Is Anyone NOT counting calories on their "eat" days?

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Is Anyone NOT counting calories on their "eat" days?

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  • I refuse to count them and turn this into another diet. I just can’t do it. Counting them for years and years just made me crazy and obsessive.

    Is anyone losing weight WITHOUT counting the dreaded calories on their “eat” days? I plan on being mindful and not overindulging on my non-fast days, but I just can’t count ’em anymore!

    What say you?

    Today is day 1 for me, but I am not planning to count calories on “eat” days. I do plan to make sure I get a good amount of protein for breakfast and eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and 2 of fruit because I find that strategy tends to leave less room for high-calorie treats, which I still expect to have at times (pineapple-coconut ice cream being my current favorite) but in smaller portions than previously. I hope this works. I think it will!

    Hi espressobrain,
    I do NOT count calories on my non fast days. I am trying my very hardest to not make this like all the other failed diets I have been on and have it be my LIFEstyle now. So far I’ve averaged a 1kg loss a week over 4 weeks. Things have slowed down weight loss wise in the last week and a bit, but then I really have not worried about my non fast days. I have lost cm’s though, and feel so good I don’t mind if I haven’t lost any lately, I’ve only been doing this 6 weeks now, that’s a tiny blip of time in my lifetime. If things have stopped I will monitor my non fast days a little more, but don’t plan on ever calorie counting, or ‘dieting’ every day, ever again. I get bloods done in a couple of months too, so if my cholesterol and sugars look good, I’ll have more of a picture of success than just weight loss. Here’s to NEVER counting calories again (except on a fast day of course, LOL).

    The whole point is NOT TO COUNT. This site has turned into agonising over calories. Don’t eat for 2 days in the week (I just do water for 24 hours, it really is easier) and eat normally (BUT SENSIBLY) on the other 5, I still drink wine on ALL the non-fast days and have that piece of Lindt after coffee! I have lost 15.3kg (91.8 to 76.5) since February with terrific drops in cholesterol and lipids

    Hi espressobrain, I’m only counting calories on my fast days. If I had to count them every day I’m sure I wouldn’t have lasted on this regime, it would be just another diet and I had enough of those! I’m still at it and after 4 months (including 3-week vacation with no fasting) I’m 17 lbs lighter and lost 4 inches (10 cm) around my waist. It’s the simplicity that convinced me to start in the first place, 2 days fasting every week are doable and so far it’s working. I’m not planning to micromanage every bite I put in my mouth every day, I totaly agree with kiwigal. I hope fasting – 5:2 or later 6:1 – will remain part of my life, but my life also includes the occasional pizza or cake and a glass of wine with dinner.
    Don’t start having doubts, 5:2 does work in its simplest form – 2 days fasting, 5 days eating normally.
    Good luck to all!

    Great results, vicki, congratulations! Reading the postings every day I was beginning to think I was the only one here counting only on fasting days. Glad to see there is more of us and we’re proving it works without turning it into a daily sacrifice and torture. Enjoy your Sunday with a nice glass of wine with dinner, I know I will 🙂

    I agree. Too boring to count calories. I count calories on fast days and concentrate on eating a lot of protein which makes it much easier. No hunger and I feel great. On feast days in the middle of the week I do not count calories but eat wisely (no wine, desserts, ice cream, cakes or sweets). In the weekends I do not eat wisely at all.

    I count calories on a fast day and usually indulge in a post fast day Almond Croissant. When my weight plateaus, I do rough calculations to see what i am consuming, but other than that I just keep to the 5:2.

    hello everyone, i only count cals on my fast days and have been doing this for almost a year now, my results so far are as follows,

    starting weight 15 stone 11 lbs BMI 36.8 colestrol 4.7
    todays weight 13 stone 4 lbs BMI 31.0 colestrol 3.7 (ive brought new scales and im 4lbs heavier on these hence the 4lb gain)

    1 1/2 inches off my bust
    2 inches off my waist
    3 inches off my hips
    4 inches off each of the tops of my legs.

    i didnt lose anything for almost 4 months, for the last 6 weeks or so ive been doing 4.3, for me id rather add another fast day than count cals every day,

    for some of us its easy, for others not so, the beauty of this plan is we can change it to suit our own needs, many here are counting cals every day due to medical problems and medication that prevents weight loss.

    whatever way it works for you keep going, we are all here to support each other on our journey xxx

    WOW! Fantastic results in cholesterol, BMI and weight.

    I don’t think that I would have kept going if I hadn’t lost anything for 4 months.

    Well Done!

    I’d LOVE not to count cals on normal days but I’m not good at knowing what calories are in foods yet and have worked out that if I have over my 2000 max limit then I put the weight back on. So until I’m clear about a good normal day calorie intake, counting it is…. needs must. Got to be pragmatic about it and hopefully it’s just a learning curve. I couldn’t bear to undo the good results of 17 lbs lost in 8 weeks. I say do whatever you need to, and hope to have a no cal count life on normal days in due course. I’m hugely envious of those of you who don’t need to bother, and hope to join your ranks eventually.

    I do not count the calories on my non-fast days, I think that it is the idea of the fast diet…

    Having said that, I really want to shed my extra kilos, so for the time-being candy and ice-cream is not on the menu, and I do not drink alcohol at home, only when dine out. Unfortunately for me one small Lindt after dinner is no option, I could easily eat the whole 200 grams 😉
    In other words, I am well aware of the fact that my TDEE of 2100 kcal should primarily include healthy food.

    I counted calories for the first couple of weeks and did a food diary, most people eat the same foods over and over, so the same favourite foods come up again and again.

    I did one for my husband as well, as he eats different things and also quantities vary.

    Our problem is portion control, it gives you an idiea what size you are suppose to have.

    As we are now starting our 4th week . I don’t do this now as I feel more confident in the smaller portions, the only thing I weigh on a fast day is our breakfast cereal and milk. Our evening meal is either chicken or ham salad ( its easy) , I did weigh to start with but it’s the same all the time within 10 or 20 calories, so now I just do it. So it’s now just a more of a way of life.

    I was doing but stopped myself as i was getting a bit obsessed. However I am paying more attention to my choices. For example i bought low calorie creme freshe for a recipe today instead of full fat. IM only counting calories on fast days but in getting to the point where I know the calories of my fast day choices anyway.

    I don’t count calories on non fast days as I want this to be a way of life, and I think we all know vaguely what is sensible to eat and the size of portion. Having said that a small treat occasionally is what makes life worth living.

    Hi espressobrain,
    I am with you!!
    There is no way I count cals on non fast days, defeats the purpose of the whole thing for me!!
    I am only in my 3rd week and have lost about 2 kilos so it is working for me without the counting.
    It would do my head in to do otherwise!

    This is what appeals to me NOT counting calories, points etc etc! When I started I counted my calories for fast days but now I have my meals planned. As someone who only recently started counting calories, I am now trying not to count!

    The other thing I like now, is when my husband says ‘are you sure you want pizza for tea tonight, does that fit in with your plan?!’ and I can say yes! 🙂

    I’m not counting calories on non-fast days but I noticed I eat less than before – spontaneously. I eat everything, I eat like a king – I’m finally satisfied and have no regrets at the table.

    I am not counting calories on non-fast days either. My strategy for those days is that I ask myself “Do I really want this?” and if I do, I have a little and savour the taste of it. Fasting has taught me to be mindful while eating and also what hunger really feels like!

    I dont count calories even on the fast days, here’s how I eat on the fast days:
    I have a black tea or coffee in the morning. Then at midday prepare a vegetable soup, literally veg, water, seasoning, some barley and perhaps some kidney beans. No oil is added. I graze on this as required throughout the day and feel reasonably full. Seems to be working..

    For the first 2 or 3 weeks I kept track of everything I was eating on as I had been underestimating how much I was eating on non diet days.
    I found out that all I needed was 1600 calories on normal days, for my age and height, and I had been eating way more than this so that is why weight crept on over the years.
    So I started on 500 on diet days and 1600 on eat days. In 7 weeks I have lost about 10lbs. I have cut out wheat based food and reduced sugars. I have loads more energy even though I am eating less.
    Now I’ve got the hang of how many calories are in what I eat, I don’t track them any more but it was really useful just to get me started.

    Oh what a relief to read these posts and find you are with me on this!

    I was on another popular 5:2 forum that is just OBSESSED with calorie counting on “eat” days…just not for me. I mean, if I’m going to count calories every day…why even bother fasting? Just lower your calories EVERY day (which I can no longer do; it drove me crazy).

    I instinctively felt that this plan was perfect for me when I first heard about it on a news show. Counting to 500 2 days a week and eating mindfully on others is definitely something I can live with.

    I only count on my fast days. That was one of the attractions to this in the first place. Would not have even considered it if I had to control calorie intake on a daily basis.

    Another non calorie counter here (even on fast days – I just don’t eat at all). So far I have been doing this for 14 weeks and have lost 12kg (26 pounds), down 2 dress sizes and feeling great! I have spent a dieting lifetime counting calories and it is so very liberating to not do so. It is also changing my relationship with food for the better.

    No, not counting calories on any day. I’ve worked out my fast days (fat free organic probiotic yoghurt for breakfast, chicken breast with salad and/or veg for dinner) and, having checked a few weeks ago that a ‘normal’ day is within my limits, I don’t bother counting on the other days. If I think I’ve maybe eaten more one day I reduce it the next.

    I don’t ‘count’ calories rigidly on non fast days. I guestimate to try and stay under 2000 but I’d very rarely get anywhere near that to be honest. However, on days where I just can’t stop eating I still guestimate but I’m not really fussed if I go over, I just do it to keep track.

    I don’t even really weigh stuff and count calories on fast days. By sight I know how full my bowl of branflakes should be to be under 400KCal and I put in roughly the right amount of milk and I allow roughly 30-40cals for a piece of fruit and I know how many calories my cup of tea costs me, so it’s all rough but about right. It doesn’t need to be exact.

    Just say “no” to counting! Like many on this Forum, I don’t necessarily count but am certainly aware if I’m heading in the direction of over-eating. The few times that I counted calories on eat days, I was under 2000 and that has established a sense of freedom and relaxation on those days. I even ate an entire Haagen Dasz pint one day and was still under 2000 for the day because I happened to eat veggies and egg white omelette earlier in the day and although not a particularly healthy day’s feast, I was sated and desire no more.

    I do not count calories on non-fast days. And I do not count on fast-days anymore.

    I think the exercise of finding my 600 KCal a day when I started was useful as I never really given it a thought. E.g. I realized that I was getting really high levels of energy from bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice. 3 homemade buns for breakfast on a Sunday morning > 1000 KCal! I have cut down on those and try to be more conscious on portion size – especially on these delicious, but very energy dense food items.


    I agree with everyone, I have been doing this 5.2 for 3 months and I started it for the reason that you DON’T count calories on your 5 days off. I have lost 2 kg (nearly 5lbs)which if I had not measured myself would have been a bit depressing. However I feel great most of the time and I have lost 4in around my fattest part (tummy button) and over all in 3 months 19.5 cms over all my body which is over 7 ins and very encouraging. However has anyone else had bad days when you feel very tired. I think it is when I don’t eat enough over the “eat days”, I live in France so my diet is mostly quite light so I now eat more carbs on my off days to help. I have my porridge and fruit at around 7.30 am and then eat my evening meal at 7.30 pm.

    Just to be a rebel: I do count all days but try not to obsess. I just don’t want to negate the benefit of fasting by overdoing it. I really had no idea how much fuel I was putting in my system before! Maybe once I have a better sense of things I’ll Stop counting at days…

    If you don’t count calories on feed days what is the relevance of calculating TDEE & BMR? TDEE & BMR show how many calories your body needs so above that is weight gain territory, if you eat above that on feed days, when you have a fast day all you’re doing is burning the excess calories eaten on the feed day surely?

    Why calculate TDEE & BMR if they are not relevant to the diet?

    Take care.

    Ppl use th tdee to determine what they should eat on fast days…

    August, you are absolutely right. What’s the point of fast days if you eat more than your body requires on eat days, you just end up chasing your tail. And dont forget, you dont want to maintain your OVERWEIGHT, you want to maintain your IDEAL WEIGHT. By putting your ideal weight into the calorie calculator, you will then know how many calories you need per day to achieve the weight you want to be, and remain at that weight. In fact, if you ate the ideal number of calories every day, you would loose the extra weight without the fast, but it would be slower, of course.
    No need to count calories when your ideal daily imput is firmly fixed in your mind. No need to exclude treats, but the real treat is being the ideal weight.


    So I get the need of TDEE on feed days, where does BMR come in and need I only eat this amount on feed days ever?

    Chislo, did not know you could do that with calorie counter, am off to do it now!


    I found fasting quite easy so I’ve quickly gone fro 5 2 to 4 3. On feed days I eat 8 16. This is a lifestyle choice for me. I refuse to count calories for the rest of my life.
    Fasting has ensured I am sated much quicker when I do eat so I think it would be really hard for me to over eat on those days now anyway.
    People have jumped on this diet as a fast track to weight loss. It could be so much more if people just slowed down the race to be thin.
    Enjoy your fasting, enjoy your eating. Enjoy life. Don’t be a prisoner to food any more.
    Good luck to all in your endeavours.


    As someone with an enforced sedentary lifestyle I know I can’t eat to my heart’s content on feed days and expect to loose weight. To make sure I loose weight on fast days and don’t just burn off what I overeat on feed days I have to monitor my calorific intake, like it or not and I don’t particularly. I have always hated calorie counting, seems so mean, in the mind 500 cals sounds generous but on the plate, another story!

    I’ve asked already on this forum what the relevance of TDEE and BMR are if calorie counting is not necessary. It does seem that as much as this diet is sold to be free of calorie counting in reality it’s not. Sure some people will be able to forget calories and loose weight but I suspect most will not and at some point have to consider how many calories they’re eating and indeed this is a hot topic hence the title of this thread.

    Nevertheless I am still expecting to be a success story (and hubby) able to encourage others. I hope everyone gets something from it whether that’s weight loss or whatever they want.

    If you are loosing weight fine…….you are doing everything right……….if you are not…. follow your TDEE and cut back.

    Everybody is different……simples!

    Symba I think you’re right!

    Well put Symba7! I personally have made a conscious decision NOT to count calories apart from on my fast days, otherwise this becomes a “diet” like all the rest (and I have done them all!). I am losing incredibly slowly but I would rather that than lose it faster but feel like I’m on a permanent diet.

    I’m not really counting on my off days, but I have been far more conscious of what I eat. I have lost 10 lbs and have fasted 7 times. Tomorrow will be my eighth fast. Since I am still pretty new to the diet I guess I’m still very motivated. I assume that after a while I will kind of settle in and eat more on non fast days.

    Not counting calories on feed days, but being aware of what i am eating – healthy good food and no rubbish..Might just break this for some of that pineapple-coconut ice cream though , it sounds delicious!!

    I counted my calories on my non fast days for the first 4 weeks using myfitnesspal app but it was to make sure I was not going daft and wasting the work of the fast days. After that I stopped as I realised that I was between 1500 and 1800 and that was with my glass of wine. 6 weeks in and 20 lb down so I am now on this for life. Loving the results and does not feel like a diet just a break from eating a couple of days a week. Good luck all.

    I don’t actually count calories on non fast days, but do try to not over indulge on fatty foods and carbohydrates. I fill my dinner plate with more veg and try to eat more chicken and fish rather than red meat, though do like roast beef on a Sunday, but less is more as they say! So far I’m finding the fast diet easy and don’t feel deprived as I look forward to the odd treat on non fasting days. I will probably invest in the fast diet recipe book from Amazon to help maintain weightloss and get ideas for low cal healthy meals.

    Absolutely NOT!!! Like so many others on this forum I have dieted all my life. I used to start with great intentions on a Monday and by Tuesday felt like the biggest failure ever because I had broken my diet…only to repeat the pattern week after week. With the Fast diet I don’t feel like a failure when I scoff toast and jam or a chocolate bar or crisps or even a cream cake on a Tuesday because I am celebrating the victory of a Monday fast! I find Monday and Thursday are ideal days for me to Fast and my results are very satisfying. In less than four months I have lost one stone and five pounds. Progress is an overall downward trend but I have little wobbles every now and again. It is the very fact that I CAN eat “naughty” food without counting calories on my non-fast days that gets me comfortably through my fast days.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Old Faster.

    No food is forbidden. On other diets I immediately seem to crave the foods I’m no longer allowed and then binge on them because I’m not really allowed them and breaking the diet. I don’t feel the need to binge on anything because I only have to follow the strict calorie allowance for two days a week. I just tell myself I can have whatever it is I want/crave tomorrow. Because I can eat whatever I want the other five days I don’t feel I’m missing out. It’s a psychological thing but it’s certainly working for me.

    The IF diet by Robert Skinner, was a free download from Amazon last week. I discovered it on this site. Have converted to Thirder, which is fantastically easy, absolutely exactly the same science, and is more comfortable than the two fast days. I am still still loseing the weight. It may be a bit slower, but without the minimal calorie count. This may be my very easy committment to regular day to day eating. Take a look……

    Ok I’ve only done this for a few weeks but lost a couple of lbs then put it back on! Do I really not have to count cals on non-fast days, I’m definitely hungrier and reckon I’m probably eating too much carbs in the form of bread, cereals etc. I’m already letting this consume my life. Only want to lose a few pounds but mainly want to reduce my body fat ratio.

    Hi all, I guess what this topic raises is that everybody is different. Everybody is coming from a different set of life experiences and different motivations.

    I’m definitely a ‘non counter’ -on both fasting and normal days. I just couldn’t do it long term if I had to analyse and quantify everything I put in my mouth.

    As far as fasting days go I have a small breakfast then 0 calories until the next breakfast. For me its a break from fussing with food altogether, a real treat! Then for the other 5 days I pay attention to my appetite and try to stay aware of what I’m eating and why and if need be I either adjust something or let it be and try to cut it off at the pass next time!

    I’m trying to cultivate that ‘nearly empty’ feeling on my non-fasting days, as I find it’s an energising feeling for me. It could be argued that I’m a bit weird though 🙂

    I definitely count on my Fast Days (…which I have come to label Health Days and use for my workouts and such too…) For about the first month I counted on Non-Fast Days to get a better grip on what I was consuming. I don’t count Non-Fast days now. Something I noticed into the second month of this was that I want much less quanity of food on these days. I also tend to eat exactly what I want on them. Only 20 pounds to go to reach my IBW. I have been doing the Alternating Fast Days instead of 5:2. And after reaching my IBW plan to change to 6:1.

    I don’t count on non-fasting days, but definitely ate way too much yesterday; actually, pre 5:2 it probably wouldn’t have felt way too much, so I guess that must be a good sign that my body generally feels it needs less than before.

    and by yesterday evening I have to say I was really looking forward to today being a Fast Day…..

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