Is Anyone NOT counting calories on their "eat" days?

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Is Anyone NOT counting calories on their "eat" days?

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  • I totally agree with Maybelle’s post. I am returning to 5:2 today and will definitely NOT count calories on my “eating” days. I agree that’s what makes this plan so unique. This time it will become my lifestyle. It was silly of me not to keep it up, since it’s so beneficial for my health.

    That said, I believe this is not a feeding frenzy free-for-all on our eating days. What I’ll be doing is what everyone now calls “mindful eating.” That is awareness of portion size and what I’m eating, without counting anything.

    I think no matter how we do 5:2, counting calories daily or not, it’s key to find what works for us individually.

    Hi, I’m with you on this & I don’t really count on my non-fast days as I don’t want it to become a diet!

    If I’ve really gone to town on one of my non-fast days I do have that at the back of my mind on other days & maybe don’t have extra snacks that day. However, I have made a point of not denying myself something on a non-fast day if I really want it & have had blow outs on a couple of weeks & actually gained weight but I’m so confident in this 5:2 it doesn’t worry me as I usually lose it again the following week. I’ve lost well over 3 stones in 6 months & several inches off my waist, so not counting seems to work for me!

    Glad to have found some fellow non-calorie-counters on here! I too have ‘done my time’ counting calorie after calorie which was beyond tedious. That said, whilst I instinctively find strict & extreme calorie counting on this WOE a little ‘OTT’ (probably because I used to be OTT & it reminds me of how unhappy I was with this way of living!) I really can’t judge & I remind myself that my years of previous calorie counting means that a have a vague sense of what 2000 cals is per day. I know when I’m going over what I should be & know how I feel when I’m going too low.

    For many of us, this isn’t the case (particularly for those of us who have weight to lose… Otherwise why would we be here?!) and this has to be relearnt. Calorie counting with apps such as my fitness pal ARE bore-some but can be a useful tool in reteaching ourselves what we vaguely should be eating.

    That said, I am SO glad I no longer have to calorie count (bar on fasting days) – it is SUCH a welcome relief not to have to be thinking in numbers each time I eat. For that, I am grateful!

    My husband and I started this 5:2 last September. We count carefully on Fast Days but pay little attention on the other days. I just found this forum so have now learned about BMR and TDEE. Despite that and a cruise and 2 weeks in the Caribbean at an all-inclusive resort we have lost respectively 40 and 33 pounds!. We are not particularly active either, though we are planning to change that this fall. For me, the beauty of this regimen is that I don’t have to count calories. I am afraid that if this begins to feel like a diet, we will stop doing it.

    I have been quiet for some time as do not want to bore people. have been on 5:2 since January and I wanted to lose weight from my middle and bottom as post menopause I have found my body has just re – arranged its shape!!
    I have always exercised but just found I could not stop the extra inches going on. This eating plan has been a miracle. I do not even call it a “diet” as I have only lost half a stone but wait for it 16 inches off my body!

    My answer to the above is don’t go mad but I do not count calories on my eat days, I am lazy on my fast days and buy pre-counted food. For example a pack of mixed melon and grapes from Morrisons poured into a dish looks huge but is only 110 calories. I can have 2 packs of these and I also have a weight watchers tomato soup with 2 toasted nimble slices chopped up as croutons, hey presto that is my fast day done.

    I do 2 fast days a week but don’t always plan. The fruit lasts 3 days in the fridge so if i get up and do not feel like a low day I do it the next day. Your body does get into a habit, I very rarely have more than 2 eat days on the trot, after 2 days of eating more or less normally I am just ready for a fast day.

    Those of you who have heard from me before know I am not a great fan of scales. Half a stone does not sound much but 16 inches is a huge amount of fat lost. You just have to do what suits you but personally my weight can fluctuate between 4 pounds and I would find the scales rather disheartening.

    Just to show you where inches have gone ( not to show off ) but for post menopause women like me, I am 58 in 10 days. I have lost 4 inches off waist, 3 inches off bottom, a massive 3 inches off the top of each thigh, 1 inch off the top of each arm and 1 inch around bust but that is mainly around my back.

    I have dropped from a size 10/12 to a size 8/10. I am only 5ft 2 inches and only have size 3 feet so any weight on such a petite frame shows. The good news is I have quite a slim face but have not lost weight from face and it is only as I am wearing less during the Summer that many people are noticing the change in my shape.

    I intend to stay on this plan for life now and I really do not think of it as a diet at all. Please stay positive, two of my friends who are only slightly over weight have now joined me for exactly the same reason, their waists have thickened considerably post menopause. I think this plan just re- boots your fat cells and I certainly have also lost my sweet tooth.

    The less you can make it like a “diet” the better, we all know how boring diets are and how easy it is to fail. If you do have a really bad week then do an extra fast day, that’s what I do and consequently never feel “guilty”. Be kind to yourselves, there is no quick fix but if you had told me in January I would end up with the body I had 20 years ago I would NEVER have believed you.

    I don’t count.

    I started without counting at all. Then I hit a plateau. Calculated my TDEE and counted calories every day for about a month. Then I felt I had the hang of it so now I wing it and count once a month or so, just to keep me on my toes. It’s going great so far, I haven’t hit another plateau yet.

    🙂 good to see every single post in this topic!!

    Having counted calorie for most years of my life on any other diets, I have to say I don’t really need the scale to tell me if I have ate too much anymore. So, now I would negotiate with myself inside my mind that you know this extra helping is going to make you exceed your TDEE, you can have it if you skip or skim your breakfast….. haha!!

    Absolutely not! That is what makes the diet so great. I would really have to try to stuff myself to gain weight.

    I feel the same as you especially after reading the 5:2 book. I probably didn’t ‘read between the lines’ but I was ecstatic because I thought ‘all’ I would have to do would be to fast two days per week then eat ‘within reason( like not 4000 cal/day)’ all the other days of the week and continue to lose 1-2 lbs per week. I didn’t even wish to exercise especially on my fast days. Well, this mentality seemed to carry me through the first 8 weeks losing 12 lbs and 5 inches off my abdomen. However, it is now week 16 and I have gained back 5 pounds–but kept the 5 inches off. My shape does seem to be changing for the better but I am still wearing the same size clothing. I am a bit discouraged but am thinking maybe I have reached a plateau and now I will HAVE to be diligent about following my TDEE on non-fast days–which is very disappointing. I ‘plan’ to add in at least 3 days of brisk walking for 45 minutes and see if that does anything. Otherwise, I am attempting to wrap my head around doing a 4:3 fasting plan instead–though it’s very difficult some weeks for me to just get into the mindset of just doing 2(probably why I am in this obesity mess to begin with). Any thoughts would be appreciated. In the meantime, I plan to ‘keep on keeping on’ as the saying goes!

    Patti, I read posts like yours and I feel like this was my same understanding of this ‘diet’, that you ‘don’t’ have to count calories so much on the non-fast days. My husband and I have done this diet since late April, 2014. We started out at week 8 great with me losing 12 lbs and 5 in around my abdomen(didn’t do other measures as my stomach was the biggest thing for me). My husband lost 20 lbs and 2 inches around his abdomen. All very encouraging at that time. We also weren’t overly active and realize we need to work on this. Now at week 17, despite being extremely diligent on my fast days (stay within my 500 cal while going as long as I can inbetween meals like 10 hours–drinking only water all day)but changing nothing else that I can really tell, I have gained half back but kept off the 5 inches! My husband too has ‘hit a plateau’ and also did a backslide and appears to have gained about 7 lbs. You have done this for almost a whole year so you have a good picture of what this diet can do for you…did you have issues like this a couple of months into it? Thank you and congratulations on your weight loss! I agree, we also plan to make this our new lifestyle as well as adding in some exercise.

    Maybelle, good thoughts! I think over time this 5:2 plan really does change/shape the way a person thinks about what they put into their mouth on non-fast days. However, I know that there are certain days where I will want to eat more than I should and I am still learning how to reckon my urges that way and control them better. I was doing really well until after week 9 and I have hit a plateau and even backslid a bit. Yet I have continued to be steadfast on my fast days. Will keep going but difficult at the moment.

    Hope – I do seem to be sitting on one of those plateaus right now but my shape has changed incredibly. We are going on a 23 day holiday which includes a cruise and a week in Paris (49th wedding anniversary!) All my clothes have had to be altered! The pants are all falling off: I look like Dopey from the 7 Dwarves. Unfortunately my behind is not getting much smaller (sitting on it all day doesn’t help) but I have lost about 6 inches of belly fat. For the next 23 days I plan Champagne and croissants for breakfast and anything else I fancy. But when we come home, we’ll start again. This is a long term thing not a race. I have 75 pounds to go and if it takes 2 or 3 years, so be it. But I will not be miserable! Having said that I remember reading a quote from some skinny person who said “Nothing tastes as good as thin!” I have just changed my thinking to only eating calories that are worth it. Hang in, Hope, it is worth it. But don’t let it become a chore or you will quit.

    I’m with old faster. If that keeps the calorie restriction doable then that’s the way to go. When I started 5:2 I didn’t want to bother with feed day counting. However as my goal is 100lbs ,after I lost 33 lbs I hit a plateau. And eventually gave Into abandoning the fast days.
    I restarted fasting on the anniversary of my first fast. And came to the conclusion for counting calories on all days or it was going to take me years. However if I did give up counting calories with 50lbs more to go. I would be on 4:3 to be comfortable I was 3500 calories below TDEE for a week to lose the pound a week. Especially if I were eating more than TDEE on feed days.

    Best wishes and good luck.

    Counting calories on my eat days is a no no answer. I eat in moderation but not counting the calories each food I eat. I indulge in pasta, chocolates and ice cream which are really my favorites without stressing myself to count the calories but instead I eat in moderation to satisfy my cravings and see to it that I do my daily workouts.

    I don’t count. just eat healthy food, or don’t eat at all.

    I’m counting only on the fast days but I don’t drink any alcohol at all (I am diabetic and it pushes my blood sugar up instantly and uselessly) and I don’t eat any cake or bread so that pretty much keeps me within a healthy caloric window (I think)on non fast days.

    No way I would be losing any weight without counting calories on the fast days, I don’t have a clue about caloric value of foods otherwise, have never counted a calorie previously. Only diet I have previously tried was high protein, no calories involved.

    My intention is to reduce inflammation and reverse diabetes, if I reduce weight that is a plus. I want to be healthy ahead of being beautiful. 🙂 But I am 64yo and perhaps a bit less healthy than some of the posters here. 🙂

    I’ve not had a life of dieting so have no aversion to calorie counting, it is a bit of a novelty for me.

    Today’s day 8 for me and I know what I’m going to have to eat and how many calories are in that food as I have the same thing every fast day, I guess I’ll swap at some stage.
    I think one of the advantages of 5/2 compared to other diets is not having to constantly count calories all the time which is lets face it kind of deflating.
    To each their own, I like to unwind with a couple of beers after I’ve had a bath and am settled down for the evening on non fast days so again the 5/2 fits in well with my 2 alcohol free days I’m supposed to have as I keep being told by the government, my wife and just about everyone I know who doesn’t drink, they mean well but now I’m conforming to their demands because of the 5/2 I’m sure they will find another nag to tell me about and I’m sure it will involve how the 5/2 will hurt me in some way shape or form, oh well you can please some of the people some of the time I guess 🙂

    I have been counting but have a great app called my fitness and you can scan the barcodes on everything its great, I count because I don’t want to over do it on my non fast days,making sure I eat 2000 calories a day. Im on my third fast day today and finding it easy I eat at 5pm on my fast days and in a week I’ve lost nearly 1kg.

    I’m not counting them but I pretty much know what will take me over my TDEE. Doing the fast days has enabled me to understand that full feeling again and I make sure I never get there on my eating days.

    This is very interesting for this newbie to read.

    I’m so used to counting Something – calories, carbs, protein, something, please! In fact, after I set my tracker up today I spent a long time looking round the site for the food log. Surely I’ve got to be counting Something!

    What a relief. Today has been Day #3, and my first fast day. It’s had its challenges, more in the sense of “it’s X o’clock, time to eat” than being bothered by actual hunger but I’m here, not long ’til bed-time, I’ve made it. I’ve probably eaten a little more than 500 but, believe me, I’ve eaten far, FAR less even than the last 2 “sensible” days, and much, MUCH less than when I was in London last week eating madly and badly!

    My intention is to try it this way for 4 weeks and see how much I lose (80+lbs to go, I’m bound to have lost something!) and then, if I need to, begin to tighten things up on the Fast days, if it seems like I need a little bit of calorie re-focus.

    But a caloriecounting – free lifestyle!!! Very exciting. 🙂

    I’m with you all the way about not counting calories on non fasting days. I am soooooo bored with thinking about it all the time….2 days will be fine, with normal moderation eating inbetween!!

    Should have said, I’m doing my first fast on Monday so practising being sensible and normal over the weekend.

    I counted the first three weeks but since then I haven’t (think I’m on week 7) and seem to be losing weight.

    Not counting on eat days have lost 2.5 kg after only 5 fast days fingers crossed this is going to carry on but am planning to be more mindfull of what I eat especially at the weekends

    Great results Jordygirl, my first fast day is tomorrow so this is inspiring to hear.

    Absolutely not counting on eat days – I’m on day 1 week 3 don’t feel like I’ve lost much but do eat quite a lot on my non fast days, and refuse to weigh myself as it depresses me I’m just going to get into the swing of having 2 fast days a week as part of my lifestyle and hope that it works

    I’m on my second week and although I don’t seem to have lost much weight, I have certainly lost inches. I am not counting calories on non-fast days as I also thought that was the whole point of this – you eat normally (whatever that is for you) for 5 days, 500 calories on two (for us ladies). I have been quite concerned at reading posts on a Facebook page for 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet that everyone seems to be counting calories all the time. Surely, if you read Mike Mosley’s book, that is not the point? Like many others, I have tried all sorts of diets where I have had to count something (calories, points, syns, carbs, units) so I hoped I had found something where I don’t have to.

    I DO NOT want to calorie count with 5:2. That would feel like being on 2 diets to me and I know I’d fall off the wagon. I do plan on eating healthy and having treats / alcohol in moderation. I’m hoping that the fasting pushes me to eating less naturally…

    “you eat normally (whatever that is for you)”

    Sorry, but that is incorrect. You can eat any type of food you like but it needs to fall within your TDEE or you won’t lose any weight.
    The point is to eat less calories than you burn, and most people who are overweight and have failed on other diets have to learn how to do that as they overeat on a daily basis.
    Counting calories is a good way of checking that you are not overdoing it on non fast days and helping you gain control of your eating, something that the majority of us on here have lost. I don’t weigh and add everything, I estimate and do a rough total in my head to ensure that I’m not overdoing it as I can’t see the point of undoing all the good work I put in on fast days.

    Absolutely not counting of fast days either, totally defeats the point of this whole WOL.

    Dr Mosley’s advice is quite clear… are only fasting for two days of your choice each week, and eating normally on the other five days.

    I’m aware the definition of normal varies from person to person, & if you wish to count calories or strive to stay within your TDEE, then that is up to you.

    I’ve had my fill of counting calories, points, whatever, every day of the week, month in month out, to lose a few pounds, be miserable doing it then putting it back on again the minute I stop. It doesn’t/hasn’t worked for me.

    For me, this way of life is about fasting and combining it with a way of eating that works for ME. I’m doing just fine, I’m getting closer to my goal…and that’s what I’m happy about. If I plateau then I may well try to work within my TDEE, but until then I’ll continue to eat what is normal for me on a non-FD.

    We all have to find our own path through this, and the fact that I can make choices is what makes the whole thing so attractive. When I started, I lost weight for several weeks and then stopped and I realised it was because I was eating too much on non fast days, as my “normal” was actually over eating, so I started counting calories every day. I only did it for a few weeks until I had adjusted my idea of what a normal ie not overweight person would eat. I think 5:2 works really well if you don’t have too much to lose but if you have a long journey ahead, it needs to be “customised” I’ve lost 41lbs but I’ve still got over 30lbs to go so I’ve made adjustments and changes as I’ve gone along in order to lose 2lbs every week, and that means a deficit of over 7,000 calories per week. That is why I keep an eye on how many calories I eat every day.

    Good luck to everyone, counting calories or not 🙂

    Good morning all

    I am counting all calories over the week because how I got this way was I over ate on a very regular basis if not everyday.

    Eating normal, I didn’t know what normal eating was. I fast Monday Thursday between 500 and 600.

    So I put everything into fitness pal everyday. This is helping me learn.

    I was observing people at work eating over the day. Morning tea most of the overweight people were having fruit or yogurt or the occasional muffin or cake. Told to eat regularly. The trimmer people just had Hot drink nothing to eat. So that’s now what I do just a coffee. Took a couple of days but I am fine now.

    Fast days taught me not to be afraid of hungry.

    I also started a group exercise group I do go 4 days a week. My gym gave me a program 3 meals three snacks healthy never lost anything even with my exercise for three weeks. Started 5 2 over the past 6 weeks lost 8kg. I realise this will slow and expect to to take 12 months.

    I will do this to keep track, I do not plan to do it forever just for the first few months.

    Take care

    I am with you all on the no count. Borrriiing. After the first couple of weeks an experienced dieter like myself knows what to eat and what not to eat. However I have just started counting again as my severely overweight son (150kg) has agreed to give it a go and for the first week or two he may need every kilojoule he can get.

    I have lost around 5st in weight twice before over the last decade or so, getting under 25 BMI only to put it back on again within a couple of years. Add to that quite a few mini diets where I’ve lost a few lb and regained. I’ve always been on plans where I count 24/7, whether Weightwatchers points or calories, and it makes me miserable. I start to slip on the maintenance counting after a while, first giving up on weekends, then midweek, because I can’t live like that forever. It’s not just that it’s tedious. It makes me obsessive.

    Since I’ve just started 5:2 on Monday, I can’t predict how I will feel long term with this. However, I suspect I’ve much more chance of prolonged adherence if I don’t count calories except for twice a week now, and once a week eventually. As long as I don’t start eating considerably more on NFDs I think it’s got to be an improvement.

    I started this week so I’m midway through my second fast day today. Much easier than I thought it would be sticking to the 500 number.

    I found this forum last weekend after reading the book. I was somewhat discouraged when I saw how many people seem to be determined to count on non-fast days. On a second reading of the book , I see that Dr. Mosely is clear about not counting calories except on fast days.

    I don’t know if he has stepped in and reiterated this but I wish he would. I see too many threads where everyone is being advised to constantly monitor TDEE and even eat under the 500/600 number to lose even faster.

    Hi Laura:

    There is the book, and there is reality.

    First, if you are losing weight at an acceptable rate for you there is no need to count calories on your non diet days.

    But, if you are not, then you need to count – at least for awhile to identify why you are not losing.

    Many people come to 5:2 while they have been gaining weight. That means they are constantly eating over their TDEE. They hear they only have to diet two days a week to lose weight and say ‘I’m in!’. They start 5:2, lose little or no weight, say it does not work, and quit.

    The reason they lose little or no weight is that they are eating ‘normally for them’ on their non diet days, which, of course, means ‘too much’. 5:2 usually stops their weight gain in that situation, but yields little or no weight loss. So the only way for them to actually lose weight is to eat less on their non diet days and for many that is helped by calorie counting.

    As for quick weight loss, some people are in a hurry. 5:2 only yields about a pound a week over time (several months). Initial weight losses can be substantial, but if people think they will continue, when they slow down or stop they quit from disappointment. The only way to achieve rapid weight loss is to eat fewer calories. There is nothing wrong with that – it is a personal choice.

    Here are some tips that might help you with your 5:2 efforts:

    Good Luck!

    Thanks but no thanks. I don’t want any part of your advice for newbies as I own the book. I will do it the way it says in the book, by the author.

    I appreciate your intentions 🙂

    I’ve been doing this diet since August and have regularly been losing 1 lb per week roughly. I don’t count calories but try to be sensible and cut out all the extra snacks between meals and in the evening. Sometimes though I feel like I just need a bar of chocolate so I have one. If I started struggling to lose weight I would probably count calories for a couple of weeks just to see where I was going wrong. Good luck.

    This is what I love about 5 2 and what keeps me focussed.

    It is a lifestyle not a diet. A lifetime of dieting has resulted in weight gain, depression and disillusion.

    I can eat anything I fancy within limits on non fast days. Counting calories, points etc and denying myself ‘treats’ on other diets lead to bingeing, over eating, bulimia and failure.

    I’m no longer obsessed with food. I eat mindfully and healthily. In three months I have lost over 7 kg and have another 6 kg to go to reach my goal weight of 59kg. To me it no longer matters how long it takes. I just love how well and energetic I feel and my new wardrobe!

    We’re all different but this is what keeps me motivated.

    Perfectly put, Onahealthyhigh!

    The great thing with 5.2 is that you don’t have to count calories on non fast days which is true. However if you are not losing weight then you are obviously eating too many calories so would have to cut back. There may be some none fast days where we go over a lot and then some other none fast days where we go under so it can also balance out that way. In general sticking to a weekly calorie deficit is what works and the added health benefits of fasting 2 days a week is apparently great for ones vital stats. 🙂

    Hi Laura. I’ve only just picked this up but I am with you 100%. There are some people both on here and on various Facebook pages who are just addicted to dieting and counting calories and still consider this as another “diet”. My husband and I, who are both foodies who enjoy good wine too, have been doing this since October and are losing about a pound a week – sometimes nothing, sometimes a couple but generally steady. We look on this as a lifestyle change and not a diet. We stick to the calorie limit on Mondays and Wednesdays but the rest of the time, we eat and drink what we like. What we have found is that we actually just don’t want to eat as much as we used to, so we don’t. Christmas is going to be interesting and then we are off on a 2-week all-inclusive holiday so we’ll see what happens but whatever we do, we’ll be back on it as soon as we are home. I too have read the book carefully and will stick to what Dr Mike says and hang the rest of them! Keep it up and don’t lose heart.

    Thanks LadyPutt. Good to hear and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I am not in a race, so I’d rather lose it slower and steadily.

    I have never counted before in my life. I used to think people who counted calories needed their head read. Now that I am older, and can not sustain the intensity of exercise I regularly did and also relied on to shed when I wanted; I now understand why counting calories can be a useful tool/skill.

    However – being an x – gym junkie, I can see how compulsion can make such an activity a turn into a chore, rather than a means to an end. I am going to count early on … but only to learn and get an idea of what it what.

    I too got the impression from the book that it was not about counting … although then the book started counting; but then later went on about balance.

    I have a lot to learn about food – so I am not only counting calories, but also learning about nutrition as well. Once I know what I am doing and what works for me, I hope to simply be more mindful of the food I eat and give up the counting. I can see how counting binds a person.

    I want to live a minimalist life style – but not if it means having to count calories for the rest of my life. I don’t believe the 5:2 diet is about that. I read somewhere, it’s the Diet that is not a Diet. Early on I will count … but if I am still counting much later down the track … then I believe I am missing something vital about the concept itself.

    I dont count on non fast days, but because on fast days I DO count, I think I am making better choices about portion sizes and treats. I am not craving an entire 10 in pizza with chips on a Friday (Yes, I did!) still have chinese on a Saturday but less of it normally. I also dont crave cola all the time now which used to add to my calorie intake!
    I feel better and have lost 23 pounds in 5 months, with the first month being a whole stone in weight. The weight loss has slowed, I have cheated a bit but to be honest I dont feel restricted in any way.

    Hi Lee- Agreed, I think this is how it is meant to work. So far I am down 7 pounds in just over 3 weeks. I have 20 more I’d like to lose so this pace is more than acceptable to me. I have been moving my Thursday to Friday the last two weeks because of holidays and this flexibility is one of the best things about 5:2 IMO.

    Hi – I know what you mean about being obsessive – I have spent over 30 years thinking about calories every waking moment of the day and it’s great to escape from that. I try not to count calories on a non-fast day but I eat mindfully. Since I like healthy food anyway that makes sense to me but I am trying to listen to my body and what it really needs. I think one of the ways is not to eat until you feel overfull, that way the guilty feelings disappear and you hopefully re-join the amazing world of ‘normal’ eaters. Good Luck!

    I am NOT dieting. I have just made a change in my eating format. 5:2 to me is just a plan for eating, a format if you will. One I can understand and can easily adhere to.

    I absolutely refuse to count calories on fast days or non fast days. I know the calories in a LOT of foods from being on “diets” that require calorie and/or carb counting. (Doesn’t it drive you crazy to weigh, look it up etc and so on. Bonkers absolutely drove me off my nut and some Diets I did for almost a year! No wonder I babble like a fool.)

    I’m not changing my eating format to 5:2 primarily for weight loss, that is a secondary consideration that is way down the list. I am looking for improvements in my health: blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol levels.

    If weight loss occurs (it already has) and as I am sure it will continue I’ll be all the more happy for it. But I’m not doing 5:2 for weight loss.

    I’m doing 5:2 for life.

    I wish they hadn’t called it a diet on the cover of the book.

    I’m aware of what I eat more but I don’t worry about the calories as I tend to eat a little less between meals, as I’ve eaten less I haven’t been able to eat bigger meals.

    I don’t count calories on my non fasting days either. I am trying a 4:3 plan so on my 3 fasting days all I have is water, no food at all, the reason I don’t eat on fasting days is because I don’t trust myself to start stuffing myself with food then feeling bad. I certainly won’t be counting calories!!

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