Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • I swing left, but can see the errors of their ways. OH is to the right (no, would never be a Trump supporter, not if he values his marriage 🙂 so the discussions can be heated in the household.

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the good wishes, I’m doing just fine and very happy with a “nothing to see here” biopsy result.

    Purple, I’m in a similar position to you in that my clothes are tight. It’s been impossible to commit to fasting over the past couple of months but I’m working hard to get back into the good habits which made it possible for me to sail through B2B fasts etc.

    There’s a nip in the air, the leaves are changing colour and I’m really enjoying walking in the autumn sunshine.

    We went to Marble Hill House yesterday which is near Richmond overlooking the Thames. It has recently benefitted from a Nationall Lottery grant and undergone restoration work.
    It’s a beautiful house surrounded by a park which is open all year and free to the public.
    After looking round the house we took a stroll in the park then walked along the towpath back to Richmond where we retired to a local hotelry for dinner and there might have been some alcohol involved 😉

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    Such a loooong silence. Where has everyone gone?

    I cannot let the season pass without wishing all my lovely cyber friends a most festive family Christmas, and a 2023 full of happy promises.

    xxx Barata

    🙂 I was just thinking the same thing, Barata!
    Warmest wishes to all my Fast friends. I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful Christmas and a 2023 that is no longer Groundhog Day. 😏
    🌈⛱️🌟☣️🎁🎄🎉 Purple

    Lovely to hear from you both. I’ve been feeling very guilty at my lack of discipline and the very gradual creeping up of my weight! Bread and potatoes have sneaked in far too often.

    We’re off to Grantham shortly to spend Christmas with daughter, fiancé and his mother, who is Swiss, so who knows what we will be eating.

    Hope everyone is well. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2023.
    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

    Pol. 🙋🏼.

    Phew! I’ve had a shock when I git in the scales today. I’ve been fudging things for months and now it’s caught up with me. Half a stone gained!

    I must put my foot down with a firm hand! 🥴

    Hope you’re all doing better than I, especially in the Southern hemisphere where you can enjoy salads.

    You are correct, Polly, absolutely no excuse here…lovely summer salads…but I am holding my far too high weight gain. Call it Covid years, life in general, but I’m ok with it as it has been steady for a year now, and I’m making sure I enjoy life. Covid deprivations and medical issues have taught me to value every single day. 🙂🙂 P

    Hi All,

    I’ve had an awful few months with my house move and separation. Wow, I mean I knew the romantic relationship was over and the move had to happen, but I wasn’t prepared for the reality of being cut adrift and removed from my old life!

    Anyway, I seem to have avoided a complete breakdown by the skin of my teeth and here I am!

    I didn’t need to fast at all last year, the stress and emotional turmoil and depression made meal skipping easy and I actually had several weeks of junk food and cake while still losing weight!
    However, the return of mental equilibrium means that’s no longer possible and I find I’ve gained a fair bit and am now about half a stone over where I’d like to be! So, Polly, I’ll be joining you in trying to put my foot down and get a grip!

    Oh, I’m so sorry you have had such a time, Happy. . How far away have you moved? Has it meant a new job as well? You’ve really been through it.

    Weight is probably of little importance now. Half a stone is nothing. Just focus on your new life and remember- onward and upwards. Happy am byth!

    Cwtches! 😘😘


    Maybe you are embracing your new life Happy? Your mental health is every bit as important as your physical. We all need to look after both.
    I think we have all learnt an enormous amount about our bodies’ needs and wants since 5:2 started and are in a much healthier state, even with some extra kilos.
    Happy 2023 mates. P

    Thanks both,

    Polly, I’m still in Cumbria and dong the same job, but about 30 miles from where I was so getting used to a new area. We didn’t have a lot of close friends near us where we were as it was a sparsely populated rural area, but I did go to the nearest town for arts/ Pilates and that’s too far now so it is starting afresh…

    P, I wouldn’t say embracing my new life… yet! I don’t think it helped that I moved in autumn when the weather is poor and days are short and dark. I’m hoping I’ll start to feel more settled and, as spring arrives, more inspired to look outwards rather than just carrying on wallowing in my own misery!

    Wallowing can be fun too, Happy. 🙂 Come on Spring (for you), but for us, long live the summer weather…after 3 years of no decent summer. P

    It is best to keep fasting times brief, avoid trying effort, and maintain hydration in order to be healthy when fasting. When you’re not fasting, eating adequate protein and maintaining a balanced diet will help you stay healthy overall and have effective fasts.

    Today is 10 years since Mr P and I started the life changing journey that 5:2 fasting brought us.
    Thanks to Michael, Clare, JJ and everyone at the Fast Diet office and thank you my wonderful forum friends who’ve listened, supported and become worldwide friends over the years.
    We no longer fast for 24 hours twice a week, but are very good at assessing when we need to skip a meal and what food is actually necessary compared with wanted!!
    We are older, wiser, have been through a lot in the 10 years, but we are still here, reasonably healthy and certainly happy.
    Thanks all of you.

    Hi P!

    Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary !

    You and Mr P are ahead of me – January 2014 for me – but ditto, no longer fasting twice or even once a week, but the practice seems to have established a new relationship with food, meal times, sugar, hunger etc and it has enabled me to maintain my weight much more easily than prior to 5:2.

    I hope intermittent fasting continues to serve me well in the next phase – I will be in surgical menopause in a couple of weeks when I have my ovaries removed as part of a larger surgery – from what I know anecdotally of menopause I’m guessing I might need to end up reinstating a formal fasting regime to combat a bit of weight gain….

    Your experience with fasting will certainly put you in good stead. You won’t have to undo the damage once you recognise the changes menopause can cause.
    All the best with the next few weeks, Happy. P

    Hi Poll
    Great to hear you are still with us! We still need to support each other, even years down the track! Life will keep throwing us curve balls that can undermine us. Stick together, and we can survive and flourish.
    Cheers, P

    I’m pleased to say we’re having a good week, well six days so far. Himself seems to be taking things very seriously at last and has even allowed me to set up an IF account for hi here., as I said his encouraging it is to see a chart going in the right direction. Can’t see him posting, though.

    We met daughter and fiancé on Friday, but choice low calorie meals, with no starters.
    Hope all well with you lot.

    Good on you, Poll. It is much easier if you are both on the same page!
    Due to a medical crisis 4 years ago, Mr P no longer needs to fast…he has the opposite problem…which has made it very hard for me. 😵

    It is much easier. He did pick up chocolate ice lollies yesterday, though. They’re in the freezer.
    Hope Mr P is doing ok now.

    Thanks Poll. Unfortunately his change is permanent due to surgery. Healthy, but complete lifestyle changes. Better than the alternative.
    Good luck hiding the “naughties” in the freezer! P

    Definitely better. Take care. X

    Hi team, I see I have been missing a bit of action, missed that the thread had moved on. I hope all the medical issues have been done and recovered from. How did your op. go, Happy?

    We are over the shortest day, so looking forward to the burgeoning of spring in due course. I hope the rain lets up. We have again had so much – well over twice the average precipitation again so far this year, and only just at the end of June! There has been a vast amount of damage to our national infrastructure – once again bridges washed out, roads subsided or vanished. Several times we have been on an island here, not able to go north or south. And the damage to property belies belief, especially on the East Coast.

    Anyway, La Nina is now in place, so maybe the rain will abate.

    I am planning to do a Dry July – my blood pressure is higher than I, or the doctor, would like. He suggested medication, but I prefer to try the natural options, and just keep an eye on it. Which I can, as OH bought a home testing kit for his own purposes. He IS on medication for his BP. So we will see how long I can go without the support of the odd drop.

    Who ate the ice lollies, Polly?

    Hi Barata,

    Well I think the op was successful, but recovery has been awful! I’m still not 100% yet but getting there.

    Good luck with dry July. You can do it! I haven’t had a drink now since the start of March, and after all this time I’m not in a rush to have a drink. I’ve been enjoying the occasional alcohol free/ low beer. They taste so authentic now that my brain almost thinks I’m imbibing 😂

    Your weather sounds mad. Hopefully you get some respite from the rains, although sadly these extremes are increasingly the norm…

    El Nino is what I should have said!

    Dry July is running okay, especially now that I have discovered alcohol-free wine – just grape juice, I know, but at least I can relax with a glass in my hand. It wasn’t really a thing when I did this four years ago.

    Sorry to hear you are still in a painful convalescence, Happy. I hope you progress steadily and come out the other end dancing!

    Hi, everyone. Happy, I second Barata’s sympathy to you. You poor thing. You have both discovered some good-sounding non-alcohol drinks. I do like non-alcoholic Peroni, but not discovered a wine I like.

    Well, we have been busy. Daughter got married on 20th May. A lovely day and just close friends and family. So no dramas. OH was suited and booted, looking good. He’s now gaining the weight, though.

    We’ve also been on holiday to Spain- all-inclusive, which was risky, but it was fine. We were almost sensible. For me, it was the crema catalana for dessert. He ate lots of fish.

    Ironically, we missed the very hot weather here.

    Last week of Dry July, but as I mentioned, it’s been a pretty easy month. It does help to keep the weight stable, but not really doing much for my blood pressure. 🙁

    I hope all is well with you all, and you NH lasses are managing to keep cool. We have only had 15 days with rain this month so far, but when they count half a mm as measurable rainfall it’s not been so bad. The lawn still needs mowing every couple of weeks.

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