to discover our best Farmers’ Market reopened today. I managed to get a nice collection of advanced veg seedlings, so they were popped in. My seeds raising is just too slow! P

    The announcement will be made tomorrow whether we will be moving down to level 2 later in the week. I think it’s almost inevitable, there is such pressure now on the government to relax further. That will mean – dining out, shopping, travelling and socialising! It will be such a relief. The local markets can re-open, and we can invite visitors to our new home! πŸ™‚

    So you have been able to lose with fasting, P? Perhaps I need to go back to the 5:2 regime and see if I can move some of the gains from the last two years.

    OH won’t let me touch his hair! I am perfectly happy to purchase some clippers and give him a No.3, which is all he gets from the barber these days. I used to cut the children’s hair when they were little, and my daughter still gets me to trim the ends when we visit. And I cut OH’s too, until he discovered perms about 40 years ago.

    Yes, B, I am steadily losing again. Who would have thought fasting works! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    We had Mother’s Day here in Australia today. A cold but sunny day, but with restrictions lifted enough to allow 2 adults and their kids in your house, we managed to see kids and grandkids, in gardens, over the past few days.
    Restaurants and cafehave been selling takeaway the whole time, but, from Friday in NSW, they can seat a maximum of 10, carefully distanced. We can’t go away on holidays, but can travel a bit to visit. Life is gradually developing a normalcy as people understand closed borders, careful hygiene, social distancing and the need for testing at the slightest indication are the key. We seem to have pulled together well during this emergency. Let’s hope the Govt can continue to consult, listen to qualified advisors and cooperate with stakeholders.
    Monday fast tomorrow…off to bed. P

    Quiet here!

    Glad to hear you’ve been able to see family again recently P. I know we all facetime/zoom these days, which is great, but it’s not quite the same.

    Confusion reigns here about the easing of lockdown across the various parts of the UK. Expert opinion seems to be that it’s too soon, given the high rate of coronavirus circulating in the population. Time will tell. Meanwhile, easing is generally benefiting the better off (keep working from home, golf, tennis, garden centres open, walks in National Parks, unlimited travel by private car) while putting the disadvantaged at greater risk (back to unsafe work places by public transport, low-paid serfs!). And people STILL think Boris is a great bloke who’s just doing his best πŸ™„

    I’ve only managed one fast this week so far, but it was a good one and I’m lighter this morning. I just need to not undo the good work today!

    Spot on, Happy. The disadvantaged are DEFINITELY more disadvantaged. Casual workers, here, have been left out to dry. At least someone was calling, this morning, for a rethink on where Govt stimulus money should go as we move out of this. Traditionally it is men are advantaged by spending in construction and mining. It is women who are in greater numbers in the unemployed.
    The UK has a long way to go before the restrictions should be loosened. The UK has 800 deaths per million, we have 4 per million. And we are being super cautious about reopened!

    Hi everyone,

    The latest opinion poll shows Keir Starmer to be more popular than Boris Johnson and there are other signs his supporters are beginning to realise he’s not quite up to the job.

    The easing of lockdown is putting the lives of many at risk and I agree with Happy regarding who is being put at risk. It has been done because Johnson has been under pressure from some Tory MPs/supporters to get the economy up and running again. It is a frightening demonstration that the lives of many UK citizens are less important than financial gain to those who are in power.

    The rail companies/unions were not informed of the impending change in lockdown and were unable to add more trains to the current schedule in time, and the tubes/buses in London were overcrowded.

    How can a government tell people to return to work if they are unable to work from home, advise them not to use public transport and expect them to work when schools are only open for the children of key workers, nurseries remain closed and grandparents are not allowed to see their families let alone help out by looking after the children.
    People are at risk on overcrowded buses, trains and tubes and going to work in places where social distancing is impossible and/or safe working practices have not been put into place. I’m sure there are many small places of work where it would be impossible to operate with social distancing as they simply don’t have the space or people need to work closely together.

    And to add insult to injury the Daily Mail are accusing militant unions of preventing schools from reopening when in fact they are doing what they should be doing by insisting working practices are put in place to ensure all school workers and pupils are in a safe environment that does not risk anyone contracting the virus.

    Confusion is not the word that applies to how I feel about the government playing Russian Roulette with peoples lives in order to line the pockets of those who already have plenty of money.

    As for fasting, that hasn’t been happening this week as I’m simply unable to comply.

    After a few cold days and nights, 1C last night! the weather is set fair with night time temps in double figures.

    Bring it on 😜

    Right wing pollies always blame the unions. Without them, we would have working conditions like they have in the US (and worse).
    United we stand!

    Having got that off my chest, worked out, stood outside in the sunshine for 10 minutes and ingested a large dose of caffeine I’m feeling slightly more at one with the world.
    As it is already afternoon and I’ve not considered eating I’m going to give fasting a go and hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling slightly happier with myself than I do right now 😬

    On a completely different subject, I’ve been using shampoo bars for the past 9 months and am fully converted. I’ve decided it’s time to give conditioner bars a go and my order of both arrived this morning. It’s as cost effective as using cider vinegar to condition and less of a faff πŸ˜†

    The shampoo bars work out cheaper than shampoo (I’ve used 2 in 9 months) and every bit as effective without the end product of plastic waste 😁
    And when I finally get to travel again there’ll be less bulk.


    Good rant! On the subject of Keir Starmer, I gather The Sun thought he was playing dirty by asking Boris questions that he already knew the answer to…! Think the Sun haven’t really understood the role of the Opposition or the point of PMQs… 🀣

    I’ve only managed one fast this week. I had an internal argument yesterday: I should fast today, I won’t lose my extra kgs otherwise and I really want to lose the muffin top; yes, but food tastes lovely doesn’t it, you could eat today and fast tomorrow…
    So here we are, Sunday: I didn’t fast yesterday, I should fast today; yes, or you could write last week off, eat today, and start the new week tomorrow with a fast… argh.

    I’ve been using Lush shampoo (and the conditioner) bars for a few months now too. As you say, less plastic and cost effective, but also my hair and scalp are in far better condition and actually I need to wash my hair much less often.

    The cold nights appear to be over here now too, thankfully, since my tender salad plants are too big for window sills and need to be in their permanent greenhouse home. Now, if only it would rain…!

    Happy, I just found it easier to jump straight back into the traditional Mon/Thurs fast days. That way I can’t argue with myself or find excuses to postpone.
    We are getting cold nights now, but it aids sleep considerably.
    We had lunch, sitting down, in a cafe yesterday and meeting family for a cuppa in a park tomorrow. Life is getting back to the new normal…kids still learning from home, parents working from home, but many places operating reasonably normally. Our daily infection rates in NSW are in single figures and sometimes none. High testing rates, excellent contact tracing and any o/s travellers that have come in, are put up in a hotel for 2 weeks. It seems to be working.
    Can’t see us opening our borders again for a very long time though. P

    Except to us, dear P. πŸ™‚

    P! You’ve talked me into it – today is an eating day πŸ˜‚


    Hi everyone,

    I failed to complete a FD on Friday and I’ve decided to start again tomorrow with the routine that worked so well before. Why change something that works….
    I cooked a chicken yesterday, made stock with the bones and have written a menu plan for the following week based on the leftovers and what I already have and it’ll be supplemented with whatever veg the local supermarket has.


    I’ve also found my hair needs washing less often but it is very fine and difficult to control without conditioner. I’m using Friendly Soap’s shampoo bars and I’m expecting their conditioner bars to be as good.

    One of my tomato seedlings gave up the ghost yesterday leaving me with one but it’s a very healthy looking plant and 4 times the size of the one that perished.

    My courgettes were planted out last weekend and have spent every night under cover. I’m planning on stopping doing so from tomorrow as overnight temps will be in double figures and they should be OK.
    I’ve got a spare which probably means I’ll end up with 3 plants and far too many courgettes but I have a large number of recipes collected during allotment times πŸ˜†

    The peas are looking good and I’ve got some spares to plant in the gaps, the rocket has germinated and the rainbow chard seedlings are looking good.

    There is a chance with garden centres opening that I might be able to buy another tomato plant and possibly some baby salad plants. If so I’ll be using click and collect in order to avoid interaction with the growing number of Covidiots. They are easily recognised as they wear mask and plastic gloves and demonstrate no understanding of social distancing but excel at shelf blocking and touching at least 10 apples before deciding which one to buy thus spreading whatever they’ve picked up when carelessly touching anything and everything because they are wearing gloves…….

    Such is life, my only concern is it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Excellent despcription of covidiots, Amazon. They seem to be universal at present!

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve had a good day today.

    I had a phone physiotherapy assessment this morning and the physio was very helpful and informative. She’s sent me some exercises with attached instruction video in order to help strengthen the muscles supporting my knees and hips and I can refer myself back for more between now and September and if necessary I’ll be referred for an Orthopaedic opinion.
    I mentioned I didn’t like to take analgesics too often but she explained if we don’t take them when we need to it can cause our nervous system to become hypersensitive thus lowering our pain threshhold, something I didn’t know so it’s changed my stance on taking a paracetemol when my hip is sore.

    I then did my workout and worked extra hard after being congratulated on working out regularly πŸ˜‡

    Some of the prescribed exercises are things I do already but with an emphasis on doing several sets every day, so I guess there’ll be a new routing at Chez Aamzon beginning tomorrow πŸ˜†

    My FD has gone well as I also discussed my weight loss and partial regain with my physio. She was impressed I’d lost so much and pleased to hear I’m still trying to lose what I’ve regained and it’s given me more purpose something I hope will last and not turn out to be another false dawn……

    The weather forecast for this week says spend a lot of time sitting outside in the fresh air and sunshine 😁🌞

    Sounds good to me 😜

    After that I retired to the garden with coffee, water and a good book.
    It is much quieter today than it has been for about 10 days and I really appreciated the peace. The only disturbance was next door saying no! and good boy to the puppy he brought home yesterday πŸ˜€

    It’s another gorgeous day with wall-to-wall sunshine, but as the temperature is 7 outside at the moment the day’s gardening chores can wait! We have hired a trailer to remove garden waste (for recycling) so it will be busy soon.

    I had a vey good fast day yesterday – up a kg today πŸ™ so if I do drop a bit tomorrow I won’t have any net loss. This is a trend, very frustrating especially, so I think off FDs again and just careful eating. At least dinner out last Friday didn’t have any adverse results – supporting the local businesses, of course.

    Another day without any cases – ours now number 1,499, It would be great if we didn’t hit the 1,500 mark.

    Interestingly the one or two new cases we are getting are people that have recently returned from overseas and were in the taxpayer isolation in hotels. It had been an expensive system, but it is keeping us safe. Noone enters the country without 14 days compulsory isolation in a designated hotel.

    My fast yesterday was undermined by a dear friend specially making us a cake. She cut us a slice that we shared. Blow! Sometimes relationships override fasts. 😏

    We had three new (old) cases reported today, all had tested positive in Uruguay but they hadn’t counted them as they were Kiwis returning home. So have been added to our tally. Not current cases, though πŸ™‚

    We are a little more relaxed on this, P. We are allowing international air crews not to have to go through the 14-day isolation as long as they follow strict isolating guidelines. But this is currently being reviewed, especially in light of wanting a Trans-Tasman bubble. We have to be counting the same row of ducks…

    Much section-clearing accomplished today, thousands (it felt like) wormy and windfall apples cleared of the lawn which can tomorrow be mowed. So showered and relaxing. Our little water feature pump has stopped pumping, and the birds are all arriving, hopping in the usual pool and flying off disappointed.

    And hopefully they are still standing πŸ™‚

    Ducks? Birds? Or aircrew? It’s a very small pool where the water bubbles up, and there’s often a queue to get in. It is interesting to watch the pecking order πŸ™‚


    I hope the physiotherapy exercise routine helps. It was interesting to read that you had a phone consultation. Our local physiotherapy centre has started offering video conference consults, which I have suggested the xOH should try as his back is very bad in lockdown.

    I gather garden centres do still have veg plants (up here at least) so hopefully you can source replacements for losses. I have a glasshouse full of tomatoes, chillies and cucumber…and the first cucumbers are forming 😁

    I had a good fast day yesterday, and am wondering if I could do a back to back today (if I can find my backbone…). I am not losing weight. Therefore I have clearly been pfaffing around in a half-hearted way. There is no reason why I should not lose my excess weight, look for excuses as I might! We all know that fasting works, and if it isn’t working then we’re not doing it properly and/or overeating on non-fast days!! (Wo)man up, Happy!!

    The sun is shining and it is warm. How hard can it be to ‘deprive’ myself of excess food for one day in the interests of my physical and mental health?!!

    Where there’s a will… πŸ™‚

    Morning/evening all,


    The initial consultation is by phone and can be followed up vis video if required. I guees it depends on the ability of the patient to describe the problem in detail and the ability of the physio to ask the correct questions in lieu of being face to face and condusting a physical examination.

    After doing the routine for the first time yesterday I thought the exercises were aimed more at my hip than my knee but the pain in my knee when I lay in bed last night told me otherwise!
    I found all but one of them doable, some easier than others although if I ever conquer side planks I expect a medal πŸ˜†

    My courgettes are happily settled in outside aided by the beautiful weather. I’m loathe to put the chillies outsied yet as they are still quite small. The tomato plant is staying inside for another week or so. It’ll be nice to have a few home grown tomatoes but I’m not too worried as good quality tasy UK tomatoes are readily available now.

    I’ve managed B2B fasts albeit 700 rather than 500 calories. I’m aiming for a disciplined non FD today and tomorrow will embark on another B2B aiming for 500 calories per day but will be content with 600.

    It’s been fairly easy to fast as I’ve been sitting outside with a good book, some great music via my ear buds so I don’t disturb anyone else and a bottle of water. The garden in looking great and it’s interesting to see fuschias that don’t usually bloom before late June/July in bloom at the same time as the earlier shrubs/plants. My ceanothus is in full bloom and I counted 23 bees on it this morning πŸ˜€ and I have lavender, old fashioned geraniums,perennial salvias,roses and various others and now the neighbour downstairs has tidied his half there is no eyesore spoiling my view.

    Time for some exercise 😜

    Another fast day bites the dust. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Despite the cold, rainy day, we managed our 6kms of walks (with umbrellas) and no food for 24 hours. I made a big pressure cooker full of chicken and veg soup in the early afternoon, before I was too hungry, so that it was ready in the evening, instantly! πŸ™‚
    I love Thursday fast as I know I have 3 eat days before the next one.
    Keep up the good fight folk. P

    Hmph. I posted here this morning but I see it’s not here ☹ That’s not at all annoying….

    P, I’m fasting today, although willpower eroded by being tired – I ended up doing over 8kms of walk/run yesterday (had planned 6k, but took a detour to bypass a herd of cows being moved). It was the hottest day of the year so far and I think I got dehydrated, didn’t sleep well…

    Amazon, your garden sounds lovely and well in advance of mine! Here, the lilac is just coming out, as are my lupins… just in time to get decimated by the unseasonably high winds forecast tomorrow and saturday…

    I am seriously toying with the idea of a 3 day fast. I’ve got to kick start myself somehow!

    The dwarf lilac is always out April/May. The garden is small and sheltered so even in bad weather it is somewhat protected from thr elements.

    I’m fasting again today and am determined to get to bedtime tomorrow having done 4 FDs. It’s not een easy this morning but I’m determined not to be swayed and the absence of things to nibble on is a huge bonus.

    Half the neighbourhood appear to see social distancing as a thing of the past 🀬

    The man next door has had guests every day since Sunday, the woman 2 doors away has just gone out with her man who she stole when he lived with his partner and child in the house in between us………

    Life 😜

    I lost a post the other day, too, Happy.
    I’m envious of your weather, although the steady rain all night will be good for the garden. At 5deg, I think I’ll stay in bed.
    The same here, Amazon. People having picnics (the limit is 10 at a distance of 1.5) seem to forget, with their circle moving in and in until they are all sitting together. Our family, including the grandkids, are very careful to keep at a distance. It seems second nature to us now, 10 weeks into it. πŸ˜’

    Morning/evening all,

    I got up early this morning and watered the garden as it was parched. As soon as I finished it started to rain πŸ˜† something not mentioned when I looked at the forecast last night but it was an isolated shower lasting all of two minutes.

    It is brightening up already with fine weather forecast for the rest of the day, the BH weekend and into next week. I was hoping for cold and wet to keep all the Covidiots indoors but I’ll enjoy my time outside especially now my sunshade has arrived 😎 as I decided tying my umbrella to my garden chair wasn’t a long term option.

    Yesterday’s FD was very tricky and I was tempted to give up several times but I got there and have woken up this morning feeling glad I didn’t give in and determined to nail another FD today.
    Then there is the not so easy task of a couple of controlled NFDs 😬

    Have a good weekend everyone 😜

    Amazon, I’m just pleased to have successfully jumped back on the 5:2 wagon. NFDs always seem less of a problem when I do a Monday and Thursday fast as they reset my appetite twice a week. Having fires going, wearing skiing gear and exercising, despite the crummy winter weather are my insurance policy. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


    If I get to the end of next week and I’ve managed another 3 or 4 FDs I’ll be able to say I’m back on the wagon.

    My physiotherapy exercises are tiring. I’m finding some of them difficult which tells me they’ll help as they are tough due to muscle weakness despite my regular workout which of course is a bit of everything rather than specific to my weaknesses. I’ve been doing them every morning and next week I’m going to increase them to morning and evening as I should have the hang of them by then apart from side planks which is never going to happen…….

    I am now going for a walk to see if there is a queue at the supermarket. I won’t bother if it’s too busy but I would like some salad as the forecast says it is definitely salad weather.

    Enjoy your summer weather, A.


    I went out, walked straight into the supermarket and was out again in less than 15 minutes. I accidentally left one of my shopping bags at home which was a blessing in disguise as it prevented the purchase of unnecessary items such as nuts, corn chips and beer.

    I carry a small basket into the supermarket these days. It keeps people at a distance, I don’t touch anything but the food I’m buying, and it really limits how much I buy, so the time spent inside is very short. 😏

    Morning/evening all,

    I always use a basket in the local suprmarket as I walk there and back and 2 bags of shopping is my load limit.

    I’m going out this afternoon. I’m going to visit friends for a socially distanced 🍷 in their garden which I’m really looking forward to.
    My niece has also invited me to join them next week for a picnic πŸ˜€
    Her eldest might be returning to nursery in June although there is a lot of arguing going on here as to whether nurseries and schools should be opening yet.

    It’s another lovely day with a cooling breeze.

    Have a good one everybody 😜


    Great to hear you’re going to see friends and family in the flesh. We had a zoom drinks party with friends this weekend, I haven’t laughed so much since before lockdown.

    It’s a lovely day here today, after 2 quite miserable wet/ windy days, so I’ll be out in the garden…once I’ve powered up on caffeine!

    I’m fasting today, and will be doing a B2B tomorrow. I am just not shifting my excess, but hopefully I can chip away at it and get back into better portion controlled habits!

    I’m right at the end of my Monday fast on a very cold rainy day. I’m pleased how well I’ve managed, definitely aided by being “allowed” to cuddle my toddler granddaughter. We kept back from her mum, but we all feel it is safe, with good hand washing, to be near her. It has been 10 weeks of no contact. Normality is starting to return.
    All the grandkids are back at school as of today, so hopefully this experiment will not end up with a rise on clusters. Numbers are so low here, testing and vigilance seems to be paying off.
    Keep safe all. P

    Morning/evening all,


    I had a lovely time on Friday. We sat at opposite ends of the huge garden table.
    Her husband took the boys out and when they got back they were inside playing computer games together, and there was an announcement when I went inside to use the loo 🀣
    It did us both good to spend a couple of hours chatting with a semblance of normality.

    There is a plan in the making for a socially distanced picnic with my niece. It’ll be interesting to see how social distancing works with a one year old and a four year old who’ve not been in contact with anyone but their parents since lockdown began.

    My next FD will be tomorrow.
    The battery in my scales is flat and the local shop doesn’t have what I need in stock so I’ve no idea if I lost anything last week. I’m not sure if that is good or bad but I’ll just keep going and in a couple of weeks my clothes will tell me.

    The weather here is glorious after a couple of cooler windy days with a couple of heavy but short showers on Saturday.
    I now have my parasol so I can sit in the garden all day and forget what is going on for a few hours.

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    A, I’ve found the kids are used to not touching others, so it isn’t a problem. Even Miss 7, who still needs to be 1.5m away, follows it.
    It was funny having 2 lots of visitors IN the house. Up until now we had socialised in the garden. It meant I had to dust and vacuum carefully πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
    Sitting in your garden, under your parasol sounds delightful!

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