January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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January 2021 Challenge – Rejuvenating January

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  • USA. Day 31

    Nellen, since I don’t live too far from you, we might have something in common with the mail today. All my 5:2 posts went to junk mail but I retrieved them! Good luck!

    second post
    @ccco – now they have started coming back. whatever else was posted today – never appeared. very strange. and even stranger that this type of thing was occurring for you as well. Perhaps it is our “blizzard” As I am from New England originally I find the notion that this is a snow storm pretty amusing.

    USA. Day 31 NFD

    Nellen, I am from New York City myself but I think I should have been born in the Caribbean! I am definitely a warm/hot weather person. In any case, since the snow started, I have had trouble with my TV, as well. I can’t seem to get HD. Oh, well. I would say tomorrow will be better but we are supposed to have snow all the way through to Tuesday! 🙁

    Day 31 North canton OH NFD

    January 2021 has come to an end. January is usually a loooong month but this one seemed to fly by.

    Sorry I have been off the forum since Friday, I had my eyes dilated at the eye center and I have been essentially blind since then. The dilation also messed up my prescription lenses, so I can barely see even with my glasses. I have to work tomorrow, so here is hoping that the effects clear up by then.

    January was good to me, the combination of fasting and working out like a crazy person ( nod to @stitchincarol) has me feeling really good about where I am.

    I hope everyone is willing to be a fab faster in February, I am heading over there now and I hope to see you all on the other side.

    Thank you @ NorthernDawn for doing an amazing job hosting in January. Huge hugs!!!!!

    hi all,
    is there a new link for February? could someone please post that link so that I can subscribe.
    Having participated this month – a whole new experience for me – I would so love to continue. You all are an amazing support and motivation community.

    USA. Day 31. NFD

    Nellen, just click above on active links and you will find it there. Just click on the February posting site and you will be right there!

    Nellen, I mean Active Topics! LOL

    @nellen You know how there’s a box underneath the space where you type your message, and you can click that box to be notified “of follow-up replies via email”? Did you accidentally unclick that box? I did once, and have no idea how I managed to accidentally unclick it, but I did!

    And, you have the link, so you’re good, but on my laptop (I’m sure it’s different on a phone), you can see “Latest Posts” and that’s where I found Fab Fasters in February.

    @i-hate-lettuce I wanted to say this earlier but didn’t have time to say much of anything. You made the comment that you’ve never been good in the past about talking about your health and about your weight-loss journey, right? I knew that. How? You said in late September that you had a “bit of a health thing” (or something to that effect) so you’d be gone until it was resolved because you didn’t want to “bring down” the optimistic group. Then you came back because you missed us. Then, possibly in October, or possibly not even until November, you told us it was throat cancer. THEN you said, either very late November or sometime in December, that you were diagnosed in JULY. I read that three times, because I was so stunned. July is when you found out. That’s when my jaw dropped, that you’d known that long before you let even the teensiest bit of information out. Holy cow, man, but that was a clear example of a man who doesn’t talk about his health. I, on the other hand, am the woman who whines if she’s sleepless for several hours in the middle of the night, LOL! All of this is to say how honored I am–and I suspect I speak for all of us–that you stayed with us, and trusted us with details of your journey, so that we could shower cyber love and support on you. This is the kind of stuff that makes life so very, very good. Hugs to you, my friend.

    And the wonderful news about this day is that my great-nephew didn’t drive up from his college campus this morning to go to church with us and then spend the day, so although we love seeing him each week, the boy has a hollow leg and I have to cook a lot of food which is then too much temptation for me, and I over eat. So brunch was half the quantity, and I’ll just eat a few leftovers for supper, so perhaps this day can be far fewer calories than it usually ends up being!

    Happy January, everyone, it’s been great! See you in February!

    Oh, and excuse my awful manners for nearly forgetting, @northerndawn, but thank you so much for hosting January; you did a great job!

    Day 31 Minnesota, USA NFD

    I’d like to end the month with: Your Welcome, it was my privilege and pleasure to host this wonderful, informative, and above all supportive group of people during the January challenge!

    It will be about 3 pm my time by the time I’ve finished posting, and perhaps some of you will be ready to turn in for the evening, but I wanted to respond to a few posts. I was not on yesterday because my cold, or whatever it is, took a turn and I really had such a headache and dry cough that I just lounged and napped for most of the day. Today, I am again feeling much improved and the cough has almost gone away. Enough of that topic.

    @stitchincarol – Your thoughts about goal weight were very validating to me. I, too, would like to lose enough weight that I don’t look just smaller but still flabby, and perhaps the skin would tighten up over time. You make an excellent point that, regardless of looks, every 5 lbs lost is much easier on the body as far as wear and tear. And certainly, all longevity studies prove that losing weight is the number one way to add years to life span. Thanks for that detailed post!

    @i-hate-lettuce – I am so glad that you have opened up about your weight and health issues on this forum. I imagine there are many people that read these posts without actually posting, themselves, and my guess is that is especially true for males who might wonder onto these challenges. You may be the best and most inspiring story they have come across. And you may be the motivation for many of them to change their lives for the better, as you have done! I’m so glad you and Mrs. IHL had a Rejuvenating January!

    @nellen – How funny: “”Either your butt can look great or your face but you can’t have both”! But these days, there is Juvederm and other fillers, so, maybe we can have it all (for a price, lol). I’m glad you are sticking with the challenges. And I agree with @stitchincarol that if you add back in some wine, you would do best, at first, to stick with 5:2 instead of 6:1. That extra FD will give you leeway for the wine calories as well as the extra munchies we all seem to go for when we have alcohol. It is a known aperitif, after all.

    @fivetwofan5252 Good luck with EOD! It’ll be so interesting for you to share with us how that works for you.

    @flourbaby – A gentle slide back into this WOL is probably just what you need after the stresses you’ve been through the last 2-3 months. Imagine how you’ll feel being lighter at the end of February!

    @songbirdme – Maybe not as much snow as they predicted? Here, we barely got a dusting, and that not until this morning. I hope you can stop with a foot. 😳😳🥶

    @michelineme – I’m glad to see you will be joining in February, and I hope your health issues can get sorted and can get on top of things.

    I’m happy to see so many signing up for the “Fab Fasters in February” challenge! The days are getting longer and brighter, and optimism is in the air! Whether you posted a lot or a little in January, or totally fell off the wagon for a bit, you are still here reading…. and another challenge awaits!

    It’s a new day, a new month, and a fresh start for everyone!

    @stitchincarol & @northerndawn …..

    Bit speechless here, thank you for your comments regarding my recent posts.

    Plus thanks to everyone for your support over the last few months, you have made the journey easier.

Viewing 12 posts - 601 through 612 (of 612 total)

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