Is Anyone NOT counting calories on their "eat" days?

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Is Anyone NOT counting calories on their "eat" days?

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  • Funny really because since January when I started cutting down to lose weight I didn’t count calories. I lost 2 stone 🙂 I then incorporated 5:2 into my routine and started to use the MyFitnessPal app and I do now count calories! (I have lost another stone! :-)) I only do it as a guild to keep me on track! I keep it real and nothing is off limits. It has just educated me a bit more as to what foods are high or low etc. The app is easy to use thank fully! I need easy! Lol! Will I always count calories? – who knows! I’m happy with it at the moment 🙂 good luck everyone!

    Not any more. When I started I did to get a better perspective on what I was normally consuming a day…but after a few weeks it seemed that it wasn’t ever going over 1200-1500 calories so I stopped. I think it is part of the allure for me…the simplicity of it all. not having to think or count every bite that you eat. Not catergorizing food into good or bad piles. Still doing the 4:3 ADF and losing an average of 2 pounds a week.

    Hi, everyone, I’m a non-counter. The thing that is so appealing about this plan for me is that I count very carefully two days a week and don’t think of myself as dieting on the other five days. I try to be careful and the fast days have made me more aware of what I eat on non-fast days. I think I can keep this up indefinitely because I’m not denying myself things I want to eat on non-fast days. If I were counting calories all the time then this would be just another diet and I would not have lasted this long (8 weeks.) I have come to welcome the fsst days because they are a bit hard and that makes me feel like I’m really doing something to tackle my weight. And then I’m very, very happy on non-fast days when I can still eat a bowl of popcorn or have a few slices of cheese without feeling that I have failed. Dieting and succeeding is such a mental thing and it means it’s important for each of us to do what works for her.

    Me! Otherwise it becomes just another diet. Eat normally on non fast days, be more conscious of how calorie laden some foods are and I think you will naturally start to question whether you want/need it. Speaking as a 3 week in faster..


    I have been doing 4:3 for 6 weeks and have lost every week without counting anything on my non-fast days. Like you, I want this to be my way of life and not some fiddly diet. Weight loss: 11 pounds, gut fat has also reduced as I moved down from a size 16 to a 14.

    I also tend to have a taste of foods I want. I can eat half a Mars bar or half bag of crisps and leave the rest – the taste is enough for me and most of the time I realise it is not what I want anyway. I know not everyone can do that, but like I said, most of the time, it is just a mental thing… “I can have that Mars bar (take a bite), not really what I want… move on”


    I don’t count either. Do you find that you want healthy food sometimes? I was looking for a snack on my non-fast day and ended up with a crunchy apple and handful of walnuts! Although, I have had a bowl of popcorn and a slice of cheese for dinner ha ha

    I don’t count calories on non-fast days. That said, I tend to stay pretty healthy and avoid snacks because I feel like I don’t want to waste the work I’ve done on my fast days.

    I like counting calories! It structures a bit of my time and I can see the whole weeks picture.
    I prefer to manage my cals by having quite big weekend days (wine, prob slightly bigger meals), so for me cal counting the whole week helps me make sure my consumption balances out to result in a loss.
    I think if only counting on fast days works for you then great! But I’m keeping going as I am for now!!!

    I haven’t been counting calories on “eat” days and haven’t experienced any weight issues as a result.

    I don’t count on non fasting days but am mindful of not over eating. I’ve been losing about 1.5lbs per week. Today is my 12th fast day.

    Hi all!

    I am just a beginner but I think that if we become obsessed with the numbers of calories we eat on feed days, we will have lost the entire purpose of this diet (which i see not as a diet but more of a lifetime eating strategy.) The TDEE indicates how much you should eat in order to balance your food intake with your activity level (in light of your physical characteristics). But we are not there (yet). Probably all of us consume considerably more than this more or less theoretical figure. If we did not, we would not have been overweight.

    In my mind, we should not aim to reach a certain amount of calories on feed dates. If any – more than our calculated TDEE. The whole point is not to set our bodies into a “survival mode” by giving it considerably less calories than it is used to. THAT is why we a re fasting – because we reduce the calorie intake without the body “realizing” it and setting measures to adjusting to it. Fast with the 500-600 cal level (and I am sure it can be even lower, if you can take it) – and then eat as normal (ie what you did the day before you started the 5:2).

    One exception to this, which i think is important:

    Do not eat massive meals with excessive amount of calories, even if your daily average ends up being OK. The point is that the body does not know this, and will store the extra calories as, we know, fat. So there are good arguments to eat more meals with less food.

    But all in all I think: Don´t count calories on feed days.

    Good luck all!

    I agree Kalle although I am finding it difficult not to count the calories on feed days! I think it’s because I am trying to get some control over what I am eating on feed days and don’t want to undo the good work I may have done on fast days by carrying on as “normal” on the other days.

    That said I am also thinking more about what I am eating on feed days and if I really need it or need that much!! Linda

    This is not a ‘one size fits all’ – it’s up to the individual whether or not they count calories…there is no right or wrong here. I have been losing weight steadily over the last year by keeping track of my calories because that’s what works for me and I don’t consider myself ‘obsessive’ or find it a hassle.

    My TDEE is 1610 and I stay under that on my non fast days and have 400 cals or less on my fast days – because that works for me. Some people have zero calorie fast days – it’s what works for them.

    We will NOT ‘set our bodies into a “survival mode” by giving it considerably less calories than it is used to.’ It’s ‘what it is used to’ that made us overweight in the first place so we have to reduce the overall calories if we want to lose. If you eat as you have always done on non fast days you may be in danger of ‘cancelling out’ your fast days.

    I keep hearing and reading about ‘survival mode’ or ‘starvation mode’ – Michael Mosley says

    “This is another very common myth. The initial response of your body to a reduction in calories is to increase your metabolic rate. This is because, in our hunter-gatherer past, survival in times of food shortage would have depended on our becoming more active, going out to hunt and look for food. Only under conditions of extreme calorie deprivation, when we have been for weeks without enough food and our body fat has fallen dramatically does the body go into “starvation mode”. IF is not the same as crash dieting. Starvation mode does not happen if you cut your calories for a day!!”

    Hi –

    I don´t want to go into a discussion about what is right or not. As you say – what is important is what works for people. I just want to clear up one thing which I might have expressed in a way which opens up for misunderstandings.

    When I wrote: “The whole point is not to set our bodies into a “survival mode” by giving it considerably less calories than it is used to” I did not mean the fast days. I meant the total number of calories during a week.


    I think another important thing to mention, in the hopes of people not pushing themselves into ‘starvation mode’ is that if you’re counting calories or not your general aim for non-fastday intake should be between your BMR and your TDEE. Some people think that calorie reduction on their non-fastdays will also help them lose weight faster. That works up to a point but if you go too near to or under your BMR then you are not taking in your minimum requirement of calories to keep you ticking over (you do this on fastdays too but it’s just one day at a time twice a week so the body can cope), your body will panic and hang on to whatever it can if you do this too often.

    Bigger people with TDEEs well over the 2000 mark (I was in that bracket when I started) can start out with just doing 500 calories on a fastday and ‘being aware’ of the choices they make on every other day without necessarily counting. Once you get under the ‘standard’ 2000 marker I find that I do have to pay a bit more attention to my intake on non-fastdays or I just maintain rather than lose.

    Now if you’d told me 2 years ago that I would be under 12 stone in 2013 I would have laughed in your face, so maintaining at this level is not the end of the world for me – I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been as an adult – but it would be nice to get that last 1 & half stone off and be 10 stone and somewhere close to my apparent ‘ideal weight’ so I’m not into counting every last calorie but I do want to be on top of it and make sure I continue to lose slowly over the next year or 2 (however long it takes) while happily maintaining my new and permanant lifestyle.

    That sounds very sensible, Tracy. Great and very inspiring to hear of your success, thanks for sound advice and continued good luck!


    Kalle …my point, and I may not have made it clear. is ….if you eat at or just under your TDEE but ABOVE your BMR (as tracy says) on non fast days you will never go into ‘starvation/survival mode’. If you regularly exceed your TDEE you may ‘cancel out’ your fast days.

    How would you know? That’s why I would always advise people to track their calories for the first couple of weeks at least so they can get an idea of correct portion sizes and the calorie value of foods. It’s too easy to underestimate how much you are eating and tracking means you can see where the ‘sneaky high cals’ creep in. When you get to know that then it’s up to the individual whether they count or not.

    However we do it, we’re all on the same journey.

    Good luck.

    I definitely count my calories on non-fast days as it is so easy to go over your TDE.

    It is also useful to make me more aware of what I’m eating regarding calories. I have been shocked to see that some little things that I considered harmless were actually very calorie rich.

    I think this might become vital when you come to your maintenance stage. When calorie counting you become much more aware off certain types of food that you might want to use rather sparsely.

    Also using MyFitnessPal app means it can tell me how many carbs, protein and so on I take in, which in return helps me to plan a balanced diet.

    It helped me to become a conscious eater.


    I am so glad that other people are not counting on non fast days! I started this at the beginning of Dec and had a slow but steady couple of pounds! However I was counting religiously using the MFP app and I think that when Christmas came I went a little bit crazy and stopped fasting altogether! I started again on Monday and have decided not to use MFP on the other days. I am a bit concerned though as with 3 kids I find I tend to pick at bit (lot) at their food and am worried that this will cancel out my good work on the other days. How do others cope with this? Any ideas greatly received! I find it very difficult to loose weight normally and it is a slow process so need some strategies to not sabotage!

    I’ve lost 60 pounds and I don’t count on non-fast days (I started with the 8 hr diet ~3years ago, been doing this since May and have lost 25 pounds to reach my goal). I generally eat high fiber and I’m especially diligent with sugar and other high glycemic index foods. And I never add fat, like butter or salad dressing or mayonnaise. But I know I was exceeding my “normal” calories because I didn’t lose weight as fast as I would have if I’d just dropped 3000 calories out per week. Got there anyway, and I think slower weight loss is better.

    I seem to vary- I don’t have much to loose- just half a stone and am up to 4lb I’m mainly doing 5:2 to support DH who needs to loose stones. So some weeks on non-fast days I count cals at 1850,and sometimes I just eat what I crave. My logic is that I’m still trying to work out a way to make this long term- as I’m a big yo-yo. Typically loose 10lb on diet then put it back on over a few months, so if I can find a way to incorporate the skinny days I can do this for years ! I have ordered some Japanese popcorn tea as recommended on another thread to try and cope better on fast days.

    We just started last week, but we aren’t counting calories except on our fast days. We have already noticed that we are not as hungry the other 5 days and this change along with our regular exercise is translating into weight lose already.

    I dont count calories, firstly because I’m too lazy, secondly because its a huge part of my childhood memories, my mother counting hers and not getting anywhere. Ive got a sort of emotional block on even contemplating it and associate it with her self-loathing sessions and chocolate binges afterwards!

    My appetite is massively reduced now (I’m a few weeks in). I’m actually eating less than my kids do, but they are growing lads. I’m a shrinking mummy! We all have a maccys breakfast on fridays before school, and I eat food cooked with ghee on my “feed” days, but I dont eat after 4pm, so I suppose that cuts down on the extras I used to scoff in the evening in front of the telly. It is working for me though, 7lb gone!


    I count mine, fast or non-fast.

    If I just ate ‘whatever I want’ on non-fast days I KNOW I would go off-piste rapidly. So I keep a close check. I don’t mind it, being used to it. I understand those who say it then ‘just becomes another diet’. But that is not how I see it. I manage 24hr fasts through my fasting days and that is half the benefit. Anyway, 5 weeks in and 7 lbs down (from 194). Quite content with that.

    I did my best weight loss at the start of the 5:2 by using MyFitnessPal to count calories on all days. I dropped from 187 lbs to 176 in about two months. I gradually discontinued counting and I believe I started “drifting” to higher calories on my eating days, and thus my weight has stabilized at 177 or so. I want to get down to 170-172 as that will put my BMI where I want it.

    I find looking up foods and continually entering them into MFP to be rather burdensome but I may need to get back to it to get down to the weight I want to be at. After reading various posts on here today, I’m going to start tomorrow (Monday) with a true fast, eating nothing from Sunday night through Tuesday morning, and no calorie counting on fast days. So then perhaps I won’t find it such a task to count on my five eating days. Once I reset my “body weight thermostat” to 172 then I’ll continue with the normal 5:2 and discontinue calorie counting.

    I do not count calories on my non fast days but probably like everyone else on this diet, I have enough experience with food/diets etc, to know what are “danger foods” and I generally try and steer clear of these generally and if I do wan to have some potato chips, I just have a handful and leave it at that. I have been known to eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting!

    So in summary, no calorie counting (tedious) on non fast days but everything in moderation and achieve portion control but only using a side plate when eating a main meal.

    Good luck everyone

    Hi there!

    I am at a bit of a standstill at the moment on my 5:2 journey and would love any opinions/suggestions you have. I began in October last year when I weighed 65kg (160cm tall so I have curves that’s for sure) with the hope of shedding 10kg by the end of 2014. Throughout Oct-Dec I lost 4kg however as Christmas/New Year came around, put on 3kg. Since mid January until now I have been religiously sticking to the 5:2 diet however my weight has not shifted at all from 63kg. After some online research last night I self-diagnosed that I have put my body into a state of starvation as I only eat around 1200 calories on my “feast” days, and feel SO GUILTY when I treat myself on those days (even to something as simple as a homemade mini cupcake!). I found my TDEE last night which is 1890. In your opinion (just from your research), would you agree with the conclusions I have come too? I fasted yesterday so today is a “feast” day, and I am trying to make sure I eat around 1600-1800 calories today (as I also fast tomorrow) however I am finding it hard and have this mindset that I should go and drink a glass of milk or something as my plan I have made for today will only have me sitting just under 1600. I guess I was in disbelief last night when I read that I was eating too few calories on my “feast” days and don’t see how by eating MORE on my feast days will make me lose the weight? Sounds too good to be true don’t you think?

    DID I RUIN MY METABOLISM? When I started I was not counting calories. I intermittent fast every other day. But for some time now I was counting on my eat day to 1200. I’ve slowed down the weight loss and I think its the counting. Will I start gaining if I go back to not counting?

    I’m not counting on my non-fast days, I really want to avoid doing that as I might as well be doing WW or something if I do and I HATE it, I do however try to be a bit more aware, and think more about if I really do need to eat whatever it is I’m thinking about. As many have said, this is a way of life, not a diet as such, I’m on my third week and so far so good.

    Best of luck 🙂


    Hi guys I count calories during the weekdays Mon-Fri on Fast and non fast days. I think its good to keep track and eye on things especially if like me you like easting cheese and mayo and chcocolate and all the delicious things. I relax at the weekend and dont count cals so I don’t get too obbssesed. Its different for everyone. But honestly I have often gone well over my daily TDEE without even realising, its definitely good to keep a check on things.

    I like to always use all my calories too. how do peeps only have 1200cals on non fast days?! this is way under the recommended calorie intake I just couldnt do it! Especially if you are fasting too, working it out if you have 1200 x 5 days and 500 x 2 days it totals to 7000 cals a week divide this by 7 days and its only 1000 cals a day average! I can see why your body would go in to starvation mode doing this, and dont see how it can be sustainable long term?…

    Hi Deboehg38! I have good and bad news for you 🙂

    1. there is not such of thing as ruined metabolism 🙂 that’s a good news!

    2. Bad news is you weight lose is slowing down when you are closer to the target. You need to ‘save’ 3500 kcal to loose pound of fat, when you are shrinking your TDEE SHRINKS TOO, so general lose will be smaller. I’ve been doing ADF for 3 months now, and for a while i was loosing 2 pounds a week, now I’ve calculated I need to fast 4 days to loose 1 pound (with my TDEE 1300 kcal each fat ‘saves me’ only 800 kcal in a day, sticking to 1300kcal my non fasting days/ counting calories if you have to helps too, so you know if you going overboard with your kcal intake) but I am still going. Knowing your numbers will help you to understand what and why your body is doing 🙂 good luck! xx

    Kits good for you, I am anti counting myself, but I do look at kcal when buying food I am not sure of. Changing eating habits will pay off long term, like swapping cream for yogurt, having sandwich filling without the bread, or having coffee without milk or sugar. Anyway it is nice to have occasional cake or glass of wine, we are humans at the end, and if you want to stick to the plan long term, saying no to everything makes it tiring, boring and hard to achieve. 🙂

    Issu I totally agree, I think becoming more aware is the key, and it’s amazing how quickly you start to think ‘but am I actually hungry, do I really need this’ with 5:2. Last night on a non-fast day, my husband wanted me to get wine and beer on the way home to go with the bbq we were having for our dinner. I had one beer and one glass of wine (I would usually just drink the wine with him all evening), and woke up this morning feeling fine. He drank all of the rest of the wine (there were 2 bottles and I only had a small glass!) on his own however, and when I got back from my early morning dog walk, he was calling out to me to get him some headache powders haha!! I feel pretty smug this morning 😉

    Not counting on feast days and never will. What I AM doing is learning to eat mindfully on feast days.

    Study after study shows when you slow down your eating you eat less calories, so that is what I’m doing.

    If I’m going to count every single day…may as well go back to Weight Watchers.

    I’m not counting on non-fast days either. However, I still watch carb intake. It happened quite by accident when I suddenly found that the usual lunchtime sandwich with lean protein and salad filling made me feel over-full and rather sick.

    I’ve never been able to eat breakfast anyway but I was usually ready to eat something at around midday.Now I eat only what would have been the sandwich filling – perhaps a little more generous than what I would have on a fast day – which means a fairly drastic drop in carbs, equivalent to either ten slices of bread or five paninis or ciabatta rolls a week. Which means on non-fast days I can afford the odd treat with a clear concience.

    Like everything else about 5:2 ….it’s whatever works for you.


    So glad I found this post. Having tried a load of diets over the years and pretty much put on weight every year after my second child I know that counting calories is not the way ahead for me. I’m changing my attitude to food and stopping it being one of the big focus points of my life. I believe counting calories will only just keep the focus on food instead of being in the background.

    That’s how I hope to do this diet. Fast on fast days and be “thoughtful” on feast days but try never to allow myself to feel deprived in a way that starts making me obsess over the choices.

    I am soooooo relieved that someone here pointed me to this thread to see that there are a lot of you out there like me who were concerned about so many calorie counters on the fastdays.

    I completely agree that THE thing that made this diet different from all the typical calorie/point counting diets out there was the ability to NOT have to do that for 5 days out of the week.

    I was getting concerned that people were doing the cal counting on feast days because in general, the 5:2 diet wasn’t working for most people.

    But, I can see that many of you are still losing despite not counting and that’s a relief.


    OK, well, I can understand if people have not yet become that educated regarding calorie count that it would be helpful to do it for a while.

    But I think a LOT of people have done low calorie diets for YEARS and are generally well aware of calorie counts and are just sick and tired of it and don’t feel it’s sustainable to do that for a lifetime without becoming “resentful” after a while.

    One thing that always pissed me off about “dieticians” is how they talk about how (fat) people need to be “educated” on nutrition. I’m sorry, but no one can recite calorie counts/carb counts and nutritional values BETTER than a fat person. Most “heavy” people I know are more knowledgeable about those things than most trained dieticians, IMO.

    If I’m trying to be careful on feast days I’d prefer to do “tricks” like eat from small plates, eat half of what is on my plate, don’t have second helpings etc…

    Hi, am a newbie and will start my first fast day on Monday. After having just read Michael’s book, isn’t the whole point of this fasting NOT to count calories the other days to get off the yo yo diets……I think if you read his book from cover to cover and watch the documentary he made before writing the book you will see that you can lose weight and be healthier with this 5:2 approach without stressing whether you ate a piece of cake or an ice cream…all in moderation and healthy choices not endless calorie counting and exercise. I guess we all like to approach things the way we want and do it the way we want, am just saying to all those out there who don’t want to count calories, don’t ! I am not going to count calories as I have done in the past as it has taken my life over and become obsessive, to the point that I self sabotage and then binge……fasting seems the better approach to me and the calorie counting can go out the window apart from Fast days. Am also reading the book ‘weightloss for food lovers’ it is also a big help with your mindset and attitude to food and what it represents……

    I do NOT count calories. I agree with most people. This diet is a simple way of eating. So to count calories destroys that. However, I am coming from a background of eating healthy food. I minimise all sugar and wheat foods on any day of the week, as they cause me to bloat. I have lost 10 kgs in 3 months and am down two clothing sizes. I walk every day, a minimum of an hour. I drink a lot more water than I used to.

    The whole point of 5:2 is that you only have to think about calories on the fast days. As such it appeals to me very much. I now think about my food as I eat it. I don’t emotionally eat any more. Thanks be to 5:2. I eat way less than I used to, have stacks more energy, and enjoy my fast days. 🙂 🙂

    Extra comment. I can not make 5:2 work when I don’t have a sleep either side of my fast day. The only time I tried 2 pm to 2 pm, I could see how easy it was to fool myself. It was not effective, and I didn’t experience that lovely clear feeling you get from a natural fast day. A natural fast day to me runs from sleep to sleep.

    If you are still getting headaches etc, I suggest looking at your intake of sweet foods. Sugar withdrawal can cause headaches. Drink lots of water.

    When I select Monday as fast day. Then my no calorie intake effectively begins from 8 pm Sunday and ends at around 7 am on Tuesday. There is no point in preloading on Sunday night or over eating on Tuesday as it undoes the good work of the fast day.

    If you are having trouble sleeping on fast day, then I suggest you have a bowl of homemade clear vegetable soup. No thickening. Just carrot, celery, leek, herbs, simmered in water and vegetable stock powder.

    I’ve just started 5:2 and I don’t know what TDEE IS? If it was mentioned in the book I musta missed it so no I have no intention of counting on non fast days. I eat relatively healthy on regular days…aside from the odd bar of chocolate but I love health foods such as nuts and nut butters which on other diets are considered high in fat/calories so I hope I can still lose without cutting those out and from reading this thread I think I can 🙂

    Lana, TDEE = total daily energy expenditure. More info here:

    I don’t count on non-fast days, but I have spent a LOT of years calorie counting so I have a general awareness of calories values of the foods I enjoy. So I eat mindfully with a basic calorie awareness, and I also try to eat mostly clean and healthy food (but also leave room for chocolate and other treats in moderation). I’ve only been going for a couple of weeks but I’m consistently losing weight, and feel really fantastic, so I’m happy that my method is working for me at the moment. 🙂

    Lana86, I don’t count calories on non-fasting days, but I do measure out my portions of some higher-calorie foods, including nuts and nut butters, because I have found that I will serve myself more calories than I intended if I don’t. I’ve lost 40 pounds in 40 weeks, and I do still eat almonds, cheese, peanut butter, chocolate and ice cream 🙂 I do weigh my portions of nuts, cheese, and chocolate and stick to one scoop of ice cream 3 or 4 times a week, however. I’ve actually cut back more on many starchy foods like bread, potatoes, and rice, because although they are not as calorific as nuts and cheese they are also not as satisfying and provide fewer nutrients. I have found that I can eat whatever I want, just not as much of it as previously, if I want to lose weight and keep it off.

    One tip is to calculate the TDEE for the weight you would like to be instead of for the weight you are now, and use the non-fasting days as practice days for learning how to eat in a satisfying way for that many number of calories. That way you are prepared for maintenance when you get to your goal weight.

    Thanks for the tips! How many nuts wud u allow yourself on a non fast? I generally snack on a small handful some days and I take a very light spread of cashew or almond butter on oatcakes or toast most days.

    Lana, it would depend on how hungry I was and what else I was eating; nuts are a nutritious and filling food, I just try to remember than an ounce (28 grams) of almonds is ~168 calories, a tablespoon of almond butter almost 100 and not serve myself more than that unless I’m still hungry *after* eating that much and waiting 15 or 20 minutes. Nuts are just one food that I tend to go overboard on if I’m not careful. There are other things I can pass up without a thought, lol.

    I wasn’t counting calories on my non fasting days before but for last 2 weeks I have been following the beach plan and have been weighing and counting almost everything to make sure I stay within a target on 1800.

    It sure has speeded up my weight loss. 6.6lb in last 2 weeks (and that was weighing in after 2 non fast days as opposed to after my 3rd fasting day!)

    I think longer term once I get closer to my goal weight I may count on non fast week days and less so at weekends.

    Definitely not counting! I have done a bit of counting on the fast days just to make sure, but now am mostly ok with that. I refuse to count the rest of the week, having counted calories most of my adult life! I always said I’d never do another diet, but thought I’d try it to keep my sis in law company.

    Having just started 5:2 two weeks ago, I’m using myfitness pal to count calories on fast & nonfast days, simply to help myself become aware of what I’m eating & how much….As I get used to this way of eating, I’m hoping to only have to count on fast days.

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