January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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  • thank you @songbirdme. I definitely have to up the water – hopefully that will put to rest the headaches. That and the news. :))))

    Day 5, sub-tropical Australia, FD800

    Looks like there are lots of us kicking off the new year here!

    I am doing the 14 day FD800, and today is day 2. Bit hungry and lethargic, but hoping that will pass. Otherwise these will be 14 very long days!

    Day 5 ( officially) country West Australia FD
    WooHoo!!! I love my scales today – which is not always the case!
    Down to an 11 month low which is keeping me motivated . That and a family picture before Christmas which shocked me so much when I was looking at the FAT woman on the end – and realised it was me!!!!!😳😳😲
    Have a family gathering end of January so that is keeping me on track. Plus just feeling so much better having lost a few kilos.
    Having lost the plot completely a few years ago it is a ‘no brainer’ that to do 5:2 as intended, eat to/unde TDEE on NFDs and exercise all helps with weight and health issues.
    I must say I used to find FDs easier than NFDs. Keeping to TDEE was a struggle for me for a while as I used to overeat without realising it.
    @michelinme, welcome back. So sorry to hear about your Covid misery. We are all here to support you.
    @litprof, belated welcome to the group. We are an eclectic very supportive bunch and I have always found the support fantastic. BTW I am very intrigued by your name!!
    @nellen we used to comment on this forum about drinking more water to drown the hunger dragons which can be ferocious and persistent once unleashed!!
    Hey ho off to work I go.
    Have a good day from very windy West Australia. 8 windy days in a row which is drying everything out and driving people to distraction.🌬💨💨💨💨💨

    USA. Day 4

    Oh, well! FD turned into a CD. That’s okay. I got a little stressed out today and ate over my preplanned meal allotment! It’s not too bad. I am thinking I might follow LitProf’s 14 day 800 calorie FDs to see how well that works (welcome LitProf to the forum). Also, sorry for all my friends in the U.K. going into another shutdown. I know how hard that is. Here in the U.S. the number of positive tests is becoming overwhelming, so I can commiserate.

    See you all in the morning!

    Day 4 – Western Australia – FD (maybe kinda sorta – still counting it)
    Day 5 – FD

    Well yesterday went a bit wonky and I don’t really know what the total calorie intake was, but it was low and also more or less sugar free aside from the kefir I had… and of course I had that after 6pm. A lesson for today – better control and kefir BEFORE 6pm.

    Good to see everyone tracking along OK and those who haven’t quite grabbed the leash yet still intent on grabbing it 😉

    Happy birthday @basyjames 🙂

    Day 5 Australia FD
    Good morning/evening to everyone!
    Just logging in to say hello and Happy New Year! I don’t post much at all, but do read everything and send everyone positive vibes! Thank you to everyone for being supportive, funny and friendly!
    I’m trying to start a year with a few extra FD as combination of lockdowns, stress and Christmas hasn’t been friendly to my waistline.
    There is a new book on midlife food strategies by Sam Rice ( “Midlife Method”) and her 28 day plan is to have 6 “light” days in week 1, then 5 in week 2, 4 in week 3 and then settle on 2-3 days a week. I’ve decided to treat those “light” days as FD and will see what happens!

    Day 4 Minnesota, USA FD500, ZBC, DTF, Exercise

    8:30 pm: I met all of my goals today…..What a great feeling!

    @litprof Welcome! I’m sure if you’ve read the previous posts you’ve already found much inspiration, information and motivation. Everyone here is a valuable resource!

    @fivetwofan5252, @michelinme I’m sure we are all happy to see you back among us, and hopefully, releasing excess weight will improve your health. So sorry to hear of the long recoveries you’ve had to endure.
    @zzzzz45 Welcome back! It’s nice to think of you reading and enjoying the forum. Good luck with your eating plan……do let us know how it goes and what you think of it!

    @lilymartin Sorry to have brought up the brisket and tempted you. It’s funny how often we talk about food on this forum. Apparently, it is something that happened during the Minnesota Starvation Experiment during WWII…..Maybe it satisfies on a lesser level when fasting? So glad you’re scales are making you happy. And water is often the answer, isn’t it?
    @snowflake56 Yes, I really love my Le Creuset pots. I feel like a chef when I’m using them, LOL.
    @daffodil2010 I hope the roads were okay.
    @zenga Glad your FD went well!
    @i-hate-lettuce It sounds like I should stick to MFP and learn to use it. Also, glad you are feeling better with the passing days.
    @at Such good points about not overeating on NFD’ and your other insights……Thanks for pointing that out to the new folk! As well as a reminder to the rest of us!
    @flourbaby You’ve got this! You really do. It’s a matter of getting back into the routine, now.
    @northgeorgia YAY!!!!! You did it! Like we all knew you would this month! Congrats!!
    @suki2. That’s an interesting concept, a 30 day deep clean…..I like it!
    @nellen The first couple weeks can be kind of tough. Most people find it gets much easier over the first month. Drink lots of water, and if you get headaches, try some salt on your tongue.
    @songbirdme Your DD is in my prayers. Let us know how she does with it. I’d be interested to know how her symptoms differed from her DH and his daughter.

    @stitchincarol You made me laugh….Yes, indeed, we have plenty of brisket for awhile. I am freezing some, though. I think you might be right about the flavor of either cut being better in the Dutch oven. It was a crockpot recipe, though. DH wants to try smoking one this Spring. So, that will probably be how we do the next one…..and not until then for sure!

    @basyjames Please let us know how you feel tomorrow……did you get the Moderna? My DH is scheduled for his second Pfizer vaccination tomorrow. We’ve heard 2nd dose causes flu-like symptoms the next day. I guess we will see. I’ll update you and everyone.

    And….Happy Birthday!!! I hope it’s a really good one (with only a little sore arm if anything at all).

    @ccco a CD is better than an EFS! Let us know if you do the 800 for two weeks.
    @elektron It sounds like you rescued the “wonky” day…..sugar free is great!

    See you tomorrow…..Best of luck and stay determined for the long haul!

    @northerndawn thank you for the tip about salt on my tongue. I will definitely give that a whirl. made it through FD 2. Yay

    Second Post
    @nellen Good Job!!

    Day 4 – NSW, AU – CFD
    Day 5 – FD(800)

    Weighed myself and I gained about 2kgs (4.4lb) back over the 2 weeks that I was at home with my mother… but I kind of expected that’d happen. Now I’m trying to get back on track to get rid of it (again)

    Yesterday (4th) was the start of my OMAD challenge and I ate just over 800 calories (probably around 850) during that one hour, so called it a CFD. Today (5th) I did better and got under the 800 in my hour.

    I’ve decided to do at least 3-4 800 calorie FDs a week as the Fast800 suggestions and try and keep the others to or below CFD limit… maybe I’ll go back to 800’s but we’ll see how the weight loss goes.

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning all. Good veggie FD yesterday, tried out some new workouts, slept well, feel great today. Going to ignore the scales until the end of the month (it’s a daily habit but with the new things I am eating the weight may not slip off as quick and I don’t want to get turned off course).

    So delighted to see so many oldies back, and @michelinme, I am particularly delighted to see you back, I have thought a lot about you over the past few months and praying that you were getting over the Covid. Sorry you are beset by the long Covid, go gently.

    Thanks @northerndawn and @Stitch-in-Carol for your good wishes re the icy roads on the way to work. They were TERRIBLE as they are interested, and we don’t have the infrastructure nor the tyres to deal with snow and ice. Going to be worse this morning so will leave early again to crawl along at 50kph max ☺️

    I spent a year working in the snowbound Bavarian Alps and was amazed how life just kept moving along. In Ireland a bit of ice has us all worried.

    Best wishes to al going into another hard lockdown. I suspect our own government will make a further announcement tomorrow. Oh well. All my family are OK however the youngest stepdaughter is complaining of flu-like symptoms and she returned from the UK on Christmas Eve, we had her over for dinner on the 26th. Fingers crossed its just a cold.

    2nd post *roads were untreated, not uninterested……🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Day 5 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Going to be a decent walk this morning, unusually we gave it a miss yesterday, the wind was coming down from the north and off the hills, which are covered in snow. First daily walk we’ve missed recently, so this morning aiming for a longer stroll. There is no frost or cold wind this morning and some cloud cover, much milder.

    Most peculiar, at the moment it doesn’t really matter what I’m eating, I’m maintaining my weight. I had to put on some of the weight I’d lost, which was needed, but there was also some muscle loss as well but luckily that’s started to fill out again slowly. Roll on spring and the garden waking up!

    Take care all

    Day 5, Emden Germany, NFD

    @basyjames Happy Birthday!

    @michelinme Welcome back!

    @stitchincarol You angel tree must look spectacular! That will take you some time to get them all down again.

    @northerndawn and @stitchincarol I’m getting more and more interested in brisket, you seem to be able to cook it in so different ways. I’m doing more of the cooking now but I’m not a great cook. The good thing about the cast iron cooking ware is that most of the things you make in them, will come out edible. With a crock pot I would be scared to leave it on while I’m out of the house.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 5 – Sweden – FD

    I’ve started to look into doing OMAD instead. I’m not convinced yet if it will be a good choice for me.

    Day 5 UK NFD

    Getting back in the swing of things ,yesterday’s FD went smoothly aiming to do some light exercises today just shaking off a virus/cold thing – nothing serious

    Great to see you back @michelinme

    Day 5 – USA/GA – FD

    Happy Traitorous Tuesday (yes, my body, that’s you LOL)! After yesterday morning’s wonderful post-FD news, my body was angry at me for returning to a Monday work schedule and demanded to eat a few Christmas cookies [biscuits]. It decided it was time to play a nasty version of Scrabble, where every food item was triple calorie score haha! Just kidding; I know it has to be water retention for that much weight to jump on the scales in a day. Today’s weigh-in: 233 lbs.

    Since I’m working from home this week and probably next week (yes, I feel for my UK friends who are under lock-down again; I can’t help but think we’re not far behind here as our numbers rise again), it should be easy to up the water intake (but harder to stop snacking on NFDs). Slowly, the few, less desirable holiday snacks are vanishing, and I will probably just toss the dried out gingerbread men today (although those haven’t really been my temptation; it’s the broken up shortbread).

    Hoping for another great FD and will just be patient. The 220s will come back sometime this month; I just wanted a quick visit before moving in, hopefully by later next week.

    I’m on today’s pocket list, and I’m adding those that I saw in the postings! There are a lot of us on this Tuesday!

    Pocket list Day 5
    @toady (FD800)


    Day 5 UK CD

    Successful FD yesterday – corn on the cob, spinach, braised red cabbage & cauliflower followed by stewed blackberries & apple plus 4 broken cashews on the way to bed.

    Already I can feel a lessening of the mental tug of sugar and carbs, eating more slowly and mindfully. Today i’ve drunk a flask of fresh ginger tea, and lunched on spinach, avocado & baby tomato salad with two corn cakes and a clementine.

    Checking my tracker and I’m starting just 4lbs/1.6kg & 2 inches / 5cm below the measurements that made me feel like a Michelin Man back in 2017. But hopefully rediscovering these tools and the wisdom & companionship of this group will help me along.

    Thank you SO much for warm welcome back @stitchincarol @songbirdme @lilymartin @northerndawn @brightonbelle @snowflake56 @daffodil2010. I’ve often thought of you all and wondered how you were doing. Lovely to be back with the stories of lives and journeys; these connections across borders and shared experiences are so helpful.

    @basyjames wishing you a very happy birthday! Sounds like you are going strong x

    Day 5, London, UK, NFD

    It’s a quick & late check-in from me today, busy busy back to work, well, WFH anyway!!!

    Yesterdays’ FD went well, it was a bit of a struggle but that’s how it goes with getting back on the wagon!! No chance to catch-up on posts but hoping everyone is full of enthusiasm & bundles of mojo!!!

    Stay strong people!!!

    Had a quick skim, welcome back @michelinme, I hope the fasting helps your recovery. Good to see you back @basyjames & @snowflake56 we’ll start this year as we mean to go on ……………….. WITH DETERMINATION!!!!!!

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800

    Got through yesterday with flying colors, all because I promised @flourbaby I would. Today, I’m promising @northerndawn that I’ll be 800 calories. I’m liking this promise system! 👍

    @songbirdme Cute meme, indeed!

    @basyjames Happy, happy birthday! 🎂 May your day be filled with joy and fun surprises!

    @zzzzz45 welcome back, it’s good to hear from you! Good luck on the 28-day eating plan!

    @toady 4.4 pounds over two weeks sounds pretty reasonable to me, and I’m certain you’ll find the mojo to get back on track!

    @daffodil2010 Oh, I do indeed hope it’s just a cold for your youngest step-daughter! And thanks for the explanation of “uninterested”…I was completely stumped on what that one was supposed to be. 😂 You do eventually get accustomed to driving on snowy/icy roads, but not with as little exposure to them as I suspect you have. Safe driving to you and all those around you!

    @i-hate-lettuce Glad it’s a milder day for you; we’ll have to wait several months before we can count on milder days, LOL!

    I slept terribly last night, dreaming/thinking for hours about what weight I’d be at and when, depending on how faithful I was about eating to goal each day. Seriously. I fell asleep around eleven and was doing that while more or less asleep until about five am!! Finally, I fell asleep for real and slept hard until nine. I’m thankful for the deep sleep I eventually got, but startled by how LATE I slept; that’s not my norm at all. We got the angel tree down last night (and I was astonished, @snowflake56, that it took us only 35 minutes from start to done!) and today I’ll get the rest of the Christmas stuff put away, and my January white and blue stuff pulled out, mostly table runners and wall hangings I’ve stitched.

    Good luck, everyone, achieving whatever defines success to you today!

    Pocket list Day 5
    @toady (FD800)
    @stitchincarol (FD800)


    Exercise 30×5


    I can’t remember who all is ZBC/Exercise/DTF, so I’ll leave you to add your own names so they get in the right spots.

    USA. Day 5. FD800

    Pocket list Day 5
    @toady (FD800)



    Today I started my 800 calorie for two weeks to see what happens. Amazingly, I was down a pound this morning, so have some incentive. My meals usually are OMAD. I don’t seem to have a problem with that.

    Happy Birthday, Basyjames!

    USA. Day 5. FD800

    There must have been a crossover between the list I first copied and the one I am joining now, which looks to be more complete. I hope I got it right this time!

    Pocket list Day 5
    @toady (FD800)
    @stitchincarol (FD800)
    @ccco FD800


    Exercise 30×5


    Day 5 NFD – Washington, DC
    Yesterday was my 2nd FD and it went really well – thanks to everyone’s advice about drink, drink, drink. Discovered a tiny bit of pomegranate juice in seltzer water made me feel fancy and hydrated. Not bad. That’s going to help in a major way with my dry January. I may even make it through the month.
    And – I drop 2 lbs, which I realize isn’t real, but part of it has to be. So all good so far.
    And now if I can wean myself off the 24/7 news cycle for today and tomorrow (which will be far harder than weaning myself off wine) I may actually be in a better mood. thank you all.
    So happy to be a member of this challenge.

    Day 5 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Finally the sun is shining, glistening white trees from several days’ layers of hoar frost. Just gorgeous out. We’re taking a ride through the countryside to Costco.

    @nellen – we are news junkies too. Hope you’re able to survive that! Your seltzer water with pom juice sounds delightful. You will soon discover that any discomfort you feel from FD is far outweighed by the pounds dropping!

    @basyjames – “Happy birthday, dear BasyJames ♫♪♫♪ happy birthday to YOU!” May it be a delightful day and a great trip around the sun ahead! 🥂🎂

    @stitchincarol – glad you’re at least getting good sound sleep even if it is until 9a.m. Good for you! I almost always sleep horribly after a FD. Our tree etc. will stay up through 12th night, tomorrow.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5 Canada FD

    Stuck to yesterday’s meal plan to t and looking forward to fasting today. Thanks m really focused on dealing with urges this month. Eating chocolate after lunch and a glass or two or wine in the evening are habits I am trying to break. But man am I conditioned to give in to the urge.

    @michelinme welcome back, I hope you return to full health soon
    @stitchincarol your Christmas decorations sound beautiful, sounds like your mind is focused on this WOL which is great 👏
    @basyjames happy birthday to you 🎂

    Hopefully everyone achieves their goals today 🍎😊💪

    Day 5 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @basyjames Happy Birthday 🥳

    @nellen I’m with you on trying to reduce my consumption of wine and 24/7 news 😉

    @michelinme welcome back.

    @snowflake56 thinking of you 🤗

    Well its twelfth night so I suppose I had better squeeze my ample bum back on the wagon tomorrow.

    USA. Day 5 FD800

    Well, I had a successful FD800 today, closing my kitchen at 775 calories. Tomorrow is another Day! 🙂

    @northerndawn – I forgot to mention that DD’s COVID symptoms were more like nausea or motion sickness, no fever. Her husband did have fever, symptoms like a bad cold he called them. He also had night sweats, aches, and tiredness.

    Day 6 – Western Australia – FD

    Going for another fast day today then will have a break.

    Could someone let me know what DTF means here, as it means something rather different (read: rude) to the younger generation!

    NFD Washington DC
    Is it really still only day 5???? Yikes.

    Day 6. OMAD London

    Hello @elektron. DTF means Dry till Friday. Some of us try our hardest not to drink in the week, and then drink Friday and Saturday ( and Sunday if we can’t resist…). I’ve now realised it’s too hard for me so I’m trying not to drink at all. I did it when I first joined this forum for a couple of years, but fell off the wagon big time. It’s almost impossible to drop weight if you drink alcohol very regularly, I think. Others might disagree. I must go and look up the rude version of DTF !

    Oooooh. I’ve just looked it up!!! You learn something new every day……

    Day 6, sub-tropical Australia, FD800

    How inspiring to read everyone’s updates! I am borrowing motivation from you all as I adjust to radically less carbs and food than usual! I am trying the FD800 for 14 days to kickstart the year, and will see how things look then.

    Three days in an a pound has disappeared, which is presumably just water weight but encouraging nonetheless.

    We have a beautiful swimming lake a 10 minute drive from our house, and the weather is sticky and hot, so lunchtime swims are the main exercise this week. Did a kilometre yesterday, surrounded by trees and birds and people drinking beers on inflatable flamingos.

    Day 5 Minnesota, USA CD

    @stitchincarol Your promise noted. I made a lovely homemade chicken and vegetable soup today, some of the tastiest I’ve made, I think…..very basic but a good chicken and therefore a wonderful bone broth. Added just the usual garlic, onions, carrots and celery. Lots of the chicken, though. And threw in a cup or so of cooked Quinoa towards the end. Parsly, coriander and bay leaves. I’ve had two bowls and that’s it. So, I think I may have come in around 800 myself, even if that wasn’t my goal today. I hope you had a good FD800 as well!

    @elektron I haven’t looked up the young generation’s meaning of DTF……but after @emma-taylor‘s reaction, I think I’ll be DTW Dry ’til the Weekend or DTS – Dry til Saturday (or Sunday)! Unless those have some rude meaning….let us know, Please!

    I have been using Apple’s new Fitness+ subscription since Saturday. It has 10, 20, or 30 minute workouts led by coaches in the categories of: strength, yoga, core HIIT, rowing, and a few others. My watch syncs to it and I can see the time elapsed, my heart rate, the time remaining, and how my rings for steps and exercise goals are closing for the day. Pretty motivating.
    I’m going to have to look up online what my heart rates and recovery times should be for my age.
    It’s a little more interesting than walking with Leslie, but I will still use her videos occasionally.
    It’s at a great price, half of our old gym membership, and it’s wrapped in with Apple’s music subscription (like spotify), Newspapers and magazine access, a video arcade (which our grandson will love, and my DH might try his hand at a few games), and 2T of cloud storage.

    It’s so great to have something interesting to do as far as exercise, and with the feedback on the screen, in this icy, snowy land of Minnesota. We need a little more snow now (after some melting)to go snow-shoeing, and there is too much ice to go walking on the paved areas or roads.

    Post again later…..stay strong and determined!

    @northerndawn your chicken soup recipe has me salivating. May have to try that in the next day or so.
    Am planning on tomorrow being my third FD. We shall see.

    @emma Taylor – I totally agree re: alcohol. It would be harder for me to go DTF, it’s easier for me to just say – no alcohol for the month. I guess that says something about my willpower. It’s kind of all or nothing.

    Second post

    @toady – You’ll get there….you’ll lose that Holiday weight more quickly than you think, just stay steady.

    @daffodil2010 – The tension and anxiety of white knuckled driving in slippery roads or zero visibility at times is an awful, exhausting ordeal that is familiar to both @stitchincarol and to me. Fingers crossed that your stepdaughter recovered from her bug quickly, and that it’s mild, no matter what….But especially that no one else gets sick..Take care, safe travel.

    @i-hate-lettuce – It’s nice to picture you and Mrs. IHL out having a lovely walk, after the weeks of travel to appointments and all that stress and discomfort. I hope you can get many more walks in now.

    @snowflake56 – I am not the greatest cook, but over time I’ve figured out what my DH really likes and how he likes it (lol, well, that sounds a little risqué, but I meant with his food). I really enjoy puttering around with soups and roasted vegetables and such, in order to come up with tasty, low calorie but good protein meals. We need to keep his blood sugars down, so I don’t bake, very often, anymore.

    @northgeorgia – a lot of people see a low number on the scale once, then not a gain for several days or a week, but then it seems to “stick”….and there you are. It won’t be long and it will be permanent.

    @michelinme – So glad you are already feeling less bloated. And I know what you mean about being close to the weight where you started from years ago…..but you aren’t there, and you know how do to this, and you will do fine now that you are back on the wagon!

    @nellen – best of luck for tomorrow and prayers that things do not get out of hand in DC..How unbelievable and disappointing that our country has become what it has…..protests are one thing, but disrespect for The Rule of Law is a a threat to everyone. Hugs.

    @nellen, @bellyblast, @missybear:
    I’m thinking that overconsumption of news has a direct correlation to overconsumption of wine, these days.

    @songbirdme – that is so interesting….the difference in their symptoms. I hope all recover and have no lasting effects.

    DH had his second vaccination “jab” and so far, just a sore arm. I’ll update tomorrow.

    Have a great day on Day 6! Stay positive and take advantage of your mojo when it’s rolling along!

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    The dragons were roaring at me in work yesterday, telling me it was ok to take a toffee from one of the very many boxes of sweets that are hanging around the office! We all know it would never stop at just one sweet. I kept telling myself to hang in there, only 45 minutes till home time etc. I made it!!!

    And a good NFD yesterday and a nice feeling today. The daily lunch delivery is back as we are back in high lockdown but it’s going to be salad every day for me.

    I haven’t heard anymore from youngest step-daughter, she certainly hasn’t gone looking for a Covid test, and I suspect she won’t either….even though the Chief Medical Officer of our Public Health has stated that if you have flu like systems then it is most probably Covid as there is little prevalence of other flu out there this winter.

    Makes me wonder how many others pass off their symptoms and don’t get tested and go out and about anyway? Very many, judging by the huge increase in numbers everywhere ☹️

    My Dads home care worker has to self isolate for two weeks as one of her other clients has Covid. So I will have to go down to him at the weekend, all being well, and make sure the house is clean and he is ok. My brother lives with him…but look, two men living together and it’s a very untidy Bachelor Pad. I am nervous, but hopefully by Saturday I can go visit, masked and gloved of course, and make sure all ok.

    Such times. Sorry for blethering on there, I am actually in good form, so have a great Hump Day, first one of 2021 🐫

    Day 6 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Think I’m recovering nicely, as Mrs IHL commented yesterday I’m starting to recover some of the muscle wastage already (the walks are working wonders!) and I’m starting to look like my old self again, so good stuff.

    Was very noticeable yesterday when we were out for our walk, it was very quiet, very few cars and only on or two people around. Just hope this latest lockdown and combined with vaccinations work! Can’t help thinking that to a certain degree we’re going to have to live with the covid virus for a long time.

    @toady – DIL is a fitness instructor and always says don’t worry about holiday weight, quickly on quickly off! Just get back to your pre holiday routine.

    Mrs IHL loves cooking and baking, has enjoyed herself over Christmas etc ‘building me up’ again, but it is now time to stop and get back to being careful and watching the calorie count. I’m going for maintenance now and keep the weight where I am weight-wise, so you might well see me back on lists/wagon very soon.

    Take care all

    Day 6, Emden Germany, NFD

    @missybear Thanks! After a month I still miss him every minute of the day but I’m starting to accept it now.

    @flourbaby I’m not sure, why I’m still here as I don’t fast at the moment and don’t have much to contribute. But I guess my weight will go up again and then I’ll go back to fasting once or twice a week.

    @northerndawn My baking skills are even more limited than my cooking skills. Every year I bake an almond-chocolate cake for one of the neighbours at Christmas. This Christmas the cake looked quite pale when I had it in the cake tin, it took me a while before I found out, I forgot to put the chocolate in. I melted it and swirled it trough the mixture in the tin. It came out well in the end.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 6 – NSW, AU – FD800

    Another 23 hour fast and under my 800 calories from 1-2pm. Only 3 days into the 7 day challenge and quite happy with how I’m going so far, but we’ll see how it goes on my day off and over the weekend.

    Thanks everyone for the cheerleading, I don’t feel too terrible about that gain and hopefully it’ll go off pretty easily now that I’m getting back into my routine and not having my mother asking “Are you still eating or are you starving?” when I was fasting… despite my attempts to tell her ’20-24 hours NOT eating is NOT going to kill me, nor is it going to strip all my calcium or anything and taking a multi-vitamin will help make up for what I don’t get in my food.

    Day 6 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Felt brave enough to step on the scales this morning 😱 10 lbs gain in 3 weeks! Its going to be tough getting back on track, I’ve got a taste for bread and chocolate and daily puddings and wine…..yes the gain isn’t a surprise but still horrible to see the numbers.

    Planning to ease myself off the festive feasting today and will have a healthy NFD then shock my system with a FD tomorrow.

    Day 6 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in this morning was 230 lbs (nearly 231). I won’t be doing the 4:3 this week after all, as my niece is turning 7 on Thursday, and I’m sure that cake will figure prominently into it! I may try for a CD or a 16:8 most of that day, though. @northerndawn That’s true. I was happy to see the low on Monday, but knew it could be another week or so before I possibly see it again.

    Take care, everyone!

    Day 6 – USA, Washington DC – FD
    Woo hoo – scale at 137, that’s down 4 this week. I realize it’s not real, but it sure makes me smile. That and the results out of GA last night. (Sorry, I know I am talking politics as well, and I shouldn’t do that but right now I just cannot help it.). All in all a wonderful morning.
    Thank you all for this challenge and home to post in. You are keeping me grounded and engaged and bought in. Pretty special, particularly in this time of covid and distancing.

    Day 6 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Going in this morning for the testing blood draw for my annual physical next week. Then Silver Sneakers and shopping. So funny how I used to absolutely dread fasting for 8 hours before the draw. Ha ha… now it’s nothing! Will give my every 8 week pint of blood on Friday.

    @nellen – yes it is a real loss. Keep doing your IF and all of this will be even more real.
    @northgeorgia – you know the joy of our WOL is allowing for things like birthday cake. Enjoy your niece!
    @toady – the comments others may make about our starving just don’t hold weight. We’ve all been there with family members and friends who think we are doing something dangerous. Hang in there!
    @litprof – your swimming lake sounds delightful. Glad you’ve found some relief from your heat that is so healthy.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6, London, UK, NFD

    I’m going for a NFD today since I’ll be very busy with no time to think about food which hopefully will make it controlled! WFH after the Xmas break has come as a bit of a shock, I’ve been bombarded with things to complete ASAP so there’s no time to ponder my food choices today, miso soup with mushrooms & prawns for lunch, cauliflower soup for dinner and Greek yoghurt with fruit for my sweet treat, all for 1200kcals so fingers crossed!!

    @stitchincarol, I must have missed the promise, but it worked anyway!! Another ‘promising’ day today I hope!!

    @missybear, I can commiserate!! Last year it was 10lbs & a bottle of Baileys that made it’s new home on my bum!!! This year I can’t even step on the scales, the sobbing in despair would NOT be pretty!!! The tight clothes are telling their own tale 😩😢😨😱

    “Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.” – Charles Glassman

    Keep the faith people!!!

    Day 6 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800

    No time for chatter as I’m out the door in ten minutes to go teach a piano lesson in Omaha and run errands I need a city to accomplish. FD800 went well yesterday, although I think I was closer to 900 than 800, but that’s good enough for me. I’ll hopefully have time later to day to read everyone’s posts.

    Today, I promise @songbirdme that I’ll stick to my 800 calories! 😁😇

    Day 5 Oxfordshire, UK – CD
    Day 6 Oxfordshire, UK – CD
    Visited my mum yesterday so not a FD as planned and I also didn’t manage to check in.
    But I did take all her decorations down and made sure all was ok.
    Update on MiL – she is to be discharged from hospital and sent to a ‘discharge unit’ where she can stay for up to 6 weeks. She’ll receive Physio and they work towards her being safe to return home. Still no visits, but at least she’ll receive the care she needs.
    @ Missy Bear – I’m with you, 3.5kg gain (7.7lbs). although I want to lose that and more I think Jan will also be about retraining my sweet tooth.
    @BasyJames- belated happy birthday! 🎂
    couldnt see any lists above so started some below

    Pocket list Day 6


    Exercise 30×5


    Day 6 UK NFD

    Relatively successful NFDs Gearing up for another FD tomorrow

    USA. Day 6. FD800

    Pocket list Day 6
    @ccco (FD800)


    Exercise 30×5


    So far, the FD800 isn’t hard but the DTF is! LOL. It’s hard not to relax with a nice glass of wine in the evening. I am trying to replace the wine with ice tea!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 6 UK CD

    Yesterday went suprisingly well &I’m reminded that being back on the waggon isn’t walking on water! But it is really helped by posting here for accountability.

    I drank more – water, fresh thyme tea & root ginger tea instead of coffee/eating more. And ate earlier, with lunch & supper inside a 6 hour window. Lunch was spinach, baby tomato & avocado salad with two corn cakes and a clementine. Supper was baked sweet potato, vegan mince & peas with yet more braised red cabbage followed by stewed blackberry & apple. Great to be breaking the late evening OMAD and keep snacking habit. Today I’ve reheated the leftovers plus some roast butternut squash – last of the stewed fruit & a clementine are on standby 🙂

    I’m aiming for a buy nothing january but living off my store cupboard & freezer plus fortnightly veg box deliveries. My Christmas cheese is all gone xc one camembert which will either have to be a treat day or a giveaway.

    Thank you for warm welcome @missybear @northerndawn. It’s feeling strange but good to be back. Still pretty rusty but dusting off the willpower and oiling the wheels of healthy habits…

    @daffodil2010 sounds as tho your dad is being really well looked after between you. So grateful for your kind thoughts xx
    @litprof love the sound of your swimming lake!!

    ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’ (Abraham Lincoln)

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