January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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  • Day 9 country west Australia NFD
    After a week of sensible eating no chocolate the smallest glass of wine my clothes are fitting better but I am up 1 kg on the scales so not sure why.
    Onward and …… onward

    Day 8 – Minnesota, USA NFD

    Sorry to be on so briefly. I meant to come on to the forum over 2 and half hours ago; and then DS called and we had a lovely long talk. Now, a good friend will be FaceTime-ing me and not sure how long that will be, as she says it’s so important to her. She’s a good friend that I’ve not had much more than texts from for awhile now. I hope all is ok with her.
    I don’t mean to abandon my duties as a host. I’ll be back tomorrow, I’m sure. I know all of you do more than your part to support each other and newbies to our forum, and I thank you for your input and support to everyone here.
    I’m quite sure I am not really necessary to this forum, but I do take my part as a host seriously and I feel bad when I can’t comment to several on a personal level each day.
    God Bless and best of luck. See you tomorrow.

    Second Post

    @lilymartin Don’t worry about it; we get too obsessed with the daily weights…you have to average them (weights) over a week. They bounce up and down, sometimes 3 lbs, over a kilo every day. Who knows exactly why on which day. Mostly water weight: carbs, salt increase, working out which causes muscle tissue inflammation, which means water retention (inflammation =swelling) It’s sometimes that simple.

    Day 9, Emden Germany, NFD

    @northerndawn This is how life is, family and friends also need your attention. You’re a fabulous host, you’re taking so good care of us all.

    @missybear I hope you feel better this morning.

    @stitchincarol How patient must you be to stitch or sew tiny pieces of fabric together! What is a mystery quilt?

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 9 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Unusually we have snow, unfortunately its on top of black ice as well! There is nothing moving at all this morning. Luckily the forecast is turning milder over the next 24 hours and this will all disappear quite quickly, hopefully.
    I didn’t even attempt a walk yesterday, will see if it warms up this afternoon, funny how quickly I want to get back into the MOAM walks!

    Take care all

    DayDay 9, London, UK, NFD

    It’s a well-deserved NFD for me today, I say well deserved because yesterdays’ FD turned into a LFD (Did you join me @basyjames??🙏), I’m chuffed to bits, a green tea, 4 peppermint teas, a coke Zero and 2L of water!! It wasn’t easy, but I rode that hunger wave and consistently drowned my dragon!! 🐉 The only negative was the disturbed sleep from numerous toilet visits!!! I’ll embrace it though since the scales are cooperating nicely, it’s all about compromise!!!

    Today’s menu includes a prawn salad and cauliflower soup, I wish it was prawn risotto and ½ a loaf of crusty bread with butter to accompany the soup😨, but I’ve vowed to give the carbs a swerve as well as the vino. It’s a plan I can follow that will keep me satiated without angst or deprivation, so why not 😎!!!!

    Keep the faith people!!!

    “You can find inspiration from others, but determination is solely your responsibility.”

    Day 9 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Cold and icy here 🥶 don’t think a walk is on the menu this morning, maybe later if the day warms up. I have jobs to do around the house that will keep me active, just not as appealing or relaxing as a walk outdoors.

    @snowflake56 thank you I am feeling better this morning.

    @flourbaby I am with you in cutting right back on carbs and wine 🙁 until the Christmas gain is gone.

    @lilymartin don’t be upset by fluctuating scales, the truth shows in how your clothes are fitting.

    Time I made a move. Have a good day everyone.

    Day 9 – USA/ DC. Well, it’s a FD for me. After worrying or wondering why I was losing so fast, that party is over, gained 1.2 pounds yesterday – must have been the Caesar salad with croutons even though I stayed within my TDEE. So, FD it is. That is a good thing I think. If I waited a few more days for another FD I think as some of you said, it would be really hard. Still no alcohol, thank goodness. Otherwise the numbers would not be moving.
    Thank you all so much for being there. This is my first go with any on-line forum and at first I was suspect as to how I would feel about it, but I love it. I know you are all out there doing this with me and it really makes something that is usually hard enjoyable. Thanks.
    Stay safe all

    Day 9 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Quick check in.
    Very foggy here even at 3pm.have a good weekend everyone

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – BMR

    We ended up not going out to dinner after all last night, and instead tried a new recipe called “Nonna’s Pizza Rustica.” Lots of fat, lots of dairy, not likely to be repeated very often, but very yummy. I’m asking myself to be VERY mindful today to make up for the excesses of last night, LOL.

    @lilymartin Isn’t that just the strangest thing? But you KNOW that the better-fitting clothes is the accurate representation of what’s going on with your body and another day or two will see the weight corresponding to what you know is going on.

    @snowflake56 A mystery quilt is when you’re told what to do but don’t know what the finished appearance will be. In this particular case, the fabric colors were given on Halloween, and the first clue was given on the day of Thanksgiving (so late November). The other five or six clues were all given on Fridays since then, and yesterday was the reveal. I’m behind (have a couple hours to go to finish clue 2) and partly that’s an issue of not having time in December to be quilting and partly that’s an issue of wanting more control over the colors; in the reveal yesterday, where the finished quilt is shown, I’m not fond of the orange, so I’ve figured out what shade of orange (very dark, nearly burgundy) will make me happy but still provide contrast with the red I’m using. If you’d like to see what I’m doing, go to quiltville.blogspot.com and you’ll see it.

    @flourbaby well done on the LFD yesterday!

    @nellen You’re doing such a stellar job of being faithful to your plan; well done!!

    It’s another day of some house tidying, some church secretary work, practicing organ for tomorrow, but mostly just sewing. I do love January! So many of you mentioned the icy and snowy conditions that are keeping you from walking outside; we also have lots of snow but have had enough sunny days to melt the ice from the sidewalks. But, at 27/-3 outside, it’s not a temperature that makes me eager to walk outside. Plus, I find I stroll more when I’m outside, but work hard when I walk with Leslie, so Leslie it is!

    Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 9 – USA/GA – NFD

    Well, it’s a lovely view here from the 230s Overlook, on the true plateau for nearly a month and a half LOL (although I did see 229 briefly this week, yay!). Weigh-in today: 232 lbs. Not worried though. Still thinking positive thoughts for January. The biggest inspiration was, “let’s see, what did I weigh on this day nearly a year ago? Oh yeah: around 280 lbs; I’m starting this year off around 50 POUNDS LIGHTER, so cheer up — can’t be all bad, can it?” LOL I may do a FD tomorrow and even try for a 4:3 next week, as I’m still working from home.

    The snow didn’t quite make it here, although a county or two north of us, they got a small accumulation. Still chilly outside though.

    Have a great weekend!

    @northgeorgia – bravo. keeping 50 lbs off for a year – bravo!!!

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    We ended up going in for Chinese carry-out last evening, and that’s always enough for 2 meals. My DH’s quick reflexes kept us from hitting 2 small deer on the highway – good brakes helped too. At first I thought they had bounced off the rear of the car, but what I heard and felt were his tennis and exercise gear falling into the floor of the back seat. As much as I love little Bambis, I am not happy when they are on our roads. We’ve hit enough (3) living here in the boonies.

    @northgeorgia – sorry you didn’t get to enjoy a winter more like ours up north here! But congrats on your positive attitude and wonderful success.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 – Minnesota, USA – NFD

    @daffodil2010 My DD makes the Guinness Roast in a crockpot, and it is delicious! I hope you had a nice time with your friend. It sounds like she really needed company after so many days and evenings on her own. Bless you!

    @snowflake56 Thank you, you are so kind…..🤗

    @i-hate-lettuce It’s so good to hear you are feeling back to your “normal” self! I share the frustration with not being able to get out and walk. We’ve had unusually foggy mornings and into the afternoons here, even when the temps are still below freezing, but of course, then the fog freezes on the pavement. For walking, it would be better to just get the snow and then stay cold. I hope you can get out on your MOAM walks very soon.

    @michelinme Very sorry to hear about your BP problems post-covid. I have heard of many people with that problem. It does terrible things to the blood vessels in some people, for awhile. Prayers for you that it will go away with time.

    @northgeorgia 50 lbs!! You really have done an amazing job! Amazing!!

    @flourbaby You have a great plan there, and it sounds like you are rolling along…..you’ll keep that momentum going, I have faith in you! Congrats on the LFD!

    @missybear Glad to hear you’re feeling better after a good FD.

    @songbirdme. I love cornish hens….I’ll add a couple to my grocery list for this week! Thanks for the idea!

    @ccco Back to business is my goal for this week as well.

    @nellen. It’s our pleasure, and so glad you are here!

    See you tomorrow! Enjoy your Sunday!

    Day 9 North Canton OH NFD

    Yes @flourbaby I did join you. I completed my first waterfast of 2021, the scales responded with a 1 pound drop.

    @lilymartin I had the same issue. On new year’s day, I started a beachbody strength training program called mbf (muscle builds fat) and my weight went up! However inches went down, and I think it will even out in the end. Who knows with Cruella de scale.

    I went a little over TDEE today but I plan to be more controlled tomorrow.

    @northerndawn you’re doing a fantastic job! I understand the pressure you feel, but a day here and there will not break the bank 😝

    Take it easy friends.

    Second post

    @songbirdme so thankful for your safety with OH’s quick reflexes 😳

    Day 10 – Lake district UK – CD

    Good morning everyone

    Bonus day yesterday, despite the weather! The roads were covered in ice with a layer of snow on top, so very little traffic moving at all. About 10am my mate who lives opposite came over and asked if I fancied a walk, so suitably attired complete with studded grips attached to boots, we were off. He’s a keen walker/cyclist so has been a bit of a ‘caged tiger’ so off we went, not a breath of wind and bright blue skies.

    Brilliant, only a couple of cars on the roads, headed out along the bridleways through the woods, which were a fantastic sight (sent some pics to our daughter, like Narnia she said) We came across numerous animal tracks, pheasant, rabbits, deer scrapes, fox etc but the funniest one was in our front garden. There was a very small set of footprints which formed a line, very narrow, too big for mouse/vole but as soon as they got across the path onto grass heading under the shrubs, the footprints disappeared and the snow was ‘brushed’ flat… tracks of a hedgehog!

    Back across the meadows, the flocks of sheep were being well fed by the farmer, but no cattle outdoors now they’re all in for winter. So all our local farmers very busy tending stock, they were the only people we saw. Back through the lane down to the woods and took a side pathway and spent a moment or two watching deer. Out for a couple of hours and really enjoyed it, sometimes you’ve just got to make the effort.

    The wind changed direction in the afternoon, the temperature started to go up. This morning, nearly everything has thawed overnight, apart from patches on ice on the roads, but that will soon go once traffic starts moving. Luckily snow never stays long here.

    @songbirdme – We have the same problems with deer so we avoid the back lanes during darkness, they leap over the walls without any warning just crossing the roads!

    Take care all

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Icy and foggy today which is a tad depressing, yesterday was a gloriously sunny day with temps of minus 8 and snow and ice on the ground, but the sunshine lifted everyone’s spirit.

    I had a good evening with my friend, she had said the past week was one of the worst she had ever encountered and she was almost near to tears. This lady is normally so sociable and positive, my heart went out to her. I do feel for all the extroverts and social folk out there who must be having such a hard time dealing with all these lockdowns.

    Planning a lazy Sunday. Roast chicken, turnip and sprouts for dinner, then back on the FD tomorrow.

    2nd post

    @i hate lettuce I loved reading your descriptive post just now, loved the little hedgehog tracks….it’s wonderful to live in a rural area at times like these. Have a great day.

    Day 10, London, UK, FD

    I have a busy day planned for today, so I figure a FD is in order, I doubt it’ll be a LFD, but who knows?

    @northerndawn, you’re doing a fab hosting job, have no fear, the beauty of these challenges is that we’re all willing to chip in and respond to questions & queries …………………………………. Especially us oldies😜!!!

    @stitchincarol, your mystery quilt sounds good although I would be too impatient to wait for the reveal😳!!!

    @northgeorgia, you’re right, -50lbs is NOTHING to be sniffed at, what an amazing result😇, I think you’re on that tipping point just before a big drop!! My initial weight loss graph looked like a staircase rather than a steady decline ……………………. Plateau, plateau, plateau, whoosh ………………………. Plateau, plateau, plateau, whoosh!!!!

    Glad to have company in the halo polishing @basyjames😇, I had forgotten just how much a successful FD does for my mind-set and determination!! I smiled all day yesterday, mainly because of the scales (-3lbs), but mostly because …………. I did it!! The sense of achievement meant my NFD was super controlled, the huge salad was all I needed despite the cold, and the soup will form my OMAD for today’s FD, gently does it!!!

    @i-hate-lettuce, your walk sounds lovely!! I did the same yesterday, I took a circuitous route to my old flat just to check on the stuff stored in the garage (I didn’t even LOOK at the vino!!) then walked back via the park & around the lake. I had to avoid the lake path, too many people out walking, and trudged across the grass, but the cricket pitch & surrounding area were waterlogged so my trainers got a bit wet, walking boots from now on I think, I really enjoyed it though!!!

    @daffodil2010, as a somewhat bookish introvert, I haven’t found lockdown too taxing, but I can only imagine how depressing it is for those who thrive on social situations and being out & about. I expect your visit did your friend no end of good, that’s friendship for you 💜. I hope this madness ends soon …………………………. For all our sakes🙏!!

    Stay strong everyone and drown that dragon!!!

    “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.” Chuck Palahniuk

    Day 10 US/DC NFD. @i hate lettuce – I so love your post. Your Lake District has been on my wish list for years. Just a few days ago I was telling people that when covid is over I am going to plan a hiking trip in your part of the world. Lucky you to be in such a beautiful place with nature about. Enjoy!!! Take it all in for all of us – I know I love reading your descriptive narratives. Thank you.
    Yesterday was a FD, taking advice from posts, I decided not to wait any longer before another FD. That was very wise advice. It wasn’t too hard, I just waited as long as possible to eat and kept busy during the day. That benefited two things – less time to eat and my home office got cleaned up. Not bad :)))
    Today – yoga and then read a book that’s been calling, not to mention it’s my book group read and I better hurry up. Plus, it will keep my hands on a book instead of shoving food mindlessly down my throat.
    Enjoy today all. Thanks for being there

    Day 10 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD

    Trying to keep busy today.
    I started on my 30 day cleaning challenge yesterday, beginning with the spare bedroom/my workroom. It’s an easy space because I’m quite a tidy person, so everything has a place. But it was becoming home to too many cobwebs.
    Today I will tackle the family bathroom. The cupboard under the sink is home to a couple of baskets of random things which don’t really belong in a bathroom. They are first on my list.
    Have a good day.

    Day 10 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 233 lbs. Grrr, OK body, stop it. That settles it. FD definitely going to be today (I have to strain the chicken stock I made in the crockpot overnight, so any temptation should be low calorie, thank goodness). I’m going to try for a 4:3 this week to help my body remember that Christmas feasting has ended and it’s time to get back on track. @suki2 I think the cleaning idea might work for me today, too. I’ll strain the stock, brush my teeth, and get to work.

    Happy weekend all!

    Pocket list Day 10

    Day 10, Emden Germany, NFD

    I just wrote a long post and I lost it. I‘ll try again, if it’s too long or too boring, just skip it. Perhaps a music or literature site would be a better place to post for me, but tomorrow I’ll be back to fasting again so then I’m in the right place.

    I had an unexpected busy day today. For my birthday last year, a friend wrote his favourite poems in a notebook for me. He‘s turning 88 next month and I wanted to add my favourite poems for his birthday. I was looking for „Funeral Blues“ from W.H. Auden and found out, there are two versions of it, a 4 strophe one and the older one that has 5 strophes. I tried to find it online but didn‘t find the older one. Does any of you know it?
    While looking for the poem, I put on Gavin Bryars’ „Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet“ and something else came up: Annie Lennox – Dido’s Lament (Henry Purcell)- Choral Performance with London City Voices. I never heard it, it’s beautiful. Perhaps some of you’ll like it as well.

    Gavin Bryars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfT3njX2FLU&t=307s

    Annie Lennox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3DFaIovZxc

    @stitchincarol I really like the mystery idea and the quilt also. It must be exciting, not to know the outcome. Did you like it?

    @songbirdme How good, you husband has good reflexes and the small deer stayed safe.

    @suki2 I like to think, I‘m quite tidy but when I‘m looking for something and can‘t find it, I think I‘m perhaps the opposite.

    I ate and drank a little too much this weekend so I‘m going to try a FD tomorrow.

    Have a nice evening everyone!

    Hello Everyone. I’d like to join in this challenge, if I’m not too late.
    I did follow this plan a few years ago with reasonable success but have crept back into eating too much. I really don’t know why but I seriously need to do something and plan on starting tomorrow with a FD.

    I’ve updated my details: age, weight, height etc so I know how many calories I need on NFD. Is it recommended to eat 500 or 800 calories on a FD now? Is this for 2 days or 3 days? If there’s a choice, I’d prefer 800 on 3 days!

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    Going to have our leftover Chinese this evening for dinner. Church this morning, and still thankful our drive safety. Thank you, so many for your reassuring remarks.

    @clemmi – welcome or is it welcome back? The recommended FD as I recall is 500 calories for a woman and 600 for a man doing the 5:2. You ought to calculate what your TDEE would be for the 5 “normal” eating days. https://tdeecalculator.net/ I have heard it said you ought to calculate on your target weight rather than current weight. My recommendation is to adhere to that 5 days at TDEE as best you can. Also, people find great success with a daily check in on our forum.

    There is another program they use 800 for all the time. This website has lots of helps on the home page. https://thefastdiet.co.uk/

    Many of us use My Fitness Pal as a calorie tracker. The free version has worked for me for many years. I can enter from my phone or my tablet.

    Onward and downward.

    @snowflake56 – I listened to those wonderful selections. The Purcell was familiar. I have sung his works as solos, but the choir London City Voices was excellent. The Gavin Bryars was as well. What an amazing truth.

    Day 11 QLD (AUS), FD 800

    As a complete newbie, I am learning so much from everyone’s posts in this thread (and the archives I’ve been reading through). Thanks so much for sharing your tips and experiences!

    I started the FD800 for the first time this time last week, planning to start with 14 days then evaluate at the end. This time last week I weighed in at 58.3k (128.5 lbs) and this morning the scales showed 56.8k (125.2), so that’s an encouraging start. I’m also down an inch around the waist, and 1cm around the hips and thighs.

    This week’s goal is to aim to get back into the 55k zone, with an ultimate goal of 52.5 – that was my former usual weight.

    My weekend eating was a little disorderly, given the sudden lockdown here in Brissie, so starting my working week by posting here for accountability. We can do this, friends! Hearing how you all manage the ups and downs of the scale really helps those of us who are very new at this.

    Day 11 – USA – NFD

    Hello, all, for the first time in about 8 months! I’ve been drifting away from 5:2, as well as exercise, but have been maintaining my weight at between 133-139. I became entrenched in my job with ever-increasing hours, and have been a frontline worker during COVID.

    I also reacquainted with a love interest from 47 years ago, who is 4,000 miles away. Due to the time difference, our correspondence has taken up all the time I had; hence, my excuse for not posting, lol!

    This year I decided to recommit to IF, as I notice my bits are getting a bit wobblier; time to exercise again and do IF, which is the healthiest thing one can do, especially at this age. My new love is also interested in doing IF with me, so I’m hoping we will both benefit from this forum, even if he is not onboard with posting.

    I have gleaned the names quickly and notice a few of my old fasting buddies are still at it! Good for you!

    @northerndawn, can you please put me on the spreadsheet as a maintainer? I will surely attempt to get a few pounds and a few inches off to maintain during 2021.

    Thank you all for towing the line and continuing this wonderful thread! Love to you all!

    Metatauta (Nancy)

    Day 10 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Once again getting on here later than I planned. I had a lovely two hours or so this afternoon with DD and family. The little girls…..they brought their sleds this time and went downhill from the patio to the bottom of our land. A good run, and quite significant drop, in some areas. Some are flat Anyway, it was quite fun for them, and bringing their sleds back up to the patio area, several times, wore them out. My DD and her OH were quite happy about that. The girls went to bed early and seem to be sleeping soundly. All worn out and happy.😁
    Stay strong and determined, and I will be on the forum tomorrow…….For me a MDF, for others a FD I’m sure.
    Let’s make Monday count for a FD, or CD.

    This is a challenge: so challenge yourself!!

    Second Post

    For any new people reading our posts, and for @clemmi :

    @clemmi So, welcome, welcome!

    I think if you are okay with the original program of losing weight slowly, but definitely losing weight over time….you can do 5 days of normal eating, but not overeating, and then 2 days a week (non-consecutive), of eating 500-600 calories (or less calories) a day. Original Program.

    If you want to lose weight faster than half a pound a week, or at most, 1-2 pounds a week (average, over time), than do 3 days of the week at 5-600 hundred calories, and the rest under or at your TDEE (explained below). Or do 800 calorie days most times a week. You can do that for a month, and lose a lot. In the end, the best thing is to read Dr. Michael Mosely’s books. And to realize……..it is all about calorie deficit, in the end, but the foods we eat make all the difference in our cravings, our hunger, our water retention, our satiation, our satisfaction and our health.

    Look up on the top of this website, for the trackers, the BMI calculator, it will tell you the total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) for your age, weight and your supposed activity. Really, best to just put in “sedentary” for activity. Then all activity is a bonus to your weight loss.

    So, I’m putting a lot of this here, even though you @clemmi, probably know this stuff, but if anyone new is reading this, it’s always a good time to put it out there, when welcoming people to the forum.

    Day 11, Emden Germany, FD

    @songbirdme We have the Gavin Bryars one as record (does anyone else play records nowadays?), the Purcell one I didn’t know. It must be amazing to sing it.

    @litprof What a good result, 800 cals seems to be working well for you.

    @clemmi Welcome back, I remember your name from previous challenges. I do 5:2 as described by @songbirdme and @northerndawn. For me it’s easier to the 500 cals version, I did it when I started and it worked really well so I stick to that. On NFDs I eat the cals recommended for my goal weight.

    @metatauta Welcome back to you too and how lovely to hear you reacquainted with an old love interest.

    @northerndawn We just posted at the same time. It must be late at night for you. That must have been a lovely afternoon! We hardly had any snow the past few years, I’m not sure the 4 y.o. from next door ever played in it.

    Pocket list day 11
    @northerndawn MFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Feeling a bit dodgy today due to a surfeit of wine yesterday. Hey ho, serves me right. I did go for a super long walk with DH around our little rural village and it was good to get out and see the fallow fields and wildlife out there.

    So it’s an FD and I will be mindful. Sipping peppermint tea now to settle the tum.

    Have a great Monday.

    Day 11 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    The snow and ice all melted away as predicted, but, it’s been replaced by rain and grey skies. Might be a very quick MOAM walk round the village if it breaks for half an hour.

    @northerndawn – Brilliant that the girls enjoyed their sledging session, snow doesn’t settle long here, so it was brilliant to see (and hear) the kids at the top of the village enjoying it while they could.

    First for a while, actually going onto todays pocket list, (gave the Inner Warthog a treat yesterday, went to our local chippy!) intend staying where I am weight-wise, certainly for a while before re-assessing.

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 11

    @northerndawn MFD

    Day 1- France FD

    Thank you for allowing me to join and thank you @northerndawn for hosting. I’ve done this before but not with serious intent for a couple of years, the Christmas chocolate is all eaten so now it’s time to act! It’s good to be reminded of some of the basics but the hint about working out target TDEE based on goal weight is new for me and I think it makes perfect sense so I’ll try that.

    I signed up to the Joe Wicks program last year and loved the workouts but didn’t like much of the food at all. I don’t like smoothies, I’m gluten intolerant, can’t eat soya products and here in rural France, a lot of the ingredients aren’t available. I’m carrying on with the HITT workouts, especially as swimming pools are shut and it’s too cold to get out on my bike.

    Today is a FD and I’m planning on a bowl of homemade celeriac soup for lunch and salmon plus green veg tonight. I need to get onto MFP to work out the calories/weights to see if I can eat anything else.

    Am I correct in putting day 1 at the top of my post because it’s day 1 for me, or should I put day 11 because it’s day 11 of the challenge?

    Anyway, it’s great to be back.

    Pocket list day 11
    @northerndawn MFD

    Day 11 – USA/GA – NFD

    Good FD yesterday. Today’s weigh-in: 230 lbs. I’m hoping to see the 220s again this week. Good luck to everyone on the pocket lists today!

    Day 11 Oxfordshire, UK – FD

    Can actually see some blue skies today. It’s been so foggy here for the last week.

    Weight is down a fraction from last Monday but I think I overdid the chocolates at the weekend, so today will be a fast day.
    @clemmi – we put the day of the month at the start of our posts regardless of how many fasts we have done

    Pocket list day 11
    @northerndawn MFD

    DTF day 11

    ZBC day 11

    Exercise 30×5 day 11

    Day 11 UK FD

    OK I’ve put the last 10 days behind me , feel in a better position to get my act together , better late than never Let’s go !

    Pocket list day 11
    @northerndawn MFD

    DTF day 11

    ZBC day 11

    Exercise 30×5 day 11

    DAY 11 – UK – CD

    Goodness I just realised I last posted on Day 6……. Where have the days disappeared to????

    I hope all our American friends have stayed safe and healthy 🤗

    Day 6 ended up a CD and the rest of the week were NFD until yesterday which was also a CD – no FD since Day 4!!!!! The only good thing is that I have managed to do either an exercise class or a 10,000+
    steps walk every day except Day 7 (I slept in and missed my Broga class!!)

    I did a lovely snowy 6km hike on Day 9 – Wonderfully refreshing! Yesterday did a 13km walk with a friend and what a difference a day makes – temperature up by 4 degrees and no snow left except on the tops and by the time we got back to the village it had turned mizzly but not enough get you wet

    Today is wet and grey – so 7am Broga class – showered then drove off for a food shop – roads and supermarket (well stocked) very quiet

    @shitnoddy – Welcome to these amazingly supportive monthly challenges – I have been following the 5:2 WOL since 2016 and I never eat breakfast even on NFDs – I tend to only have 2 meals on my NFDs and usually break my fast late morning with brunch….and on FDs either do the same or go for OMAD depending on how I feel
    @i-hate-lettuce – I bet your medical team were impressed with your recovery – you have done amazingly well! sounds like you got some good walks in too!
    @flourbaby – sounds like you have a good plan to move forward with
    @nellen – glad to hear that you are finding the monthly challenge a good place to be – good luck with your 5:2 journey!
    @clemmi – lovely to have you back with us once more – Bienvenue! We go with the day of the month no matter when you start the challenge so Day 11 today for everyone 🤗
    @metatauta – great to have you back too – it’s been a while….and how wonderful that you have stayed in your maintenance range 👍 loved to hear that you have “reacquainted with a love interest from 47 years ago” despite the distance between you two
    @daffodil2010 – I sympathise – 🤞with your FD today!

    Was going to try for a FD today but my mind is just not into it so going for a CD and then trying for a much needed FD tomorrow instead – that’s the beauty of this WOL – such flexibility…..

    “Weight loss is not impossible. Weight loss is hard, but hard is not the same as impossible.”

    Day 11. US/DC. FD. I’m so appreciative of this forum. Today I woke knowing it would/should be a FD and really felt – ugh. For some reason today feels harder than other FDs and I just got up. But this forum! Thank you. You give me inspiration.

    Day 11 – UK, FD

    Hi everyone, I haven’t posted since last Monday.

    I had a fantastic first fast day of fasting (not having fasted since Feb 2019 due to Long Covid) so I was really pleased.

    However the following day I felt terrible and it took me several days to get back on track.

    I had totally forgotten that I need good amounts salt whilst fasting!

    So I am eventually back on track and it’s Monday again!

    I will add myself to the Pocket List in a moment…..

    @metatauta – hello! how exciting about your new/rekindled long-distance relationship!

    @flourbaby – LFD…… mega well done. I have never succeeded in that, so I am in awe!

    I have cut and pasted pocket list, but I am intrigued! What is
    (1) DTF
    (2) ZBC
    (3) Exercise 30×5 (I can hazard a guess on this one, but still intrigued!)

    Pocket list day 11
    @northerndawn MFD

    DTF day 11

    ZBC day 11

    Exercise 30×5 day 11


    (1) DTF = Dry till Friday
    (2) ZBC = Zero breakfast club
    (3) Exercise 30×5 = do a minimum of 30min exercise x 5 days of the week

    USA. DAY 11. FD800

    Adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket list day 11
    @northerndawn MFD

    DTF day 11

    ZBC day 11

    Exercise 30×5 day 11

    I have recently noticed a number of people who returned who I remember from prior years. Welcome back, all!

    Day 11. OMAD London

    Hello. I’m not posting much as I don’t have much to report, but I’m reading everything and I’m here in spirit. London seems to be at the centre of a Covid storm. I’ve had a cough nearly all year, on and off, and although I guessed it wasn’t Covid it was getting a bit worrying. I finally got hold of the doctor on the phone today, and he’s sending me for a chest x ray. He suggested that smoking from the age of 16 until 40 may have affected my lungs – fair enough. But he also mentioned ‘silent reflux’ which means you have the mechanics of reflux when you are lying down/ asleep but not the pain of reflux, just ( sorry about this…) mucus and coughing first thing in the morning. Never heard of it, but I did wonder if eating my one meal fairly late had contributed to it. Anyway I’ll go for my chest x ray and keep you posted. Luckily I’m not a panicker so I’m expecting it to be nothing 😁😁😁

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    This should be a FD (and I should have behaved myself over the weekend!) but DS29 drove up yesterday afternoon, and DS24 will get here around noon, and I’m smoking ribs for dinner and we’re spending the day playing pinochle. So it also won’t be DTF today!

    My peaceful and uneventful January is suddenly active, LOL! This whole thing with our sons was my idea, however. DS24 comes home every Sunday to go to church with us (and to do laundry for free, LOL), but DS29 is finishing up his final semester of college while working 25+ hours a week, so when semester begins in a week, we’ll barely see him until semester is over. So I’ll enjoy this time with our boys, and peaceful and uneventful January can resume tomorrow.

    In the meantime, my weight is scandalously high. I really must learn how to control my eating on NFDs. FDs are truly quite simple, but NFDs seem beyond my skill. If I’ve any chance of maintaining my weight, I must learn to conquer the eating attitude on NFDs. Any tips, those of you who are better at them than I??

    Welcome to our new and returning members! @emma-taylor Prayers that the x-ray reveals nothing!

    Thanks AT! 🙂
    Much appreciated…

    Day 11 North canton OH WFD2

    My first water fast of the year was a huge success and so far, I am steady on the second one.

    There is already quite a remarkable change in inches lost, as usual, the scale is much slower to respond, but I am not in a hurry. I missed posting on day 10, but was diligent about logging my meals on MFP

    @clemmi it’s never too late, and you are welcome back! It depends on what works for you, some of us have tried Fast800 with some success and for the rest of us (including me) it was a disaster. We go by the date of the month so day 11 on the top

    @metatauta it is always good to see you around here! Welcome back!! How romantic to reconnect with your love after all this time and in spite of the distance. Love really can conquer all💞

    @at love the flexibility and customizability of this WOL for sure, plus it works

    @fivetwofan5252 DTF- Dry till Friday (no alcohol during the week) ZBC-Zero breakfast club, Exercise 30X5 (Exercise 30 minutes a day -5 days a week)

    @EmmaTaylor warm thoughts that it all works out. The nighttime reflux is one of the reasons why I stopped eating my OMAD in the evenings. After reading the menopause book, I decided to work with my circadian rhythms by eating all my meals before 2pm. This has been quite the game changer for me; hot flashes and night sweats are greatly diminished and the occasional reflux is non-existent. OH decided to join me this week, he needs relief because his reflux is getting really bad.

    The Cleveland Browns beat the Steelers to advance to the divisional round in the NFL for the first time since 1995. Another huge and unexpected birthday gift for me 🎆

    Thanks @basyjames for the explanation

    Also, I am intrigued by your OMAD strategy – it seems to make a lot of sense!

    I thought with OMAD the only option was to eat in the evening…

    Please could you explain what you do the night before the OMAD and what you do the morning after the OMAD? (When I do OMAD, I eat normally the night before and I eat a normal breakfast the following day…)


    wondering – what does pocket list mean?

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