January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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  • USA. Day 6. FD800

    Just closed mat kitchen at 712 calories for the day! Now, all I have to do is stay away from the wine. I am already down 1/10th of a pound since yesterday.

    Hope everyone is digging into our new year challenge of rejuvenating January! I would really like to come out of Covid better than ever. 🙂

    Day 6 – SECOND POST

    Okay, lesson taught, errands run, groceries put away, kitchen tree taken down, clothes put away in bedroom–I can call time my own finally, LOL! @songbirdme, this is about the earliest we’ve ever taken down our Christmas stuff, but the cleaning lady was coming today, and if I left it up, I’d have to clean myself after taking it down, which rather negates the point of paying someone else to do so, you know?? 😂🤣😂 So I sucked up my ambition and got every last bit of it done before she got here. Well…all except for the Christmas dishes, which are still in the cupboard. Does it sound as if I go nuts with Christmas decorations? Yeah, I kinda do. 🎄💖👍😁😍

    @songbirdme, how are DD and SIL doing now? Prayers for them!

    @snowflake56 Just a thought, but since 5:2 was initially a plan for health benefits, but not specifically for weight loss, have you considered fasting even though you don’t need to lose weight, and then eating more on the NFDs so that you don’t get too thin?

    @toady I laughed hard at your mom’s question: “Are you still eating or are you starving?” SUCH a mom question, LOL!

    @michelinme So funny: “I’m reminded that being back on the wagon isn’t walking on water!” You made me laugh at how we all exaggerate the difficulty, and you also reminded me of a great quote: “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.”

    Okay, into the sewing room I go! Have a great day, everyone!

    USA. Day 6 FD800

    Nellen, stay safe in D.C. The whole nation is watching this! My sister is down there, too! She is very much attached to her tv, too.

    Day 6 – UK – CD
    Day 5 – NFD

    Cannot believe the incredible scenes unfolding in Washington right now……..😢 Anyone living in D.C. stay safe – thinking of all our American friends on here 🤗

    So happy to have managed to complete a strong FD500 on Day 4

    Started Day 5 with an interesting class from my other Yoga teacher where she taught us her personal practice that she does every morning – some qigong shake out to release frustration, tension, January melancholy and whatever else was bothering us through movement and breath.
    Then went off for some volunteering sorting out a hot lunch for delivery by volunteer drivers to those vulnerable in our local community.
    Did some food shopping in the afternoon and made a meringue base for a Mango and Passion fruit Pavlova I was planning for Day 6

    Today I did a wonderful 12km walk with a friend – beautiful cold winter’s day with blue skies and sunshine – manage to get some good photos and managed to stay around 1000cals which included a small serve of said Pavlova so a successful CD with plenty of outdoor exercise – feeling good!

    @michelinme – Lovely to have you back with us – been missing your posts since August! So sorry to read the many issues you have had to deal with Covid on top of your other health issues 🤗
    @basyjames – sorry I missed your birthday yesterday – hope you had a lovely day 💐
    @lilymartin – great news on your reaching an 11 month low!
    @zzzzz45 – nice to hear that you keep a link with the Monthly Challenges by reading the posts and getting inspiration/support from it and thank you for your positive vibes – Do let us know how you get on with your new eating plan 🤗
    @i-hate-lettuce – good to read of your daily improvements – how did your hospital review go?
    @brightonbelle – hoping that the “virus/cold thing” does not escalate 🤞
    @nellen – you’re definitely not alone is trying to reduce the 🍷consumption 🤣
    @elektron – you learn something everyday 🤭
    @missybear – you know you can do this – you have all the necessary tools at hand so jump on that wagon and hold tight and we will get you there x
    @suki2 – good news re MIL

    5:2 IS NOT A DIET, IT’S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE! and remember “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 6 Third Post

    This is not who the United States of America is. I am ashamed of the people who are behaving so abominably. I share their election frustration, but you’ll notice I’ve never gone viral in this group–nor anywhere else. I keep my opinions mostly to myself. For the people to have erupted in such violence says they clearly don’t understand how democracy is supposed to work, and I am heartbroken.

    Day 7 – Western Australia – NFD (OMAD)

    Going to try to stick to TDEE today, but am feeling a little off probably due to too many fast days in a row.

    Super hot in Perth this week. 38C today and 41C predicted for tomorrow. Great salad weather though!

    Saw on the news this morning about the craziness in Washington DC. Thinking of all in the US and hoping this works out somehow 😐 Seems there are many people that have become virtual powder kegs, which makes things very tricky indeed.

    Day 6 North Canton OH FD

    I have been trying to post all day. But what a day in America!!!

    This is what happens when you play with fire, the whole house may just burn down around you.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Second post

    @stitchincarol I feel your pain and distress, I was just as upset as you are but now I’m watching our senators speak and for the first time, I’m seeing our senators denounce the violence and mayhem and acknowledge that they are not enemies

    This was a terrible thing to happen; a young lady lost her life, a young man is in critical condition and many others were injured. This has shaken our country, but if this causes us see each other again and listen to each other, instead of those who would incite us for personal gain, then so be it.

    @basyjames, @stichincarol I do appreciate both of your words. Today has been so distressing. My hope is that the hideousness and terror of today may actually bring this country back to itself. I honestly believe there is hope. Stay safe, breathe deep, say a prayer.

    Day 6 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Well, for the first time in my life, I AM embarrassed to say I am from the US. And I think what has happened today, is on President Trump since he incited the whole thing with his careless rhetoric in his speech 15 minutes before they marched on the capitol, per his request… Or maybe not careless, but on purpose, telling his followers to march on the capitol. What did he think would happen? He doesn’t care as long as it feeds his ego. Then he didn’t come on television to calm anything down. I’m not surprised. We look like a 3rd world country, for heavens’ sake. He has no dignity. I’ll stop now. Period. Can you tell I am so Angry?

    I just deleted a whole rant! Thank your lucky stars, my friends! lol !

    Tomorrow a FD, ZBC: no food until noon or as long as I can go, maybe 3-7:00 eating window, or there about;, 500 -600 cals total: yoga or/and HIIT.

    Today I did nothing much exercise-wise, but watched tv after initial yoga warm up when special news alerts started coming on tv and phone. … I did end up doing some march in place and twisting, stretching, during most of it, and then walking in place several times, like Leslie taught me, as I was watching the awful news.

    Best wishes to you all.

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    To our American friends, stay safe and well, we know that this is not the American way. Shocking scenes last night, completely unbelievable, so sad. My sister lives in the US, and was messaging us, and it felt so scary.

    Please God the madness will stop now.

    So, on that note, I will wish everyone a great day. Planning my second FD of 2021, vegan salad bowl for lunch, lentil and veg soup for dinner.

    It’s snowing outside and it’s so pretty….however I will leave even earlier for work due to the roads etc. I better let the cat stay in the house though, at minus 5 my poor little floof ball won’t like being outside all day.

    Take care. Thinking of everyone in this crazy world. We will prevail. Goodness will prevail.

    Day 7, Emden Germany, NFD

    I just don’t know, what to say about everything happening at the moment. So many things got out of hand in only a few years time. I hope everything will calm down and better times will come.

    @stitchincarol Thanks for reminding me of the health benefits of 5:2. At the moment I’m having a few health problems so I’m not able to fast. As soon as they are over, I’ll go back to 5:2 again and will be joining the ones on the pocket list again.

    Hello, I’m new to fasting. I’ve done 2 days (not consecutively). And it was fine, but REALLY struggled in the afternoon. Had breakfast at 10am and supper at 5pm. 3pm I was climbing the walls. Any advice? I just kept drinking water, tea, water, tea felt like a hot waterbottle!! Sorry if this is not the right forum to write on it’s all a bit confusing!

    Happy New Year All

    Day 7 – Lake district UK – CD

    Good morning everyone

    Another cold dry sunny start to the day, waiting for the sun to creep its way higher then another walk today. Seeing it’s so crisp and frosty, the boots are coming out and I’m heading for the woodland walk today, suitably wrapped up!

    @at – The hospital review! Oh boy was that funny, the previous one I was struggling, unable to eat solids etc it was pretty grim. But this last one the nurse was amazed at the difference, especially when I listed what I ate for Christmas dinner including finishing off with pudding, custard and a pint. Next appointment is 4 weeks, so not too worried about me now.

    @northerndawn – Hopefully things in the US will be sorted and settle down sooner rather than later. Until then take care.

    The cold snap has been with us a while now, so the garden is looking rather sad, however when I cut back plants ready for winter, I leave many plants with a few inches of foliage. This nicely protects the plants crown with dead material and when the weather starts to warm the shoots come quickly, they just need the dead material gently pulling away in spring.

    Take care all

    Day 7 – NSW, AU – CFD

    Only managed a 21 hour fast today, had lunch early… but didn’t quite get to OMAD, ended up eating more about 3 hours later, so instead of OMAD it’s turned into a 20:4 for tomorrow. Oh well, back on the wagon for tomorrow, right?? Even an hour ago I wanted to go for the leftover pizza and had to keep telling myself “No, just don’t even think about it, that’s tomorrow’s lunch!!”

    @songbirdme – I would just roll my eyes when she wasn’t looking, I had lost pretty much a kilo (2lbs) a week for 10 weeks, what I am doing must be doing something right?? And not like I’m doing prolonged fasts… I love my food too much to do more than a 24-26 hour fast.
    @stitchincarol – It is such a mum/mom question, especially when she’d ask it around 6-8pm when we sat down to watch TV together, usually with cherries or plum pudding and custard… needless to say I ended up having a lot of 12:12’s and below 16:8’s while I was there (still proud of my 24 hour one though)

    Day 7, London, UK, FD

    Truly looking forward to todays FD, my fingers are puffy & a bit painful this morning, I think I’m going through a detox after the Xmas excesses, but it’s going to be a longer process than in my younger days😱. I had noticed even under the weight gain that my face was a bit puffy on certain mornings, entirely booze related I think😱😱😱!!! Thank goodness the ‘garage of wine’ is a 20 minute walk away!!!

    Catching up on posts as I sip a lovely cup of coffee (sometimes I make it and it’s perfect, other times I just can’t get it right!!! – anybody have the same brain drain regarding things they do every ………….. single ……………….. day!!!???) Anyway, today’s is lovely😍!!

    I was up early trying to get a head start on work, as a professional procrastinator, there’s usually 20 things throughout the day that prevent me actually doing any work, usually food related😜! As it’s a FD I’m going to blast through the ‘super-list’ of work I have to get done💪!!

    Welcome @shitnoddy, many of us find skipping breakfast helps with fasting, I find just one morsel can open my appetite and I struggle for the rest of the day, perhaps delay your breakfast gradually until you may even skip it all together. There’s nothing wrong with remaining super hydrated, it can suppress that hunger dragon roaring for food, so keep on drowning dragons, it’ll be second nature in no time!!!🤗

    When I finally get a garden, I’m going to have to go back over the posts from @daffodil2010, @i-hate-lettuce and the other challengers with green fingers to write down the tips!!! Micro herbs & Air-pots being a couple of my favourite tips so far!!!

    “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

    Day 6 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    I’d forgotten how long FDs seem on really cold winter days like today……must not think of hot buttered crumpets….oh, too late! I will NOT have any. I have set myself a target to lose 10 lbs by 4 February which is the day before my birthday, so I’m off to ‘hide’ the remains of the Christmas treats upstairs until 5 February.

    Have a good day everyone.

    @northerndawn – yesterday was just awful. Just awful. I live in DC and I could not believe my eyes and ears. Our alerts kept going off on our iPhones. Really the world was upset down, or our world. I was hoping to take yoga this morning at 8 but am just too wiped out. This has to end.

    On the 5:2 front I am hoping you all might be able to give me some advice. This is day 7. I have done 3 FD and have gone from 142 to 135 pounds. That seems really fast to me (no pun intended). And while I am thrilled, I am wondering if I should slow down a bit. I am thinking I should do at least 4 days NF, maybe focusing on TDEE. Any word of wisdom, thoughts? Thanks

    @Dafodil2010. Thank you for your thoughts – I feel them in my heart. Thank you @snowflake56 too. Honestly, you all helped enormously yesterday. I am grateful this post is here, it was a place for me to go as our country was flailing yesterday. thank you.
    On an optimistic note, I think finally the politicians in this country who have spent the last 4 years cowtowing to Trump, have finally finally had enough. So now, I believe this country will find itself again.

    Day 7 – USA/GA – NFD?

    Good morning. What a rough pair of nights. First, being a resident of Georgia, I couldn’t help but take a look at the election results as they came in on Tuesday (I knew I wouldn’t see the results, but I was curious how close the race was running. Quite close! Then I was able to switch it off after the evening news update). But I think a lot of us were worried and upset after the events in D.C. yesterday afternoon, so I didn’t sleep well at all last night. To top that off, I had a horrible stomachache all night and even a bit lingering this morning — I have no idea what I ate! Thankfully, it has almost passed.

    Weigh-in this morning: 231 lbs. Since my stomach is still a little tender this morning, and I have my niece’s birthday next door this evening, I am going to try for a 16:8 today. That’s only three to four hours from now, so I should be good with that today.

    Have a wonderful day.

    @shitnoddy – welcome. I have done the 5:2 on and off for about 4 years. Stick with it. The beginning is the hardest, you have to play with it to find what works for you. For me, I would have a hard time with eating only at 10 and then 5. I have found that the longer I can wait for breakfast, or my first food, the better. Once I start eating I get hungry or my mind thinks I am hungry. I always say it’s my mouth that gets hungry. So on FDs I try to eat around 11 and then I eat again around 3 and a snack (an apple) at about 5. And – I have found, with help from this forum, that if I keep drinking water (which I flavor with a little bit of lemon or lime or pomegranate juice) I am far better off. Good luck, keep posting, we have your back.

    Day 7 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    @northgeorgia & all American Fasting friends – we were shocked this side of the pond too. You don’t expect that behaviour, but we know most Americans don’t behave like that. Its always the few that make the headlines. I hope things are calming down now. Stay safe.
    @nellen – it will slow down, but its probably better not to have too many days between Fds otherwise you feel like all the hard work is undone

    First FD of the year, wish me luck. All my CD days this week have paid off and I can see the scales move slightly in the right direction. Walked the dog earlier, very frosty then and still very frosty now (14.30) so glad to be inside.
    Pocket list Day


    Exercise 30×5


    Day 7 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    EE–emotional eating. Yup, I engaged in a fair amount of that yesterday! DTF–nope, not that either. The white wine called a siren song to me last night. So, @northerndawn, I broke my promise to you, and for that I’m truly sorry. This business of promising has really helped, and even yesterday, it helped me delay giving in to temptation.

    The problem yesterday, however, was not merely the mess in DC that had me so emotional, but a headache I woke up with and simply couldn’t kick. It wasn’t awful, but it was relentless, so all the problems started with me eating some cold turkey thigh straight from the fridge, hoping the protein/calories would help where medicine hadn’t. Then I saw three lonely cookies, the last of a particular type. I hadn’t yet had one. Not one since they were baked Christmas Eve. So I ate all three. And there started the slippery slope. I have no idea how many calories I ended up eating, but I would guess between 1800 and 2500. Yikes. Today is a new day, and I’ll stick to the FD.

    @toady Is your mom overweight? I wonder how much fussing is related to dissatisfaction with her own weight? That’s such a natural response, especially when it’s our moms, so as long as you hear the love in her words even as you ignore her, it’s all good, I think! 🤣😂😍👍

    @snowflake56 I hope your health issues are resolved rapidly and with little trouble to you!

    @shitnoddy I have found that the longer I refuse to eat, the simpler it is. I have also found that the more I view “hunger” as a bad thing, the worse it feels. Usually, I have an urge to eat that has zero to do with stomach rumblings (well, not on FDs, but the rest of the time). So try one meal a day, celebrate the true hunger as the unique feeling it is, remind yourself “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible,” and drown that hunger dragon with liquids (hot or cold, depending on where you live), and you’ll soon get to where this is second nature and not terribly difficult. Good luck! Now…tell us about your handle?

    @nellen It’s so completely common to lose a lot of weight when you first start. Not only will the rate of loss not continue, it’s very likely you’ll go back up a pound or two or three once you get to NFDs. No worries; you’ll be fine. If you’re still losing that fast after a second week, then slowing down will indeed be a good thing, but I’ll bet it’ll equal out.

    I have one request regarding yesterday’s awfulness. Can those of you who have given blame to specific people please refrain from any further specific blame? It’s killing me not to say anything in defense, but this is not a political forum, so I won’t. But to read comments and not respond feels quite one-sided. This should be a partisan-free place. This is not a defense of ANYTHING that happened yesterday, just a request that specifics are omitted from our comments. Thank you.

    And thanks to all our international friends who assured us they don’t see this as anything but an anomaly. I am absolutely speechless at the horror of yesterday’s behavior, and hope it was simply a horrifying exception to this country’s usual behavior.

    Today’s a busy day, with my three to four hours of church office work and then four piano lessons. That sewing room is calling my name, but there won’t be much time I can answer the call!

    Day 7 Washington DC NFD
    @stitchincarol thank you for your suggestions. Really helpful. I would have eaten those cookies too – so I tossed all of the items that I know will just sit and call out to me. :))).
    Keep going. We have your back.

    USA. Day 7. FD800

    Well, while my FD800 food wise went well, the day ended with too much wine. I will let that go to a very rough day yesterday but I am right back on the wagon today. Joining the pocket list,

    Pocket list Day 7


    Exercise 30×5


    Today is a better day! Stay safe, everyone!

    Day 7 North Canton OH NFD

    I love this forum, I love how supportive we are of each other and how we have been able to provide a safe space for venting. It is really incredible how we have been able to do this; in spite of the differences in our backgrounds, view points and dare I say- politics. I know we do not agree on everything, but we have proven that we can see beyond the differences in each other and embrace our similarities.

    I think everything happens for a reason, and the odious behavior of the violent mob yesterday has to have happened for a reason. I think this calls for a lot soul searching by all of us. Finger pointing is easy, and it is easy for us to think that certain things cannot happen in certain places, but we live in a fallen world and anything is possible in a world where human beings give in to their worst impulses. Now enough about that!

    @nellen, well done. If you are new to fasting, it is not unusual to lose a lot in the beginning. Expectations are for the rapid loss to slow down, and then even out

    @shitnoddy I will echo others in saying the beginning is the most difficult part of IF. After a short time, your body will get used to it and then you can play with different iterations to find what works best for you. Hang in there.

    The beat goes on. Be kind and hopeful, no matter what challenges come your way today. Attitude determines altitude-most of the time 💚

    Day 7 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I won’t be fasting today or tomorrow as that is my normal 8-week blood donation day. I did a vial blood draw yesterday for my annual physical that is next week. Results aren’t the best on the cholesterol front… oh well. Doctor will likely chide me a bit on that, but at least he doesn’t chide me on weight!

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments about our misery in the USA. It is just awful that the few who perpetrate that kind of behavior get all the publicity. We will get through this. I lived through the turbulent VietNam era riots back in the late 60’s into the 70’s, and that was ugly as well. We will get through this too.

    @toady – good for you just going on with your fasts!

    @missybear – I am so with you having FD’s in winter. They tend to make me cold as well. I have rice bags (cloth holding 2 pounds of rice) that I heat up for instant hand warmers. Or feet. Extremities seem to have it the worst!

    @shitnoddy – welcome to you. This is a terrific place to learn about our WOL, ask questions, and gain support. Avail yourself of us as much as you wish.

    @nellen – I found 5 normal eating days with 2 under 500 calorie days worked wonderfully for me, especially at first. Remember, any sugar/carbs ingested can make you even hungrier. And the 5 “normal” days really need to be very close to TDEE. Hugs to you there in D.C. We are praying for you all and our country.

    Onward and downward.

    USA. Day 7. NFD

    Okay, I closed my kitchen but not at 800 calories. I will do better tomorrow! I needed some comfort food today just as I needed wine last night, so I dug into some Mac and cheese. Too bad it has so many calories because it is so yummy! In any case, there will be no wine today and today is an OMAD day. I don’t seem to have any problems eating OMAD. I do it at noon because I don’t seem to have any appetite in the morning, except for coffee. I don’t like to eat in the evening because I don’t seem to have much control at that time. Best to avoid the kitchen and drink a lot of water. I am determined this month! I can’t believe we are already at day 7!

    Stay safe and well, everyone!

    OH! Almost forgot —

    Instead of watching news last night, we found a new movie on Netflix about singing fishermen in Cornwall called “Fisherman’s Friend.” It was delightful,and based on a true story! Highly recommended.

    Day 7 OMAD London

    Not had a drink yet and OMAD going ok (ish).

    Will look out for that on Netflix, @songbirdme. It sounds good. There is a slightly riske joke about Fisherman’s Friends which always makes me laugh but it’s probably not for this forum.

    Hello to our American friends. This must be an even more worrying time for you. Here’s hoping it settles down soon.

    That’s not how you spell risqué is it? Thought it didn’t look right …

    Day 7 Canada NFD

    Thinking of all of my US friends and fasters today after such a shocking day yesterday. I feel that it may have been a turning point that will start the healing process. DH very rarely opens a bottle of wine but did last night so my DTF went out the window. Still using MFP every day!

    I have been listening to a podcast that I used a few years ago very successfully. It addresses why we get that urge to drink that is so illogical, it is easy to decide in the morning that it will be a dry day but come the evening it is a different story. I don’t drink a lot but certainly feel it hard to control sometimes. If you are interested google Brook Castillo How to Stop Overdrinking. The theory works well for eating as well

    Have a great day

    Day 7 Minnesota, USA FD

    I think this will end up a FD800, because I a feeling too cold and can’t seem to warm up. Even with a bowl of warm soup. It’s very gray and overcast today, and only 25 F (-3.9 C), and that doesn’t help. I always feel warmer when the sun is shining.

    @songbirdme I added Fisherman”s Friends to my list on Netflix. Just watching the trailer, it looks like it’s filmed in the same place as “Doc Martin”, a show my DH and I love, but have seen the entire series now.

    @ccco Mac and cheese is so hard to resist. I just can’t have it in my house! I admire your ability to not eat in the evening. I wish I could cultivate that habit.

    @emma-taylor You seem to be doing great! OMAD sometimes works for me, but often it’s more like a 4 hour window and a long drawn out meal.

    @bellyblast I also had some vino last eve while watching the news. Now DTS, at least.

    @basyjames Did you share how you felt after your vaccination the other day? If so, I missed it. Was your arm sore?

    @shitnoddy Welcome to the forum, and read back through the posts, or start on Day 1 posts if you’d like to familiarize yourself with the way we usually post and the abbreviations we’re fond of using. There is a lot of wisdom here!

    @nellen I wouldn’t be concerned about losing so much weight at first; in fact, if you are feeling good, I’d take advantage of the “mojo” you’ve got going. I believe Michael Mosely has said that losing a significant amount of weight quickly in the beginning actually bodes well for ongoing motivation and success. Quite a bit of that is water, and if you have reduced carbs, which always retain water with them, then you do see more loss initially. Hang in there and stay safe!

    @suki2 I hope your first FD went well!

    @northgeorgia I hope you can catch up on sleep! I plan to go to bed early with my kindle tonight, and relax nod off early. Going to bed early also keeps me from snacking. Win, win!

    @missybear Did you really have to mention hot, buttered crumpets? 😉😋 It’s okay, I just had my soup. So, not overly tempted.

    Btw, to update on the Pfizer vaccine my DH had the second jab on Tuesday, and he did feel quite achy, headache, extremely tired, and a bit of a fever the day after. So did his coworkers who also had their second. One of the younger Docs said his headache was quite uncomfortable and he was very tired and stayed in bed most of the day. My DH said it was like having the flu for a day, but woke up feeling good this morning……just a little more tired than usual. It’s good that they had symptoms…..it means their immune systems are responding.

    Thanks from all of us in the States to all of you from across the pond and Oz, for your concerns and warm wishes for our country. It’s so appreciated. I think it will all be okay if we all work together again.

    Take care!

    second post

    @northerndawn no I planned to but didn’t. Thanks for asking. Yes my arm was a little sore the first day, more sore on the second day, and very sore and heavy when I woke up on the third day. I considered a warm compress, but noticed that moving it around really helped. So I completed a 30 minute upper body strength training class, took a warm shower and the pain immediately went away. I also felt a little lightheaded right after the shot, at first I thought it was only me, but my co-worker said they also had the same experience. The lightheaded feeling quickly went away though, and I was fine the rest of the day.

    I scheduled my second shot for a Friday because I was cautioned by the nurse that I would probably feel quite crummy after the second shot. She said feeling crummy is a very good sign that the immune system is kicking in. I am looking forward to getting a meal at my favorite restaurant after I get my second shot, well masked of course.

    @stitchincarol – DD and SIL are both back at work and doing well. Good thing they live in a big house in Utah so once her 2 daughters came back from being with their father were able to live in the lower level (has a MIL suite/kitchen, etc.) so they have not gotten sick. Yeah for that!

    @northerndawn – the sea plays a big part in “Fisherman’s Friends” so likely it is in the same place as “Doc”

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    We are flying through January already. Hope everyone is keeping well. I love the kindness and thoughtful words that is engendered in this particular forum, we may all be very different but we all share a common decency that was shown so much yesterday on the various comments regarding the events of 6th January. Let’s move on.

    FD went well, not whooshing off the weight like I used to in the olden days, but feeling brighter and clearer since I switched to mainly plant based foods and Dry Till Fri (Oooh, I looked up the contemporary meaning of DTF…!!! Oh Matron…..I won’t be using that three letter acronym around younger folk again 😀).

    Tonight I visit my elderly friend who lives alone as I am her support bubble. She hasn’t seen anyone since 26th Dec(apart from shop assistants) so she is so lonely. She promises a beef and Guinness stew for supper….and in this minus 7C icy weather, I am looking forward to that.

    Have a wonderful Friday everyone. We have got this.

    Day 8, Emden Germany, NFD

    @stitchincarol No worries, I’m doing well. It’s something that comes and goes.

    @basyjames and @northerndawn Thanks for the update on the vaccination. Last Monday they started the vaccinations in the 8 nursing homes and 4 day care facilities for the elderly in town, 458 done so far. I’m glad they’ve started.

    @nellen I agree with the others. I also lost weight very fast as I started but after a while it slowed down. As long as you feel good, it will be fine.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 8 – Lake District UK – CD

    Good morning everyone

    Friday is my weigh in day and I’m nicely where I want to be for the moment. After recent weigh loss due to treatment etc I’ve put a bit of weight back on, so can focus on maintenance for now and decide what next.

    When I started in July 2019 I was 265 lb 120.2 kg BMI of 38
    This mornings weigh in …. I am 208 lb 94.4 kg BMI of 29.8

    I must admit, I feel really well, starting to eat and drink much better/easier, even managing the odd beer now! Getting out for decent walks, went out with a mate yesterday, out of the village and through the meadows for a couple of hours, brilliant, didn’t even fall asleep in the chair afterwards!

    So plan is to maintain where I am, my Basic Metabolic Rate is 1735 calories. Going to get back to Monday and Thursday FD’s, the rest of the week stick around BMR except Fridays of course, day off and can feed the ‘Inner Warthog’ (although he’s been very quiet recently!) See how that pans out and adjust accordingly, especially when the walks get longer and gardening work starts again.

    For anyone just starting out, this WOL does really work, but you can’t kid yourself and its not ‘instant’, but good luck, it’s worth the effort! But don’t forget, drink plenty of water.

    @daffodil2010 – 🙂

    Take care all, I think I’m (properly) back ….

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Friday weigh day and I’m down 6lbs! That was mostly water & weight I’d put on in the previous week but it’s a great boost to the motivation! I’ve also lost an inch / 2.5cm from my bust & hips – plenty more left!!

    One of my problems is always eating my feelings – my relationship with food goes AWOL when eating mindlessly. And one of the great things about this WOL is it resets me – like flicking a switch – where it’s much easier to resist & practice the pause before indulging.

    Yesterday I went out for a walk with friend and felt pretty unwell afterwards. She suggested i check my BP and it was sky high. Cue a call to the GP, a long meditation and an ‘urgent’ appointment in an hour. Cardiac investigations have been very slow this last 6 months so I hope i’ll get some help today.

    Sending love and good wishes to all friends in the US: this too shall pass xx

    Day 8 – USA/GA – NFD

    OK, January. You’re not impressing me yet with the flat line; 232 lbs today. I tried the 16:8 yesterday, although it may have been more of a 15:9. I know it’s the most recommended way of IF, but it isn’t for me and I think I purposefully sabotaged it. I grazed during the whole window and gulped more soda than water (what???). I guess the good news is that the leftovers are all gone, and the only evidence of Christmas now is six remaining shortbread cookies on the shelf (I did toss the stale gingerbread men). I need to remember to revisit my TDEE, resist guzzling and scarfing the high calorie junk food, and “eat responsibly.” It will be a lot easier today: mostly fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Since I couldn’t do 4:3 this week, I may try again next week, just because we’re in a telework situation again. Not giving up. The 220s are going to be mine this month, but the middle of January is a week from today (can you believe it?).

    Best wishes to all!

    Day 8, London, UK, FD

    I woke up this morning a bit late and not as energetic as I had hoped. I think I’m too cold & my body just wants to snuggle rather than move!! I’ve got to get a Leslie session🏃 in today as exercise cuts my appetite to zero, that’s got to be a win-win situation as long as I actually DO IT!!!

    Whilst snuggled up this morning I wrote my eating plan until the end of February!! I know, I should have been working, but my procrastinating knows no bounds!!! Anyway, I’ve a freezer full of soups I made (Xmas cauliflowers were in abundance! 🙌) there’s lots of lovely cheese & Greek yoghurt in the fridge so the plan is <500kcal FDs and Low carb (keto-ish) NFDs. I’m hurling myself off of the carb train and determined to drown any & every dragon I encounter!!! I love Xmas😍, but it does a real number on my fasting mind-set, it was like letting a wild animal 🐷🐱😻free and now I’m having a devil👿 of a job getting it back in its cage!!😂

    I watched a couple of Jason Fung videos on YouTube last night, which really helped boost my determination to keep my seat on the wagon, one thing I needed to bring to the forefront of my mind is ‘riding the hunger wave’, a little bit of discipline, a lot of distraction and a fair bit of positive reinforcement in front of the mirror WILL get me through!!! My particular wave can last from 20 mins to an hour, but peppermint tea is a wonderful thing!!!

    As most of us know, there’s really no easier or sustainable or healthy way to ditch the excess timber, so stay strong everyone!!!!

    We’ve got this!!!!

    Day 8 second post

    Back from GP. BP isstratospheric. Started on medication,review next week. Good to be getting some treatment at last.

    I’ve had low BP most of my life so this is weird. There’s one other patient in the surgery who also has high BP post-covid with no previous history and lots in medical journals. NOt always good to be interesting 🙁

    The surgery was mostly a vaccination centre today with just some urgent patients. Made me think of public health information films from the 1940s, – lots of volunteers with clipboards, portable screens with red curtains to create treatment areas within a large room.

    @michelinme – I am so sorry to hear. Wishing you all the best care and health. Frightening, strange, uncomfortable times.

    Day 8 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD

    @songbird me – thanks for reminding me about the film. One of the few I’ve seen at the cinema. I’ll take a look at Netflix to see if we have it too.

    @basyjames – wise words

    @ihatelettuce- glad you’re properly back.

    @michelinme – congratulations on the loss even if it is water! Glad you’re getting some treatment. High BP is an interesting after effect. Maybe its to do with the stress the body is under when fighting Covid 19. (I’m not a doctor, so just supposition)

    @NorthernDawn-FD went well, thx. Came in around 550 cals.
    Had a Zoom book club meeting during the evening so that kept me occupied.
    Will weigh in on Monday.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 8 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    A good and proper FD yesterday after 3 weeks of being fuelled by sugar, carbs and alcohol and my body is in shock. Woke with a terrible headache, possibly a bit of keto flu. Feel a little better after having brunch but I definitely overdid Christmas this year. Looking forward to eating healthy veggies and protein now.

    Keep on keeping on everyone 🙂

    Day 8 – Western Australia – ???
    Day 9 – NFD (TDEE)

    I don’t know what today was but I had takeaway for lunch and a large bowl of home cooked fried rice for dinner. Carbs much? Oops! Better tomorrow and Sunday, back to fasting Monday.

    Hope you all have a nice weekend 🙂

    Day 8 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD TDEE

    Well, surprise, surprise, one lesson cancellation gave me almost four hours in my sewing room yesterday, which inspired me to go back after lessons and supper and spend another two in there, although I was working far more slowly by then. And all that time sewing distracted me from food and the kitchen so that I ended up with 375 calories for the day, and the scales this morning showed it. What is that phrase–PFDG?? Post-fast-day glow? Whatever the name, it was a letter-perfect FD with almost no temptations. Nice when we get those since they’re not frequent.

    Tonight, we’re going out to eat, so I’ll do my best to limit the calories, but doubt there’ll be many choices. Oh well, this is where “way of LIFE” comes in.

    @songbirdme So glad DD and SIL both did so well with the virus, and that her 2 DDs avoided it! Large houses have definite advantages, LOL!

    @daffodil2010 That beef and Guinness stew sounds perfect for a winter evening! Enjoy!

    @snowflake56 I’m glad it’s nothing awful, and hope you’re top-notch soon!

    @i-hate-lettuce What a lovely health report you were able to give today! The one detail you left out was…how was the Christmas beer????? 🍺🎄🍻

    Oh dear, @michelinme, I hope everything is resolved very quickly with your high BP! So thankful for meds that can give immediate results!

    @northgeorgia I know very well that feeling after you’ve sabotaged your eating plan, and not behaved yourself with food as you intended to. You’ll get back there; no fears!

    @flourbaby Leslie walks really do make a dramatic improvement on attitude toward food, so I hope you were able to motivate yourself to follow through on that plan!

    Okay, it’s another day to call my own, so another day in the sewing room! This is typical for January, so I’m embracing the opportunities since other commitments will soon kick in. One quilt is about half done, another (a mystery quilt with a new clue once a week) is making progress…life is good in the sewing room with zero news allowed. 😍

    Day 8 North Canton OH WFD 1

    I am finally doing it, my first water fast day of the year – So excited!

    I am also going back to using MFP to make sure I stay within my calorie limit for the day. It feels good to have a plan and follow it.

    @elektron oops indeed, well that’s the beauty of this WOL.

    @michelinme that is so awful. I hope your BP goes back to baseline and this is not your new normal

    @i hate lettuce congratulations on getting to maintenance, it is probably not the path you would have chosen, but I am so thankful that it all worked out in the end. It is good to see the inner warthog is back!

    @flourbaby I know that feeling you described. and that is a good idea to put your plan in writing. I know that has been helpful to me in the past.

    @funshipfreddie once said that he never deviates from a FD, because he stayed mindful by asking himself “what are you trying to achieve?” That question has been resonating with me this year, not just with fasting but in other areas of my life.
    What message am I trying to convey?
    what example am I setting?
    what is my goal?

    Have a lovely day everyone 💜

    USA. Day 8. FD800

    I don’t see a pocket list, so I will start one!

    Pocket List Day 8

    @ccco (FD800)



    Daffodil2010, I think it is very nice that you have an elderly friend you visit like that. I once did, too, but she passed away in 2019. I am glad she didn’t have to live through Covid, though. This is hard to handle and I have no idea yet when I will be able to get the vaccine in my state. I am over 65 but we are having trouble here disseminating it here.

    I plan to stay away from wine this weekend, as I used it to steady my nerves the last few days. Now, I am back in business! Stay well, everyone! Have a great weekend!

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Had a good morning – pint blood donation, lessons, and shopping. No fasting today with extra water and liquids required. I made Cornish hens last evening that will be leftovers, either tonight or tomorrow.

    @michelinme – sure do hope you’re managing and not too debilitated with your condition. May “normal” happen again soon for you.

    Onward and downward.

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